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So sad, Glasgow teen died after forgetting to take asthma inhaler to work, shattered mum says

A SHATTERED mum told how her asthmatic 19-year-old daughter collapsed and died — after forgetting to take her inhaler to work.

Elaine Reid, 44, revealed chef Lauren suffered a heart attack triggered by her breathing condition during a shift in a Glasgow pub.

Loved ones then had to make the harrowing decision to turn off Rangers-mad Lauren’s life support — as she lay in a hospital bed wearing a Gers top and scarf of her tragic idol Fernando Ricksen.

Fighting back tears, Elaine told how one moment of forgetfulness in the family home doomed her “best pal”.

The mum-of-two, from the city’s Dennistoun, said Lauren had struggled with asthma since birth, adding: “She’d take her inhaler everywhere she went. This was the first time she didn’t.

“She called me and told me she had forgotten it and that she was panicking.

“I put the phone down and she just keeled over. I got a taxi to try to get to her. I could hear sirens while we drove — they were for my daughter. And by the time I found the pub there were three ambulances outside.”

Lauren suffered the asthma attack while working at cocktail bar Gin71. She had stepped outside to get some air after feeling dizzy.

Lauren then fell to the ground and was rushed to the nearby Royal Infirmary.

Without medication at hand, it led to her heart stopping for 35 minutes — and she never recovered.

Elaine recalled: “Medics took a scan of Lauren’s brain and I was told there did not seem to be any activity.

“They checked again the next day but she was gone. I’d lost my baby girl.”

Elaine recalled how Ibrox season ticket holder Lauren started going to games at the age of six.

And she’d followed Dutch ace Ricksen’s six-year battle with motor neurone disease before he died aged 43 in September.

She said: “Fernando was her hero. She loved his toughness. His bravery was a real inspiration to her.

“So when she was in the hospital we played Fernando by ABBA for her and put her Rangers top and Ricksen scarf on. She was wearing them at the end.”

Elaine also explained how her caring daughter helped nurse her when she was fighting bowel cancer six years ago.

She said: “Lauren was my rock during my treatment. I’d never have made it without her.”

Elaine also pleaded with others not to make the same mistake that cost the life of her beloved girl Lauren.

She added: “If you have asthma, please, take your inhaler with you everywhere you go.”

Rangers 'serve proceedings' to collect £2.8m from Hummel for unpaid kit sales

Lauren’s dad John, 48, brother Marc, 21, and gran Helen, 61, have also been left devastated by her death.

The family hope Gers fans will pay tribute during today’s clash with Livingston by clapping in the 19th minute.

Elaine said: “A minute’s applause at Ibrox would mean everything to us.”

stella Posted on February 20, 2020 14:00

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Dad Accidentally Buys A Life-Size 6-Meter-Long Dinosaur Statue For His 4-Year-Old Son

On the small British island of Guern, in the middle of the English Channel, a father gave his four-year-old son a dinosaur. Problem: the dimensions of the “toy,” which the father did not check when ordering on the net. Yes, the child dreamed of a big animal, but in this case, the beast is… more than 6 meters long!

For months, Theo had told his father, André Bisson, that he wanted to have the biggest Carnotaurus there is. The 4-year-old boy fell in love with Carnotauruses after he had watched the Disney classic Dinosaur. The Carnotaurus was a dangerous predator with arms shorter than T-rex’s and “bull” horns (hence the Taurus in the name), which lived in Patagonia for about 70 million years in the middle Cretaceous period. The father immediately did his research on the net. Finally, his wife saw an advertisement for a nearby amusement park offering one of their decorative statues: a Carnotaurus, just like Theo had wanted.

The opportunity was too excellent. André Bisson immediately spent 1,000 pounds (about 1,200 euros) to acquire the animal without even asking the sender for details on its dimensions. While he was expecting an object at most 3 meters long, the 2-ton monster measured 6.5 by 2.5 meters high. The dinosaur was not only life-size, but weighed almost as much as a real one. The delivery company even had to exchange its usual trucks for a trailer and a crane to transport the animal.

Without any fear, the child seems to have made the animal his best friend. Chaz (the name given by the boy) will stay in his garden until Theo doesn’t want him anymore, which will most likely be never.

stella Posted on February 20, 2020 13:51

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Eeee, Indonesia boy lays eggs and have laid 20 EGGs in 2 years-first person in earth that lays eggs

Akmal, 14, claims to have been regularly laying eggs since 2016 – with the breakfast favourites emerging from his bum.

He has been repeatedly hospitalised due to his alleged ailment, even laying two of the eggs in front of the doctors.

Medics have been left scratching their heads by his bizarre egg-laying habits, and have said its “impossible” for eggs to form inside humans.

Eggs laid by Akmal have been cracked open and revealed to either be all yoke or all white.

Doctors suspected “the eggs were shoved [into Akmal’s rectum]” – but admitted they have not found proof that was the case.

Akmal, from Gowa, Indonesia, has even been x-rayed and doctors found an egg sitting in his bum.


His dad Rusli told local media: "In two years he laid 18 eggs and 2 today, so in total there have been 20. I cracked the first egg and its content was all yellow, no white.

"A month later I cracked another one, and its content was all white and no yellow.”

Doctors have now quarantined the boy for a week to study him at Syekh Yusuf Hospital in Gowa.

They will wait to see if the eggs naturally form inside Akmal – making sure he cannot get his hands on any to insert into himself.

His dad said: "He never swallowed eggs whole, why would he do that?

"I am an imam in my village, so there’s no voodoo. I only believe in the Lord.”

Muhammad Taslim, a spokesman for the hospital, said: "Our suspicion is that the eggs were deliberately shoved into Akmal’s rectum.

"But we did not see it directly.

"Scientifically chicken eggs cannot form inside the human body. It’s impossible, especially in the digestive system.”

Taslim said studies last year suggested the eggs the boy was laying were actually chicken eggs.

Hospital officials now wait to see if they have a medical miracle on their hands – or just a very strange lad with an egg obsession.

Daily Star Online previously revealed a woman who claimed to give birth to a frog in Zimbabwe.

stella Posted on February 20, 2020 13:45

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Heartbreaking moment distraught mother says a final goodbye to the 13-week-old son she'd wanted for 20 years - after a cardiac arrest left him severely brain damaged

A devastated mother has shared a photo showing the heartbreaking moment she had to walk her ill son to their final goodbye.

Tammy Ireson, 39, from King’s Lynn, Norfolk, switched off Wilber’s life support when he was just 13-weeks-old, after a cardiac arrest left him severely brain-damaged. 

She has since decided to share the heart-wrenching picture to help other parents experiencing loss see that even when ‘you feel this level of grief and anguish, you will survive it and somehow find a way to get through each day.’ 

‘For the first time since Wilber‘s birth, I was able to take him for a walk,' said Tammy, speaking of the devastating moment where she can be seen in tears. 'But as I moved down the corridor with Wilber in my arms, I realised that was our first and last ever walk together and I broke down. That’s the moment Mark captured the picture of us.' 

Now, Tammy has an elephant teddy with a recording of Wilber’s heartbeat inside, as well as some of his ashes, which she takes on holidays, outings and sets a place for at special meal times, ensuring Wilber is still a part of her family’s daily life.

The little boy was born with a rare gene mutation that caused central-core disease - which affects muscles used for movement, and also resulted in Wilber suffering severe arthrogryposis - stiffness in his joints. 

He was unable to move or breath unaided and needed around-the-clock care after his birth in May 2018.

‘After the 20-week scan when doctors first realised something was wrong, they asked me repeatedly if I wanted to terminate my pregnancy but I said no every time,' explained Tammy.

‘I loved him so much already and believed he deserved a shot at life. His prognosis looked poor and I didn’t want him to suffer, but I also held onto hope that I’d be able to bring him home one day.’

It wasn’t meant to be however, with Wilber suffering a cardiac arrest that left him without oxygen for a prolonged time, irreparably damaging his brain 11 weeks after his birth. 

Before the life-changing turn, Tammy had been enjoying interacting with her little boy.

‘In the weeks since Wilber had arrived, we’d built a beautiful connection and I‘d gotten to know his strong personality,' she said. 'I loved him so much and I could feel how much he loved me back.’

Tammy had fallen pregnant out of the blue in October 2017, a month after being scheduled for a hysterectomy to relieve the pain of her endometriosis. 

The chronic condition affects 1 in 10 women, is a leading cause of infertility, and is caused when cells like the ones found in the womb move elsewhere, resulting in internal damage and scarring.

When Tammy realised she was expecting boyfriend Mark’s baby in October 2017, it was a miraculous bolt out of the blue.

‘We’d only been together for three months and I worried what Mark would say,’ she recalled. ‘I knew I’d be having this baby no matter what because it was a miracle I was pregnant in the first place. Luckily, Mark was fully supportive.’

The couple excitedly prepared for their new arrival and at their 20-week scan the sonographer realised the baby wasn’t opening his hands.

Tammy was referred for tests but refused an amniocentesis, knowing she‘d keep her baby regardless of any diagnosis.

‘At every appointment afterwards, I was asked if I wanted to terminate,’ Tammy explained. 'But I'd waited years to give my daughter Zilanne a sibling and the life inside me felt so precious.

‘Wilber didn't move much but I felt him rolling in response to me rubbing or patting my bump. The connection between us was strong from the start.  

Whilst doctors worked to identify Wilber’s condition, Tammy was hopeful she’d be able to bring him home and take care of him.

But Tammy’s pregnancy was fraught with problems and Wilber was delivered at 32 weeks following an emergency Caesarean Section when she developed pre-eclampsia. 

Wilber made no attempt to breathe and medics rushed him to NICU for life support.

‘We didn't know if he'd make it through the first night but he pulled through,' said Tammy. 

'The nurses advised me not to disturb him with too much physical contact but I could tell my touch brought him comfort. Wilber loved having his bum patted or being massaged.

‘As the days went by, he grew stronger and like any new mum, I got to know my son. I sang to him, cuddled him and cherished him.

‘He couldn’t move his arms or legs but after having some physiotherapy, he was able to make little movements and loved having his feet and back rubbed.

‘We bonded deeply and I felt so proud watching Wilber’s personality shine through.'

'He was so alert, cheeky, and even grumpy when he wanted to be, causing the doctors doing their rounds to circle back when he’d calmed down.

She added: ‘The nurses joked everybody knew when Wilber wanted something because he stared so intently at the nurses, they could feel the strength of his gaze across the room.’

Genetic tests finally revealed Wilber was suffering a RYR1 gene mutation, resulting in central core disease and arthrogryposis - stiffness of the joints.

It was so rare, Tammy set up an Instagram page, hoping to connect with other families dealing with the same condition. 

She also wanted to find out what the future might hold for Wilber, because even though his mobility was limited, his brain function was normal.

After 12 weeks in NICU, Tammy was determined to bring her son home but Wilber suffered a devastating cardiac arrest that left him severely brain-damaged.

Tammy, who was temporarily living in the hospital to be close to her son, arrived within minutes and watched despairingly as medics struggled to resuscitate him.

‘He did eventually come back but the moment he opened his eyes, I knew my little boy was gone,’ Tammy recalled. ‘His gaze was vacant and he no longer seemed to recognise me.

‘Wilber didn't respond to my touch anymore and it the connection between us vanished. I was devastated.’

Doctors advised Tammy to give Wilber time to recover from the brain injuries, but after two weeks, it was found the damage was irreversible.

Recognising how extensively Wilber’s body and mind was suffering due to his complex conditions, Tammy made the hard decision to withdraw her son's life support.

On the fated day, a team of medics helped the pair move to a private room to say goodbye - which is when the heartbreaking photo was taken. 

‘We’d agreed beforehand to take as many pictures as we could,' explained distraught Tammy. 'Even though those moments would be so painful to revisit, not having images of every precious last minute with our son would have been infinitely worse.’

Tammy held and comforted Wilber as his life support was withdrawn, taking pictures of their final cuddles, and sang to him and told him not to be scared.

Tammy held Wilber as he took his final breaths and afterwards she was able to spend nine days with her son thanks to a specially adapted cold ‘cuddle cot’ supplied by East Anglian Children’s Hospice.

After moving to the hospice with her son, specialist nurses helped Tammy take prints of Wilber’s hands and feet and saved a lock of his hair.

There, Tammy also took Wilber for a walk in a pushchair, sat on the swings with him in the hospice’s playground and posed for smiling pictures with her son, hiding the sheer agony she was going through.

It was the first time she’d been able to take pictures of Wilber’s face without tubes and wires covering it.

Those photos now take pride of place in an alcove in Tammy and Mark’s home which is dedicated to Wilber. On the shelves, candles burn every day in his memory.

‘Grief for a lost child doesn’t ever lessen but somehow we become strong enough to bear it,' said Tammy. ‘I miss Wilber so much and there isn’t an hour that passes when I don’t think about what our future with him might have looked like, but I’m so grateful for the 13 weeks and two days I felt my boy’s warmth.’

Now, Tammy is determined to give Zilanne and Wilber a sibling and is dedicating this year to falling pregnant.

‘Before I became pregnant with Wilber, I’d given up on my dream of having another baby and booked in for a hysterectomy,' she said. ' I’m so grateful to Wilber for helping me to realise I shouldn’t give up on that dream.

‘I’m hopeful I’ll be able to bring his little brother or sister into this world and raise them so they know all about their wonderful big brother.

‘I know the picture that recorded my distress so brutally might be upsetting for others to see, but I also know so many people who have experienced the same loss have found comfort knowing they are not the only ones who have felt this magnitude of grief.

She continued: ‘Through sharing this image and others of Wilber’s journey on social media, I’ve connected with many grieving parents and in discussing these experiences, we’ve survived them together.

‘Death is still a taboo subject in society but even more so when it concerns the loss of a child. I am doing my small part to break that taboo so those who lose a child might feel able to talk about their loss as well and find both support and comfort as a result.’

stella Posted on February 20, 2020 13:41

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Oh, Woman whose weight soared to 290lbs as she ate through the grief of losing her brother and both parents halves her frame on the ketogenic diet

A woman has lost over 140lbs after she was unable to fit into a plane seat and was so horrified she vowed to change her lifestyle for the better, after years of emotional eating caused her to pack on the kilos.

Renatta Keith, 37, from Hunstville, Alabama struggled with her weight for years due to the grief and pain of losing her mother to a drug addiction, her brother to alcoholism and her father to Parkinson's Disease. 

At her heaviest, she weighed 290lbs and the wake-up call came when she boarded a plane to Los Angeles two years ago, and had to request a seat-belt extender to accommodate her larger frame. 

A spinal surgery soon followed, and the mother-of-one decided to take steps towards a healthier lifestyle. 

Going on a Ketogenic regime - high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet - and exercise with a personal trainer thrice a week, she shed 140 lbs to reach a healthier weight of 150lbs.  

In 2009, Renatta lost her mother to drug addiction, unaware she was using opioids for years until it was too late.

And just four years later, her father, who served a soldier in Iraq, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease upon his return and died not long after. Renatta was the one to find his body.

Having to deal with two tragic deaths, Renatta to turn to emotional eating to cope as she struggled with the extreme grief she was facing.

In series of unfortunate events, Renatta’s brother died of asphyxiation from alcohol just a year later – which caused her to turn to food even more, as she struggled to deal with the pain of suddenly losing her loved ones.

Renatta would consume almost an entire liter of Coke a day, and mainly ate drive-through meals and sugary high-calorie foods throughout the day, causing her weight to peak at 290lbs. 

The 37-year-old said: 'I experienced the sudden loss of my mother out of the blue in 2009.

'She had been hiding an opioid addiction from the family and it got out of control really quickly. In 2012, my father came home from Iraq and was diagnosed with Parkinson’s.

'One day I had found him dead and the imagery was very difficult to deal with and escape from.

'I began eating to deal with the grief. The very next year my brother died of asphyxiation due to an alcohol binge.

'He had been dead for several days before we found him and again my grieving process included a lot of food to cover up my pain.

'I ate the equivalent of a day’s calories and sugar before noon. I ate mostly all my meals from a drive-through and consumed almost a liter of Diet Coke daily.'

But Renatta realized she needed to make a change when she embarked on a trip to Los Angeles two years ago, and booked a standard seat in economy class.

When she boarded the flight Renatta realized she couldn’t fit into her seat, and staff had to provide her with a seat belt extender.

Then 35-year-old, she was horrified at the experience and knew she had taken her eating habits too far.

Renatta said: 'The humiliation and experience made me realize I had to do something about my weight. I needed to treat my body better.'

Not long after, Renatta's spine became damaged due to the excessive pressure from her weight, causing her to undergo an anterior lumbar interbody fusion surgery.

She realized her weight was causing many problems in her life, and this gave her a much needed wake-up call to change her lifestyle for the better.

'It all came to a head for me when I had an anterior lumbar interbody fusion, it's a type of spinal fusion that utilizes an anterior approach to fuse the lumbar spine bones together.

'The recovery and pain from this made me realize how I had taken granted of my body and had to lose weight to stop further damage to my spine.'  

Renatta began tracking her food and sugar intake daily to have a better understanding of what she was putting into her body.

She stopped drinking diet soda which she said helped lessen her cravings for sugary foods, and eventually reduced her carb intake as part of a new Ketogenic diet.

Renatta also had a personal trainer and worked out with him three times a week, focusing on a mixture of cardio and strength training.

She said: 'I started tracking my food and seeing how much sugar I consumed daily.

'This visual really helped me learn what was in the foods I was eating.

'I cut out diet soda completely and my taste buds changed. I could taste food again and stopped craving unhealthy foods full of sugar.

'This helped my joints felt better and I could move my body with less pain.

'I adapted to a low-carb diet and eventually cut my carbs down to a Ketogenic level. I did this for two years.

'I worked with a trainer three times a week and he taught me how to workout.'

With a determined and focused mindset, Renatta managed to lose 140lbs over the course of two years.

She kept a photo of her scar from her spinal surgery to keep her going, reminding herself of why she started.

Renatta managed to overcome her grief without having to rely on food to copy anymore, saying she now feels 'reborn' and has learnt how to live her life to the fullest. 

The 37-year-old said: 'Once I started working out and eating well, I had clarity and focus like I never experienced.

'I kept a photo of my scar from my spinal surgery and it motivated me to keep going.

'I had been in the place of not being able to bend, walk, sit too long, or stand too long.

'I knew that pain and never wanted to experience it again. I was determined to do everything I could to help me not need additional surgery.'

'When I made a mistake instead of giving in to eating whatever I wanted the rest of the day, my next meal would be back on track.

'I stopped the "Well I made a mistake today; I'll start back tomorrow or Monday".

'I got off this roller coaster and broke this cycle. This realization and the time I spent getting mentally fit was where the magic started happening for me.

'Working through my grief with a professional was the key for me. I found ways to cope with my heartache besides food and that changed my mentality, which in return changed my life.

'I feel reborn, funny because that's what my name means! I feel free. All the energy I spent wanting to lose weight is now used enjoying my life.

'Instead of being consumed with grief and heartache with the loss of my family, I can now guide others out of pain and offer advice.'

Renatta has since started her Instagram page @renatta_rising, where she posts photos of healthy meals and her incredible weight loss transformation to over 40,600 followers.

She wanted to share her story and motivate people to start their own weight loss journeys, with the hopes of inspiring others to find their path to healing.

Renatta has since been overwhelmed by the support she has received online, and goes out of her way to help people find resources and get the mental health support they need.

The 37-year-old said: 'I had an Instagram page for years, but just recently made it public.

'I got the confidence to share my story and be vulnerable so maybe someone else could find their way to healing.

'The support online has been amazing. A lot of people talk to me about their grief and weight gain, I try as much as I can to help them find the resources to get mental health help.'

Renatta, who has one 16-year-old daughter, said her biggest support during her weight loss period was her boyfriend Matt, who helped motivate her and accommodate her dietary requirements during her entire journey.

She now continues to keep a low-carb diet but sneaks in an occasional treat here and there to reward herself for her consistent hard work and commitment.

Renatta keeps herself active with Pilates classes five times a week and enjoys kayaking, walking on nature trails and hiking.

Speaking about her current lifestyle, Renatta said: 'I still eat low carbs because cutting sugar helps me keep my inflammation down.

'I do have sushi and a cupcake monthly, because life without those just don't seem very fun to me!

'I don't call these cheat meals, I call them earned meals because I work hard and earn them.

'Having these earned meals helps me mentally, I know that I can have them and that keeps me focused and on track during the week.'

In a few words of advice to others who are embarking on their own healing and weight loss journeys, Renatta said: 'Instead of just diving in another weight loss program spend some time working on and nurturing your mental health first, figure out your why. Why did you gain this weight?

'Why are you overweight? I learned losing weight wasn't enough until I changed all the behaviors and negative thinking about myself that got me there.

'There are wonderful doctors out there so never be ashamed of reaching out and getting mentally fit, not just physically fit.'

stella Posted on February 20, 2020 13:34

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I don't believe this baby was injured by another baby, as school told mother-

A mother who identified herself has, Grace Nta, has come online to share photos of her bruised and injured child online.

According to the young mother, she dropped her child at the school creche this morning looking well and healthy but when she returned to pick up her child, she found her bruised and injured.

When she asked the school what happened, they told her another baby had a fight with her and in the process she got injured.

The pictures she shared showed the face of the child with bruises and an injured toe.

My questions however is how could two young child had a fight and one would injured the other to this extent. And how could a baby this young get into a fight. This baby is not more than 5 to 6 months old.

Where are the caretakers when this was happening?

Does it meant that ones the parents dropped their children the children are left to there fate?

The bruises on the child's face and the cut on the her toe doesn't look consistent with what a child could have done except of course a much other child.

Did the caregiver hit her or dragged her when she won't stop crying?

Did she fall down from somewhere high up and got injured.

The mother needs to find out the truth about this from school authority and of need be the school should be sued.

stella Posted on February 20, 2020 13:27

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A teacher who was diagnosed with two brain tumours is set to marry her boyfriend of ten years following a romantic New Year's Day proposal - after the pair were coincidentally in a play together at eight years old. Beth Titterton, from Staffordshir

A teacher who was diagnosed with two brain tumours is set to marry her boyfriend of ten years following a romantic New Year's Day proposal - after the pair were coincidentally in a play together at eight years old. 

Beth Titterton, from Staffordshire, believed she first met her now-fiancé Sam at a youth club during a Duke of Edinburgh Award training weekend when the pair were both 18. 

But by a sweet coincidence - although they don't remember - the pair soon discovered they were in a play together at a local theatre, in which Beth was a narrator and Sam played a king. 

Two decades after their forgotten first encounter, Beth and Sam, 28, were celebrating their 10-year anniversary with a walk in the forest on New Year's Day when Sam fell to one knee and asked his girlfriend to marry him. 

The proposal followed a six-year ordeal that saw Beth being diagnosed with two brain tumours and even at one point telling Sam to leave her if he couldn't cope with the impact of her illness. 

Beth and Sam met when they were 18 at a youth club during a Duke of Edinburgh Award training weekend.

'Sam was trying to impress me and attempted a big belly slide in the mud – but it was an epic fail!' said Beth. 'I laughed and thought he was an absolute idiot but he decided there and then that he wanted me to be his girlfriend.'

'A few months later, we met properly at a New Year's Eve party – this time we clicked and I loved his sense of humour.

'Sam walked me home in the early hours of New Year's Day and kissed me outside the house. I found out later that my mum and sister Libby had been peeking out of the window at us!'

Seven months after they got together, Beth went to Bangor University to do childhood studies and Sam to Coventry University to study physiotherapy, but they managed to visit each other regularly and their relationship blossomed.

But in April 2014, when Beth was 22, she began to suffer bouts of dizziness which were put down to labyrinthitis, an inner ear disorder.  

'But it just wouldn't clear up for over a month even with my prescribed drugs, and I was in bed for two weeks,' said Beth.

'Eventually, I felt better, but then I started suffering headaches in the morning, which woke me up, and severe head pains when I bent down or lowered my head.'

The GP then referred Beth to Stafford Hospital for an MRI scan - where it was revealed she had two brain tumours.

'When I got home, Mum and Dad were sitting on the settee waiting for me,' said Beth.

'Dad looked really serious and told me our GP who we'd been with for years had been round the house to tell them the results of my MRI scan.

'There was nothing wrong with my ear – I had two brain tumours.

'I was shocked and Mum rang Sam to break the news as I was struggling to process the news myself, never mind relay it to him.

'When we told Libby after she got in from school, she burst into tears and then blurted out: "It's like a storyline from Hollyoaks".' 

A week after her diagnosis, Beth had a five-hour operation to remove the largest tumour near her brain stem.

There was then another devastating blow when biopsy results revealed her tumour was cancerous.

'But I was determined that I wasn't going to be defined by my brain cancer and that it wasn't going to take over my life – it had to fit into my life,' said Beth.

Beth underwent a robotic radiotherapy treatment called Cyberknife which is more targeted than traditional radiotherapy with fewer side effects. It got rid of rest of the larger tumour and the smaller tumour.

'By far, the worst part of my treatment was the steroids, which I was put on as soon as I was diagnosed for three months,' said Beth.

'I put on two-and-half stone and felt painfully bloated. I hated my moon face and neck fat – when I looked in the mirror, I didn't recognise myself. I didn't feel like me anymore.

'Although Sam reassured me he still found me attractive, it wiped out my confidence. We didn't have sex for months because I didn't feel good about myself.

'I also didn't want to be touched as it was uncomfortable because I was so bloated with water retention from my steroid treatment.

'And I had terrible mood swings – poor Sam ended up agreeing with everything I said to keep the peace. 

'He was an absolute rock and knew when to take the mickey out of me – which we do a lot to each other – and when to listen.'

Beth has even revealed she once told her now-fiancé to leave her if her cancer became 'too much for him' to handle.

'Living with a brain tumour doesn't just affect my life, it has a huge impact on Sam and my family too,' said Beth. 

'I told him I understood if he wanted to leave if it was too much for him – but he said he wasn't going anywhere.' 

Despite the support from Sam and her close-knit family, at times Beth felt isolated and fearful – until The Brain Tumour Charity became a lifeline.

'I tried my best to be positive but, of course, I had my dark days,' she said.

'Then I found The Brain Tumour Charity's Facebook page and asked to join, it helped so much instantly being able to connect with people who were going through what I was experiencing – I wasn't alone anymore.

'Libby and I have both had fantastic support from the charity's young adults service.

'We became Young Ambassadors to support other young people as I wanted to be there for others as the charity had been there for me.'

By September 2014, Beth was back to teaching. But the next January, a routine scan revealed Beth's cancer had come back.

'We knew it would probably come back at some stage, but were shocked at how quickly that happened,' Beth said. 'I had more radiotherapy and further sessions after more regrowth in 2016 and 2017.' 

Determined to live her life to the fullest, in February 2016 Beth went on three-month trip to teach in Fiji and travel to New Zealand, Hong Kong and Dubai with Sam.

Though her tumours have grown back three times, Beth has now been stable for four years and has scans every three months.

'Scanxiety has become part of our lives, but I'm grateful I'm doing so well and we choose to focus on the positive,' said Beth, who is supporting The Brain Tumour Charity’s Big Bake to raise money for vital research, which runs throughout Brain Tumour Awareness Month (BTAM) in March.

The couple became engaged at New Year after 10 years together and some hinting from Beth. 

 'Over the years, I'd dropped so many hints subtle and not-so-subtle that he should propose, but it felt the right time. 

'We were in Northumberland for the weekend and walking in Kielder Forest with our dog Milo,' said Beth, who lives apart from Sam during the week due to work but spends weekends with him in their house.

'I was moaning about how cold and muddy I was and looking behind me to see where Milo was.

'Then I heard Sam say, "I've got a question to ask you." I turned around and he got down on one knee and said, "Will you marry me?"

'I couldn't believe it and blurted out, "Of course I will – about time".

'We haven't set a wedding date yet but it'll most likely be 2022. 

'I feel blessed that Sam he loves me for who I am – he makes me feel like Beth, a person, a woman, not solely a brain tumour patient – and I'm excited about our future together.'

Sarah Lindsell, The Brain Tumour Charity's chief executive, said: 'We are so very grateful to Beth for sharing her story to help raise awareness about brain tumours – the biggest cancer killer of children and under-40s in the UK.

'Like Beth, many young people feel alone and isolated as they come to terms with their diagnoses and the physical and emotional impact of living with a brain tumour, which is why our support services are so important.

'Beth is a fantastic advocate for the charity and we send her and Sam our very warmest wishes on their engagement and wish them every happiness for their future.'

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A teacher who was diagnosed with two brain tumours is set to marry her boyfriend of ten years following a romantic New Year's Day proposal - after the pair were coincidentally in a play together at eight years old. Beth Titterton, from Staffordshir

A teacher who was diagnosed with two brain tumours is set to marry her boyfriend of ten years following a romantic New Year's Day proposal - after the pair were coincidentally in a play together at eight years old. 

Beth Titterton, from Staffordshire, believed she first met her now-fiancé Sam at a youth club during a Duke of Edinburgh Award training weekend when the pair were both 18. 

But by a sweet coincidence - although they don't remember - the pair soon discovered they were in a play together at a local theatre, in which Beth was a narrator and Sam played a king. 

Two decades after their forgotten first encounter, Beth and Sam, 28, were celebrating their 10-year anniversary with a walk in the forest on New Year's Day when Sam fell to one knee and asked his girlfriend to marry him. 

The proposal followed a six-year ordeal that saw Beth being diagnosed with two brain tumours and even at one point telling Sam to leave her if he couldn't cope with the impact of her illness. 

Beth and Sam met when they were 18 at a youth club during a Duke of Edinburgh Award training weekend.

'Sam was trying to impress me and attempted a big belly slide in the mud – but it was an epic fail!' said Beth. 'I laughed and thought he was an absolute idiot but he decided there and then that he wanted me to be his girlfriend.'

'A few months later, we met properly at a New Year's Eve party – this time we clicked and I loved his sense of humour.

'Sam walked me home in the early hours of New Year's Day and kissed me outside the house. I found out later that my mum and sister Libby had been peeking out of the window at us!'

Seven months after they got together, Beth went to Bangor University to do childhood studies and Sam to Coventry University to study physiotherapy, but they managed to visit each other regularly and their relationship blossomed.

But in April 2014, when Beth was 22, she began to suffer bouts of dizziness which were put down to labyrinthitis, an inner ear disorder.  

'But it just wouldn't clear up for over a month even with my prescribed drugs, and I was in bed for two weeks,' said Beth.

'Eventually, I felt better, but then I started suffering headaches in the morning, which woke me up, and severe head pains when I bent down or lowered my head.'

The GP then referred Beth to Stafford Hospital for an MRI scan - where it was revealed she had two brain tumours.

'When I got home, Mum and Dad were sitting on the settee waiting for me,' said Beth.

'Dad looked really serious and told me our GP who we'd been with for years had been round the house to tell them the results of my MRI scan.

'There was nothing wrong with my ear – I had two brain tumours.

'I was shocked and Mum rang Sam to break the news as I was struggling to process the news myself, never mind relay it to him.

'When we told Libby after she got in from school, she burst into tears and then blurted out: "It's like a storyline from Hollyoaks".' 

A week after her diagnosis, Beth had a five-hour operation to remove the largest tumour near her brain stem.

There was then another devastating blow when biopsy results revealed her tumour was cancerous.

'But I was determined that I wasn't going to be defined by my brain cancer and that it wasn't going to take over my life – it had to fit into my life,' said Beth.

Beth underwent a robotic radiotherapy treatment called Cyberknife which is more targeted than traditional radiotherapy with fewer side effects. It got rid of rest of the larger tumour and the smaller tumour.

'By far, the worst part of my treatment was the steroids, which I was put on as soon as I was diagnosed for three months,' said Beth.

'I put on two-and-half stone and felt painfully bloated. I hated my moon face and neck fat – when I looked in the mirror, I didn't recognise myself. I didn't feel like me anymore.

'Although Sam reassured me he still found me attractive, it wiped out my confidence. We didn't have sex for months because I didn't feel good about myself.

'I also didn't want to be touched as it was uncomfortable because I was so bloated with water retention from my steroid treatment.

'And I had terrible mood swings – poor Sam ended up agreeing with everything I said to keep the peace. 

'He was an absolute rock and knew when to take the mickey out of me – which we do a lot to each other – and when to listen.'

Beth has even revealed she once told her now-fiancé to leave her if her cancer became 'too much for him' to handle.

'Living with a brain tumour doesn't just affect my life, it has a huge impact on Sam and my family too,' said Beth. 

'I told him I understood if he wanted to leave if it was too much for him – but he said he wasn't going anywhere.' 

Despite the support from Sam and her close-knit family, at times Beth felt isolated and fearful – until The Brain Tumour Charity became a lifeline.

'I tried my best to be positive but, of course, I had my dark days,' she said.

'Then I found The Brain Tumour Charity's Facebook page and asked to join, it helped so much instantly being able to connect with people who were going through what I was experiencing – I wasn't alone anymore.

'Libby and I have both had fantastic support from the charity's young adults service.

'We became Young Ambassadors to support other young people as I wanted to be there for others as the charity had been there for me.'

By September 2014, Beth was back to teaching. But the next January, a routine scan revealed Beth's cancer had come back.

'We knew it would probably come back at some stage, but were shocked at how quickly that happened,' Beth said. 'I had more radiotherapy and further sessions after more regrowth in 2016 and 2017.' 

Determined to live her life to the fullest, in February 2016 Beth went on three-month trip to teach in Fiji and travel to New Zealand, Hong Kong and Dubai with Sam.

Though her tumours have grown back three times, Beth has now been stable for four years and has scans every three months.

'Scanxiety has become part of our lives, but I'm grateful I'm doing so well and we choose to focus on the positive,' said Beth, who is supporting The Brain Tumour Charity’s Big Bake to raise money for vital research, which runs throughout Brain Tumour Awareness Month (BTAM) in March.

The couple became engaged at New Year after 10 years together and some hinting from Beth. 

 'Over the years, I'd dropped so many hints subtle and not-so-subtle that he should propose, but it felt the right time. 

'We were in Northumberland for the weekend and walking in Kielder Forest with our dog Milo,' said Beth, who lives apart from Sam during the week due to work but spends weekends with him in their house.

'I was moaning about how cold and muddy I was and looking behind me to see where Milo was.

'Then I heard Sam say, "I've got a question to ask you." I turned around and he got down on one knee and said, "Will you marry me?"

'I couldn't believe it and blurted out, "Of course I will – about time".

'We haven't set a wedding date yet but it'll most likely be 2022. 

'I feel blessed that Sam he loves me for who I am – he makes me feel like Beth, a person, a woman, not solely a brain tumour patient – and I'm excited about our future together.'

Sarah Lindsell, The Brain Tumour Charity's chief executive, said: 'We are so very grateful to Beth for sharing her story to help raise awareness about brain tumours – the biggest cancer killer of children and under-40s in the UK.

'Like Beth, many young people feel alone and isolated as they come to terms with their diagnoses and the physical and emotional impact of living with a brain tumour, which is why our support services are so important.

'Beth is a fantastic advocate for the charity and we send her and Sam our very warmest wishes on their engagement and wish them every happiness for their future.'

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Texas Restaurant Opens Early to Serve 3-Year-Old Girl with Leukemia Her Favorite Meal

J. Wilson's restaurant in Texas opened their doors early to accommodate a young customer going through a tough time

A Texas restaurant helped bring a smile to the face of a sick 3-year-old girl when they opened their doors early just for her.

When Adelaide Stanley turned 3 on July 1, 2019, she was diagnosed with leukemia, a rare cancer that starts in the bone marrow and affects blood cells, platelets and white blood cells, according to the American Cancer Society.

The combination of the disease and her chemotherapy treatment has dramatically affected Adelaide’s immune system, her parents, Vanlam Nguyen and Jordon Stanley, explained to Good Morning America. The family has largely kept Adelaide indoors since the diagnosis.

“A simple common cold would put her into the hospital,” Nguyen said of Adelaide, who also has two sisters, Zoë, 11, and Alice, 1. “As a parent with a kid who has leukemia, I try to keep her in a bubble.”

“We went from hugging everyone to being a germaphobe, so we don’t bring anything home to her,” she added to CNN. “We stopped doing what we do as a family.”

But during a recent trip in her father’s car, Adelaide spotted her favorite restaurant — J. Wilson’s in Beaumont — and asked if they could all get food. Stanley had to remind Adelaide that they would have to wait until she is better.

“That was so hard,” Nguyen told Fox News of the moment. “He said, ‘Baby, when you’re not sick anymore, when you get better, we can go eat there.’ ”

Nguyen later told a friend about the heartbreaking moment, and, in turn, the friend reached out to the restaurant’s owner, John Wilson, to see if he’d accommodate a special request: opening up early so Adelaide and the family could enjoy a meal by themselves.

“They used to come to brunch here all the time before she was diagnosed with leukemia,” Wilson told GMA. “They had been in confinement pretty much since July.”

The restaurant’s staff went to work, deep cleaning the establishment and decorating it in pink — Adelaide’s favorite color.

Then, on Jan. 26, J. Wilson’s opened an hour and 15 minutes early so Adelaide could have her favorite — scrambled eggs, bacon and homemade biscuits.

“Seeing her smile, just knowing we could give her a little sense of normalcy was great,” Wilson told GMA. “It’s something we all felt fulfillment from.”

Not only that, but the restaurant also took care of the bill.

“I was ready to pay for the bill, but it was already taken care of,” Nguyen recalled to CNN. “I can’t explain how much this means to me, her dad and her sister.”

According to Fox News, doctors are hoping to declare Adelaide cancer-free by September 2021.

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WKylie Jenner puts large J-Lo type hoop earrings on her daughter Stormi, two, which are customized with the child's NAME inside

She just threw her daughter Stormi a stunningly lavish birthday party.

And Kylie Jenner showed once again that she does not skimp on the luxuries for her darling two-year-old daughter.

The 22-year-old makeup billionaire posted an Instagram album showing Stormi wearing a pair of customized hoop earrings. The child has had pierced ears since she was five months old.

Stormi's hoops had her name inside, as seen in a photo where she gazed at her 'best friend' - her reflection in a car door.

At the beginning of this month Kylie threw a massively extravagant second birthday party for Stormi, whom she shares with her ex Travis Scott.

As she did with the little girl's first birthday, Kylie set up a whole Stormi World whose entrance was a giant blow-up replica of the baby's head.

The lip kit tycoon splashed out on a spinning Dumbo ride and a mechanical claw over a tub full of inflatable Stormi heads.

Her party venue was so gigantic that guests were given maps to help them find their way around the various 'Worlds.'

Along with a dedicated Stormi World there were also areas dedicated to the animated children's movies Trolls and Frozen.

In a recent video for Harper's Bazaar Kylie discussed her diet and joked that 'if there was like a face of hangry it would be me.'

She added: 'And Stormi has it too because when that little girl's a little hungry, she turns into a different baby. So, if you wonder where she gets it from, it's me for sure.'

Kylie shared sweetly: 'I always wonder, "What does this little girl dream about?" We were sleeping and she woke up out of her sleep and was like "bagel." I was like: "Is she awake right now?" and I looked over. Dead asleep, just dreaming about bagels.'

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Oh, Country singer Daniel Lee Martin 'commits suicide' after being accused of abusing a child

Country singer Daniel Lee Martin, who was accused of child sex crimes, has died by suicide, Fox News can confirm.

The musician and former reality show host was found dead at age 54 from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound at his Florida home, the Pasco County Sheriff's Office said in a statement to Fox News on Saturday.

Martin's body was found by officers when they arrived at his property to serve multiple arrest warrants that had been issued out of Tennessee.

The singer was accused of "three counts of sexual exploitation on a minor, three counts of aggravated sexual battery, one count of solicitation of a minor to commit rape of a child and two counts of committing an aggravated sexual battery," according to the statement.

Martin had threatened to harm himself prior to his death on Friday.

"Martin did not respond to attempts to make contact with him," the sheriff's statement continues. "The PSO SWAT team was called in to assist, as Martin previously made threats of harm against himself and others."

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Martin was arrested in late January on charges of lewd and lascivious exhibition and prohibition of certain acts in connection with obscenity.

The arrest came after a female victim claimed the singer exposed himself and masturbated in front of her in addition to showing her pornographic images during multiple sleepovers at his New Port Richey, Fla. home last November.

Martin was also accused of assaulting three children under the age of 13 between 2014 and 2018, the Tampa newspaper reported. The musician turned himself in and was scheduled for trial next month.

Martin broke out in the country music scene in the late 1990s and opened for stars Willie Nelson and Vince Gill, according to reports. He had also cohosted hunting show "Brotherhood Outdoors" in addition to releasing albums in 2003 and 2007.

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Former Mayoral Candidate Accused Of Drugging New Mom With Cupcake, Attempting To Kidnap Baby

Posing as a photographer, Juliette Parker, a former Colorado Springs, Colorado, mayoral candidate, made an enticing offer that many new moms couldn't pass up. In a Facebook group for new moms, Parker advertised free newborn photography sessions to moms with "a new baby that's less than 14 days old or are at least 37 weeks pregnant" and even offered to drive to their home. All they had to do was post images of their baby in the comments so Parker could scout potential candidates. 

Although Parker, 38, claimed she wanted to "build up her portfolio," local police came to believe that Parker may have had more sinister motives — they say Parker wanted to abduct an infant, flee the state, and raise the child as her own. 

The Pierce County Sheriff's Department arrested Parker and her 16-year-old daughter for attempted kidnapping and assault at their home in Spanaway, Washington, on Friday. Parker previously ran to be the Colorado Springs mayor last year, campaigning on tackling homelessness and affordable housing, the Gazette reported. According to Ballotpedia, Parker came in second, garnering over 11,000 votes. 

After losing the race, Parker and her daughter moved back to Washington to commence an elaborate kidnapping scheme under the guise of being professional photographers, police say. 

"On social media, anybody can look like a professional photographer or pretend to be anyone they want to be. But if it's too good to be true, it is," Ed Troyer, a Pierce County Sheriff detective told the Post. "It's crazy that it's gotten to the point of baby-stealing now."

Police have accused the mother and daughter of using the free photography sessions in a ploy to go "baby-shopping" before picking a victim for their kidnapping plot, the Washington Post reported.

According to the Pierce County Sheriff's Department, the new mom first became suspicious of Parker after her odd behavior during their photography sessions. She claims Parker took selfies with the baby and wiped her fingerprints off surfaces that she had touched in the home, which police say were part of the kidnapping plot. 

"That way, when she shows up somewhere else, she's got a bunch of pictures of her with the same baby," Troyer told the Post. "She's establishing a timeline: 'Here's me and the baby a week ago. Here we are two weeks ago.' We believe that's the reason."

Then, in their third and final photography session, Parker's daughter offered the unnamed mom a cupcake, claiming she and her mother ran a bakery together. 

The mother said the cupcake made her feel "numb and drowsy." She said she believed she had been drugged and immediately called local authorities. Adding to her suspicions, she discovered her house keys were missing after kicking the pair out of her home. 

Soon, the Pierce County Sheriff's Department arrested Parker and her daughter for the alleged kidnapping scheme.

"Our detectives have worked tirelessly on this case, conducting multiple interviews and obtaining several search warrants. This detailed investigation identified additional victims and garnered evidence that indicates that the suspect was planning to steal a newborn baby to raise as her own," the Pierce County Sheriff's Department wrote in a statement on Facebook

Since Parker's daughter is a minor, authorities declined to detail her daughter's involvement in the scheme. However, the daughter is said to have given the unnamed mom the cupcake that the mom believes was drugged. A toxicology report has been ordered to see if they can connect the cupcake with the woman's illness, Troyer told the Post. 

After local authorities called for other potential victims to come forward, at least a dozen women have reported being contacted by Parker since her arrest, the Washington Post reported. 

One mother, who delivered her baby on the day of Parker's arrest, said Parker offered to photograph her baby once she was born and had met with the former mayoral candidate. Victoria Morris confirmed some of Parker's odd behavior to KOMO News

"She seemed off, but not like something that was alarming that I would have sent her away," Morris said. "But she did do some odd things when she was here. When she came in the front door she used her sleeve to open the door and she came in and she wouldn't even sit in an actual chair. She sat on the floor."

Morris said she was mortified when she saw local news about Parker's arrest and was fearful at how close she had become to being a victim in her "babynapping" plot. Morris even messaged Parker after giving birth and sent photos of her newborn daughter, Jocelyn, to the accused kidnapper. 

"It just kind of broke me," Morris told KOMO News. "Because somebody you trusted, somebody who really worked their way into my life and really trusted them."

Parker was released on $50,000 bail and is set to be arraigned on Tuesday. Her daughter's case will be sent to juvenile court, according to the Washington Post.

Business Insider could not determine whether or not Parker has attained a lawyer and she could not be reached for comment.

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Oh, Tamra Judge's ex Simon Barney reveals he has stage 3 throat cancer

Tamra Judge's ex husband Simon Barney is battling stage three throat cancer. 

The 55-year-old appeared in the early seasons of Real Housewives of Orange County before his marriage to Judge collapsed and the ugly split tore their family apart.  

He began an aggressive dual treatment of radiation and chemotherapy to target the cancer in January, receiving chemo every three weeks, with radiation five days a week for seven weeks, according to People magazine.

The outlet reported that the former reality TV star first experienced symptoms in May, noticed salivary glands on one side were swollen. 

Doctors initially thought the cause was infection but an ultrasound and biopsy led to his cancer diagnosis. 

By the time of diagnosis the cancer had spread to his throat, tonsils and lymph nodes, leaving the disease too spread for surgery. 

Along with his fiance of nine years, Catushia Ienna, he first shared the news with his ex-wife Judge and their children. 

Judge and Barney share daughters Sidney, 21, and Sophia, 14, as well as son Spencer, 19, they were married for 13 years and split in 2011. 

After their split Sidney chose to live with Barney, while Spencer has lived with Judge and Sophia splits her time between the two. 

Despite the fractured family relationships prior to the diagnosis, the revelation has brought Judge back into Sidney's life and Barney back into Spencer's. 

Judge, 52, also spoke to the magazine on the news of his cancer diagnosis , saying she 'couldn't believe it,' and her mind went to the worst. 

'My first thought was, "I don’t want to take my kids to their dad’s funeral," and immediately, any ill feelings between the two of us just vanished,' the mother-of-four said. 

Adding: 'At the end of the day, none of that matters. All we have to do is rally together to make it through this.'

Her ex-husband found a bright side in his family coming together through this ordeal saying 'It’s kind of like a new beginning for me and my family. It’s really brought everyone closer together.'

He also said: 'When I told Tamra, she said she cried for like, two or three days. Things changed with our relationship from there, in a good way. We’re getting along in ways we haven’t in years. And she’s become close with my fiancé. And that shift carried across the board with my kids, too.'

'That’s what I’ve always wanted,’ he added. 'My fiancée, the same thing, she’s always wanted that with my ex-wife, for the kids. The kids would prefer it if we all got along. And they see that now, and it’s had such a powerful effect.' 

Barney said despite being a private person he wanted to share the news himself before someone else could. 

'I’m a private person, despite what my time on reality television might say,' he said. 'But I wanted to speak before someone else does and uses their words, not mine.'

Adding: 'And to speak out about it so others can see how I’ve taken this fight on with optimism, and the good this has ultimately brought my life.' 

The aggressive form of treatment has taken a told on the father-of-three, leaving him barely able to eat, with slight hair loss and a buzzing in his ears. 

'The process is the real bad part, it basically attacks all of your organs...It's been killing me,' he said. 'I was ready to end it the other day, the symptoms were so bad. It's almost worse than the cancer.'

A few days after his once a week chemo treatment the steroids to ease pain wear off 'I just curl up in a ball for the whole weekend in my bed, and then pray that the truck gets off me. Because I was run over by one,' he said. 

Treatments that are meant to help him heal, such as a shot to increase white blood cell count, Barney said is 'a 9 out of 10 pain. It's a lot of pain.'

Due to the nature of his cancer, in his throat, lymph nodes and tonsils, swallowing even water is a painful task. 

'You have an appetite but you can’t eat anything because your taste buds are gone, or they taste and smell like chemo — this metallic, disgusting taste and smell,' he says. 'My throat is swollen and bleeding which makes it difficult to swallow even water.'

But he still believes having a good mentality is the way to beat it, and praised his family for being supportive and offering to take him to treatments, but he doesn't want to be treated as a cancer patient. 

 'I stay strong and don’t let this take me down. Because if your attitude sucks — if you start believing, "Oh my God, cancer’s a death sentence" — then you’re done,' he said. 'I can survive this, at least mentally...I’m going to fight it with a smile and a laugh, and I’m going to beat it. It’s whatever my destiny is.'

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It has come to notice that brain eater has been kept for so long.

A inmate in Wakefield Prison is being held in the UK’s most secure cell, a glass box under a prison, and he has been described as so dangerous he will never be released.

Robert Maudsley, known as “the brain eater” by other prisoners, was in his early 20s when he committed his first murder. He was jailed, but continued to kill inside.

He is now locked in a one-of-a-kind dungeon beneath Wakefield Prison.

The cell has been likened to the glass cage that housed serial killer Hannibal Lecter in the film Silence of the Lambs.

18ft wide by 15ft deep, it has huge bulletproof glass windows so Maudsley can be kept under constant observation.

The only furniture in the cell is a table and a chair, both made of compressed cardboard, while his toilet and sink are bolted to the floor.

Maudsley's bed is a concrete slab and the door is made of solid steel, which opens into a cage just inside.

The cage is encased in thick, see-through, acrylic panels and has a small slit at the bottom, through which guards pass the serial killer his meals and other items he needs.

Maudsley is locked in the cell for 23 hours a day, only being freed for a daily hour of exercise.

He is escorted to the exercise yard by six guards and is never allowed any contact with other inmates.

In an interview Maudsley said he felt "tormented" by his solitary confinement.

He explained: "There is a lack of hope and I don't appear to have anything to look forward to.”

Starved of company, he wrote a letter to The Times, asking: "Why can't I have a budgie instead of the flies and cockroaches and spiders I currently have? I promise to love it and not eat it."

In March 2000, he wrote another letter asking for a cyanide pill so that he could end his life.

Maudsley suffered a traumatic childhood, and endured violent and sexual abuse until he left home. He blames his upbringing for his later acts.

He said in 1979, when on trial for a double murder: “If I had killed my parents in 1970, none of these people need have died.”

Working as a male prostitute in London in 1974, Maudsley met Robert Farrell. Farrell paid him for sex, and then showed him pictures of children he had sexually abused.

Maudsley strangled Farrell, and he was later that year sentenced to sentenced to life imprisonment with a recommendation that he should never be released.

In 1977, Maudsley and fellow Broadmoor inmate, David Cheeseman, barricaded themselves in a cell with convicted child molester, David Francis.

For nine hours they tortured Francis in the most brutal way, eventually killing him.

Inside the prison, Maudsley became known as "Spoons" because Francis’s body was reportedly found with a spoon sticking out of the skull and part of the brain missing.

After the murder, Maudsley was then moved to the maximum security Wakefield Prison in Yorkshire but a year after he murdered Francis he killed again.

On July 29, 1978, he garrotted and stabbed wife killer, Salney Darwood, in his cell and hid the body under the bed.

Maudsley then stalked the prison wing for his next victim and attacked Bill Roberts, who had been jailed for sexually assaulting a seven-year-old girl.

He stabbed Roberts to death before hacking at his skull with a makeshift dagger.

When Maudsley was certain Roberts was dead he calmly walked up to a prison guard and told him there would be two less mouths to feed at dinner that night.

Now deemed too dangerous to remain amongst the general prison population, work began on constructing the special cell for Maudsley in the bowels of Wakefield Prison.

He has been in that room since 1983, and is not expected to leave it alive.

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Oh, Dad 'amused and horrified' when girl left note saying why she hadn't eaten her sandwich

A father was left 'amused and horrified' when he returned home to find his daughter had left him a note in her lunchbox - because she hates hummus.

Pete Simson, of Bristol, had made daughter Pearl a sandwich to bring to school and asked her what she thought about the packed lunch after she had returned school one afternoon last week.

To his surprise, seven-year-old Pearl told Pete that she had left a note inside the lunchbox, in which she wrote "I NOT ETTINg my sandwish because I hate hummas."

The 37-year-old proud dad told Bristol Live: "Well clearly, she wasn’t a fan on the sandwich I made her.

"I asked her if she liked her packed lunch and she told me there was a note in the lunchbox.

"I thought it might be a thank you or something but as soon as I saw the dishevelled sarnie in there I knew something was amiss.

"The dark brown pencil it was written with should have been a clue, it was a foreboding colour."

Pete had mixed feelings when he received the note as he was amused that Pearl had gone to the trouble to write the note.

But he was also horrified that his daughter 'must have been Hank Marvin (slang for starving)'.

He added: "This is a very Pearl thing to do - she is what a casual observer might describe as 'sassy'.

"To her mother it's the sign of a strong woman but to me it's plain insolence.

"I should add my own mother made the worst sandwiches on crumbly bread when I was a kid, but I made damn sure I ate them.

"I suppose it’s nice I’m following in a family tradition.

"Pearl also hates sourdough, with that and the 'hummas' she’ll never be a middle-class icon."


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Oh, Transgender woman jailed after going berserk and attacking people

A transgender woman who once shoved a policeman onto Tube tracks has been jailed for 12 weeks for spitting at another officer in her latest rampage.

Paris Valeta Bregazzi, 32, stormed into a department store in Kensington and smashed a china display before fleeing the shop and attacking a driver on the main road.

Picking up objects from the street she threw them at a car waiting at the traffic lights, causing two dents. The owner got out of the vehicle and confronted her but she said she did not care.

She then entered a pharmacy and picked up two shopping baskets and threw them at a shopper while screaming they should get their hair braided.

In 2018 she was handed a suspended sentence for pushing PC Sam Chegwin onto a Tube line the previous July and jailed weeks later for kneeing PC Florina Russ in the chest.

She has previous convictions including assault, harassment and shoplifting designer frocks and handbags dating back to 2007.

Jailing Bregazzi for a total of 12 weeks District Judge Michael Snow said: 'You have 90 sets of criminal convictions.

'You are a woman of significant violence. You regularly hit and hurt other people.

'At the time you committed this offence you were subject to supervision.

'Whilst under the influence of drugs - which makes things worse, not better - you damaged property, used baskets as a weapon to throw at the first lady and pushed her against the wall.

'Even more frighteningly, you pushed a woman into the middle of the road. You could have caused her significant danger.

'Finally, you assaulted a sergeant by spitting at him.

'These crimes are so serious only custody can be justified.

Bregazzi, appearing by video link, grinned as the sentence was passed and interrupted the judge to ask: 'So when is my release date, then?'

Judge Snow replied: 'About six weeks.

'Comply with the courts or you'll be back in more trouble.'

Matt Barrowcliffe, prosecuting, said: 'The defendant entered a store on Brompton Road.

'She threw over a table causing china to smash on the floor. The defendant left the store and walked towards the entrance.

'The defendant picked up something from the seats outside and threw them at a car. This caused two dents.

'The driver got out but she responded that she doesn't care. She then went inside a pharmacy, picked up two shopping baskets and threw them at members of the public, shouting at them to get their hair braided.'

'The defendant followed her outside and pushed her to a wall by her shoulders.

'The defendant then shoved another victim, pushing her using her hips and shoulder. She knocked the victim on the floor and into the road.

'When the defendant was taken to the police station she spat at the custody sergeant and was subsequently arrested for assaulting an emergency worker.'

Lesley Hayes, defending, said: 'There is evidence of remorse in this case.

'And what's particularly telling is what you heard from the mental health team, that Miss Bregazzi was suffering from withdrawal symptoms.

'She appears to have made efforts, positive efforts, to come off the crystal meth. What could have been the beginning of a turning point has catapulted her back to court.

'She asks you to take into account that she is remorseful, has made efforts and is suffering with borderline personality disorder.'

In 2017 Bregazzi was heard angrily shouting at another passenger at Hanger Lane: 'You are just a black African slave, you are a n*****.'

When PC Sam Chegwin told her to 'calm down' and pushed her in the chest to keep her away from him, Bregazzi, who had recently had breast implants, dumped the officer down into the tracks.

PC Chegwin's head landed two inches from the live rail line but he scrambled back onto the platform and arrested Bregazzi, who told officers she had downed four bottles of Italian bubbly and taken drugs during a wild night out.

A train passed through minutes later and the officer was 'extremely fortunate' to not have been killed.

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Prison teacher, 36, wrote letter to male inmate 'from her own children' saying 'thank you for making mummy happy' during affair that was exposed when her husband found 107 messages between the pair on a secret SIM card

The husband of a prison teacher exposed her affair with an inmate after finding 107 messages between the pair on a secret mobile phone SIM card, a court heard today.

Melissa Frost, 36, exchanged letters, phone calls and text messages with the prisoner while having a relationship with him at Wayland Prison near Thetford, Norfolk.

Her husband became suspicious that she was having an affair, possibly with a prison officer, and using a second mobile phone to contact her lover.

Norwich Crown Court heard how he searched their home and discovered the SIM card which he put into his own mobile phone, so he could read the messages sent and received by his wife.

The messages sent over two months in 2017 included expressions of 'loving and longing' between his wife and the inmate, saying how they were missing each other and hoping to be together soon, said prosecutor Martin Ivory.

The convict's named was not identified during court proceedings. 

Frost's husband immediately reported what he found to the prison's deputy governor who began an investigation in December 2017.

The mother-of-two made a 'full and frank confession' that she had been in a relationship with the inmate who was serving a five year and four month sentence for arson at the Category C jail.

Frost insisted that the pair had only indulged in kisses and cuddles, rather than full sexual activity.

Letters between them were recovered, along with evidence that he had called her from an official prison phone using his allocation of minutes for private calls, said Mr Ivory.

One of the letters was written in the names of Frost's two children, now aged five and seven, in which they thanked the inmate 'for making Mummy happy.'

The letters made clear that they were talking about having more sexual activity on the inmate's release from prison. 

Mr Ivory said that Frost worked as a supply teacher at the prison on a zero hours contract, and had become friendly with the prisoner in July 2017, and they later began 'conversing.'

He added: 'Just to make things crystal clear, it is not the case that the prisoner was using an illicit phone. The contact was over the prison phone.

He added: 'She felt she was in love with him at that time, but she was not quite sure of her feelings for him at the time of the interview.

'She denied any sexual conduct, but was aware of her responsibilities for security being as she was a prison key holder. She had not discussed what was going on with any other prisoner or prison staff.

'At the time this was going on, there were difficulties in her private life.'

Frost of North Walsham, Norfolk, admitted misconduct in a public office and wept in the dock as she was jailed for four months.

Judge Stephen Holt told her: 'This sort of offending goes to the heart of the prison system. It opens up a prison to the danger of blackmail and contraband entering the prison system, which causes so much damage.

'I and most people have considerable sympathy for you, but this court has to give a clear message that anyone working in the prison system must expect an immediate custodial sentence for this type of offence.'

Judge Holt said he considered the letter from Frost's children to the prisoner was an aggravating factor in the case.

The court heard that Frost had now lost her career as a teacher, but had got a new job and was in a new relationship.

David Stewart, defending, said she had made full admissions and suffered stress, worry and sleepless nights while waiting for the case to come to court.

He added: 'There is no suggestion of illicit substances or items being brought into the prison which would compromise security. She was going through a rough patch at home with her former husband.

'But bearing in mind the animosity when they separated, he clearly thinks a lot of her, and speaks of her affectionately, and praises her mothering skills.

'You have to ask what the defendant has done. She had a relationship, but it was not of a sexual nature.'

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Criminal who helped organise murder of hardman 'attacked in prison'

A Greater Manchester criminal who helped organise the murder of a Liverpool hardman has reportedly been attacked at a high security prison.

Steven Boyle, 37, was jailed for life for his part in the killing of 'Scouse John' Kinsella, who was shot dead by hitman Mark Fellows - the man who also murdered Salford's 'Mr Big' Paul Massey.

Mr Kinsella, a well-known criminal from Vauxhall, was the victim of a fallout between two rival Salford crime gangs.

Fellows cycled up behind Mr Kinsella and shot him in the back of the head on the morning of May 5, 2018. 

Heywood criminal Boyle was the 'spotter' and helped Fellows carry out the murder.

Boyle was told he would serve a minimum of 33 years. He was cleared of killing Mr Massey.

Fellows received a whole life sentence for the murders of Mr Kinsella and Mr Massey.

Both Fellows, from Warrington, Cheshire, and Boyle were acquitted of the attempted murder of Mr Kinsella's partner Wendy Owen.

It has now been reported that Boyle was attacked at HMP Wakefield by another prisoner last month

It is understood the reported incident, on January 20, was not linked to Mr Kinsella's murder.

A source suggested Boyle was attacked by another prisoner and retaliated. Boyle is thought to have been punched in the face. No weapons were involved.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Justice said: "Two prisoners were treated for bruising at HMP Wakefield after an incident on 20 January."

Wakefield is home to some of the country's most notorious offenders.

Last year, Boyle's co-defendant Fellows was slashed with a razor blade at HMP Whitemoor.

Police said he suffered serious facial injuries. Fellows was moved to HMP Belmarsh after the attack.

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The World's Shortest Woman And Her Husband

So many things are happening in our world today that staying in your room you can bet with your life that those things don't happen whereas they do. Nature is been bent in somany people that you will begin to wonder who controls nature.

Who would have ever imagine that this size of human beings exist in the world. It was hard for Africans to accept the fact dwarfs exist and midgets. But this woman here is beyond dwarfs or midget. She is just small.

The shortest woman living in the world today is Jyoti Amge an Indian who was born 16 Dec 1993, she measured 62.8 cm at Nagpur, India, on 16 December 2011.

She was measured at the Wockhardt Superspeciality Hospital in Nagpur India on her 18th birthday which makes her eligible to take over this record from Bridgette Jordan. Jyoti Amge had previously held the title for the shortest teenager (female).

Unlike others who will feel ashamed of there size. Jyoti Amge was happy. Stating that this award makes her feel special and celebrated all over the world and that she is no longer afraid to move around.

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Drew Carey's Ex-Fiancee Claimed Murder Suspect Threw Her Out of Car

Drew Carey has broken his silence on the murder of his ex-fiancee, Dr Amie Harwick, whose ex-boyfriend allegedly threw her from the third floor balcony of her California home over the weekend.  

Harwick, 38, was found unconscious on the ground at around 1.15am on Saturday after officers responded to a report of a 'woman screaming' in a Hollywood Hills neighborhood, the Los Angeles Police Department said in a statement.  

She had been thrown from her third floor apartment's balcony, according to police. 

In a statement that was emailed to US Weekly, Carey said he's 'overcome with grief'.

'Amie and I had a love that people are lucky to have once in a lifetime. She was a positive force in the world, a tireless and unapologetic champion for women, and passionate about her work as a therapist.'

The Price Is Right host said: 'I would like to thank you in advance for giving myself and everyone who loved Amie privacy while we try to work through this tragic situation.' 

His statement came after it was announced that the show has cancelled this week's tapings.  

According to TMZ, the show had plans to film on Tuesday and Wednesday, but audience members received an email notifying them of the cancellations on Monday. 

Carey and Harwick first made their relationship public in June 2017. They were engaged in January 2018.

Harwick, the author of The New Sex Bible for Women, and Carey split in November 2018 after dating for more than a year.

Authorities said they arrested Gareth Pursehouse, 41, at around 4.30pm on Saturday in Playa Del Rey on suspicion of murder.

Harwick had previously told friends she feared he would hurt her. She had filed a restraining order against him but it had expired two weeks ago.  

The doctor's roommate told police that after Pursehouse broke in, they ran out of the apartment to get help for her. 

By the time officers arrived at the property, she had been thrown from the balcony. 

Los Angeles Police did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Pursehouse has worked as a photographer as well as a software engineer and developer.

His most recent job was as lead architect at Internet Brands.

Hours after Harwick died and before his arrest, Pursehouse, who is active on Twitter, posted messages on the site.

'You can’t get fit without that new gym clothing,' he wrote at 9.07am on Saturday.

'But they won’t give you that gear until you’re fit. Soo … Tough t***ies bucko.' 

Hours before the alleged murder, Pursehouse tweeted about politics.

'I can’t figure out why gerrymandering isn’t a federal crime,' he wrote.

His Twitter page is full of tweets critical of President Donald Trump.

'Reminder... Once Trump is not president, the FBI can prosecute him for all the Mueller report findings…,' he wrote on Wednesday. 

Harwick is a well known sex and family therapist in the Hollywood area.

She received her degree in psychology from California Polytechnic University in Pomona, California. 

Harwick also earned her masters of arts in clinical psychology from Pepperdine University. 

In 2015, Harwick appeared in the popular online documentary titled Addicted to Sexting.

A year later, she made an appearance on the reality television show Braxton Family Values.

The show, which airs on WE tv, follows the lives of the Braxton sisters - Toni, Tamar, Traci, Towanda, and Trina - as well as their mother, Evelyn. 

Harwick also published articles in various online news and advice sites. According to her web site, she worked out of an office on Santa Monica Boulevard.

She offered weekly therapy sessions at $200 per session, according to her site.

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1yo Kuantan Baby Dies After Dad Unknowingly Left Them In Car For Whole Day

There’s been so many cases where small children and animals have died after being left in a hot car for a certain amount of time.

But what if you didn’t know that they were in the car?

A 12-month-old baby was found dead in the back seat of their father’s car, which was parked in the Kompleks Tun Razak, Indera Mahkota, Kuantan parking lot yesterday afternoon (17th February 2020).

There’s been so many cases where small children and animals have died after being left in a hot car for a certain amount of time.

But what if you didn’t know that they were in the car?

A 12-month-old baby was found dead in the back seat of their father’s car, which was parked in the Kompleks Tun Razak, Indera Mahkota, Kuantan parking lot yesterday afternoon (17th February 2020).

A kind Samaritan had rushed them to the Indera Mahkota Medical Centre nearby on a motorcycle, but unfortunately, the baby was officially pronounced dead.

Come on, parents, it’s an age-long lesson that you should never leave your small children alone at any time. We wish only the best for the family of the deceased and our deepest condolences.

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Bad ,Horrifying moment Bangkok receptionist is shot dead by her 'jealous' ex-husband

This is the chilling moment a jealous gunman casually walks into a Bangkok dental clinic and shoots dead his ex-wife.

Mother-of-one Khuntai Chatthai, 28, has been named locally as the victim of today's execution-style killing in the Thai capital.

Piercing screams rang out through the Century Plaza shopping complex as the suited killer unrelentingly peppered his receptionist former partner from point-blank range.

As the dead mother lay sprawled in a pool of her own blood, the gunman fled the scene of the slaughter - and remains at large. 

Police and paramedics descended on the mall in the heart of Bangkok just after 3pm local time and desperately tried to revive Chatthai.

A second person was taken to hospital with non-fatal injuries and are believed to be in stable condition.   

Police Major General Samroeng Suanthong said: 'The shooting seems to have been caused by the delusional jealousy of the gunman towards the dead person, who was his ex-wife. 

'This case is not that complicated, there are no other suspects or motives.'

Horrifying CCTV captured the moment Chatthai was caught unawares and shot dead by her bitter ex-husband.

It shows her working behind the counter with a colleague, both of whom are wearing suits and perched on stools.

As the gunman walks in, not making eye contact with the staff, both women seem to sit up and watch him closely.

He then reaches into his inside blazer pocket and draws a handgun.

Chatthai spots this and throws herself to the ground behind the counter, quickly followed by her colleague who also dives for cover.

But the shooter quickly rounds the desk and opens fire, relentlessly squeezing the trigger as his victims scream helplessly.

After unloading a full round of ammunition on his target from less than a metre away, the gunman pulls another magazine and reloads as his makes his escape. 

A team of about seven medics dressed in white later swooped in on the clinic and began trying to revive the victim with CPR 

Another photo shows the injured victim being treated for what appears to be a gunshot wound to the hand.  

Shoppers were still bustling throughout the building, but many stopped to watch in shock as emergency crews rushed to the dental clinic.

 A worker from the building said ''everybody panicked'' when they heard shots.

They added: 'I was on the same floor as the shooting and I heard screaming. There was a lot of panic, everybody was running away and did not know what to do. It's scary, I don't feel safe.'

Century Plaza is a popular mall near to the city's well-known Victory monument. 

Guns are easily obtainable in Thailand and disputes between lovers or family members often play out in bloody violence, drawing headlines over the deadly brawls. 

The shooting comes at a sensitive time for Thailand as just over a week ago a soldier went on a gun rampage at a shopping mall in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, killing 30 people and injuring 60 others.

Sergeant Major Jakrapanth Thomma, 32, died after his bloodbath shooting spree which he live-streamed on Facebook.

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A British father has brutally murdered a 14-month-old baby with bite marks and a brain hemorrhage

A 14-month-old girl died with a string of injuries including bleeding to a brain and possible bite marks on her hand and thigh.

The court was previously told that Hollie Ashurst sustained multiple areas of bruising and abrasions to the head and neck area, bleeding on the brain and in the eyes, a broken ankle and two possible bite marks.

Daniel Ashurst, 33, is accused of causing the injuries which led to the youngster's death in hospital on March 1 at the family home in Shevington, Wigan.

Once he had entered the witness box at Manchester Crown Court on Monday, Ashurst was asked by barrister Nina Grahame QC whether he 'deliberately' cause harmed his daughter on February 28, 2019.

Ashurst replied: "Absolutely not."

Miss Grahame said: "Prior to that, did you deliberately cause harm to your daughter?"

The defendant said: "I have never caused her any harm whatsoever."

He told Miss Grahame that he had never hit her, shook her roughly or bit her.

Ashurst said he and Hollie's mother, Leanne Thompson, were planning to get married and returned from a family holiday to Gran Canaria, Spain a fortnight earlier.

Asked to describe his daughter, he said: "She was a fantastic baby. She was brilliant, she was good as gold.

"You could do absolutely anything around her. She was very much loved."

Miss Grahame asked him how the baby responded to her parents.

Ashurst said: "It was a brilliant relationship. We both loved Hollie to bits."

The jury previously heard unemployed Ashurst's medical records revealed he was on medication for anxiety and depression.

A mental health worker had noted concerns about his ability to cope with Hollie once Ms Thompson returned to work, the court heard.

Ashurst told the court he had no worries about being home alone with Hollie.

He explained that taking his daughter out of the house helped his mental health issues.

"I adored her and I loved showing her off," he said. "I was forever putting pictures of her on Facebook."

Ashurst admitted he drank three of four cans of lager a night and took cocaine two or three times a week to help him relax.

He used cocaine on the evening before the fatal injuries were said to have happened, the court was told.

Ashurst said it had no effect on him the next day after he had had a "a good night's sleep".

The defendant initially told medics his daughter had tumbled down two stairs at the family home in Fleming Court on February 28.

In a defence statement made seven months later he instead claimed a series of unfortunate accidents had befallen his daughter.

The Crown say the latest account was invented in a bid to explain the injuries.

Ashurst denies murder and manslaughter.

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Wow, Mother whose son 13 is recovering from a heart transplant reveals she 'can't believe' he's finally healthy

A mother whose son was donated a new heart due to rare birth defect has insisted she 'can't believe' her child is finally healthy.  

Jack Brotton, 13, from Darlington, was born with a congenital heart disease before later developing rare lung condition, plastic bronchitis, which caused his heart to fail and meant he spent months in palliative care on the urgent transplant list. 

The teen, whose conditions caused him to develop an undiagnosed collapsed lung, finally underwent surgery this year, and appeared on Lorraine today with his mother Sarah and younger sister Eva to speak of his journey.  

His mum told of how she would 'sit at the end of his bed listening to him breathe in tears' while waiting for a donor, and has hailed the transplant the 'ultimate gift' to herself and her son. 

Sarah said: 'He was going to school with a collapsed lung and nobody knew because the bronchitis was causing other illnesses.

'He'd been living like that. I would sit at the end of his bed listening to him breathe in tears.' 

Speaking of his transformation after the transplant, she went on: 'Sometimes I think 'Is this real?  Am I seeing my son this healthy? It is the ultimate gift of life.' 

Jack, who was born with a double inlet left ventricle, instead of a right and left ventricle which the heart needs to function, went on to explain that his stay in Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary was 'hard' as there was nobody his own age to speak to, and 'illness all around' . 

He said: 'It was just hard because I couldn't see anyone, I had nobody to talk to my own age. 

'There was just illness all around me.  I woke up and had loads of medicines and had needles all the time.' 

Two hearts became available for Jack, meaning he underwent preparation for two operations before being told  neither organs functioned properly. 

Sarah admitted that while she was 'living in hope' she feared that Jack may 'never get to go home again.' 

She said: 'Basically we were living in hope, wondering if we'd ever get to go home again. And when you get the call, you think about the family facing tragedy and it hurts.' 

After spending his 13th birthday in an induced coma, Jack finally underwent the life-saving surgery and insisted his life is 'so much better'. 

He said:  'It's just so much better really. I can do so much more than I used to be able to.  I can run with my friends,  play football with them.  I have so much more of a free life.' 

Mum Sarah went on to speak about Jack's coming CBBC documentary 'My Life: My New Heart' which details Jacks time in the hospital. 

 She told that while her son found it 'very difficult' at times to constantly be filmed, the pair were both keen to raise awareness of the importance of organ donors. 

'It was very difficult at times',said Sarah, 'Some days he shut down and said "I don't want to do this". 

'But I said this is for awareness to get the message out there how important organ donation is.'

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Wow, Dad describes 'chilling' moment he held 'the very thing' killing his daughter

A father has described the horror he felt after holding the tumour which was killing his baby girl.

Seven-year-old Leah had life-changing surgery to remove the tumour which had grown around her spine and key blood vessels in August last year.

Parents Stephen and Claire Bennett, from St Helens, Liverpool,  were told by other hospitals the operation would be too risky to perform but eventually their daughter was saved by staff at Alder Hey and Royal Liverpool hospitals, reports the Liverpool Echo.

Before the six-hour operation a 3D model was made of the tumour which Stephen held.

He said: "Staring at it in front of my eyes was just horrifying - it looked huge and holding it made the hairs on my neck stand up.

He added: "I held in my hands the very thing that was killing my little girl and that is quite a chilling experience.

"I had a strange mix of both extremely positive and extremely negative emotions going through me."

Claire was unable to hold the model as she found it too difficult.

Leah was diagnosed with the tumour last year after suffering from back ache on and off.

When the couple were first shown the MRI scan, Stephen said it was "completely horrifying."

Stephen, 39, said: "You start to think, how the hell is she going to beat this? How could this have possibly grown inside her without us knowing? It was completely horrifying.

"I felt so empty and helpless and like I had let her down and failed as a parent."

The parents were told that surgeons from Great Ormond Street, Bristol and Manchester had all given the opinion that surgery was not even possible for Leah, but Claire begged a consultant to speak to the surgical team to see if the was anything they could do to remove the tumour.

After the team began to operate, Leah was only given a 10 per cent chance of surgeons being able to remove the tumour without it causing major harm like paralysis due to the damage it could cause to her spinal cord, or death.

The surgery was carried out by Joanne Minford, Matthew Jones, Fiona Murphy and Professor John Brennan - a vascular specialist from Royal Liverpool Hospital.

After the couple were told the operation was successful they broke down into floods of tears.

After the success of the six-hour operation, Leah was discharged and home in time for her seventh birthday.

She has also been fundraising for the hospital with her sister Phoebe.

Leah will now be monitored closely and scanned frequently for the next five years to keep watch on her condition.

The couple now want to share Leah's story to make sure the staff get the "recognition they deserve".

Stephen said: "The bravery of the surgical team to make the decision to attempt surgery when all other hospitals around the country said no, is beyond inspiring and came with considerable personal and professional risk to each of them."

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A baby boy born with a swollen head is defying doctors who told his mother to abort her pregnancy

A four-week-old baby born with a swollen head the size of a football is defying doctors who told his mother to terminate her pregnancy because he wouldn't survive birth.

Lorenzo Pontone was diagnosed with severe hydrocephalus, a condition which causes fluid to build up in the skull, making the brain swell, at his mother Nikky Lewis's 20-week scan.

Ms Lewis, 28, and partner Fernando Pontone, 33, from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, were offered a termination right up to full term because there was a high chance Lorenzo would be born deaf, blind, unable to move and prone to seizures.

But stay-at-home mother Ms Lewis insisted on keeping little Lorenzo and he had to be delivered by C-section after 36 weeks because his head was growing so quickly.

And as well as needing a colostomy bag because he was born without an anus, an MRI scan taken after he was born showed he had far less brain matter than he should have, meaning he is only being kept alive by his brain stem.

However, he has since gone on to defy the odds by breathing on his own and is now able to close his eyes, whereas he couldn't after first being born.

Ms Lewis said she felt like his birth was 'meant to be' because she became pregnant while using contraception.

She said: 'I don't believe in termination and I was using contraception when I fell pregnant, so I felt like it was meant to be.

'While we considered it because doctors said it was the best thing to do, we decided to let nature take its course because he was half way there.

'As the pregnancy went on, the doctors told us he was at high risk of being stillborn or not surviving after birth - they said he would be blind, won't walk, will be deaf and have seizures.

'We couldn't understand how they could tell that from a scan.'

The hydrocephalus caused the ventricles (cavities) in Lorenzo’s brain to become severely enlarged, a condition known as severe ventriculomegaly.

This also caused part of his brain to rupture.

According to the Hydrocephalus Association, hydrocephalus affects around one in 1,000 babies, making it as widespread as Down's syndrome and more common than spina bifida or brain tumors.

It is caused when fluid becomes trapped in the brain and so builds up, raising pressure inside the skull, which squashes the surrounding brain tissue.

In some cases, this can cause the head to steadily grow in size, convulsions, and brain damage. It can be fatal if left untreated. 

And an MRI scan taken after he was born showed that it is only Lorenzo's brain stem, which controls basic body functions such as breathing and swallowing, which is keeping him alive.

But the fluid on his brain is now beginning to dissipate after doctors fitted a tube known as a shunt which drains the excess fluid into his abdomen. 

This means that the swelling on his head will reduce with time. 

Mr Pontone said: 'I'm so glad we didn't go through with a termination.

'We thought about it because we thought it could be difficult and didn't know if we'd be able to get through it but he's so tough.

'I wouldn't be able to cope with what he's been through.

'As soon as we saw him we fell in love with him. I couldn't stop shivering, we were crying our eyes out.

'We're so proud of him. Everything doctors said he wouldn't be able to do, he's done.'

Ms Lewis said it was 'very emotional' when their son finally cried after a ten-minute wait when he was born.

'We had a planned C-section at 36 weeks because Lorenzo's head was getting bigger and bigger so quickly,' she said.

'When he was born, he didn't cry at first and we were just waiting for it for what felt like about 10 minutes.

'We were so relieved when he did and it was very emotional. I thought he wasn't going to make it.

'At first, he couldn't blink and his eyes were constantly open so the doctors had to stitch the corners of his eyes.

'Now he can blink and open his eyes so he's proven a lot of doctors wrong.'

Ms Lewis and Mr Pontone don't know how the condition will affect their son long-term, but said the fact he has survived after birth is a miracle.

The little boy has been introduced to his siblings, Koby, 12, Lily, 10, Thomas, eight, Bella, five and Gino, 10 months.

Ms Lewis said: 'We're just taking it day by day and we'll figure it out when he reaches his milestones.

'He's brilliant, he's very demanding with food and his brothers and sisters just love him.

'We've got a lot of learning to do because he'll be on medication for life.

'We'll have to learn how to change his colostomy bag and how to feed him, but it'll all be worth it.'

The couple have now set up a fundraising page because Mr Pontone has been forced to take a break from his job at a supermarket has to care for their other five children.

The couple take it in turns to stay at the hospital with Lorenzo.

Dad Fernando added: 'We just want to say don't always listen to what doctors say, because they're not always right.

'I have proof - he's here alive and kicking.'

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I carried my baby knowing she might die minutes after being born - but I'm so glad I put my faith in her

AT just 24 weeks pregnant, Samantha Perryman was forced to make the agonising decision no parent wants to make - whether or not to abort her unborn baby.

The mum-of-three, 29, had just found out that her baby had a rare form of a condition called spina bifida - which is when a baby's spine and spinal cord don't develop properly in the womb.

And medics told her that if her unborn daughter was to survive the pregnancy she would likely only live for a matter of minutes.

Heartbroken, Samantha desperately researched the disorder and discovered there was only one survivor of the lethal condition - a young boy who lives in Asia.

With this tiny fragment of hope, Samantha chose to fight for their baby and give her the best possible chance of survival.

Samantha said: "It was awful to hear that. I just broke down in tears. I cried for days on end.

"We had the option to terminate the pregnancy but she was an active baby. I felt it would be killing our baby and we decided to give her the chance she deserved."

It was at the 20-week gender scan when the County Durham couple discovered there were complications with Leona-Grace.

The couple, who also are parents to Ella-Louise, six, Rosie-Leigh, five, were transferred to the University Hospital of North Durham where it was confirmed she had spina bifida.

Doctors carried out a further scan at the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle just weeks later and told them the heartbreaking news that their daughter may only live for a matter of minutes, if she survived being born in the first place.

It was a tough experience for the Craghead family who had no idea how to prepare for the birth of a baby they were likely to never be able to take home.

Samantha was rushed into hospital with unimaginable pains she described as "ten times worse than contractions".

She underwent a c-section on November 18 - five-and-a-half weeks ahead of her due date.

But there was sheer joy in the theatre room when Leona-Grace was born weighing 7lb 8oz.

Samantha said: "I didn't know how to feel going into the c-section. We were just hoping more than anything.

"But as soon as I heard her crying I just started crying. I think it was a mixture of both joy and relief."

Leona-Grace was placed in special care and the family was forced to wait and see if their daughter would respond well to treatment.

But brave Leona-Grace continued to battle on and was able to undergo her vital operations.

The first was spinal surgery while the second was to have shunts placed in her head to relieve the build-up of fluid on the brain after the tot developed hydrocephalus.

She was also diagnosed with patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) - a medical condition where the blood vessel that connects the pulmonary artery to the aorta remains open after birth.

It made breathing harder for Leona-Grace who was, and continues to be, 24/7 oxygen dependent.

The youngster was also born with scoliosis - where the spine twists and curves to the side - and has four ribs missing on the right side and two fused together on the left.

It was on December 20, just over a month after Leona Grace was born, when Samantha and Stephen were given the news they were desperate to hear - they could finally take their baby girl home.

She said: "It's been fantastic having Leona-Grace at home.

"It was awful having to leave her at hospital each night. But the special care unit at the RVI was fantastic.

"Leona-Grace is a little fighter. We have been told her lungs could haemorrhage and come through her ribs at some stage.

"She has some long-term effects too including her having an 80%-90% chance of not being able to walk."

But at this point they are just overjoyed that Leona-Grace is with the family and making happy memories - a prospect they never saw as a possibility looking back to their 24-week scan.

Samantha added: "We definitely didn't see ourselves in this position a few months ago.

"We have had good days and bad days but it is all worth it now. Doctors are hoping to wean her off the oxygen because she is doing so well.

"I know doctors have to give you the worse case scenario but we're so pleased they got it wrong on this occasion.

"Every second, minute, hour, day is a bonus for us. Leona-Grace is our little miracle."

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Mya was born with bones so brittle that even the slightest sneeze, cough or giggle could cause a fracture

A baby girl has such brittle bones that her bones could break after even the slightest knock.

Little Mya Honca, now five months, was diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta - also known as brittle bones - after medics spotted she had a fractured femur whilst she was in the womb.

Mother Emma Tomlinson, 37, and father Louis Honca, 32, of Hull, East Yorkshire, now have to handle their fragile newborn baby with great care - treating her like a 'china doll'.

Mother-of-three Ms Tomlinson said: 'Mya is so fragile - it's like she's made of china or glass.

'We have to be extra careful picking her up, changing her nappy or giving her a bath.

'She's so delicate even the slightest knock could result in a broken bone.

'Her dad even made a sticker for her baby carrier which reads: 'Please be careful removing me, I have brittle bones' to warn people to handle with care.'

She was told there was 'abnormalities' with her unborn baby at a routine 20-week scan in January 2019.

She said: 'I could tell from the expression on the sonographer's face that something was wrong.

'They took a look and told me my baby had bowed legs and a fractured femur.

'I turned down more invasive testing when I found out something was wrong and was offered it because to me it didn't matter.

'I knew my baby would be loved whatever the circumstances.

'But I was unsure whether she would survive or if the condition might kill her.

'It was a worrying time.'

The couple were keen to find out all they could about their unborn child and booked in for an early scan.

Ms Tomlinson- who also has 11-year-old son, Joshua, and three-year-old Marcus - said: 'We were very impatient and found out we were having a little girl during a private 16-week scan.

'My mum, Francis, has died the year before and when we started trying for another baby I hoped to have a girl to form that special mother-daughter relationship I'd had with my mum.

'We then went along to the routine 20-week scan thinking everything would be fine.

'My pregnancy had been smooth-sailing up to that point.

'No one mentioned any issues.

'I went into the room expecting it to be straight-forward as it had been with my boys before, but it soon felt like we were in a TV soap.

'All of a sudden the sonographer went quiet and told us: 'I've got some concerns, I need to get a second opinion' before leaving the room.

'It was so quiet, we were very tense and hugely anxious.

'My husband was there with me and we both just looked at each other and thought: 'What is going on?'

'The sonographer came back into the room - she hadn't been able to get the consultant to come up as they were busy so she made us an appointment to see the consultant in six days time.

'I asked her what the problem was and she told us, at that point, our little girl's femurs and thigh bones were measuring different sizes.

'Straight away we wanted to know more, but the only thing she could tell us was that it could be a number of conditions it could be - such as dwarfism.

'We left feeling incredibly down-trodden and both instantly turned to Google which was a bad idea as it made us think the worst.'

Ms Tomlinson and Louis were given more information when they met with a specialist at Hull Royal Infirmary in January 2019.

She said: 'When we saw the consultant she was really informative.

'She explained that the femur bones were bowing and she looked at our baby's whole anatomy.

'She said everything else looked fine at that stage.

'She referred us to the genetic team at Leeds General Infirmary to have an amnio test to get a clearer picture of what was wrong, but I refused to undergo it as it increased the risk of miscarriage and I didn't want a higher chance of losing our baby.

'The results of the test would have taken 10-15 weeks to come back too - so by the time we got them I could have been around 35-36 weeks gone.

'The consultant mentioned the different conditions it could potentially be such as skeletal dysplasia.

'She believed the bent bones were isolated to the femurs and that it could be encampomilia.

'There was no mention of brittle bones at that point.

'We weren't too concerned, we didn't know what to expect, but we kept holding on to the positive side.

'I went for a scan once every fortnight after that and saw a consultant every three or four weeks.

'I was then referred to Leeds and went to see the genetics team.

'There a medic picked up that the baby had a fractured femur and they became concerned that our baby had OI.

'We'd heard the condition batted around a little bit, but we knew very little about it.

'They looked at the bones from different angles and could see a very prominent break in the femur.

'We were then advised to go to Sheffield Children's Hospital as they are the experts in that field and have a specialist bone team.'

Medics prepared for the baby's arrival and little Mya was born during a planned c-section at 37 weeks on 13th May at 9.31am at Hull Royal Infirmary - weighing 5lbs 15oz.

Ms Tomlinson said: 'Because of the scan results, they wanted to ensure she was born via cesarean because it can be more traumatic to have a natural birth for a baby with soft bones.

'There was a care team in theatre - there to receive her - as soon as she arrived.

'She was born via c-section. Louis cut the cord and she was brought across to me so I could give her a quick kiss and then she was whisked away to the neonatal unit.

'I didn't get to see her for nine hours.

'She had to undergo assessments - they did full body scans and x-rays.

'A consultant from Sheffield came to the hospital to meet us, Mya and the specialist nurse.'

The family didn't receive an official diagnosis until three days after her birth - on 16th May.

Ms Tomlinson said: 'The registrar from the neo-natal unit came to see us and said they wanted to tell us as soon as possible that they'd spoken to the consultant and seen the x-rays.

'There was a fracture in utero and they were concerned she might have had a fractured radius on her right arm too.

'The consultant told us all about brittle bones and explained a bit about the condition.

'Mya looked like a typical baby.

'Babies with OI can typically have more bulbous foreheads, a bigger head overall and the chest be more bell-shaped but Mya didn't have any of those things.'

After a week on the neonatal transitional unit at Hull Royal Infirmary, Mya was able to go home with her family.

Ms Tomlinson said: 'She is like a china doll - she's so fragile.

'Any time you hold her, you could break a bone. If she sneezes, coughs or giggles she could break a bone - it's frightening.

'We can't wrap her in cotton wool though.

'She's beautiful - she's perfect to me.

'I don't want people to look at her and feel sorry for her. I want to raise awareness.

'There are so many people out there with OI leading amazing lives.

'Mya probably would not be advised to jump on trampoline, be on bouncy castle or do certain sports - but we're determined the condition won't hold her back.

'She has bone infusion treatment and will need it once every six weeks for the first year of her life and after that once every three months.

'That will be ongoing until she stops growing - into her teenage years.

'In adulthood, she'll have treatment once every six months or every year.

'When starts to walk - will need her legs rodded - metal to prevent fractures and able her to be more mobile.

'Whatever life throws at Mya we'll be there for her and we'll get through it.

'We're determined to give her an incredible life.'

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Wow, He spent nearly 30 million US dollars on tattoos, but ended his life by committing suicide

The suicide of Alan Krueger, a former Obama and Clinton adviser who killed himself this weekend, has shocked the worlds of politics and business where he was universally revered. 

Krueger, 58, had a new book coming out in June and was still a member of faculty at Princeton University in New Jersey.

He lived at home with his wife Lisa, with whom he has two children, Benjamin, 28, and Sydney, 26. He is survived by them, his elderly parents and siblings. 

The family confirmed that he killed himself in a statement that was released by Princeton on Monday but no further details surrounding his death have emerged.

Krueger, who served as a top adviser to both Obama and Clinton, recently completed his sixth book, Rockonomics. 

The book, which will be released in June, 'uses the music industry, from superstar artists to music executives, from managers to promoters, as a way in to explain key principles of economics, and the forces shaping our economic lives.' 

He was an avid tweeter who used social media almost daily until the end of January when he suddenly stopped. Currency, his publisher, has not commented on his death.

Krueger was best known for his groundbreaking research into minimum wage and the effect it had on labor. 

He determined that a higher minimum wage did not slow down hiring as conservatives have long argued.  

After serving as a Labor Department economist under President Bill Clinton, Krueger worked for President Barack Obama as a top Treasury official and then as chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers from 2011 to 2013.

In a statement, Obama credited Krueger with helping revive the U.S. economy after the devastating 2008 financial crisis.

'He spent the first two years of my administration helping to engineer our response to the worst financial crisis in 80 years and to successfully prevent the chaos from spiraling into a second Great Depression,' Obama said. 

'He helped us return the economy to growth and sustained job creation, to bring down the deficit in a responsible way and to set the stage for wages to rise again.'

Clinton tweeted: 'Alan Krueger was a brilliant economist for the public interest - from his research proving that raising the minimum wage doesn't increase unemployment, to his recent work showing that America's opioid epidemic has increased it. 

'My thoughts are with his family. We lost him too soon.' 

David Axelrod, a senior adviser in the Obama administration, tweeted: 'Stunned and saddened to read of Alan Krueger’s passing. He was a brilliant and warm WH colleague. A wonderful combination. RIP.' 

Jordan Weissmann tweeted: 'Alan Krueger helped pioneer the early research showing that minimum wage increases don't necessarily kill jobs. A giant in labor economics. Will be missed.'

Paul Krugman, columnist for The New York Times, tweeted: 'The tragedy of Alan Krueger, even worse than we realized. 

'What a terrible thing to happen to an intellectual giant who made America a better place for millions of people.' 

Jacob Bernstein, an economic adviser to former Vice President Joe Biden, tweeted: 'Like anyone who knew him, I'm in shock and despair over the death of Alan Krueger.

'All we can take solace in is how lucky we are to have known him.' 

Stephanie Ruhle, a host on cable news channel MSNBC, tweeted: 'Truly sad to hear about Alan Krueger passing - a brilliant mind & a lovely man.' 

Robert Reich, who was labor secretary in the Clinton administration, tweeted: 'Our hearts go out to the family of Alan Krueger, friend and colleague, who served this country nobly as economic adviser to Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, and who saw economics as inextricably related to ethics. 

'He passed far too early. We grieve the tragic loss.' 

Cecilia Rouse, dean of Princeton's Woodrow Wilson School for Public Policy and International Affairs, said she first met Krueger during the 1980s when she was a student at Harvard University and he was a graduate student there.

'He was incredibly creative, dedicated and prolific,' Rouse said. 

'He couldn't have been a better friend or mentor. It's a loss for economics and public policy.'

Krueger had been teaching at Princeton since 1987. 

His research extended to such issues as economic inequality and the consequences of opioid addiction for the job market.

He also applied his economic work to some unconventional areas, from terrorism to the music industry. 

Krueger found, for example, a surging wealth gap within pop music. 

In a 2005 paper, he illustrated how a rising share of concert revenue was flowing to a narrow top sliver of recording artists. 

Krueger went on to write a book about economics and the music industry, Rockonomics, that is set to be published in June.

While serving under Obama, Krueger developed and popularized the concept of the 'Great Gatsby Curve.' 

It showed that high economic inequality corresponds with low economic mobility on a generation-to-generation basis. 

In short, it meant that when economic disparities between the rich and everyone else are wide, people's ability to improve their financial health depends even more heavily on their parents' economic status.

The curve was named after F. Scott Fitzgerald's iconic literary character Jay Gatsby, who rose from being a poor Midwestern boy to a wealthy bootlegger.

But Krueger was perhaps best-known for his research on the minimum wage with David Card. 

Their 1993 paper found that a rise in New Jersey's minimum wage had had no effect on employment in the state's fast food sector compared with the same sector just across the state line in Pennsylvania.

Widely admired in both economic and political circles, Krueger was known as an avid tennis player and for frequently taking time to discuss the nuances of public policy with reporters.

Gene Sperling, who worked with Krueger in the Obama administration as the director of the National Economic Council, tweeted Monday that he was, 'Just shocked, just stunned, so, so saddened.'

'Alan has been my friend and colleague for over 20 years - and one of the very most consequential economists of our generation,' Sperling said. 

'His path-breaking work on minimum wage was only one of many ways he used his genius for the good of all.'

In his statement, Obama said of Krueger: 'He had a perpetual smile and a gentle spirit - even when he was correcting you. That's what made him Alan a fundamentally good and decent man.' 

Krueger is survived by his wife, Lisa, and their two children - Ben and Sydney.

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Team Of Doctors Attending To A Gorilla Giving Birth In A Zoo

A gorilla at the Philadelphia Zoo has given birth to a healthy baby after a difficult labor that required medical techniques typically used for delivering humans.

A keeper noticed 17-year-old Kira had gone into labor on Thursday. Gorilla labor is typically very quick, but by Friday, it had not progressed and she seemed unwell.

Concerned about the health of Kira and her baby, the zoo brought in a team comprised of both veterinarians and doctors more accustomed to treating humans - with incredible results.

The team included an ob/gyn, surgeons and anesthesiologists from hospitals affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania and Thomas Jefferson University, as well as University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine.

A similar team was in place for a gorilla birth at the zoo last year, but the emergency response wasn't needed.

After one-and-a-half hours, the team delivered the male baby using forceps and an episiotomy, a procedure to enlarge the birth opening.

'It was an anxious and dramatic day at the zoo, but in the end a tremendously rewarding one,' said Andy Baker, the zoo's chief operating officer.

There have been several successful cesarean section deliveries for gorillas over the past few years, but assisted vaginal delivery isn't common, according to the zoo.

Kira was reunited with the baby by Saturday morning and has been continuously cradling and nursing him.

This is the first birth for Kira and third offspring for 32-year old Motuba, who is also father to baby Amani, a female born at the zoo last August.

Western lowland gorillas, which inhabit African forests, are listed as a critically endangered species.

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'He don't look like my baby': 2 more infants switched at birth in Newfoundland in same year, same hospital

A Newfoundland couple has come forward with a second story about babies switched at birth at the Come By Chance hospital in the early 1960s.

Their story has a happier ending than the case of Clarence Hynes and Craig Avery, but both cases raise questions about how hospitals identify babies to ensure they go home with their birth parents.

Fifty-eight years ago, Muriel Stringer was a 19-year-old coming home in a taxi with a newborn baby, her husband and her mother.

Three days earlier, on Aug. 8, 1962, Stringer had given birth to a baby boy, named Kent.

It was a long taxi ride, about 40 kilometres on dirt roads, from the Walwyn Cottage Hospital in Come By Chance to Hodge's Cove, on the east coast of Trinity Bay.

They took a break partway home at a restaurant in Goobies. Muriel Stringer and her mom stayed in the car while her husband, Cecil, went inside.

My baby had dark hair … and a nose like me. The nose didn't look right to me. - Muriel Stringer

"Me and Mom were there talking and looking at the baby and I said, 'Mom, he don't look like my baby,'" Stringer told CBC News.

"My baby had dark hair, a lot of dark hair, and a nose like me. The nose didn't look right to me. And my mother said, 'Oh, that's probably because of the bonnet and the clothes on him.' So anyway, we come on home."

Stringer said her mother, Lilian Peddle, changed her mind when they undressed the baby.

"When she took the sweater off, she said, 'Oh my, it's not your baby.' There was a band on his arm and it was written, 'Baby Boy Adams.' He was only a day old, this baby. Mine was three days old," said Stringer.

They didn't have a phone so Cecil Stringer went to the Hodge's Cove Post Office.

"I phoned the hospital and the nurse answered. I told her what happened and first thing she said was, 'How come you didn't know your own baby?'" said Stringer. "But she checked and told me baby Stringer was there."

He called another taxi and left with Muriel's mother to bring the baby back to Come By Chance and pick up Kent.

"It was embarrassing," he said.

For Muriel Stringer it was the beginning of a long, anxious wait.

Oh, I was frightened to death. I was thinking, 'What if he didn't have his band on his arm?' It scared me," she said.

Cecil Stringer doesn't remember exactly what happened when he got to the hospital, but Muriel Stringer says at the time he told her the other baby's mother was on the steps of the hospital waiting when he got there.

"This lady had only had her baby that day. So she was frightened to death. You know, anything could have happened to a newborn baby."

At the hospital, a nurse said someone at the hospital had put the baby in the wrong crib, and when the Stringers were leaving, the nurse had just looked at the name on the crib.

"That was their explanation," said Cecil Stringer. "I don't know for sure if that's what happened."

Cecil and Muriel's mother collected Kent and headed home.

"Oh my, oh my, I was happy. Such a sweet boy. He still is," said Muriel.

The couple say they weren't angry about the switch — they say they were treated well at the Walwyn Hospital — but were grateful they got their baby back the same day.

The Stringers had five more children. One was born at home when a powerful winter storm closed the road out of Hodge's Cove. Four others were born, 

What's striking about the Stringer's story is that it's not unique.

The Stringer case happened in August, just months before Craig Avery and Clarence Hynes, born in the same hospital, were switched and sent home with the wrong families in December 1962.

And while the Stringers' switch was rectified quickly and happily, the story of Avery and Hynes is still playing out. They didn't learn about their mix-up until it was confirmed by DNA tests last year, and there has been no happy ending for them.

How many times did this sort of thing happen? - Craig Avery

They never met their birth parents, who died years ago. The two men, now in their mid-50s, say they're still struggling with the fallout of everything they thought they knew about their families being turned upside down.

Last year, Hynes and Avery launched lawsuits claiming negligence and suing Eastern Health for damages.

Avery says the Stringers' story leaves him with more questions.

"How many times did this sort of thing happen?" he asked.

In a statement of defence filed Feb. 11, Eastern Health says it's not responsible for what happened at the Come By Chance Cottage Hospital more than half a century ago.

"Neither Eastern Health nor any authority it replaced … ever assumed or was ever vested with the assets, liabilities rights or obligations of the Come By Chance cottage hospital," says the statement.

The health authority has asked for the action to be dismissed, with costs.

As for the Stringers, the health authority sent CBC News the following statement:

"Eastern Health has not been advised of another situation whereby a family went home from a cottage hospital with the wrong baby."

The Walwyn Cottage Hospital in Come By Chance closed in 1986. Babies are now born at facilities operated by the province's four regional health authorities. Eastern Health says it takes many steps to make sure babies go home with their birth families.

"Eastern Health has a number of stringent measures in place to ensure positive patient identification, including newborn babies," it told CBC in its statement.

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Oh, Pregnant-mum-of-21 Sue Radford takes kids on Edinburgh city break ahead of their trip to Australia

The mum-of-21, from Morecambe, Lancs, and her family are visiting Edinburgh over half term to visit friends.

Taking to the family YouTube channel Sue, who is 31 weeks pregnant with her 22nd child, revealed the family’s holiday plans.

Showcasing her newly blonde hair, Sue said: “We’re going up to see our friends, we’ve got a journey of about two and a half- three hours.”

Setting off 50 minutes late, the Radfords took Noel’s minivan to make the journey from their home in Morecambe up to Scotland, stopping for McDonald’s along the way.

Upon their arrival, Sue reveals that the family would be staying in a hotel in the city centre.

She said: “Here we are in Edinburgh. We’re staying in a hotel, but it’s a four bedroom apartment that’s in the hotel which is perfect for us.

“I did not expect it to be this big actually.”

The family are expected to share more of their holiday updates on their vlog in the next coming days.

It comes just over a month after the family announced that they would be travelling to Australia for a month.

The holiday will go ahead once Tillie, 9, has the frame removed from her leg following an operation to lengthen it.

"The idea is we’re gonna fly to Brisbane and then we’ll do a road trip down to Sydney, stopping off at different places for a week at a time," said Noel.

And it looks like the family will also be visiting the Bonells - an Australian family of 18.

Sue previously spoke to Fabulous Digital about the "hard work" that goes into them taking a holiday.

She said: "The packing process is hard work, but if I put each child’s clothes into a bin bag and label whose it is, it makes it a lot easier when we get there.

"Then I can get the bags out and put them away, rather than rooting through, trying to figure out whose is whose.

"Normally we take about seven suitcases with us."

The couple famously don’t claim any benefits apart from Child Benefit and rely on Noel’s bakery business to make ends meet.

The Radfords are parents to Chris, 30, Sophie, 25, Chloe, 23, Jack, 22, Daniel, 20, Luke, 18, Millie, 17, Katie, 16, James, 15, Ellie, 14, Aimee, 13, Josh, 12, Max, 11, Tillie, nine, Oscar, seven, Casper, six, Hallie, three, Phoebe, two, Archie 18 months, and Bonnie, one.

Sadly, the couple's 17th child Alfie was still born on July 6, 2014.

They also have three grandchildren - who are Sophie's kids - Daisy, six, Ayprill, four, and Leo, two.

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Oh, Mother charged in death of daughter, 22, with cerebral palsy who weighed just 40lbs

A malnourished young disabled woman who weighed only 40 pounds has died and her mother has been charged for having a role in her condition.

Rebecca Cotten was 22-years-old and had been previously diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Her mother Jennifer Cotten, 40, now faces aggravated assault, abuse and neglect, and bail violation charges in connection with Rebecca's death last Thursday.

Local Memphis station WREG reports that authorities had been previously alerted to the alleged abuse that the mother inflicted on her daughter when Jennifer was ordered to stay away from Rebecca after the young woman was found in a hot car.

At the time of that August 2013 incident, Rebecca weighed 55 pounds and was five feet tall and was tested to have traces of methamphetamine in her system.

Police were called to the scene when there were reports that people- including Jennifer- were doing drugs in a nearby home. When police arrived, they found Rebecca in the car with the engine off and the windows rolled up all the way.

Jennifer's brother then took Rebecca to his house after the incident and told the station that his mother, Rebecca's grandmother, took care of the girl before her death.

Rebecca's condition is so drastic that she was completely unable to communicate, so family members and investigators do not know how her health deteriorated so dramatically.

WREG spoke to Jennifer's unidentified brother at that point, after a meeting with Department of Children's services, and the mother reportedly said that there was an explanation- but her relatives contradicted her statements.

'She told them she has a eating disorder and when she eats, she spits up and she spits the food back out and doesn’t consume it, which has not happened since we’ve had her,' Jennifer's brother told the station.

At some point, John returned Rebecca to her mother's care- which Jennifer's boyfriend said was because he couldn't handle the demands of an individual with special needs- and the situation did not improve.

It is unclear exactly when Rebecca's uncle John brought her back to her mother, but both Jennifer and Rebecca were injured in a house fire in early May- just weeks before Rebecca was found dead.

Jennifer took Rebecca to a house in the Berclair neighborhood of Memphis where there was no electricity and she left her there for an unreported reason.

Police responded to that scene when there was a fire and both Jennifer and Rebecca were inside.

They both had to be treated for burns sustained in the fire.

Neither Jennifer nor her brother, who was only identified by ABC using his first name, have spoken publicly since Rebecca's death last week, but Jennifer's longtime boyfriend has said that she was doing the best she could and she should not be blamed.

'Jennifer's the only one who ever cared for that child or done anything. She's the only one who would,' William King told WREG.

'Nobody wants to change the diaper of a 22-year-old kid. Feed her. Nobody wants that!'

He went on to claim that while John did take care of Rebecca after the August arrest, it did not last long and he quickly returned the young woman to her mother because he could not handle the constant care she needed.

'They tried to give the kid to everybody- nobody wanted her! nobody!' Mr King said.

'The police wouldn't even do anything about it. They said "Nobody wants her, what can we do?" Now y'all are going to lock people up for trying to take care of a child.

'Single mother raised three kids on her own and worked with disabled children all her life- why was she on her own? This was a terrible accident to happen.

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Teenager jailed for murdering kind-hearted student who gave him place to stay


A 19-year-old man has admitted raping and murdering a promising student who gave him a place to stay when he was too drunk to go home.

Megan Newton, 18, was found strangled and stabbed at her bedsit in Fletcher Road in Stoke-on-Trent in April last year.

On what was to be the first day of his trial on Monday, Joseph Trevor admitted murder and two counts of rape at Stafford Crown Court.

Jailing him for life with a minimum term of 22 years for the "appalling crime", Judge Michael Chambers QC said Trevor carried out a "brutal and sustained attack, conducted in a most callous way in her own home".

"On any view she must tragically have suffered, suffered greatly, and suffered for a significant time," he added.

Police had detained Trevor and seized a bag of drugs from him earlier in the night before releasing him, because he was "unfit" for interview, the judge said.

The court heard an allegation of oral rape was made against Trevor when he was aged 15 but never prosecuted.

Trevor, formerly of Danebower Road, Trentham, Stoke-on-Trent, appeared in court wearing a black suit and dark-framed glasses, and sat in the dock just yards from Miss Newton's family.

Opening the Crown's case, Adrian Keeling QC said: "She (Megan) had invited him back as an act of kindness, because he got so drunk on drink and drugs he could not face going home to his parents.

"He raped her, strangled her unconscious and then stabbed her in the back eight times."

"He left her naked on the bed," he added.

Mr Keeling said it had been by chance the two met that night while out at the same nightclub in Newcastle-under Lyme.

Witnesses described Trevor as appearing "fine", but also "quite annoying, loud and drunk", on one occasion "slumped over a female friend" during the evening.

Trevor came to the attention of police after he was spotted by door staff with a bag of ketamine.

"Police seized the bag and told him to come back at some later stage and then let him out of police custody," said Mr Keeling.

Sports coach Miss Newton had been planning to go to university to become a sports therapist, with hopes of a scholarship in the United States.

When the nightclub closed, Miss Newton and Trevor, described in court as "passing friends" at school, found themselves at the same taxi rank.

Trevor, telling friends his parents "would go mad" if he arrived home in his drunken state, was trying to find a place to sleep for the night.

Mr Keeling said: "It was Megan Newton who offered him a bed for the night.

"It was not unusual for her to offer to help.

"It was a typical act of kindness by her but one that cost her her life."

The two arrived in a taxi at her flat in Victoria Place at about 4am.

Mr Keeling said: "At some point in the next 90 minutes, the defendant had sex with her, strangled her unconscious and stabbed her to death - it is uncertain in which order."

He added there was "no evidence the deceased was sexually attracted" to Trevor, although he would later lie telling police he awoke to find her having sex with him.

She was strangled unconscious but "probably alive", when Trevor got a knife from her kitchen, repeatedly stabbing her with such force some of the blows reached her lungs.

Afterwards, CCTV showed Trevor was "remarkably composed", leaving the flat only to find the exit to the housing complex locked.

He returned to Miss Newton's flat, walking past his victim who he had left in "utter indignity" on her bed, to get the key allowing him to leave before throwing the blood-stained fob away.

The court heard that when aged 15, Trevor was accused of orally raping another girl but the matter was never proceeded with, Mr Keeling said.

Just weeks before the murder, in March 2019, the judge was told Trevor had made a suicide attempt because of "depression" stemming in part from that allegation.

His barrister Tim Hannum told the court his client had shown remorse for the "tragedy", in which "two young lives had been destroyed".

In a victim impact statement, her grandmother Beryl Smith read Miss Newton's own personal statement - made during her application for university - in which she described herself as a "sports fanatic".

She said: "I have become more determined and focused - I'll be able to prove myself and everybody around me that I am capable of a lot more."

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Indian girl brutally killed by family for free love, family calmly wipes blood on ground

Last Saturday, a 19-year-old Indian girl, Tanya, went to her uncle's house in Garhi village, where his uncle's son Prashant shot her three times and killed Tanya on the spot.

According to police, Tanya is a 12th class student in Jat's family. She wants to marry a man in her village, but her family does not agree. Police said her family even kept her at home for three days. Police said that after Tanya was shot, her family tried to cover up the truth by telling a neighbor that an unknown person had shot and killed her. However, when the police arrived at the house, they began to doubt the family's claims.

"In more than three hours, the family did not disclose the killing of Tanya. They informed the neighbor that Tanya was killed by an unidentified man. They only notified after they wiped the blood from the room where she was shot. Police. When we arrived at the scene with a forensic expert, we found blood on the walls and the floor was completely clean. This made us suspect that there was something hidden behind it, and we finally arrested her family, "said Sheriff Avinash Pandey .

This incident may have aroused great grief among the local people. In India, as a country where women's status is seriously underestimated, women's inability to choose their own marriage partners has always been a social norm. In this era of equality, I hope that this phenomenon of gender discrimination will become less and less.

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Sad, 'Twisted grandparents filmed themselves torturing grandson, 12, to death'

A grandmother and grandfather filmed themselves torturing their 12 year-old grandson to death, police say. James Sasser Jr and Patricia Batts were arrested over the death of James Alex Hurley on February 3, after the youngster suffered a horrific head wound. The pair’s 14 year-old son, James’s uncle, has also been arrested over the murder in Yellowstone, Montana, although he has not been named because of his age. Horrific video footage obtained by police afterwards is said to show Sasser, Batts and the 14 year-old withholding food from James.

They are also accused of filming themselves forcing James to do exercises like jumping jacks and squats in a bid to further weaken him.

Sasser, Batts and the boy are also accused of battering James with a wooden paddle, with other relatives claiming James had been suicidal in the weeks leading up to his death. The youngser died ’emaciated’ according to court documents, with footage shot in 2018 showing that James had previously been a ‘healthy and well-fed boy.’ James had been sent to live with his dad by his mom in 2018, only for his dad to die, leaving him in the care of his grandparents. His mother claims she was subsequently barred from contacting James by his grandparents, KTVH reported. Family members told police that James and his 14 year-old uncle often fought, although investigators are yet to share a possible motive for the horrific murder.

Sasser and Batts now appear to have turned on their own son, with Batts claiming she woke up during the Superbowl on February 2 to find James being spanked with a paddle by thew boy. Sasser told police a similar story, claiming he was asleep that night, and that he only learnt of James’s death while driving to work the next morning. Family friend Gage Roush, 18, has also been arrested for felony assault of a minor over cellphone video said to show him beating James with a paddle.

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The 25-year-old Russian girl with zero fat weighs just 20kg, making her the world's thinnest

Let's imagine what 20kg is, the weight of a child. It can be said that at the age of 25, she has become a "skeleton". Because she is all skin and bones without any fat or muscle, she is also recognized as the world's thinnest girl. Do you still think she's thin and good-looking when you see her? Is this figure too scary?

Kseniya Bubenko was not so thin before because of excessive weight loss for the sake of beauty, so he adopted the method of fasting. She suffered from anorexia after not eating for a long time. She did not have any desire for food, so her stomach became numb and she did not feel any hunger. Do you still think it's beautiful to have such a small body?

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Heartbroken Girl Who Shot Self In The Face Then Gets Face Transplant

A 22-YEAR-OLD has become the youngest person ever to receive a face transplant – after she blasted herself with a hunting rifle in a horrific suicide attempt.

Katie Stubblefield underwent a pioneering 31 hour operation in Cleveland, Ohio, on May 4, 2017  – over two years after she aimed the gun at her chin and pulled the trigger.

The brave young woman, who now has the face of a mother who died of a drug overdose, told National Geographic: “I get a second chance at life now.”

Katie, from Oxford, Mississippi, tried to take her own life on March 25, 2014, after her boyfriend dumped her.

Her brother Robert, whose hunting rifle the then-schoolgirl had used, told Nat Geo that his sister’s “face was gone” when he found her lying on the bathroom floor.

She was rushed to a hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, where doctors stabilised her jaw and cheekbones and sewed her eyelids shut to enable her damaged corneas to heal.

Katie’s skull was also opened as medics stopped the bleeding on her brain.

However, when her skin grafts kept failing she was transferred to Cleveland Clinic – a world leader in face transplants.

Doctors in Ohio repaired the youngster’s bone structure, including her nose, nasal passage and jaw.

At the end of 2015, she was finally declared stable and placed on the transplant list in March the following year.

She was given hours of therapy to help her prepare for the aftermath of the operation and the considerable psychological impact having another person's face can cause.

Then on May 4 last year, Katie became only the eighth person in the US to undergo face transplant surgery.

A team of 15 specialist doctors gave her new skin, bone, blood vessels and nerves.

The cutting-edge Cleveland hospital even 3D printed a new jaw for Katie using a scan of her older sister's.

She was discharged on August 1, 2017 and continues to take a variety of immunosuppressant drugs to ensure her body does not reject her new face.

The 22-year-old is also re-learning how to walk and speak while also continuing to undergo therapy.

Katie, raised by her Christian minister father and teacher mother, hopes to complete her studies and become a counsellor helping other survivors of suicide.


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Little girl laughs when bombs fall as Syrian father teaches her a game to cope with the shelling in heart-wrenching

A father living in bomb-ravaged western Syria has taught his three-year-old daughter to laugh when she hears a bomb fall. 

Syrian Abdullah Al-Mohammad, 32, lives in Sarmada, a province of the city of Idlib, with his daughter, Salwa, and wife. 

In a post on Twitter, the father demonstrated the game which he has devised to protect his daughter from the 'psychological crisis' caused by near-constant explosions. 

Mr Al-Mohammad is living with a friend in Sarmada after he and his family were forced to flee their own home, in the neighbouring Saraqib area of Idlib, because of the Syrian civil war. 

The conflict is thought to have displaced 700,000 civilians from the city since December. Idlib province is home to some 3million people. 

In the video showing the game, Mr Al-Mohammad is seen sitting down with his daughter perched alongside him. 

As a rumbling sound gets louder, he asks her: 'Is this a jet or a bomb?'

She then replies: 'A bomb, when it comes we will laugh.'

The video then captures the imposing sound of a bomb falling, prompting the little girl to burst into fits of laughter. 

Mr Al-Mohammad adds: 'Does it make you laugh?'

As a rumbling sound gets louder, he asks her: 'Is this a jet or a bomb?'

She then replies: 'A bomb, when it comes we will laugh.'

The video then captures the imposing sound of a bomb falling, prompting the little girl to burst into fits of laughter. 

Mr Al-Mohammad adds: 'Does it make you laugh?'

'I wanted her to associate these loud, frightening sounds to something that is light and amusing.'  

However, Mr Al-Mohammed said he is worried that if the shelling continues as she gets older, his game will 'no longer be enough' to protect her mental state.  

'I want the world to know: We're not terrorists as the regime paints us out to be,' he said. 

Syrian troops have been on the offensive for weeks in Idlib province, which is the last stronghold of rebels opposed to president Bashar Al-Assad.  

Last week, Assad's forces moved to secure areas along a key highway they seized from jihadists and allied.

Last Friday, they pushed west of the M5 motorway which connects Syria's four largest cities and is economically vital for the government. 

And five Turkish soldiers were killed in a government attack - prompting Ankara to retaliate with strikes on 115 government positions.

Last Wednesday, Turkey's president Erdogan threatened to strike Syrian regime forces 'everywhere' if his soldiers were harmed.

Turkey fears an influx of displaced people across its border with Syria and has boosted its own military presence in the region.

Russia, which supports Assad, has accused Turkey of flouting agreements it made with Moscow.

Opposition fighters say Syria and Russia have adopted a 'scorched earth campaign' that drove them from areas along the highway.

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Oh, Emmanuel Macron vows to 'win the battle' against Muslims creating separate communities in France

Emmanuel Macron today pledged to 'win the battle' against Muslims creating separate communities in France.

During a visit to a police station in a densely populated district of Mulhouse, in the east of the country, the French President said: 'The Republic must keep her promises.

'We must fight separatism because when the Republic does not keep her promises, others will try to replace it.'

He added: 'We have decided to win the battle against Islamic separatism using education and the economy'.

Pointing to 'communitarianism' – the creation of self-governing communities within the state – the premier said he was sick of hearing about children being taking out of school because of radical political ideas linked to Islam.

Mr Macron said: 'We are here for a reason that we share with Muslims – that is the struggle against communitarianism.'

And he added: 'We must fight against discrimination – we have to have a meritocracy everywhere.'

France is a secular republic which does not compile official statistics about citizens' religion or racial origin.

But Bourtzwiller, the district of the eastern city of Mulhouse which Mr Macron visited, is considered a security concern because of tensions linked to religious faith.

In 2012, Bourtzwiller – which has a population of 15,000 – was designated one of 47 'Republican reconquest districts' where traditional French values were being challenged.

This led to more police and security measures being deployed in the area, and stricter monitoring of radical preaches.

Many of those living there in Bourtzwiller have links to former French colonies in North Africa, such as Algeria.

There have also been concerns about the funding of the new £25million An-Nour Mosque and Islamic centre in Mulhouse, because around half of this sum is coming from the gas and petrol-rich state of Qatar.

France has a Muslim population estimated at around six million – the largest in western Europe.

There are frequent claims of discrimination against them, especially those living on housing estates in areas such Bourtzwiller.

Parties such as the National Rally – which used to be called the National Front – are frequently accused of anti-Muslim prejudice, along with other right-wing parties such as the Republicans.

Mr Macron has himself been accused of moving further to the right as he attempts to win voters from both parties.

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Oh, Dubai princess can't stand polygamy any more, derailed bodyguard and fled to Britain

Sheikh Mohammed is the ruler of the emirate of Dubai. He has $ 4 billion in family wealth and has a huge influence in the Arab region. At the same time, Chief Mohammed also has 6 wives and 30 children. Among them, Princess Hurd never showed up and gave birth to 12 children for Chief Mohammed, including Crown Prince Hadam of Dubai. Today we are talking about Chief Mohammed's youngest wife, Princess Haya Binte Hussein.

Princess Haya was born on May 3, 1974, the daughter of King Hussein of Jordan and his third wife, Queen Aria. When Princess Haya was 3 years old, her mother died in a helicopter accident. And her father died of complications of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in 1999. Princess Haya took the throne to his brother and became King of Apdullah II. Princess Haya is a versatile person who graduated from the University of Oxford in the UK and has excellent equestrian skills. She is the only woman in history to win a medal at the Pan-Arab Equestrian Games.

For the purpose of political marriage, in 2004 Princess Haya ’s half-brother King King Abdullah II assigned her to Dubai Chief Mohammed. The huge age gap(25 years) buried their marriage. There were hidden dangers. In addition, Chief Mohammed had married five wives before, but Princess Haya was married for the first time. Although Chief Muhammad's family was strong and a grand wedding was held for her, the contradiction between the old man and the young wife never ceased.

Many women in Dubai need to abide by Islamic teachings, including Princess Hurd, who almost never show up. They have been quietly at home since they were married, responsible for having children for their husbands. As Princess Haya of Jordan, who had received higher education in the United Kingdom, she could not accept the life of such a husband and daughter, and remained unknown and getting old. Finally in June 2019, Princess Haya fled from the Dubai royal family with two children and 31 million pounds, and she took refuge in the UK several times.

Chief Mohammed is a poet recognized by the Arabs. After his wife defected, he was so angry that he wrote a poem of adultery on social media. It is reported that Princess Haya had an improper relationship with one of the bodyguard. This is something Chief Mohammed can not stand. Princess Haya fled because she would be punished the most severely in a strictly Islamic country and even sentenced to prison.

In today's society, free love and equality between men and women are symbols of civilization, and Chief Mohammed married a wife 25 years younger than himself through political marriage, while enjoying polygamous privileges at the same time. This was an unequal relationship . Now that a hearing is being held in a court in London, Chief Mohammed wants his two daughters to return to Dubai, and Princess Haya is not to be outdone. Her lawyer is Shackleton, the former lawyer in the divorce proceedings of Prince Chase.

Today, the case has not yet come to an end, but Princess Haya struggles for her female rights and interests, her courage deserves to be affirmed.

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Man And His Four Daughters Die In Car Crash In U.S.

WOODLAND PARK, N.J. — They were finally able to get away from school and work, spending a week together at the beach, eating crabs and relaxing as they kicked off summer vacation.

On their way back to New Jersey, however, tragedy struck on a Delaware highway, as a horrific car crash took the lives of five of the six Trinidad family members — including all four daughters.

Audie Trinidad, 61, and his four daughters, ages 13 to 20, died when their minivan struck a heavy-duty pickup truck that had crossed the grassy median on Delaware Highway 1, one of the state's busiest highways. 

Mary Rose Ballocanag, Trinidad's 53-year-old wife and mother of their children, was in the passenger seat and survived. She remained in serious condition at a Delaware hospital on Saturday.

Devastated relatives gathered Saturday at the family's Teaneck home to process the tragic news.

Trinidad and Ballocanag both came to America from the Philippines more than 30 years ago.

Their four daughters, Kaitlyn, 20; Danna, 17; and 13-year-old twins, Melissa and Allison, attended school in Teaneck.

The family was identified by Audie Trinidad's brother, Danny, who arrived in Teaneck on Saturday from his home in North Miami Beach, Florida.

"How do you bury five people at the same time?" asked Danny Trinidad. "This is like a tragedy a hundred times over."

Danny Trinidad said Saturday that he was planning to head to the hospital in Delaware where Mary Rose was taken and was recovering from surgery. She has broken ribs, arms and legs, Trinidad said.

Trinidad said the family was coming back from a vacation when the crash happened. It's believed they were vacationing in Ocean City, Maryland.

Audie Trinidad was driving a 1999 Toyota Sienna minivan north on Highway 1 near Townsend, Delaware, when it collided with a Ford F-350, driven by a 44-year-old Maryland man, Delaware State Police said in a press release. 

An off-duty firefighter who witnessed the crash said the utility truck had crossed the median and struck another car before the family's minivan plowed into its side.

Danny Trinidad said he last spoke to his brother on Father's Day. He received a photo of the family eating blue crabs on July 4.

He got the call about the accident late Friday, he said.

"When you get a call at 12 midnight, it can’t be good," he said.

Trinidad and Ballocanag met in New York after coming to the United States in the 1980s. Trinidad, a U.S. Navy veteran, was a postal worker in the Bronx. Ballocanag is a nurse at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital in Manhattan.

Kaitlyn, known as Nikki, was a student at the College of Mount Saint Vincent in the Bronx. Danna was a junior at Teaneck High School. The twins, Melissa and Allison, attended Thomas Jefferson Middle School in Teaneck.

Danny Trinidad's 85-year-old mother, Naty, had gone to the Philippines in May and was planning to return later this month. He and other relatives were still trying to figure out how to tell her the heartbreaking news about her oldest son and her four granddaughters.

"She helped raise the kids," Trinidad said.

Another brother, Nelson, lives in Teaneck.

Nelson's daughter, Kim Trinidad, had lived with Audie Trinidad's family for four years, since graduating from nursing school in the Philippines. She works at Care One in Teaneck.

"They left without waking me up on Monday," Kim recalled of the family's vacation departure. "I think they left about six in the morning."

Danna sent Kim a text at 1:30 p.m. on Friday, stating they had encountered some traffic but planned to arrive home by 6 p.m. It was the last the family heard from them.

Danny Trinidad said the family loved going on vacations together in the summer, when everyone was on break.

"They were a close-knit family," Trinidad said. "It was always a family affair."

Police said the father and mother in the vehicle were wearing seat belts; the four daughters were not. 


A third car was also involved in the accident. Its driver, a 24-year-old man from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, was transported to a local hospital, where he was treated and released with non-life threatening injuries.

Delaware State Police spokesman Cpl. Melissa Jaffe said the driver of the truck, a 44-year-old man from East New Market, Maryland, will not be identified by authorities unless charges are filed.


Larry DuHadaway, an off-duty firefighter who witnessed the crash and tried to help the victims, described the scene to the Delaware News Journal, a USA Today network paper, late Friday.

"I’ve been in business 28 years,” DuHadaway said. “It’s the worst one I’ve seen.”

DuHadaway, who works as a full-time firefighter in Howard County, Maryland, and volunteers with the Christiana Fire Company in New Castle County, Delaware, was driving to the beach for the weekend with his family.

He was about four vehicles behind a utility truck that began veering in the left lane.

First, it swerved into the left shoulder, he said, touching the rumble strips before moving back into the middle of the lane. Suddenly, the vehicle “went 10 o’clock across the median,” veering across the grassy strip that separates northbound and southbound lanes.

What happened next was what DuHadaway described as “horrific.”

When the truck hit the grassy median, it went airborne, DuHadaway said.

As it entered lanes of oncoming traffic, it clipped a white sedan and turned sideways, perpendicular to northbound traffic.  The minivan carrying the Trinidad family broadsided the truck, flipping over the work vehicle on impact, the firefighter said.

DuHadaway, along with many others, quickly stopped along the busy roadway, where the crash scene would close Highway 1 and create a 17-mile backup. DuHadaway immediately called 911 and started what he described as “rapid triage.”

“There were many, many, many bystanders and people that stopped to help,” he said. “But I’m a paramedic as well and I’m the only first responder there.”

“I felt kind of helpless, to be honest.”

A candlelight vigil was planned for 9 p.m. Saturday at Milton Votee Park in Teaneck.

"The Lord took too many angels from us yesterday. Audie, Kaitlyn, (Danna), Allison and Melissa Trinidad. Rest In Peace," the Filipino American Society of Teaneck posted on its Facebook page.

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So Sad ,Dad's heartbreaking tribute to son as he dies just eight days after losing mum

A dad discovered the body of his only son, just eight days after his wife of 50 years died, in a devastating double tragedy.

David Sant said his son Wayne just 'couldn't cope without his mum' who had died of kidney failure on Monday, January 20.

David, 69, found Wayne dead at their home in Bucknall, Stoke on Trent, in the wake of mum Brenda's death.

Speaking to Stoke on Trent Live, David said: "He was in a dark place and suffered from depression. He was so close with his mum and this is the result of him losing her.

"Brenda had kidney failure and we were given the prognosis that Brenda had six to 12 months left on Thursday, but she went into hospital two days later and died on the Monday.

"I was with her at the hospital but Wayne missed her by about five minutes as we took our visits in turns.

"It was a shock because we thought we still had some time together.

"Wayne was actually taking it a lot better than me for the first four days and he was coping, but after that he completely went to pieces and it just seemed like he couldn't cope."

He added: "I think Wayne was trying to be strong for me at first and I was surprised at how well he was coping and looking after me. But he started drinking and stopped eating.

"He wasn't with it, I was talking to him trying to tell him to be strong. But on Thursday I went to pick up his step daughter Natalie from work and before I left, Wayne came down to me and said 'I'm sorry dad'.

"I dropped Nat off at home around the corner and when I got back home I couldn't open the bathroom door.

"I went to get Nat and we managed to open the bathroom door together and we found Wayne but he wasn't breathing and was turning blue.

"I rang an ambulance and they managed to get him breathing again but he died in hospital. It was horrible finding him like that.

"The last thing he said to me was 'I'm sorry dad', I don't know if he was sorry for the state he had got himself in or for what he was about to do. 

"I don't like to think he would have left me in this state but he had depression for about four years and I don't know whether he could have coped without his mum."

David says losing his wife and son is the 'hardest thing' he's ever had to cope with.

"Wayne was in a dark place but he had a heart of gold, he always looked after me and his mum and to lose them both, I am devastated."

The pair will have a joint funeral next week.

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Wow, The most incredible pregnancy: 7 babies were born the same and live healthy

The peaceful life of the Mike Coffey family changed dramatically in 1997. At that time, they already had a child. However, for the love of the children, they always planned to have a second child, but they never succeeded in conceiving. As a result, the wife planned to conceive a second child by artificial insemination.

The effect of this artificial insemination was really surprising. His wife, Bob Bi, was pregnant with 7 births this time. Due to the consideration of too much pregnancy risk and the fetal's own health problems, the doctor suggested that they be able to choose the best. But his wife Bao Bi unfollowed the doctor's advice.

To prevent accidental miscarriages, Bobby started to bed when she was five months pregnant. Moreover, in order to ensure adequate nutrition for seven children, Bobby needs to eat almost every 40 minutes.

Finally, the couple welcomed these 7 little babies. But these little guys only “lived” in their mother ’s stomach for just 7 months and couldn’t wait to come out. Fortunately, the children were born safely, but two children were sick. As the public and the government funded them, the sick children have been receiving treatment and has recovered well.

The couple not only received a large 500-square-foot house from the president, but also a cart, macaroni and cheese for the whole family for one year, diapers enough for children for two years. The hardship of raising a child is only known to couples, but they are always grateful. The healthy growth of these seven children is also credited to the help of good people.

After growing up, these seven children were all running for their studies. Later, they all entered high school and participated in various activities with great pleasure.

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Oh, 43-year-old mother always gets mistaken for her 19-year-old daughter’s sister

School teacher Joleen Diaz, 43, and daughter Meilani Parks, 19, from California, not only look extremely similar in age, but also enjoy an enviably close relationship.

Single mum Joleen puts her youthful glow down to good old-fashioned clean living, and she said she started taking care of her skin when she was 12 or 13 years old. 

Joleen said: “I’ve always lived a healthy, active lifestyle. I rarely drink alcohol, I get a lot of rest, and eat a balanced, healthy diet.

“I religiously take care of my skin, and everyday wash my face in the morning and before I go to bed.”

The mum and daughter enjoy a tight bond and teenager Meilani is flattered when people mistake them for sisters. 

Joleen gushed: “I don’t think she minds. We are very close. We do lots of things together – travel, shop, work out.

“And sometimes just lay on the couch and talk.

“While she was growing up, she would often hear people tell me they thought my mother was my sister. 

“I was pretty young when I had her, so it’s not entirely impossible that we could be sisters.”

Joleen also said one of the secrets to her looking the same age as her daughter was starting early with skincare. 

The gorgeous Californian mummy explained: “Living in California, sun protection is naturally key. 

“I absolutely use sunscreen, every day, even on cloudy, rainy days. I also use a vitamin C serum day and night.”

Joleen has already started Meilani on the same rigorous routine. 

The stunning mum added: “Having good skin gives me confidence, even on the days I don’t look my best.”

In addition to products, Joleen reckons a generally relaxed attitude is also key to staying youthful. 

She said: “I’m pretty pragmatic, and try not to worry too much about the past or anticipate worries in the future.” 

Joleen and her partner split up amicably 13 years ago – but the family still get along, and regularly holiday together. 

The teacher commented: “I live a pretty simple life and I’m content with what I have.”

Despite her youthful looks, Joleen isn’t one to tag along with her daughter to clubs or parties.

Joleen said: “Meilani and I have never gone clubbing or partying together. And I don’t foresee us doing that anytime in the near future. 

“I’ve had my share of doing both – these days I’d rather stay home, drink a nice cup of hot tea, and watch a good movie.”

Social media users have been quick to share their confusion - with some in disbelief at the reality of the relationship. 

One said on Instagram: “If you’re her mum... You are officially the hottest Mum in the world!”

While another added: “Are you really a mum???”

Meanwhile, one commented: “Who had who at this point”.

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Wow, Mother touches the Heart Of Many after Sharing Pictures of her 3 Year Old Blind Baby

A photo of a cable technician, who soothed a customer's disabled toddler while fixing an internet problem in her home, has gone viral.

Jessica Nash Donnahoo, of Greenville, South Carolina, posted a photo on Facebook of Spectrum employee Rob Kinney holding and comforting her three-year-old son, Sailor.

Sailor, who was adopted at birth, was born with rare brain defects and a seizure disorder. One is optic nerve hypoplasia which caused him to be blind since birth and the other is known as a Chiari malformation of the brain. 

Donnahoo told GMA that Sailor, who has heightened senses and sensory issues, was feeling particularly overwhelmed the day the cable technician came to carry out work.

Sailor seemed to immediately take to Kinney, who has worked for Spectrum for nine years, and walked over to him, reaching his arms in the air.

Kinney, a single dad to a four-year-old girl, didn't ignore the toddler or tell him to go away, but instead lifted him up, held and comforted him.

Donnahoo, who also has a two-year-old daughter, took to Facebook to praise Kinney for going above and beyond, tagging Kinney and Spectrum in the post.  

'Dear Spectrum Internet,

'Today your technician Robert came to our home to upgrade our internet and help us start up TV streaming. He walked into a mess. My son, Sailor, is three years old. He was born with two rare brain defects and he is blind. 

'He is unable to communicate his needs, and today has been rough for him. He has been crying all morning. I’ve been trying to soothe him while also meeting the needs of my two year old daughter, cleaning, washing dishes, and doing laundry while my husband works. It’s just been a tough day. 

'When Robert walked in and started talking, Sailor ran to him and reached up. Robert didn’t seem bothered at all and, instead, held my son off and on for the whole 45 minutes he was in our home. He snuggled him close while I folded laundry. It was a huge relief to this tired momma. Robert could have walked in, rushed, and left but instead he saw a need greater than internet and met it. 

'That’s beyond customer service- it’s humanity at its best. Robert deserves a raise... a promotion... something! He’s an asset to your company and I will never forget his kindness. Sincerely, Jessica.'

The post has been shared 145,000 times to date. 

Kinney managed to keep on working while comforting Sailor.

Donnahoo said he held Sailor off and on for the entire 45 minutes he was in her home, only putting him down to plug in equipment or go out to his truck. 

Humble Kinney praised the Donnahoo family for having a 'kind and gentle spirit,' for adopting Sailor and taking care of him every day.

He told GMA he only stepped in for a short period of time. 

'I picked him up and held him while I was doing a few things inside. He was super comfortable with it to the point he started getting sleepy,' Kinney told GMA. 

Sailor was adopted by the Donnahoo's after years of unsuccessful fertility treatment.  

Later Jessica Nash Donnahoo fell unexpectedly pregnant with the couple's daughter.

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Strongest woman in earth who can't find a boyfriend because of her muscular body

As we all know, Russia is a country full of beautiful women. The woman in the photo is Natalia Kuznetsova, but she has nothing to do with beauty. She is called "the strongest woman in the world" and a real muscle woman. Natalia used to be a very thin and weak girl. At the thinnest time, she was only 80 kg. Later, in order to make herself healthier, she began to learn fitness from the age of 14, and gradually fell in love with fitness. She became a fitness player, and later became a national weightlifter.

In order to keep fit, Natalia has to work out for more than five hours every day, and she has to strictly control her diet. After more than 10 years of efforts, Natalia finally has a body of strong muscle. Natalia has made a lot of achievements in her career. She has set many world records in the sleeper push and hard pull sports, and no one can break her record so far.

Because of her strong muscles, Natalia also encountered many problems in her life. The most difficult thing for her was that she couldn't find a boyfriend and no boy wanted to communicate with her. Many boys said that "seeing Natalia's muscles makes people shudder."

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Wow, Mum agrees to give birth to her own grandchild after daughter lost her reproductive organs to cancer

A woman who lost her reproductive organs as a child has asked her mother to act as a surrogate - and give birth to her own grandchild.

Jasmine Bowley, 21, from Norwich, had her ovaries and Fallopian tubes removed when she developed Ewing's sarcoma, a form of cancer, in her pelvis at the age of seven - which also affected her womb.

After meeting her partner Daniel Bell, 27, the couple were desperate to have a child of their own and initially had hormone replacement therapy (HRT) with a view to undergoing IV, using a donor egg. 

But the treatment failed and Jasmine's mother, Sabrina Bowley, 39, has now volunteered to carry the child - which will be conceived using Daniel's sperm and a donor egg - and give birth to her own grandchild.

The family now hopes to raise £20,000 on GoFundMe to complete Jasmine's dream family.

Mother-of-four Sabrina said: 'I feel like it's the only and biggest thing I can do for my daughter and her partner. To give them the gift of life would make all my dreams and her's come true.

I'm a proud mum and will be a proud grandmother. I'm truly proud of my daughter and how far she has got in life despite everything she has gone through.

'People have been telling me that I'm a wonderful and amazing mum for agreeing to do this but I'm not.

'I'm just helping my daughter out like any other mum would. It just so happens that in this instance I'm going to help her become a mum.

'I've done it four times before so I know what to do.'

Jasmine was diagnosed with pelvic Ewing's sarcoma when she was just seven and she bravely beat the disease.

Her Fallopian tubes and ovaries were removed during surgery to remove her cancer while radiotherapy damaged her womb.

Having dreamed of becoming a mother for most of her life, the only option available to Jasmine was hormone replacement therapy which would hopefully encourage her womb to grow and allow her to become a mother through IVF.

But the treatment failed to stimulate growth in Jasmine's womb leaving her with little option but to apply for surrogacy privately at a cost of £20,000.

She said: 'If the hormone replacement therapy had worked I would have been able to have had an artificial insemination.

'Becoming a mum would be a dream come true for me and something I've always wanted.

'I'd had hormone replacement therapy as a teenager and even though it didn't work I still thought I'd have a small chance of becoming a mum naturally..'

In a heart-to-heart chat, Jasmine, Daniel and Sabrina decided the only way Jasmine could become a mother would be through a private surrogacy - and that Sabrina would be the surrogate.

Sabrina said she may even give birth naturally. She added: 'We were told when she was younger that Jasmine would probably be unable to have children but as the years went on we always clung to hope.

'When we realised we had no other option than to go privately it was spoken about who would be the surrogate and I offered to do it after a long conversation between the three of us.

'As we talked about the options it struck me that the easiest thing to do would be for me to be the surrogate. Daniel and Jasmine discussed it and we decided between the three of us that that was what we would do.

'It only seemed right and best for me to do it and I have had other pregnancies all healthy and fine.

'It's the gift of life and I want to help in anyway I can.'

Jasmine, Daniel and Sabrina hope to raise the £20,000 needed for the procedure before Sabrina undergoes IVF to become pregnant using Daniel's sperm and a donor egg. 

The family has agreed they will be open and honest with their child and grandchild about the birth.

So far, Jasmine, Daniel and Sabrina say their decision has been met with nothing but love and support from their nearest and dearest.

Daniel said: 'Jasmine is the love of my life. She told me a week into the relationship that she probably wouldn't be able to have kids. It was a shock but of course I didn't mind.

'We've looked at all the options over the last few years and knew about two years ago that I would have to give sperm.'

Jasmine added: 'The moment mum said she'd do it it didn't sink in. We've had so many knock backs. All of our friends and family have been so supportive.

'Becoming a mum will be everything to me, it will complete my life.'

A spokesman for Surrogacy UK said: 'Surrogacy is a beautiful way to create a family - full of trust, friendship and love and surrogacy teams made up of friends, or family members are common in the UK.

'Luckily for those intended parents who don't have a friend or family member to help, more and more surrogates are coming forward every day, whose dream it is to carry a surrogacy pregnancy.

'Around 400 babies a year in the UK are created through surrogacy, and as it becomes a more acceptable way to have a baby, it is only set to increase.

'In the UK, openness, honesty and lifelong friendships are encouraged, so the children born are lucky to have parents that love them, but also a loving relationship with their surrogate too.

'The IVF postcode lottery means that anyone undergoing fertility treatment in the UK may have to self fund, however surrogacy IVF is usually much more expensive than normal IVF. This means that intended parents have to save thousands of pounds before they can even start on their journey.

'Not only are intended parents dealing with not being able to carry their own child, they have the added pressure of financial infertility too.

'SurrogacyUK wish Jasmine, Daniel and Sabrina all the best for their upcoming surrogacy journey, and we very much hope to be able to congratulate them very soon.'

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Oh, American Rapper Jay Z finally shows off his Lesbian Mom, Gloria Carter

Jay Z revealed his mom Gloria Carter was a lesbian in late June with a track from his album 4:44.

And this week, the New York native got the chance to talk about her sexuality and personal journey in her own words for the first time since her unofficial coming-out via song.

The rap mogul's mother recounted how she made her street-hardened son 'tear up' when she first told him she was a lesbian during her candid chat with on the D'USSE Podcast that aired Tuesday. 

'Me and my son, we share a lot of information,' Gloria explained during her intimate hour-plus interview.

'I was sitting there and I was telling him one day, I just finally started telling him who I was.'

'Besides your mother, this is the person that I am, you know?' she said, 'This is the life that I live.

'He actually started tearing, because he was like, "That had to be a horrible life, Ma". And I was like, "My life was never horrible, it was just different". So that made him want to do a song about it.'  

The matriarch went on to explain: 'I don’t hide who I am… I’m tired of all the mystery,' adding 'Now it’s time for me to be live my life and be happy, be free.'  

That exchange inspired the 99 Problems rapper to 'want to do a song about' her struggles, eventually leading to the track Smile off his latest LP.

The superstar revealed mom Gloria Carter's truth in the lyrics to the soulful track.

'Mama had four kids but she's a lesbian' he rhymes with passion. 

'Had to pretend so long, that she's a thespian,' raps Jay-Z, 'Don't matter to me if it's a him or her / I just want to see you smile through all the hate.'.

In doing so the husband of Beyonce confirmed for the first time hushed rumors about his mother's sexuality. 

He also explained how she turned to substances to cope with the stigma.

Smile opens with a snippet from Stevie Wonder and closes with a poem by Gloria herself, who recites: 'The world is changing and they say it's time to be free / But you live with the fear of just being me.'

Jay-Z, like many rappers of his generation, employed homophobic slurs in his early music but was also one of the first prominent voices in hip-hop to speak out in favor of gay rights.

The musician also throws veiled barbs at other rappers on the album, including onetime protege Kanye West, who last year ranted against Jay-Z and in support of then president-elect Donald Trump before entering a hospital.

The rapper has especially harsh words for the estate of pop icon Prince, a longtime rebel in the music industry who had signed a deal with Tidal shortly before his death.

He denounces the 'greedy bastards' who have commercialized Prince with moves such as bringing his catalog onto leading streaming service Spotify.

'I'm surprised you ain't auctioned off the casket,' Jay-Z inveighs.

But Jay-Z's mind on 4:44 is more on his own 'legacy' - which is the title of the last song in which the 47-year-old addresses his children, vowing that the family's fortune and philanthropy will outlive him.

'I'd like to see a nice peace fund / Ideas for people who look like we / We going to start a society within a society.'

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Eleven kids, the youngest aged eight, are shot in Chicago over holiday weekend prompting Mayor Lightfoot to tweet 'adults are failing these children'

A wave of gun violence swept through Chicago over the President's Day long weekend, leaving 11 children wounded. Another 15 adults were shot - four of them fatally.

At least three of the incidents that were reported between Friday night and early Monday morning involved accidental shootings, where children found weapons and discharged them. 

Some of the other instances of gun violence involved a mass shooting inside an apartment building and several drive-by shootings.

The first incident occurred at 7.49pm on Friday at a home in the 3100 block of West Fillmore Street, where police said a seven-year-old girl found a gun and it discharged, hitting an 11-year-old boy in the neck.

The child was rushed to Stroger Hospital, where he was listed in serious condition, reported NBC Chicago.

At 9.08pm that same evening, gunfire erupted inside an apartment in the 6500 block of South King Drive leaving a half-dozen people wounded, among them two 14-year-old girls and a 15-year-old girl.

Three of the juvenile victims of the shooting were listed in critical condition at Comer Children's Hospital. No arrests have been made so far in connection to the mass shooting.

Just over an hour later, at 10.20pm, a young boy was playing with gun he found at a home in the 4700 block of South Forestville Avenue when the weapon went off, hitting an eight-year-old boy in the shoulder and hand, and a 12-year-old girl in the arm. Both victims were taken to Comer Children's Hospital, where at last check they were listed in fair condition.

Shortly after noon on Saturday, a 15-year-old boy was holding a gun at a residence in the 2400 block of South Troy Street when he accidentally fired a round, striking a 14-year-old girl in the cheek. The suspect was taken into custody and the victim was hospitalized in fair condition.  

At around 5pm on Saturday, a 16-year-old boy was walking in the 400 block of East 113th Street when a person riding in a light-colored sedan opened fire, striking the teen in the thigh. He was rushed to Advocate Child Medical Center in good condition.

Shortly after 3am on Sunday, a 16-year-old boy was walking in the 900 block of West 31st Street when someone shot at him from a black sedan.

The unnamed boy was hit in the leg and taken to Stroger Hospital, where he was listed in fair condition.

At 2.30pm on Sunday, a 17-year-old boy was driving in the 5000 block of West 63rd Street when another car pulled up beside his and someone inside shot the teen in the face. 

The victim was able to drive himself to Advocate Christ Medical Center, where he was listed in fair condition.

Shortly after midnight on Monday, a 17-year-old girl was walking with a 19-year-old male friend when a tan SUV carrying three men pulled up beside them.

The occupants of the vehicle asked the teens if they wanted to buy drugs. When the pair refused, one of the men in the SUV shot the girl in the foot. She was taken to Illinois Masonic Medical Center in good conition.

The spate of shootings involving children and teens prompted Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot to go on Twitter Saturday and fire off a series of excoriating messages directed at the community. 

'Adults are failing these children,' she wrote. 'We cannot normalize children and teens with guns. We need more supports, more love and more accountability.' 

Lightfoot continued: 'As a city, we have a fundamental obligation to ensure the safety of our children so that they can pursue their dreams and live a life free from violence. Each and every one of us needs to step up and play a role in fulfilling that commitment.'

Chicago Police spokesperson Anthony Guglielmi said no criminal charges were filed in connection to the accidental firearm discharges where children were hurt, because parents had made efforts to lock away their guns, but the kids managed to find the keys. 

This latest spate of gun-related incidents comes just a week after Chicago experienced its deadliest weekend so far this year, with 23 people shot, nine of them fatally.

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