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Ghanaian Man Abroad Eating Fufu In A Train Goes Viral

A video of a man believed to be a Ghanaian spotted eating popular local dish fufu on a train is fast going viral on social media.

What is more surprising in the video is the fact that the man was eating from an Earthenware bowl popularly known as “Asanka” and also had water for washing his hands by him.

One cannot tell the actual reason why the man didn’t set up his fufu table at home but rather decide to do that in a train full of other passengers.

Some social media users are of the view that the man did that just for likes or to get people to talk about him on social media.

Fufu is a staple food common in many countries in West Africa such as Cote D’Ivoire, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Liberia, Togo and Nigeria. It is often made in the traditional Ghanaian and Nigerian method by mixing and pounding separate equal portions of cassava and green plantain flour thoroughly with water.

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The kidnappers fell asleep after I prayed to God – RCCG deaconess

A pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Chidimma Ibenegbu, has narrated how God caused her to escape from the detention of kidnappers. She was abducted with four other victims.

Ibenegbu said the abductors, whom she described as herdsmen, ambushed their vehicle on the expressway at Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State, DailyTrust reports.

Narrating her experience at he church’s conference ground on Saturday, she said while travelling to the RCCG Camp at the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway for the Ministers’ Conference, their commercial bus ran into the men, who took them into a forest.

“I prayed to God to make them fall asleep, and they fell asleep and continued to sleep until I began to make my way out of the bush. I was asking God for direction to the road,” she said.

Ibenegbu said she eventually came to a road and met a motorcyclist and narrated her story and the cyclist brought her to a police checkpoint.

She said she was interviewed by the police commissioner and her information led to the rescue of the other captives.

The General Overseer of RCCG, Enoch Adeboye, told the ministers that God still answered prayers and called for prayers for all those still under captivity in Nigeria.

Another victim, Iroha, who is a son to the late James Iroha of The New Masquerade soap, said: “They said they kidnapped us to pay for the cost of bullets expended on a high profile target who escaped from their trap.’’

He added, “They kidnapped and matched us into the forest. We had a tortuous walk of 30km into a jungle. They humiliated and tortured us. We were not given food or water throughout the three days we were held by them.

They told us that they don’t have business with us. They said the car they were shooting at drove away. They thus turned back and descended on us. They just picked us randomly.

They said their bullets would not waste just like that and they needed someone to pay for the wasted bullets. That was how they marched us into the bush. Respite came our way when the police surveillance helicopter hovered across the area where they kept us, forcing them to abandon us and fled.”


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Violence in Hong Kong as police fire tear gas, beat protesters

Hong Kong police fired tear gas and beat demonstrators in another night of violent confrontation with protesters as protests continued on the 10th weekend in a row.

Reuters news agency on Sunday said its reporters in Wan Chai saw two petrol bombs thrown, setting small fires on the streets, while tear gas volleys and advancing riot police sent some protesters fleeing.

Tear gas was also fired inside the Kwai Fong metro station, forcing a crowd of protesters to flee.

Videos posted on social media showed police making several arrests and repeatedly beating protesters with batons. One protester was shown with a bloodied face pinned down on the pavement by officers in anti-riot gear.

There have also been allegations of police officers disguised as protesters trying to start fights. 

Demonstrators are demanding the resignation of the city's leader Carrie Lam, democratic elections, the release of those arrested in earlier protests, and an investigation into police use of force against the protesters.

Banners at the rally in Victoria Park read "Give Hong Kong back to us" and "Withdraw the evil law", the latter a reference to an extradition bill that was the original spark for the protests.

The demonstrations have since morphed into a broader bid to reverse a slide in democratic freedoms in the city.

Protesters took over streets in two parts of the Asian financial hub, blocking traffic and setting up another night of showdowns with riot police as they chanted: "Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our time."

They hurled bricks at officers and ignored warnings to leave the Sham Shui Po area before tear gas was deployed, police said, calling the march an "unauthorised assembly".

Protesters used metal fencing and plastic ties to construct makeshift barricades and block the road near the local police station, shining blue lasers at the building as officers held up a flag warning the crowd to disperse.

Nearby, protesters wearing gas masks gathered outside a police station in Cheung Sha Wan, as officers wearing protective gear looked down at them from a tall wall around the station.

Across Victoria Harbour, a large group of mostly young protesters marched down the middle of Hennessey Road, a main shopping drag in the Causeway Bay area, as a rally was held in nearby Victoria Park.

Many wore face masks to shield their identities, and a few had helmets. Others just carried backpacks over the black T-shirts that have become their uniform.

"We hope the world knows that Hong Kong is not the Hong Kong it used to be," said one protester, Louisa Ho. "China is doing more and more to pressure Hong Kong, its people and its organisations."

Following a rally at the centrally located Victoria Park, protesters fanned out across the city, often playing a cat-and-mouse game with the police.

At the same time, a more subdued sit-in at the Hong Kong airport stretched into its third day.

"They have this philosophy here ... It's actually based on Bruce Lee, the legend ... of kung fu, who had this philosophy of 'be water'," Al Jazeera's Rob McBride said, reporting from Hong Kong.

"It basically means that water at times can be strong. It can be a torrent, at other times it can be soft. It's difficult to grasp hold of, it changes, it morphs. That's what they're sort of basing their tactics on."

While riot police fired tear gas and arrested 16 people, the two sides avoided the lengthy pitched battles that have been seen in recent weeks.

"Our aim is no injuries, no bleeding and not getting arrested," said a 17-year-old student protester who gave his family name as Chan.

The protest movement has been seen as the biggest threat to Beijing's rule of the semi-autonomous Chinese city since its handover from the British in 1997.

The city's Beijing-appointed leader Lam has ruled out granting the protesters' demands.

On Saturday, she addressed students at Hong Kong army cadets camp and warned that the city was "suffering from external worries and internal perils".

"Every person who cherishes Hong Kong and loves peace should work hard together and safeguard our beautiful home."

But the protesters insist they have no plans to back down.

"There is no chance of retreating, and as a Hong Konger, this is the last hope we see of being able to achieve democracy," said a 20-year-old protester who gave his last name as Lam.

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Tanzania mourns as scores killed in fuel tanker blast

Tanzania has laid to rest most of the people who died while trying to collect leaking petrol from an overturned fuel tanker that exploded.

The blast, which took place on Saturday near the eastern town of Morogoro, sent huge clouds of black smoke into the sky, with charred bodies and the burned-out remains of motorcycle taxis scattered on the ground among scorched trees, footage from the scene showed

President John Magufuli on Sunday declared a period of mourning through Monday.

He was represented at funerals by Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa, who said 71 people died and 59 others injured while speaking at a ceremony in Kola, some 20 minutes from where the disaster occurred about 200km west of Dar-es-Salaam, the country's largest city.

White coffins were lowered into graves by members of the security forces, after which Islamic or Christian religious leaders said brief prayers.

DNA tests will be carried out on bodies that were burned beyond recognition, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Jenista Mhagama said on Sunday, adding that families could take the remains of their loved ones and organise their own burials if they preferred.

Witnesses said the truck tipped over while trying to avoid a motorcycle, before drivers of motorcycle taxis known as "boda-boda" as well as locals flocked to the scene to collect fuel.

The explosion was triggered when a man tried to retrieve the truck's battery, creating sparks that ignited the fuel, according to the region's governor.

''I came here on a motorcycle and as we approached the area we found the truck overturned," a witness told media at the scene.

"The driver got off and asked the riders to get away, warning that the vehicle could catch fire. The riders didn't listen and continued to fetch the leaking fuel.

"A man tried to steal the vehicle's battery and that's when the fire started," he added. 

Magufuli on Sunday visited some of those injured in the blast who had been transferred to a hospital in Dar-es-Salaam. 

"May God heal you," he said to the 43 patients, some in very serious condition, according to the doctors who accompanied the president.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Majaliwa announced on Sunday that a special commission would be established to investigate if any management failures had contributed to the disaster.

"While our now-dead compatriots were gathering to syphon fuel, did anyone try to stop them?" Majaliwa asked.

Magufuli has called for people to stop the dangerous practice of stealing fuel in such a way, a common event in many poor parts of Africa.

He issued a statement saying he was "very shocked" by the looting of fuel from damaged vehicles.

"There are vehicles that carry dangerous fuel oil, as in this case in Morogoro, there are others that carry toxic chemicals or explosives, let's stop this practice, please," Magufuli said.

At one of the funeral services broadcast on television, a Pentecostal pastor said, "This should serve as a lesson to us. When there is an accident like this, we should steer clear and let rescue workers do their job."

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Villagers find teen’s body in jungle

A SEARCH team hunting for the body of Cambridge University student Alana Cutland, who fell from a light aircraft while flying over Madagascar, believe they have found her body.

Army, police and villagers have been looking for the 19-year-old since she fell out of a light aircraft above the Indian Ocean island on July 25.

Local police claim her body was found by a local tribe as part of a huge search effort.

The find comes just days after officials in Madagascar accused British authorities of not funding or offering any help.

Ms Cutland, who had just started an independent research trip in the country, suffered severe paranoia and delusions before the fall on July 25 - possibly caused by anti-malaria medication.

She fell into remote uninhabitable savanna full of swamps, rivers and carnivorous wildlife.

Local villagers helping with the search said they had finally found what they think is Alana's body.

"They have found a human body north of the site where she fell," Police chief Spinola Nomenjanahary confirmed.


Chief Nomenjanahary said the body was recognised by the "hair, shoes and clothes".

"Villagers wrapped it in a sheet of plastic and have started carrying it back to the village," he said.

"It will be flown by helicopter to the capital tomorrow. The British embassy have already been informed."

Madagascan police have confirmed toxicology tests will be carried out on the body when it returns to the capital. They hope to confirm exactly what medication Alana might have had in her system - including anti-malaria drugs.

Investigators said the student suffered five "paranoia attacks" while on the "failed" research trip that she funded herself.

Alana is understood to have fought off fellow passenger, Brit tourist Ruth Johnson, who had battled for several minutes to try to keep her in the aircraft.

But local police said the 19-year-old managed to free herself from Ms Johnson's "exhausted" grip high above the paradise Indian Ocean island before falling into the wild savanna below.

Rescue teams have been looking for her body across a 40km area for more than a week.

The poverty-stricken villagers had been trekking 25km a day into sweltering jungle in just their bare feet.

They battled swamps, rivers and thick, long grass on the tiresome hunt, with machetes needed to hack their way through uninhabitable terrain hand-to-hand.

They were at risk of malaria-ridden mosquitoes, snakes and carnivorous catlike beasts called fossas.

The vast site where authorities believe Alana might have fallen is a gruelling 16km slog from Anjajavy village. She was found many kilometres north of the area she fell.


Madagascan government officials have now expressed frustration at the lack of British offer for help in retrieving the biological sciences student.

A source close to the search told The Sun: "We are trying our best but we are a modest country with limited resources. It's a needle in a haystack.

"We have not heard anything from the British in terms of wanting to help bring Alana back home.

Whether it is money, professional advice or sending people here, there's been no offer."

Pals said Alana began taking anti-malaria drug Doxycycline before travelling.

Her health deteriorated after arriving.

Staff at her hotel said she was "staring into space" in the hours before her fall.

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Policewoman kills boyfriend

An Eastern Cape policewoman has been arrested and charged with murder after shooting dead her boyfriend of five months on Thursday evening.

Constable Nangamso Jayiya, 30, based at  NU1 police station in Mdantsane, on Sunday confirmed to DispatchLIVE that she had killed her “jealous” boyfriend Anele Veli, 33, claiming she did so in self-defence after he assaulted her.

In a shocking twist, two of Veli’s sisters, aged 33 and 27, have been arrested for arson after Jayiya’s NU8 home, where the shooting took place, was allegedly petrol-bombed hours after her arrest.

Jayiya said she had pleaded not guilty to murder in court, and told the magistrate she would plead self-defence because he had attacked her.

“I don’t owe people any explanation.

“They can think whatever they like about me, but all I am saying is that my life was in danger,” she said.

She would not say how she was assaulted, adding she was not willing to comment further on the matter as it was now before court.

The deadly incident followed what has been described by police sources as “a jealousy-fuelled argument”.

Mdantsane police spokesperson Captain Nkosikho Mzuku said the two sisters would appear in the Mdantsane magistrate’s court on Monday, where they would face arson charges.

During a Dispatch visit to the bereaved family, Veli’s older brother Thando said they had suffered a “double blow” as the arrest of his siblings had come while they were all battling to come to terms with Veli’s death. “They came here with a questionable eyewitness who claimed to have seen my sisters torching the house at 2am.

“But how can you positively identify someone at that hour?”

Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid) acting spokesperson Sontaga Seisa on Sunday confirmed that the shooting had been reported to them and said Veli died after a single shot to the hip.

“Ipid confirms it received an incident report of the death as a result of police action.

“It is alleged that an off-duty 30-year-old police official was arrested after her boyfriend was shot once and died in Mdantsane.

“It is too early to establish the rest of the circumstances of the incident,” she added.

Seisa said Jayiya was off duty when the shooting took place.

Jayiya was arrested immediately after the incident and had appeared in the Mdantsane magistrate’s court on Friday before being released on a warning, Seisa confirmed.

“The available evidence is not enough.

“More time is needed to trace witnesses and also to obtain other technical reports that are not yet ready,” she added.

DispatchLIVE visited Jayiya’s home on Sunday morning and found it in ruins with charred walls and a burnt-out roof.

Neighbours said that Jayiya was there earlier to salvage what was left after the fire.

Her burnt-out house is a few houses away from her dead boyfriend’s home.

Thando said the police had arrested his sisters “based on a rumour”.

The release of Jayiya and arrest of his sisters had left the entire family in shock, he added. He described his slain brother as “a gentleman who kept to himself and was loved by the community at large”.

He said Veli worked at a local car rental dealer and had two daughters.

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Venomous octopus bit woman's face when she tried to make it pose for 'fun' photo

A venomous octopus bit an angler’s face after she tried to make it pose for a ‘fun’ photo with her. Jamie Bisceglia was left in agonizing pain after she was savaged by the sea creature at a fishing derby in Tacoma, Washington, on August 2. The animal – believed to be a Pacific red octopus – began by attaching its suckers to Bisceglia’s face, before sinking its sharp beak in. She told KIRO: ‘It had barreled its beak into my chin and then let go a little bit and did it again. ‘It was a really intense pain when it went inside and it just bled, dripping blood for a long time.’

Bisceglia, who owns angling business South Sound Salmon Sisters, tried to ignore the pain. But she was overcome with agony two days later, and went to her local emergency room.

She said: ‘I’m still in pain. I’m on three different antibiotics. This can come and go, the swelling, for months they say.’ Bisceglia realizes that few will sympathize with her injuries, and said: ‘It was a photo contest in the derby.

So, crazy me, hindsight now and looking back, I probably made a big mistake ‘This was not a good idea. ‘I will never do it again.’ Local wildlife experts have also speculated that the octopus could have been a juvenile giant Pacific octopus. Both the giant and red varieties have a powerful beak they use to smash crab, clam and mussel shells before eating them. They also use a poisonous venom to immobilize their prey.



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Cambridge University biology student, 19, 'fought off friend's desperate attempts to save her as she forced open light aircraft door and jumped' 5,000ft to her death during trip to Madagascar

A University of Cambridge student broke open an airplane door and jumped to her death from 5000ft in Madagascar after a friend and the pilot clung on to her legs for several minutes to stop her, police revealed today.

Alana Cutland, 19, a second-year Biological Natural Sciences student from Milton Keynes, died after plunging 5,000ft from the plane while on a study trip to the Indian Ocean island.

Her friend and fellow British tourist Ruth Johnson and the pilot wrestled with her for several minutes by grabbing her by the legs, Madagascar police chief Sinola Nomenjahary has said.

But after several minutes Alana broke free from their 'exhausted' grip and jumped to her death on Thursday July 25.

Alana was around ten minutes into the flight back from a research trip to a remote lodge in Anjajavy, northern Madagascar, where she was studying a rare species of crabs.


Police have released an extraordinary image of officers recreating the student's final moments before throwing herself from the plane after taking statements from Ms Johnson and the pilot. 

Detectives have also revealed that the student had suffered five 'paranoia attacks' while on the 'failed' research trip to see rare Madagascan crustaceans, which she had paid for herself.  

Alana and her parents had several intense and agitated discussions on the phone in the days leading up to her death, reports on the island have claimed.

Alana had been due to stay on the research trip for six weeks, but cut it short after just eight days following the conversations with her parents Alison and Neil Cutland, both 63.  

Police chief Sinola Nomenjahary say they have pieced together what happened in the minutes before Alana died  

said: 'The Cessna C168 aircraft was taking off from Anjajavy with three people aboard, including Ms Johnson, Alana and the pilot.

'After 10 minutes of flight, Alana undid her seatbelt and unlocked the right door of the plane and tried to get out.

'Ms Johnson fought for five minutes trying to hold her, but when she was exhausted and out of breath she let go.

'Alana then intentionally fell from an aircraft at 1130 meters above sea level.

'She dropped into a zone which is full of with carnivorous Fossa felines.'

Alana was travelling back from a research trip to a remote lodge in Anjajavy where she studied a rare species of crabs.   

According to the main paper on the island, the Midi-Madagasikara, the British student was heading back to the UK just eight days into the trip die to last over a month.

She is said to have had a number of troubling conversations with her parents in Buckinghamshire.

Their most recent report claims that the family considered the situation an 'emergency' and rented a small plane to take her from the north of the island to Madagascar's Ivato Antananarivo international airport where she would have flown to Paris and then on to London.

They convinced Ruth Johnson, who is understood to be 51, to accompany her on the five-seat Cessna-type aircraft but Alana then fought her way off the plane and jumped minutes after take-off. 

Teams are searching for her body but there are fears that it may not be found because she jumped into remote area of the Madagascan jungle filled with carnivorous wild animals. 

Alana's family say they 'are heartbroken at the loss of our wonderful, beautiful daughter, who lit up every room she walked in to'. 

Police have also interviewed management at the hotel, as well as Ruth and the pilot while also searching Alana's luggage.

They have also read through her documents and messages.

The police chief added: 'The victim is a student who has failed on research work and was asking for a lot of moral support.

'She had personally financed her research and had suffered a paranoia attack five times. 

'The witnesses claimed that Alana had difficulty managing her private life and her research.

'She was in regular contact by email with her parents to whom she receives moral support. She did not handle her stresses well.

'On Ms Johnson's departure day Alana's parents agreed that Alana should interrupt her research fly with Ms Johnson.'

She was in the country for a university research trip to complement her studies and one other passenger was in the aircraft with her, along with the pilot. 

The internship is understood to have been undertaken privately and was not a Cambridge University study trip. 

Alana's family have asked for privacy following her death. 

Their statement said: 'Our daughter Alana was a bright, independent young woman, who was loved and admired by all those that knew her.

'She was always so kind and supportive to her family and friends, which resulted in her having a very special connection with a wide network of people from all walks of her life, who we know will miss her dearly.





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Grandmother, 55, who gave birth to her OWN grandchild because her daughter was born without a womb reveals she's prepared to do it all AGAIN

A grandmother who gave birth to her own grandchild – because her daughter was born without a womb has said that she would do it again.

Emma Miles, 55, from Wales, appeared on Monday's This Morning with daughter Tracey Smith, 31, and the baby that she gave birth to - Evie Siân Emma Smith on January 16th this year.

Daughter Tracey feared she would never have a child of her own after being diagnosed with Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser Syndrome (MRKH).

But her mother stepped in, and despite being 53 at the time of the pregnancy, she agreed to be a surrogate for her daughter and gave birth to a healthy girl - Evie via C-section - who weighed 7lbs 7oz.

On the show host Ruth Langsford asked Emma: ‘Question is - would you do it again?’ Emma replied instantly with: ‘Yes, I would.'

Twitter fans of This Morning loved their story, with many saying how sweet it was of her mother. 

Talking on the show this morning Emma, the grandmother, said about Evie: 'I don’t see myself as her mother, I see her as my granddaughter.'

Tracey also revealed at 16 that she couldn’t have children:  'I had to see a lot of doctors and after a laparoscopy they told me I'd been born without a womb.'

Her now husband Adam and her started to look into surrogacy a few years ago: 'I thought it was never going to happen and my husband suggested looking into surrogacy, but it costs thousands. 

'When we had a consultation, they suggested using a family member – so I asked mum,' Tracy admitted.

'You'd anything for your child,' Tracey's Mum Emma said.

 Because Tracey's ovaries still worked normally, she used IVF with her husband, Adam, 40, to create an embryo which was then implanted into her mother.

Even though Emma had already been through the menopause, she was able to be a surrogate because the baby was created from her daughter's eggs. Her womb was healthy enough to carry a child, though she needed to shed six stone (38kg) to reach a healthy weight and needed hormones to ensure the pregnancy took.

Older mothers, those over 35, face a higher risk of miscarriage and pre-eclampsia - a complication that can prove deadly to both woman and baby. But desperate to help her daughter, Mrs Miles decided to go ahead with surrogacy anyway.

Fans of This Morning loved their heartwarming story, with one saying: 'What an absolutely beautiful thing this lady has done for her daughter!'

While others loved the story: 'What an amazing story,' while another said: 'What a lovely mother.' 

Grandmother Emma revealed that she had some morning sickness early on in the pregnancy but apart from that the pregnancy was 'plain sailing'.

They both described the moment that little Evie was born as: 'Scary, happy and every emotion you can think of.' 

And although Grandmother Emma said she would be a surrogacy again for her daughter Tracey said: 'I would never ask her again.' 

Emma said earlier this year: 'To find out that Tracey couldn't have children was gutting to me.

'She rarely felt able to open up but when I had the chance just after her diagnosis I remember sitting on her bed and saying: "I'm here if you need me."

'Despite my age I wasn't worried about giving birth at all. All of my focus has been about doing this special thing for my daughter.

'I don't feel anymore attachment to Evie than any other proud grandmother. Tracey is my baby and I did it all for her to be a mother.

'Now I'm glad to be back to work and getting back to normal. But I have offered to do it all again if they ever want a little brother or sister for Evie.' 

Mr and Mrs Smith got married in February, two weeks after Evie was born. And this year Mrs Smith will celebrate her first Mother's Day while thanking her own mother for her 'amazing gift'.

She said: 'Every moment of heartache was so worth it just to have our little bundle in our arms. I am so grateful to mum for her amazing gift to us.'

Tracey found out she didn't have a womb when she still hadn't started her period by the age of 15.Scans showed she had been born without a womb but she did have working ovaries and fallopian tubes.

At 16, Mrs Smith was diagnosed with MRKH – a condition which causes the vagina and uterus to be underdeveloped or absent, although external genitalia are normal.

The deformity affects around one in 5,000 women and is incurable. Doctors told a devastated Mrs Smith that she would never carry her own child.

At the time her mother, Emma, said she would do anything she could to help.But it was almost 15 years later when Tracey and her husband were considering fertility treatment and took her Mother up on the offer.

Tracey said: 'When I was diagnosed it tipped my world upside down. I was heartbroken at the idea that I wouldn't carry my own child. 

'I'd always known that I wanted to be a mum, even at 15.'

'Straight after my diagnosis mum made an offer to do what she could to help. I knew that she meant one day she'd carry my child for me.

'Over the years she mentioned it in passing but we never really made a firm plan.

'It was only after I met Adam and we got engaged in 2016 that he broached the subject of children.'

The couple considered using a surrogacy agency but were apprehensive because of the UK's 'outdated' laws. 

'The law in this country gives the surrogate – and her husband if she has one – all parental rights from birth and that felt like a huge risk,' Mrs Smith said.

Instead, she turned to her mother and asked if she had been serious when she offered to help all those years ago.

She said: 'I remembered mum's promise to me.

'So the next time we met up I asked her if she'd been serious about carrying our baby.

'I was delighted when she replied: "Of course I was". She had just been waiting for me to ask.'

Mrs Smith's father, Robert Miles, 61, offered his support, too, and made sure  it was put in writing through a solicitor that they would happily give parental rights to Mr and Mrs Smith once the baby was born.

Then his wife lost six stone and took hormone tablets to prepare her body for the pregnancy.

The IVF process involved taking an egg from Mrs Smith's still-functioning ovaries and fertilising it in a laboratory – so it could be placed into Mrs Miles's womb to grow.

Against the odds, it was successful at the first attempt.

And, on January 16 this year, Evie Siân Emma Smith was born at 7lbs 7oz by caesarean section.

Tracey said: 'Adam and I were allowed to both stay by mum's side as Evie came into the world.

'It was such an incredible emotional moment. I was so nervous that everything would go well for mum and for the safe arrival of our baby.

'Adam saw Evie come into the world because of a reflection on the lamps in surgery and I just waited to hear that cry and burst into happy tears.' 

Rokitansky Syndrome, or MRKH (Mayer Rokitansky Küster Hauser), is a congenital abnormality characterised by the absence of the vagina, womb and cervix.

Women suffering from the condition will have normally functioning ovaries, so will experience the normal signs of puberty – but will not have periods or be able to conceive.

The external genatalia are completely normal which is why MRKH isn’t usually discovered until women are in their teenage years.

Rokitansky Syndrome, or MRKH (Mayer Rokitansky Küster Hauser), is a congenital abnormality characterised by the absence of the vagina, womb and cervix.

Women suffering from the condition will have normally functioning ovaries, so will experience the normal signs of puberty – but will not have periods or be able to conceive.

The external genatalia are completely normal which is why MRKH isn’t usually discovered until women are in their teenage years.

Many women are able to create a vaginal canal using dilation treatment, which uses cylinder shaped dilators of different sizes to stretch the muscles.

However, if this is unsuccessful then surgery will be used to stretch the vaginal canal.

Following treatment women are able to have intercourse and can have their eggs removed and fertilised to be used in surrogacy. However, those without ovaries won't ever be able to have children because they don't produce any eggs.

It affects one in 5,000 live female births, according to an 1985 article in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine.


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Wife in tears as husband killed while sitting on the Chonburi bypass

Police and emergency services rushed to the Chonburi bypass on Sunday after a Thai man who had been sitting in the road was hit by a car. 


The rescue services performed CPR on Thanawit Sriduangjan, 26, who had a head injury and broken arm. While this was going on his wife was in floods of tears being console by friends just yards from the scene. 


Thanawit was pronounced dead at Chonburi Hospital. 

Also at the scene were two cars that were damaged - a Ford and a Toyota Vios. 


The Ford driver said that he had braked and stopped after seeing a man sitting in the road. He had shined his lights at the man and taken a picture with his phone's camera and warned him that he could be hit. 


Moments later he heard the sound of a truck horn then a Vios driven by Khomsan Khiawphairee, 32, smashed into the seated man who was not wearing a shirt. 


Daily News suggested that the deceased man had sat in the road as a gesture to get back at his wife. 


Pol Lt-Col Siwakorn Janthamenchai of the Muang Chonburi police is trying to get to the bottom of the case.

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Thieves Shoot 15-Year-Old Girl In Cold Blood Because Of Her New Phone

A 15-year-old South African school pupil identified as Sinazo Kleinbooi was reportedly shot in the head by a gang of two thieves who robbed her of her phone.

According to reports, the incident incident happened in Kwamanube Street in NU6, Motherwell, South Africa last Tuesday.

The body of the girl still dressed in school uniform was found lying in the street with a single bullet wound to her head.

According to reports, two thugs came up behind the girl and calmly shot her in the back of the head as she walked home from school. The only thing taken was her new smartphone.

The shooting happened few minutes after Sinazo had been dropped off by a taxi after school and was walking the rest of the way home.

Sinazo, who would have turned 15 on Friday August 9, attended the HH Academy in Sydenham.

While the details are still sketchy, police have not ruled out a targeted hit.

Police spokesperson Captain Andre Beetge confirmed that Sinazo’s cellphone was stolen and police were investigating whether it had been a targeted hit or a robbery gone wrong.

“The callous murder of children not only shocks our communities, but even hardened police members who serves those communities,” said Motherwell Cluster Commander, Major General Dawie Rabie.

The Provincial Commissioner of the Eastern Cape, Lt General Liziwe Ntshinga expressed her condolences to the close family and friends of the victim and added that “We (SAPS) will not leave any stone unturned in bringing this killer(s) to book.”

Sinazo’s parents, Madoda, 43, and Bongi, 41, had been called by a neighbour shortly after the shooting and urged to come home urgently.

When they arrived and heard the shattering news, they rushed to the scene in Kwa Manube Street in NU6 and were met by the heartbreaking sight of their daughter’s body, clad in her school uniform, still lying where she had been shot.

“We had just arrived at a church elder’s house in NU12 when my wife got the call [at about 5pm] to come home,” a visibly traumatised Madoda said on Wednesday.

“We were not told what had happened but just urged to come home quickly. I started the car to rush home, when we got two more phone calls saying that we must get home. Obviously, we started to panic and wanted to know what was happening.

As we arrived, the police came to meet us. That is when we heard what happened. I could not believe it. I still can’t believe this. “She is gone,” Madoda said, holding his head in his hands and crying.

“She was my innocent girl … I still can’t believe this,” said the distraught mother of grade 9 pupil.

According to residents, children playing in the street less than 20m from the site of the shooting fled in terror when the gunshot rang out.

One resident said that two men were seen running away afterwards.

Speaking from their Kwa Goco Street house, Bongi said they were battling to make sense of the killing.

“It was like a normal day. She always walks home after being dropped off by the taxi and it is usually safe. She used to walk another route home but I told her that because it was not safe, she needed to go this way. It is a busier and more visible road, not between the houses,” she said, sobbing.

“Her cellphone was taken and I think that is what they wanted. Why else would they want to kill her?”

Sinazo recently got a Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone, and was in the process of swapping it with her father.

“I told them that they have to swap phones because she would be targeted for it. I was opposed to her having such a fancy phone and we agreed that she would take his cellphone.”

Sinazo’s uncle, Bundu Mahini, 49, who was at the house, said he was too emotional to talk.

“We are all just so shocked. “It is unreal and we are all struggling to come to terms with this,” he said

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Security officers beat up First Bank customer for attempting to close his account

A customer of First Bank in Nigeria was severely assaulted by a group of security officers who slapped him sporadically amidst what some people term as unwarranted manhandling.

According to reports, the customer’s offence was that he insisted to close his account with the bank and withdraw all his money before he would leave the bank.

It is not clear why the victim wanted to end his relationship with the First Bank for good, but apparently, he must have been unhappy about their services.

He reportedly had an argument with one of the bank’s staff in his quest to close his account, and all efforts to talk him out of the entrenched stance proved futile.

It was at this point that security operatives attached to the First bank branch at Osapa, Lekki, Lagos pounced on the customer, manhandled him and assaulted him as though he had just been arrested in an attempt to rob the bank.

Interestingly, although the helpless customer was without arms, not less than four security officers to arrest him, and even used their gun to hit him in the presence of a uniformed police officer.

This incident is reminiscent of the Ghana’s Midland Savings and Loans scandal in which a police officer triggered anger across the nation and beyond after he was seen in a viral video beating up a female customer who had been following up on her locked-up funds.


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Jealous 1st Wife Pours Oil On Husband’s New Bride On Wedding Day

Confusion and commotion trailed a wedding ceremony over the weekend in Imo state after the groom’s first wife attacked the bride on wedding day.

According to reports, the groom went to Apostolic church at Nkwo Orji in Owerri North area of the state to wed his second wife, but the church rejected him being that he is already married.

It was gathered that the man went to another church known as the Altar of prayer Gospel ministries in the same area and the pastor accepted to wed them.

On the day of the wedding, Sunday, 25th November 2018, the first wife allegedly stormed the wedding venue and poured red oil on the bride/second wife’s wedding gown which nearly caused a big fight.

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America's Got Talent star who suffered burns all over her body in horror plane crash has life-changing surgery

A gifted singer and burns victim who captured the nation's hearts on America's Got Talent has undergone life-changing surgery.

Kechi Okwuchi, 29, from Nigeria, was just 16 when a plane flying her and 60 schoolmates from the capital Abuja to the southern city of Port Harcourt crashed at its destination.

Of the 109 passengers on Sosoliso Airlines Flight 1145, seven were recovered from the wreckage but only two survived. Kechi was one of them, suffering third-degree burns on 65 percent of her body.

She underwent more than 100 surgeries to restore her speech, movement, sight, and independence.

Music got her through - and pushed her into the limelight last year, when she stunned the audience and judges of America's Got Talent with a rendition of Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud.

But behind the camera, Kechi still endured excruciating pain - both physical and psychological. One eye has never closed completely since the crash, one ear doesn't have a lobe, she can't straighten her arms fully. Her neck is the thing that affects her the most: she cannot fully turn her head to the right, and the tightness restricts how she can react, perform and move day-to-day. 

Now, can exclusively reveal that a year after Kechi made it to the final of AGT 2017, the TV show Extra has connected her with world-class surgeons to finally help her through the lingering injuries.

'I'm just so grateful,' Kechi says on the show, adding: 'Amazing things have happened in my life.'

The last thing Kechi can remember from the crash on 22 October, 2005, is a scratchy metal sound as they headed towards the ground. 

Then she blacked out. 

Kechi was airlifted to Johannesburg, South Africa, where doctors stabilized her.

Two years later, her case was accepted by doctors at Shriners Hospitals for Children in Galveston, Texas. 

In total, she underwent nearly 100 surgeries.

She'd been singing since she was a little girl, but music took on new meaning during her recovery, as her mother would play her favorite songs while she was in a coma. 

In 2015, Kechi graduated from the University of Saint Thomas in Texas, where she majored in economics, and inspired the hall as student speaker.

She received such a powerful reaction that she was invited to give a Ted Talk in London, that year, encouraging girls to be confident in themselves.

Then, she decided to try to realize her dream to be a singer.  

The audience was left weeping on their feet during Kechi's first performance, which the judges described as both delicate and powerful. She made it to the finale singing Conqueror by Estelle, to which Simon Cowell reacted: 'That wasn't a song, that was an anthem.' 

Extra, which screens today in a special Thanksgiving episode, brought together a team of doctors, including Beverly Hills facial, plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr Andrew Frankel.

'I felt that someone like that deserves an opportunity to have a good feeling about herself,' Dr Frankel said.

Working with his associate Dr Demetre Arnaoutkis, Dr Frankel first restored basic function in Kechi's face and neck.

The first surgery took more than four hours.

Next, he fixed her eyelids so she could close her eyes, and made her cheeks symmetrical.

Most importantly for Kechi, she can now turn her neck - which she demonstrates gleefully in a selfie video played in the episode (adding humbly that 'this may not seem important to anyone else'). 

For her arms, Kechi went to Dr Peter Grossman at the Grossman Burn Center in West Hills, California.

'Using her arm, it's a struggle for her, because she always feels that pulling and that tightness,' Dr Grossman said

'We're going to release some of those tight areas to give her that range of motion that's greater than she has now.

'That's the game plan for the first set of operations for Kechi.'

It's a process that will take months, if not years.

But Kechi says she is already feeling a huge difference. 

Simon Cowell has asked Kechi back to compete in a select group of finalists from previous years for AGT: The Champions, which premieres on January 7 on NBC.

Kechi said she cannot believe how her life has turned around since that fateful day in 2005 when she narrowly survived.  

Speaking at the end of the episode, she said she owes it all to Simon Cowell, who was the judge that took Kechi and propelled her to stardom. 

In a selfie video she thanks Simon 'for everything that has happened in my life since I appeared on your show America's Got Talent.'

'Because of the exposure that I got on that platform,' she says, 'amazing things have happened in my life.' 

'So I just want to tell you: thank you so much for everything you do for people like me, and I'm just so grateful that Extra saw me through your show and did all this for me as well.' 

But Simon insists it should be the other way around. 

'It's what she did for us, if I'm being honest with you,' Simon said.

'When you don't have contestants like that, you have no show.'


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Female prison officer who had an affair with an inmate is spared jail

A female prison officer has has been spared jail after having an affair with an inmate at an institution for young offenders.

Stacey Sutherland and prisoner Leon Shooter, 20, would kiss and cuddle inside a cleaning cupboard at HMP Deerbolt, Teesside Crown Court was told.

The 27-year-old, who became a prison officer in 2017, had also previously engaged in a relationship with a fellow prison officer after her marriage broke down.

Rachel Masters, prosecuting, told the court how the relationship between Leon and Sutherland came to light when a fellow prison officer entered the female toilet.

She spotted paperwork on top of Sutherland's bag and suspected it was a love letter.

Ms Masters said the prison call record was checked and it was discovered that a woman Leon had been talking to a called 'Sophie Jackson' was in fact Sutherland.

Two phone calls and a number of letters of a sexual nature were discovered between Sutherland and Leon, who worked as a cleaner in the jail.

Sutherland was escorted from the premises, placed under investigation and interviewed by police.

Ms Masters said: 'She states the relationship had never progressed past kissing. Normally they would kiss and cuddle and that was it. 

Sutherland, of County Durham, admitted one count of misconduct in a public office between April 1 and May 14 this year.

Rebecca Suttle, defending, told the court: 'It didn't extend beyond the occasional tryst in a cleaning cupboard, if you can put it that way.

'This offence took place during what was a particularly difficult period of Miss Sutherland's life.

'Her marriage had not that long ago broke down and she had engaged in a relationship with a fellow prison officer who was relatively older than her. She describes that relationship as being very controlling in which jealously and isolation were very much features.

'Miss Sutherland found herself confiding in Mr Shooter and seeking solace from him.'

Ms Suttle said Sutherland felt criticised by not only management but by those around her and she had nobody apart from Leon.

She said: 'Ms Sutherland sits before you today not only losing her job and career but her reputation.

'Her relationship with Mr Shooter was somewhat a fantasy, a get out from the difficulties of her day to day life.'

She said Ms Sutherland was the sole career for her six-year-old child as his father was not part of his life.

Judge Stephen Ashurst told Sutherland: 'The relationships sexual activity was kissing and cuddling in a place where the cleaning materials were stored.

'There is no evidence of any sexual activity, nor were you entering his cell.

'It's in some respects a blessing that the relationship did not develop any further otherwise my hands may have been very much tied.

'You are, I know, ashamed of what you did and the fact you have ended your career in circumstances where you naively embarked upon this relationship with someone you ought to have stayed well clear if given his situation and yours.

'It will take you a long time to live down your offending in this case.'

Judge Ashurst sentenced Sutherland to eight months in prison suspended for 18 months. 

She was also ordered to complete 30 days rehabilitation activity requirement and 150 hours unpaid work.

HMP Deerbolt holds young adults age 18 to 21 and accepts those serving sentences between four years to Life.


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Drama As Mother Catches Another Woman Trying To Steal Her 6-week-old Baby In Lagos

According to a report by Punch Metro, a 35-year-old woman, Immaculate Otam, has been arrested by the police for allegedly trying to steal a six-week-old baby at No. 229 Agege Motor Road, Mushin, Lagos State.

The mother of the baby, Naimot Badmus, said she stepped out and left the sleeping baby in the sitting room of her family’s apartment.

She added that some minutes later, she came back to the sitting room and saw a strange woman trying to pick up the baby.

According to her, when the woman saw her, she quickly dropped the baby and tried to sneak out of the apartment.

Badmus stated that she immediately raised the alarm, which attracted neighbours, friends and passers-by, who apprehended the woman.

She said she contacted the police, who dispersed the crowd and took Otam to their station.

Badmus stated, “I just stepped out while the baby was sleeping in the sitting room. As I returned to the sitting room, I saw a woman, who had picked up my boy and was trying to escape with him.

“When she saw me, she became frightened and wanted to escape. But there was no way for her to escape as I called the attention of neighbours, friends and passers-by to the incident. They asked her what brought her to my house, but she didn’t say anything.

“The police did not delay when I called them. They took the woman away for questioning.”

The Police Public Relations Officer in the state, DSP Bala Elkana, confirmed the story, saying a woman reported a case of child theft around 2pm on July 29.

Elkana stated, “One Naimot Badmus of No. 229 Agege Motor Road, Mushin, came to the station and reported that around 2pm on July 29, 2019, she saw one strange woman, who carried her six-week-old baby, Faidol Badmus, who was sleeping in her sitting room.

“The suspect was about to sneak out of the house, but she ran out of luck as she was eventually caught. On the strength of the report, operatives quickly went to the scene, dispersed the crowd and arrested the suspect, who was later identified as Imaculate Otam, 35, with no fixed address.”

Elkana added that investigation showed that the suspect had an intention of stealing the baby for reasons yet to be ascertained.

He said the suspect had been arraigned before the Magistrates’ Court II, Ogba.

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Man Uses His Wife As Bet, Then Allows His Friends To Do This Horrible Thing To Her

Reports said Arun, a friend to the woman’s husband and Anil, her husband’s relation, often used to visit their house to drink and gamble.

The man, said to be a gambling and alcohol addict, let the two gang-rape his wife after he lost to them.

After the incident, the woman went to her maternal uncle’s house. Her husband followed her there and asked to be forgiven, saying he had made a mistake.

After he apologised, the woman went back with her husband in his car. On their way back, her husband stopped the car and allowed his friends to gang-rape her once again, she has alleged.

According to, the police initially refused to file a case based on the woman’s complaint, and only registered a First Information Report after she approached a court.

NDTV did not identify the woman and her husband.

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Kidnapping suspect 'kept teenager under bed for nearly three months' after shooting her parents

FOR NEARLY THREE months, 13-year-old Jayme Closs was forced to hide in a 2½-foot space beneath her kidnapper’s bed, going without food, water or a bathroom for hours, too terrified to flee from a man she knew had fatally shot both of her parents.

But when Jake Thomas Patterson left the remote cabin on the 88th day of her captivity, she finally made a break for freedom, authorities said. She put on Patterson’s runners so hastily that they ended up on the wrong feet. After a neighbour called 911, Patterson was captured as he drove around the rural area searching for her.

“She’s 13 years old, and if you read the criminal complaint, you can see the amount of control that he was exerting over her,” Barron County District Attorney Brian Wright said.

And at some point, she found it within herself at 13 years old to say, ‘I’m going to get myself out of this situation.’ I think it’s incredible.

The complaint filed yesterday offered the most detailed account yet of the attack on the Closs couple and the cruel conditions under which their daughter was held.

Patterson, 21, was charged yesterday with two counts of intentional homicide, one count of kidnapping and one count of armed burglary. A judge set his bail at $5 million cash. Prosecutors say more charges could come later.

His defence attorneys, Charles Glynn and Richard Jones, have said they might seek a change of venue.

“It’s been an emotional time for this community and a difficult time for this community. We don’t take that lightly. But we have a job to do in protecting our client,” Jones said.


Patterson’s relatives, including his father, Patrick, declined to comment after his initial court hearing.

The suspect grew up an hour north of Barron, which is about 144 kilometres northeast of Minneapolis. He graduated from high school in May 2015 and joined the Marines. He lasted a month before he washed out after failing to meet “expectations and standards,” a Marine spokeswoman said. She did not elaborate.

According to the complaint: Patterson was working at a cheese factory west of Barron when he stopped behind a school bus on his way to work and saw Jayme getting on. He decided then that she “was the girl he was going to take”.

He made two trips to her home meaning to kidnap her but broke off both attempts because he thought too many people were at the house. He returned to the home a third time on 15 October.

Dressed almost entirely in black and wearing a face mask and gloves, he armed himself with a shotgun. He told detectives he attached stolen licence plates to his car so police would not be able to track him. He disabled the dome light, removed a cord that allowed the trunk to be opened from inside and coasted down the Closs driveway with his lights off just before 1am.

Jayme told police that her dog began to bark. She woke her parents. Her father went to the front door while she and her mother hid in the bathroom, hugging each other in the bathtub with the shower curtain pulled closed.

Hearing a shotgun blast, Jayme said she knew her father was dead. Patterson told investigators he shot James Closs through the front door, then blew the lock apart with a second blast.

He battered down the door to the bathroom, then pulled out a roll of black duct tape and demanded Denise Closs tape her daughter’s mouth shut. When Denise struggled to do it, he took the tape from her and did it himself. He taped the girl’s hands behind her back and taped her ankles together, pulled her out of the bathroom and then shot her mother in the head, the complaint said.


The entire attack took four minutes, he said, according to the complaint.

Patterson dragged Jayme outside, nearly slipping in the blood on the floor. He pulled her across the yard and threw her in his trunk. Squad cars racing to the Closs residence passed him on the highway. Jayme told police she could hear the sirens. He told detectives he would have opened fire if officers had tried to stop him.

He took her to his cabin in Gordon, a township of 645 people in thickly forested Douglas County. He told police he ordered a weeping Jayme to strip and dress in his sister’s pajamas, saying he had to get rid of the evidence. He then threw her clothes into a fireplace in the cabin’s basement.

It’s unclear what Patterson may have done to her over the months she spent in the cabin. Prosecutors have not charged him with sexual assault, and the charging documents do not say he ever attempted that.

He told investigators that whenever he left the cabin or people visited him, he forced Jayme to crawl into the narrow space under his twin bed. He slid tote boxes and weights against the side of the bed so she could not see out and to make it harder for her to wriggle free.

He said Jayme tried to get out twice. The first time he screamed and banged the wall and made her so scared that he thought she would never try it again. Whenever he left the house, he told her “bad things would happen” if she tried to leave. During the Christmas holidays he left, forcing Jayme to endure 12 hours under the bed without a bathroom break, according to the complaint.

On Thursday he left again. He returned to find Jayme gone. He found her tracks and was out looking for her when police stopped him .

Patterson is due back in court on 6 February.


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Woman’s finger swelled and turned black after getting a salon manicure

The woman, whose name hasn’t been shared, went to a salon in Tuggerah, Australia that she had been to before with no issue. After getting infills done, the woman noticed that her finger tip was painful and swollen. The next day she took herself to A&E, where she was sent home with antibiotics and a referral for the fracture clinic. The next day the woman took her antibiotics, but noticed the swelling and pain was getting worse. The day after, the swelling had spread. When she went to the hospital, the woman was told she had such a severe infection that she would need surgery to cut it away. By this point her finger had turned black.

‘By Friday morning the pressure of the infection had gotten so much that the finger had literally popped and the ooze was leaking all over the place,’ wrote the woman on Facebook. Thankfully surgery went well and the infection was cleared, but the woman shared her story on Facebook to raise awareness of the risks of salon manicures.

She believes that the infection was a result of technicians using tools without sterilising them between clients, and warns people to always check that the tools used to trim their cuticles are fresh from the package or have been sterilised right before use. ‘The whole purpose of this post is to warn others what can happen after getting their nails done at nail salons,’ she wrote. ‘Looking back I don’t recall their hygiene practices being overly great. ‘The tools are taken with each nail technician from client to client, with no evidence of sterilisation in between clients. ‘I hadn’t really worried about it thinking nothing bad would ever happen….until now!!!’

The woman isn’t the first person to face serious infection thanks to dirty manicure tools. Earlier this year Brittany Guyatt, from Swindon, claims she was cut by a ‘rough’ technician while getting acrylic nails fitted. What started as a bruise developed into a blood blister then grew rapidly. Soon Brittany was in unbearable pain.

The growth extended off her finger by more than a centimetre and ‘filled with smelly pus’. When the growth, called a granuloma, turned black, Brittany was told she needed surgery or would face losing part of her finger. Let this be a lesson to us all to take caution when going to a salon for any treatment. Read reviews carefully, take hygiene practices and ratings seriously, and keep a close eye on any tools to ensure they’re being sterilised and cleaned before use.





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A mum murdered her newborn shortly giving birth by poisoning her with drain cleaner then hurling her from a third floor balcony,  police say.

The 18-year-old mum allegedly told detectives she didn't know she was pregnant and "panicked" after giving birth unexpectedly because she wanted to hide the infant from her boyfriend.


After being doused with drain cleaner, the tragic child was wrapped in black bags and thrown into a communal rubbish bin outside the block of flats, according to police.

Officers checked CCTV footage from the building and it showed a black package being hurled from a third floor ledge.

The horrifying incident happened in Nonthaburi, central Thailand, on July 23.

The baby was rushed to hospital but died of severe internal injuries a few days later.

Police arrested the mother, named only as, Aom, 18, and her boyfriend, named as, Jay, 23, last Tuesday after they allegedly fled to a nearby property. 

Aom admitted murdering the infant by pouring drain cleaner in her mouth, the force said.

She allegedly told police she did not know she was pregnant and "panicked" after giving birth unexpectedly - and wanted to hide it from her boyfriend.

He was not the child's biological father.

The mum allegedly said: "I went into the toilet after I felt a squeeze around my lower abdomen area.

"The baby arrived after that and I was panicking.

"I did not want my boyfriend to know about it.

"I decided to pour the drain cleaner all over the baby's face and into its mouth then throw it away.

"I then cleaned the blood in the toilet after that."

Aom's boyfriend denied any involvement but was also remanded in custody by police who did not believe his version of events.

The boyfriend reportedly said: "She just ordered me to buy her a sanitary napkins then leave her alone on that day.

"After I came back the room has been cleaned but I did not notice anything suspicious but my girlfriend's fatigue."

Police said the suspects were arrested after checking CCTV and searching the property.

Blood stains in the bathroom matched the mother's DNA, according to police.

The mother initially denied killing her baby but later confessed after being presented with DNA evidence and CCTV, the force said.

Police Colonel Pongjak Preechakarunpong said: "Sadly the baby girl died and the charges were made more serious, from attempting to kill her baby to murder.

"Both of the suspects have been denied bail.

"The mother admitted all charges but her boyfriend denies helping her.

"However, we will also charge him as from the evidence, we believe he was involved."

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