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Missing toddler is found dead in a park near Pittsburgh after she was 'kidnapped by an Uber driver and sold to another woman for $10k'

The body of a Pennsylvania toddler missing since the weekend has been found.

Authorities found the body of two-year-old Nalani Johnson on Tuesday at Pine Ridge Park in Indiana County just outside of Pittsburgh.   

Allegheny County Police said the father of the toddler and the woman who has been charged with kidnapping the little girl were in a romantic relationship.

On Monday, police filed kidnapping and other related charges against Sharena Nancy, 25, according to KDKA, however further charges are now likely given the discovery of the child's body. 

Investigators say after driving off with Nalani, Nancy's 2017 black Toyota Yaris, complete with Lyft and Uber stickers on the windshield, drove 20 miles south along route 22 to Blairsville, Indiana County. 

Nancy was stopped around 7:30pm by a Penn Hills Police officer.

During Tuesday afternoon's news conference investigators revealed how Nalani and her father, Paul Johnson, were not in Sharena Nancy's vehicle for an Uber or Lyft ride.

'Sharena Nancy and Paul Johnson became acquainted intermittently over the last few months, so they were known to each other,' police said. 'They were friends; they were in the beginnings of an intermittent romantic relationship.'   

Johnson's grandmother has denied the child's father had any involvement in the kidnapping.

The child's father had previously told investigators in Penn Hills that he and a friend were riding in a car driven by Nancy on Saturday evening. 

When he got out of the car and was moving to get the child out of her car seat, Nancy drove off, he alleged.

After an Amber Alert was issued, the car was found and Nancy was taken into custody, but neither the child nor her car seat was found. 

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that Nancy alleges the father 'sold' the toddler for $10,000 and, on his instructions, she turned the girl over to a woman at a roadside rendezvous. 

She alleged that she was told to drive 20 minutes from a Monroeville gas station. 

There, she saw a parked silver sports utility vehicle with out-of-state plates, and she gave the child to a woman standing outside the car. 

Police wrote in the criminal complaint that they found no evidence of a silver SUV in the area at the time.

The child's grandmother, Taji Walsh, dismissed the allegations, telling reporters that if police thought the father was involved 'he wouldn't be walking freely - he'd be locked up like she is.'

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Mum's frantic phone call after toddler son fell on pencil that lodged in face

A mother has shared of her worst nightmare after her toddler son fell straight onto a pencil which lodged inside his mouth.

Mum Bri Skrypinski said she heard an 'almighty scream' from her son Thomas during a family gathering in at her house on the northern Gold Coast in Australia.

She rushed to his aid and found a pencil skewering his face through the top palate.

In a frantic emergency call that was released on Tuesday, desperate Bri can be heard detailing the injuries to paramedics.

She said: "He has fallen, he had a pencil in his mouth, it has gone right up into his palate,

"We cannot get [the pencil] out, it is jammed.

"He is bleeding everywhere. What can we do, we can't stop the bleeding."

Four-month-old Thomas can be heard wailing in the background as Bri told him 'it's okay'.

She carried on describing Thomas' condition and said: "He's completely alert but there's blood coming out of his nose.

"He's starting to go purple in the face."

Little Thomas was rushed to hospital where surgeons spent over two hours to remove the pencil from his head, according to 7News .

Bri was told her son could have been blinded as the pencil had missed his optic nerve by millimetres.

It however had fractured his eye socket and Thomas was hospitalised for five days.

Speaking of the freak accident happened nearly three years ago, Bri told 7News: "Shock was our initial reaction and then you go into protective mode and straight onto the phone.

"It's every parents worst nightmare."

Thomas, now, three years old, has recovered from the injury and is wearing glasses to aid muscular damage around his eye.

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Doctor who delivered 8,000 babies sings a special song for every single one, and it's stunning

Delivering a new baby can be a scary and stressful experience even for the easiest of deliveries.

For women who delivered under Dr. Carey Andrew-Jaja’s watch over the last 40 years, though, the entire experience was just a little bit less daunting thanks to his stellar reputation—and for the babies he delivered, their first moments were always especially sweet.

Andrew-Jaja, an OB/GYN who spent four decades delivering newborns at UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, finally decided to call it quits this spring. The reputation he’ll leave behind, though, was one that few doctors will ever be able to top.

Known as “The Singing Doctor,” he sang either “What a Wonderful World” or “Happy Birthday” to each of the 8,000-plus bundles of joy he helped enter the world over the course of his career.

The idea, he explained, came from a doctor whom he met while he was doing his residency who did the same thing. When that doctor retired, he encouraged Andrew-Jaja to take his place.

“There was a gentleman, an older obstetrician-gynecologist on staff and he loved to sing. And later on when he was about to retire, he asked me, ‘Andy, do you sing to your babies?’ And I said, ‘Well, no. It’s your stuff,’” Dr. Andrew-Jaja recalled.

“And he said, ‘Go ahead, do it.’ So, I took it over. He passed on the baton to me,” he continued. “And I took it over and I started to sing to my babies ever since then and I do it every time.”

He didn’t give it a second thought, becoming one of Pittsburgh’s most trusted and beloved OB/GYNs and delivery doctors thanks to that extra care he provides.

“Childbirth is very stressful for the patient and their family,” Andrew-Jaja told Good Morning America following his retirement. “Therefore, we as caregivers must strive to provide excellent care in an excellent setting with a smile on our face and a song in our heart.”

Although he officially stopped delivering babies two years ago, Andrew-Jaja continued to see patients as an obstetrician up until June of this year. He would visit the mothers in the recovery wing after the deliveries and kept up his customary songs until he visited his very last patient, mom Lindsay Grimes and her newborn daughter Luella, on June 16th.

It’s been thousands of babies and thousands of touching connections made over the decades, but Andrew-Jaja has insisted that every baby is just as important as the very first one he sang to when he started. In a video he recorded for the hospital, he explained that every baby has the same incredible potential—and they all deserve the same joy that he brings to the songs.

“Each of them is an individual. You know, I’ve delivered thousands and thousands of babies,” he said in the UPMC video. “When I’m singing to those babies, I think I’m singing to a future important person. That’s the credit I give to all of them.”

The city of Pittsburgh is so enamored with the impact he’s had that he’s even getting his own day. Thanks to Councilman Corey O’Connor, May 16 is now declared “Dr. Carey Andrew-Jaja Day”—making sure that the legacy of the city’s incredible doctor will carry on even now that he’s stepped away from his practice for good.

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Couple turn their daughter's christening into a surprise wedding

A couple left friends and family stunned after they turned the christening of their baby daughter into a surprise wedding. 29-year-old Hannah Clayton and her husband Darren Harding-Evans, 39, hatched a secret plan to throw the double celebration midway through the baptism of nine-month-old Bryony. Whilst guests took their turn taking photographs with the christening girl, the pair sneaked off and got ready to pull the surprise last Sunday. Hannah then reemerged at the back of the church in a flowing white wedding dress much to the amazement of the unsuspecting guests. She then walked down the aisle with her grandfather as the best man’s two young daughters sang Elvis Presley’s ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love With You’. Many family members were left in tears as Hannah and Darren then exchanged vows on the altar of St Giles Church, in Wrexham, north Wales

The couple went on to enjoy their reception at Holt Lodge, which had already been set aside for the christening celebrations, with their 74 guests. Only a handful of relatives were aware of the top secret plans – with even the flower girls and the best man being taken by surprise on the day. Hannah, a support worker from Wrexham, said: ‘We’ve been together eight years and engaged since 2014 so we thought it was as good a time as any. ‘We only told a handful of people including parents and the bridesmaids, as we needed a little bit of help organising it. But most of the people just thought they were coming along for Bryony’s christening so they were all in for a massive shock. ‘Not even the flower girls or the best man knew until the day. We sneaked off while one of Darren’s friends was being deliberately awkward taking photos.’

‘I was so nervous I didn’t even look at anyone in the crowd. It was all just a blur but I know a lot of people were very emotional,’ Hannah continued. ‘I was actually surprised with how many people turned up and I’m glad to have shared the special day with everyone.’ The couple were able to organise their big day in just nine weeks with the help of a handful of family and Reverend Jason Bary at the church. Darren, who owns a tuning shop, said his best man Ben Jones, 36, was left gobsmacked when he handed him over his tie and pinhole flower. He said: ‘We wanted to keep it small and personal but then it grew and we ended up with about 70 guests. ‘My best man wasn’t happy at first when I dropped it on him at the altar. His first words were “I hope you don’t expect me to do a speech”.’

‘I’d seen these done before, but it’s usually people thinking they were turning up for a christening and it actually being a wedding. We wanted to celebrate both. ‘I’ve never seen anyone do them with the outfit change half way through, but that’s what we wanted to do… ‘We didn’t have the order of service finalised until about 72 hours before. It was a real whirlwind but we managed to get it done.’ Hannah’s mum, Sharon, 49, said she only found out about the surprise three weeks before the wedding.

She said: ‘It was beautiful. I’m so happy and overjoyed for them both, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room when people realised.’ Bridesmaid Kayley McGreachan, 29, added: ‘Hannah was stressing so much and was excited and nervous. ‘She had tears in her eyes when she came out, it was very emotional, a lovely afternoon.’ The couple, who are also parents to four-year-old son George, now plan to celebrate their honeymoon in Thailand later in the year.

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Student who fell from bridge to death was unaware she was pregnant

A mentally ill student who died after jumping into oncoming traffic on a motorway was unaware that she was pregnant.

Yazmina Howard had previously miraculously survived falling seven storeys as a three-year-old while in the arms of her suicidal mother, an inquest heard.

The 18-year-old had a history of drug overdoses and suicide attempts when she threw herself from a bridge into oncoming traffic on the M20 London-bound carriageway in Aylesford, Kent, on October 1, 2018.

Her on-off boyfriend stopped a similar suicide attempt less than a month earlier, which resulted in her being sectioned, although she was released after a day.

Kent Coroner's Court was told she convinced medics her latest episode was a blip - despite pleas from her family to have her detained for longer over fears for her safety.

Ms Howard later told mental health workers she was feeling "eight out of 10", and was optimistic about the future.

But 10 days later she killed herself, having been told by staff at Mid Kent College she would have to retake her multimedia course following a fitness-to-study meeting, something the court heard was playing on her mind.

She was also "emotional" following her split from boyfriend, who previously stopped her from jumping from a bridge.

Ms Howard's death came after her mother Maxine's suicide.

The youngster, from Maidstone, suffered multiple injuries but went on to make a full physical recovery, although friends said she was tormented by her past.

The coroner, Eileen Sproson, recorded a verdict of suicide after hearing Ms Howard left a post on Instagram "saying her goodbyes" before leaving her possessions by the bridge and jumping off - despite desperate attempts by a passer-by to intervene.

A post-mortem report found she died of skull, head and brain injuries after jumping from height. 

It also confirmed she was pregnant at the time.

The coroner said: "I take into account that Yazmina had previously attempted to end her own life and I take her message on Instagram as evidence that she wished to take her own life.

"It leads me to the inevitable conclusion that the intention was to take her own life."

Ms Howard's family, who occasionally wept and left the room at various points during the inquest, told the coroner they felt she was "totally let down" by Kent mental health services.

Michael Howard, her grandfather, told the inquest: "There wasn't enough care and attention given to her - she was totally let down by a system that doesn't work properly.

"That's how people like me feel."

The inquest heard Ms Howard was not on any medication at the time of her death and was never diagnosed as depressed, despite her mental health history.

Following her suicide attempt in September 2018, doctors said Ms Howard was better off with a package of optional care in the community, having been confident her mood was much improved, the inquest heard.

A serious incident report conducted by Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust (KMPT) found there was no reason to doubt Ms Howard when she told doctors she no longer had suicidal thoughts and that she was optimistic about the future.

The report concluded "there were no care or service delivery problems".

Ms Howard was spotted on a bridge over the M20 at about 10.10pm by motorist Daniel Curley, who told police he tried to persuade her not to jump.

He told police: "I said, 'Don't be silly, you don't want to do this'.

"But she just looked straight through me and didn't say a word."

CCTV evidence showed Ms Howard spent roughly three minutes on the bridge before falling to her death.

She suffered multiple injuries after being struck by a lorry, and was probably hit by "at least two other vehicles", the court heard.

Boyfriend Mr Jones told the inquest he and Ms Howard had been "on a break" in their relationship in the weeks leading up to her death, following an argument when he found out she had failed to keep appointments with medical professionals despite telling him she had.

He said he received a text from her saying "Hey, I love you" at 10.08pm on the night she died, but added that it was when he saw her Instagram post shortly afterwards that he contacted police.

He denied an allegation by Ms Howard's grandfather he knew about the pregnancy and left the teenager "holding the baby", saying he found out "10 days after Yazmina died".

The inquest heard Ms Howard told a friend she thought she might be pregnant but had not taken a test, while her grandfather said he was also unaware, although his wife "might have had her suspicions".

The coroner declined to make a "prevention of future deaths" report.

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Evil monkey kidnaps kitten and holds it hostage while eating bananas

This is the shocking moment a monkey which had kidnapped a kitten holds it while eating bananas - and neither the monkey nor the little have been seen 48 hours later.

The primate grabbed the feline as it wandered around outside a home in Rayong, eastern Thailand, last Saturday afternoon. 

Footage shows the monkey on a roof holding the terrified kitten in its arms before it eats a series of bananas as shocked onlookers look on in horror. 

Neither animal have been seen since, more than 48 hours after the monkey took the cat.  

Concerned neighbour Chantra Sakulphitak, 50, said: 'The monkey was seen on Sunday morning again with the kitten. But it was then seen alone on Sunday afternoon at 4pm without the kitten.

'Since then nobody has seen either of them again. We don't know if the monkey has killed the cat or it escaped and ran away.'

Shocked locals noticed the 'cat-napping' and called for the monkey to release the animal.

One woman can be heard in the video shouting 'let him go! don't hurt him!' They then shout 'cat, cat, cat' several times to try and encourage the kitten to flee its captor.

Chantra said that residents recognised the monkey as it had been terrorising locals in recent months by stealing food.

She said: 'When this happened, somebody was trying to feed the monkey with food. But it didn't just take the food, it also took the cat.

'It grabbed the kitten then ran away. People tried to tell him to give the cat back but it wouldn't let him go.'

Neighbours said that they called the local rescue team then left the monkey on the roof after night fall.

Animal handlers arrived the next morning but there was no sign of the monkey or the cat. 

Residents are keeping a look out for the cat in to treat it if it has been injured during the ordeal.

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Man, 20, who was 'dead for 20 MINUTES' after being electrocuted when the metal ladder he was carrying touched a live wire on a Michigan job site is miraculously brought back to life

A 20-year-old Michigan man, dubbed 'miracle man' by hospital staff who saved him, was brought back to life after being clinically dead for 20 minutes.   

Michael Pruitt had been working with his stepdad on a construction project in Livonia on April 30 when a metal ladder he was carrying touched a live electrical wire. 

He was instantly electrocuted and his heart stopped. 

'I remember being electrocuted while holding that ladder and shaking, and then nothing,' Pruitt said.

'Like in the movies, when they're getting electrocuted, it felt just like that, being shook like crazy,' 

A bystander called  911 and started CPR, a move the hospital credited with making the later resuscitation possible. 

It took around four minutes for paramedics to arrive. They attempted to revive him with the defibrillator while en route to the hospital, but he never regained a heartbeat in the ambulance.  

'They brought in this perfect young man who had no vital signs,' said Dr. Angel Chudler, an emergency room physician at Beaumount Hospital Farmington Hills.

'I said to my team, "We’re bringing him back." And then I said to him, "You better come back!"' 

Doctors shocked the dead man's heart again using a defibrillator, but nothing happened. 

Dr. Chudler cranked up the defibrillator and shocked him again. His heart started beating within two minutes. 

'We upped the joules a bit. And you could just feel and see on the monitor that his heart rate was starting to come back,' Dr. Chudler told 7 Action News

'When he became conscious again, he was like The Hulk, grabbing the railings and shaking the bed with huge strength. It took the entire care team to hold Michael,' Beaumont clinical nurse Yasmeen Bachir, said in a hospital blog post.   

Barbara Smith, the director of trauma services at Beaumont, told the blog that 'Michael's resuscitation is miraculous'.

'In less than five minutes, brain cells start to die from lack of oxygen... He did not lose any brain function. It’s a testament to the importance of immediate continuous CPR to move oxygenated blood to the brain.' 

Pruitt's mother Jillian, a rehabilitation tech at Beaumont Hospital, said she knew he was OK 'when Michael made a sarcastic gesture when I asked if he had any other superpowers.' 

'My first-born had returned from the dead,' the relieved mom added. 

In most cases, the thousands of volts of electricity would have been lethal. 

But the only injury Pruitt sustained was in his toes, burned from the inside when the voltage electricity exited through his body. 

He was discharged from hospital after five days.   

'When my folks ask me to take out the garbage now, I’ve been trying to use my painful big toes as an excuse not to do it,' Pruitt said. 

He said he got a new tattoo in honor of his recovery, an image of an all-seeing eye over his heart. 

'When people ask if my hair spikes naturally, now I tell them it’s because I was electrocuted,' Pruitt said.

Officials said recovery from electric shock depends on the nature and severity of the injuries and the percentage of the body surface area burned is the most important factor.

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  • Crying baby found crawling next to bodies of five relatives at bottom of cliff

    A crying one-year-old girl was found crawling alone in just her nappy close to five dead family members. Two children were among those found dead at the bottom of a cliff in Fiji. Kelera Toloi, 25, alerted authorities after discovering the little girl cold and hungry in the Nausori Highlands on Monday morning. Five dead bodies were then stumbled across nearby by a man on horseback at the sightseeing area of Celekuta, with the group all said to have ingested an unknown substance.

    The family members, who had no visable injuries, have been identified as husband and wife Nirmal Kumar, 63 and Usha Devi, 54, their daughter Nileshni Kajal, 34, and Ms Kajal’s daughters Sana, 11, and Samara, 8. The toddler, who is believed to be the niece of Mr Kumar and Mrs Devi, was identified as one-year-old Samaira Kuma and taken to hospital. Police have spent the past 48 hours questioning a New Zealand man, who is believed to be a witch doctor, over the mysterious deaths, according to local media. His wife was also questioned but was released.

    Ms Toloi, the woman who found the young child crawling across the bottom of the cliff, said things could have ended in further tragedy for the toddler. The young mother, who changed the baby’s soggy nappy and fed her two bottles, said: ‘Fortunately she couldn’t walk yet or she would’ve fallen off the cliff. As a mother, it’s a really sad scenario.’ The child’s mother was in Australia and was reported to arrive in Fiji last Tuesday. Neighbours of the family, who lived nearby in Legalega in the city of Nadi, said they left home on Saturday and never returned. All of their phones were left at home and Mr Kumar’s car was found parked in a supermarket car park shortly after his body was discovered. CCTV footage of the area could be of use to police in their investigation, with local media reporting that the car was dropped off shortly before another car arrived. The person or people in the first car then got in the second car and drove away.

    Mr Kumar’s brother, Rajesh, was in India when he heard the news. He told local media: ‘When I heard the news I called my sister and brother in Sydney just to confirm that it was the right news. ‘It was also very hard to get a flight back to Fiji but on Wednesday I finally got one so I left at 4pm and arrived on Thursday at 7am.’ Fijian law states the man can only be held for questioning for 48 hours without any official charges. Police lodged an application to have this period extended, citing a need to question him further, but the request was denied.

    The have been no charges and the Christchurch couple have not been named. However, a stop departure order was issued for the couple, meaning they cannot return home to New Zealand while the investigation remains open. Further tests will now be carried out by the Chemistry Scientific Lab in Nasova, Suva to obtain more information about the substance that was ingested by five victims.

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    Family surprised by flight passengers' reaction when son with autism started to struggle

    Braysen is a 4-year-old boy with autism who usually loves to fly. But he had a meltdown on a United Airlines flight from San Diego to Houston.

    That was when the aircraft's crew and passengers came together to help him.

    The boy's mother, Lori Gabriel, of Cypress, Texas, told CNN that Braysen removed his seat belt just before takeoff, saying he wanted to sit on the floor.

    "It was impossible to restrain him. He was fighting both me and his father. It took the both of us to try to get him back to his chair and get his seat belt back on. He started kicking, screaming and hitting," said Gabriel. "That's when a flight attendant came over and told us the flight couldn't take off until he's seated."

    "I told her the boy has autism. We're trying, give us a minute."

    The flight attendant walked away while Gabriel was still trying to keep the boy on his seat. She came back with two other flight attendants who asked the mother how they could be of help.

    "Then they sprang into action," Gabriel added. First, they let Braysen sit on her lap for takeoff while his father was holding him. Then, after the seat belt sign was turned off, his mother let the boy down because he was screaming and fighting her.

    So the crew let him sit on the floor, next to them. "When he's overstimulated, the vibration makes him feel better," Gabriel said.

    At one point, the boy inadvertently kicked a passenger sitting across from them, a United Airlines' flight attendant who was not working during the flight.

    "She was just being nice and said it was OK if he kicks her feet," Gabriel said.

    The boy then went to first class and started kicking a man's seat, messing with it. "Braysen seemed happy there, so we didn't want to move him," the woman said. "So I told the man, 'I'm sorry,' but he said he didn't mind, he introduced himself to Braysen and gave him high fives. He said, 'He can kick my chair, I don't care.'"

    "Everybody in first class was kind to him, asking his name, showing him pictures on their phones, letting him sit whenever he wanted," Gabriel said. "The flight attendants kept asking if we needed anything, making sure everybody was taken care of."

    Just before leaving, the off duty flight attendant who was sitting across from them gave Gabriel a hug and a handwritten note in which she commended her for her strength. "You and your family are loved and supported," reads the note.

    "Do not ever let anyone make you feel as though you are an inconvenience or a burden. He is a blessing," the note continued. "God bless your patience, your love, your support and your strength. Continue to be a super woman."

    Gabriel posted a picture of the note on Facebook along with pictures of Braysen on the flight and a shout-out to United.

    United Airlines tweeted in response: "It sure sounds like Braysen and your family had a great flight. We are happy that our crew was able to make it an enjoyable experience. We are overjoyed to see that we have such loving and supportive passengers on board as well! We look forward to seeing Braysen again soon!"

    Gabriel said her son usually loves to fly, but the flight earlier this month was his first long flight. The family was traveling back home from San Diego, where they've been on holiday.

    "I'm just overwhelmed from all this kindness; it makes me want to cry," she said.

    "For the first time, people have been very understanding and helpful about Braysen's autism. It's very promising, we don't have to care about what other people think because there are people who are caring, who understand. It gives me a lot of hope for the future."

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    Angry bird scatters food that a man went for at a wedding ceremony

    The photographer deserves a noble prize award, he was able to capture the moment when an angry bird scattered the food of a man at a wedding ceremony.

    So this unknown man probably went for two plates of food and was gorgeously walking to his table.

    A bird from nowhere who was obviously hungry flew down and scattered the food from the man’s hand.

    Social media users are making fun of the photos.

    One commented that this is what happens when you go to people’s wedding just to eat their food.


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    High school sweethearts are killed in a car crash just MINUTES after getting married as the groom's mother watched in horror

    A newlywed couple were killed when their car collided with a truck just minutes after taking their vows in Texas.  

    Harley Joe Morgan, 19, and Rhiannon Boudreaux Morgan, 20, who knew each other since the eight grade, were pulling out of the driveway of a courtroom in Orange County where they tied the knot when the accident occurred.

    Police said Harley Morgan was driving a 2004 Chevrolet when he collided with a 2015 Ford F-250 pickup truck towing a trailer carrying a tractor and traveling south on Highway 87 on Friday at 3pm, according to KDFM.

    The young couple, who were both from the city of Vidor, were pronounced dead at the scene of the crash at the 2300 block of Highway 87.  

    The groom's mother Lashawna Morgan and sister Christina Fontenot were driving behind the couple and witnessed the horror crash.

    While still wearing the blood-stained clothing from when she tried to remove the high school sweethearts from the wreckage, Lashawna said her 'worst nightmare' happened before her eyes.

    The devastated mom told KDFM: 'They had just gotten married. They haven't even been married for five minutes.

    'Those two babies. The only thing that they wanted was to get married and start their life. The two of them had so many dreams.'

    Lashawna fought back tears as she told how the couple had been in love with each other since the eighth grade 

    'I watched my baby die. I'm still wearing my son's blood because I was trying my best to rip him and her out of the car. 

    'I witnessed my own worst nightmare. That's an image that will haunt me the rest of my life. I won't forget it. 

    'It will never go away. I will see that truck hit my baby and kill my baby every night of my life, the rest of the time that I'm on earth.'

    Christina Fontenot claimed the couple were planning a larger ceremony for December 20 because they wanted a Christmas wedding.

    She added: 'The 20th of December is when we were going to have the big ceremony with the flowers, all the friends, rest of the family, everything.'

    Meanwhile Lashawna claimed that the image of the horrific crash and watching as her son and his bride died will haunt her forever.    

    'My worse nightmare happened right in front of my eyes. If you have kids, go home and hug them, because I don't have my kid, I don't have the one thing in my life that made me happy. 

    'Even if you're mad, hug your family. Love your family. Even if they've made you mad, make amends. Don't go to bed angry because you don't know. You don't know how fast you can lose that person.'

    Justice of the Peace Joy Dubose-Simonton, who officiated the couple's ceremony, later went to the crash scene to pronounce the couple dead, according to KFDM.

    Footage shows the car badly damaged in a ditch at the side of the road. The male driver of the pick-up truck wasn't injured, police said.

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    A man who was hit by a truck in Bali has died the day he was due to fly home

    A Queensland man who sustained serious injuries in a scooter accident in Bali has died in hospital the same day he was due to fly home.    

    Erran Braddick, 32, suffered critical injuries when the scooter he was travelling on was hit by a truck in Canggu, on the island's south coast, on Sunday.

    The 32-year-old was rushed to BIMC Hospital, Kuta, where he remained in a coma for several days.

    He was due to fly back home to Australia on Friday for urgent medical treatment but tragically passed away. 

    The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade confirmed to Daily Mail Australia on Friday that a man had died in Bali but declined to provide further details.


    'The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is providing consular assistance, in accordance with the Consular Services Charter, to the family of an Australian man who died in Bali,' a department statement read. 

    A spokesperson for LifeFlight, the air medical service that was planned to transfer Mr Braddick to Australia, also told Daily Mail Australia it was returning without a patient.

    'We can confirm the LifeFlight jet will begin its journey back to Queensland today, with no patient on board,' a statement read.  

    Mr Braddick was supposed to meet up with his girlfriend on the scooter and the pair had arranged to meet down the road.

    At some point during the short journey to meet her Mr Braddick was hit by a truck.

    Shocking footage captured at the crash scene shows Mr Braddick lying on the side of the road with people rallying around him. 

    Mr Braddick's sister Daneile previously said both his lungs had been punctured after multiple ribs were broken.

    He suffered lacerations to his spleen and liver, bleeding on the brain and subsequently developed a blood clot, she said.

    Daniele said Mr Braddick's girlfriend keep a vigil by his side until his mother was able to fly in to Bali.

    His nine-year-old daughter Bella wasn't made away of what happened to her father, and it's unclear whether she has been told about his death.

    'He's a wonderful father,' Daneile said previously. 

    Daniele was in the process of organising  help in Australia to fly her brother back for advanced medical treatment as the family couldn't find any details of travel insurance and the cost of repatriation was expected to reach $130,000. 

    'The more I do, the less I think about what's happening,' she previously said. 

    Daniele had set up a Go Fund Me page which had already raised more than $20,000 towards its goal in just one day as friends rallied to help the stricken family.

    She said she was grateful for the love and support of all the friends and family who had come forward to help. 

    More than 170 friends and family contributed to the fundraiser within one day, adding their heart-felt tributes to their friend. 

    Daneile previously spoke about her brother's passion for the outdoors and travel. 

    The fun-loving dad's Instagram account is packed with adventures including fishing, snowboarding, walking a tiger on a leash in Thailand, and hiking in Hawaii.  

    He had been in a coma since Monday after having surgeries to remove fluid from both of his lungs. 

    A treating nurse called Zake had previously told Daily Mail Australia his condition was 'quite stable,' but it was too soon to know what the prognosis would be.

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    Widow sues after her husband was killed when a step broke off a New York City fire escape and plunged SEVEN STORIES and smashed him on the skull

    The inspector's 'body weight caused an individual stair tread to break off from the fire escape and fall approximately seven stories to the sidewalk below,' the Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit says. 

    The 'heavy' piece of debris 'fell to the ground at the same fateful moment that [Marchhart], traversed the portion of the sidewalk beneath the subject fire escape,' according to court papers seen by the New York Post.


    Mrs Marchhart is suing the building owner and manager, the company that carried out the inspection, a construction company and a maintenance company for unspecified damages.

    Mr Marchhart was survived by his three kids - two sons in college and a high school-aged daughter - who described him as 'a great man' and a 'great father'. 

    The lighting design engineer, from Garden City, Long Island, had been in Soho for work at the time he was killed, the family's lawyer, Andrew Maloney explained. 

    He died from a skull fracture the following day. 

    Maloney told the Post: 'This accident really shined a spotlight on a problem in New York City. Most new buildings don't have exterior fire escapes … because they are hard to maintain.'

    He claimed the fire exit in question had been covered in fresh paint to hide the fact it was rusted and needed to be repaired. 

    A 24-year-old art student from Queens, Nathalia Medllin, was also hit in the head by the debris but she survived and filed her own lawsuit which is still pending, Maloney said. 

    Cany Architecture and Engineering, which inspected the fire escapes, claims it had conducted its inspection properly and described the death as a 'very unfortunate accident'.

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    Four kids sob on airport floor after missing holiday because of National Express delay

    A National Express coach delay caused a family-of-six to miss their flight leaving the kids falling on the floor sobbing.

    Abdul Choudhury, his wife and their four children, from Etruria in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, had booked a one-week holiday to Milan to visit relatives they hadn't seen for 10 years.

    But they were forced to scrap their trip after a National Express coach got them to Manchester Airport almost two hours late.

    They desperately sprinted to their boarding gate but by the time they got there were told their plane had already left.

    Now Abdul, who has been left £274.56 out of pocket, wants the company to refund the cost of his flight, .

    Recalling the nightmare ordeal, he said: "It was a very stressful day, my wife was really upset and so were the children. They were falling on the floor crying because they were really excited.

    "We were meeting with relatives who we hadn't seen for 10 years and we had to let them down as well. The kids are going back to school now so that was our last chance to visit them."

    The coach had been scheduled to leave Hanley bus station at 3.15pm and arrive at the airport at 4.30pm - two-and-a-half hours before the family's flight at 7pm.

    However, it didn't leave until 4.50pm. The family were dropped off at Terminal 1 at 6.25pm - a 30-minute walk away from Terminal 3.

    The family made it through security but as they ran to their gate they were told the Ryanair flight had left without them.

    Abdul was offered alternative flights at a cost of £600, but this was not an option so the family got the train home and missed their one-week break.

    National Express has offered to refund their coach and rail travel on the day - but 54-year-old Abdul believes they should also refund the £274.56 cost of his flights.

    Abdul said: "We got to the bus station at 2pm for the 3.15pm coach. It got to about 3.25pm and then the time on the board changed to 4.26pm. 

    "I went to the counter to ask what had happened and they said it was delayed in Birmingham. I told them that I had a flight at 7pm but they just said they didn't know what was happening because they weren't from National Express. 

    "So we decided to wait because if the coach got there for 4.26pm we would still get to the airport at 5.25pm, but it didn't arrive until 4.50pm.

    "I explained to the driver that we'd got a flight at 7pm and he told us not to worry and started driving. But it was rush-hour and it took us 30 minutes to pass Basford roundabout.

    "When we got to Terminal 1 we had to run for 20 minutes like we were in a marathon with four children and our bags. When we got to our gate they said our flight had gone.

    "We then had to get the train home to Stoke-on-Trent and we didn't get back until 11.15pm."

    Abdul added: "National Express says it is willing to refund the coach and train travel, but not the money for our fights. But we missed the flight because of them and it needs to be responsible for it.

    "National Express had my email address and phone number so could have easily text me to let us know the coach was running late so we could arrange alternative transport but when the time had changed to 4.26pm it was already too late.

    "It was a traumatic experience for us. I'll never use National Express again for the airport."

    A National Express spokesman said the delays were "out of our control" because of an earlier crash on the M6.

    He added: "This was due to queuing traffic caused by a major accident involving a three-vehicle collision, lane closures and emergency barrier repairs between junctions eight and nine on the northbound M6 earlier in the day.  

    "Our recommendation to customers when booking travel to the airport is to plan to arrive no later than three hours before the departure time of their flight to allow for any reasonable traffic and ensure they can clear check-in and security.

    "While we do factor likely traffic and congestion into our timetables, this kind of delay is out of our control and in these instances we will endeavour to update affected customers and provide appropriate support. 

    "Unfortunately, we did not speak directly with Mr Choudhury on the day to provide any assistance but have since offered a full refund of both his coach and rail travel on the day.

    "We have also advised him that it should be possible to claim compensation for his flights through his travel insurance provider."

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    Parents of man murdered by wife offer her £40,000 for custody of grandson

    The mum and dad of a British businessman who was brutally murdered by his estranged wife in China have offered his killer £40,000 so their grandchildren can grow up in the UK together. Next executive Michael Simpson, 34, was with his new partner when Wei Wei Fu stormed into his Shanghai flat and stabbed him in the neck while his children slept. His parents Ian and Linda have been battling for custody of their grandchildren Jack and Alice ever since the murder in March 2017. Days after the killing, Wei Wei’s parents took the children 600 miles from Shanghai to the city of Nanzhang and forbade them from speaking to Ian and Linda for a year. After agreeing to pay them more than £9,000 they won custody of Alice on Christmas Day, along with a promise she could speak to Jack via video link every week and meet up once a year.

    While the weekly calls have been honoured bicycle repairman Fu Shi Bao, 61, and Hu Dei Xiu, 55, have not been holding up all of the court agreement. They refused to let him leave their home in northwest China to see Alice over the summer, prompting Ian and Linda to offer a final sum to reunite the siblings. The pair from Suffolk made the difficult decision to offer 350,000 yuan (£40,200) into an account to support Wei Wei after she is released from her life prison term in exchange for Jack being allowed to leave China. Michael had been left to raise his and Wei Wei’s children two years before he was killed. His girlfriend at the time was also left with lifelong injuries when Wei Wei attacked her.

    Ian and Linda’s legal battle has already cost them £100,000. The Fu family at one stage demanded more than £60,000 for custody of both children before agreeing to release Alice. They had previously rejected an offer of £10,000 and a declaration of forgiveness – which could have halved Wei Wei’s minimum 20-year sentence under Chinese law – in exchange for both children. Ian, 70, told the Mail on Sunday he wrote to the Fu family making the £40,000 offer after being advised legal action to force them to comply with the court agreement could cost more than £25,000. Even then, there is no guarantee they would stick to the deal.

    He added: ‘The reason the Fu family want to keep Jack is so he can look after his mother – that is the [traditional] Chinese approach. ‘The earliest Wei Wei will get out is 2036 and Jack will be 27 by that time. We’ve said we will put money in Wei Wei’s bank account and it will be worth double by the time she gets out, and that is the alternative to them hanging on to Jack.’ While offering so much money to the woman who murdered his son has been extremely difficult, he says the welfare of Jack is at the forefront of his mind. He said: ‘If money is what it takes to bring Jack to Britain and reunite him with Alice, that is what we have to do.’

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    9-year-old girl in Alabama commits suicide after being bullied at school

    Bullying can sometimes have tragic consequences for those on the receiving end. Such was the case when 9-year-old McKenzie Adams, from Demopolis, Alabama, did the unthinkable and took her own life.

    According to her mother, Jasmine Adams, the child made that irreversible decision due to being subjected to cruel taunts while at school. Her aunt, Eddwina Harris, wants to raise awareness on the impact bullying can have.

    Little McKenzie was a fourth-grade student at the US Jones Elementary School. According to her mother in an interview with CBS This Morning, she was a “happy” and “joyful” child. But unfortunately, as her mother said, she was a constant target for bullies at school.

    “There were children picking on her, I think a lot of it stemmed from, she rode to and from school with a little white boy. It was like her best friend,” Jasmine explains.

    In an interview with WIAT-TV, Jasmine stated that a lot of the bullying was racial. “And a lot of it was race, some of the student bullies would say to her why you riding with white people your [sic] black, your [sic] ugly. You should just die.”

    Jones Elementary was McKenzie’s second school, as she had to move due to bullying. Unfortunately, it didn’t help, and the cruelty continued. Nothing could have prepared her grandmother for what she found on Dec. 3, 2018.

    As Harris, the girl’s aunt, explained to PEOPLE, “Something happened that day from one of these bullies that pushed my niece over to the edge.

    “She went to the bathroom, and the door was locked. [Her grandmother] said, ‘Unlock the door. What are you doing?’” Harris continues. Her grandmother then opened the door with a butter knife and called 911.

    While medics tried to revive her, the child was pronounced dead upon arrival at Bryan W Whitfield Memorial Hospital, Harris says.

    In a heart-wrenching interview with CBS, Jasmine addressed the school administration directly and said, “You have my child 8 hours a day. So that means that we have to trust you to do the right thing when it comes to the safety of my child. And they didn’t do that. They didn’t do it. And it hurts.”

    While the incident was investigated by Demopolis and Linden Police Department in cooperation with the school district, in a press release, the Demopolis City School System claimed that “There has been no findings of any reports of bullying by either the student or family.”

    Jasmine found that disappointing. “I don’t know why they would say they knew nothing about it, but they did,” she said, as per CBS This Morning.

    In an interview with Tuscaloosa News, McKenzie’s aunt Harris, who is a TV host in Atlanta, spoke about the importance of using her media influence to speak out against bullying.

    “God has blessed me to help others with my platform, and now it’s time to help. There are so many voiceless kids; God is opening great doors for justice for my niece,” she explains. Harris said she is hopeful that her raising awareness on such important issues will help other children who feel hopeless.

    Within days of the little girl’s tragic death, a friend of the family posted on Facebook that they were selling buttons with McKenzie’s photo on them. They intended the proceeds to go to the Kenzie Foundation.

    Stories like this are heartbreaking to learn but also serve as important reminders of how impactful bullying can be, especially when it’s directed at young minds—and how it can affect even the life of someone as promising as McKenzie was.

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    Mum who was heavily criticised by friends for placing her toddler son, two, in a rear-facing car seat hits back after her decision saved his life in a horror crash

    A traumatised mum who was heavily criticised by friends for placing her toddler son in a rear-facing car seat has told how it saved his life during a head-on car crash.

    Mum-of-one Tathra Di Liberto was faced with every parent's worst nightmare last week when she received a chilling call that her toddler son Axton, 23 months, had been involved in a severe car crash.

    The 35-year-old from Lowood, Queensland, had taken her son to stay with her mother Bronwyn the day before so Axton could spend time with his grandparents, who live an hour away, over the weekend.

    But the next afternoon, Tathra and her husband Anton, 34, discovered their son, along with Tathra's mum and brother Bailey, 21, had been involved in a severe head-on collision with an 'out of control' car.

    'My parents love to have Axton stay with them over the weekend every so often, so they can spend some time together with their grandson,' she said.

     'I'd dropped him off at their house on the Friday afternoon. Mum and I were actually discussing the rear-facing seat, as they were going to put it in their car.

    'Mum suggested to just turn him to the front, but I said not to, and helped her adjust it. And thank god we did. I got a phone call from my brother after 5pm the next day who told me that they'd all been in a car accident. I felt sick to my stomach.

    'They'd not even got two miles from the house when it happened. They were just going to grab some dinner together. He said everyone was okay, but that him and mum were hurt. But luckily, Axton didn't have a scratch on him.'

    Tathra's mum and brother were both injured, with Bailey suffering severe whiplash and seatbelt bruising, while Bronwyn had a tendon completely torn off the bone in her knee. 

    'Thankfully, Axton is fine, and Mum told me that the paramedics, police and firefighters all told her the rear-facing car seat saved his life,' Tathra said.

    'Without it, he could have suffered internal decapitation, neck injuries or a broken spine. He could have been killed or paralysed for life.'

    Despite facing backlash from friends and family who insisted Axton was 'too big' to be placed in a rear-facing car seat, Tathra said she always felt it was far safer - despite Australian guidelines stating children can be placed front-facing from six months old. 

    Australian law differs notably from UK law which states children need to be at least 15 months old before they can use a front-facing car seat – while US guidelines suggest the child remain in a rear-facing car seat until they are two years old.

    Tathra is now calling for Australian laws to be changed so that children would need to stay in rear-facing car seats for longer - preferably until age two - which she believes could save countless lives.

    'I'm just so grateful. I keep thinking about the 'what if?' scenarios, and it makes me feel sick,' she said.

    'I think poor Axton is a bit traumatised from it though, because he cries every time as soon as I put him into the car seat now. He never did that before.

    'There is a bit of debate about when kids should be turned front-facing, and I really would urge parents to keep them rear-facing for as long as possible.'

    Tathra claims it is 'so much safer' and that although the guidelines allow babies to be turned after six months, she doesn't think this is long enough.  

    'I used to get criticised by loads of people who told me he was too old for it, or that he would get bored. But at the end of the day, it can save your child's life. I'd never want to risk it,' she said.

    'Now I just want to help spread the message and raise awareness about rear-facing car seats

    'When I think about how easily we could have lost him, I get teary. My husband and I are quite traumatised by it all. I'm just so thankful that he is still with us. This could have have a far more tragic outcome.'

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    Mother, 23, reveals how her baby's leg 'came off in her hand' after her 11-month-old son developed sepsis from a throat infection and lost all four limbs

    A mother has told how her baby boy lost all four of his limbs after a throat infection turned into deadly sepsis.

    Abigail Wardle, 23, worried her son Oliver Aisthorpe may be dehydrated when she noticed the 'soft spot' at the back of his head was sunken. 

    The next day, on March 17, medics put the now 11-month-old in a medically-induced coma after they discovered he had sepsis.

    Miss Wardle, of Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, was told twice the youngster would not make it, with the hospital chaplain even coming to baptise him.

    Although he pulled through, Oliver's limbs turned black and 'died'. Miss Wardle even claims one of his legs 'self amputated' and came away in her hands when she lifted him.

    After having his remaining limbs removed, the youngster was finally discharged from hospital last month and is adapting well to life with his stumps.

    Speaking of the ordeal, Miss Wardle said: 'He went from laughing and giggling to death's door within 48 hours and nobody knew what was wrong with him.

    'What we went through was horrendous and I had never been so scared in my life. Some people might feel sorry for us but I feel like the luckiest mum in the world.

    'I still have Oliver with us, he might not have any hands or feet but he is still my smiley, brave little boy.'   

    Discussing the moment her son's leg came off in her hand, she added: 'One day, a nurse was helping me lift Oliver from his bouncy chair back into the bed, and his leg just came away.

    'The doctors came running in and asked me if I wanted to leave the room because it was quite distressing.

    'I told them, "My son's leg has just fallen off and is hanging on by a thread, I am not going to leave him here".'

    Miss Wardle, a jewellery designer, noticed Oliver was 'under the weather' on March 16 when his soft spot appeared sunken. 

    'Bulging or fullness' of the soft spot - posterior fontanelle - is a symptom of sepsis in babies, according to Brenner Children's Wake Forest Baptist Health.

    Miss Wardle claims she took her son to a GP, who told her to give him fluids and Calpol. 

    When Oliver deteriorated the following day, Miss Wardle took him to see an out-of-hours GP at a local hospital.

    'Oliver had seemed a bit under the weather,' she said. 'But that night, he got more ill and seemed lifeless. When I moved him, it was as though his bones were aching.

    'He quickly became very pale and lethargic, and just wasn't his usual self. I would cuddle him and he was groaning as though his bones were aching.

    'He eventually stopped crying and was just whimpering, as though he didn't have the energy to cry.'

    Miss Wardle tried to feed Oliver but he refused to eat, only wanting a little bit of milk.  

    Trusting her instincts, the mother-of-one took her son back to hospital. Once there, a nurse took one look at the youngster and rushed him to the resuscitation area.

    'Everything was a blur,' she said. 'I still had no idea what was wrong with Oliver, I was just trying to hold it together as they were putting him to sleep.

    'I could hear a doctor on the phone to another hospital asking how to treat Oliver.

    'His hand and feet had started to go purple, and I just remember thinking he must be cold and telling them to put some socks on him.

    'A doctor sat us down and said, "Your son is very poorly", I just thought, "I know that, he's in a coma and hooked up to a load of machines", but I had no idea how ill he was.'

    'It was only when a nurse came over to speak to us and burst into tears that I realised how serious is was.

    'She told us, "We don't know which way it's going to go but it doesn't look good".'

    Doctors discovered Oliver's sepsis came about from an undiagnosed throat infection, which he had never shown any symptoms of.

    They managed to stabilise the youngster but warned Miss Wardle if he deteriorated they would not be able to save him. At this point, amputation became his only hope of survival. 

    Sepsis can cause the body's clotting mechanism to go into overdrive, which causes blood vessels to become blocked.

    When blood cannot pass through blood vessels, the body's tissues miss out on oxygen and vital nutrients, which causes them to die. If too much tissue dies, it has to be removed. 

    Doctors wanted to save some of Oliver's leg, however, Miss Wardle begged them to get the operation over with. 

    'Oliver was out of the woods but they kept delaying a date for his amputations to try to save more of his leg, but I could see his body was trying to get rid of it,' she said.  

    Six weeks ago, doctors decided to amputate Oliver's remaining leg and arms.  

    'Once he had his limbs removed, he was like a different child - so happy and full of life, it seemed like a relief for him,' Miss Wardle said.

    The youngster was finally discharged from hospital three weeks ago and is getting used to life without his limbs.

    'I am just so proud of Oliver,' Miss Wardle said. 'He has taken everything in his stride and is just so incredibly resilient. He makes me smile every day.

    'Already, he is trying to work out how to roll over and play with his toys with his stumps.

    'I could have come out of the other end of this with no son, so that's what I focus on.

    'We have our bad days, but I know there will be better days to come.'

    Miss Wardle is speaking out to raise awareness of sepsis in babies. This can include not urinating for 12 hours, being unable to keep food or milk down and swelling around a cut. 

    'I don't want any other family to go through what we went through, and so I want everyone to be more aware of sepsis', she said.

    'I want some good to come out of what happened to Oliver.

    'I want his story to be used to help spread awareness, and teach other parents and GPs, who maybe don't have specialist paediatric training, about the signs of sepsis.

    'I had no idea how ill Oliver was but if he hadn't gone into hospital when he did, he wouldn't be here.'

    Dr Ron Daniels, chief executive of the UK Sepsis Trust, added: 'Oliver's case reminds us sepsis can strike at any age, with often devastating consequences. 

    'Sepsis is a notoriously difficult condition to spot, and to do so relies upon health professionals being alert to the possibility of sepsis in any patient who is deteriorating without a clear cause.

    'Outcomes like Oliver's can be prevented through better awareness of sepsis and by empowering our public to, "Just ask: could it be sepsis?". 

    'For some, like Oliver, who are thankfully in the minority, amputation of limbs can become necessary.  

    'In Oliver's case, one of his limbs underwent auto-amputation. This is where the blood supply to a limb is so low the tissues die, but without developing a secondary infection and without the release of toxins into the body. 

    'Health professionals then typically watch and wait to see how much of the limb will remain healthy, with the result that the part in which the tissue has died will ultimately fall off.'

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    Nigerian new bride Collapses, as ex lover sacks wedding

    International Pentecostal Holiness Church, venue of the wedding ceremony

    It was like a scene in a home movie, during a wedding ceremony on Saturday, in Benin City, Edo State, when a woman matched to the church altar, seized the microphone from the Priest, accused the groom of dumping her for his new bride, and demanded that the wedding ceremony be stopped immediately.

    The dramatic scene occured at the International Pentecostal Holiness Church, Benin City, during the wedding ceremony between a man simply identified as Dele and his groom who’s name was given as Blessing, said to be a caterer by profession.

    The enraged woman who’s identity could not be ascertained, was said to have learnt about the wedding ceremony via a Facebook post by an unidentified User, before the traditional and court wedding ceremonies were held.

    It was gathered that the angry woman had stormed the church with some hefty-looking men, in an Audi car at about 6.30 am, and waited patiently till the wedding ceremony began at 12 pm.

    The wedding cake

    Trouble started when the officiating pastor asked the congregation if anyone knows of any reason for which the couple should not be joined as husband and wife.

    At the point when the ring bearer was about handling the ring box to the groom, the self-acclaimed jilted lover matched to the alter, seized the microphone from the Pastor and shouted “No! No! This wedding will not hold.”

    The shocked pastor was said to have repeated the announcement for the second time, and the light-complectioned woman again answered “No” in a thunderous voice, to the bewilderment of the entire congregation.

    She further narrated how the groom proposed to marry her in 2017, after a courtship that lasted for seven years, but that the relationship did not produce any child.

    The enraged woman told the congregation that she entered into a covenant with Dele before the church alta where he worshiped.

    According to her, “He (Dele) no longer pick my calls. He abandoned me. Why? What did I do to you?”

    The new bride who watched helplessly as her joy and hope collapsed on her, also collapsed on her seat, while Dele, who was cladded in a cream-coloured suit on black trousers? and a pair of glasses, broke down in tears.

    Turmoil pervaded the entire neighborhood, following the suspension of the wedding ceremony by the officiating pastor.

    Some of the invitees accused the presiding pastor of failing to carryout a background check on the couple, whereas others blamed the unfortunate incident on the sexual recklessness of the groom.

    The wedding cake being conveyed to the reception

    A member of the church who did not want to be named, claimed that the groom was sighted at the birthday celebration of his ex lover just few weeks ago.

    She added that tears were seen on Dele’s eyes even before the commencement of the wedding ceremony.

    According to her, “The best man who was highly embarrassed by his action, urged him to calm down while he used? a white handkerchief to wipe away his tears.

    “Dele attended her birthday few weeks ago. It will surprise you to know that Dele was still going to see that girl at home. Why will you do such such thing when your wedding is around the corner,” she queried.

    Two hours after the incident, the officiating pastor was allegedly given another directive by the authorities of the church to join the couple who later arrived in a grey-coloured SUV, in holy matrimony.

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    Wife told to let husband go after stroke, but she gives him a kiss and a miracle happens

    Imagine watching the love of your life and parent of your children disappearing before your eyes, believing that you have lost them forever. That’s what happened to Danielle Hawkins, whose husband, Scott, nearly died several years ago.

    Danielle was away that day, and Scott was at home taking care of the kids. “He called me and he was slurring his words,” Danielle told Health Beat. “He said he had an intense headache and that something was wrong.”

    They both called 911 and got an ambulance to come get Scott, but by the time the ambulance got there, he had fluid in his lungs and was starving for oxygen. “It was just very, very bad,” Danielle remembers. It became clear that Scott had suffered from a stroke.

    As the day went on, doctors diagnosed Scott with AVM (arteriovenous malformation), a birth defect that can go unnoticed for decades until it manifests itself through terrible migraines and even aneurysms. Scott’s AVM had ruptured and led to bleeding in the brain. Surgeons attempted to stop the bleeding, but during the procedure, Scott suffered from a heart attack. “They lost him for a few minutes,” Danielle told Health Beat.

    It looked as though her high school sweetheart was gone. “They told me to let him go.” But there was something in Danielle that knew Scott wasn’t gone just yet. What really made her believe he could come back was the simplest expression of their love. “Every time I kissed him, he kissed me back,” Danielle explained in a YouTube video.

    Even after being stabilized, Scott’s stroke left him in terrible condition. “He couldn’t sit up, he couldn’t swallow, he couldn’t speak, of course, he couldn’t eat,” Danielle remembers. What could she do to try to bring back her husband? The doctors couldn’t offer any hope.

    The couple were originally brought together by music, and so it was natural that Danielle sought relief in their shared passion. “We were in band together in high school and he was a rowdy redhead,” she jokes in the video. Bringing a thumb guitar in, she had Scott touch the strings and play some notes. When doctors claimed it was just an automatic reflex, she asked Scott to change notes, which he was able to do.

    After this, the Hawkins’s found Spectrum Health, a holistic rehab center where Scott could get the attention to recovery that had been lacking in the hospital. Once again, music was the key. Music therapist Alika Seu told Health Beat that she understood this crucial element after talking with Danielle. “Scott was a very talented musician prior to his injury so during his recovery he was very motivated to get back to doing what he loved.”

    Seu and the other therapists devised an amazing recovery program around music. “When he was finally strong enough to try to start walking again, we used live rhythmic music to help provide a steady pulse to assist with cadence, stride length, gait quality and endurance.”

    After several months, Scott was finally able to go home with a walker and start playing more music. Though he still struggles with many ordinary tasks and suffers paralysis in his left ankle, his recovery has been extraordinary. As Danielle told Health Beat, “he’s playing guitar again. He plays the drums. It used to be he couldn’t swallow. He had a feeding tube for nine months, but now he can eat anything he wants.”

    Danielle and Scott continue to work on maintaining and regaining Scott’s functionalities. It’s a big work in progress, but Danielle feels good about the fact that she never gave up on her husband no matter what the doctors said. “I never believed he would die […] he is still the smartest man I know and has the same personality and humor he has always had.”

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