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Baby's Leg Came Off In Mum's Hand As Throat Infection Became Sepsis

A brave mum has shared the harrowing detail of her son's battle with sepsis after he lost all four limbs and doctor's told her he wouldn't pull through.

Abigail Wardle, 23, had to endure the horror of son Oliver Aisthorpe's leg self-amputating in her hand as she held him in his hospital bed.

She had been warned that the 11-month-old might lose his fight with the disease that began with a simple undiagnosed throat infection.

But the brave tot has made a miraculous recovery and medics hope they may even have his first prosthetic legs fitted in a few months.

Abigail, from Cleethorpes, Lincs, has chosen to speak out in a bid to help other parents learn how to spot the signs of the killer bug.

The jewellery designer said: "Some people might feel sorry for us but I feel like the luckiest mum in the world - I still have Oliver with us - he might not have any hands or feet but he is still my smiley, brave little boy.

"What we went through was horrendous and I had never been so scared in my life.

"But Oliver was so brave that I knew I had to be brave too. I am his mum and it's my job to fight for him and make him feel safe.

"He went from laughing and giggling to death's door within 48 hours and nobody knew what was wrong with him.

"I don't want any other family to go through what we went through, and so I want everyone to be more aware of sepsis - families but also GPs, who sometimes don't have the specialist paediatric training available to spot it.

"I want some good to come out of what happened to Oliver."

Abigail first took her son to an out-of-hours GP on March 16, when she noticed his soft spot appeared to be sunken.

But she says she was sent home and told her to give him fluids and Calpol.

But by the next day, he had deteriorated - and Abigail again took Oliver to see a doctor.

When he arrived at the hospital, a nurse took one look at him and rushed him to resus, where a team of doctors began battling to save his life.

Abigail said: "Oliver had seemed a bit under the weather .

"But that night, he got more ill and seemed lifeless. When I moved him, it was as though his bones were aching.

“He quickly became very pale and lethargic and just wasn’t his usual self.

“I would cuddle him and he was groaning as though his bones were aching.

“He eventually stopped crying and was just whimpering, as though he didn't have the energy to cry.

“I had just started him on solid food but he wouldn’t eat anything. He only wanted milk but barely drank anything.

“I knew he was not well and he needed to see a doctor but I didn’t have a clue that he could have had sepsis.

"My gut said he wasn't right so I took him back to the out of hours GP and within minutes, a nurse had whisked him off and he was being put under anaesthetic.

"Everything was a blur. I still had no idea what was wrong with Oliver, I was just trying to hold it together as they were putting him to sleep.

"I could hear a doctor on the phone to another hospital asking how to treat Oliver.

"His hand and feet had started to go purple, and I just remember thinking he must be cold and telling them to put some socks on him.

"A doctor sat us down and said: 'Your son is very poorly', I just thought, I know that, he's in a coma and hooked up to a load of machines, but I had no idea how ill he was.

"It was only when a nurse came over to speak to us and burst into tears that I realised how serious is was.

"She told us: 'We don't know which way it's going to go but it doesn't look good.'"

Doctors discovered that the sepsis had developed from an undiagnosed throat infection - which Oliver had never shown any symptoms of.

They managed to stabilise Oliver but warned Abigail that if he deteriorated they would not be able to save him.

She and Oliver's dad were told twice that he was not going to survive, and they asked the hospital chaplain to baptise Oliver.

Incredibly, though, the little boy pulled through - and survived with no damage to his brain, but the sepsis has caused both hands and his legs to turn black and effectively die off.

Medics battled to save length in Oliver's leg, but mum Abigail begged them to speed the operation along because she could see the leg self-amputating.

She said: "Oliver was out of the woods but they kept delaying a date for his amputations to try to save more of his leg - but I could see his body was trying to get rid of it.

"The limbs were heavy and uncomfortable - Oliver was miserable, I know it sounds like an odd thing for a mother to say but I was desperate for them to take them off.

"One day, a nurse was helping me lift Oliver from his bouncy chair back into the bed, and his leg just came away.

"The doctors came running in and asked me if I wanted to leave the room because it was quite distressing.

"I told them: 'My son's leg has just fallen off and is hanging on by a thread, I am not going to leave him here.'

"Once he had his limbs removed, he was like a different child - so happy and full of life, it seemed like a relief for him."

Last month, Oliver was discharged from hospital and is now getting used to life without his limbs.

Abigail added: "I am just so proud of Oliver.

"He has taken everything in his stride and is just so incredibly resilient. He makes me smile every day.

"Already, he is trying to work out how to roll over and play with his toys with his stumps.

"I could have come out of the other end of this with no son, so that's what I focus on.

"We have our bad days, but I know that there will be better days to come.

"I have to be positive because Oliver will copy me - it is my job to teach Oliver how to handle whatever life throws at him.

"It has happened and we just have to get on with it, but seeing his beaming face every day is enough to keep me going.

"I want his story to be used to help spread awareness and teach other parents and GPs who maybe don't have specialist paediatric training, about the signs of sepsis.

"I had no idea how ill Oliver was but if he hadn't gone into hospital when he did, he wouldn't be here."

Dr Ron Daniels, CEO of the UK Sepsis Trust’s CEO, said: "Oliver’s case reminds us that sepsis can strike at any age, with often devastating consequences. Sepsis is a notoriously difficult condition to spot, and to do so relies upon health professionals being alert to the possibility of sepsis in any patient who is deteriorating without a clear cause.

"Outcomes like Oliver’s can be prevented through better awareness of sepsis and by empowering our public to ‘Just ask: could it be sepsis?’.

"Survival rates for patients with sepsis have improved hugely over the last several years, with more than 80% of people developing the condition surviving.

"For some, like Oliver, who are thankfully in the minority, amputation of limbs can become necessary.

"Most commonly, and as we saw in Jack Webster’s story in Coronation Street last summer, this is undertaken by surgeons in the operating theatre in a bid to control a secondary infection or to stop toxins released by the dying tissue further poisoning the body.

"In Oliver’s case, one of his limbs underwent auto-amputation. This is where the blood supply to a limb is so low that the tissues die, but without developing a secondary infection and without the release of toxins into the body.

"Health professionals then typically watch and wait to see how much of the limb will remain healthy, with the result that that part in which the tissue has died will ultimately fall off. It is unusual for this to be an entire limb, but is not uncommon in people losing fingers or toes."

stella Posted on August 15, 2019 14:01

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Sick Boy Lives In Isolation For 6 Months When Strangers Start Showing Up Outside His Window

When Officer Tara Waters’ son turned 3 years old, she and her husband were so happy to celebrate the day with their fun-loving son.

The following day, in stark contrast to the joy they felt just hours earlier, was a complete upheaval.

According to Quinn’s Facebook page:

“Quinnie ‘The Mighty Quinn’ was celebrating his 3rd birthday one Sunday in February and was in Children’s Hospital the next, leading to a diagnosis of a brain tumor on his brain stem, more commonly known as Medulloblastoma. … Medulloblastoma is the most common central nervous system (CNS) embryonal tumour and the most common high grade childhood tumour, accounting for 15-20% of all childhood brain tumours. They are commonly found in children between ages of three and eight, with a higher occurrence in males.”

Tara told that both she and her husband had to stop working so they could be there for Quinn during his cancer treatment treatment, placing a heavy financial burden on the already stress-ridden family.

Thankfully, doctors were able to remove 95% of the tumor at the base of Quinn’s skull. He has spent the past six months in and out of the hospital undergoing grueling treatments and chemotherapy.

After his final round of chemotherapy, Quinn had to stay isolated inside his home in Weymouth, Massachusetts, so as to protect his fragile immune system from infection.

While other toddlers are outside exploring the world and living lives full of whimsy and wonder, Quinn remained housebound on a strict diet.

As word spread about the little boy’s life of isolation, people in the community — from all walks of life — started showing up on the Waters’ front yard.

stella Posted on August 15, 2019 13:54

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Mom and daughter get in before-bedtime fight–then toddler says 3 words that teaches mom a lesson

Parents face many challenges on a day-to-day basis and often forget what used to come naturally to them when they were children. One mother found that sometimes you need to have a toddler around to remind you to forgive and let go of your anger.

Mary Katherine Backstrom is a mother of two and a popular blogger who specializes in parenting advice. In a recent Facebook post, she described an interaction she had with her 3-year-old child, Holland, which left her amazed.

According to Mary, on that particular evening, she had had a more difficult time than usual with getting her child ready for sleep. After about an hour’s struggle, Holland was finally in bed. Annoyed, Mary told her that she loved her and that she was tired of arguing about stuffed toys. Then she sternly asked her daughter to go to sleep.

That’s when Holland, still sobbing, got up and placed her hands on her hips calling out to her mommy. An already frustrated Mary could see how messy her daughter’s hair was and how she was using her hands to wipe tears from her eyes. The 3-year-old stated she had one more thing to say.

At this point, Mary felt almost fed up and describes the words coming out of Holland’s mouth as “venom.” But what her daughter said next totally changed the atmosphere in the room:

Hearing that from her toddler rendered Mary speechless for a few seconds. While her daughter got back into bed and continued sobbing, Mary stood at the door, unsure of how to react.

According to her, the way Holland said “I forgive you” almost sounded like a cussword.

Finally, she decided to walk closer to her child’s bed, lean over her, and ask whether she knew what forgiveness meant. Holland was still sobbing and hiding her face into her Little Mermaid pillow. But the answer she gave managed to leave her mother dumbfounded for the second time that evening:

“It means you were wrong, and I’m tired of being mad, and now I’m going to sleep, and my heart won’t have a tummy ache.”

Mary couldn’t believe that a 3-year-old had just reminded her to never go to sleep still angry. She recognizes in her Facebook post that at that point, she felt her heart having a “tummy ache.”

Whatever pent-up frustration the mother felt before was now gone. Instead, she looked at her child and then climbed into bed with her and gave her a big cuddle.

At the end of the Facebook post, Mary concludes that her daughter was correct. And that as a 35-year-old woman, she knew she needed a reminder in forgiveness. She received that in the most unexpected of ways.

This story can serve as a lesson to everyone. Sometimes we let stress and frustrations take over. Perhaps we all need to learn to let go and never go to sleep angry. That may be the way to avoid our hearts getting a tummy ache.

stella Posted on August 15, 2019 13:50

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Baby Jessica’s birth mum comes forward 14 years after she was forced to leave her at hospital

Baby Jessica, who made national headlines after she was left at Liverpool Hospital when she was barely eight hours old, has found her birth mother in a twist the now 14-year-old girl calls a "miracle".

Jessica made a public appeal on A Current Affairback in April for her birth mum to come forward.

"It's not her fault — whether it was any external reasons, or any other reasons — it's not her fault," Jessica told the program at the time.

"I want to give her a big hug. I want her to know not to feel terrible or feel guilty in any way."

Jessica told her birth mother she was "doing really well now" but still wants the woman who left her at the hospital to be part of her life.

"I love you, even though I've never met you. Just be brave and come forward," she said.

Despite years of police investigation, it was Jessica's own appeal that brought her birth mother forward.

The mother, who did not wish to be named, sobbed on camera as she told A Current Affair she feels "guilty every single day".

"It's very hard for 14 years. Every year pass… and I just want to go to someone and tell them the story," she said. "But I still can't do it. I want to meet my child."

Jessica's birth mum told the program it was her teenage daughter's mature words that encouraged her to speak up.

"I heard the word (sic) that she said — no matter who I am, she forgive me, she love me … and that's what made me stand up 'OK, you're my baby'," she said.

Jessica was less than eight hours old when she was caught on CCTV at a hospital in Sydney's west, wrapped in a towel in her mother's arms just after 1.30am back in 2005.

The mother had taken Jessica to Liverpool Hospital, in Sydney's southwest, for a check-up and given doctors a fake name, asking for a Thai interpreter.

For the next six hours, Jessica's birth mum sat in the waiting room holding her daughter, occasionally comforting the newborn girl when she cried.

Then, still wearing the pyjamas she turned up to Liverpool Hospital in, the woman left, caught on CCTV wandering out of the hospital with her arms behind her back and with Jessica still sitting in the waiting room.

Jessica's mother had only just moved to Australia when she discovered she was pregnant, she told A Current Affair.

At the age of 18 and without a husband, the mum said she was "scared" and didn't know what to do.

In January 2005, Jessica's mum went into labour while out shopping with her grandma.

She managed to make it home where, all alone in her bedroom, gave birth to Jessica without making a sound.

She sat in her room with Jessica for hours, terrified and needing medical help and realised her daughter also needed help.

"I just wait, wait, but she moving, she is still not crying," she said.

Once her family went to sleep, she snuck outside with her newborn daughter and tried to get help at Hinchinbrook Police Station — but no one was there.

Instead, she waved down a car and asked to be taken to Liverpool Hospital.

For five months in 2005, police, medical professionals and the media launched numerous appeals to try and find Jessica's mother and encouraged her to come forward, but she never did.

Jessica's adoptive parents, who have since adopted three more children, were also hopeful the teenager's birth mother will come forward.

"I would really, really love to meet you," Jessica said.

"Sit down with you, have a conversation. You are my birth mother and I would really like to have that opportunity."

Police confirmed using DNA testing that the woman is Jessica's birth mother, closing their 14-year cold case.

Jessica also offered advice to other adopted kids trying to find their birth parents.

You have to be brave," she said.

"Just be brave — that we found her, like, it's just a miracle that's just crazy to me. Just believe in yourself, You've just got to have courage."

stella Posted on August 15, 2019 13:44

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Mother-of-four, 39, left her baby alone inside hot car at an Arizona Target parking

Arizona police have detained a mother-of-four after she admitted to getting overwhelmed and leaving her baby in a blazing hot car while she shopped at Target. 

Chandler police were called to a Target at 3777 S. Arizona Ave at approximately 4.22pm and learned that a baby was crying and sweating inside of a parked car. 

The vehicle was not running, according to court documents obtained by AZ Central

One of the people who called police, broke the window and took the baby out of the vehicle with help from the 911 dispatcher. 

The caller then handed the baby over to Chandler firefighters once they arrived on the scene. 

Personnel were then able to determine that the baby just had high blood pressure. 

While the baby was being checked out, the infant's mother - Holli Platt - rushed outside and left her other three children inside the store. 

She had rushed outside after hearing her name announced over the store's intercom, court documents reveal.  

Platt reportedly told police that she forgot the baby inside the car because her other three children who were excited to buy things had distracted her. 

Reviewing store surveillance footage, police determined that the baby was inside the car for approximately 18 minutes. 

Temperatures were at a staggering 112 degrees and police believe that the temperature inside the car could have gone up 25 degrees while the baby was inside. 

Platt's children were released to her husband as she was arrested. 

The woman was booked at the Maricopa County jail on one charge of child abuse.


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Gunman Who Shot Six Cops And Held Two Officers Hostage In Philadelphia Home Surrenders

PHILADELPHIA — A suspect surrendered just after midnight after shooting six police officers in a north Philadelphia neighborhood on Wednesday evening, igniting a standoff that dragged on for hours in what authorities called a hostage situation.

The suspect is Maurice Hill, a 36-year-old Philadelphia resident with a history of gun convictions, his former lawyer, Shaka Johnson, told The Washington Post. Philadelphia Police Sgt. Eric Gripp confirmed on Twitterearly Thursday that the suspect is in custody.

Johnson did not know Hill’s motive for the alleged shooting and standoff, he told CBS Philly. He credited police for ending the situation, adding that the suspect would likely face several charges from the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office, including attempted murder and aggravated assault.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross said he was surprised that the suspect surrendered, telling reporters at a news conference Thursday morning that Hill “was indicating to some that he was not going to do that.” Ross said that the tear gas shot into the home ultimately resulted in the suspect ending the standoff.

“This was a very dynamic situation, one that I hope we never see again,” he said, adding that he was thankful no civilians or police officers were seriously injured.

The suspect walked out of the house with his arms raised in the air as local TV crews filmed the scene. Police could be heard saying, “Hands up! Hands up! Get down! Get down!”

Hill was not cooperating with police as of early Thursday, Ross told reporters. He said Johnson, Hill’s lawyer, came to the house toward the end of the standoff and talked with his client.

“Using him was unorthodox,” Ross said of the lawyer’s involvement in ending the standoff. “But again, it was a very unusual circumstance.”

Gunfire first broke out around 4:30 p.m., Ross said, after officers attempted to serve a narcotics warrant “that went awry almost immediately.” Once they were inside the home, a barrage of bullets forced officers to return fire and retreat through windows and doors.

More than three hours after the first shots rang out, police were still locked in a dangerous standoff with at least one gunman barricaded inside the home, trading shots with officers outside. Residents, forced to dive behind cars and hide in their homes, described the scene like a war zone: Bullets flew through the streets and wafts of gunpowder filled the air.

As the sun set, Ross said at a news conference he was concerned about two officers in the house with the gunman. They were there for hours until a SWAT team evacuated them, but, he said, the gunman remained inside with no intention of surrendering.

Alisha Bogan, who lives around the corner from where the standoff took place, said she was on her way home to her daughter and mother when she heard gunshots.

“There were a whole lot of people running,” Bogan told The Washington Post. As the gunfire continued, she took cover under a car. Then, she tried to get to her house and her family, but couldn’t get past the police caution tape. Dozens of frustrated residents faced the same dilemma, unable to get to their homes. They gathered on the sidewalks and streets late Wednesday night as storms passed through the region.

After the two officers made it out of the house, Ross told reporters, “We’ve gone from a hostage situation to a barricade.” He said police were still trying to talk the shooter into surrendering. Late Wednesday night, the suspect was still inside.

Dramatic live footage from media helicopters showed scores of officers swarming the house in the residential Nicetown-Tioga neighborhood. They crouched behind cars and exchanged fire with someone inside the house.

On the ground, television reporters’ microphones picked up sounds of gunshots. Multiple officers were seen being carried into police vehicles and transported away from the scene.

A bullet grazed an officer’s heads, Ross told reporters. Others were shot in the arm and elsewhere, he said.

“Nothing short of astounding that in such of a confined space we didn’t have more of a tragedy than we did,” Ross said.

They were released from hospitals later that night, but another officer was still being treated for injuries sustained in a car crash related to the incident.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney (D) said the wounded officers were “all in good spirits.”

We’re thankful — a little angry about someone having all that weaponry and all that firepower — but we’ll get to that another day,” he said at the news conference. “It’s about the officers and their families right now.”

stella Posted on August 15, 2019 13:34

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Man Is Taking Grandmother Who Had Never Seen Ocean or Mountains to All 61 U.S. National Parks

Brad Ryan and his 89-year-old grandmother Joy Ryan are on a mission to visit all 61 U.S. National Parks.

The idea started after Brad left his small town for college, where he took his first big trip hiking the Appalachian Trail.

When he told Joy — who is from the same small town — about the trip, “She told me at that time that she really, really regretted that she didn’t get to do more of that type of thing and have more experiences in life,” he told CBS News.

“She was 85 years old, sitting in this tiny house, widowed for 20 years,” he said. “Two of her three sons died in their 40s. She worked a minimum wage job until she was in her early 80s to make ends meet. So, there was definitely no surplus of money for her to go and do these things.”

Years later, when Brad was finishing up veterinary school, one of his classmates died by suicide.

“I needed an escape from campus,” he told Good Morning AmericaHe and Joy then took an impromptu trip to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

“During that trip, that’s when I started to realize how unconventional it is for somebody in their 30s, a grandson, to be traveling around with their grandmother,” he told CBS News. “We definitely stood out like sore thumbs everywhere we went.”

Following that 2015 trip, Brad wanted to continue taking Joy on adventures. He started a GoFundMe page, where they raised enough money to visit 21 U.S. National Parks in 28 days.

Since that trip, they’ve visited even more, almost halfway to their goal of all 61.

“That puts us at 29 U.S. National Parks out of 61 that we hope to complete,” Brad explained to CBS News. “And we’ve done 25,000 miles on the road in the last three and a half years, and we’ve gone through 38 states.”

Today, the duo’s travels are captured on their joint Instagram account, called “Grandma Joy’s Road Trip.”

One of his favorite moments of their travels? “Watching my grandmother tap into her inner child as she rolled down a sand dune at Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve at age 87,” he told GMA.


“We’ve seen grizzly bears, we’ve been charged by a moose … it was harrowing,” Brad added to CBS News. “We’ve had all these dramatic experiences and seen all this wildlife that she’s never set eyes on in Ohio.”

“At her age, she’s very cognizant that at every moment, she’s probably seeing something for the first and last time, and that has dramatically changed the way I live my life as well,” he continued.

stella Posted on August 15, 2019 13:25

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The real miracle behind the woman who rescued her husband from a volcano

These newlyweds had their marriage vows tested right from the start.

You may have seen the recent story of the wife who managed to pull her husband out of a dormant volcano while they were honeymooning on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts.


The Chastains had married on July 18 in their hometown of Crawfordsville, Indiana. Just a few days later, while out hiking, husband Clay wanted to get a closer look at the greenery inside the volcano of Mt Liamuiga. Losing his footing, he fell down 50-70 feet into the volcano, fracturing his skull. His wife Acaimie, who is scared of heights and so had remained outside the volcano, rushed down to rescue her new husband.

With no cellphone signal available and at just 5′ 2″ and weighing a mere 105 lbs, Acaimie was able to pull her husband out of the volcano and support him along the 2-mile trek back to the mountain base where they could seek help. He vomited and struggled to stand along the journey but thankfully made it to their destination. “Her being able to carry me all the way down a volcano when I can barely stand up is amazing and it’s definitely nothing short of a miracle,” 

A miracle indeed. In fact Clay later explained in a Facebook post that “it’s honestly amazing thanks to God’s help that my injuries were not worse.”

While God was surely watching over Clay, the wonderful message from this story is how the sheer love we have for someone can lead us to achieve the unthinkable. Not only did Acaimie have to overcome her fear of heights, her love for her new husband gave her the strength to pull him from danger and lead him on a long trek back to safety. Now that is the miracle called love.

stella Posted on August 15, 2019 13:20

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Florida man arrested after concealing phone in restroom toilet, says he hoped to catch girlfriend having an affair

Florida man with a criminal record spanning five states has been arrested for voyeurism after setting up a camera in an Arkansas convenience store restroom, police say.

Crawford Lee Croxton, 36, was arrested and taken into custody on Tuesday by deputies from the Baxter County Sheriff's Office after allegedly hiding a phone with the camera activated "beneath and behind" the toilet around August 2, according to a release posted online this week.

Investigators said they were alerted to the covert device after it was found by a store employee. Footage on the phone showed the suspect positioning the camera several times and moving items around the restroom in an attempt to conceal the camera. The suspect was seen leaving the room while the camera was still recording. It captured one man using the restroom.

Upon his arrest, Croxton admitted to deputies that he put the phone in the room "in the hopes of catching his girlfriend cheating on him with another man," the Baxter County Sheriff, John F. Montgomery, said in the media release, which also contained the suspect's mugshot.

The man was captured following an appeal posted online by the sheriff's office. A wanted posterhad contained blurry images of the suspect and asked for information about his location.

On Tuesday, the request paid off when a citizen reported that Croxton had been spotted close to a McDonald's in the area of Highway 62 East driving a 2016 GMC Terrain with a Louisiana license plate. The car turned into the McDonald's parking lot and the driver fled into the restaurant.

The driver—at this stage identified as Croxton—was seen exiting the building and running across the nearby highway. Several deputies converged on the area and Croxton was apprehended. He was found to have a criminal past in five states, qualifying him as a habitual offender. The State of Florida decided not to extradite him for an outstanding probation violation, police said.

Croxton has been charged in Baxter County with felony video voyeurism, felony breaking or entering, misdemeanor fleeing and a penalty enhancement for being classified as a habitual offender. He was held in lieu of a $25,000 bond and is currently scheduled to appear in court later this month, on August 22.

Video voyeurism is the "act of secretly recording someone in an intimate state," Musca Law, a criminal defense firm in Florida, says online. Under state law, anyone previously convicted of a crime will face more severe penalties. Upon conviction, the legal experts said penalties could include up to 15 years of probation, up to 15 years in prison and up to $10,000 in fines.

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Another ten years in prison for 'Scotland's most dangerous teenager' - Darren Cornelius

Darren Cornelius, 29, struck Marcello Pacitti, 38, with a Stanley blade at Saughton jail on September 14 last year.

The High Court in Edinburgh heard how Cornelius pounced on Pacitti as the pair were enjoying leisure time.

Cornelius is serving a life sentence for leaving a stranger scarred for life after carrying out a random and frenzied attack upon him.

Pacitti, of Sandyhills, Glasgow, was ordered to serve at least 15 years in custody for murdering 20-year-old George Walker in the city’s Castlemilk area in August 2006.

Cornelius struck Pacitti in what was described by judge Lord Burns as an “unprovoked attack”.

A jury had earlier heard how Pacitti was rushed to St John’s Hospital in Livingston and required 43 stitches across his face and ear.

Moments after hearing the revelation, Cornelius stopped proceedings against him by pleading guilty to a charge of causing severe injury and permanent disfigurement to Pacitti.

Lord Burns told Cornelius that he had no other option but to impose a further jail sentence on him.

He added: “This was a serious and unprovoked attack and I can tell from the way you continue to shake your head as I speak that you refuse to acknowledge its seriousness.”

Cornelius, who was standing in a dock between two security guards, replied to him: “Excuse me sir, it wasn’t unprovoked.”

The brute achieved notoriety in May 2008 when he became one of the first people in Scotland to be given an Order for Lifelong Restriction (OLR) - effectively meaning he may never be released again.

Judge Lord Bracadale ordered him to serve a minimum of five years after he pleaded guilty to punching a man called Daniel Sweeney and repeatedly stabbing him with a knife.

On that occasion, the judge heard how Cornelius punched Mr Sweeney and repeatedly stabbed him with a knife in Edinburgh’s Leamington Terrace.

He had claimed that he was stabbing an invisible man only he could see.

In a previous horrific crime, in 2000, when Cornelius was aged 11, he carried out a frenzied knife attack on a nine-year-old girl.

He abducted the girl from her grandmother’s house, stabbed her eight times - narrowing missing the artery in her throat - and then left her for dead near the Fountain Park leisure complex in the Capital.

Cornelius was detained in a secure unit for that attack and his victim later told a newspaper that she’d throw a party if he died.

His victim on the most recent occasion was convicted in August 2007 at the High Court in Glasgow of murdering George Walker, who had a role in the Ken Loach directed movie Sweet Sixteen.

Pacitti shot Mr Walker as he sat in his home in August 2006.. He was with his father, also called George, who was believed to have been the intended target of the killing.

During the latest high court proceedings, a jury heard how Cornelius was part of a group of 10 prisoners taking part in a hobbies workshop where inmates work on jigsaws, picture framing and making models from matchsticks.

After the assault Cornelius was told he being put a report in the jail and said: "What have I done?"

Pacitti said he was working on a jigsaw when he was attacked from behind and a felt stinging sensation and pressure at the side of his face. He said: "It was a strange feeling. I knew my face wasn't right."

He told prosecution Peter Ferguson, QC, prosecuting: "At that time I didn't look all the way round. I was more interested in getting away from the incident."

Cornelius then changed his plea.

After admitting the attack, jurors were told that Cornelius was serving an OLR with a minimum jail term of five years which began in 2007. He has committed further violent crimes in prison.

Defence counsel Euan Dow said Cornelius has made progress in the prison system in recent years but began taking drugs again after learning his mother was seriously ill.

Mr Dow added: “There is little I can say in the way of mitigation given the evidence my lord has heard. I would invite you to restrict the prison sentence as much as you can.”

Cornelius was then taken to the cells.

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Mother of baby boy whose head is smaller because of the same rare condition that can be caused by the Zika virus

The mother of baby boy born with a tiny brain and head due to a rare condition has revealed the incredible bond between him and his sister.

Grayson Taylor was born on March 18 and was later diagnosed with microcephaly, a rare condition that can be caused by the Zika virus.

Parents Rachel, 37, and Josh Taylor, 36, claim they were reassured there was nothing to be concerned about when Grayson was born.

Doctors initially believed his squashed head was due to labour, but scans a few weeks later revealed the abnormality was for life.

The condition, of which the cause is still unknown, puts Grayson at risk of developing epilepsy, cerebral palsy, learning disabilities, and hearing loss and vision problems.

Mr and Mrs Taylor, who struggled with fertility for eight years before their first child, Cordelia, four, said the whirlwind of emotions has made bonding difficult.

However, they have been touched by Cordelia's unconditional care and love her brother, and hope people see past his disability and treat him the same way.

Although only four, Cordelia sees past Grayson's imperfections and has been very loving and caring towards him.

Mrs Taylor, from Provo, said: 'Cordelia was a little concerned about Grayson at first, but to her he's just her baby brother. She's gentle with him and loves him very much. She's also very proud and loves to show him off to her friends by saying "isn't he so cute?"

'She comes to check on him every morning and give him a cuddle. She feeds him his bottle when he cries, she helps by getting his bottle or diapers, and insists she's taking him to Disneyland very soon.' 

Mrs Taylor, a stay-at-home mother, added: 'I encourage everyone to try and see others the way my four-year-old sees them. She sees past the way people look.

'She doesn't notice the disability or that they are different from her. She just sees how they are similar. She sees a new friend, someone to love.

'Everyone is special and amazing in their own way, and they deserve to be treated with love and respect.

'She understands how to love unconditionally. She has certainly taught me a thing or two and I truly want to be more like her in that respect.'

Mrs Taylor and her husband, financial analyst Mr Taylor, were married in May 2006 and were really looking forward to starting their own family.

The couple were struggling to conceive, and it took them eight years to finally become pregnant with Cordelia, during which time they tried many holistic therapies.

Mrs Taylor said: 'For the first few years, each new month would make me frustrated. I cried a lot. 

'I was elated when I found out I was pregnant with Cordelia and then really surprised when I became pregnant again with Grayson.'

When Mrs Taylor gave birth to Grayson, there were complications.

The medical team noticed that he wasn't breathing properly, and they used a vacuum pump to deliver him as quickly as possible via a C-section.

Grayson's face was bruised and swollen and there was a lump on his noticeably smaller head.

However, the doctors checked for any internal bleeding and had no further concerns about his overall health, Mrs Taylor claims. 

She said: 'Just before Grayson was born the doctors noticed he wasn't breathing well, and they needed to get him out ASAP.

'They decided to try a vacuum pump before resorting to a c-section and that was enough. I was only in labour for 90 minutes.'

'That hour and a half had given my little boy a really hard time and the poor little fella looked really beaten up, his face was bruised and swollen, and he had a lump on his head. 

'The doctors monitored him but didn't seem too concerned. This helped me feel a bit better about the swelling and bruising.

'I knew that the vacuum and even just the birthing process could make the baby's head misshapen for a little while.' 

A baby's head is squashed during childbirth during the second stage of labour, when the baby leaves the uterus and is pushed through the birth canal, or when it is delivered via C-section. 

A baby's head is soft and malleable before the head bones meet and fuse, and sometimes a baby's head is moulded unevenly. 

At Grayson's two-week check-up, Mrs Taylor pointed out her worries about the shape of his head because it wasn't improving.  

The doctor agreed his head was measuring small, and so a CT scan was performed to see if his skull was prematurely fusing, a condition called craniosynostosis, which it wasn't.

An MRI scan showed that his brain was smaller than normal, and he was diagnosed with microcephaly.

There are many potential causes of microcephaly, including infections during pregnancy, exposure to toxins in the womb, and genetic abnormalities. But often the cause remains unknown.

Zika virus infection during pregnancy is a cause of brain abnormalities, including microcephaly, the CDC states, after investigations of an increased number of cases of microcephaly in places of a Zika virus outbreak. 

Microcephaly is estimated to affect two to 12 babies per 10,000 live births in the US, according to the CDC, and can be spotted during pregnancy or at birth. But sometimes it is diagnosed in the first few years of life. 

Grayson had two auditory tests which showed moderate to severe hearing loss in his left ear, which was then normal a month later.

Ear, nose and throat specialists looked into some feeding issues, and found Grayson had silent reflux and micro aspirations that were making him cough and choke on his food.

He then started having seizures and he had a chest x-ray and an ECG to check his lungs and heart - the results came back normal.

Mrs Taylor said: 'We are currently awaiting the results of genetic testing to come back to help us determine what caused the microcephaly.'

As a loving mother, Mrs Taylor has found it difficult watching her child go through so many tests at such a young age. She hates not having any answers about the cause yet.

She said: 'It's been incredibly difficult watching my little baby go through so much testing. The MRI was the worst as he was sedated and struggled to come out of sedation. 

'Being so young he doesn't understand what's going on around him. During tests we can't always be with him but can hear him crying from outside and it's just heart wrenching.'

Mrs Taylor admits that bonding with her baby son has been difficult, and keeps her guard up incase she is given the news that Grayson will be suddenly taken away from them. 

She said: 'I'm living in a whirlwind of emotions. The hardest part has been not knowing what's wrong with him. It's making bonding with my baby incredibly difficult. Much more so than with our Cordelia.

'Obviously, we have had to grieve for the life we thought we would have. We are having to find a new normal, but I keep my guard up because I'm always worried that I'll be given news that we will lose our son.'


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Monica Lewinsky reveals Bill Clinton urged her to lie under oath

Monica Lewinsky has opened up for the first time about how Bill Clinton convinced her "to break the law" and lie under oath.

In the final part of the A&E docuseries "The Clinton Affair," Lewinsky revealed that Clinton convinced her to deny the affair if she was called to testify in the Paula Jones case. The 45-year-old recalled the former president telling her that she could avoid being deposed if she denied the affair in an affidavit.

Lewinsky said that Clinton had called her at 2:30 in the morning to let her know that she was on the witness list for the Paula Jones case.

"I was petrified. I was frantic about my family and this becoming public," Lewinsky tearfully recalled. "Thankfully, Bill helped me lock myself back from that and he said I could probably sign an affidavit to get out of it, and he didn't even know if a 100 percent I would be subpoenaed."

She was subpoenaed a few days later.

And though she clarified that Clinton never said the words "you're going to have to lie here," Lewinsky pointed out that he also never said "we're going to have to tell the truth."

After being subpoenaed, the former White House staffer decided to talk to attorney Vernon Jordan, a close friend of Clinton. In the documentary, Lewinsky claims that she managed to secure a meeting with Jordan on her own and from that meeting, she was introduced to lawyer Frank Carter.

"Frank Carter explained to me if I'd signed an affidavit denying having had an intimate relationship with the president it might mean I wouldn't have to be deposed in the Paula Jones case," she recounted. "I did feel uncomfortable about it but I felt it was the right thing to do, ironically, right? So, the right thing to do, to break the law."

Following her decision to sign the affidavit, Clinton called Lewinsky to the White House for a somewhat private Christmas celebration.

"This is the first time I met Buddy, the dog, and we kind of all played around with Buddy in the office and then we went into the back study and we had a Christmas kiss," the Vanity Fair writer revealed.

She continued: "Over the summer he had gone to Martha's Vineyard and he brought back a bunch of different things. He had this big canvas bag from the Black Dog. This marble bear, sunglasses. It was the most presents he'd given me at one time. He knew the subpoena was gonna ask to produce certain items and yet he was giving me more gifts. He clearly still trusted me."

Lewinsky added that at the time, she gave the president's gifts to his secretary for safekeeping and to avoid possible seizure.

While things seemed to be getting back to normal, it wasn't long before everything went downhill for the former White House intern.

Once it was discovered that Lewinsky was having an affair with Clinton, the FBI forced the young staffer to be part of the bureau investigation into the president.

Scared and unsure what to do, the activist recalled how the FBI threatened to prosecute her mother and said that both women could face up to 27 years in prison for lying about the affair.

A then-24-year-old Lewinsky demanded to call her mother while she was being held inside a Ritz Carlton hotel room for what was a 12-hour interrogation.

"You're 24, you don't need to call your mommy, you need to make a decision about what to do," Lewinsky recalled one agent told her.

Unwilling to immediately cooperate with the FBI, the young staffer finally told them that she demanded to speak to either her mother or her lawyer before making the decision to wear a wire and have her personal life monitored and tapped.

But once the word of the affair was out in the open, Lewinsky admitted that the scandal was almost too much for her to handle and revealed that she contemplated committing suicide.

"There was a point for me somewhere within these first several hours where I would be hysterically crying and then I would just shut down," she admitted. "And in the shutdown period, I just remember looking out the window and thinking the only way to fix this is to kill myself."

An FBI agent who was involved in the case corroborated her emotions at the time and said she was "alternating between being hysterical, being angry, being abusive."

"I just felt terrible ... and I was scared ... and I was mortified,' she said while trying to regain her composure," Lewinsky sobbed in her documentary confessional.

She also confessed that the taxing events of the scandal are what led her to confide in Linda Tripp, who eventually drew the prosecution to the fact that Clinton was indeed having an affair.

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Knifeman's family feared he'd kill himself after a vicious clash with his sister days before the Sydney rampage

Mert Ney's family feared he was going to kill himself just days before he allegedly murdered a woman and went on a stabbing rampage, but police were unable to find him because of a monumental administrative blunder.

The accused attacker, 20, stormed through the CBD on Tuesday afternoon brandishing a large kitchen knife and soaked in blood.

Michaela Dunn, 24, was then found dead inside a Clarence Street apartment at 3.15pm, just over an hour after Ney allegedly stabbed Linda Bo, 41, in the back.

Those close to Ney say his 'steep descent into insanity' became so clear in the seven days leading up to the attack that police were trying to track him down.

But as police searched for him, they were unaware that Ney was living in government emergency housing and could easily have been located - potentially saving Miss Dunn's life.

It all began in the early hours of August 7, when Ney arrived at the Blacktown Hospital emergency department after suffering a prescription drug overdose. 

Melinda Ettery, a patient in the emergency room, told the Seven Network it was clear he was agitated.

'He was loud and boisterous, being rude to nurses and doctors,' she said. 

Hours later, he left the hospital and returned to his family home at Marayong in Sydney's west, where he allegedly launched a violent attack on one of his sisters. 

The 20-year-old allegedly punched her in the face and choked her before she and her mother contacted police.

Ney fled before officers arrived, leading them on an failed week-long hunt to find him, The Australian reported.

Two days later after the incident at the family home, Ney went to a local GP and said he was having suicidal thoughts. 

The doctor contacted police - but he again evaded them.  

A friend of Ney's sent him a message at the time, telling him: 'You are going to get locked up or killed very soon,' according to Seven. 

Ney replied: 'Yah, I wanna die. Tried to kill myself­ in two days. Didn't work.' 

In the three days before the rampage, Ney had been living in government emergency housing in Blacktown - but no one told the cops who were hunting him.  

'Police were searching for him and we had concerns, but it's still a mystery to us why we didn't get a call,' a police source told The Australian.  

Ney flew under the radar until Tuesday - a week after police began their search. 

That day, he travelled into the city with the intention to 'kill and be killed by a cop's gun', detectives believe.

It is believed he made an appointment with Ms Dunn for 1.30pm, but Ney only spent 20 minutes in her Clarence Street apartment.

Ney was seen on CCTV footage leaving the building at 1.50pm, and police allege he killed her before fleeing the block in a blood-soaked jumper and causing chaos through the streets of Sydney.

Investigators believe Ney and Ms Dunn had no prior contact before Tuesday but are looking through their phone records to determine the nature of their relationship.

'From our early investigations it appears the accused never had any intention of paying the victim for services that he had made arrangements for,' an investigator told 

'Likewise it seems clear that he wanted to be killed by police.'

Teenage homeless couple Courtney Ridgeway, 19, and Nathan Tgiy, 16, described Ney as 'agitated' and 'scary' when they stayed in a room next-door to his at the emergency accommodation.

They heard the 20-year-old discussing terrorism on his phone information he had on USB stick.

'He was talking about terrorism and Allahu Akbar – he loved that word, he was saying it a lot,' Ms Ridgeway told 9News

'I think he had it planned what he was going to do the next day.

'He just said he had a USB and was researching, studying what was on it.' 

Ney was taken down by heroic bystanders after he stabbed 41-year-old Linda Bo in the back in broad daylight. 

Shortly after, Ms Dunn was found in dead in the apartment.

Pictures shared to social media showed Ms Dunn travelled through Sri Lanka and the US in the past year, as well as previously holidaying in Europe.

Her mother told Nine News Ms Dunn was a 'beautiful, loving woman who had studied at university and travelled widely'. She also said the young woman was 'very much loved'.

'While her family appreciate the support offered by the community, they have requested their privacy at this difficult time,' a statement from police read.

'The investigation into the circumstances surrounding Michaela's murder is being led by detectives from the Homicide Squad under Strike Force Lalchere.'

Ney's sister, who declined to be named, apologised to the family of his alleged victim, saying: 'Sorry a million times.. I'm just really sorry to the victim'.

Ms Ney said her brother had a 'steep descent into insanity' and she wanted him to 'suffer' and be punished severely by the law for what he had allegedly done.

'I want him to suffer. I want them to just put him in like the worst mental health institution where it's like jail,' she said.

The woman said she felt 'shocked, angry, disgusted - I hate my last name' in remarkably candid comments near the family home in western Sydney.

'Mostly I just want to say sorry to (the victims),' the tearful sister said. 'She (the slain 24-year-old found dead in a unit) was like, younger than me.

'She could've been like going out in a few hours to go shopping with her mum, eat dinner with her boyfriend, her girlfriends and s***. She can't do that now, can she?'

'All the words I could say isn't ever going to bring her back ... I'm really sorry, she was like, defenceless and everything.'

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British mother of three 'murdered in Barbados after being doused and set on fire as she lay in bed'

Natalie Crichlow, 44, was said to be visiting friends and family on the island when she was viciously attacked on July 28. 

She was taken to hospital with severe burns, where she died from her injuries on August 6. 

Ms Crichlow, a mother of three, was well known in the LGBT community. 

She had previously survived two strokes and two bouts of cancer.

Barbados media outlet Stabroek News reported that police were on the hunt for a man who "barged into a house, choked a woman, doused her with a flammable substance and then set the house on fire". 

They said the 44-year-old was lying in bed on the afternoon of August 6 at her brother's home in Sargeant's Village, Christ Church, when an intruder allegedly entered her bedroom and began choking her. 

The intruder then allegedly threw a flammable liquid on her, lit the house on fire and fled the scene. 

Police pulled Ms Crichlow from the burning house. 

She was transported to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital with burns to more than 75 per cent of her body. 

Public relations officer Acting Inspector Rodney Inniss said police were informed of the incident at around 1:55 pm and the woman was taken to hospital. 

A GoFundMe has now been set up to raise money to bring the body of Ms Crichlow, otherwise known as Karma, back to the UK. 

On the page, her niece Ashley Best said: “Many people may be aware that we lost a beautiful soul Natalie Crichlow aka Karma, on 06/08/19. At present, an investigation into her murder is being held in Barbados. ?? ???? ??

“Natalie left behind her eldest daughter and two sons who desperately want to bring her home to say goodbye and lay her to rest peacefully. The outgoing, bubbly and kind Natalie was greatly loved and well thought of throughout many communities, all of which this loss has come as a massive shock to.

"Please help us donate towards costs which will cover repatriation to the UK as her body is still in Barbados with only a few family members and friends around her. Any donation large or small will help in bringing peace to the family and our beloved Natalie who we all miss dearly.”??? 

A Foreign Office spokesperson said: "Our staff are supporting the family of a British woman following her death in Barbados, and are in contact with the Barbados police force."

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Australian women warn others are at risk after they fell in love with an African lothario who tricked them into becoming mules for an international drug ring

An Australian mother has issued a desperate warning to other women after travelling to Cambodia on the promise of love, before unwittingly being used as a drug mule.

Yoshe Taylor, a 47-year-old single mother and school teacher, met South African businessman 'Precious' through the dating app Tagged.

He was caring and sweet, with a buff gym body and a broad smile.

Battling depression and struggling to keep up with mortgage repayments, when her internet boyfriend offered Ms Taylor the opportunity to fly to Cambodia to meet him she saw it as the perfect escape.

Instead she ended up spending six years in one of Cambodia's worst prisons, having falling victim to her fraudster boyfriend - a member of a huge international drug syndicate.

'I had been all by myself for a long time, four years, just me and the kids,' she told the ABC's Australian Story.

'I was talking to him for a long time; I thought I got to know him and he seemed very nice.'

Ms Taylor would often stay up late at night exchanging messages with Precious.

He would tell her that when it came to love it was 'her or nothing', while also saying he worried about whether she was sleeping or eating well.

You have a busy day in the morning,' Ms Taylor's lover told her. 

But Precious was not a 43-year-old businessman from South Africa like he claimed.

In reality he was a 24-year-old Nigerian whose name was Precious Chineme Nwoko.

By the time Ms Taylor worked this out it was Christmas 2013 and the 41-year-old was locked up inside the notorious Prey Sar Prison.

Each cell inside the women's prison had 99 inmates and not enough beds, meaning many had to sleep side-by-side on the floor.

She was found guilty of drug smuggling and was sentenced to 23 years in prison.

But Ms Taylor wasn't the only Australian woman being targeted by Precious, who also had a Melbourne woman in his sights.

Kay Smith had also met the African scam artist over a dating app and immediately showed off his softer side, telling her about the orphanage where he volunteered.

'The kids here are asking when I will bring my wife too. Almost cried,' he told her.

Eventually, having gained Ms Smith's trust, he also asked him to travel to Cambodia to visit him.

Precious paid for her flights, passport and accommodation, but said the trip had to be limited to only four days as he had business to attend to overseas.

'I was petrified the whole journey,' Ms Smith said of her trip but that anxiety subsided when he turned up at the airport to collect her as promised.

That night they went out for dinner and asked her to marry him. She said yes.

On the final night of her whirlwind trip Precious asked Ms Smith to take two laptop bags back to Australia with her.

Having gone through the bags and checked the contents, the first moment Ms Smith discovered what was in them was at customs at Melbourne Airport.

Shocking CCTV footage from August 29, 2013 shows Ms Smith falling to the floor as customs officers told her two kilograms of heroin was hidden in the lining of the bag.

'In the space of four days, this guy destroyed my entire life, my existence,' she said.

Ms Smith spent six months in a maximum security women's prison in Melbourne and then 18 months on bail before police dropped the charges against her.

Ms Taylor's Cambodian jail hell came to an end earlier this year when she was found to be an innocent victim of the drug smuggling scam.

She returned home to Queensland and was reunited with her two children.

The law finally caught up with Precious during a raid on the drug den where he and other members of his syndicate lived. He was sentenced to 27 years jail.

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Double amputee bride wears a dress for the FIRST time at her wedding

A double amputee had the confidence to wear a dress for the first time on her wedding day - due to her new state-of-the-art legs. 

Katarina Floridia, 27, from Ashland, Massachusetts, had always been embarrassed about her legs, covering them even on sweltering hot beach days.

But thanks to her new legs - from A Step Ahead Prosthetics, which match her skin color and accommodate heels, Katarina was able to make her dream come true by walking down the aisle in confidence with her father on her arm and marrying fiance Andrew Pfeffer. 

Katarina said: 'It made the beautiful bride that I have always hoped and dreamt of being - I was a princess bride that could finally see her toes. 

'Walking down the aisle was the most emotionally moment of my life. I felt that my self-esteem and self-confidence returned after it had being damaged my whole life - I never felt so beautiful, confident or strong.'

Katarina, a congenital bilateral amputee, has had to wear prosthetics her whole life, having been adopted from Moscow, Russia, when she was 18 months old, and moving to the United States. 

When she was born, bands formed in her amniotic fluid, restricting the growth of her legs. Over the years, Katarina said, she has had a difficult relationship with prosthetics - from having the confidence to wear previous models out in public, to experiencing the cost of healthcare related to her condition. 

She decided that was going to change on her wedding day - and through the support of her husband, Andrew Pfeffer, 28, and the team at A Step Ahead Prosthetics, she was able to achieve that, selecting everything from skin tone to the kind of veining she would like on her feet. 

In an emotional moment ahead of her wedding in June this year - and in which Katarina shared on her wedding day to help tell her story - the double amputee tried on A Step Ahead's prosthetics for the very first time. 

She was brought to tears as she tried on the specially designed prosthetics, revealing they immediately gave her the confidence to show off her legs and walk down the aisle in front of those dearest to her. 

Many people - even friends and family - had not known what Katarina had experienced emotionally while wearing prosthetics her whole life, and so when she gathered the confidence to explain her situation before her wedding day, she was greeted with hugs, kisses and many tears.

Talking about the wedding she said: 'My father was discharged from hospital the day before my wedding, and I just remember looking over to him as we waited for our cue to walk and said, 'we made it - I love you.' 

'There was not a dry eye when walking down the aisle because everyone could see how happy I was and that I finally believed in the person that I really am.' 

The prosthetics feature ProSystem SkinTones Systems' silicone covers, which had been custom made to match her skin tone and anatomy.

Lauren Piccolino, facility director at A Step Ahead Prosthetics in Burlington, Massachusetts, said: 'Watching Katarina's reaction when she saw herself in the mirror for the first time was one of my most beloved and proudest moments working for A Step Ahead Prosthetics.  

'In that moment, she didn't see herself any longer as an amputee who was worried about what society thought of her. 

'She was confident and elegant - I saw for the first time since meeting Katarina as a strong, confident women who was so incredibly proud of who she was and no longer had to hide her limb difference. 

'Her genuine excitement, gratitude, and disbelief that her skin covers could look so real made this experience at our facility incredibly exceptional. It makes our jobs even more special than they already are.'  

Going forward, Katarina hopes that her story will help to inspire others who may be in a similar situation. 

She added: 'I hope anyone else in the world that may be trying to hide something that may make them different, whether it is having prosthesis or something else, to know that you are not alone. 

'The world can be cruel and what I want people to take away from my story is that it is important to be happy, proud of whom they are and accept themselves. 

'The important part is to believe in yourself, I spent 27 years being scared if society would accept me, but when I finally accepted myself, the day of my wedding and walked down the aisle, I was proud of who I am and was humbled to know that those around me, loved me for who I am.'

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Expectant mother reveals how she embarrassed a stranger who told her not to drink coffee

A pregnant woman has revealed her trick for putting off people who offer unsolicited advice to expectant mothers, after being advised by a stranger not to order coffee.  

The mother-to-be from New York, who goes by the name of Jax on Twitter, explained how a bystander told her she should be drinking decaffeinated coffee after hearing her order at her local Starbucks. 

However, she swiftly got her own back and left the stranger speechless, by replying: 'I'm not pregnant'. 

Her tweet racked up almost 78,000 shared and and more than 698,300 likes, as other users shared their experiences of strangers thinking they have 'ownership' of pregnant women's bodies.  

Recounting the experience, Jax said the stranger had told her, after overhearing her coffee order: 'You know you should be drinking decaf when you're pregnant.'

When she said she was not pregnant, the mortified bystander replied: 'I am so, so sorry.'

'And that's what you get for giving unsolicited advice,' the tweet concluded. 

Other women chimed in to say they had had similar conversations with well-meaning but intrusive strangers. 

One woman wrote: 'A male coworker once said to me as I was eating a McDonald's cheeseburger and fries, "you should eat something healthy, like a salad." 

'I was vegetarian up until my sixth month. I literally hadn't had McDs in 15+ years. I looked at him as I shoved it in my mouth and said "shut up Eric".'

Another added: 'I had a woman next to me in live for a movie ask me about my birth plan. I politely told her she was not part of my plan.' 

And other parents revealed the advice didn't stop after the baby was born either. 

'I was breastfeeding and an old woman came up to say I ought to go to the washroom. I just said "I'm so sorry about your neck." 

'She said there's nothing wrong with her neck. So I replied "then turn your damn head and look away or there soon will be." She was so flustered, she left,' recalled another. 

'My favorite reply has always been: "Thank you, but we've chosen to raise her poorly"' one father wrote. 

'As a new father carrying my crying child in public, invariably I'd get people coming up to me and telling me what was wrong: hungry, tired, etc. I'd respond that she was fine, just upset about [current news item]. Worth it just for the blank stares,' another one shared. 

Other women said their doctors actually advised them to drink coffee during their pregnancies, while other added their own children ended up fine after they drank the hot beverage while they were pregnant.  

'I remember when I was pregnant I stopped drinking anything with caffeine and I ended up with migraines my ob/gyn doctor told me to get a cup of coffee,' one mother said. 

'I had one Diet Coke a day during my entire pregnancy. She was born healthy and continues to be healthy and happy and smart 15 years later. 

'I drank regular coffee through all three pregnancies. My kids are practically perfect. F*** ppls advice! You do you,' one wrote. 

'Isn't it amazing how you become everyone's property when you are preggers,' asked another. 

'Next person that says something like that, really blow their hair back by telling them you need the coffee to get rid of the hangover you have. Grown folks need to mind their business,' another said.

Some women also revealed strangers had rubbed their belly out of the blue during their pregnancies.  

'Once a woman just came up and started rubbing my belly, so I just grabbed her boob. She was so shocked and offended for some odd reason,' one wrote.   

What's the medical opinion?  

It is recommended that pregnant drink no more than 200mg of coffee a day during their pregnancy. This represents two cups of instant coffee or one cup of filter coffee 

Consuming more than that amount can lead to higher health risks for the fetus, such as a low birth weight.

A low birth rate can lead to health issues when the baby gets older.

'I had several odd encounters when I was approached by strangers asking how far along I was while pregnant with twins. The most immediate response was to reach out and touch my belly and it felt totally invasive.'

Some women explained it made them feel as if their bodies were not their own, and called the behavior intrusive and inappropriate.   #

'When you're pregnant it's strange enough to lose so much of you body autonomy to the baby, but then everyone else confirms it's no longer your body as well. It's the worst part about about being pregnant,' Jax agreed. 

Ans whilst some Twitter users came to defense of the Starbucks strangers, the pregnant woman made sur to point out she had sought out advice from qualified professionals :  

'You're right, I don't have any concern for my baby. I should follow the advice of random people at Starbucks instead of my doctors, midwives and the actual research,' Jax sarcastically wrote to one Twitter user who said she should be grateful for the advice the stranger gave her.

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Woman Murders Son-In-Law, Cuts Off His Testicles And Throws Them Out The Window

The daughter called police when her mother phoned to tell her what she had done. Dmitry Bogdanov, 32, died after being stabbed 27 times. Police said the suspect, 49, cut off his testicles after he collapsed at her home in Novgorod, Russia, and threw them out of her open flat window.

The woman and her partner had been sharing a drink with the son-in-law when they began to row. Russian police said the woman accused Bogdanov of failing to pay money and give help to her daughter – his ex-wife – and her grandson, the victim’s son.

She then stabbed him several times with a knife and when Bogdanov collapsed, her boyfriend grabbed the knife and continued the attack, police claimed.

After mutilating the victim, the mother phoned her daughter who immediately called the police. The couple initially denied murdering Bogdanov but later confessed, police said. The Russian Investigative Committee has opened a murder case.

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Mother who gave birth during the Yemen war reveals she lived in fear of being killed

A mother who was pregnant and gave birth during the raging war in Yemen has revealed she lived in constant fear she and her baby would be killed and slept under her bed wearing headphones to block out the sound of bombing.

Sukaina Sharafuddin, 29, who currently lives in the country's largest city, Sana'a, with her husband and son Elias, now three-and-a-half, told how she struggled with high blood pressure due to the worry and anxiety.

She found it near-impossible to sleep, worrying an air strike would hit her home and kill her and her loved ones.

On the night she gave birth, Sukaina travelled to three different hospitals but none of them were able to accept her due to a lack of facilities.

She was eventually admitted and gave birth by C-section, requesting a general anaesthetic so she didn't hear the sound of warplanes.

Now Sukaina, who works as a communications coordinator for charity Save the Children, says Elias is a happy and healthy toddler, but it breaks her heart that all he's ever known is his country at war.

'As a mother you want to make sure your child is safe, happy, and that he sleeps well,' she told FEMAIL.

'I have taken him to 10 or 11 different nurseries because I keep hearing they targeted a house or a neighbourhood nearby, so I move him, and this goes on and on and on.

'In the end nowhere is safe; almost every area has been targeted, and it breaks my heart that he doesn't know the country how I knew it before the war.'

Sukaina found out she was expecting a week before the conflict, which has seen Saudi Arabia and Iran support opposing sides in a four-year civil war, broke out. 

'I had that joy of being pregnant and threw a small party, the way modern mothers do, I was too excited,' she recalled.

'Little did I know the war would happen one week later. That's when all hell broke loose.

'The first night I think there was more than 100 air strikes in Sana'a alone. I remember my doctors during my pregnancy were telling me to put headphones on with loud music to try to sleep.

'I wasn't able to sleep; most nights I slept under staircases or under my bed. Although it sounds silly, I lived in fear that an air strike could fall on top of our roof and kill many people, like they had all around me.

'That happens less often than it used to in the capital, but we still hear it almost weekly.'

Sukaina said she was terrified she would lose her baby and would pray every night for her and her son to stay alive.

'When you see a lot of destruction happen to people you know, I have seen what an air strike does a single home, a family, the injuries, most of them are dead, so I was always worried,' she said.

'Every night I would call my mother and we would cry over the phone saying our last goodbyes.

Sukaina said her number one pregnancy craving was to sleep 'for five or six hours' without being woken by the harrowing sound of warplanes.

During the final month she suffered from high blood pressure, which doctors put down to the constant fear she felt. 

'Obviously during pregnancy you're told to relax, not to worry, but this wasn't possible for us,' she said. 

After giving birth via caesarean, Sukaina was unable to see her son for the first few days as she was recovering. 

'I remember making everyone who came to visit me during the first few days swear that my son was alive, because I hadn't heard that happy cry that makes all the pain go away,' she recalled.

Now Elias loves airplanes; he sees them on TV and has lots of toy planes, but he knows the moment we hear an airplane in Sana'a, it means that we have to run away from windows, escape to the holes, sleep under the staircases, because they only mean one thing - an air strike. 

'Our airport is not functioning, so that's the only time you hear an airplane, when they're about to drop bombs.'

Sukaina admitted she does 'regret' bringing Elias into the world during the conflict, but said she's lucky to have him as if she didn't, she would have 'lost her mind'.

'I get scared very easily,' she said. 'I'm shocked at how strong and resilient I've become, but I'm doing all of this for him and trying to pretend that I'm happy rather than showing the worry and crying.

'We have a place in our house that we call the safety zone, although I live on the ninth floor so it's not really safe, and the building has lots of broken windows, but I have no other place to go so I have to adapt everything and move on.'

Sukaina said she feels 'trapped' in Yemen, as they can't travel anywhere without a visa.

She added that working for Save the Children is a 'relief' because she does get to see 'the bright side'.

'We help children overcome trauma and get back to school. We provide medical aid. I don't know what I would have done if I didn't have this job, I'd be depressed I guess,' she said.

'I remember when we were working in an office two years ago and the worst air strike ever targeted Aden (a port city and the temporary capital). 

'Our Save the Children office was in the area where this missile dropped. It killed around 500 people and injured so many, it was the worst ever recorded in Yemen.

'I remember that day seeing colleagues with injuries, buildings destroyed. It will take us many years to overcome what we have seen and heard.'

Sukaina considers herself lucky to have an income, as many Yemenis - including her husband - have lost theirs due to the collapsing economy.

'Everyone is in need, they are drowning in debt, everybody I know is, because there is no income, so they find people to lend them money, and then it goes on and on,' she explained.

'Public service workers haven't been paid, nurses, doctors, teachers, it's horrible.'

Sukaina lost her 17-year-old cousin as a result of the war as her diabetes medication became unavailable.

'The airport was not open for us to transfer her, so she went into a coma and died. It was very sad for us,' she said.

'People are dying from diarrhoea in Yemen. Anywhere else in the world you'd get medication and get better, but here half of the hospitals have either shut down or are partially working. Medication is hard to get into the country, it takes months, and then once it's available it's ridiculously expensive so many families can't buy it.'

Despite the bleak situation Sukaina, like many Yemenis, hopes that the conflict will be resolved.

'We believe with excessive pressure, governments can do something about Yemen,' she told FEMAIL.

'They need to stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia, they need to put pressure on this war to end.

'I visit many children in different offices and ask if they have hope, and their message is always, "Look at us in the eyes of mercy". We are innocent people and what's happening here is in the hands of the world.'


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Identical twins who BOTH transitioned from female to male within two years

Identical twins who both transitioned from female to male within two years of each other, are hoping to use the unbreakable bond that has been formed between them to encourage others to have frank conversations about gender issues.  

Kasey and Shea Opilla, 20, from San Jose, California, who grew up up as tomboys with the feeling that they 'did not belong', were around 11-years-old when they began dreading the prospect of going through puberty.

Although they didn't openly discuss their feelings, their almost telepathic relationship meant they knew that they were battling similar demons.

A sex education class at school on growing breasts and starting their periods, confirmed how unhappy they felt in their female bodies.

The twins who were confused, partly because gender issues were less openly discussed at the time, didn't initially realise that they were transgender. 

Kasey and Shea came out as lesbians in 2013, a decision supported by their family with Kasey being the first, followed by Shea a few months later.

Kasey who currently works in a restaurant, but will be going to college in the autumn to study psychology spoke about the years leading up to their transition.

He said: 'Something in me, in the way I felt about who I was, was off.

'Socially, things were difficult. I didn't feel like I quite belonged with the other girls, so I would gravitate towards boys, but didn't fit in there either.

'Back then, I didn't know about the concept of being transgender, or even the word, but I knew I was different.'

After coming out as lesbians, the pair continued to live in emotional turmoil.

In search of support they had one-on-one therapy to discuss their gender issues, however neither knew at the time that the other twin was having it.  

Eventually, after having counselling, as well as watching YouTube videos and TV documentaries about people going through transitions, both twins concluded they were transgender. Kasey and Shea confided in each other before telling anyone else. 

Again, Kasey was the first to come out in 2015.

He said: 'Deep down, I knew who I was, but had no idea how to get there. I knew I was trans, but had no idea how to say it out loud. Plus, where the differences between the two genders amplify with age, I was struggling more and more, socially.

'I needed to talk to somebody that wasn't in my direct circle about what I was going through, and so I decided to have counselling - a fact I kept to myself.

'In the end, I came out in 2015. Shea was the first person I told, and I had an idea that he would one day come out as trans too, but wasn't ready then.'

Shea's support was integral to every step of Kasey's transition.

He said: 'Throughout our journey, we have made sure we're both there for all those big moments, like coming out to the rest of the family.

'That's when you need comfort the most, and to have your whole self with you.

'As a twin, you're never alone throughout your entire life – and we certainly weren't going to let each other take on the hardest times alone.'

A year after coming out, Kasey who has not changed his name, began his physical transition from female to male. He started with taking hormones, then continued by having top surgery to remove his breasts.

He continued: 'That was a real adjustment. Everybody is different, so you are never too sure how the hormones will affect you.

'You desperately want to see changes, and want to see them tomorrow - but know they will take time, so there were times when it all seemed too far away for me to be happy.

'When I first started taking hormones, I was still getting misgendered a lot and referred to as a female, which was very frustrating. At the time, as Shea wasn't out, I didn't know anybody else who was trans, so I did feel like I was going through it alone.

'My one regret is not reaching out to more people in the community then, as that would've helped – to talk to people who understood.'

As the hormones took effect, Kasey's voice deepened and his body changed to a more masculine shape.

This stopped him from being misgendered and often meant that, when he met new people, he no longer needed to explain his past – which helped boost his confidence.

Meanwhile, Shea who is studying kinesiology (the science of movement) at university, was also moving towards coming out as transgender.

Recalling the day when Kasey confided his desire to transition, Shea who now goes by his middle name, but does not want to reveal his name as a female said: 'He'd been so depressed for so long, I was really happy he was finally out and able to be himself. 

'I thought he was incredibly brave and wanted to support him, but knew I also had some thinking to do about how I was going to come out.'

Over the next two years, as Shea watched Kasey begin to change physically, he also acclimatized, not least the fact they were non-identical for the first time.  

He continued: 'Because we'd always identified as "the twins", in the two years that Kasey was out as transgender and I wasn't, it felt almost strange that we weren't identical anymore.

'When he came out, I remember thinking how incredibly brave he was – but there was also that hint of jealousy that he could be his true self, whereas I wasn't quite ready.'

Looking back to the moment in the fifth grade, the US equivalent of Year 6, during sex education when he and Kasey both knew they felt trapped in the wrong bodies, Shea recalled his intense discomfort.

He said: 'They separated the class into boys and girls, so we could each learn about our own bodies. Sitting there, hearing it all, didn't feel right.

'I realized I didn't want all the changes that come with puberty, like periods and breasts. It felt like it shouldn't be happening to me.'

Although it took him slightly longer than Kasey, in 2017, Shea was ready to come out as transgender, too - happy in the knowledge he would be embarking on the journey with his twin.

He said: 'The first person I told was Kasey. We were driving along and I just came out with it, then told him I was going to tell our parents.

'There are no words to describe how amazing it has been to go through this with the person closest to me in the world.

'He made sure I picked a day where he'd be there too, for support. We are a really tight-knit family, and everybody was supportive, but they did naturally have questions and fears.

'Aside from Kasey, I have two other brothers, so back then, I felt like the last remaining daughter. I think parents can have these pre-conceived ideas of what their child's life will be like depending on their gender – dads want to walk their daughters down the aisle, mothers want to see them pregnant.

'I was scared I was taking that away from them, but had been told by my therapist to expect them to go through a period of grieving. After all, they were losing a daughter – but gaining a son.'

Like his brother, Shea soon began taking hormones, before also having top surgery 18 months ago.

In comparison with Kasey's rather solitary experience, he had a number of friends who were also transitioning and was surrounded by others who knew exactly what he was going through.

He added: 'Kasey had gone through a real unknown, whereas I knew what was coming. I always feel bad that he went ahead and paved the way.

'There must have been times when he felt really alone, while having him made my own transition smoother.

'Of course, I was there for him, but as I wasn't out myself then - I didn't know how he felt. When I went through it though, I had a number of trans friends that I could talk to and even make jokes with about how much puberty sucks the second time around.

'In the period where Kasey was transitioning and I wasn't, it had been strange to not be identical anymore. For the first time, we looked and sounded different.

'But as my hormones began to take effect, we would joke all the time about how we were going to be the same again.'

The brothers who say their bond has been massively strengthened by going through their transition together, are speaking out to help normalize conversations about being transgender.

Feeling mentally stronger than they have for years, Kasey and Shea are filled with pride when they look back at the courage it took to come out.  

The twins hope by sharing their story, they will encourage others in their situation to find a network of trans people they can safely speak to, and for families of those transitioning to educate themselves and not to shy away from asking questions.

Kasey said: 'There are so many misconceptions about gender issues that are making the community feel unsafe and misunderstood.

'It's a combination of a lack of conversation and a lack of effort to understand, but if we talk more, we can normalise it and help people to open up.

'This has been a real journey for my mental health. There were times when the isolation I felt reminded me of being that little kid who didn't belong all over again, but since Shea came out I couldn't be happier.

'I never imagined this life for myself, and if I knew how it would all turn out I would go back and tell my younger self that it will all be okay.'

Shea, who has been with his girlfriend Savannah for a year, also stressed how important having his family on board had been during his transition.

He said: 'A really essential part of healing for me was making sure my family understood exactly how I'd been feeling. Talking openly and honestly really lifted a burden.

'So, if anybody out there is struggling with a family who don't understand, I would say to be patient and try to lead by example and answer questions. They can be frustrating, but they can also really help somebody understand what you have been going through.

'With transitioning, there always seems to be some hoop to jump through, so this has taught me so much about patience and resilience.

'But now, with a future I really want for myself ahead of me, I can look back at the hardship and anxiety of the past and safely say it has all been worth it.'

Praising Savannah for her support, he continued: 'She is truly amazing and understanding, especially on days where dysphoria creeps back and I feel uncomfortable in my body.

'She is always willing to help me through those times, and I think getting to that level of support and unconditional love has strengthened our relationship over this past year.

'For anyone out there who may be transgender and questioning whether it is possible to get that unconditional love from friends and family, and also for themselves, I want to say that it absolutely is.'

The twins' mother Shannon, 49, added: 'As their mother, I am extremely proud of both Kasey and Shea for being true to themselves. They are amazing people. Both are smart, fun to be with, and most importantly, they are kind and caring.'

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Pair born at same hospital, on same day, get married 23 years later

couple who was born at the same hospital just hours apart have gotten married — 23 years later.

James Barsby came into the world with his twin brother, Christian, just feet away from future wife Amy, also a twin, who was born five-and-a-half hours later with her brother William.

The couple's parents had even met at a prenatal class before the pair were born at Blackburn's Queen's Park Hospital in Lancashire, England, in 1995.

Despite growing up just a few miles apart in Clitheroe, Lancashire, the lovebirds, now 23, only knew of each other at school. It was not until in a science class freshman year they discovered they had real chemistry and began dating.

The pair married at St Peter's Church in Salesbury, Lancashire, just days before James's graduation from Manchester Medical School and Amy's graduation from Lancaster University.

The couple was the third generation of Amy's family to marry there — Amy's parents got married at the church in 1990 and her grandparents wed there in 1965.

Christian was a joint-best man at the wedding with James' other brother Oliver, while Amy's twin William played a vital role in the big day as an usher.

The pair, who spent a "lovely romantic" honeymoon in Slovenia after the wedding, are now set to embark upon a career as junior doctors at the same NHS Trust in the North West.

Amy said the fact the couple was born on the same day made their relationship "extra special."

"It makes it more like it was just meant to be. I wouldn't have it any other way, even if it means I can't have my own birthday," she said. "Growing up, we've always shared our birthday with our twin brothers, now we share it with each other."

James proposed two years ago while the couple was on vacation in Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands, after secretly arranging with the hotel to find a romantic spot on the beach for dinner.

"It was really cute," Amy said. "He did well. He got down on one knee and asked me. There was no way I was going to say no.

"I kind of guessed something was happening when he was leading me to a romantic, secluded spot, but I was very happy."

Amy said her mother, who helped a lot with the wedding, "is really happy for us," and "remembers talking to [James'] family at the [pre]natal class."

The lovestruck teenagers officially began dating in 2011 and did not let moving away to university affect their relationship.

"I was in Lancaster and James was in Manchester. It's only an hour on the train, it was nothing really. Not a weekend went by that we didn't spend together," Amy said. "We both applied for medicine degrees, we both got into [university] and we both passed. Now we are both starting as junior doctors at the same NHS Trust."

James, like everyone around him, thought, "What are the chances of that?"

"On the first day of school, our parents said to us both, 'The other sets of twins will be starting today,'" he said. "Whenever I saw Amy around school, I thought, 'There's that other twin.'"


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Company allegedly makes employees eat live fish, drink chicken blood for failing to meet goals

A sales company in Guizhou, China, has come under fire for forcing employees to eat live mudfish and drink chicken blood for failing to meet their set goals.

News of the extreme punishment employees of a Guizhou construction material store was recently subjected to broke out after a video of the ordeal was leaked online. It showed a man handing out live mudfish from a plastic bucket to about two dozen employees and instructing them to “bite it until it breaks”.

The video also shows the poor people drinking a strange liquid reported to be chicken blood, and then grimacing and retching in discussed. Faced with video evidence, a spokesperson for the company admitted that the event took place, but claimed that employees volunteered to take part…

A representative of the construction material super-store told Chinese newspaper Beijing News that the incident did indeed take place on August 4 and involved about 20 employees who had failed to meet their sales quotas. However, he emphasized that employees volunteered to eat live fish and drink chicken blood, as a form of motivation to do better in the future.

The South China Morning Post backed up that statement in a video, claiming that most of the participants in the event were shop owners who decided to punish themselves by eating raw fish and drinking animal blood, but social media users were not convinced.

After the shocking video went viral online, the local labour department told reporters that they had started an investigation into the incident. However, if past such events are any indication, the owner of the company and his managers won’t have to deal with too harsh of a punishment.

Such rituals to shame employees into performing better are quite common in China, despite the country’s labour laws preventing employers from shaming employees and enforcing corporal punishments. In recent years, we’ve seen ruthless bosses force their workers to crawl on all fours in public and eat live worms or cockroaches for failing to meet sales targets.

As always, Chinese social media users have condemned the actions of the employer, but unless the state steps in, public outrage isn’t going to stop such things from happening again.

“This ‘punishment’ is common among companies selling building materials. I really don’t know how these bosses think of these things… ‘Voluntarily’? More like afraid to lose their job. These evil bosses are perverted,” one Weibo user wrote.

“They are just showing up for work and their dignity is gone,” another outraged person commented.

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Bride carries premature baby down the aisle as she weds groom in the hospital

Though Amanda, 27, was heavily pregnant, she had ten weeks until the birth of their son so they didn’t expect her to have any troubles. But the North Carolina family were shocked when Amanda went into labour at 30 weeks pregnant. Throwing their beachfront plans off the track, little Oliver was born at WakeMed Hospital in Raleigh where he is still staying. Thankfully the newborn didn’t ruin the wedding as Amanda and Edwin postponed it, celebrating the big day in hospital. And a dapper Oliver even walked down the aisle with his mum. On the big day, he weighed a normal 7lb, a healthier number than the 3lb he was born weighing.

When she went into labour, Amanda lamented missing their meticulously planned wedding. So when she told the hospital’s Family Navigator, Mallory Magelli McKeown, that she and Edwin would instead get married in a local courthouse, Mallory had other ideas. She encouraged the couple to make the day more special by getting married at the hospital chapel and inviting wee Oliver to attend.

He was the star of the show, wearing a tiny suit as he walked down the aisle with his mum in lieu of a bouquet. ‘Could not have asked for a more special or memorable wedding, surrounded by family and the wonderful people taking care of my baby,’ Amanda wrote on her Facebook page. ‘Thank you WakeMed Children’s for letting Oliver be a part of our day and everything else you do.’

A hospital spokesperson told Southern Living: ‘There was not a dry eye in the chapel, and the room was filled with love and celebration for Amanda, Edwin and Oliver.’ Let’s hope Oliver has a speedy recovery so his parents can enjoy their honeymoon.

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Terminally ill father-of-seven 'whose wife and best friend plotted to murder him'

A terminally ill father of seven whose wife and best friend allegedly plotted to murder him today told how he was set alight in a swimming pool heater explosion.

Raymond Weatherall, who was diagnosed with several brain tumours in 2015, said he was immediately ablaze after igniting the solid fuel boiler at his family home in June last year.

A court heard the 53-year-old had to jump into the pool to extinguish the flames, which caused second degree burns to his shoulders, arms, hands and legs.

It is alleged the explosion was the first of a number of 'planned, aborted or failed' attempts on his life by his 32-year-old wife Hayley, her 49-year-old lover Glenn Pollard, and his daughter, Heather Pollard.

Giving evidence today, Mr Weatherall said it was the first time he had fired up the heater that year when it exploded.

He had used it the previous year without problem.

Speaking of the moment it burst into flames he told the court: 'I was stood about four, five feet away from the boiler as I call it when there was this almighty bang, the door on it blew open and covered me with all the kindling and the remains of the lit fuel.

'I was ablaze in as many seconds as you could ever imagine. I rolled and rolled and rolled but no way was it going out. So I struggled towards the pool.

'My jacket was alight, my shoulders. I knew where I was going and knew where I had to go. My son Sam came screaming over and pushed me into the pool which is what put me out.'

Mr Weatherall was taken to hospital and spent several days at the special burns unit in East Grinstead, Sussex.

Mr Weatherall had been with Hayley for nine years, marrying in December 2015. They have three children aged between four and eight, and he also father to four others, all in their 20s.

He has known Glenn Pollard for more than 20 years and regarded him as 'more or less like a brother', Maidstone Crown Court in Kent heard.

Hayley Weatherall, of Ash near Canterbury, Kent, Glenn Pollard and Heather Pollard, now 20, and both of West Stourmouth, Canterbury, all deny conspiracy to murder between June 1 2017 and March 31 this year.

At the start of their trial, it was said that despite dying from cancer, they embarked 'on a mission' to get him 'out of the way'.

As well as the heater explosion, they are accused of being responsible for shooting him in the face while he was felling trees at Sandwich Marina in Kent on November 29 last year.

However, when that failed to kill him, other ways were allegedly discussed about how they could kill Mr Weatherall, who was given 18 months to live in early 2016.

These included poisoning him with cyanide, injecting him with a fatal dose of insulin, and pushing him overboard on a fishing trip.

Internet searches were also allegedly carried out by Heather, then aged 19, which referred to 'techniques on silent killing', 'creative ways to kill someone' and '16 steps to kill someone and not get caught'.

The court heard the heater explosion was initially thought at the time to be a 'mere accident'.

It was only after the affair was discovered in January this year that police investigating the marina shooting looked at previous incidents. 

The court heard the explosion happened about 10 days before Mr Weatherall attended his brother's funeral.

It is alleged it was at this funeral that the affair between his wife and best friend began. 

They became infatuated, the court heard, engaging in intimate phone conversations and exchanging explicit photos of each other on WhatsApp. 

Later the court heard how Mr Weatherall was working at the marina with his tree surgeon son Sam and daughter Jade, when he was shot at about 2pm on November 29 last year.

He told the court Mr Pollard knew of their whereabouts but he thought there was 'nothing untoward at that point'.

He said he was fired at as he was squatting down on the riverbank, having a smoke and a drink break.

'Next thing I know there was this almighty crack and I thought something had fallen out the tree and hit me on the head. But it became very evident within seconds it was not that,' Mr Weatherall told the jury.

'Blood was starting to pour out of my nose, out of one of my ears. I couldn't breathe with the amount of blood that was in my throat and nose.

'It took me a couple of minutes to sort of semi regain my senses, when I blew all the blood out my nose to get rid of it so I could actually breathe.

'Then I proceeded to calm my son down. He was absolutely hysterical, running around the yard screaming, shouting, crying. I had to get hold of him.

'It might well sound very strange but I said 'Sam, look at me'. He said 'Dad, Dad, is it your head?' I said 'It is my head boy, but it ain't my tumours'.

'I was aware of an ambulance being called. But I was well on top of it all by then. I got to grips with what happened. I knew I had been shot. It became so evident.

'I had a hole here (pointing to right cheek) and a hole there and there was blood but I knew I was alright.'

Mr Weatherall was taken to hospital, where he was visited by both his wife and Pollard.

The court heard that while there, Mrs Weatherall sent a text to her lover saying 'Whoever it was you paid to shoot Ray, they do a good job, did they?' to which Pollard replied 'I'm not paying him the full amount.'

Despite his injuries, Mr Weatherall was allowed home that day. He required what was called a major facial split but it could not be done due to his tumours.

He told the jury fragments of the bullet still remain in his face.

He said: 'I had a job to open my mouth and get my tongue out. They reckon it damaged all the nerves in my jaw. I struggled for a few days but pushed on.... I am now 99.9% sorted.'

The bullet entered one cheek, passed through his throat and out the other cheek. A pathologist later concluded that a minor deviation of the missile's tract could have proved fatal.

It is alleged he was fired at from grassland 30 to 40 metres away on the opposite bank of the River Stour.

The court heard once the affair was known by police, they discovered Heather Pollard's Citroen car had been found 'parked awkwardly' and seemingly abandoned in the area on the day of the shooting.

Police later calculated it took four minutes to walk the distance between her car and from where the shooter may have taken aim.

The vehicle was also fitted with a tracker by her insurance company, and it revealed the car had arrived near the marina just after 8am and was driven away at 2.07pm, just five minutes after Mr Weatherall's daughter had dialled 999.

Heather Pollard later claimed that she had met a stranger on a dog walk and, despite having a girlfriend and no sexual experience with men, she had sex with him.

She also told her boss she had not shown up for her farm job that morning as her grandmother had got stuck on a stairlift.

The jury was told both she and her father had access to guns and ammunition stored unsecurely at their home. Glenn Pollard was a registered gun owner and considered to be 'a fine shot', while his daughter accompanied him on shoots.

A .22 rimfire rifle fitted with telescopic sight and sound moderator together with noise-suppressing ammunition was found at their property, as well as camouflage clothing and netting.

A ballistic expert concluded it was possible that the gun had been used in the shooting.

But although evidence showed Glenn Pollard not to be in the vicinity of the marina when his best friend was shot, he was 'orchestrating the murder attempt from afar', said prosecutor Simon Taylor.

Pollard and Hayley Weatherall shared, added Mr Taylor, an 'intense and passionate' relationship which was the 'driving motivation' behind each attempt to kill her husband.  

The court heard Mr Weatherall, who also suffers from Type 2 diabetes, found his wife in her dressing gown at 4pm on Saturday, March 10 this year.

She had a pocket full of tablets and several 'suicide' letters in the other, and was 'a broken down wreck', said Mr Weatherall.

He also knew she had by that time given a statement to police. 'She was crying, sobbing and gasping for breath, and that's when she told me the rest of what had been going on,' he said.

'I put my arms around her and told her to calm down. It was a case of calming her down before she spoke.

'She started going on about the statement that she gave. It was all admittance. She spilt the beans about what had been going on, how long it had been going on.'

They went into their bedroom out to be out of earshot of the children. It was then that she was said to have confessed to him about the plan to give him a fatal overdose.

'Hayley told me that Glenn had given her £500 in an envelope and then proceeded to present her with a handful of sleeping tablets, asking her to crush it up and put it in my food or whatever,' said Mr Weatherall.

'She assured me that she didn't do that and I wouldn't have no reason not to believe her because the morning after the night she should have crushed them up and put them in my dinner, I was in the kitchen and threw something in the bin.

'I can distinctly remember seeing tablets in the bin. I didn't think nothing of it other than Hayley may have been having a clear out of old tablets.

'She said she had to crush them up and put them into my food by any which way. Once I was asleep she was told to inject me with a full insulin 'pen', the whole thing.'

Mr Weatherall said Hayley also confessed to him about her text to Pollard after the shooting. 

'She told me what she said to Glenn. She told him 'Whoever it was you paid to shoot him wasn't a very good shot were they, ha ha ha' or something along those lines.'

But he told the jury his wife did not say whether she had known about the shooting before it happened.

Asked by Mr Taylor what she told him as to her knowledge of the shooting, Mr Weatherall added: 'Only that Glenn said to her 'I'll take care of him. I'll get someone to shoot him. If not, I'll do it myself'.

'Hence the text message from Hayley to Glenn when I was at the hospital.'

He told the court he found out that the affair was instigated by Hayley at the funeral of his brother, Kevin, on June 12 last year.

She sent Pollard a text complimenting him on how smart he looked in his suit, to which he replied that she looked 'not too bad herself'. 

After his wife's alleged confession to him, Mr Weatherall reported it to police, taking the letters and the envelope of cash which Hayley had taken to her mum's house.

He then took her to Folkestone police station where she was interviewed for a second time.

'I waited for her, they let her out. Two days later there was a bang on the door and police were there to take her away,' he added.

He later discovered that her suicide letter to him read: 'Ever so sorry for everything that has happened. I think this is the easiest way for me just to take the coward's way out.'


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Man goes for haircut and has stroke 2 days later, doctors say they're connected

It’s something we all do on a regular basis. The time where your hair is just too messy, too long, generally out of control, or you’re just in need of a new look. You’re starting to look and feel a bit like a person who has gone to seed and it’s time to visit the salon to get your hair taken care of by someone who knows what they’re doing.

So when Dave Tyler, a father of two and successful sound engineer, went to Headmasters Salon in Brighton, England, he had no idea that his health and his life were about to go off the rails. All because of a haircut.

As Tyler was attended to by the technicians, they bent his head backward in order to give him a full shampoo and wash. His neck was fully extended back for many minutes, pressed up against the porcelain sink. At the end of the appointment, Tyler didn’t feel any different, except for the new look.

But two days later during a business meeting, he suddenly collapsed.

As he told the Daily Mail, “I felt the whole side of my body go numb and while waiting for the ambulance my eyes went ping and started rolling. This made me nauseous so I was sick.” Even worse, when he tried to drink some water to help calm himself, he couldn’t swallow and vomited. “Because I wasn’t able to swallow, I ingested some of the vomit into my lungs and developed pneumonia.”

Tyler was rushed to the hospital, where doctors realized that he was suffering from a stroke. Once he had been stabilized, a neurologist asked him the very unusual question: “Have you had your hair cut recently?” as Tyler shared with the Mail. Then a bell rang for the confused man. He told the doctors about his recent visit to Headmasters.

According to the Mail, “doctors told Mr. Tyler that he had suffered an initial blood clot in the salon which had given him the headaches. The clot burst two days later, sending lots of smaller clots into his brain – blocking the blood supply and causing a stroke, known as a lateral medullary syndrome.”

But how could leaning back for a head wash lead to a deadly blood clot? Medical experts believe that when a person leans back into the sink, they can hyperextend the main artery that runs from the spine to the brain. The artery can be blocked or even torn by this movement, leading to blood clots that cut off the blood supply to the brain.

From being a prominent sound engineer who could pride himself on having worked with British music industry giants including Simply Red, Blur, and Radiohead, Tyler was left with a series of debilitating health problems.

As he told the Mail, “I will never drive again because I have permanently wobbly double vision.” After spending a substantial period in a wheelchair, he now has to use a cane in order to steady himself as he walks.

Given the disastrous consequences of his blood clot, Tyler sued Headmasters and was awarded a 90,000 pound (US$140,000) settlement, given that the salon employees hadn’t used enough padding underneath his neck to prevent pinching and extension of the artery.

What can you do to make sure the same fate doesn’t befall you at the salon?

  1. Ask your hairstylist to put something underneath your neck that provides significant padding to make sure your artery doesn’t get overextended.
  2. You can also ask to forgo a 90-degree angle, having them tilt your head at a diagonal angle so your neck isn’t too stretched out.
  3. You can even ask for a wash with your head bent over forward. While this might result in some water getting in your face, it’s much better than risking a stroke.

As Tyler looks back on all the activities he used to enjoy with his daughters and in his career, he simply feels a sense of resignation. As he told the Mail, “those days are over.” Don’t let this happen to you!


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Ex-king of Malaysia is set to marry 'a more suitable wife selected by his family' after dumping the Russian beauty queen he gave up his crown for

The former king of Malaysia, Sultan Muhammad V, is all set to marry "a more suitable wife" chosen by his family after being forced to break up with his wife, Oksana Voevodina.

Although the 27-year-old Russian beauty queen has continued to deny any marital split from her husband, a diplomatic source in Moscow has claimed that they have "already chosen" a new bride for the monarch.

Voevodina had converted to Islam and married the Sultan last year when he abdicated the throne for her last November. The couple's whirlwind romance had left his people and family stunned at the time. 

According to the friends of Voevodina, the Russian beauty queen has not received any sort of divorce paperwork or documents stating that the marriage is over, the Daily Mail reports.

She also doesn't understand why Sultan Muhammad V suddenly went cold on her, the report adds.

According to a report by a pro-Kremlin newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda, it was due to the disapproval of the monarch's family which led him to abdicate the Malaysian throne earlier this year.

Although the reason behind the Sultan's decision is not clear yet, the paper stated that the former king was forced to give up his crown as well as his wife by his family.

The move was initiated by his 70-year-old mother and other Malaysian sultans. 

A source shared, "According to my information, the king's family is hostile to the Russian wife. The family of the king was against Oksana from the very beginning. It is traditional to marry women from their own society. Oksana was the wrong choice in all meanings of the word."

The source further added that the couple needed to keep their marriage a secret for a couple of months which led to an unsuitable situation. 

According to the source, the former king did not voluntarily abdicate the throne but was forced to by the sultans who run the country.

"They pushed Muhammad towards the decision that if he went against his family when he married the Russian woman, so he had to abdicate. He said – 'Right, I will abdicate'. The members of his family clan put a lot of pressure on him and he stepped backward. He agreed to a sharia divorce."

MEAWW had previously reported that the pair got married last year on June 7, when the Sultan was still the king, and then had a second ceremony in November.

The couple also has a baby together but Voevodina is now challenging Sultan Muhammad V after he reportedly claimed that he is not the baby's biological father.

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Schoolgirl, 10, like a 60-year-old with cruel kids yelling 'grandma' at her

A little girl who was born with was born with wrinkled and sagging skin has always looked liked on old woman.

Bo Rakching is just 10 years old and still has physique of a child.

She stands at the same height as her brother, Chea, 11, and other youngsters her age.

But she has the appearance of premature ageing, likely to be caused by  lipodystrophy or cutis laxa - a rare degenerative condition.

Bo has never received treatment and is taunted by the other children in her remote village on the outskirts of Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Relatives and local monks have lead Bo to believe that her appearance is because of bad karma she is carrying from a past life - one of the fundamental teachings of Buddhism.

Bo said that when she rides her bike the other kids yell "old folk" at her, while even her siblings call her "grandma" instead of sister.

The youngster now dreams of having plastic surgery to "make her pretty".

Footage shows Bo speaking to a local monk who agrees with her that she has "still not cleared the bad path from her life".

Asked if she feels shy and embarrassed, she says "yes" but admits she has never asked her mother for treatment.

She said: "I want the pretty face. I want to have surgery. The other children call me 'old folk'.

"Among all my brothers and sisters, I am the only one with an old face. They all have young faces. They do not call me sister, they call me grandma."

Bo said that she has asked them to stop calling her names but they continue to taunt her.

The monk, who confirmed she is 10 years old and studies at the local school in Grade 1, encourages her to stand up to the bullies.

But the devout Buddhist, named Voeun, told her that her appearance is down to a "bad path" from a previous life which is still haunting her to this day.

In the video, Bo appears to agree and says that she "was shot in a previous life" and has "not cleared the bad path yet".

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Dad died holding eight-month-old baby son in his arms after cocaine binge

A dad died falling asleep cuddling his baby son after a 12-hour drink and drug binge, an inquest heard.

Michael Hollingworth, 42, was found "lying lifeless" in Cleethorpes, near Grimsby, by his ex-girlfriend after a night out that started at 6pm.

Michael, a top local DJ, had gone back to his ex's house after spending a night with her partner, Robert Robinson, and a friend.

He dozed off cuddling his eight-month-old baby Sonnie before he was found unresponsive an hour later, 

He was telling me how he loved me, how he loved his kids. He started dozing off to sleep," his grief-stricken girlfriend Hollie Bridgewater told the hearing.

"I heard him snoring , but he snored anyway. I tried to wake him up but he wouldn't.

"He was a deep sleeper and I just assumed he was in a deep sleep."

An hour later she found him unresponsive and shouted for help from Michael's ex Lashana Nottingham, who was sleeping in the next door bedroom with Robert.

"Mike was just laid there lifeless," Robert told the court. "Hollie was in shock. I couldn't believe what was happening."

The two couples had spent the night at Lashana's house in a bid to be "civil" after a series of disagreements. But it sadly ended in tragedy.

The court heard Michael had taken cocaine throughout the night, drank a litre of straight vodka and took diazepam tablets as the night was drawing to an end.

Robert said he had come and gone to the house three times throughout the night and "seemed in a good mood".

He said: "He didn't seem overly intoxicated. He seemed his usual self."

Michael was obsessed with music, performing on the decks in local clubs as DJ Giddy and living a "party lifestyle" fuelled by drugs and his favourite drink, vodka.

Hollie, who struck up a relationship after Michael broke his leg in a club, said he drank "all the time, every night" and ignored her warnings to stop.

Her boyfriend's behaviour, she said, had become erratic and Michael had tried to take his own life in the months before his death.

A post mortem found lethal levels of cocaine in Michael's system, alongside "low concentrations" of morphine, codeine, fentanyl and diazapem.

Prolonged cocaine use had already taken its toll on his body, causing damage to his heart, the hearing was told.

Humberside Police  found a used fentanyl patch by the side of his bed and and packets of diazepam in his pocket, but "nothing to show deliberate act"

Acting senior coroner Mark Kendall concluded: "There's nothing in the evidence to suggest to me that he had a suicidal intent and therefore I conclude that the cocaine level was unintended.

"My conclusion is that his death was drug related as the unintended result of taking cocaine."

A well-known face of Cleethorpes' and Grimsby's night life,  Mike's sudden death prompted an outpouring of sorrow , with Hollie receiving more than 700 messages of condolences.

Speaking to Grimsby Live in October she said: ""It breaks my heart more than anything because Sonnie is so tiny.

"He's going to miss Sonnie's first birthday, his first Christmas. That's heartbreaking more than anything.

"But he will always be remembered. We will never forget him."


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Cheerleader in tears when military dad is absent, then teen jumps fence and saves the day

A military deployment can be difficult, especially if you are a parent with young kids. While being away from your family, you will miss important milestones in your child’s life.

Addie Rodriguez’s father couldn’t attend her special cheerleading performance on “Parents’ Day” back in 2016, in which all the dads were supposed to hoist their girls up on their shoulders, as he was serving in the military, 1,700 miles away.

While Addie, then 9, was performing with her team of cheerleaders during a football game at Central Catholic High School in San Antonio, Texas, she was left out of routine at one point. When all the cheerleaders on her squad were joined by their fathers, who hoisted them onto their shoulders, Addie had no one by her side.

Addie, a fourth-grader at St. John Bosco Elementary School, was left alone and lonesome at that moment, because her father, senior airman Abel Rodriguez, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, was training on the other side of the country at Travis Air Force Base in California. How sad it was!

Feeling left out standing solo next to all the father-and-daughter duos, Addie’s tears began to flow. It seemed that nothing could save the girl from her sadness, who was apparently missing her dad.

“It was really heartbreaking to see your daughter standing out there being the only one without their father, knowing why he’s away,” Addie’s mom, Alexis Perry-Rodriguez, told News 4 San Antonio. “It’s not just an absentee parent. He’s serving our country.”

Fortunately, a high school senior, Matthew Garcia, saved the day. Matthew was watching his younger brother play in the game when he saw Addie crying. Doing what he felt was right, he leapt into action.

“I ran down from the bleachers right here and I just hopped the fence, and I went over, and I knelt down, I talked to her and I said, ‘Are you OK?’” Matthew said.

“I asked, ‘Do you mind if I pick you up?’ She said, ‘Yes,’” the teen said, in an interview with ABC News.

In the next moment, Matthew lifted Addie up so she would not be the odd girl out, and she was over the moon! “I turned and saw the crowd clapping,” he recalled.

Alexis, who attended the event to support her daughter, saw what the young man did for her daughter, and her heart just melted. “It was just the most beautiful thing,” she said. Matthew’s action moved the mom to tears to the point where she was unable to even speak.

Needless to day, Addie was grateful for Matthew’s act of kindness. “I just felt like somebody saved my life,” she said. “I thought that’s so nice, especially since my dad’s serving for us.”

Speaking of his action, Matthew, whose parents divorced when he was a child, explained he helped Addie out of empathy.

“I understood what it was like to not have a dad there, so when I saw her crying like that, it just struck a chord with me. It was instinct, I guess. I just couldn’t see her like that,” he told Today.

After the game, Addie came up to Matthew to say thank you. The girl gave him a hug and beamed the biggest smile on her face as the two took a photo together.

“Seeing her smile after the way she was crying, that probably made my day even more than hers, to be honest with you,” said Matthew. “When Addie thanked me after the game, it was just really moving to me.”

Kudos to Matthew for your act of kindness! And thank you all military personnel and their families for their service and sacrifice.


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Son Exchanged Blows With His 60-years-old Father Over A Slay Queen

An Angry Son Exchanged Blows With His 60-Year-Old Father Over His Plans To Marry A Third Wife On Monday At Matieko In Mosocho, Kisii County In Kenya. Michael Okioma Accused His Father Vincent Okioma For Planning To Marry A Third Wife Yet He Already Has Two. “I Was Angered After My Father Forced My Mother, A Second Wife To Vacate The House To Give Room For His New ‘Catch’ So I Roughed Him Up And Kicked Him Out Of The House,” Michael Said. According To Michael, His Father Is Too Old To Marry A 3rd Wife And He Could Not Fathom Why He Wanted A Third Wife.

However, Mr Vincent Said His Decision To Marry A 3rd Wife Came After The Other Two Abandoned Him. “My Two Wives Have Denied Me Conjugal Rights So I Deserve A Young Woman Who Will Cook For Me And Satisfy Me In Bed,” He Said. He Vowed To Go On With His Plans To Marry A Third Wife Amid Fracas With Son.

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Russian Pensioner 'Eaten Alive' By Brown Bear After Joking About Being Mauled By One

A pensioner has been eaten alive by a bear just hours after joking about being attacked and killed by one.

Alexander Korneyev was out picking wild mushrooms when a brown bear savagely mauled him in eastern Russia, just outside the village of Suluk, about 5,300 miles east of Moscow.

The 66-year-old had only a penknife to try and defend himself against the powerful animal, but was unable to do so and was 'eaten alive'.

When the retired railway construction worker was found, it's said that not a single spot was left untouched.

According to reports, the lacerated remains of the elderly man were found on a dirt road close to the village.

After discovering Mr Korneyev's corpse, locals hunted the bear down and shot it dead. It's said the animal still had the man's remains inside its stomach.

Residents were horrified at the brutality of the attack and were especially shocked as it is an area where bears 'have never attacked humans' in living memory. 

Speaking about the attack, the head of the village council Sergey Ryabov said: "There was blood everywhere. His penknife was broken in half, and there were signs of a fight.

"His body was lying face down, there was no single untouched spot."

According to a local report: "The bear ate the man."

Mr Korneyev's death was made even more tragic as he had called his wife before the attack and reportedly joked about being killed by a bear.

He is said to have told her: "I'm going to pick mushrooms. If I don't call you again by 10am, it means I've been eaten by a bear."

Mr Ryabov said: "It was a joke, but he evoked evil with his words."

He added: "Alexander loved picking mushrooms. He had a favourite spot just a short distance from the village."

A video taken by the residents who tracked down the bear, showed the animal's remains in the undergrowth.

According to reports, there has been an influx of bears close to towns and villages across Siberia and the Far East of Russia in recent weeks.

It's believed this has been caused by raging wildfires through the vast region, and a shortage of bears' natural food in some districts. Residents say several bears have been spotted prowling near the village.

Signs have been posted urging people not to go to the forest or pick mushrooms.

Police are investigating Mr Korneyev's death.

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Arrested! Jealous Thai man stabbed mistress 30 times and stayed with her corpse for two days

"A", aged 41, was found with thirty stab wounds at a rented room in Soi Saladaeng in the Phlu Ta Luang police jurisdiction on August 8th. 

She had been deceased about two days.

Inquiries led police to Ban Chang in Rayong where Chaiyawat "X" Ketphaeng, 35, was living in rented accommodation with his wife. 

He was arrested on a warrant for murder issued by the Pattaya court. 

On Saturday he was taken on a reenactment of the crime that was attended by a crowd of 30 relatives and friends of the victim who noisily berated the suspect. 

X has admitted the crime saying that he was upset that his mistress was chatting on Line with other men. 

In a rage on August 6th he stabbed her in the chest and other parts of her body. 

He then felt sorry and stayed with the corpse for 2 days before going back to his wife.

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'It was the right thing to do': Why 4 sisters fought their brothers in court over unequal inheritance

When Amar Litt and her sisters took their brothers to court to contest their parents' will, she says they were not asking for a handout — just their fair share of the $9-million estate they helped to build. 

When Nahar and Nihal Litt died, they left 93 per cent of the family fortune to their two sons, splitting the remainder among their four daughters.

The daughters argued the will was discriminatory — valuing the brothers more highly because they are men, even though the sisters helped build the family's farm estate in B.C. and cared for their ailing parents before they died. 

The B.C. Supreme Court agreed. Last week, Justice Elaine Adair redistributed the Litt estate, granting 60 per cent, or about $1.35 million each, to Amar and her sisters, and splitting the remaining 40 per cent, about $1.8 million each, between the brothers.

Amar spoke to As It Happens guest host Megan Williams about why she and her sisters fought their own family in court. Here is part of their conversation. 

All of our family — my sisters, my brothers, my parents — we all worked collectively to build our parents' estate.

So for us to go to court was not that we were asking for a handout. It was not like our parents had their lives built, the estate, and then when they were gone, we asked for a part of it. We helped to build it. And we wanted fairness.

We grew up in a home where my sisters and I, we had to struggle for fairness and recognition our whole lives because my two brothers got recognition and praise because they were boys.

My parents were born and raised in India. And even though we were living in Canada, we continued to be raised in the traditional East Indian way of where the daughters don't have freedom, and boys are blessing, and daughters are — I don't want to say disappointment, but yes.

No, it's not a comfort to me because ... I don't know if that's true. And for me personally, there is no relationship any longer between me and my two brothers. 

I'm not going to totally discredit my brothers because all of us worked together. We all worked. When we were children, not one of us — not my sisters, not my brothers, not my parents — ever had a summer off.

In the spring, my father would pick us up after school, we would change our clothes and we would go to work on the farm.

There were four girls and there were two boys building that estate.

My mom was in and out of hospital in her later years, and it was the daughters that sat beside my mom's bed and spent the nights there in the hospital. And it was myself and my sisters that took care of my father who had Alzheimer's, who took turns taking care of my father.

We loved our parents. Yes, life was difficult and they were strict — but we are forever grateful and miss them. And we took good care of our parents.

I knew that it was the right thing to do. For my sister who was just a little bit older than me, we knew it was the right thing to do. And my two other sisters ... it was a very, very difficult decision for them.

It was painful to go to court and to have to open up your whole life there in front of your brothers and try to have to justify stuff. They already know. They know that every day that they were working on a farm, we were right there with them. 

We spent our whole lives justifying and trying to get fairness, but that was to parents who were born and raised in India. But my brothers were very young when we came here and we still had to justify. 

Myself and my three sisters would like to say how blessed we are to be in a country and to live in a province that afforded us the opportunity for fairness. Because the only place we were going to get fairness was in a court of law. 

That will was written in 1993. And I know in my heart — I know, and my sisters know — that had my parents rewritten their wills at some point, it would have been significantly different.

There were conversations that my parents had with my sisters to say that everything would be divided evenly — and that is why we were disheartened and in shock.

But one of the main reasons also that we went to court was so that other people — and there are many other people in our situation, many Indo-Canadian women, yes, but many other people that are in the same situation where they're not treated fairly either because of their life choices or because they're a boy or a girl  — and we wanted to go to court to try to give other people the courage to step forward and do that.

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3 Suspected Terrorists Arrested Surveying Kempinski Hotel

Three suspected terrorists are being held by the police after they were nabbed reportedly surveying Villa Rosa Kempinski Hotel, on Sunday.

According to a report by The Star, the three, Abdi Mohammed Guled, Ibrahim Mohammed Guled and Mohammed Bashi Aden were arrested taking pictures of the picturesque hotel.

They were also found in possession of several items including Kenyan IDs, mobile phones and electronic gadgets which were taken for forensic analysis.

Confirming the incident, Sergeant Joseph Mwiti, who is attached to the Anti-Terrorism Police Unit, swore an affidavit that the three were arrested on suspicion of carrying out surveillance with an aim of carrying out a terrorist attack.

“The respondents were covertly taking photographs at the hotel and when questioned, they did not give an explanation.

“I want to retrieve their digital prints for forensic examination as well as examine their social media accounts. It is important for them to be detained by the ATPU to enable detailed criminal enquires to be carried out,” swore Mwiti.

It was also revealed that, based on intelligence reports collected so far, the three suspects were a part of a large organisation and have other associates.

 “There is a need to carry out detailed interviews with the suspects and their associates to find out their co-conspirators,” continued Mwiti.

The officer, as a result, asked Milimani Law Courts not to grant the suspects bail as they pose a greater threat to national security.

He also wanted them held at a police station within Nairobi and its details concealed from the public.

If found guilty, the three are facing between 20 and 30 years in prison for conspiring to commit a terrorist act and being members of a terrorist group.


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South Florida Pastor Accused of Molesting 15-Year-Old Boy

A South Florida pastor has been arrested after police say he molested a 15-year-old boy at the teen's home.

Maurice Dave Lyn, 44, was arrested Tuesday on one count of lewd and lascivious molestation and two counts of lewd and lascivious conduct, according to a Coral Springs Police arrest report.

Lyn, originally from Jamaica, came to the U.S. in 2002 and is the senior pastor at Deerfield Beach Ministries, according to their website.

According to the arrest report, the teen said Lyn picked him up at his home on August 6, promising he would help the boy get school supplies. Lyn took the boy to get lunch and then drove him back to the boy's home, where he lives with his mother.

Lyn asked the boy if anyone else was home, and the boy told him he was home alone, the report said. That's when the boy said Lyn pinned him up against a counter and started kissing him, the report said.

The boy said he froze, and Lyn started fondling him, then stopped and said he had to leave, the report said. Lyn told the boy he'd perform a sex act on him the next time he sees him, the report said.

According to the report, the boy's mother later recorded a conversation she had with Lyn, where she confronted him about the incident. Lyn told her he was "praying and fasting for forgiveness," the report said.

Lyn was arrested and booked into jail, where he was being held on $75,000 bond Wednesday, records showed. Attorney information wasn't available.



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Ghost' spotted in window behind councillor - but can you see it?

People are claiming to have seen a "ghost" in a window behind a councillor in a picture being widely shared online.

The photo taken in Caernarfon has been a huge source of debate.

Councillor Jason Wayne Parry arranged for this photo to be taken on the Peblig Ward.

He wanted the picture snapped in a bid to highlight problems with the 'dog mess' on the streets.

But when he shared the photo to Facebook to raise awareness, the response he received wasn't what he was expecting at all.

Some people said they could see a strange 'ghostly' figure standing in the window of one of the homes in the background of the picture,

Cllr Parry, who owns Magic Clippers Gwallt Co in the town, said: “I was putting up signs warning against dog fouling in the area to bring attention to the problem we have in the estate. 

“When I do jobs like that, I like to take a photo and share it on my Facebook page to let people know what's being done.

“I was leaving work the other day and someone ran up to me and asked if I had noticed anything strange about the photo I'd put up.

“She had said it was her friend's home in the background of the photo and while they were looking at it, they noticed something unusual in the window.”

Curious, Cllr Parry decided to enlist the help of a friend who works as a TV editor to help shed some light on the mystery. 

It was only when the photos were enhanced that in Cllr Parry's own words "it became obvious there was something there."

Shocked, Cllr Parry sent it to the woman who currently lives in the at the address who then duly posted it online

The image has attracted a flurry of speculation as to what - if anything - is in the window.

Some say they see the image of a little girl or a woman.

Others however have dismissed it as a simple optical illusion.

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The man who is spending hundreds of thousands of pounds buying up old chapels

A retired church minister is spending hundreds of thousands of pounds saving old chapels from being turned into flats in an "act of faith".

Over the last few years Reverend Robert Stivey has bought 12 chapels in the South Wales valleys. His latest acquisition, Calfaria Chapel in Aberdare , cost him just £25,000.

But Rev Stivey said it was not about the money and he is reluctant to put an exact number on how much he has spent so far.

"Some of the chapels are pretty derelict but some are in pretty good order too," Rev Stivey said.

"Some are magnificent Grade II listed buildings which are architecturally worth saving as well as spiritually

The 71-year-old retired minister from Treherbert in Rhondda Cynon Taf said he wanted to spread the word of "the Lords' work".

"It's important that we conserve our heritage," he said.

"But 100 years ago, the church would have been at the heart of our communities and churches and chapels would have been packed out to the door."

Rev Stivey came to South East Wales in 2012 after he tired as a minister at Highbury Quadrant Congregational Church in North London. He had visited the Welsh valleys many years beforehand and even then had noticed how many of the chapels were being closed, turned into flats or razed to the ground.

He decided to do his utmost to save as many as he could and reopen them to be used for their original purpose.

"We hope to plant these evangelical churches in the valleys," he explained.

"It's a non-denominational project which I'm doing in my retirement and it's very rewarding to have been able to save chapels from those entrepreneurs who want to turn them into flats and homes."

He is "consumed by his work" even though he is retired, he admitted, and likes nothing more than sitting down to read at the end of the day.

The 12 chapels he has snapped up, mostly using inheritance money from his mother, are spread out in Cynon, Merthyr, Porth and Aberdare.

Rev Stivey buys the buildings as and when they come up for sale. Ironically, the better chapels go for less money because they are more likely to be listed, which can put developers off.

"It's not about the money," Rev Stivey said, who reluctantly admitted he had spent anything between £100k and £200k.

"They do go pretty cheap and the cheapest ones are those that are listed which means we can buy them and keep them as they were.

"When they aren't listed, developers see potential because they have more options with what they can do with them."

Not that he buys chapels on a whim. Rev Stivey looks for chapels in or close to a town or village to make sure there is a population to minister to.

"Then I pray to see if it's the Lords' will to carry on with it," Rev Stivey added.

He is keen to stress he advocates a free church which welcomes everybody. He said: "People do respond and you just have to be loving, kind and thoughtful.

"I won't say we are in the middle of a revival of faith because we are not. But I do believe if the Lord Jesus Christ is presented in a way that people can understand then they will start to listen to the message again.

"People need a simple message about love and how Jesus died for them."

His plan is simple: to start small and build up over the years. He might not be able to reopen all of the chapels, but they will at least be saved from demolition, he said. Others can then take over where he finishes.

"I find that very satisfying and I am very positive about the future," he added.


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Slay Queen Caught Redhanded After Stealing A Hotel's Plasma TV In Delta

The woman after she was caught A woman has been apprehended and paraded after stealing a Plasma TV belonging to Kevleyn Hotel in Delta State. It was gathered that the woman identified as Laurenta, conspired with her boyfriend to commit the said act after lodging in the hotel for one week. 

The receptionist’s guard was let down after the lady claimed her boyfriend was retaining the hotel room after being spotted leaving with a “Ghana Must Go Bag” which had the TV inside. 

It was also learnt that her boyfriend who stole the hotel’s towel, umbrella and key left 3 hours later with claim of buying something. Upon being traced to her sister’s house, the hotel’s management were told that Laurenta was subjected to mob action earlier after stealing N800k from a guy who slept with her. 

The matter was taken to court and she was almost jailed with her boyfriend. Laurenta however confessed to the crime when dragged to the hotel and she reportedly said she used the TV to get a loan of N5k. The TV has been retrieved from the men who loaned her the money.

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OH MY WORLD! 13-Year-Old Girl Found Alive Three Months After Parents Were Shot Dead; Fingers Her Kidnapper .

A 13-year-old American girl, missing for almost three months after her parents were shot dead at their home in the US Midwest, has been found alive with her hair matted and wearing oversized shoes. “Jayme Closs was located alive,” the sheriff’s office in Douglas County, Wisconsin, said in a statement late Thursday. It said she was located near the town of Gordon, close to Lake Superior and approximately 75 miles (120 kilometers) north of her home in rural Barron, Wisconsin. A suspect was in custody but police provided no other details.

The sheriff’s department in Barron County was to release more information Friday after describing the investigation as “very fluid and active” following the suspect’s arrest. Witnesses told US media that Closs had approached a neighbour of the suspect for help while the neighbour was walking her dog at approximately 4:00 pm Thursday. That woman then took Closs to a nearby home. Kristin Kasinskas told CNN, “She knocked on our door and helped Jayme into the room and said, This is Jayme Closs, call 911 right now.’”

The Minneapolis Star Tribune newspaper, citing witnesses, described Closs’s appearance as gaunt, with matted hair and shoes too big for her feet. “She was skinnier than in her photograph, but I think healthy overall,” Kasinskas said, adding that Closs identified her kidnapper. “She said to us: ‘This person killed my parents and took me,’” Kasinskas said. In the wooded area, which has few year-round residents, police blocked access to a cabin believed to be that of the 21-year-old suspect, according to the Star Tribune. The FBI had been searching nationwide for Closs and described her as “endangered.” She was believed to have witnessed the murders of her parents but was not considered a suspect based on evidence recovered at the scene, police said at the time.

Closs disappeared after police received a 911 call from a cellphone inside her home where James Closs, 56, and Denise Closs, 46, were found shot dead. Police did not know what happened or the motive for the killings and a murder weapon was not recovered, according to US media reports at the time. CBS News reported that the family’s front door had been shot open. The Star Tribune said Closs’s aunt Sue Allard sobbed upon hearing news that the teen had been found. “Praise the Lord,” she said. “It’s the news we’ve been waiting on for three months. I can’t wait to get my arms around her.”


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Former U.S. soldier turned mercenary nicknamed 'RAMBO' who arranged the contract killing of a real estate agent in the Philippines sentenced to life in prison

NEW YORK — A former U.S. soldier known as Rambo who became a mercenary for drug dealers was sentenced to life in prison Thursday by a judge who cited his “truly horrific crimes.”

Joseph Hunter, 53, a onetime Army sergeant from Owensboro, Kentucky, with a Special Forces background, was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Ronnie Abrams in Manhattan.

She said he carried out his crimes, including arranging the February 2012 murder of a real estate agent in the Philippines, for money.

The judge said she had never before seen such a "total and complete lack of respect for human life."

Abrams said Hunter had "planned and committed truly horrific crimes" and then spoke of kidnapping, torture and assassination to recruits as if "it was a business, plain and simple."

"I was struck by how matter-of-fact it was," said the judge, who recalled re-watching videos introduced at trial of Hunter instructing recruits as she prepared for the sentencing.

She said the only emotion she detected was pride as Hunter said the work would be like performing in a "James Bond" movie.

The life prison sentence announced by Abrams was mandatory. Hunter, listed with the alias "Rambo" in an indictment, was serving a 20-year prison term after another conviction.

Hunter, who served in the U.S. Army from 1983 to 2004, declined to speak before the sentence was announced. In the Army, Hunter led air-assault and airborne infantry squads, served as a sniper instructor and trained soldiers in marksmanship.

Prosecutors said after leaving the military, Hunter tortured, kidnapped and killed people for years along with other former soldiers.

But it was the killing of a Philippines real estate agent, Catherine Lee, that resulted in a conviction at trial and Thursday's sentencing.

Prosecutors said Hunter and two other ex-American soldiers agreed to become contract killers for an international crime boss who wanted to settle a score with the broker.

Two other ex-soldiers, Adam Samia, 44, and Carl David Stillwell, 51, both of Roxboro, North Carolina, arranged for Lee to show them several real estate properties and Samia then shot Lee twice in the face with a pistol that had a silencer before he and Stillwell dumped her body on a pile of garbage, prosecutors said.

Samia and Stillwell, convicted at trial along with Hunter, were already sentenced to life in prison by Abrams.

In a release, U.S. Attorney Geoffrey S. Berman said: "With zero regard for human life, Joseph Hunter callously helped to arrange the murder of a Filipino woman in exchange for money. He and his co-defendants have now been sentenced to life behind bars for their heartless crimes."

A defense lawyer, Arnold Jay Levine, had cited post-traumatic stress disorder as a mitigating factor, saying years in the military had taken a toll on Hunter.

“The country still owes something to Mr. Hunter,” he said.


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Woman Looks Out of Window to Check on Hired Plumber, What She Captured Goes Viral

Talk about going above and beyond with one’s duties, this earnest plumber from the Acton Municipal Utility District went below and under—literally submerged headfirst—into a muddy pit to fix a 1-inch broken pipe that had burst. When his photo was shared online, it made a huge splash, and the hardworking plumber became an internet sensation overnight.

When Jimmie Cox, a utility worker in his 20s from Fort Worth, Texas, was called on by Andrea Adams to fix a broken water line one day in 2016, he didn’t know he would soon become an internet star.

Upon arriving at Adams’s place, Cox found water shooting out of a 5-foot (about 1.5-meter) hole near her front driveway. It was a mess! The water was muddy, spewing all over, and Adams was running around.

Cox went under and tried to stop the leak. “The hole was about five-and-a-half foot deep,” he told WFAA.

“I wasn’t even able to get the clampers, so we had to cut it and put a valve on there when it was underwater,” he said.

So, he went above and beyond to solve this situation. He plunged himself into the pool of muddy water again—headfirst.

“You basically start holding your breath and if stuff starts going up your nose that is too bad,” Cox told Inside Edition.

When Adams saw Cox “snorkeling” in the muddy hole, submerged from the waist up, she just couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She said: “When I walked back outside, the kid was in there.”

Adams was overwhelmed at the worker’s dedication and took a photo of Cox jumping into the murky abyss.

Adams asked Cox if she could take a photo of him, because her husband surely wouldn’t believe her if she told him what happened in their front yard. Then, Adams posted the photo on Facebook, and it became a hit.

“Then, I posted the photo to Facebook, and within two hours, people in Brazil were commenting,” Adams said.

Cox couldn’t believe how much attention he was suddenly receiving. Even show host Mike Rowe, from Dirty Jobs, called him. He said: “Tell me that was a water line, because if that was a sewer line I’m going to have to buy you a whole case of beers.”

Luckily, this plumbing job didn’t involve a sewer line.

Cox told Rowe: “It feels pretty crazy that that many people are staring a picture of my butt.”

Cox’s story even got the attention of jeans company Wrangler, because in the photo, the utility worker was wearing a pair of Wrangler jeans. “Now this is an #EverydayHero. Keep up the good work, buddy, & expect to see some #WranglerJeans coming your way,” Wrangler Jeans tweeted.

To reward Cox’s dedication at work, Wrangler offered him a free year’s supply of jeans!

Later on in the year, when Wrangler hosted Jeansboro Day, the company even invited Cox to be their guest of honor. At the event commemorating the city’s denim history, Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan presented Cox the key to the city.

But that’s not the end of the surprises. Inside Edition flew him to New York, where a stylist helped him pick out new clothes, in addition, he got his hair styled, beard trimmed, and enjoyed a relaxing spa session.

It looks like going that extra mile paid off very well! But as Cox humbly put it, “you gotta do what you gotta do.”

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Ex-primary school teacher, 36, jailed for five years after affair with female student, 15

Lauren Coyle-Mitchell, 36, was sentenced after performing a sex act with a girl of 15.

The affair happened when Coyle-Mitchell and the unnamed student were at Lena Edwards Academic Charter School in the US state of New Jersey.

Prosecutors at Bergen County Superior Court said the sexual assault happened at the married teacher’s home in Lyndhurst in 2015.

Other teachers noticed there were “inappropriate” interactions between the pair on a class trip, US media reported.

Investigators believe there was “at least one” encounter at Coyle-Mitchell’s home.

At the time, she tried to clear her name with a Facebook post, where she defiantly wrote: “Tragic accusations have been brought up against me.

“They are not true and my name will be cleared.”

At her plea hearing, the disgraced former teacher admitted performing a sex act on the girl and said their affair began with explicit texts.

Her firefighter husband looked on in the courtroom as Coyle-Mitchell was sentenced.

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“Do you acknowledge that these acts were emotionally and morally damaging to this woman?” her attorney John Latoracca asked.

“Yes,” she replied.

She was arrested at the time, before being arrested again in 2016 after prosecutors said she violated a court order by contacting the victim.

In January this year, she pleaded guilty to second-degree aggravated sexual assault.

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She had originally been charged with a first-degree aggravated sexual assault and second-degree official misconduct and child endangerment.

The state Board of Examiners removed her teaching qualifications – including for teaching disabled students – in April.

She must serve 85% of her sentence before she is eligible for parole with lifetime suspension under the No Early Release Act.

Coyle-Mitchell must also register as a Megan’s Law offender, and is banned from ever again holding a teaching or government job.



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21-Year-Old American Woman Becomes The Youngest Person To Travel To Every Country

Meet Lexie Alford, a 21-year-old American woman who has achieved quite a feat by becoming the youngest person on Earth to travel to all countries in the world. On June 2, Lexi uploaded a photo on her Instagram account with a caption that read "officially traveled to every country in the world". The photo shows Alford holding a piece of paper that has "North Korea May 31, 2019, country #196" written on it, indicating that North Korea was the last milestone on her tremendous journey and a finishing step in the world record. Her website, lexielimitless, proudly displays the number of countries she has traveled, 196, in contrast to the tab with the remaining countries where the number has finally dropped down to zero.

The adventurer has documented her numerous travels across the world not only on her blog but also captured the moments in stunning photos which she uploaded on her Instagram. At the moment, her page has 67.3k followers and around 400 posts with multiple images.

Scroll down below to see photographs from many of the countries she visited and don't forget to comment and vote for your favorites.

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Trans man and trans woman marry in beautiful Indian wedding ceremony

A transgender couple celebrated their love in Bengal’s first ever trans wedding.

Tista Das, a transgender activist and actress, looked radiant in a traditional Bengali sari as she married her partner Dipan Chakraborty in a Hindu ceremony.

The couple tied the knot in Agarpara, Kolkata in front of friends, neighbours and family members, including Tista’s mother Subhra who said: “I am happy to see my daughter settle down with someone like Dipan.”

“We have been through a lot of hardship but parents should always support their children,” she told The Times of India.

Tista added: “I always believed love has no gender and Dipan and I have proved

Indian trans couple met at legal clinic

The couple met while Tista was working at a trans legal clinic.

When Dipan visited as a client, the two struck a chord and soon began dating.

According to the Times, they became engaged in April 15, India’s National Trans Day of Visibility.

Dipan, who has only recently come out as trans, faced a rush to to obtain his new identity documents so that the wedding could take place.

Fortunately everything fell into place, and the ceremony was organised with the help of friends and neighbours.

Pandit Biswajit Mukherjee, who performed the ceremony, called the wedding an “historical event.”

“I have never seen anything like this,” he told the Times.

“I am happy to be a part of it. In fact, I cancelled another appointment [to be there]

Aparajita Bose, a member of the Human Rights Law Network Kolkata, said that the wedding will “have a huge impact” on the transgender community, which she says still “fears being rejected by society.”

“I wish Dipan and Tista a happy married life,” Bose said. “They are both wonderful human beings.”

Dipan added: “I am extremely lucky to have Tista as my wife. This is the best day of my life”


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Venomous octopus bit woman's face when she tried to make it pose for 'fun' photo

A venomous octopus bit an angler’s face after she tried to make it pose for a ‘fun’ photo with her. Jamie Bisceglia was left in agonizing pain after she was savaged by the sea creature at a fishing derby in Tacoma, Washington, on August 2. The animal – believed to be a Pacific red octopus – began by attaching its suckers to Bisceglia’s face, before sinking its sharp beak in. She told KIRO: ‘It had barreled its beak into my chin and then let go a little bit and did it again. ‘It was a really intense pain when it went inside and it just bled, dripping blood for a long time.’

Bisceglia, who owns angling business South Sound Salmon Sisters, tried to ignore the pain. But she was overcome with agony two days later, and went to her local emergency room.

She said: ‘I’m still in pain. I’m on three different antibiotics. This can come and go, the swelling, for months they say.’ Bisceglia realizes that few will sympathize with her injuries, and said: ‘It was a photo contest in the derby.

So, crazy me, hindsight now and looking back, I probably made a big mistake ‘This was not a good idea. ‘I will never do it again.’ Local wildlife experts have also speculated that the octopus could have been a juvenile giant Pacific octopus. Both the giant and red varieties have a powerful beak they use to smash crab, clam and mussel shells before eating them. They also use a poisonous venom to immobilize their prey.



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Meet the vintage-obsessed couple who live with more than 200 dolls they call their 'plastic children'

A kooky couple have spent three years growing an idyllic family of over 200 “plastic children”.

Childhood sweethearts Madeline and Malachi Dressel, both aged 35, are obsessed with collecting all things vintage. Their home in South Carolina is filled with antique furniture, appliances and decorations. But the thing that stands out the most is their impressive collection of vintage dolls.

Since starting their unlikely hobby, they have acquired over 200 dolls, including 30 life-sized dolls. Some of their favourite dolls have individual names, such as “Polly-Marie” and “Sarah-Anne”. 

The couple met when they were children - their parents were friends and their mothers even shared the same midwife. Their romantic relationship began five years ago and now they are happily married.  

Madeline told Barcroft TV: “We're pretty much obsessed with anything vintage.  “The majority of our collection together, especially the large dolls, has been the last three years. “About 2016 is when we stumbled upon the first big [doll] at the thrift store. And it really grew from there.”

Madeline has loved dolls for as long as she can remember, but Malachi only discovered his passion for collecting “plastic children" after moving in with Madeline. He describes his childhood as a "quintessential male upbringing in the US" and was always encouraged to play with something “manly".

But today, his love of dolls is just a strong as his wife’s. Malachi told Barcroft TV: “She has certain ones that are just hers and then I have ones that are mine.” 

Since 2016, they have both grown their “family" of over 200 dolls and even take candid family photos together for their Instagram page ( Their account has nearly one thousand followers and is full of idyllic photos of their adorable "family". Some examples of their photos include the dolls playing in the garden, baking or having tea parties together.

The account pokes fun at friends who post staged photos of their family and ask why the couple haven’t had any real children of their own. But they say the dolls are not a replacement for children – they just love to play, restore and create scenes with dolls, claiming it gives them a creative outlet to have fun with.

Madeline and Malachi have a number of friends who are equally enthusiastic about doll collecting, however some people in their circle don’t understand the her and her husband’s hobby.  They convinced Malachi’s friend Michael to come to one of their dolls’ tea parties, in celebration of Madeline’s birthday.

Michael is not a doll collector and had not been introduced to all of their “children”. Talking about his best friend, Malachi said: "He's seen a few [of the dolls]… He has not seen the quantity, of which we have a mass at this point.”

Michael admitted he found the collection slightly creepy and overwhelming, however ultimately he thinks their hobby is “amazing".  Michael told Barcroft TV: “I think it’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in my entire life. The fact that they are so candid and really don’t care what other people think. That’s one of the reasons why I love both of them. They are some of the weirdest, most upfront people.” 

Madeline and Malachi aren’t embarrassed or ashamed of their collection. In fact, they love to show it off.  Madeline said: “I'm not shy about showing people the Instagram. “When I get that dreaded question, “What do you do for fun?” - well, let me show you what I do for fun and we'll find out if we're going to be friends or not.”

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Cambridge University biology student, 19, 'fought off friend's desperate attempts to save her as she forced open light aircraft door and jumped' 5,000ft to her death during trip to Madagascar

A University of Cambridge student broke open an airplane door and jumped to her death from 5000ft in Madagascar after a friend and the pilot clung on to her legs for several minutes to stop her, police revealed today.

Alana Cutland, 19, a second-year Biological Natural Sciences student from Milton Keynes, died after plunging 5,000ft from the plane while on a study trip to the Indian Ocean island.

Her friend and fellow British tourist Ruth Johnson and the pilot wrestled with her for several minutes by grabbing her by the legs, Madagascar police chief Sinola Nomenjahary has said.

But after several minutes Alana broke free from their 'exhausted' grip and jumped to her death on Thursday July 25.

Alana was around ten minutes into the flight back from a research trip to a remote lodge in Anjajavy, northern Madagascar, where she was studying a rare species of crabs.


Police have released an extraordinary image of officers recreating the student's final moments before throwing herself from the plane after taking statements from Ms Johnson and the pilot. 

Detectives have also revealed that the student had suffered five 'paranoia attacks' while on the 'failed' research trip to see rare Madagascan crustaceans, which she had paid for herself.  

Alana and her parents had several intense and agitated discussions on the phone in the days leading up to her death, reports on the island have claimed.

Alana had been due to stay on the research trip for six weeks, but cut it short after just eight days following the conversations with her parents Alison and Neil Cutland, both 63.  

Police chief Sinola Nomenjahary say they have pieced together what happened in the minutes before Alana died  

said: 'The Cessna C168 aircraft was taking off from Anjajavy with three people aboard, including Ms Johnson, Alana and the pilot.

'After 10 minutes of flight, Alana undid her seatbelt and unlocked the right door of the plane and tried to get out.

'Ms Johnson fought for five minutes trying to hold her, but when she was exhausted and out of breath she let go.

'Alana then intentionally fell from an aircraft at 1130 meters above sea level.

'She dropped into a zone which is full of with carnivorous Fossa felines.'

Alana was travelling back from a research trip to a remote lodge in Anjajavy where she studied a rare species of crabs.   

According to the main paper on the island, the Midi-Madagasikara, the British student was heading back to the UK just eight days into the trip die to last over a month.

She is said to have had a number of troubling conversations with her parents in Buckinghamshire.

Their most recent report claims that the family considered the situation an 'emergency' and rented a small plane to take her from the north of the island to Madagascar's Ivato Antananarivo international airport where she would have flown to Paris and then on to London.

They convinced Ruth Johnson, who is understood to be 51, to accompany her on the five-seat Cessna-type aircraft but Alana then fought her way off the plane and jumped minutes after take-off. 

Teams are searching for her body but there are fears that it may not be found because she jumped into remote area of the Madagascan jungle filled with carnivorous wild animals. 

Alana's family say they 'are heartbroken at the loss of our wonderful, beautiful daughter, who lit up every room she walked in to'. 

Police have also interviewed management at the hotel, as well as Ruth and the pilot while also searching Alana's luggage.

They have also read through her documents and messages.

The police chief added: 'The victim is a student who has failed on research work and was asking for a lot of moral support.

'She had personally financed her research and had suffered a paranoia attack five times. 

'The witnesses claimed that Alana had difficulty managing her private life and her research.

'She was in regular contact by email with her parents to whom she receives moral support. She did not handle her stresses well.

'On Ms Johnson's departure day Alana's parents agreed that Alana should interrupt her research fly with Ms Johnson.'

She was in the country for a university research trip to complement her studies and one other passenger was in the aircraft with her, along with the pilot. 

The internship is understood to have been undertaken privately and was not a Cambridge University study trip. 

Alana's family have asked for privacy following her death. 

Their statement said: 'Our daughter Alana was a bright, independent young woman, who was loved and admired by all those that knew her.

'She was always so kind and supportive to her family and friends, which resulted in her having a very special connection with a wide network of people from all walks of her life, who we know will miss her dearly.





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Teenager, 19, who used a new hair dye to turn her roots blonde 'is left with bald patches and chemical burns' after skipping a patch test

A teenager who used a new hair dye to turn her roots blonde claims she was left with bald patches and chemical burns because she didn’t do a patch test. 

Summer Jackson, 19, decided to dye her roots with a product she hadn’t used before – Clairol Nice ‘n Easy 11 Ultra Light Blonde.

After applying the dye, Miss Jackson claims she had to wash off the dye 15 minutes earlier than instructed – after just 10 minutes – because it felt like her head was ‘on fire’.

As she brushed her hair, Miss Jackson claims that clumps began to fall out while her scalp was still in agony.

She rushed to the emergency room where she was given ointment cream to help the wounds heal, which she applied for a month.

Miss Jackson, from Monroe, Michigan, said her head has been left scarred and is sharing her story to raise awareness.

Summer Jackson, 19, has issued a warning for the importance of patch tests after claiming she was rushed to hospital with chemical burns and hair loss after dying her roots

Miss Jackson died her roots with a product she hadn’t used before – Nice’n Easy’s number 11 ‘ultra light blonde’ (pictured). She admits she did not do a patch test

Miss Jackson, a care worker, said: ‘I dye my hair every four to eight weeks, but I only dye my roots, never my head.

‘I went to the store and my normal dye was out of stock in my hair colour, so I picked up Nice’n Easy Ultralight Blonde.

‘When it came to actually dying my hair I always start from the back and work my way up – which now, I realise how lucky I am that I do this!’

Miss Jackson noticed some light burning, but initially ignored it and finished the job.

She was about to leave the dye on for the 20 to 25 minutes like instructed on the packet.

However, she said: ‘The burning got increasingly worse and, when it had been on for only 10 minutes, I decided I really needed to wash this out as my head was on fire.

‘I used shampoo to remove the dye from my scalp and then conditioned it.

‘After showering I went to brush my hair out and clumps of hair began to fall out and as I did this, my skin was still burning.

‘Roughly around five clumps of hair fell out whilst I was brushing it once the dye had been washed out.’

Miss Jackson said small areas of her hair have been completely ‘burned off’.

Miss Jackson was given an ointment cream which she used for a month. But said she has been left with scars (pictured)


A chemical burn is the irritation and destruction of human tissue caused by exposure to a chemical.

Many cases occur due to accidental misuse of hair, skin and nail care products.

Most chemical burns are caused by strong acids that kill cells, which can lead to scarring and disabilities. 

The extent of tissue damage depends on the strength of the chemical, the site of contact, whether it was swallowed, whether skin was intact and how long it was left on for.

In severe cases people may suffer a cardiac arrest, seizures or low blood pressure. 

Minor chemical burns that affect a small area of skin can often be treated by thoroughly washing the affected area with water. 

Major burns require hospital treatment.

Source: eMedicine Health 

She said: ‘My hair is only now starting to grow back. I still have light burns and scarring from the hair dye.

‘Even for the following few days I had to wear a headband at work to keep my hair from falling out, as I worked at a restaurant.

‘Then I lost even more hair as a hairdresser advised me to shave the back of my head to allow it to breathe and let the burns heal better.’

Miss Jackson shaved the hair at the bottom of her neck to aid healing.

She said: ‘Luckily the hair has started to grow back now, but I still have the burns and scarring on my neck but luckily they aren’t irritated anymore.’

Following what happened to her, Miss Jackson is sharing her story to advise others about the importance of doing patch tests.

She said: ‘I would recommend a patch test so you prevent something like this from happening.

‘I’ve never had an experience like this from hair dye, but I’ve always stuck to the brand I’m used to so should have tested when I was using a new product.

‘It’s definitely something that could have been avoided.’

Some components in hair dyes can cause symptoms of an allergic reaction, which is why manufacturers say a skin tolerance test must be carried out 48 hours before – for both home dye kits and those used by professionals in hair salons.

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Malia Obama pictured snuggling up to her British boyfriend in a London underground station before the couple lit matching cigarettes during her trip to Europe

Malia Obama was seen packing on the PDA with her boyfriend Rory Farquharson whilst waiting for a tube at an underground station in London last month.

Seemingly unfazed by the busy hustle and bustle of passengers around them, the couple were pictured sharing a tender moment as Malia closed her eyes, while Rory appeared to plant a kiss on her forehead.

In another photo, Malia wrapped her arms around her boyfriend’s neck, while he seemed a little more preoccupied with checking his phone.

They were later seen walking down a London street, both holding cigarettes.

In another photo, Malia wrapped her arms around her boyfriend’s neck, while he seemed a little more preoccupied with checking his phone

They were later seen walking down a London street, both puffing away on cigarettes

The 20-year-old appeared to be assimilating to British life and wore a pair of $160 Doc Martins boots, with brown pants, a grey T-shirt and an oversized denim jacket as she walked with her boyfriendThe 20-year-old appeared to have been assimilating to British life and wore a pair of $160 Doc Martins boots, with brown pants, a grey T-shirt and an oversized denim jacket.

The couple, who were pictured on July 27 taking London’s Northern line, appear to have been on their way to The Bridge Theater to see Alan Bennett’s new production Allelujah!

Once again, Malia was seen puffing away, this time on a vape, as they left the theater and went for a romantic stroll, arm-in-arm, over the capital’s Tower Bridge.

Rory wrapped his arm around Malia, to keep her warm as the couple went unnoticed by members of the public on their walk over the River Thames.

Malia, 20, puffed on an e-cigarette as they made their way out of The Bridge Theatre.

Her father, Barack, was also a regular smoker prior to entering the White House and was spotted several times chewing on nicorette gum to fight the habit

Malia appears to have inherited her father’s weakness for nicotine. Barack, was also a regular smoker prior to entering the White House and was spotted several times chewing on nicorette gum to fight the habit.

The former first daughter was also accused of smoking marijuana in 2016 after a video of her puffing on a suspicious cigarette was released. The president’s eldest daughter was seen inhaling from the cigarette during the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago.

The brief clip showed the then 18-year-old mingling with crowds as she took a drag. An eyewitness insisted she was smoking a joint.

The daughter of former president Barack Obama visited London last month with her British boyfriend who she met whilst studying at Harvard.

Farquharson wore pink Ralph Lauren shirt and a silver watch as he held his girlfriend’s hand in LondonRory first entered the media spotlight, when he was caught passionately kissing Obama ‘s eldest daughter before a Harvard-Yale football game in November.

And if these latest pictures are anything to go by, the loved-up couple are still going strong.

Rory is a former head boy of Rugby School, one of the top ‘public’ schools in the United Kingdom and just a rung below the more famous Eton and Harrow. According to insiders, he was considered ‘quite a catch’. Rugby charges more than $42,500 (£32,000) a year for tuition and board and is well-known for giving the world the game of rugby.

Malia relaxed on a stoop in the East Village with a friend before they decided to go for dinnerThe Ivy League student also has links to the royals, as his second cousin was the Queen’s Assistant Master of the Household at Buckingham Palace.

Malia started at Harvard last year, following in the footsteps of her father and mother Michelle, who both studied law at the top American university.

She is now back in the United States and was spotted in New York City last week.

The 20-year-old donned brown overalls, which revealed her lace black bra, and chunky black sandals as she stepped out in East Village to meet her pals on Thursday, before enjoying dinner at the upmarket Buddakan Asian restaurant.

A source told that the group dined in the venue’s private library room, where Malia toasted her friend’s birthday.

Malia relaxed on a stoop in the East Village with a friend before they decided to go for dinnerThe Ivy League student also has links to the royals, as his second cousin was the Queen’s Assistant Master of the Household at Buckingham Palace.

Malia started at Harvard last year, following in the footsteps of her father and mother Michelle, who both studied law at the top American university.

She is now back in the United States and was spotted in New York City last week.

The 20-year-old donned brown overalls, which revealed her lace black bra, and chunky black sandals as she stepped out in East Village to meet her pals on Thursday, before enjoying dinner at the upmarket Buddakan Asian restaurant.

A source told that the group dined in the venue’s private library room, where Malia toasted her friend’s birthday.

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22-Year-Old Woman Survives 'Freak Accident' After Seat Belt Slices Her Stomach in Half

Gina Arnold says the seat belt cut deep into her abdomen during a car crash

Gina Arnold was driving home from work in the rain when she lost control of her car and flipped over seven times in October 2017. Although the seat belt saved her life, the device sliced through Arnold’s abdomen, leaving her with injuries doctors in Michigan had never seen before.

“I was grateful that it saved my life, but it was hard to wrap my head around all the injuries the seat belt caused,” Arnold, 22, tells PEOPLE. “I just call it a freak accident. I can’t believe the seat belt did that to me.”

Arnold, of Macomb, Michigan, was in a coma for three days after the accident and suffered several broken bones and huge lacerations, she says. She had to learn to walk again, and the seat belt injury left her with no abdominal wall to protect her major organs. She was in recovery for more than a year and has undergone 21 surgeries.

“When I left the hospital … I wasn’t expecting to be in constant pain every single day,” Arnold says. “It was really frustrating being a 21-year-old and not being able to do the things a 21-year-old could do. I had the energy of a 90-year-old. I definitely had my days when I was extremely down. But I went to therapy and I kept reminding myself, ‘I’m alive, something good is going to come out of this.’ I tried to keep my spirits up.”

On Dec. 3, 2018, surgeons performed a rare, eight-hour surgery to place mesh where Arnold’s abdominal wall used to be. But she says her future remains unclear.

“There is no plan B for if my mesh does tear. If my mesh tears, they don’t know what do after that,” Arnold says of doctors at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak.

Then I’ll be left with no abdominal wall again,” she says. “It would tear the remaining muscles I have and that would be extremely painful. So I have to be extremely careful every day. This is my one mesh and I don’t have another one. This was the first time [the surgeons] have done something like this.”

Arnold says she’s only now reaching a sense of normalcy in her life. Still, she’s unable to lift over 15 lbs., she had to give up her dream of becoming a nurse because she’s no longer able to stand for long periods of time, and she has had to change the way she eats as a result of her stomach injury.

“I’m finally going back to college at [Northern Michigan University], so I’ll finally be able to live away from home without constant medical care,” she tells PEOPLE. “I’m learning what I can and cannot do. My body is using all those other muscles besides my abdominals, so my body gets worn out quicker.”

Arnold says she hopes to become a sports psychologist to help athletes prevent and deal with serious injuries.

“I was an athlete before this accident and it’s something I’ll never do again,” she tells PEOPLE. “I want to teach students that you never know the last time you’re gonna play, so take advantage of the sport that you’re in.”

She has recently started driving short distances. And Arnold says she’s sure to wear her seat belt.

“I wear it all the time. For a while I put a pillow in between the seat belt and my stomach because the seat belt just gave me a weird feeling. It made me anxious,” Arnold admits.

“It took a lot to be able to not use the pillows anymore, and get used to the seat belt,” she adds. “But I do believe that without it, I wouldn’t be here today. So despite all my injuries — yeah, it’s a freak accident — but I can’t take away the fact that it did save my life and I am here today to tell my story.”

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