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Brother kills Sister because wifi password

Kevon Watkins, a Georgia teen strangled his sister over the family wifi password, Kevon Watkins, 
who was 16-years-old at that time of the fatal attack in February 2018, had reportedly been playing 
an Xbox game before he changed the family’s Wi-Fi password because the internet was slow due to 
the number of people using it. At one point, Kevon’s mother tried to take his Xbox from his room 
when his sister Alexus Watkins,19, confronted him, according to testimony at the teen's trial and 
911 calls from the incident.

Alexus was pronounced dead of asphyxiation early the next morning at a local hospital. On Friday, 
August 2, 2019, Kevon was found guilty of felony murder and aggravated assault.
During the hearing, Bibb County Superior Court Judge Verda Colvin explained she found Kevon guilty 
of murder instead of voluntary manslaughter because his 13-year-old brother tried to get him to stop choking their sister.


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Domestic Worker Kept On Watching Television While 11-Month-Old Baby Choked To Death

A family in Nakuru is appealing for help from Kenyans that may lead to the arrest and prosecution of their former house-help.

In an interview with a local media house, Mr Steve Opar and his wife Wendy Audrey claim that their 11-month-old son choked to death as their house-help watched TV in their living room.

The bereaved father of one and a lawyer by profession claims that he was called from Nyahururu on the evening of Friday, December 14 with the news that his son was choking to death.

He asked his neighbor to rush his son to the nearest hospital – – the War Memorial Hospital – – in Nakuru and also called his wife to head to the facility.

Unfortunately, his son, who would have turned one this January, was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.  He was the couple’s only child.

The boy’s mother who was first to receive the devastating news says that she had been looking forward to celebrating her son’s first birthday.

Naomi Wambui, the couple’s neighbor who had first called the boy’s dad, claims that she had rushed into their house and found their house-help watching television in their living room.

When she asked where the baby was, the help gestured towards the bedroom where unbeknownst to her, the hapless boy lay on his back, fighting for his life.

The couple was in the process of getting a new house-help when the tragedy struck and are now appealing to the public to volunteer any help that may lead to the arrest and prosecution of their former house-help.

Officers from the Teacher’s Police Post in Nakuru where the matter was first reported have began investigations.

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Suspect ‘admits’ kidnapping Takoradi girls

Details are emerging about how the missing three Takoradi girls were kidnapped by their Nigerian captors.

The court in Takoradi heard how Samuel Udoetuk Wills, the 28-year-old Nigerian, suspected to have kidnapped the three girls, admitted that he conspired with John Oji, 29, to escape with the girls who are yet to be found.

According to a Chief State Attorney, Patience Klinogo, Udoetuk Wills admitted in the presence of an independent witness that he conspired with Oji to kidnap the victims – Priscilla Blessing Bentum, Ruth Love Quayson and Priscilla Mantebea Korankye.

Udoetuk and Oji were in court yesterday for the continuation of their trial. 

Giving the amended facts of the case in court yesterday, the Chief State Attorney said contrary to the denials by Udoetuk in his previous statements on the allegations against him, he, on June 7, 2019, in the presence of an independent witness, admitted being part of kidnapping the victims. 

She told the packed court that after kidnapping the victims, Udoetuk went to his fiancée called Emily Alimo at Atekyem, a suburb of Koforidua in the Eastern Region and spent three weeks there before returning to Takoradi. 

She indicated that when Emily Alimo was contacted in August 2018, she initially denied knowing Udoetuk until later in December 2018 when she admitted she knew Udoetuk Wills and that he was her boyfriend. 

According to the Chief State Attorney, the girlfriend subsequently gave the particulars of the Facebook account of Samuel Wills. She mentioned that on December 21, 2018, Prinscilla Korankye was also kidnapped at Nkroful junction near Takoradi

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British Man Charged With Poisoning Ugandans With 'Miracle Cure'

Cape Town — A British former clairvoyant and three Ugandans have been charged with distributing a liquid called Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) to villagers in poor areas, which they claimed cured HIV, malaria and cancer, The Guardian reports.

Sam Little, from Arlesey in Bedfordshire, Tim Tom, a pastor at Fort portal Christian fellowship, and herbalists Samuel Albert and Samula Tadeo were arrested after it was reported in May that their network, led by American pastor Robert Baldwin and part-funded by Little, was giving the 'miracle cure' to up to 50,000 Ugandans.

Poor Ugandans, including infants as young as 14 months old, were being given chlorine dioxide, an oxidizing agent used in water treatment and in bleaching that has no known health benefit and can be extremely dangerous.

The three Ugandans that were operating in Kabarole and Fort portal in western Uganda, were also charged with two more counts of being in unlawful possession of a narcotic drug and also smoking a narcotic drug.

The Ugandan police have revealed that samples of the solution were found "to contain a dangerous toxin that is harmful for human consumption" , encouraging those who still have the mixture to hand it over to the police or visit a registered medical facility for review of their cases.

The United States Food and Drug Administration is said to have issued a public warning that advises anyone with MMS to stop using it.

The agency said several people have reported sickness after ingesting the chemical, suffering nausea, diarrhea and potentially life-threatening low blood pressure caused by dehydration.

The men face up to 10 years in jail and a fine if found guilty of distributing impure drugs and another 10-year jail term if convicted of unlawful possession of narcotics.

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5 Years After Divorce, Woman Donates Kidney To Her Ex

A 43-year-old woman identified as Kelly Hope has been tagged selfless by many after she donated her kidney to her ex-husband, Dan Pyatt five years after their divorce.

It is gathered that Hope began dating Pyatt when they were 18 and they got married 13 years later, in 2007. However, Pyatt fell il with kidney disease less than a year after their wedding and by September  2017, he was told his kidney function had fallen to just 8%.

He was put on dialysis and on a deceased donor waiting list but 12 months on the waiting list and he had not yet getting a donor. By this time, the couple had divorced and Hope told him she would get tested for a transplant as she offered to donate one of her kidneys to him.

It is learned that it led to an argument between them as he told her he didn’t want her to do that. Hope recalls telling the father of her children on his sickbed:

“I’m going to get tested for a transplant. “He said to me, ‘I can’t ask you to do that’. But I told him, ‘It’s not up to you. It’s my decision. I know what the risks are and I’m doing it. Even though we weren’t together any more, I wasn’t prepared to let my children be without a father.”

There was a snag after Kelly offered to donate her kidney, tests showed she was a good tissue match, but their blood didn’t match. After considering the risks, they decided on a blood-incompatible transplant which involves removing antibodies from the blood to prevent rejection. The operation was a success, and Pyatt was discharged just five days later.

Speaking about why she made the move to save her ex, she said:

“To me, I was giving a kidney to the father of my children and the best friend I’ve had since I was 11. We might not be married now, but we’re still very much a family and I had to make that sacrifice to keep our family together.”

Overwhelmed by his ex’s act of kindness, Pyatt said:

“It was truly a selfless act, to put your own life on the line to help someone else is amazing. Kelly will always be my hero.”

The couple said they separated because they weren’t getting along anymore. Of their divorce, Hope said:

“We had different priorities, life pressures, work patterns. I was a PA at the time and Dan was a taxi driver so we were like ships in the night. We didn’t just walk away, but in the end, we realised we couldn’t keep going around in circles. It was making the atmosphere at home horrible. It wasn’t healthy for the children, so we both decided it would be best to separate.”

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Florida trooper had sex with 14-year-old girl in the back of his car.

A Florida state trooper has been arrested for having sex with a girl starting from when she was just 14 — at least once in the back of his car parked in a public gas station, according to authorities.

Highway Patrol trooper Riley Marcus Schwarz, 23, was busted after the girl’s parents found her journal detailing the numerous times the officer had sex with the youngster, according to the Tampa Bay Reporter.

“The contents of the journal indicate that the relationship was sexual in nature and that they had been talking to each other since Sept. 23, 2018,” the arrest affidavit says, according to the paper.

They started having sex in October 2018 when the girl was just 14, the affidavit states.

Schwarz admitted to the having intercourse with the girl “six to eight times,” according to the affidavit, including once “in the back seat of his vehicle” at a Mobil gas station.

Schwarz has been charged with two felony counts of lewd and lascivious battery involving sexual activity of a victim 12-15 years of age, according to records, and is being held in Land O Lakes jail on $10,000 bond.

He was immediately fired by the Florida Highway Patrol.

“The alleged actions are reprehensible, and the department continues to cooperate fully with the investigation,” Captain Thomas E. Pikul said, according to the Reporter.

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Father of seven drowns trying to save two of his children who were swept away by wave while walking along a jetty at a North Carolina beach

A dad of seven from North Carolina drowned as he tried to rescue two of his children who were pulled off a jetty by a wave at a state beach.  

Two of Johnny Lee Vann Jr.'s children were on a jetty wall on Sunday afternoon when they were swept away by the wave at Wrightsville Beach near Wilmington. 

At first, Vann, 35, was able to rescue one of his children but then found himself unable to stay above the water after he went back in for the second, Capt. Jason Bishop of the Wrightsville Beach Police Department told ABC News.

Johnny Lee Vann Jr. died while trying to rescue his children who had been swept into the water by a wave while walking along a jetty on Sunday

Two of Van''s children were walking along this narrow jetty when a wave pulled them in

Vann was underwater for around 30 seconds before he and the other child were rescued. 

CPR was performed but Vann could not be resuscitated. 

'We came from church and we went to the beach to have fun. We wound up having a tragedy. You couldn't ask for a better person,' Johnny's wife Dawn Vann told WWAY. 

'You could have took anybody else,' she said. 'I would've preferred to take me than him.'

'He never hesitated,' she said, speaking of her husband's heroics. 'He threw everything down – phone keys and ran out there.' 

Others at the beach ran toward him when they saw he was in trouble, but Johnny's only concern was for his children.

Vann was a dad to seven children, four of whom can be seen in this family photograph.

The family, at home in North Carolina, are devastated by the loss they have suffered

The waves regularly top the jetty making it unstable. Eyewitnesses told how Vann was attempting to rescue several of his children from the water before he went under himself

'They could've easily saved him. He said, "Forget about me. Get my kids!" He didn't care about nothing else,' she recalled.  

There were a number of people who witnessed the tragedy, including Andre Nel, a fishing captain. 

'I saw an African American gentleman sprinting towards the beach. And he dove into the water and went straight for the kid that was in the water. There needs to be a lifeguard station right here,' Nel said. 

'If there was a lifeguard station right here yesterday, this would not have happened.' 

Nel said that the jetty, along which the children were walking is particularly dangerous during high tide, and there are not enough warning signs.

Johnny Lee Vann Jr. is pictured with his wife Dawn. 'He never hesitated,' she said. 'He threw everything down – phone keys and ran out there.'

Vann went under the water for 30 seconds before he was rescued, but it was too late

'It was horrible,' Nel told WECT. 'It was a horrible scene going on here. We had this gentleman lying on the ground and people screaming and this young child that he went to go and save was screaming the whole time, "That's my daddy!" We had my little daughter and a nephew of hers and I've got the chills right now just thinking of it.' 

'My dad always tells us, "You all are going to be together forever,"' said Vann's daughter Kierstyn. 

'His spirit is still alive and we're all going to remember him as a hero,' she added.

The family has now started a GoFundMe to help raise money for the funeral.

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Brazil's Altamira jail where 57 were killed 'was understaffed'

Conditions at a prison in Brazil where 57 inmates were killed in fighting on Monday have been described as "terrible" in an official report.

The National Justice Council said that Altamira jail in north-eastern Pará state contained more than double the number of inmates it was built for.

It also said that there were not enough guards to guarantee inmates' safety.

Deadly fights are not uncommon in Brazil, which has the world's third-largest prison population.

The violence broke out at 07:00 local time (10:00 GMT) on Monday when members of a criminal gang housed in Block A of the jail, invaded an annex where members of a rival gang were locked up.

Sixteen inmates were decapitated in the fight which followed. Many more died from smoke asphyxiation after the fighting prisoners set a cell on fire.

Video taken from outside the prison showed smoke billowing from the building and inmates walking around on rooftops.

The inmates also took two prison officers hostage but released them after negotiations with civil and military police.

The fighting lasted for about five hours.

The report published by the National Justice Council on Monday - the day the deadly fight occurred - was damning, describing conditions at Altamira as "terrible".

It said that the prison, which has a capacity of 163, held 343 male inmates.

It also pointed out that Altamira had only 33 guards, too low to guarantee safety inside the prison, and called for their number to be increased

The report concluded that there was "an urgent need for a new prison unit" as Altamira prison was old and had to rely on containers to house the inmates.

Brazilian media say that a new prison which was started to be built in 2013 and meant to be completed in 2016 still has not been finished, putting additional strain on Altamira.

After Monday's deadly incident, prison officials in Pará said the new jail, which will be able to house 600 people, would be finished by the end of 2019.

Pará state officials said that the inmates who started the deadly fight belonged to a criminal gang known as Comando Classe A (CCA), which they say is one of the more than a dozen gangs affiliated with First Capital Command (PCC), believed to be Brazil's largest and most powerful drug gang.

Their target were members of the Comando Vermelho (Red Command).

The Rio de Janeiro-based Comando Vermelho and the São Paulo-based PCC have been at war since 2016 when they ended an uneasy working relationship after the PCC moved to infiltrate drug smuggling routes controlled by Comando Vermelho.

The feud has spread to prisons across the country where members of the rival gangs are held.

The justice ministry said that ringleaders of the violence would be transferred to more secure units in federal jails. It said 46 of those who took part in the violence would be moved to other states and a further 36 would be transferred to other prisons within Pará.

Justice Minister Sergio Moro tweeted that in his opinion, those responsible "should be held forever in federal prisons".

Meanwhile, relatives of inmates held at Altamira have been waiting outside the prison for news of their loved ones.

"We only want to know if our relatives are alive," the mother of one prisoner told daily O Globo. She said the prison authorities were being "inhumane" by not telling relatives who had died.

"It is very sad to not have news of one's child. In my head, I keep going through all the possibilities [of what may have happened to him. I am not prepared for what may come," she said.

The prison authorities said they had not been able to access all the cells yet due to the heat caused by the fire.

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11 dead, around 6,000 hospitalized as heatwave continues to scorch Japan

TOKYO, July 30 (Xinhua) -- Eleven people were killed and nearly 6,000 people were hospitalized in Japan with heat-related illnesses last week as the mercury rocketed following the end of rainy season across the majority of the country, the government said here Tuesday.

The heatwave saw 5,664 people taken to hospitals, 1,199 of whom displayed severe symptoms requiring being admitted for at least three weeks of treatment, and 1,792 requiring shorter treatment for less serious symptoms.

The total number, however, has spiked from the almost 2,000 people hospitalized across Japan a week earlier due to the heat.

In the week to last Sunday, the Fire and Disaster Management Agency said that 52.6 percent of the total people sent to hospital were seniors aged 65 and older.

Aichi Prefecture saw the most people rushed to hospital with 393 cases, followed by Osaka Prefecture with 388 cases. Tokyo, meanwhile, saw 299 people rushed to hospital suffering from heat-related medical conditions.

On Tuesday, temperatures continued to soar, with the agency and weather officials warning people to take preventative measures against heatstroke and other heat-related illnesses.

Tajimi in Gifu Prefecture, central Japan, saw the mercury rise to 37.1 degrees Celsius, while Kumagaya in Tokyo's neighboring prefecture of Saitama and Kyoto saw temperatures rocket to 36.8 degrees Celsius.

In the capital city of Tokyo, the daytime high was logged at 35.4 degrees Celsius, with temperatures across Japan expected to stay above 25 degrees Celsius overnight.

Across wide swathes of Japan from north to south, temperatures are forecast to remain upwards of 36 degrees Celsius through Wednesday, weather officials said.

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Former Ohio judge dragged from courtroom after jail sentence.

A US courtroom descended into chaos as a former judge was sentenced to jail.

Tracie Hunter, a former Hamilton County Juvenile Court Judge, was given a six month sentence after using her position to help her brother keep his job back in 2014.

Hunter, elected in 2010, was the first African-American in the role. She had appealed the sentence but the judge ordered her to be taken into custody.

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Kidnapped Turkish nationals freed in Nigeria's Kwara state

Four Turkish nationals have been rescued a week after being kidnapped by gunmen in Nigeria's western state of Kwara, police say.

The four, who are construction workers, were taken from a bar last week.

The abductors had demanded a $1m (£800,000) ransom but police say no money was paid and that they were released "unconditionally".

Kidnapping for ransom is common in Nigeria, with foreigners and high-profile Nigerians frequently targeted.

Two weeks ago pirates attacked a cargo ship off the coast of Nigeria and kidnapped 10 Turkish sailors. Their fate remains unknown.

The Turkish constructors were found in a bush on Friday, Kayode Egbetokun, Kwara sate's commissioner of police, told the BBC.

The rescue operation was carried out by the state police, local vigilantes and a team of officers sent from the capital, Abuja.

Mr Egbetoku said the arrest of three other kidnappers, before the rescue operation, had helped.

"These arrests put pressure on the remaining gang members to release the Turkish hostages unconditionally," he said, adding that police were looking for the rest of the gang.

The four Turkish nationals underwent medical examinations after their release.

Turkish Ambassador to Nigeria Melih Ulueren said he was glad the ordeal was over and thanked those involved in the operation,

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Award-winning broadcaster Nana Aba narrates how she got pregnant as a teenager.

Award-winning broadcaster Nana Aba Anamoah is known to be the mother of young man who is already a university student in the United States. 

While Nana Aba has often flaunted her son, Jyoti Paa Kow Anamoah, and spoken fondly of him, rarely does one hear her speak about the circumstances leading to her giving birth. 

The GHOne presenter and news editor has finally opened up about the story of how she became a teenage mother.

According to Nana, she unexpectedly got pregnant immediately after senior high school (secondary school) and it hit her like a missile. 

Before she turned 20, Nana Aba had become a mother and had to work in order to cater for her baby boy.

She added that though the pregnancy and motherhood were challenging for her, she took solace in her son who became her source of strength. 

“I had my son before I turned 20. It was an eye-opener and shocking but there was a bit of fun as well just seeing my son smile made me happy.

"I got pregnant immediately after SHS and it happened really fast for me so some of the things 20, 21, 22 years olds were doing I never got the chance to do because I had to work and also be a mother.

"It was a shock for me, I never imagine that. It hit me like a missile but it was fun in a certain way,” she said. Nana Aba made the revelations while appearing as one of the guests on Joy FM's Strong and Sassy show on Wednesday, July 24, 2019. 

The show, hosted by Nana Ashorkor, discussed the topic "Things I wish I had known/done in my 20s."

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Man proposes to his KNUST girlfriend in public on graduation day

A man who is in a relationship with a lady who just graduated from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology [KNUST] did the romantic thing when he publicly proposed to his girlfriend at the graduation grounds yesterday, 25th July 2019.

The young lady who read Bsc Chemistry got the shock of her life when her boyfriend who accompanied her went down on his knees and popped the question “Will You Marry”?

Despite the shock and surprise of everyone around, the young lady said “Yes!” to the proposal and received loud cheers and applause from the people gathered after seeing what was going on.

In recent times, public proposals are on the rise in Ghana when it was barely unknown in most African countries.

Whiles some were lucky enough to get a positive answer from their proposals, others get a flat negative response which mostly ends in social media humiliation and trolls.

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Afia Schwar allegedly stole a gold chain from a man in the US.

Comedienne and on-air-personality Afia Schwarzenegger has been trending online since Friday, July 26, 2019. 

This follows an accusation from her own friend, Nana Tonardo, that Afia Schwar stole a gold chain (necklace) belonging to one Johnny, a guy he connected her to in the US. 

In a leaked audio, Nana Tonardo who also accused Afia Schwar of backstabbing and bad-mouthing him ordered her to return the stuff she stole. 

Afia Schwar in a response laughed off the accusation asking if the Johnny guy had ever seen a piece of gold before and called the bluff of Tonardo. 

Amid the hullabaloo and back and forth over the alleged stealing, a video of the man supposed to be the owner of the gold chain has popped up. In the video, Afia Schwar is heard arguing with the young man who claimed to own the house they were in. 

The subject of the argument was that Schwar was not too pleased with the guy for uploading a video of her on social media and claiming to be her rich boyfriend in the US. 

Meanwhile, upon her return from the US, Afia Schwar joined other stars to attend the Accra premiere of Tracey Boakye's Baby Mama at the National Theatre. 

The premiere on Thursday, July 25, 2019, had Christiana Awuni, Akua GMB, Xandy Kamel, Kofi Asamoah, Shugatiti among others attending.

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Devastated mother breaks down in tears on GMB and is left unable to speak as she tells of losing three sons to London violence

A mother who has lost three sons to London's youth violence over nearly three decades broke down in tears on live TV today as she told of her fight for justice.

Linda Burke-Monerville was left unable to speak when she was asked about the trauma of losing her sons David, Joseph and Trevor on Good Morning Britain. 

Stepping in, her husband John told the programme: 'We are trying very hard. It's very difficult times for us, but we are trying. I have to hold on to what's left of our family.'

Their son David Bello-Monerville, 38, was stabbed to death near the family's north London home last month. 

Six years ago his brother Joseph Burke-Monerville, 19, was shot in the head in a drive-by shooting and in 1994 his brother Trevor Monerville was knifed to death in Hackney at the age of 26.

At the time neighbours told of how Mrs Burke-Monerville screamed: 'Not another son', as he lay bleeding on the side of the road. 

Three men have been charged with aggravated burglary over his death, but the family are still waiting for justice for Joseph and Trevor's deaths years and on.

The had previously sent Joseph and his twin Jonathan to boarding school in Nigeria to keep them away from crime and insist none of the family have ever been in trouble with the police. 

They told the programme of how they made the decision after they came home with a knife offered to them by a classmate at school.

Mrs Burke-Monerville said: 'They came home from school one day and they had got into a fight at school.

'One young lad who spectated this fight offered one of them a knife and told them to use it.

'They came and they told us that story and we decided to the send them away.'

The mother, who used to work as a teacher, tried to explain to presenters Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard that she just wanted them to do well at school, but she was overcome with grief and unable to continue.

The presenters asked the couple what they thought was the answer to London's violent crime culture, pointing out new PM Boris Johnson is putting 20,000 extra police officers on the streets.

But Mrs Burke-Monerville said: 'I don't know if that will help either.

I think for that to even work the parents of these boys should do something better, instead of harbouring boys who do all these things.'

She added, her voice breaking: 'What is happening to me now. I don't wish it on my worst enemy. What these boys are putting me through innocently.' 

Mrs Burke-Monerville thanked the Metropolitan Police for 'treating us like parents' and not like 'criminals', as they claim they did in the cases of Trevor and Joseph's deaths.  

As Mr Burke-Monerville implored the public to help them in their fight for justice, his wife said: 'I just want justice now. The police have promised us heaven and earth but... justice has not been done to Joseph. Justice has not been done to Trevor. 

'It is too much, too much to carry on. Too much to bear.'

There have been 82 murders in London so far this year.  

Francis Appiagyei, 27, Nathan Harewood, 27 and Khalil Rehman, 26, have all been charged with aggravated burglary.

They appeared at Harrow Crown Court on July 19. 

A Metropolitan Police spokesman told MailOnline: 'Our thoughts and sympathies are with the Monerville family who continue to suffer following the tragic loss of three young men, whose futures were cruelly stolen from them through violence. 

'We fully understand their need for answers, and hopefully our ongoing investigations into their murders will go some way to providing them. 

'We continue to appeal to the local communities to come forward to assist us; we need them to tell us what they know so that we can bring those who are responsible to justice. 

'We have received a complaint from the family detailing a number of criticisms of the investigation with respect to their son Joseph, and this is being investigated by the Met's Directorate of Professional Standards. 

'We expect this to be completed soon and once it has concluded, we will update the Monerville family at the earliest opportunity.'

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5-Year-Old Boy Saves Family Of 13 From House Fire

It was 3 a.m. on a Saturday when a family of 13 — seven adults and six children — were fast asleep inside a two-story home in Chicago.

All was calm until a fire suddenly broke out in the back near the garage, the blaze rapidly spreading across the porch and engulfing the home in flames.

The home was charred to a crisp. The belongings inside were completely destroyed. Gone were the family’s photos, birth certificates, clothes, Social Security cards — everything.

But every single person inside that home survived the fire. In fact, they all had enough time to escape the flames and watch as the firefighters battled to put out the blaze.

The hero of the story is 5-year-old Jayden Espinosa, who’d been staying at his aunt’s house with his siblings and cousins.

At the time of the fire, Jayden’s parents were at their own home. When they heard about the terrifying incident, they rushed to the scene and learned how their son had ultimately saved the entire family.

As it turned out, Jayden was the only one inside the house who was awake when the smoke and flames seeped into the building. The fire alarm reportedly did not go off — but the little boy had gone through enough fire drills at school and watched enough video games about exit plans that he stepped up when no one else could …

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Ghanaian record producer Appiah Dankwah aka Appietus says Prophet Badu Kobi is stupid, foolish.ys

Ghanaian record producer Appiah Dankwah aka Appietus has fired shots at Prophet Badu Kobi for attacking Ashanti women.

The head pastor of Glorious Wave International Church in one of his recent viral sermons described Ashanti women as most deadly wives, ungrateful and greedy in the world, admonishing prospective husbands to never dare to marry Ashantis.

“If you marry Ashanti lady, you have imported problem to yourself forever. I have done research and it is so,” he claimed. “Ashanti ladies are ungrateful to their husband and I have to say it. They have a proverb translated as ‘Ashantis don’t remember’ and if you marry them and go broke, you will see how they will roast you.”

Reacting to this, Appietus has blasted the ‘man of God’, calling him ‘a fool and stupid’.

He condemned Badu Kobi for extending his anger with his wife to other Ashanti women and further tagged him as ‘divisive’.

“If you have a problem with your wife (who is an Ashanti), why come out to condemn all? If your wife is greedy, does it mean all Ashanti women are greedy?” he quizzed. “I’m very disappointed. I didn’t believe a man of God at his age could make such statement. If Jesus Christ brought such division, will it be better for us? He is being divisive.”

According to Appietus, fellow men of God wouldn’t make such statement and that he should apologise or face the wrath of Ashantis and the Queen.

“I can’t respect him because he doesn’t respect himself. Do you think Rev Obofour, Mensah Otabil and Duncan Williams will do this? Are Ashanti women not in his church? He should be taken on by Ashanti women and should apologise.”

“He’s insulted the Ashanti Queen. I’m an Ashanti and I know he’s a fool and stupid,” UTV captured Appietus on Monday (July 29) making this statement.

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PATIENTS and staff at Dora Nginza Hospital have been desperate for more beds and staff

PATIENTS and staff at Dora Nginza Hospital have been desperate for more beds and staff.

Apparently, the poor conditions at the Port Elizabeth hospital were causing tensions between staff and patients, with staff blaming management.

One staff member said: “On Sunday night, there were about 50 patients and only 34 beds. There were six stretchers with C-section patients and other patients were sitting on chairs with their babies.”

He told the SunTeam the nurses ended up being victimised by frustrated patients.

“A few months ago a mum who had just given birth attacked a nurse.

“Nurses are insulted and when they complain to management, they aren’t taken seriously.”

A patient (35) said when people went to the hospital, they feared dying or losing their babies.

“We are in pain but are forced to sleep on chairs and stretchers,” she said.

Eastern Cape Health spokesman Sizwe Kupelo said there was a problem with the overflow of patients in the labour ward.

“We have made an overflow area downstairs and there was a meeting with labour last week and another meeting this weekend.

“This month, we appointed six more nurses. I will ask for an updated report before the end of the week.”

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TV and Radio personality Masechaba Ndlovu was robbed in her home at gun point yesterday. 

The former Metro FM drive time presenter shared the terrible news on her social media pages and her fans know that she was left unharmed and says that this reminded her of how many people go through what she went through.


"My family and I experienced what many South Africans go through on a daily basis. Many don’t make it out alive. Sending a prayer to anyone out there who has had a similar experience. My heart goes out to you." she said. 

Masechaba added that the thieves fled with her car which was later recovered with the items they had stolen.

" My car was recovered in Alex, after a police chase, approximately 30 minutes after the call out, with most of the contents still inside. The assailants fled on foot and are still at large."



recovered carrecovered car


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Bridget Achieng says she bleached after a TV station rejected her for being dark .

About two years ago, Bridget Achieng revealed that she had shelled out approximately Shs 3 Million on her skin lightening procedure.

The busty socialite disclosed that she coughed up the lump sum so that she could build her confidence.

“I didn’t change my skin colour because of a man, I changed it to feel good about myself. Because at that time I felt that if I complied to society’s standards of beauty, I would look better and get anything I want,” she revealed on the Wicked Edition.

She then went on to say, “I once went to an interview for a TV station. I won’t mention the name. I was the first runners up but walinikataa juu mimi ni mweusi wakachukua msichana mwingine hapo zero-zero juu ni light skin. So kutoka hapo nilijam. Nikasema ni juu ya kupaka mafuta? Nikaamua kupaka mafuta nikuwe mweupe. It has worked in my favour. I don’t regret doing it anyway that’s why I say it boldly.”

Cindy Ogana

Bridget’s story is one of the many stories that demonstrate that colourism in the media industry is prevalent.

TV personality Cindy Ogana once revealed that a station rejected her for being ‘too dark’.

“I was in a reality show on TV where they were looking for a presenter and it did not help that one of the criteria, why I wasn’t selected, was my skin colour and hair. My hair was a topic the judges mentioned but then again remember it was a different time where you could not be a broadcaster when you had dreadlocks. It was seen as unkempt and it was seen as unruly. You had to have a weave and you had to have the skin tone,” Cindy disclosed on Ebru TV’s Let’s Talk Show.

She also revealed that her skin colour and dreadlocks were not the only things that were keeping her from the job as she was also not big on using makeup, something which is required of a news anchor. “I am dark-skinned, I have my dreads and I have my big mouth and then I’m also not very keen on the makeup and everything,” she revealed.

While many people would have been crushed by this rejection, Cindy disclosed that this rejection only further cemented her steadfastness in being her natural self and embracing her melanin.

“Leaving that show further cemented my resolve to always be natural, to never bleach myself. Whatever season my womanhood takes me through whether it's my menses, my pregnancy I will always be natural and will always keep my natural hair,” Cindy Ogana said.

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