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How to earn Bitcoin (BTC) and different ways to make cryptocurrency online without buying into it or mining!

How to start earning a Bitcoin income online

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency was never meant to be something for rich people and miners to hoard and profit off of.

Bitcoin is a currency for the world that anyone should be able to have access to.

Follow my steemit blog and I will show you how ANYONE can earn Bitcoin and Crypto online, from your phone, or even the public library.

Here is one option that I suggest trying out if you have a few minutes a day and don't want to spend any money to get started earning your crypto income.

Stay tuned to learn how to re-invest your earnings into something called masternodes, learn how to trade effectively, and how to mine crypto without having expensive equipment.

Cryptocurrency was not meant to be something that only miners and people with a lot of money have access to and that is why I am even talking about this.

In this video we show you how -anyone- can earn Bitcoin (BTC) on the Cointiply platform.

We will be documenting our progress and started this mine about 3 days ago.

If you discovered about cointiply through my video or found my video helpful then please use my link to sign up so that we can get rich, together :P

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How to earn Bitcoin online without mining it or buying it. How to make a passive crypto income!

How to Earn Crypto and Bitcoin online without mining or buying it!


Video Guide on how to Earn some Crypto 

Coin Decrypt does NOT offer investment advice and make videos for information, education, and entertainment purposes, ONLY!

In this video we talk about the different ways that ANYONE can earn Bitcoin (BTC) and then we show you how you can take that BTC to re-invest it in order to create passive income streams.

We are going to show you the methods used to earn actual Bitcoin, online, without having to mine it, or buy it.

Then we are going to show you how to re-invest the Bitcoin (BTC) that you have earned in order to start creating passive income streams for yourself.

Stay tuned for the follow up videos, guides, and tutorials to this video as it is going to be a new web series that we are creating in order to help people become financially independent using Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.

In the following videos, once you have had a chance to earn some BTC using these methods, we will show you how to actually re-invest your crypto into legit blockchain projects using masternodes to support the networks that we believe in.

By owning masternodes we are supporting the networks and as masternode owners, we get paid for helping to uphold the networks of projects that we believe in and want to support.

Thanks for watching and let us know what you think and if you have any questions, in the comments below!


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Crypto Adoption: A letter to myself and the world

Crypto and the push for adoption

What we need to teach others about Bitcoin


It is necessary for me to keep publishing basic cryptocurrency articles in my push for adoption because there are still so many people that are unaware of the options available to them, people getting scammed and people that just forget these things from lack of everyday use. If you know someone who is new to cryptocurrency be sure to let them know about my blog and website so they have the resources they need to learn what they need to learn about cryptocurrency and cyber security

Last night was my sister's birthday and it was awesome. She is in her mid-twenties and was wearing a unicorn onesie while passing out googly eye glasses to everyone. And, no, she does not do drugs, fortunately. This is just the way that she is. (Check back soon because I asked them to send me some pics from the party :)

My Dad showed up and was getting into the whiskey as per usual (I can't say I blame him. I would probably get drunk also if I had to show up at my ex wife's house for a social event consisting of members of my mom's side of the family as well as her new husband.)

Anyways, whenever talking to my dad about anything related to Bitcoin, cryptocurrency... the internet... or computers in general, he loves to respond with things like, "I don't know how to do any of that stuff!"

I am sure we all know someone like this in our lives, that person may even be us and we don't even realize it.

Let me explain.

Have you ever tried sending money to another country for family or friends? Did you suffer from transfer fees? Did it hurt when your bank, paypal or western union screwed you out of your own money? Ever lose money to exchange fees? Loss from exchange rate? Have you ever suffered from overdraft fees? What about charge-backs? Have you ever had to double check cash to make sure it wasn't counterfeit? Or, even worse, actually getting scammed with counterfeit bills? Have you ever suffered from identity theft or getting your credit card compromised? What about your bank account? Have you ever been short changed? Do you like the feeling of your fiat reserves gaining a little less value, every single day? Are you tired of earning interest rates that are less than inflation rates?

If you have ever suffered from even just one of these things, then you should be pushing for global adoption of cryptocurrency, a world currency, that anyone can use, regardless of nationality, social status, religion, gender, race or even age.

You're probably thinking, "But, we ALL suffer from these types of things! What are WE going to DO about it? We can't change the entire world, can we?!" and, "Why would anyone listen to a troll named, Kryp70Kn1gh7 on some website nobody has ever heard of?" (Ignore the second question... I have jokes.... bad ones but hopefully you'll get used to them.)

Yes, actually, in fact it is only us that can change the world. You see, we all have the power to do what we want with our money. And businesses have to accept that or die out because not IF but WHEN cryptocurrency reaches main-stream adoption, the businesses that are already accepting it will have a HUGE competitive advantage over the businesses that don't.

It is up to us to actually WANT to use bitcoin. We have to WANT to get paid in bitcoin and we have to WANT to pay with Bitcoin... We have to WANT to use Bitcoin to be a store of value, we have to WANT to use Bitcoin to send our loved ones money when the need it.

The thing that I hear most often is, "I would have used crypto to send that money but it's too complicated for me, or too complicated to teach this other person."

It's not that cryptocurrency is too complicated, it is just that some of us are unwilling to learn, or too lazy to teach. We need to consider the fact that most people are happy to learn about a new trustless, permission-less, world changing technology, that is censorship resistant, and offers the freedom to transfer wealth on a global scale regardless of nationality, race, religion, gender, or even age without relying on central banks, governments, or corporations.

When we say, "It's still too complicated." what we are really saying is, "I am too lazy to learn." or "I don't feel like being a part of the solution."

The next time somebody needs to send you money or make a payment just ask them to do it with the cryptocurrency of your choice.

Don't like Bitcoin because of high fees or slow transactions? That's why we have Bitcoin Cash.

Don't like the fact that anyone can see your transactions? That is why we have Monero or Zcash.

Don't be worried about problems that do not exist. Create solutions instead.

For example, if you are worried that your Dad will fuck up and lose all his Bitcorns when trying to send a transaction but haven't actually taken the time to show him how to use it, then show him how to do it instead of making up a problem that does not exist yet.

The beautiful thing about having over 1,000 different crypto-coins available at our disposal is that we have 1,000s of crypto-coins at our disposal!

We have access to hundreds of different types of wallets for coins of many varying types of fees and transaction speeds.

This means that we have access to hundreds of test nets for coins that we don't actually have to risk spending or losing money when learning about crypto, or teaching someone how to use it.

There are tools that we can use to convert fiat cash into Bitcoin and other crypto-coins by using services like Coinbase, Paxful and Localbitcoins. You might even have a Bitcoin ATM in your area or know of someone in your circle of contacts that is a crypto-maniac like me and can help you find the right coin for the job and even acquire said coin.

We need to stop assuming people are so stupid because they really aren't. Humans have been doing incredible things, much more advanced then using currency for thousands of years. Most of the time these people just haven't had anyone that was willing to sit down with them for 5-10 minutes to show them how to set up a wallet to send and receive transactions. A lot of people do not even know that Bitcoin is a thing, yet alone Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and the hundreds of other alt-coins that all have their own place and specific uses in our crypto-economy.

The next time you buy something, take an extra couple of minutes to ask the vendor if they have considered accepting your favorite crypto as payment. If enough people actually started doing this then we would see an increase in adoption.

If you are really feeling gung-ho and hate banks as much as I do then ask your employer if they would be willing to pay you in cryptocurrency. They might say something like, "I don't know how to do any of that!" and worse case scenario is that you have just created the opportunity to teach someone HOW to do ALL of it! Every opportunity like that is a small step forward in the right direction for crypto-adoption. Which leads to local adoption, which leads to mass-adoption and then finally leading to Global-Mass-Adoption.

Another excuse that I hear all too often is, "The price of Bitcoin is too unstable to be used as a currency."

This one is a little tougher, I'll admit but there are solutions and it is getting better. Over the past several weeks the price of Bitcoin hasn't fluctuated all that much, relatively speaking.

We are also seeing the introduction of more stable coins and coins backed by amounts in fiat or other asset reserves in an attempt to maintain a stable price. Coins like Tether, USDC, MakerDao, BitCNY, and Havven.

Once somebody understands how open a Coinbase account and buy crypto with their bank account or debit card, learning how to use cryptocurrency properly is the next thing that we need to teach them.

Here are the first things that we need to teach our circle of friends and family about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

1.) How to set up a wallet. Let them know that Bitcoin is the "gateway drug" to cryptocurrency and it is the crypto they want to own the majority of because it has the most trust, respect, value and market cap of all the coins. Bitcoin is the crypto that you can always exchange for fiat or any other crypto.

a.) Teach them how to set up their own wallet in which they have complete control over their own private keys. This is the fundamental first step that anyone should know if they are to get involved with cryptocurrency. Start with a Bitcoin wallet like an electrum wallet, or better yet, a hardware wallet like Trezor. You can even teach them out to setup a paper wallet with the cli on a usb as a makeshift hardware wallet.

b.) Help the person install the wallet onto a USB device so that they can access their wallet from any device with a USB port. Explain to them what a private key is and how important it is. Show them how to access their wallet and make them write down their private keys in a safe place. Show them how to back up and restore the wallet.

2.) Help them open up an account with a service such as coinbase, paxful or localbitcoins so that they have the proper avenue to convert fiat into BTC and vice versa.

Coinbase -
Paxful -

3.) Explain to them the basics such as:

a.) Bitcoin is used as a store of value and the majority of your crypto should probably be kept in BTC, for now, at least. If they plan on using the Bitcoin often then they can store it in BCH (Bitcoin Cash), or even Litecoin (LTC) to save time and transaction fee cost.

b.) Never keep your BTC, or any crypto, stored on any type of exchange, no matter what. Your BTC should always be at least stored in a local wallet or paper wallet but a hardware wallet is always more secure and should be used if they have a significant amount (I'd say anything over $1,000 is hardware wallet worthy but that will depend on their definition of "What they can afford to lose.) Use 2FA on your exchanges and don't fall for staking your coins on an exchange just because it pays dividends or interest, its not worth losing everything if something happens to that exchange.

c.) For transactions, BitcoinCash (BCH) , Litecoin (LTC) are going to be much faster with lower fees. There are other solutions for this as well but BCH and LTC are highly trusted and used on most exchanges.

d.) Crypto is volatile and therefore they should never invest more than they are willing to lose. This number is different for everyone but personally, I would never invest more than 10-20% of my funds into crypto. As the market matures and becomes more stable, more rational and adoption is increased then we can perhaps start moving more funds from fiat and other assets to crypto.

Getting your friends and family in on the crypto game will make it MUCH easier the next time you need to send them money, especially if in another country that uses a different currency.

With solutions like and this is getting easier and will continue to get easier the more that people like us take the initiative to push for it.

Once they have learned the basics, if they seem interested, then you can start teaching them about things like day trading, mining (Proof of Work), staking (Proof of Stake), and setting up masternodes for earning passive income while supporting the networks that they believe in.

This is our money, our world. We need to show the world that we are demanding that our Bitcoin and cryptocurrency not only have value, but that we know that the value of our fiat money is dropping, and that we want to USE crypto for day to day transactions, as a store of value, and as a means of transferring wealth on a global scale that is permissionless and that does NOT involve the trust of any third parties, not even banks, governments or corporations.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and please take the time to educate yourself and others about the value of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. If you think that something needs to be added to this article then please let me know in the comments.

Remember to follow me for more cyber security and crypto content!

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Mysterious $720 Million Bitcoin Wallet Wakes Up And Starts Dumping Coins

Some have argued, as first reported by CryptoCoinsNews (CCN), a crypto wallet containing $720 million worth of Bitcoin and an unknown owner have woken up after four years of hibernation, with more than $100 million moved to Bitfinex and Binance over the last several weeks, could have spooked investors.

The mysterious wallet contains a mindboggling 11,114 BTC, equivalent to around 0.52 percent of the total supply.

Redditor u/sick_silk noticed the sudden movement of these dormant coins in late August, through tracking each transaction in detail on the blockchain, accompanied with graphs representing the activity.

According to the Redditor, one of two sources could be the owner of this mysterious Bitcoin whale.

The first post was published on August 31 suggests that the funds may be linked to the now-defunct dark web market Silk Road, which was an online black market, best known as a platform for selling drugs, illegal weapons and pornography, malware, hacking services, and other black market goods.

u/Sick_Silk points out:

“It seems that the owner of a huge SilkRoad related wallet is moving funds actively since 3 days, dividing it in chunks of 100 coins by subwallets. The original wallet owned 111,114.62 BTC / BCH , which is currently valuated ~ $844M (without taking in account other Bitcoin forks). Last movements on these subwallets are 4 years and 5 months old (March 9th, 2014). The chunks have been divided over time to 60,000 coins then to 30,000 / 20,000 / 10,000 / 5,000 / 500 and now 100 coins.”

CCN said u/sick_silk connected the original crypto address to the Silk Road via the following bitcointalk thread in which user assortmentofsorts connects the dots to from an address operated by DPR (Dread Pirate Roberts AKA Ross Ulbricht, creator of the Silk Road) to the one in the Reddit post over the course of six traced transactions.

After more digging, u/sick_silk is more confident that the funds could belong to an old Mt Gox wallet. This theory is backed up by Bitcoin Security specialist WizSec, who tweeted:

They guessed right later in the post; it's an old MtGox whale, unrelated to Silk Road.

— WizSec (@wizsecurity) September 4, 2018

u/Sick_Silk generated custom graphs to represent the movement of the funds. The charts below represent a $100 million being moved to Binance and Bitfinex:

"Below you will find a graph representation of the transactions sent over time from the original 111,114-BTC wallet to the most recent wallets which have received some of the coins. Each branch represents a sequence of transactions sent through several wallets. Red nodes indicate the most recent transactions (< 1 month), blue nodes indicate quite recent ones (<1 year), and green nodes are the older ones ( > 1 year)," said u/Sick_Silk.

Figure 1: Here is the location of the original wallet within the graph (15ihHoGs3onQBNnEH8afDFGvou9nD62Hm7).

Figure 2: Original coins are currently transferred on Binance wallet, in fact, it is a major end-point/aggregate of transactions originated from the 111,114-BTC wallet (1NDyJtNTjmwk5xPNhjgAMu4HDHigtobu1s).

Figure 3: Coins are being sold on Binance, here 100 BTC transferred to Binance wallet on August 29th (174EZQcfnJS5ChVsTbZaJMmjFCYykMLu9t).

Figure 4: Funds are currently actively mixed, you can see a chain of red nodes with no other purpose than transferring n time the coins and splitting/mixing it a bit (3Ah15skNb8R1teRWs6h2Q2vRywkLJWUhhb).

u/Sick_Silk said the wallet's owner had been actively splitting the original 111,114 BTC/USD this past month; some of the coins are currently being dumped on Binance (Figure 2 and 3).

The mysterious Bitcoin whale is actively breaking up the order to conceal the transfers (Figure 4), as it seems the real-world ramifications is that someone is about to dump a whole lot of supply.

u/Sick_Silk firmly believes that the movement of coins could be due to Bitcoin's volatility that was seen in August, and whether that is true or not, CNBC continues to pump Bitcoin telling their audience members that now is the perfect time to buy.

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Face Of United Opposition Has To Come From Regional Party: Chandan Mitra

New Delhi: 

Chandan Mitra, who recently quit the BJP and joined Trinamool Congress has said that the face of the united opposition against the BJP in the 2019 parliamentary elections, "has to come from a regional party." Mr Mitra was speaking at the panel discussion moderated by NDTV at the launch of Kapil Sibal's book "Shades of Truth - A Journey Derailed" on Friday.

"Today unless a leader is established in his or her territorial domain, it will be difficult for him or her to stake claim to the Prime Minister's chair. Nobody will consider him. In future if there is a non-BJP or non-Congress alliance, or even if the Congress party is part of the agreement, the leader has to come from a regional party," said Mr Mitra.

The prospect of a united opposition against the BJP in 2019 was the moot point of the discussion, where the panelists - Kapil Sibal, P Chidambaram, Sitaram Yechury, Chandan Mitra and Sharad Yadav - agreed that an anti- BJP alliance would be vital. Indian elections are based on ideologies and not personalities, the key opposition leaders said underscoring that in 2019 the general elections will be a "Modi vs India" affair.

On the question of who will be the prime ministerial candidate against Mr Modi, all the panelists, except Mr Mitra said that a prime ministerial face is not important. Former JD(U) lawmaker Sharad Yadav recounted a series of elections where a joint coalition had formed the government, without declaring their prime ministerial candidate in advance.

"But, much water has flown through the Yamuna since the time you are talking about," countered Mr Mitra, who said the voters are much more aware today and therefore a prime ministerial candidate is important, whose credentials are well established.

Responding to question from the audience on Rahul Gandhi, Mr Sibal said the Congress president has made it clear that he is ready to take on Mr Modi, so there is no question of "whether or not he is up for it". When asked whether the PM candidate will be from Congress, the former HRD minister said, "I don't know. We will see whatever emerges at that point of time. That is something people will decide."

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The Crypto Market Is A Bubble*

People say that the crypto market is a bubble.
Yes, it is.
However, they forget one thing. It is a special bubble – a bubble created by PEOPLE, not by institutions. This is the only bubble that won't burst before the revolution is complete. This is not a bank-forced secretive bubble.

This is a bubble generated by the idea and by the movement for freedom of asset possession – in this case – money.

People are sick and tired of regulations.

Your money is not yours anymore. You're funnel-led to keep your money in a bank. The bank is playing with your money and the bank is printing your money. The banks actually loans your money to such a degree that if you and your friends came at the same time to withdraw it, the bank couldn't pay you out.

Basically, the bank has TAKEN your money! Talking the biggest Ponzi scheme in existence – banks.
And governments led by those fat cats.

And what does the government do when it's out of money?
You guessed it – it prints more money.

When government needs more money still – what does it do?
It taxes you – you have a ?ne for not wearing a seatbelt, like if you hurt anyone else but yourself by not wearing it. You cannot spend over $10,000 without the bank knowing what you are buying. Without the government knowing what you are buying.

You are forced to spend more on credit cards. Your credit cards have an easy trail for any prying eyes to see – to know that you bought a dildo for your friend John as a prank for his birthday. That you ?lled your car on 5th Ave, bought Louboutin high heels and booked your hotel room at a Sheraton Hotel two miles away from your home.
Your privacy is not your own anymore.
And that is what this revolution is all about.
Crypto – is a WAR of the people vs. governments.
Every single government hates crypto – regardless of its political views.

So yes – of course some polling application isn't worth 40 million dollars or some do-nothing ICO isn't worth a hundred million. But it is no di?erent than governments printing money and banks not being solvent enough to pay for all the money they got in... just this time – it's in the hands of the people!
And that is why this bubble won't burst... yet.


*#BitcoinForAfricaInitiative #LearnToEarn #Bitcoin #CryptoEducation*

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Go to
Register an account with them

Go to the following sites and put in your email address you registered
with coinpot and sign in with it n enter th captcha or code by
claiming the coins after every 5 minutes,hours ,day,weeks or more

After claiming the coins from above sites they will all go to so that you can withdraw them to your respective wallets

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Bitcoin Price Shows Stability as Crypto Market Sees Minor $6 Billion Drop

Over the past 24 hours, the crypto market has lost $6 billion from its valuation, experiencing a slight drop after a solid corrective rally by Bitcoin.

While Bitcoin recorded a small gain of 0.5 percent, other major cryptocurrencies including Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Stellar, Litecoin, and Cardano fell by 1 to 4 percent, affecting the token market.

Volatility of Tokens

On August 17, as the price of BTC showed a rapid recovery from $5,850 to $6,400, tokens recorded massive gains in the range of 30 to 80 percent, with VeChain increasing by over 80 percent against the US dollar.

However, as BTC stabilized in the mid-$6,000 region and other major cryptocurrencies struggled to sustain their momentum on the upside, tokens suffered. In the past 24 hours, Aion, DigixDAO, OmiseGO, BAT, and 0x fell by more than 6 percent against the US dollar and Bitcoin.

Yesterday, on August 19, CCN reported that the fall in the price of tokens in the past 48 hours can be attributed to the overly aggressive trades initiated by investors in the crypto market that considered the minor corrective rally of Bitcoin to be the start of a bull run.

Consequently, many traders reallocated their funds from Bitcoin, which has performed relatively well against the US dollar in the past month as seen in the rise of its dominance index, to tokens and high-risk high-return trades.

Some tokens including Ontology, Tezos, and Nano recorded solid 10 to 20 percent gains, but have fallen throughout the day due to the lack of momentum in Ether and other major cryptocurrencies.

In a bear market or downtrend, the dominance index of Bitcoin tends to increase as investors consider BTC to be a store of value in the cryptocurrency market. As such, in the past few months, apart from some exceptions including Binance Coin (BNB), Bitcoin has been one of the better performing cryptocurrencies.

In the past 24 hours, the dominance index of BTC has increased from 51 percent to 52 percent. A one percent increase is a minor movement, but considering that the market has been overly optimistic in the short-term trend of crypto throughout this week, the continuous increase in the dominance of BTC is important to consider.

Low Volume

The volume of Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies tend to be extremely volatile. The volume of BTC could remain in the $4 billion region and suddenly rise to over $6 billion within 24 hours, especially during corrective rallies.

But, the volume of BTC has fallen below the $4 billion mark, a level the market has not seen in the past two weeks. As of August 20, the volume of Bitcoin and Ethereum remain at $3.5 billion and $1.5 billion, less than half of their volume in June.

In the short-term, it is crucial for Bitcoin to sustain its current stability, allowing the market to establish a bottom at the lower price range. If BTC suddenly rises by large margins, it could lead the market to record overbought conditions.

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New Partnership Enables Automatic Bill Payments Using Bitcoin in Australia.

Australians wishing to pay their bills in cryptocurrencies do not have to be held back by the fact that their utility or service provider is stuck with traditional methods of payment.

This follows the formation of a partnership between two financial technology firms, cryptocurrency exchange Cointree and automated billing platform Gobbill, allowing the payment of bills using cryptocurrencies. Under the deal Gobbill will perform the functions of an intermediary under the agreement taking users’ funds and paying bills on their behalf.

The deal will allow users of the two platforms to pay their bills using the digital assets stored in Cointree’s wallet. Currently, Cointree supports 40 cryptocurrencies and this includes the major ones such as bitcoin, ether, XRP, NEO and litecoin.

Households and Small Enterprises

Additionally, users of the Gobbill platform will be able to link their cryptocurrency wallet to their accounts and have their bills paid using a specified cryptocurrency. The service is mainly aimed at small businesses and households. According to the co-founder and CEO of Gobbill, Shendon Ewans, the initiative is aimed at meeting existing and anticipated demand.

“We anticipate a surge in the number of customers who would like to pay their bills in crypto in the coming years,” said Ewans in a statement. “Our partnership with Cointree will cater to this market and ensure Gobbill continues to remain ahead of the curve when it comes to allowing our users to pay their bills automatically, while knowing they’re protected from fraud and scams.”

Robust Cryptocurrency Usage

Prior to the partnership, Cointree, which boasts of approximately 100 million transactions since it was founded five years ago, already had a service which allows users to pay bills using cryptocurrencies. With the collaboration, it is hoped that the use of cryptocurrencies in paying bills will only grow. On Cointree’s bill-payment service the performance has been encouraging for the startup which is only a few years old.

“Last year alone we had about AU$100 million of bills paid and saw ten times growth in this payment feature,” the operations manager of Cointree, Jess Rendon, told The Australian Financial Review in an interview.

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