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Shocking moment two transgender women are aggressively dragged out of a Los Angeles bar by employees- as police investigate a possible hate crime and protesters boycott venue

Two transgender women claim they were forcibly and violently removed from a Los Angeles bar after being subjected to transphobic slurs by other bar patrons. 

Cellphone video shows Jennifer Bianchi and another transgender friend being aggressively dragged out of Las Perlas Friday night in downtown Los Angeles. 

The women were with colleagues from Bienestar Human Services, a non-profit that works with the LGBTQ community, after a Pride event when a man and woman in the bar began spewing homophobic remarks at them. 

But they say after the exchange, Las Perlas employees asked the group to leave, resulting in the two transgender women being forcibly removed. 

The Los Angeles Police Department says it is investigating the incident as a hate crime.

Protesters gathered outside Las Perlas Saturday in response to the footage and in support of Biamchi and her friend.  

The women had just finished representing Bienestar at the DTLA PROUD event at nearby Pershing Square when they incident occurred. 

They say they are now upset with the bar Las Perlas because the couple who spewed transphobic remarks were not removed as they were.  

The couple accused of instigating left the bar before police arrived and in a statement Bienestar claims the couple shouted at the group: 'We will come back and kill you.' 

'It makes me uncomfortable,' Bianchi told NBC Los Angeles. 'It makes me feel like I am less than them, where I am not. It makes me feel angry in a way because my community, the trans community, has already suffered a lot as it is.'

'My friend was insulted and called a bunch of derogatory names and then I proceeded to go and speak to this guy. I was like, ''You can't do this, you can't call her - you can't mistreat her,'' so the guy started getting aggressive, started yelling at me, calling me all sorts of names, saying that I was a man, that I was a man,'' Bianchi added. 

Khloe Perez-Rios was out with Bianchi and the group and recorded the video with her cellphone.  


In a statement, Perez Rios said:  This is an unfortunate and terrible situation. Our trans community does not feel safe, especially after our lives being threatened. Las Perlas must answer for how this situation was handled - and being next door to Redline, an LGBTQ-focused bar, this is unacceptable. Our community demands answers and action.' 

On Saturday, Cedd Moses of the Pouring with Heart hospitality company that owns Las Perlas, said in a statement: 'Last evening, an escalated verbal altercation broke out among two groups of guests.' 

'Our manager on duty asked both groups to leave as the safety and security of our patrons and employees is our top priority and we have zero tolerance for this type of behavior in our establishments. The guards removed the guests that were not compliant with the manager's request to leave and did so in accordance with company policy.

Las Perlas was closed Saturday after the incident. 

Moses said the bar will 'continue to value and celebrate the diversity of the downtown Los Angeles community' and will be donating the profits from this weekend to Bienstar Human Services.


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Fashion designer and boyfriend beaten in ‘homophobic’ attack

A Quebec fashion designer has said that he and his boyfriend were left bloodied and beaten in an alleged homophobic assault in Quebec, Canada, on Friday, August 23.

Markantoine Lynch-Boisvert said that he and his partner Alex James Taboureau were walking out of a Bar Le Jazz in the municipality of La Malbaie when a man started subjecting them to homophobic insults, according to Canadian broadcaster CBC.

The fashion designer said that the man then confronted them outside the venue and head-butted him in the face, while two other assailants assaulted his boyfriend of seven years.

He said that the three men assaulted him again shortly after the initial attack, knocking him to the ground.

Taking to Facebook on Saturday, August 24, Lynch-Boisvert uploaded a photo of himself in hospital with swelling to his face and a black eye.

“I can still hear how one of the guys said ‘Stop you’re going to kill him’ to the one who was freely kicking my face, [while] Alex struggled to try to help me, the fear in his eyes,” Lynch-Boisvert posted on Facebook.

Lynch-Boisvert said he and his boyfriend eventually managed to escape in a taxi, before they called an ambulance.

“I was dizzy, I couldn’t see anything, there was blood everywhere,” he told Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail.

He said the attack left him vomiting from his head injury and covered in blood.

Public figures have condemned the attack on social media.

“Sad and disturbing to note such homophobic gestures,” wrote the mayor of Montreal Valérie Plante on Twitter.

“This is why we must continue to sensitise, educate and strongly condemn these behaviours.”

Provincial police in Quebec confirmed to The Globe and Mail that they responded to a call on Friday night in La Malbaie when two men were taken to hospital.

A spokesperson said the force is investigating the incident.

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Mother who naturally conceived quads had to upsize her home and buy an 11-seater van to cope - and it takes half an hour just to get the tots out of the car

A mother of quadruplets has revealed she had to upsize her home and buy and 11-seater van to cope with her brood - and it takes half an hour just to get the tots out of the car.

There really is never a dull day in the home of Kendall Walker, 28, from Timaru, New Zealand, who is also mum to four-year-old Brooklyn.

The babies were conceived naturally after three years of infertility, despite Kendall being diagnosed with polycystic ovaries and endometriosis in her teens.

Kendall and her husband Josh, 28, need eyes at the back of their heads now that the quads, Quinn, Indie, Hudson and Molly, have reached their first birthday.

The chances of having naturally occurring quads is just one in 729,000 - and despite being born three months early, they are now thriving.

Stay-at-home mum Kendall said: 'I can't describe what it's like going from a family of three to a family of seven overnight, but we wouldn't change a thing.

'They have changed every aspect of our lives, every decision we make revolves around them, when Brooklyn, now four, was a baby it was understandably easier.'

Kendall admitted she has to plan and prepare every evening to ensure the next day runs as smoothly as possible and will organise what they have for lunch and dinner as soon as they've gone to bed.

'We have a strict routine in place and they always have eat, bathe and sleep at the same time so I can be as organised as I can,' she explained.

'Everything takes four times as long; we have to allow extra time to go places as getting them in and out of the car can sometimes take longer than 30 minutes.

'I can never do bath time alone; we try and get them in and out quickly but they tend to get excited by the bubbles and splash around as babies do.

'The most time-consuming part of the day is feeding them as there is a lot going on and they find it hard to wait for their turn to be fed.'

She added that the best part of the day is when the foursome wake up from a nap and are bright and happy, wanting to play.

'Afterwards the babies, floor and highchairs are covered in food and require cleaning, I usually do this whilst they nap,' Kendall said.

'I get an hour or two to myself during each day while they sleep so I can shower, tidy and have a sit down.

'Josh, who is a supervisor, had five months of paternity leave to help out when they were newborns to help.'

The couple had to upsize their home and buy an 11-seater van when they discovered they were expecting four babies at their nine-week scan.

Indie and Quinn are identical while Molly and Hudson are fraternal (genetically distinct) twins.

She added: 'When they were allowed home after four months in hospital, we had a night nanny funded by the government - this helped a lot as it was pretty hectic adjusting from one child to five under four-year olds.

'Molly who is our little firecracker has started crawling and I can't even begin to think about when they are all up and running.

'They have started developing their own personalities, Quinn is the advanced leader, Indie is adorable and sweet, Hudson is cheeky but grumpy and Molly is so sassy.

'As busy as I am, I wouldn't change it for the world, our family is set up and Brookly makes the best big brother.

'It is hard having quadruplets but after three years of infertility, every second is worth it.'

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Boy, 2, mauled by leopard in Thailand after grandfather accidentally opens pen

A two-year-old was mauled by a leopard at a safari park in Thailand after his grandfather opened the door to its pen after mistakenly believing the animal was docile.

After escaping its pen at the safari park on the island of Koh Samui, the leopard, named Tony, jumped on Orr's mother, passed under her feet then leapt at the child.

It pinned the youngster to the ground and sank its teeth his face, before letting go when locals kicked it in the head.

Orr suffered wounds to his face and a fractured cheekbone in the attack and was later pictured with blood pouring from his face.

Shocking footage recorded inside the enclosure shows the door being opened before the animal runs to the door and escapes.

Seconds later it is seen being chased back into the enclosure by a member of staff.

The toddler and his relatives, all from Rishon LeTsiyon, Israel, were visiting the park last Thursday morning.

They had finished an elephant ride then walked over to the leopard's pen to take pictures.

Rafi Burns, Orr's father, said: "The leopard is supposed to be drowsy, fuzzy and not aggressive. There should be a person next to the animal's cage. There was no ambulance there and they didn't know how to evacuate him.

"We felt like we were helpless. I rushed to the cars and asked for him to be taken to the hospital. Everyone was scared and didn't want to take. We didn't believe such a disaster would happen.''

Rafe Benvenisti, Mrs Burns's uncle, said the guide sent them to the door in front of the leopard so they could take pictures with him.

He said: "We waited at the door and it was closed with a hook. Nobody knew what was behind the door, so one of the men opened the handle, and the leopard ran to the door and escaped.

"There were screams. The leopard jumped on Orr's mother, passed under her feet then leapt at the child.

"The leopard locked onto his face for four or five seconds. He didn't release Orr until one of the locals kicked the leopard in the head. Everyone was shocked. We were looking for someone to take us to a hospital. We started screaming until someone drove a vehicle and took us. "

He added: "The leopard is supposed to be drugged and sleepy. People are supposed to be brought into it only after it is fed and asleep. That was not the case. Everyone who has visited Thailand has pictures with this leopard. It's a normal thing to do.''

Zoo keeper Naphat Pleumsut claimed the owners of the safari park had covered the costs of medical treatment for the youngster.

He said: ''Relatives of the boy opened the door by mistake and they were not able to close it in time. The leopard then escaped.

''Staff quickly responded and pushed the leopard back into the cage in under ten seconds.

''Authorities from the safari park took the injured boy to Bangkok Hospital Samui. He had a wound on the face and a broken cheekbone. The zoo took care of every issue, including accommodation costs and medical fee and co-ordinated with the insurance company.''

Mr Pleumsut said that the parents of the boy had thanked the park for helping with the treatment of the boy.

The family have now returned to Israel where the youngster is receiving more hospital treatment for his injuries.

The attack on the youngster comes after the two-year-old son of a worker at the Kruger National Park in South Africa was killed by a leopard in living quarters in June.

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Shopkeeper holds off three attackers armed with knives in video of 'extreme violence' as brutal thugs are jailed for 19 years

A Grimsby shopkeeper held at knifepoint by three robbers was hailed for his bravery as the armed trio were jailed for 19 years.

CCTV caught the three men walking into the Nuns Corner Spar Shop and holding knives to the neck and body of Gopithas Mahalingham.

The shocking robbery took place over a period of two minutes at 10.15pm on December 19 last year.

Today, as between them they were jailed for more than 19 years, Mr Mahlaingham vowed to carry on his business and serve his loyal customers.

Many of them took cards and well wishes to the jovial shop owner and father-of-two.

He suffered injuries to his hands and neck but he still went to work the following day.

Humberside Police were quick to arrest Paul Blake, Luke Page and John Murray.

Grimsby Crown Court heard they stole around £4,000 worth of tobacco and £350 cash.

Mr Mahalingham, who has served the area from his shop for more than 10 years, praised Humberside Police for a 'fantastic job.' 

The police were brilliant and have worked very hard to get these men convicted. 

'I am pleased that thanks to them they will not threaten anyone else. I hope they learn their lesson,' the shopkeeper said.

He added: 'The customers were kind and came to give me cards and talk to me and wish me to get over it. I got over it quickly. 

'My parents in Sri Lanka were more worried about it than I was.

'Now I have relatives come and visit me each evening to make sure I am safe. I have sometimes thought about selling up, but I have such wonderful customers. 

'They have been very kind to me.'

Blake and Page were convicted after a trial. Murray admitted his role and was sentenced separately.

Blake, 39, of no fixed abode, received six years and three months for robbery and 21 months for possession of a knife. His sentences will run concurrently.

Page, 37, of Harold Street, Grimsby got six years and three months for robbery.

Murray, 42 of Shelley Avenue, Grimsby was jailed for four years and 10 months for robbery, and eight months for possessing a knife. 

His sentences will also run concurrently.

After the court case, Humberside Police Detective Sergeant Terry Mellors of Grimsby CID said: 'I am very pleased with the convictions handed out by the court following this investigation.

'The shopkeeper was targeted in his business premises where he was subject to extreme violence by these three criminals who were in possession of knives. 

'The knives were used solely to maximise fear.'

He added: 'Anyone who saw the CCTV footage will see that it was just by luck alone that the victim in this case was not seriously hurt. 

'This incident was planned with a degree of detail in advance. 

'It is a small business that these men would have visited and known, being just a stone's throw from the estate where they live and frequent.

'I would like to make a special mention to the victim and witnesses in this case. Without them we would not have reached today's result.

'They have shown incredible bravery and commitment in the circumstances. 

'I would also like to mention the professionalism, commitment and diligence of the officers who have worked tirelessly in the case to bring about justice for the victim and for local community.'

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John Lewis security guard drags new dad by the neck as he shops for baby clothes

Kyle Spencer, 19, was shopping for clothes for his newborn daughter Emilia on 5 August when he claims he was ‘assaulted’ by the security guard. In the video, Kyle is put into a headlock by the guard and forcefully pulled out of the John Lewis in Westgate, Oxford. The new dad claims he went into the shop at around 4pm with his two younger sisters when one of them, aged 12, pressed a button on a speaker in the shop, causing loud music to play. Kyle claimed security were called after shop staff reported the ‘disruptive behaviour’ and he was wrestled out of the shop when he asked to see the guard’s ID badge. He said: ‘I physically couldn’t breathe. It was absolutely terrifying.

‘My sisters were in absolute distress. No child should have to see their big brother get attacked like that. ‘He was full of anger. I thought he would never let go.’ John Lewis has apologised and confirmed the security guard is no longer employed at the store. Kyle – who said he asked to see the man’s ID because he was dressed in normal clothes rather than John Lewis uniform – said he tried to defend himself during the struggle. He said the security guard was ‘heavy-handed’ and has since reported the incident to Thames Valley Police. Kyle later went to A&E with neck pain and bruised ribs and claims doctors diagnosed him with a sprain and whiplash.

A John Lewis spokesperson said: ‘We were shocked and appalled to hear of this incident in our Oxford shop and have apologised to the customer. ‘This is not what we would expect from anyone who works for us and we can confirm that this individual is no longer employed by John Lewis & Partners. ‘We’ve subsequently conducted an internal investigation and supported the Police with their enquiries.’

Thames Valley Police said it had received a report of an assault in Queen Street, Oxford, but no arrests have been made. A spokesman added: ‘A 52-year-old man received an adult restorative disposal in relation to this incident.’ Kyle received a letter of apology from the security guard involved, who claimed the dad had used abusive and threatening language, which Kyle denies.

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Twins Who Were Born Holding Hands Are Inseperable

arah Thistlethwaite, an Ohio mother, gave birth to twins with a rare condition.

The twins, named Jenna and Jillian, shared an amniotic sac and placenta–a condition that’s known as monoamnioitic, or “mono mono.”

They came out holding hands, and photos of the girls went viral when they were born.

Doctors have said it’s the rarest form of pregnancy among twin births.

“Once they made sure they were OK, they held them up so mom and dad could see,” hospital spokeswoman Amy Kilgore told Fox 8. “As soon as they were side by side, they held hands. It gave me chills.”

There were fears of their survival when they were born, but few weeks later, they were healthy and strong. But they felt most comfortable holding hands. However, at the time, parents Sarah and Bill said they had trouble telling the two apart.

“Actually Jillian, the way you could tell her from her sister, she is a little bit smaller, about a pound difference between them and Jillian has a birthmark above her left eye and eyelid,” Bill Thistlethwaite told WJW-TV in Ohio.

Sarah was in the hospital for 56 days over concerns about cord entanglement or compression.

“I had a lot of anxiety at the beginning, especially, when I found out they were mono mono twins – just whether or not they were going to survive,” added Sarah.

“It’s the rarest form of twinning and it carries the most risk,” explains Dr. Mancuso, who who delivered the twins, according to People magazine. “Because they’re sharing the same amniotic sac, their umbilical cords can become tangled as they’re growing and moving which can cut off blood supply to one or both twins,” she added.

The last photos of the girls were taken when they were 2 years old.

“I can’t wait to watch them grow up and be best friends,”  Thistlethwaite told People magazine, adding that they’re closer than ever.

“My heart just melted,” Thistlethwaite told the publication about when they were born. “Even my husband got tears in his eyes – I don t know that anybody in the room had a dry eye.”

She said Jillian and Jenna have started to develop a sibling rivalry.

“If Jenna does something bad, I’ll ask her about it and she’ll say, ‘No, Jillian did it!'” Thistlethwaite told Daily Mail.

“But they look so much alike that sometimes I really can’t tell which one of them is in trouble.”

“Sometimes if my husband goes to the store, he’ll take one twin and I’ll keep the other,” Thistlethwaite also told People magazine. “When that happens, they both get really upset and ask for each other. They’re definitely really close. They’re like two peas in a pod.”

They always bond over shared interests, she said.

“They like the same foods, they both love swimming and being outside, and they love to play with the same toys,” Thistlethwaite continued. “We try to buy two of everything to minimize competition, but still, they usually find one to fight over – even if they’re exactly the same.”

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Newlywed husband describes how his 5ft 2in wife carried him three miles after he fell into a volcano during their honeymoon on a Caribbean island

A newlywed husband who fell into a dormant volcano while on his honeymoon on a Caribbean island has praised his wife for his 'miraculous' rescue after she carried him more than three miles to help. 

Clayton, 23, and Acaimie Chastain, 25, were hiking Mount Liamuiga on St. Kitts on July 18, the fourth day of their week-long honeymoon, when the terrifying ordeal happened. 

Clayton Chastain climbed into the crater for a better view of the greenery inside while his wife stayed behind. 

'One second I'm climbing, the next second the world is spinning, and I can hear her calling down to me,' he told IndyStar

He said the rope he was holding onto while climbing probably snapped, dropping him around 50 to 70 feet. 

His wife heard faint calls for help so she followed him down into the crater. 

'I was screaming really, really loudly to make sure he was still responding,' she told the SunSentinel.

When she found him, he had his head in his hands and was bleeding and vomiting. 

'He didn't know we were on St. Kitts. He didn't know we were on our honeymoon. He had no idea what was going on,' she said. 

'I was completely freaked out because I knew we were entirely alone,' .

With no signal on her phone, the 5-foot-2, 105-pound woman had to help her concussed husband to safety herself. 

'I looked at him and said "we're going to have to climb out of here". So I had him holding onto the rope and I was telling him where exactly to put his feet and I pushed from his butt to get back out of the crater.'

She supported and coaxed him for miles down the mountain as he struggled to remain conscious, stumbled and made regular stops to vomit. 

'He was able to still lean on me and make his descent down because if he hadn't I'm not strong enough to physically carry a 165-pound man through that rugged terrain that far,' she told CTV News.

It took several hours to get far enough down the mountainside to get a cellphone signal and call 911. 

Paramedics arrived when the pair had nearly finished their descent.  

Clayton Chastain suffered a severe concussion, cracked vertebrae, a fracture in his skull and loss of hearing in his right ear. 

The couple couldn't fly commercial, as air reportedly entered his brain tissue, but their family raised nearly $36,000 through a GoFundMe page to transport him to Broward Health Medical Center in Florida by air ambulance on Wednesday. 

'It's astounding, honestly,' he told the SunSentinel from his hospital bed. 

'Not only did she keep me going down the mountain when I couldn't even walk... I had to lean on her most of the way down and she was able to keep going and support me [and] that was nothing short of a miracle.' 

In a Facebook message, he said: 'It's honestly amazing thanks to God's help that my injuries were not worse I'm feeling fine now though.' 

'My wife Acaimie is extremely strong and managed to help me back up out of the volcano crater and down the trail up it's side untill [sic] we got signal which was about 2 miles while I was collapsing and vomiting blood the entire way (which apparently was just coming from lacerations in my mouth and nose).' 

He was expected to spend more time in hospital before returning home to Indianapolis, because he needed a drain of his skull as cerebral spinal fluid was leaking into his nose and throat, according to CTV.    

Doctors gave him a good prognosis.

'It was just a miracle that he wasn't injured worse than he was,' his wife told IndyStar. 'It was incredible to me that he didn't have any broken bones.'  

'We're just overwhelmed,' she added. 

'It's never something that you think would ever happen to you. You read stories about crazy situations that happen to people and say, "That would never happen to me." Now that it has. It's crazy to be the recipient of such love and support.' 

The local outlet reported that her husband graduated from Purdue University just weeks ago with a master's degree in swine nutrition and is set to begin a job at United Animal Health in Frankfort, Indiana. 

The couple married in Crawfordsville, Indiana on July 13.


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15-year-old mom puts baby up for adoption, 35 years later he's standing right behind her

When Stacey Faix became pregnant she was only a teenager. Still a child herself at just 15 years old when she gave birth to her son, she decided to place him for adoption.

After she gave birth, he was taken away, never to be seen again or so she thought.

In November 2017, a new law was passed in Pennsylvania that allowed adoptees to access their original birth certificate. This was welcome news for Stephen Strawn, an adoptee.

When Strawn learned of the new law he knew he wanted his information. Within a month he had his birth certificate in hand and on it included details that were previously lost.

“It was a big sigh of relief,” he told Inside Edition after he learned his biological mother’s name.

Strawn searched Facebook for the name, Stacey Faix. He was able to find her or at least someone he thought was her.

“I sent her a message and said, ‘Hey, I have a really weird question,'” Strawn said. “I said, ‘Did you put a baby boy up for adoption in 1982?’ She said, ‘Yes.’ I said, ‘I think you may be my biological mom.'”

It turned out that Faix, who had attempted to find her son but was unsuccessful, and Strawn had a lot things in common, even though they had not seen or spoken to each other in 35 years.

Although Faix lived in Ohio, she planned on running in the Pittsburgh Half Marathon as a member of Team Red, White and Blue (RWB), an organization which Strawn was also a member of where he lived in Pennsylvania. Strawn was also set to participate in the same race.

On race day, Strawn devised a plan that was well worth the wait.

As members of Team RWB gathered before the race someone handed Faix a card. The card read, “It’s been 13,075 days since you last saw me. I didn’t want you wait one more day.”

Her mouth dropped

“We must have hugged about 10 different times,” Strawn said. “We get done hugging, look at each other and then hug again. It just felt really surreal that it was finally happening because it happened so fast.”

The mother and son duo completed the marathon as a team, presumably catching up on all the time they’ve both missed out on.

LOVE — that this young mom went ahead with her pregnancy — LOVE that she gave her son to a loving family who wanted to adopt and share their LOVE — LOVE that they got to meet again.

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Dad 'beat his sons, aged 14 and 17, with a guitar and only stopped when it snapped because they wouldn't get out of bed for church'

A Utah man has been arrested for allegedly beating his two sons with a guitar until it broke because they would not get out of bed for Sunday church.  

Lamatia Tapumanaia Sa of Kearns was arrested on Thursday on child abuse charges for assaulting his two sons, aged 14 and 17, on June 30.

According to KSL, the 14-year-old victim was asleep when Sa tried to wake the boy up for church. 

A probable cause statement filed in Salt Lake County's 3rd District Court said: '(The boy) decided to go back to bed and not get ready for church.'

Sa became upset with the boy and 'picked up a guitar and tried to strike him in the head,' Gephardt Daily reports.   

The boy was reportedly able to deflect the hit, 'which he blocked with his hand. He then sat up and Sa hit him with the guitar four more times times … causing a broken arm,' Geophardt Daily says. 

Sa's 17-year-old son was woken in a similar manner that morning, with Sa hitting his leg and hip. 

The teenager said Sa only stopped hitting him when the guitar snapped. 

Sa admitted to beating his teenage boys after authorities read him his Miranda rights, Geophardt Daily reports. 

The father has been charged with a felony and misdemeamor for child abuse.

His bail is set at $25,000. has contacted the Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake for further comment.

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Mother who lost four of her five children in a petrol bomb attack on her home dies 20 months later from horrific injuries she suffered, as heartbroken family say she has 'gone to join her babies'

The mother of four children killed in a petrol bomb attack on their home has died almost two years on from the fire.

Michelle Pearson, 37, suffered 75 per cent burns after two thugs threw petrol bombs through the window of her house in Walkden, Salford, in December 2017.

The horrific attack, which claimed the lives of her children Demi, 15, Brandon, eight, Lacie, seven and Lia, three, came after a petty feud between the attackers and the children's older brother Kyle, 16, who escaped the flames with a friend.  


His mother spent 20 months in hospital fighting her injuries, but died yesterday evening. 

Michelle's mother Sandra Lever said in a heart-breaking statement: 'Sadly last night after a hard 20 months of fighting our beautiful Michelle gained her wings and went to join her babies.' 

Greater Manchester Police say they will review their original criminal investigation, which saw Zak Bolland, David Worrall and Courtney Brierley jailed for a total of 98 years.  

Former chief prosecutor Nazir Afzal, known for bringing the notorious Rochdale gang to justice, has called for the two men to be charged with Michelle Pearson's murder as well as her children's. 

He said today: 'Those convicted of the murder of her children now need to be charged with her murder. Time is no longer a bar to prosecution. Such a sad case.'

Detective Superintendent Lewis Hughes added: 'Yesterday, we were made aware that Michelle Pearson, who was seriously injured in a house fire in Walkden in 2017, passed away.

'As the Senior Investigating Officer for the investigation into the fire, I know first-hand how devastating the death of her four children was for Michelle and the news of her passing is incredibly tragic.

'I would like to extend my sincere condolences to Michelle's loved ones at this terrible time. 

'We will ensure that they receive any support they need from the investigation team as they come to terms with their loss.'

The Pearson home went up in flames after petrol bombs were thrown into their house at around 5am on December 11 2017. 

Michelle's son Kyle managed to escape, with his mother and young sister Lacie pulled from the flames. The toddler died two days later.  

Bolland was convicted of four counts of murder and three of attempted murder and was handed a minimum 40 year sentence.

His friend David Worrall was also convicted of the four murders and three counts of attempted GBH and was handed a 37 year sentence.

Bolland's then girlfriend Courtney Brierley was found guilty of four counts of manslaughter and was jailed for 21 years.

Ms Pearson was left too ill to attend her children's funerals in September 2018.

Earlier this year the family shared a video of her in a wheelchair with a tracheotomy tube releasing four balloons in memory of her four children. 

CCTV images captured Bolland and Worrall filling up a petrol can at a Texaco fuel station before arriving at the Pearson home in Walkden, Greater Manchester.

The two men then removed a fence panel from the garden, smashed a kitchen window and tossed in two lit petrol bombs.

One landed near the stairs, blocking the only exit to the ground floor and trapped the occupants as they lay asleep inside.

Kyle managed to escape from an upstairs window but his four siblings, who were sleeping in a front bedroom, perished in the flames.

Younger sister Lia, aged three, was rescued from the house but died in hospital two days later.

Mrs Pearson, who was sleeping in the same room as Lia, escaped the blaze but was overheard screaming 'Not the kids! Not my kids!' as the fire engulfed the three bedroom mid-terrace house.

CCTV shown to the jury showed Bolland and Worrall at the address at 4.55am for one minute and five seconds.

The cameras recorded a flash then a larger second one from the petrol bombs, before they fled.

Neighbours ran out to help but were beaten back by the heat and flames as multiple 999 calls were made.

Three fire engines scrambled to the scene, the first arriving at 5.04am, with firefighters discovering Brandon face down on his bedroom floor, as if trying to crawl out, and Lacie directly behind him, suggesting she was following her brother to try to escape.


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Student Allegedly Pours Hot Water On Her Friend During Argument

A student of the Tai Solaris University of Education, Ogun State, has allegedly scalded her friend with hot water, following a heated argument.

Per what we gathered, the incident happened on Saturday, while the victim, Busola, was sleeping.

The culprit had reportedly been putting up with Busola due to her inability to rent a room. They allegedly had a misunderstanding on Saturday.

However, when the matter was settled, Busola went to bed, not knowing that the culprit had gone to boil water to be poured on her.

The victim was later woken up by the splash of hot water. Meanwhile, the victim, Busola has asked that the culprit be forgiven.

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Irish boy, 13, drives through iron gates and knocks over school wall while behind the wheel of Audi A4 his father rented in Marbella

A 13-year-old boy from Ireland smashed through an iron gate and plunged his family's rental car into the wall of a school while on holiday in Marbella.

Locals in the Spanish resort said it was lucky that nobody was killed as he crashed the powerful Audi A4 through two sets of iron gates and across a busy road.

The car, which cost upwards of £28,335, is believed to have been written off following the accident on Wednesday evening.

It's understood the family were on holiday when the father left the teenager alone in the car. 

Reports surfaced that the family were making their way to Malaga airport to fly home when they drove out from the Padel and Tennis Club in Nueva Alcantara, but video footage shows the teen in swimwear, suggesting they may have been going to the beach.

The teen claims to have climbed into the driver's seat and accidentally knocked the motor of the automatic car into gear, according to the Irish Sun.  

In a panic, he reportedly hit the accelerator instead of the brake and burst through the gates.

Both the boy and the father were left unharmed, but left a severe trail of destruction in their midst.

After the crash, the father could be seen comforting the boy, and walking around with his head in his hands. 

One local told the Irish Sun: 'The car shot out of the underground car park. It's a ­miracle he wasn't killed.

'It's also a miracle there were no kids inside the college at the time because there's a summer camp on.

'It's lucky there was no traffic on the road or pedestrians crossing it at the time either or we could be looking at a far more serious situation.'      

Spanish police said: 'A man had the engine of his car running, but stationary. He got out for a moment and his son, 13, sat in the driver's seat, put it in gear and stepped on the accelerator.

'The door of the garage was knocked down, the car crossed the road and hit the wall of the school, knocking it down and entering the yard. There were no injuries.'

It comes after a spokesman for Marbella council said the tourist city was seeing more anti-social behaviour in common with other European cities.

They said: 'We are trying to present a democratic and balanced response to these new situations and circumstances, based, on the one hand, on the recognition of the right of everyone to behave freely in public spaces and to be respected in their freedom.

'But, on the other hand, the need for all of us to assume certain duties of coexistence and of respect for freedom, dignity and the rights of others.'



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Instagram comedian urges Londoners to 'put down their knives' as he shows five weapons he's 'confiscated from the street' including a SWORD

An Instagram comedian who's known for posting funny and quirky clips online has posted a message urging young people to put down knives as London's bloody epidemic took its 90th murder victim last night.

Ty Logan, from Harrow, north west London, shared the video with his 46,000 followers showing knives he claims to have picked up on the street.

Wearing a navy zip-up hoody, he starts off speaking directly to camera stating: 'Cuz, I see what my man's doing cleaning up the streets of London, so I thought I'd do my bit'.

He then picks up a huge kitchen knife, describing it as a 'mini machete', before picking up a second smaller knife, saying he picked it up from an 'little eight year old, who should be watching Ben 10'. 

Ty then shows two larger butcher's knives, before picking up a sword.

'You see this one here, different' he tells the camera, as he squats down to show of the mammoth size of the blade.

Ty, who's the grandson of legendary reggae singer Dennis Brown, jokes that you can't even run with it or 'put it in your pocket'.

The comical video quickly turns serious when Ty adds: 'Enough is enough. All jokes aside, put down a knife, and save a life'. 

Reiterating the statement in the video caption, he added: 'All jokes aside, it’s time we do better. As a knife victim I know how it feels to almost lose your life, but not many have had the privilege of surviving. So put down ur knife, and save a life. Big up @faronalexpaul for all his hard work!

In the caption, he thanks Faron Paul, a community organise from Tottenham who's been stabbed 18 times and started an amnesty to get people to turn in their knives.

Faron offers young people knives in exchange for vouchers, and then hands them into the police.

It comes as London claimed its 90th murder victim last night. 

Grandfather Allan Isichei, 69,  a father-of-three and husband for 44 years to wife Sandra, was stabbed twice as he walked home from the Plough Inn pub in Southall, north-west London, where he regularly performs yesterday evening.

He collapsed on his neighbours doorstep just three doors away from his £750,000 home at around 6.30pm.

A suspect in his 30s has been arrested and is in hospital with minor injuries. He is also under police guard.

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Twins Who Got Married To The Same Man Tell Of Horror Time In The Marriage They Jumped Into Due To Poverty

Owami and Olwethu Mzazi believe they are “two bodies with one soul”. They say from birth they have been sharing everything – and they now share a husband.

The two say they have a bond that is “too deep” to explain, and didn’t have a hard time marrying the same man. They married TV director Mzukiseni Mzazi in 2011 in a traditional ceremony.

The twins say they were raised by their grandmother and were very poor. They say they were so poor that they even had to ask for money from people and couldn’t even afford sanitary towels.

After matric, they wanted to pursue a career in acting. In pursuit of their dream, they met their husband Mzukiseni, who was then working as a director on television drama ‘Muvhango’.

Instead of giving them a break based on their skill and talent, Owami claims Mzukiseni made moves on them.

“Because he was our mentor before [becoming] our husband, we said to him ‘we are young, passionate young girls who want to be actresses, but we need someone who can mentor us to be on TV’. He said ‘okay’, and later on we got an SMS saying ‘I can’t help you if you can’t be my wives’,” Owami says.

“We sat down and said maybe this is God. We said let’s take a chance. We said ‘we don’t love you, we don’t see you as a lover, but we will take a chance and we will learn how to love you’,” says Olwethu. 

The twins say he told them he was okay with them learning to love him.

“We were in a marriage whereby we didn’t enter because we were in love with our husband. We got married because we were escaping the poverty that we were in,” says Owami.

The girls married the man within a few weeks of meeting him. At that time, they were only 21, and their husband was in his late 40’s.

The two aspiring actors say their husband took advantage of their poverty, and from the beginning of the marriage, the twins claim it was never easy.

“After three months of marriage, we found out that he has many kids and he wasn’t divorced. All those things he had hidden from us and the marriage started to be rocky, with lots of fighting. Since then we are living in a marriage where there is abuse emotionally,” the twins said.“We are tired now because there is a lot that we have experienced.”

The 29-year-old twins are currently in the process of divorcing their husband. 

However, the twins say there is a lot they can’t talk about until the divorce is finalised.

We are still holding things that happened, but after the divorce, we will reveal everything that was happening in our marriage.” 

Olwethu says she has been wanting to divorce for years but had “fear of the unknown because I have a child and I am a freelancer.” But she says this year she told herself “even if I stay in a shack, I don’t care, enough is enough.”

The twins say they don’t believe their husband ever loved them, but he married them because they were virgins, and he was doing it to brag about being married to twins.

“I don’t think he was loving us. I think he was taking chances because he was impressed by the fact that he is starting to see virgins in Gauteng,” says Olwethu.

“For me, Owami, I would say there was no love. You know sometimes in marriage, it’s hard to leave, but for me from the few weeks into the marriage when I was reflecting on the marriage and writing what was right versus what is wrong, I could only write one positive thing, and the rest were bad things.”

“I always tell him ‘you never loved us’. You took advantage of our innocence,” she adds.

The two say they regret entering into marriage for the wrong reasons.

“The mistake we made was not allowing the process to know the kind of person he is. We rushed to get married as virgins because of the church. We knew him for two weeks, and in the third week, he sent a letter to our family to request our hand in marriage. The process took a month,” says the twins.

The two say they are in the process of starting their own business and writing a book about their life.

“We have to start afresh,” they say. 

They say their marriage taught them valuable lessons. 

“There are no shortcuts in life. Sometimes you do shortcuts, and life will take you back. Sometimes you try to run away from poverty, meanwhile, you are running to pain. Sometimes appreciate what you have and hold on there, because you don’t know what will happen the next day. Pray. There is nothing that beats prayer,” says Owami.

“I would speak to a young black child and say do not run away from poverty. Stay in your lane and wait for the process, wait for God’s blessings,” says Olwethu.

Another lesson the two say they have learned is the importance of self-love.

“Start by loving yourself. It starts there. Love yourself first before anyone else,” says Olwethu.

They say they hope to marry again and plan to marry the same husband because they are “two bodies with one soul”.

“This thing will continue. It’s too deep,” say the twins.

However, they say for the next relationship, they will “learn a person and how he will handle us as two” before tying the knot.

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Mom and daughter get in before-bedtime fight–then toddler says 3 words that teaches mom a lesson

Parents face many challenges on a day-to-day basis and often forget what used to come naturally to them when they were children. One mother found that sometimes you need to have a toddler around to remind you to forgive and let go of your anger.

Mary Katherine Backstrom is a mother of two and a popular blogger who specializes in parenting advice. In a recent Facebook post, she described an interaction she had with her 3-year-old child, Holland, which left her amazed.

According to Mary, on that particular evening, she had had a more difficult time than usual with getting her child ready for sleep. After about an hour’s struggle, Holland was finally in bed. Annoyed, Mary told her that she loved her and that she was tired of arguing about stuffed toys. Then she sternly asked her daughter to go to sleep.

That’s when Holland, still sobbing, got up and placed her hands on her hips calling out to her mommy. An already frustrated Mary could see how messy her daughter’s hair was and how she was using her hands to wipe tears from her eyes. The 3-year-old stated she had one more thing to say.

At this point, Mary felt almost fed up and describes the words coming out of Holland’s mouth as “venom.” But what her daughter said next totally changed the atmosphere in the room:

Hearing that from her toddler rendered Mary speechless for a few seconds. While her daughter got back into bed and continued sobbing, Mary stood at the door, unsure of how to react.

According to her, the way Holland said “I forgive you” almost sounded like a cussword.

Finally, she decided to walk closer to her child’s bed, lean over her, and ask whether she knew what forgiveness meant. Holland was still sobbing and hiding her face into her Little Mermaid pillow. But the answer she gave managed to leave her mother dumbfounded for the second time that evening:

“It means you were wrong, and I’m tired of being mad, and now I’m going to sleep, and my heart won’t have a tummy ache.”

Mary couldn’t believe that a 3-year-old had just reminded her to never go to sleep still angry. She recognizes in her Facebook post that at that point, she felt her heart having a “tummy ache.”

Whatever pent-up frustration the mother felt before was now gone. Instead, she looked at her child and then climbed into bed with her and gave her a big cuddle.

At the end of the Facebook post, Mary concludes that her daughter was correct. And that as a 35-year-old woman, she knew she needed a reminder in forgiveness. She received that in the most unexpected of ways.

This story can serve as a lesson to everyone. Sometimes we let stress and frustrations take over. Perhaps we all need to learn to let go and never go to sleep angry. That may be the way to avoid our hearts getting a tummy ache.

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Gunman Who Shot Six Cops And Held Two Officers Hostage In Philadelphia Home Surrenders

PHILADELPHIA — A suspect surrendered just after midnight after shooting six police officers in a north Philadelphia neighborhood on Wednesday evening, igniting a standoff that dragged on for hours in what authorities called a hostage situation.

The suspect is Maurice Hill, a 36-year-old Philadelphia resident with a history of gun convictions, his former lawyer, Shaka Johnson, told The Washington Post. Philadelphia Police Sgt. Eric Gripp confirmed on Twitterearly Thursday that the suspect is in custody.

Johnson did not know Hill’s motive for the alleged shooting and standoff, he told CBS Philly. He credited police for ending the situation, adding that the suspect would likely face several charges from the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office, including attempted murder and aggravated assault.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross said he was surprised that the suspect surrendered, telling reporters at a news conference Thursday morning that Hill “was indicating to some that he was not going to do that.” Ross said that the tear gas shot into the home ultimately resulted in the suspect ending the standoff.

“This was a very dynamic situation, one that I hope we never see again,” he said, adding that he was thankful no civilians or police officers were seriously injured.

The suspect walked out of the house with his arms raised in the air as local TV crews filmed the scene. Police could be heard saying, “Hands up! Hands up! Get down! Get down!”

Hill was not cooperating with police as of early Thursday, Ross told reporters. He said Johnson, Hill’s lawyer, came to the house toward the end of the standoff and talked with his client.

“Using him was unorthodox,” Ross said of the lawyer’s involvement in ending the standoff. “But again, it was a very unusual circumstance.”

Gunfire first broke out around 4:30 p.m., Ross said, after officers attempted to serve a narcotics warrant “that went awry almost immediately.” Once they were inside the home, a barrage of bullets forced officers to return fire and retreat through windows and doors.

More than three hours after the first shots rang out, police were still locked in a dangerous standoff with at least one gunman barricaded inside the home, trading shots with officers outside. Residents, forced to dive behind cars and hide in their homes, described the scene like a war zone: Bullets flew through the streets and wafts of gunpowder filled the air.

As the sun set, Ross said at a news conference he was concerned about two officers in the house with the gunman. They were there for hours until a SWAT team evacuated them, but, he said, the gunman remained inside with no intention of surrendering.

Alisha Bogan, who lives around the corner from where the standoff took place, said she was on her way home to her daughter and mother when she heard gunshots.

“There were a whole lot of people running,” Bogan told The Washington Post. As the gunfire continued, she took cover under a car. Then, she tried to get to her house and her family, but couldn’t get past the police caution tape. Dozens of frustrated residents faced the same dilemma, unable to get to their homes. They gathered on the sidewalks and streets late Wednesday night as storms passed through the region.

After the two officers made it out of the house, Ross told reporters, “We’ve gone from a hostage situation to a barricade.” He said police were still trying to talk the shooter into surrendering. Late Wednesday night, the suspect was still inside.

Dramatic live footage from media helicopters showed scores of officers swarming the house in the residential Nicetown-Tioga neighborhood. They crouched behind cars and exchanged fire with someone inside the house.

On the ground, television reporters’ microphones picked up sounds of gunshots. Multiple officers were seen being carried into police vehicles and transported away from the scene.

A bullet grazed an officer’s heads, Ross told reporters. Others were shot in the arm and elsewhere, he said.

“Nothing short of astounding that in such of a confined space we didn’t have more of a tragedy than we did,” Ross said.

They were released from hospitals later that night, but another officer was still being treated for injuries sustained in a car crash related to the incident.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney (D) said the wounded officers were “all in good spirits.”

We’re thankful — a little angry about someone having all that weaponry and all that firepower — but we’ll get to that another day,” he said at the news conference. “It’s about the officers and their families right now.”
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Florida man arrested after concealing phone in restroom toilet, says he hoped to catch girlfriend having an affair

Florida man with a criminal record spanning five states has been arrested for voyeurism after setting up a camera in an Arkansas convenience store restroom, police say.

Crawford Lee Croxton, 36, was arrested and taken into custody on Tuesday by deputies from the Baxter County Sheriff's Office after allegedly hiding a phone with the camera activated "beneath and behind" the toilet around August 2, according to a release posted online this week.

Investigators said they were alerted to the covert device after it was found by a store employee. Footage on the phone showed the suspect positioning the camera several times and moving items around the restroom in an attempt to conceal the camera. The suspect was seen leaving the room while the camera was still recording. It captured one man using the restroom.

Upon his arrest, Croxton admitted to deputies that he put the phone in the room "in the hopes of catching his girlfriend cheating on him with another man," the Baxter County Sheriff, John F. Montgomery, said in the media release, which also contained the suspect's mugshot.

The man was captured following an appeal posted online by the sheriff's office. A wanted posterhad contained blurry images of the suspect and asked for information about his location.

On Tuesday, the request paid off when a citizen reported that Croxton had been spotted close to a McDonald's in the area of Highway 62 East driving a 2016 GMC Terrain with a Louisiana license plate. The car turned into the McDonald's parking lot and the driver fled into the restaurant.

The driver—at this stage identified as Croxton—was seen exiting the building and running across the nearby highway. Several deputies converged on the area and Croxton was apprehended. He was found to have a criminal past in five states, qualifying him as a habitual offender. The State of Florida decided not to extradite him for an outstanding probation violation, police said.

Croxton has been charged in Baxter County with felony video voyeurism, felony breaking or entering, misdemeanor fleeing and a penalty enhancement for being classified as a habitual offender. He was held in lieu of a $25,000 bond and is currently scheduled to appear in court later this month, on August 22.

Video voyeurism is the "act of secretly recording someone in an intimate state," Musca Law, a criminal defense firm in Florida, says online. Under state law, anyone previously convicted of a crime will face more severe penalties. Upon conviction, the legal experts said penalties could include up to 15 years of probation, up to 15 years in prison and up to $10,000 in fines.

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Monica Lewinsky reveals Bill Clinton urged her to lie under oath

Monica Lewinsky has opened up for the first time about how Bill Clinton convinced her "to break the law" and lie under oath.

In the final part of the A&E docuseries "The Clinton Affair," Lewinsky revealed that Clinton convinced her to deny the affair if she was called to testify in the Paula Jones case. The 45-year-old recalled the former president telling her that she could avoid being deposed if she denied the affair in an affidavit.

Lewinsky said that Clinton had called her at 2:30 in the morning to let her know that she was on the witness list for the Paula Jones case.

"I was petrified. I was frantic about my family and this becoming public," Lewinsky tearfully recalled. "Thankfully, Bill helped me lock myself back from that and he said I could probably sign an affidavit to get out of it, and he didn't even know if a 100 percent I would be subpoenaed."

She was subpoenaed a few days later.

And though she clarified that Clinton never said the words "you're going to have to lie here," Lewinsky pointed out that he also never said "we're going to have to tell the truth."

After being subpoenaed, the former White House staffer decided to talk to attorney Vernon Jordan, a close friend of Clinton. In the documentary, Lewinsky claims that she managed to secure a meeting with Jordan on her own and from that meeting, she was introduced to lawyer Frank Carter.

"Frank Carter explained to me if I'd signed an affidavit denying having had an intimate relationship with the president it might mean I wouldn't have to be deposed in the Paula Jones case," she recounted. "I did feel uncomfortable about it but I felt it was the right thing to do, ironically, right? So, the right thing to do, to break the law."

Following her decision to sign the affidavit, Clinton called Lewinsky to the White House for a somewhat private Christmas celebration.

"This is the first time I met Buddy, the dog, and we kind of all played around with Buddy in the office and then we went into the back study and we had a Christmas kiss," the Vanity Fair writer revealed.

She continued: "Over the summer he had gone to Martha's Vineyard and he brought back a bunch of different things. He had this big canvas bag from the Black Dog. This marble bear, sunglasses. It was the most presents he'd given me at one time. He knew the subpoena was gonna ask to produce certain items and yet he was giving me more gifts. He clearly still trusted me."

Lewinsky added that at the time, she gave the president's gifts to his secretary for safekeeping and to avoid possible seizure.

While things seemed to be getting back to normal, it wasn't long before everything went downhill for the former White House intern.

Once it was discovered that Lewinsky was having an affair with Clinton, the FBI forced the young staffer to be part of the bureau investigation into the president.

Scared and unsure what to do, the activist recalled how the FBI threatened to prosecute her mother and said that both women could face up to 27 years in prison for lying about the affair.

A then-24-year-old Lewinsky demanded to call her mother while she was being held inside a Ritz Carlton hotel room for what was a 12-hour interrogation.

"You're 24, you don't need to call your mommy, you need to make a decision about what to do," Lewinsky recalled one agent told her.

Unwilling to immediately cooperate with the FBI, the young staffer finally told them that she demanded to speak to either her mother or her lawyer before making the decision to wear a wire and have her personal life monitored and tapped.

But once the word of the affair was out in the open, Lewinsky admitted that the scandal was almost too much for her to handle and revealed that she contemplated committing suicide.

"There was a point for me somewhere within these first several hours where I would be hysterically crying and then I would just shut down," she admitted. "And in the shutdown period, I just remember looking out the window and thinking the only way to fix this is to kill myself."

An FBI agent who was involved in the case corroborated her emotions at the time and said she was "alternating between being hysterical, being angry, being abusive."

"I just felt terrible ... and I was scared ... and I was mortified,' she said while trying to regain her composure," Lewinsky sobbed in her documentary confessional.

She also confessed that the taxing events of the scandal are what led her to confide in Linda Tripp, who eventually drew the prosecution to the fact that Clinton was indeed having an affair.

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British mother of three 'murdered in Barbados after being doused and set on fire as she lay in bed'

Natalie Crichlow, 44, was said to be visiting friends and family on the island when she was viciously attacked on July 28. 

She was taken to hospital with severe burns, where she died from her injuries on August 6. 

Ms Crichlow, a mother of three, was well known in the LGBT community. 

She had previously survived two strokes and two bouts of cancer.

Barbados media outlet Stabroek News reported that police were on the hunt for a man who "barged into a house, choked a woman, doused her with a flammable substance and then set the house on fire". 

They said the 44-year-old was lying in bed on the afternoon of August 6 at her brother's home in Sargeant's Village, Christ Church, when an intruder allegedly entered her bedroom and began choking her. 

The intruder then allegedly threw a flammable liquid on her, lit the house on fire and fled the scene. 

Police pulled Ms Crichlow from the burning house. 

She was transported to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital with burns to more than 75 per cent of her body. 

Public relations officer Acting Inspector Rodney Inniss said police were informed of the incident at around 1:55 pm and the woman was taken to hospital. 

A GoFundMe has now been set up to raise money to bring the body of Ms Crichlow, otherwise known as Karma, back to the UK. 

On the page, her niece Ashley Best said: “Many people may be aware that we lost a beautiful soul Natalie Crichlow aka Karma, on 06/08/19. At present, an investigation into her murder is being held in Barbados. ?? ???? ??

“Natalie left behind her eldest daughter and two sons who desperately want to bring her home to say goodbye and lay her to rest peacefully. The outgoing, bubbly and kind Natalie was greatly loved and well thought of throughout many communities, all of which this loss has come as a massive shock to.

"Please help us donate towards costs which will cover repatriation to the UK as her body is still in Barbados with only a few family members and friends around her. Any donation large or small will help in bringing peace to the family and our beloved Natalie who we all miss dearly.”??? 

A Foreign Office spokesperson said: "Our staff are supporting the family of a British woman following her death in Barbados, and are in contact with the Barbados police force."

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