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Oh, Woman's pregnancy symptoms and 'baby bump' turn out to be 14lb cancerous cyst

When Katie Holmes started to be sick in the morning and noticed that her periods had stopped, she thought she might be pregnant. Her stomach grew and people would offer her seats on public transport or ask about her due date. But despite countless trips to the doctor and taking pregnancy tests, everything was negative. Antibiotics prescribed by doctors for urine infections did nothing to help and Katie was shocked when her stomach suddenly ‘dropped’ one evening at home.

Doctors finally found Katie had a cancerous ovarian cyst weighing 14lb – the same weight as twins. Katie, from Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire, had it removed – along with one of her ovaries, leaving her worried she would struggle to have children in the future.

But amazingly, she went on to fall pregnant six months later and now has a baby girl, Ava. Katie said: ‘For months, I had no idea what was wrong with me. It was so frustrating not having an answer and really quite scary. ‘I was in lots of pain, I couldn’t pee properly and my periods had stopped. ‘I’d get full after eating half a meal and my stomach was growing in size even though I wasn’t gaining weight anywhere else. ‘It got to the point where people were asking me my due date and offering me seats on public transport – it was mortifying.’ Her first symptoms started when she was working a night shift at a petrol station in September 2016. She made it through her shift but started vomiting when she returned home and kept being sick for the next few days. Her doctor thought she could have gastroenteritis and she was sent home with tablets but when they made no difference, she kept returning to the doctors every week for two months. Katie said: ‘I still felt awful and I couldn’t understand what was wrong with me. ‘I went to the doctor every week throughout September and October, and they just kept sending me away with different tablets, thinking it was a stomach bug or bladder infection.

‘After about three weeks, the sickness stopped but then I was plagued with headaches. ‘I could only eat half a meal and then I’d feel so bloated with this horrible pain in my side. ‘I got in the shower one day and felt so faint that I had to get out and lay on my bed until my head stopped spinning.’ Bizarrely, many of Katie’s symptoms appeared to indicate she was pregnant, despite pregnancy tests saying she wasn’t. She was vomiting in the mornings, her periods stopped, she struggled to urinate normally, and her stomach was growing rounder and more solid. Her stomach continued to grow throughout November 2016 and her hair started to fall out in clumps – but doctors had no answer for her pain.

She was at home in December 2016 when she suddenly felt an excruciating pain in her stomach as she laid in bed. Katie managed to get out of the bed to look in the mirror and was horrified to see that her stomach had ‘dropped’. Katie said: ‘I remember this agonising pain ripping through my stomach. It was the worst pain I’d ever felt. ‘I looked down at my stomach as I lay in bed and felt it looked different somehow, so I dragged myself out of bed and to the mirror. ‘My stomach had been solid and round for months, but looking at it that night, it was like the whole bump had dropped to a resemble a soft fat tummy hanging down. ‘It was really bizarre – I’d gone from looking pregnant to looking really overweight in an evening, and it was just so confusing.’ Katie googled what had happened to her and found women talking about having her symptoms and it turning out to be caused by ovarian cysts.

She took her findings to her GP and was finally sent for an ultrasound which revealed Katie was carrying a massive 14lb ovarian cyst. Katie said: ‘My cyst was so big that it was covering my ovaries on the ultrasound scan, which was really scary. ‘They managed to scan me at the top of my stomach and saw that my cyst had actually pushed some of my vital organs up into my ribs. ‘The nurse told me that the cyst weighed 14lbs, so it was like I’d been carrying around twins – no wonder I was in pain. ‘It was a relief to finally have an answer for my pain but also terrifying because there was a chance that I could have cancer. ‘The doctors warned me that if my ovaries were twisted from the cyst, then they’d have to remove them so I was facing the possibility of not being able to have children as well.’ She had the operation on 17 January 2017 and doctors removed the cyst as well as one of her ovaries. Tests revealed that the cyst contained cancerous tissue, but doctors successfully removed the entire mass before the cancer could spread, leaving Katie cancer-free. Katie’s health returned to normal, her periods came back a month after surgery and her stomach became flat again. And despite her worries about having children, she found out she was pregnant in July 2017 and gave birth to baby Ava in April 2018. Katie said: ‘The day after my surgery I was devastated to hear that they’d had to remove an ovary – I thought I might never have children.

‘I hadn’t been convinced I’d ever want kids before I went through all this, but there was something horrible about having that choice removed from me. ‘I was focusing on getting my life back on track afterwards when I actually found out I was pregnant just six months after the surgery – for real this time!

‘I was over the moon. ‘I’ve never been happier, she’s just amazing and I’m so glad my cancerous cyst didn’t stop me from becoming a mum after all.’

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An American 11-year-old girl with cerebral palsy was killed by her family, with 23 ribs broken

According to the United States The Digital Wise News Network reported on February 8, a local woman was sentenced to 50 years in prison on February 7, local time. It is reported that the woman and her boyfriend tortured her 11-year-old cerebral palsy daughter to death.

Haven Watkins

According to reports, it happened on Ballevue Avenue, Virginia. In May 2018, Latoya partnered with 44-year-old boyfriend Demont Harris to kill his 11-year-old cerebral palsy daughter, Heaven Watkins. An autopsy report showed that Haiwen's internal organs were damaged, the small intestine "ruptured", 24 ribs were broken, 23 arms were broken, and the head was also hit by a large number of blunts, with bleeding and swelling.

After investigation, police also found that Latoya's and boyfriend Demont's abuse of Haven has been going on for a long time. In February 2018, in order to punish Haven, De Mont had put her hand in hot hot water. Because of cerebral palsy, Haiwen was unable to remove his hand, and eventually suffered a severe burn that required a skin transplant.

Latoya (left) and boyfriend Demont (right)

On February 7, 2020, in court, prosecutors revealed the crimes of Latoya and Demont. He said that in the days, weeks and even months before his death, Latoya and De Mont had been tortured and tortured Haven. They often starved Haven, and did not feed her for a long time, even giving her only bread and water. They also asked her to stand against a wall and do squats, even though she had difficulty walking.

Prosecutors also said that Havin had two younger sisters who were always there when the mother and her boyfriend abused their sister.

Haven Watkins

At about 8 a.m. on May 18, 2018, the police received a call to the police and rushed to Latoya and De Mont's home to find that Havin was dead.

Police said that when they arrived, Haiwen was "seriously injured" and was out of breath.

In subsequent interrogations, Latoya and Demont told police that before going to bed on the evening of May 17, Havin did not say that he was uncomfortable. They discovered Havin's death the next day.

But shortly after, De Mont acknowledged that he hit Haven on May 17. Latoya said she saw her boyfriend hit Haven's chest, belly and back. When police asked Latoya why she didn't stop her boyfriend, she said she thought it was "not uncommon" because Demont often beat Havin like this and would hit Havin like this three or four times a week.

Latoya Smith

On February 7, local time, Latoya was sentenced to 50 years in prison for manslaughter and negligence of child care.

Judge Michelle Atkins said she didn't even think such punishment was enough. She said, "Although Demont was the one who eventually led to Havin's death, Havin's mother should be punished more severely, because protecting her daughter is her job, and she sees a man More important than her daughter. "

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Oh,Businessman admits killing social worker who was stabbed to death on home visit

A social worker who was stabbed to death at a house in Birmingham has been named and pictured as neighbours paid tribute to 'a lovely woman'.

Belinda Rose, 63, was discovered after officers were called to a house of multiple occupancy in the Perry Barr area at around 1.50pm on Saturday. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Inderjit Ram has since been charged with her murder after his arrest on Saturday.

The 52-year-old, of Great Barr, Birmingham, was due to appear at the city's magistrates' court today.


Neighbours in the area today paid tribute to Ms Rose and told of their shock at the killing. 

One resident, who did not wish to be named, said: 'It is really tragic, Belinda was the assigned social worker for the house which is a house of multiple occupancy.

'We used to see her all the time and she was a lovely woman. She really had a passion for her job and was brilliant with people.'

The local resident added: 'She used to check on the residents she was responsible for and ensured they lived the best life they could. We became quite close over time and she used to invite us to parties and nights out.

'I can't stop thinking about Belinda, and her family, she had been dealing with her husband who had been very ill recently, so for this to happen now is beyond belief.

'I've known the owner of the house for years too. I just can't believe this happened so close to our home, thank god the kids were not playing outside when it happened, anything could have happened.'

Another neighbour, who also wished to remain anonymous, added: 'There were police all over the place over the weekend, we knew something serious had happened.

'We used to see the woman coming and going from that house a lot of the time, she seemed really nice and friendly.

'Its really frightening when something like this happens so close to home. My thoughts are with her family, its dreadfully sad.'

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'My newborn son died and gave another baby life'

Nothing could prepare Valentina Daprile for losing her son, Angelo Ray, when he was eight days old. But she and her husband Luigi were determined to donate his organs so that another baby could live. It was something the hospital had never considered before.

Valentina will always remember the kindness in the doctor's voice and the careful way he delivered the worst news a parent could ever hear.

"I'm so sorry, but there's nothing we can do for your baby."

The staff at the newborn intensive care unit (Nicu) at King's College Hospital had done everything they could but Angelo Ray would never be able to survive without life support and an MRI scan showed no brain activity.

Thinking back to that day in July 2016, she says it felt as though her whole world was collapsing.

Angelo Ray was just down the corridor resting in his incubator. His mother Valentina wondered how she would go on without him. She hadn't even been able to hold him yet.

"I was so upset to imagine my baby thinking, 'We have been together for nine months, where is my mummy, why has she left me?'" she says.

A week before Valentina had been due to give birth she had collapsed and stopped breathing, a wave of blue spreading up her body. Her husband Luigi called 999 and followed instructions on how to resuscitate his wife. It was the first day of the school summer holidays and so all this was witnessed by their six-year-old son, Leone.

Until that day, Valentina's pregnancy had been complication-free and she had been planning a water birth at home. Instead, Angelo Ray was delivered at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich, south London, via an emergency Caesarean section and Valentina was rushed away for life-saving blood transfusions immediately afterwards.

It would be another 24 hours until Valentina got to see her baby, because she was so unwell and he was transferred for specialist care to King's College Hospital in Camberwell. Luigi would spend the days going between the two hospitals until Valentina had recovered enough to be transferred to King's too.

By that time doctors had established just how badly Angelo Ray's brain had been affected by the lack of oxygen in the hours before his birth.

"When the doctor spoke to us the toughest thing to accept was that there was absolutely nothing I could do to save my baby. Literally nothing," Valentina says.

She was a mum with a high-pressure job - she'd always felt confident in her ability to solve all manner of problems and fix what was broken. But not this.

"Just six days old and nobody will ever know him," she thought.

Then, in her thick fog of grief an idea shone through, a small shard of comfort.

"We thought the only thing that would make a bit of sense and to warm our hearts a little bit was to donate Angelo's organs," says Valentina.

"This was something we could actually do and it seemed a waste not to - then this horrible tragedy could serve some purpose."

Amy Overend, a nurse working in the King's Nicu at the time, was with Valentina and Luigi when they suggested organ donation. Never in her five years at the hospital had a conversation like this taken place.

"Adults in intensive care might anticipate a conversation about organ donation because there is so much publicity around it, but it is a really difficult thing to broach with the parent of a newborn baby," says Amy.

But here were the parents, initiating the conversation themselves. They had a strength she couldn't begin to describe.

The Nicu team began to speak to the hospital's organ donation team and even they were unsure whether it was possible, says Amy. It wasn't something they had done before, and removing organs from such a small baby, and transplanting them, poses extra challenges.

Angelo Ray had some bloods tests to check he would be a viable donor, and which organs it might be possible to use.

Everything was successfully put in place to fulfil the family's wishes. Yes, it was possible for Angelo Ray to be a donor.

"You could see how much it meant to Angelo's family, it meant their son could live on somehow," says Amy.

Organ donation from a neonatal baby (a baby under 28 days old) is incredibly rare. In ten years just 40 babies this age have become donors, according to NHS Blood and Transplant.

Twenty-six donated tissue - heart valves and corneas - while 14 donated organs, or both organs and tissues.

They have helped save the lives of patients of all ages - from other babies to children and adults. While some organs would only be suitable for other babies, there are others, such as the kidneys, which can be used for an adult because they can grow.

The number of neonatal organ donors is slowly rising thanks to greater public awareness, growing expertise around retrieving and transplanting smaller sized organs and greater willingness from Nicus to embrace having the conversation about organ donation with families making end of life choices.

There was still the question of how to tell six-year-old Leone that the brother he had been so excited to have wouldn't be coming home with them.

Amy felt very privileged to be asked by Valentina and Luigi to explain things to their son.

In a quiet corner the two of them sat down with some chocolate cake and she talked to Leone about how unwell his little brother was.

She explained he wouldn't be going home with them, he would be going to heaven instead. Leone listened intently. He'd been trying so hard to stay strong for his parents and had just one question - "Is it OK if I'm sad?"

Valentina, Luigi and Leone picked the name Angelo Ray together as a family. The Italian word for Angel because they thought he looked like a perfect cherub and Ray because Leone had wanted to give his brother a name beginning with R.

Before Angelo's life support was withdrawn Leone sat and read his little brother a story about an elephant called Humpety Trumpety, ignoring all the wires and tubes that snaked around them. He drew some pictures, decorating them with stickers, and they were taped to the inside of the incubator. The six-year-old was able to reach into the incubator to hold his brother's hand and chat to him. All this was his way of saying goodbye.

The time came for Angelo Ray's life support to be withdrawn. Valentina and Luigi accompanied their baby son to a private room, near the theatre, so they could be with him when his heart stopped beating.

An hour passed and Angelo Ray was still breathing, so the doctors decided to return the family to the Nicu ward to spend time together while nature took its course. The parents were told it would be possible for Angelo Ray's heart valves to be donated after he died.

There in the ward Valentina held her son for what would be the first and final time.

She nuzzled into the warmth of his body and took in the weight of him in her arms.

"I will never forget his smell, the soft velvet of his skin," she says.

The three of them sat together cocooned away from the rest of the ward by screens which had been put up by the nurses. The Nicu is several storeys up and its huge windows overlook sweeping views of the capital.

"It was a starry night and London looked just beautiful," Valentina remembers.

"There was a moment when he was on my chest and it felt like our hearts vibrated together, I can't explain it. I like to think that he knew he was finally back with his mummy."

Soon afterwards he closed his eyes.

"He took his last breath on me, in the warmth of my arms. I know many mums don't have that privilege and it was an incredible gift I will cherish forever."

Angelo Ray died on 30 July 2016, he was eight days old.

When he died, his parents felt at peace. They were given the chance to bathe him and christen him with oil.

"I made him nice and clean, I wanted to purify him after so many days in the hospital," says Valentina.

They softly said prayers and gave him a fresh nappy. They dressed him in a special white babygrow decorated with four hearts, linked together by a golden thread.

Heart valves can be stored for up to ten years and have the potential to help multiple people. They can be transplanted to save the lives of children born with heart defects as well as adults with damaged heart valves. The family were told this week that one of the heart valves belonging to Angelo Ray was successfully transplanted to a newborn baby that was born with a congenital heart disease.

Valentina was overwhelmed with emotion when she found out and said: "Now we know a part of our baby is definitely living on and it is an amazing legacy."

Angelo Ray and his family made a profound impact on Amy and changed her as a nurse, she says.

Now, if a baby meets the criteria, staff at King's College Hospital will always talk to the parents about the possibility of organ donation.

"Angelo Ray was the catalyst for some real proactive change in our thought process," Amy says.

The family gave the nurse a lasting passion for end of life care in neonates, so much so that she now leads on end-of-life care at the Royal Bolton Hospital Nicu. The hospital will be following the example of King's and making it standard practice to discuss organ donations in the Nicu.

"That is Angelo's legacy - one of heartbreak, courage and pushing of boundaries."

In the weeks that followed her son's death Valentina says she felt like an alien.

"The world and everyone around me looked different. If I saw people in the street smiling and laughing I would think, 'I've lost a baby, there is nothing to laugh about'"

"I made sure I took the time to grieve. I cried, I stayed in bed, I got angry."

Slowly, with Luigi and Leone by her side, Valentina began to feel stronger and more able to face the world again. She got a clean bill of health from the doctor and was told it would be safe to have another baby, if that is what she wanted.

"It would have been very easy at that point to let fear run my life and think, 'It wasn't meant to be, no more kids, my life is finished'. But my life is not finished," she says.

In August 2018 Mattia was born, two years after Angelo Ray. He was born in perfect health and is now a spirited 17-month-old.

Mattia joined his parents on a lantern-lit walk of remembrance during Baby Loss Awareness Week last year and will grow up knowing he is the third of three brothers.

"I want Mattia to know his brother was a special baby, not destined for this Earth," says Valentina.

"He came and gifted other people with life."

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‘I guess the devil got him,’ cousin says of father who took his own life near slayings of wife and 2 kids

The cousin of the New Jersey married father-of-two who police believe murdered his family before taking his own life this week has spoken out about the tragedy, speculating that the 'devil' must have gotten to him, causing him to snap. 

Family members have identified the victims as Ruth Reyes, 30, her five-year-old daughter, Euriany, and two-year-old son, Eury.

Reyes' husband has been identified as 54-year-old Eugenio Severino. Friends said the wife took out a restraining order against Severino last month because he had threatened to kill her. 

Police found Reyes and her children stabbed to death inside the family's apartment in Penns Grove, New Jersey, on Wednesday, not long after Severino was found hanging from a tree in nearby woods.  

Johnny Solano, Severino's cousin, spoke to on Thursday, describing the moment police officers at the family's apartment cordoned-off with yellow crime tape broke the grim news to him after he offered to give them Severino's license plate number so they could track him down.

'They told me, "Everybody’s gone."' he recalled. 

Solano, who employed Reyes at his restaurant and helped her find a second job, said he knew she and Severino were having martial problems, and that his cousin was upset after the wife forced him out of their apartment two weeks ago. 

Solano said he urged Severino to take some time to cool off, but he said his cousin would not stop calling his wife.  

'I thought he never would have hurt her,' Solano said. 'Because he loved this little boy and this little girl. But in the moment, I guess the devil got him.'  

The tragic incident began unfolding on Wednesday morning when a passerby came across Severino's body hanging from a tree in the woods off of Sportsman Road in Carneys Point, reported CBS Philadelphia.

Local police officers looked up the man's address in nearby Penns Grove and contacted their colleagues there, requesting a welfare check at his apartment on Helms Cove Lane.

When Penns Grove cops made their way inside the unit, they found Reyes stabbed to death in the bathroom alongside her children, the Spanish-language news site Diario Libre reported.

Solano said Reyes and Severino had been married in her native Dominican Republic, before she legally emigrated to the US and settled in New Jersey two years ago.

Reyes was 24 years Severino's junior and had a son from a previous relationship, who lives in the Dominican Republic.  

Solano said he knew that Reyes and Severino's already strained relationship took a turn for the worse two weeks ago, when the husband threatened to kill the wife and she kicked him out of their apartment.

Reyes then went to court and obtained a restraining order against Severino.

Next-door neighbor Elibeth Ortiz said she, too, was aware of the couple's marital problems. She said Severino was 'too possessive' and the pair sometimes could be heard arguing. 

Those who knew Reyes described her as a great mother to her children and a kind person. 

'She was always there for her kids, always working,' friend Keyla Padilla told 6ABC. 'If not working, she was in her house. She was very humble and stayed to herself. Very friendly.' 

Reyes' family, including her parents and surviving son, are making arrangements to have her and her children's bodies transported back to the Dominican Republic for burial.

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Vietnamese man has been sharing a bed with his wife’s remains for 16 years

Usually, what happens when a person loses a loved one is to give them a befitting burial and then move on with life, however, one man in Vietnam has shocked everyone with his line of action after his wife died.

Identified as Mr. Le Van, the man whose wife died 16 years ago, has refused to bury her, instead, he has been sleeping with her remains on the same bed since she passed away.

According to a report by Oddity Central, Le Van and his wife did not date before they got married because their marriage was arranged by their parents. At the time, Le Van was in the military so when he came back, the couple got married in 1975


The couple eventually became so fond of each other and had seven kids together. They were not very rich but they lived a peaceful and really contented life with their children.

However, tragedy struck in 2003 when Le Van’s beloved wife passed away. At the time, he was not even at home because he was working in another town far away. When the news got to him, he rushed back in shock and confirmed that she had really died. He was extremely devastated by the development and could not handle his wife’s death at all.

The man’s wife was eventually buried but after some months, Le Van secretly arranged to have his wife’s body dug out of her grave. He then built a statue that looked like a woman before putting his wife’s remains inside it. He placed the statue on the bed and has been lying with it ever since.

Family and friends came to know about Le Van’s weird act after some time and tried to make him stop but he won’t listen to anyone. The man’s children were especially very angry and asked him to return their mother to her resting place. However, he has vowed never to part with her.

According to Oddity Central, Mr. Le Van’s action has caused some friction in his family as more pressure is put on him to return his wife’s remains to the cemetery. At the moment, though, Le Van has continued to sleep with his wife’s remains.

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26 Year Old Female Morgue Worker Arrested For Giving Birth For Corpse

A morgue worker has been caught having sex with a girl's corpse after getting drunk to celebrate his soccer team's win in Brazil

Local media report Wanderley dos Santos Silva, 52, was fired by the Institute of Legal Medicine in Manaus after a police officer walked in on him allegedly having sex with the minor's corpse in the presence of a colleague. 

Silva is then said to have tried to run away. It is not clear if he is in custody.

On November 22, it is alleged Silva and his male colleague had been out celebrating Flamengo's win against River Plate in the continental Copa Libertadores.

After getting drunk Silva and his colleague are understood to have returned to the office in the early hours of the following morning.  

Local media report an officer from the Department of Forensic Police had gone into the morgue to collect information about a female corpse when he allegedly found Silva having sex with it. 

The case was immediately reported to the Department of Forensic Police and Silva along with his unnamed colleague were immediately fired for 'serious functional faults'. 

A police case into necrophilia has been launched.

Local lawyer Penelope Antony told reporters that Silva could face between one and three years in prison if found guilty of having sex with the corpse.

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Boy Stabs Girlfriend 15 Times For Having A Baby For Him

The Manchester mum had given birth to Rhett’s son just eight weeks earlier which ‘incensed’ love rival Sarah Mohamed, 17 – and she demanded he ‘prove his love’ and kill the mother of his child.

After the attack, Iman made a miraculous recovery and the violent pair were jailed for a total of 32 years.

Iman, a full-time mum, says: “It was the ultimate betrayal.

“I thought Rhett and I were a family with our son, but he’d been plotting to kill me with his secret girlfriend.”

In 2015, Iman and Carty-Shaw fell in love after they met in secondary school aged 14.

Three years later, in July 2018, the pair broke up.

A month later, Iman discovered she was three months pregnant and they reunited.

The mother-of-one says: “Rhett promised to be there for me and our baby.

“I loved him and I couldn’t wait to be a family.

“Then I heard rumours that Rhett had been seen kissing someone else.

“I confronted him and he said she was called Sarah but they weren’t together.

“It seemed like they were just mates so I dropped it.

“Plus Rhett was controlling – he had access to my social media accounts and he programmed his fingerprint into my phone so he could access it at any time.”

During Iman’s pregnancy, she was sent pictures of Carty-Shaw cosying up to Sarah Mohamed.

She confronted him again and he promised he’d dump Mohamed as soon as their son was born.

Iman says: “Heavily pregnant and trapped in a cycle of control, I felt helpless and hoped he’d end the relationship once our baby arrived.”

In March 2019, Iman gave birth to the couple’s son Kenan, now 11 months.

Two months later, in May, Carty-Shaw arrived at Iman’s house, where she lived with her mum and siblings, wearing gloves and carrying a green bag.

Iman recalls: “I told him that Kenan was away with my mum but he said he’d come to see me.

“We went into my bedroom and he was constantly texting on his phone.

“Then he blurted out that he had to kill me and asked if I’d kill myself for him. I was really confused. I laughed thinking he was joking.

“Rhett then suggested that I put makeup on my neck to make it look like I’d been strangled.

“Terrified, I agreed.

“Then he snapped a picture on his phone.

“Panicking, I asked him to leave.”

Suddenly, Carty-Shaw pulled a large knife out of his bag and waved it around in front of Iman’s face.

She says: “Then Rhett snatched my phone off me so I couldn’t phone for help.

“After he’d been at my house for almost five hours, I persuaded him to leave by promising that I wouldn’t tell anyone.

“We headed downstairs, then he stabbed me 15 times in the back, neck and face.

“I was in shock. There was blood everywhere.”

Carty-Shaw fled and left Iman for dead. Thankfully, her sisters came to her rescue and called an ambulance.

Police arrested Carty-Shaw at a nearby bus stop. He had stuffed two plastic bags with bloodstained clothes and the kitchen knife.

Police seized his phone and discovered messages between him and Mohamed, who were were both charged for their roles in the attack against Iman.

Carty-Shaw had also Googled ‘asphyxiation,’ 'how many years is someone in for murder?' and 'how long do murderers serve in prison?' just the day before the attack.

At Manchester Crown Court, Rhett Carty-Shaw denied attempted murder.

Sarah Mohamed of Dalham Avenue, Manchester, also denied encouraging Carty-Shaw to kill Iman.

During the trial, the court heard how Carty-Shaw had been dating both Iman and Mohamed at the same time.

Carty-Shaw was found guilty of attempted murder and he pleaded guilty to possessing an offensive weapon.

Mohamed was convicted of intentionally encouraging or assisting Carty-Shaw to commit murder.

In December 2019, they were jailed for 16 years each.

Iman says: “It’s the ultimate betrayal. I thought Rhett loved me.

“The psychological burden is heavy, I wake up sweating and screaming at night.

“I’ve been left with scars on my neck, back and face.

“My mum does the majority of daily care for my son because I struggle to lift heavy objects due to my stab wounds.

“But I won’t let the attack ruin my life.

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Man, 24 impersonates alcoholic father to sleep with his mother

A bizarre story stumbled on by indicates that a young man from Orlando, Florida had been charged with over 10 counts of rape for impersonating his father to sleep with his unsuspecting stepmother.

Rob Johnson a 24-year-old man confessed he had been sleeping with Tiffiny Rhodes-Johnson 35 for over a year by pretending to be his drunk father. Rob would put on his father’s dirty close and rinse his mouth with alcohol and stumble onto his stepmother’s bed and made love to her.

In his own confession, he said he usually wait for his dad to come home. His father usually come home after midnight during the weekend and he wouldn’t even try to go upstairs, he would sleep on the couch and that’s when Rob says he would take off his jacket or t-shirt and head upstairs to take his place in the main bedroom.

Tiffiny said she did not suspect a thing because Rob was also coping with his father’s hairstyle and the way he grows his beard. She also said she never switched on the lights because if she does it would take her a long time to fall asleep again.

“My husband always wakes up early whether he slept drunk or not so I never knew he had been sleeping on the couch on weekends”

“I caught him because he shaved his pubes and my husband didn’t. I asked him why did he shave and he told me he thought I would like it and that was until the next day when my actual husband slept with me he had pubes.”

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Devil Brit father shook his baby violently to death, cocaine was tested in the body

According to the daily mail on February 3, a British father shook his 14 month old daughter violently, causing her death. In court, the man argued in all sorts of ways that his daughter's injury was caused by a fall. According to the latest news on February 3, the trial of the father and daughter will last three to four weeks.

Daniel Ashurst, 34, is reported to be from Wigan, UK. He has a 14-month-old daughter named holly. On February 28, 2019, Daniel arrived at the local hospital with his seriously injured daughter. At that time, Holly had no breath, but after rescue, she survived.

The British father shakes his daughter vigorously for 14 months, causing her to die of cerebral hemorrhage. Police have detected drugs in her body

Although Holly recovered her breath, her condition was very serious. One of the doctors noticed Holly's nostrils were bleeding, but Daniel told him it was caused by her falling and hitting her head. Later, Holly was transferred to the Royal Children's Hospital of Manchester. The next day she was there, she died of her injuries. After examination, Holly was seriously injured. There were many bruises and bruises on her head, neck, chin and nose, bruises on her scalp and ears, and possible human bite marks on her hands. In addition, Holly has bruises on her chest, ankle fractures, bleeding from her brain and spinal cord, and massive bleeding from her retina. The doctors found that Holly's injury was not caused by a simple fall, so they called the police

Daniel vigorously denied the charges of murder and manslaughter after his arrest. He claimed that his daughter's injury was caused by falling off the bed. He also said that he braked hard when he was driving at a red light, causing his daughter to fall off the car seat. But prosecutor gozam believes that Daniel invented all these so-called accidents, because falling down the stairs can not explain many scars on her body. A pathologist concluded that Holly's death was due to non accidental injuries such as excessive acceleration and deceleration of the head, as well as repeated head and face impacts. There is also evidence that Holly suffered two head injuries before suffering the final fatal head injury.

Daniel reportedly had a dispute with his wife, Lian Thompson, the night before his daughter died. At the time of his daughter's accident, he was taking medication for anxiety and depression. He had also told people that he was afraid he would not be able to cope with his daughter. In addition, Daniel has been plagued by money. After his arrest, he was tested positive for cocaine. Daniel's trial will last three to four weeks, the report said.

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James Bulger: 25 years on from the murder that shook Britain

Holding a board with his name and the date of his arrest on 20 February 1993, Jon Venables stands at just over 4ft 6in as he looks away from the camera in his police mugshot – a picture that has become synonymous with one of the most notorious crimes in British criminal history – the murder of toddler James Bulger.

Venables was aged 10 when it was taken, and the picture reappeared in numerous media outlets last November, including The Independent, when he was reportedly sent back to prison after child abuse images were found on his computer.

The image, together with the mugshot of fellow child killer Robert Thompson, also 10 at the time of the crime, is one of only a handful available of the pair. But almost a quarter of a century since they led the toddler to his death, the murder they committed continues to resonate with British society.

James had been out with his mother, Denise Fergus, formerly Bulger, at the New Strand shopping centre, in Bootle, Merseyside.

As she placed an order at the butcher’s shop, she “believed James was by her side when she was being served – but when she looked down, he was gone”, the subsequent murder trial at Preston Crown Court heard.

Just two minutes later, Venables and Thompson were caught on CCTV leading him away, hand in hand. 

“One sees Mothercare and we see James being led away by the two killers,” David Wilson, emeritus professor of criminology at Birmingham City University, tells The Independent. “For all the world it looked like an innocent setting.

“The fact that there is a visual image about what was going to happen to that little boy, I think, was the beginning of allowing that crime to seep into our consciousness in a way that other crimes did not.”

Meandering across Liverpool, the boys were seen by 38 people, dubbed “the Liverpool 38” by the tabloids. Most assumed he was their younger brother. A couple of people challenged Thompson and Venables, who told them they were taking James to a police station.

“There is a community or public witnessing of what was happening and being disquieted about it, but for various reasons not being able to prevent what was about to happen,” Professor Wilson says.

Their only moment of hesitation came when they faced the Walton Lane police station, but they quickly continued their journey, leading the toddler up a steep bank to a railway line.   

There, the boys threw blue modelling paint, which they had earlier shoplifted while playing truant, into James’s left eye. They kicked and stomped on him, threw bricks and stones at him and placed batteries in his mouth.

Finally, they dropped a 22lb iron bar onto the toddler’s head, causing 10 skull fractures. Then they laid him across the railways tracks, weighing his head down with rubble in the hope that his death would appear to be an accident. Bulger’s body would be severed by a train.

Home office pathologist Dr Alan Williams would later testify that he counted 22 bruises, splits and grazes on James’s face and head, and 20 more wounds on his body. He was unable to say which had been the fatal blow.

In the immediate aftermath of his disappearance, police scoured the area and examined the CCTV footage. When they pinpointed the moment James was taken, they released the still images from it, which would become forever associated with the dreadful crime.

Denise and her husband, Ralph Bulger, James’s father, made an emotional appeal for their son’s return.

But two days after his disappearance, the toddler’s body was found, just 200 yards from the police station.

The “biggest thing”, Detective Superintendent Albert Kirkby, who led the investigation, subsequently told the Liverpool Echo, “was having to accept the possibility that the people who had murdered James were going to be very young”.

He added: “We thought, from what happened with the body, that it had to be the work of an adult. It was very difficult to get our minds around that potential situation that we could be dealing with two young boys.”

A combination of the footage and various sightings led them to Venables and Thompson.

His colleague Detective Sergeant Phil Roberts told the Powys County Times that Thompson’s brother said they had “just been to lay flowers” at a memorial for James just before Thompson was arrested.

“When I heard that, the first thing I thought was ‘it can’t be him’,” DS Roberts said.  

“He totally denied everything,” the now retired police veteran added. “He never showed any remorse during any stage of the interview. I understand Venables did.

“He acted whiter-than-white in interview and in many ways he was very clever in a conniving, streetwise sort of way, but in the end he shot himself in the foot by giving me a detailed account of what James Bulger was wearing.

“This is where we thought ‘we’ve got him’ because no 10-year-old would remember what he was wearing in such detail unless they had reason to.”

Officers charged the boys six days after James disappeared. 

As The Independent’s Bryan Appleyard reported from outside South Sefton magistrates’ court in Bootle on 22 November, violent scenes erupted as huge crowds gathered outside. 

“Kill the bastards,” they cried, “A life for a life.” Photographs the next day showed distorted faces, arms flung wide in anguish and imprecation.  

“They’ve got to take out their frustration on someone,” a policeman told Appleyard at the scene, “you can understand it.”

Their fury had been whipped up by tabloid newspapers and politicians.

Tony Blair, who had just taken over as Shadow Home Secretary, “was very aware of the need to camp New Labour tents on the territory that had historically been seen as somewhere that the Conservatives would camp”, says Professor Wilson. 

“Suddenly the ratcheting up of crime and punishment language politically became a bit more febrile. So aside from Blair making comments, you then get John Major responding.”

Calling for a tough stance, the then Prime Minister said that society needed “to condemn a little more, and understand a little less”.

Professor Wilson adds: “That served to invest the crime with meaning that became political and party political. Who was going to out tough the other... New Labour or The Conservatives?”

There would be similar violent scenes outside Preston Crown Court that November, with abuse screamed at the police, press and any passing vans that might contain the defendants.

“Everybody tended to think Thompson was the ringleader, just by looking at him in court,” says Blake Morrison, an author who covered the trial and eventually wrote a book about it called As If.  

“He seemed much tougher. He stared out journalists, whereas Venables was very emotional and cried. He seemed the weaker. But that was just the perception in an adult court. 

“We know that Venables had a temper and had been known to lose control and had done some pretty weird things, so in reality I think it is just as likely that he was the instigator.”

Following the 17-day trial, Presiding Judge Sir Michael Morland bowed to public pressure and named the boys, who until then had only been known as Boy A and Boy B. 

He said they were guilty of “unparalleled evil and barbarity”, before ordering them to be detained at Her Majesty’s pleasure, with a minimum tariff of eight years.

The “Devil Himself Couldn’t Have Made A Better Job of Two Fiends”, The Sun’s headline read the next day, while the the Daily Star asked: “How Do You Feel Now, You Little Bastards?”  

Daily Mirror headline said the boys were “Freaks of Nature”; politicians damned the boys as “worthless” and “evil”.

“I think the fact that they were given names made a big difference… If they hadn’t been there just couldn’t be as much to write and speculate on,” says Morrison.  

Public fascination with the case comes from the fact that “everyone wants to understand why, apart from John Major”, the author adds, whose new novel, The Executor, is out in March. 

“It is very unusual to have children murdering children so the rarity factor was one thing,” he says. 

“When you have got two people who are involved in a crime, especially two so young, inevitably there is psychological speculation. There is with any murderer, but there is an increased amount of it because you are thinking: ‘Was one of them the ringleader or the other one?’ You wonder how the chemistry between them worked.”

He adds that he would cite “dysfunctional families where there has been divorce, breakup, acrimony, alcoholism, neglect as children [and] truancy on a vast scale” as factors in the crime.  

“The fact that Thompson and Venables were held back for a year in school because they had August birthdays and they weren’t performing well meant they formed a team together,” he says. “There was resentment of younger siblings in both cases, which made them not people to trust with a small child.”

The case would take a personal toll on Ralph and Denise Bulger, who split the year after the murder, in 1994. Denise would go on to marry electrician Stuart Fergus in 1998. The pair have three children together and she set up the James Bulger Memorial Trust in her murdered son’s name. 

Ralph eventually settled with partner Natalie McDermott. They had a baby daughter in 2013.

The case would return to the public eye on numerous occasions over the following two decades as the boys’ sentences were increased and then reversed to the original eight years.  

Before their release in June 2001, the killers won an unprecedented court order from the High Court, which granted them anonymity for the rest of their lives. 

Dame Butler-Sloss, the president of the High Court’s Family Division, said there was a “real possibility of serious physical harm and possible death from vengeful members of the public or the Bulger family”.

The Parole Board then ruled that the boys were no longer a threat to public safety and could be released as their minimum tariff had expired. 

At the time, David Blunkett, then Home Secretary, made it clear that they should be equipped to lead purposeful lives. “They have to be trained, educated and engaged in independent living, otherwise they will become more of a risk in later life,” he said.

Since then, Robert Thompson has disappeared into anonymity. Three years after his release, Denise Fergus told the now defunct News of the World that she had tracked him down, but she was “paralysed with hatred” and could not bring herself to confront him.

Knowing where he was had nonetheless given her “a sense of power”, she said. 

Venables, however, has continued to make headlines. He went on to offend again after his first release from prison, including arrests for affray and cocaine possession in 2008.

He pleaded guilty to downloading images of child abuse in 2010 and was granted parole in 2013, which saw him handed a second new identity.

Then in November, now 35, he was reportedly sent back to prison after child abuse images were found on his computer. “Here we go again,” Denise tweeted shortly after the news broke.

As the case continues to make headlines, the public’s fascination with it remains.

“It’s one of the turning points in terms of cultural sensibilities about children who commit crime and how we manage those children who commit crime,” says Professor Wilson.

“There were children who killed both before and after Thompson and Venables. This case has found a place that is more embedded in terms of how we think about ourselves and we think about childhood and how that space has to be managed.” 

Blake Morrison, meanwhile, says the case is “up there with Peter Sutcliffe”, commonly referred to as the “Yorkshire Ripper”,  the Moors murders and Fred and Rosemary West, in terms of its impact on British public consciousness. 

But in the 25 years that have passed, he says: “I don’t think we have learnt a lot. 

“The fact is that at 10, the age of criminal responsibility remains shockingly low, which puts us way out of line with other countries in the world, certainly those in Europe. 

“If there was a similar crime today, I’m not sure we’ve learnt enough to deal with the kind of vilification and demonisation, and whether we’ve learnt that children in a courtroom with an international media presence isn’t the right way to go about looking at that crime, drawing the consequences and deciding on treatment.”

He adds: “There isn’t much reason to feel things have changed or we’ve learnt our lessons or we’ve become better. There are few measures that have been put in place to protect children like appearing on screen, but we haven’t learnt enough.”

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Student finally gets the all-clear from cancer - after beating disease twice

A student diagnosed with cancer twice in six months is celebrating after finally receiving the all-clear.

At just 21 years old Sean Tighe has undergone more hospital treatment than most people will receive in their lifetime.

Diagnosed with testicular cancer, the University of Sunderland MA Marketing student today has a message for all men.

He said: “I just want them to make sure they are regularly checking themselves and reporting anything suspicious to a doctor.”

Sean, from Gosforth , Newcastle , first noticed an issue when he was in his final year as an undergraduate studying Sports Journalism at the University.

Recognising there was a hardening of one of his testicles, Sean went for a check-up at Sunderland Royal Hospital.

“They carried out a few different tests then, a couple of days later, I got a phone call asking me to come into the hospital,” said Sean.

It was then, in March last year, that the student was told he had a tumour and he would have to undergo an operation.

“I was 20 years old and panic set in. I just felt pure fear,” he recalls. “As soon as you hear the word tumour, it just makes you afraid.

“They didn’t say cancer, but I knew straight away that’s what it was.”

At the beginning of April, Sean underwent an operation and doctors were positive that he would make a good recovery.

He said: “Three weeks after the operation, I was back at the university and getting into my studies.”

Attending regular check-ups, Sean was recovering well for the first few months.

“Then I noticed I started feeling a little bit tired and weak,” he said.

More tests followed and in September, just as Sean was preparing to start his Masters, doctors at Newcastle’s Freeman Hospital broke the heartbreaking news that a tumour had been discovered in his chest.

“I suppose it didn’t really register with me,” said Sean. “I just thought ‘ok, let’s get on with it’.”

Cells had travelled up into the student’s chest and another tumour had started to form.

Nine weeks of chemotherapy followed, which finally finished at the end of last year.

“Even while I was undergoing the chemotherapy, I was still going into university.

“My hair had started to fall out and I found that quite difficult to begin with, but I’ve always been someone who’s had quite a positive outlook on life and I managed to maintain that.”

Then, a week before Christmas, Sean got the news he’d been waiting for.

“My specialist nurse from the Freeman rang to tell me that the last trace of cancer had gone – that I was all-clear.

“Now that I look back on what happened, I’m just grateful that I managed to cope with it all so well. There were so many other young people on the hospital wards who were struggling.

“I just feel grateful.”

Sean is now back to his studies and is on course to graduate in the autumn.

He said: “Men should be, and need to be, aware of the importance of checking themselves.

Since this happened to me, I’ve had friends on the phone asking about symptoms and questioning me – which is good.

“I can only hope something positive comes from everything that’s happened.”

This year, Sean will be doing the Great North Run to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust. All donations are welcome at

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Man who rushed to hospital when legs 'turned blue' discovers embarrassing cause

We've all been guilty for overreacting when online searches convince us that relatively minor medical symptoms are sure to result in certain death.

Worrying signs are always worth getting checked out and it can be a real relief when it turns out there can be a simple fix to put us on the road to recovery.

If you're ever reluctant to seek medical advice through fear of embarrassment, then you can take heart from the chances that you're never likely to get it as wrong as poor Mark Shrayber.

Mark became concerned when he noticed his legs had begun to look blue in colour - and rightly so.

After looking up his symptoms on a popular health website, he decided it was better to be safe than sorry and headed to the emergency room.

In a tweet which now has more than 160,000 likes, Mark shared the embarrassing tale of his experience when he arrived.

He wrote: "Went to the ER because 'my legs have turned blue and Web MD says I have deep vein thrombosis'.

"Was this it? The big one?

"No! I have the 'dumb**s who doesn’t wash his new jeans before wearing them' disease and I would like to be executed immediately."

While some laughed at Mark's misfortune, a few other brave souls shared their own stories of when self-diagnosis had proved to be a little inaccurate.

@SLHDC racked up 10,000 likes when she wrote: "Went through a phase where I was seriously concerned I had a brain tumor or something because everything I ate - including things like pasta with marinara sauce - tasted like peppermint

"Finally realized a bottle of peppermint extract had spilled all over my pots and pans."

A mum replied to say: "Reminds me of the time I was about to take my 6 month old to the ER because his foot was purple.

"Turned out SOMEBODY forgot to add on his daycare sheet that they were doing foot print painting that day."

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North Carolina parents are arrested after 'starved toddler who weighed only 18lbs and had a broken skull was forced to eat his own feces'

A North Carolina couple have been arrested after their two-year-old son was hospitalized with a skull fracture and doctors determined he was so malnourished that he ate his own feces.   

Jade Newman, 21, and Delane Bostic, 25, are each facing one count of intentional child abuse causing serious bodily injury. 

Authorities say the parents brought their son to a hospital in Fayetteville last week and examinations revealed that the toddler was severely malnourished, weighing just 18 pounds.  

X-rays revealed that he had suffered multiple skull and rib fractures as well as brain injuries.  

Newman and Bostic appeared at a court hearing on Friday, where their bond was set at $250,000.  

Neighbors spoke to local news station ABC11 and described frequently seeing two children running around unattended outside Bostic's home in northwest Fayetteville.  

Tay Graham, who lives two doors down from Bostic, said he was shocked to hear the news of the couple's arrest.  

'I never looked at them like that. I never thought they would do something to a kid like that. I don't even know what to say about it. I'm glad it wasn't one of my young ones,' Graham said.

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Babysitter Calls The Police After The Parents Of The Kids Change Their Plans Without Telling Him

Whoa: In a recent post on Reddit, one user shared quite the incredible tale. He says that he’s an 18-year-old babysitter in his small town.

He loves watching kids and has a ton of experience. In fact, his mom got him to start babysitting for others after he watched his own siblings. And the best part? He’s such a nice guy that he charges people only $2 or $3 an hour. Where I live, sitters are easily at least $15 an hour, if not more.

The families that he babysits for are also impressed. As he explains:

“I voluntarily do my services for cheap, (I’ll use the currency dollars to put it into perspective for most of you) approximately $2-3/hour, sometimes even for free. The parents/carers are always so surprised and amazed when they arrive back to see everything in perfect condition, and even more so when I tell them the price. They often offer more but I reject because I just enjoy working with kids.”

That’s kind of incredible, right? Well, what’s not so incredible is that one family recently took advantage of his generosity in a big, big way.

It started out nicely enough. The family in question asked if their favorite sitter wanted to come over for Thanksgiving dinner. According to the poster, the family felt that this was the least that they could do, since they have used his babysitting services so often and he’s clearly way undercharging.

But then … things got sort of weird. He explains: “I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but I didn’t want to be rude to their kind offer and decided that I would go. I drove there and we were having a good time eating and talking. My parents called to check on me so I excused myself to leave the room and go on a quick call with them and left.”

“They must [have] seen this as an opportunity of some sort, because the next thing you know they left quickly and left a note on the table saying ‘Sorry! We’ll be right back and pay you in full.’, and left me with a 4 year old boy and 3 year old girl.”

Whaaaaat? It sounds like the parents saw an opportunity to leave their kids with the sitter … but didn’t even ask first. He goes on to explain that while he doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving, he lives with a bunch of roommates, and there was going to be a dinner at his home that he wanted to be part of with his friends. Thanks to these parents, he had to miss it.

The sitter decided that if the parents were going to go hard, he could return the favor. He says, “I obviously wasn’t happy so I tried calling them 3 times but they didn’t pick up. I [dialed] the non-emergency police number and when the officer showed up, I told him everything.”

When the parents finally showed back up, they had to tell the officer their side of the story. The story is kind of questionable if you ask me. “They told him they had to attend an emergency community meeting. They were lucky not to get fined, but the officer gave them a strong reprimanding and left.”

Because truly, what kind of “emergency” community meeting happens on Thanksgiving? The parents even had the audacity to be mad at the sitter for calling the police: “They were confused and ticked off at me. I said ‘you should have let me know and you practically left your kids with me without my consent. That’s illegal.'”

The sitter decided to stand up for himself: “I then told them ‘don’t expect me to babysit your kids here on out’. They’ve tried to call me numerous times that they need me and they [apologize], but I wasn’t having any of it. I told my parents and they thought I was being a little too harsh.”

Commenters were quick to point out two truths: That was a terrible thing for the parents to do (for the sitter and for their kids), and that the sitter should be charging way, way more. One commenter said, “In the interest of safety, it’s never a good idea to leave kids with people who haven’t agreed to take care of them. (Not that you would have done anything to put the kids in harm’s way, of course, but like…THEY didn’t know that.)”

The same person continued: “Also, please start charging more for your services! I babysit on occasion too, and I charge around $10-12/hour (the going rate in my area) even though I really enjoy the work. It sends the message that my time has value, and makes the parents less likely to try and pull [expletive] like this.”

Another added that they even charge by the child: “Agreed! When I was 14-16, I would charge $10 an hour PER kid. That’s more than I made at my actual jobs during high school, haha. OP, definitely charge more – and if people ask why you’ve raised the rates, you can even say say something like, ‘Someone took advantage of the old ones, so I have to make sure I’m ok.'”

The story itself is still so wild. The commenter hasn’t returned to post any more follow-ups, but it’d definitely be an eye-opening experience for the family to read everything people on Reddit have to say about their behavior. Be nice to your babysitters! You never know where your story might end up.

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Miracle tumour survivor Leah appears on BBC Breakfast

MIRACLE tumour survivor Leah Bennett appeared on BBC Breakfast this morning along with dad Stephen.

They appeared on the show after the Star's story about how surgeons saved the life of Leah, from Bold, against all the odds reached national newspapers.

"Miracles can happen and never give up on that." 7 year old Leah has had an 'impossible' tumour removed after doctors printed a 3D model of it to plan for surgery.

Leah, now seven, had started intermittently complaining of a sore back in November 2018.

A few days later she couldn’t sit straight in her car seat.

Leah's pain continued throughout December 2018 and into January 2019 with her appetite and energy levels also affected.

One evening after coming across an article about BBC presenter Dianne Oxberry, who died from ovarian cancer in 2018, Leah's dad Stephen Bennett read a footnote of symptoms for cancer – and saw that tiny Leah had some of those symptoms.

Leah's mum Claire, booked to see a GP who immediately referred Leah to Whiston Hospital where it was discovered that she had a large lump on the bottom of her spine.

She was then taken to Alder Hey Children's Hospital where she underwent numerous scans and tests, and was diagnosed with an unknown tumour.

The tumour run from her spine into her abdomen and around her arteries in her legs as well as the bottom of her aorta.

With the tumour not having an official name, none of the medical staff knew how to directly treat it.

Leah, a pupil at St Bartholemew's, in Rainhill, underwent chemotherapy treatment, but it had little effect.

Alder Hey surgeons took Leah's case to a meeting with other medical professionals from across the country to discuss what to do next.

Surgeons from Great Ormond Street, Bristol and Manchester Hospitals had said that surgery was "impossible" for Leah as it would be "highly unlikely to be 'in her best interests'".

Despite this advice, surgeons decided, after speaking to Leah's parents Stephen and Claire and explaining that there was only a 10 per cent chance of them being able to remove the tumour, to take the chance.

Three surgeons from Alder Hey and one from Liverpool Royal operated on Leah, and after eight hours they were told that Leah was not only OK but that surgeons had managed to remove most of the "impossible" tumour.

After undergoing radiotherapy at Clatterbridge Cancer Centre everyday for six and a half weeks, Leah made a steady recovery and remarkably earlier this month her family were told that the remaining tumour had reduced in size.

On BBC Breakfast, Stephen said: "We want to give credit to these guys. Without them coming into our lives Leah probably wouldn't be sat here now. And we want to give to other people who maybe find themselves in a similar situation now or in the future.

"Miracles can happen and never give up on that."

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Halesowen mum saves boy from choking on spaghetti carbonara - the technique everyone should know

A hero mum told how she saved her son's friend from choking on spaghetti carbonara – and said every parent needed to know the first aid skills.

Helen Taylor never imagined she would be thrust into a life-or-death scenario when James Dobbins came round to play with her son, Charlie.

But when Helen's family sat down with the ten-year-old for dinner, he was struggling and appeared to be choking on the pasta dish.

The mum-of-two, who had recently arranged a Mini First Aid class for friends, sprang into action and began the lifesaving moves.

"It is one of the scariest things which has ever happened to me," said Helen, a beauty therapist from Halesowen.

"We were at the table chatting and James said: 'This is lovely.' Then I turned to him and I could see he was gasping and choking.

"I asked if he was OK and he couldn't speak. I looked at my boys and saw they were both in shock, looking at me as if to say: 'What's going on mummy?'"

"I slapped him on the back but that didn't do anything so I shot out of my chair, dragged James from behind the table and did the Heimlich maneuver (an abdominal thrust) on him until a bit of bacon came up. I had to repeat it twice before his airway was free.

"All I could see was our first aid instructor Helen's face and what she had taught us. I don't want to think about what might have happened if I hadn't taken that class.

"I wouldn't have known what to do and would probably have panicked. But once you've been taught something, you go into autopilot and just do it."

James was shocked after the incident but otherwise unhurt.

"He sat there in silence for a few minutes, thinking what just happened to me?" explained Helen, who is married to bank manager Robert.

"He seemed quite shocked but then he carried on eating dinner and went off to play again afterwards. I think it was more traumatising for me, knowing I was the only adult in the house. It shows it can happen at any age."

Helen thinks more should be done to ensure everyone has first aid training. We hosted a Brummie Mummies Social with Mini First Aid to help mums and kids learn the vital life-saving skills.

"It's so important, I think it should be taught in schools as part of the curriculum," said Helen, who met James' mum Laura Dobbins at a playgroup when both boys were toddlers.

"It's always worse when it's someone else's child. As soon as it had happened, I rang his mum to let her know because I didn't want him to tell her when he got home. She couldn't believe it.

"It is such a responsibility looking after someone else’s child that I believe every carer should do a Mini First Aid class. I am so thankful I did the class with Lorraine."

Mini First Aid Birmingham, Hereford and Worcester offers first aid classes for all the family, including Early Years and Kids classes for pre-school and primary age school children.

The standard two-hour baby & toddler first aid classes are for small groups of parents and carers. Classes are informal but informative and cover choking, basic life support, dealing with burns, breaks and bumps, febrile seizures & meningitis awareness. The class costs £20 per person.

James' mum Laura said: "I was shocked when Helen called to tell me what had happened. She was nearly crying and her voice was shaking as she told me he was OK.


"It was really frightening, especially thinking what could have happened if she hadn't done that training.

"Helen was doing me a favour when she had James as I had to take my other son to an appointment. It was lucky she was there and knew what to do.

"People think it's only toddlers who choke on things but that's not the case. I'm going to go on the course now too, I think it's really important."

James' mum Laura said: "I was shocked when Helen called to tell me what had happened. She was nearly crying and her voice was shaking as she told me he was OK.

"It was really frightening, especially thinking what could have happened if she hadn't done that training.

"Helen was doing me a favour when she had James as I had to take my other son to an appointment. It was lucky she was there and knew what to do.

"People think it's only toddlers who choke on things but that's not the case. I'm going to go on the course now too, I think it's really important."

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Pregnant Mom With 3 Sets Of Twins Keeps Conceiving Naturally—And Has No Plans Of Stopping

Patty’s husband Carlos, who works as a floor cleaner, came from a big family. Not only does he have 12 siblings, but twins also run in his family.

In 2008, Patty and Carlos began a decade-long journey through parenthood. The couple spent 10 years welcoming babies into the world — five boys and eight girls — and they include not one but three sets of fraternal twins!

Patty delivered baby #14 in May 2019. All of the kids are have names that begin with the letter “C” in honor of their dad.

“Around three months after I have a baby, I usually get pregnant again,” she told SWNS. And not only that, but Patty says she conceived all of her kids naturally, without the use of IVF or any fertility treatments.

Here are just some of the Hernandez family’s stats: a $400 grocery budget, two refrigerators, seven gallons of milk each week, 50 diapers each week, and one car.

Despite the fact Patty and Carlos’ personal and romantic lives have taken a huge hit (they barely ever go on dates or celebrate their wedding anniversary) the couple says they wouldn’t have it any other way.

“We’re just doing what God tells us to do,” Patty told SWNS. “If God wants us to have 30 kids, I’ll have 30 kids.”


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Mum’s one night stand with ex-boyfriend ends up in a pregnancy with triplets

A mother who already had three children has revealed her shock at being left expecting triplets after a one-night stand with her ex.

Charliann Broadhurst, 28, from Wellingborough in Northamptonshire, had split from childhood sweetheart Ryan Hill - who was the father of her daughters - yet still saw him when he looked after the three youngsters. 

During one visit, one thing lead to another, and the former lovers spent the night together - leaving Charliann pregnant.

To her amazement, doctors revealed she was expecting triplets, and the shock news has seen Charliann and Ryan get back together to raise their super-sized brood. 

Charliann said: 'I tell everyone I fell pregnant on a one night stand - it just happened to be with the man I already had kids with.

'No-one could believe it as at the time of conception me and Ryan weren't actually together.

He's my childhood sweetheart and we've been together since we were 15 but at the time we were going through a really bad patch.  

She added: 'It's a miracle. It was like someone wanted to bring us back together. It literally is a fairytale.'

Charliann and Ryan had been dating since school and already had daughters Cassi-Lee, eight, Caira-Jae, seven, and Siena, five. 

She praises Ryan as the best dad ever, but says the couple went through a rough patch last year and decided to separate. 

She explained: 'The triplets were not planned at all. I didn't even think I was pregnant. I went to the doctors out of curiosity because I was feeling really unwell and he told me I was pregnant. My mouth fell open.

'Because I'd been bleeding he referred me straight to hospital. Within four hours I realised that I wasn't just pregnant, I was pregnant with triplets. I could barely take it in.'

Charliann was sent to Kettering General Hospital where she was scanned and found to be about six weeks along. Much to her amazement, the sonographer discovered fraternal twins, but that wasn't all.

'She'd been scanning me for 15 minutes and then, right up in the corner, there was another dot,' Charlieann said. She said, "I've really got to tell you something, there actually may be another egg".

'I didn't know how to take it. Twins are a fairytale of mine. I dreamed about having twins forever. But triplets, wow.'

Charliann went home in a blur after being told she would need another scan in a week to check the babies' heartbeats.

On her way she phoned Ryan - who 'almost crashed his car when he heard.'

'He just went silent,' Charliann said. 'We literally couldn't speak to each other for 12 hours as we were taking it in.'

After doctors confirmed there were three heartbeats the following week, the couple tried to digest their bizarre luck.

And at 12 weeks, they gathered their children and told them they were going to be big sisters to not one, not two, but three babies.

But the pregnancy took its toll. Charliann started off as a size 16, but her weight plummeted and size eight clothes became baggy as the triplets sucked all the nutrients out of her.

'The pregnancy itself was horrific,' Charliann said. 'I can't say I enjoyed a single part of it. It was scary. I was being scanned every week, going for tests every week. I couldn't motivate myself. I thought they were going to die all the time.'

At 20 weeks, the couple found out they were having two boys and a girl.

Charliann said: 'I didn't have a clue about the sex of the babies. I honestly thought they'd all be girls and it would be more punishment.

'When they told me two were boys it was a dream come true. I cried when I found out. I was the happiest person alive. We'd always had girls and my mum had always had girls and I didn't think I could carry a boy.'

She was then scanned weekly at Kettering while every month a multiples expert from Leicester Royal Infirmary was sent down to check the pregnancy was developing.

The babies were at risk of deadly Twin To Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS), a rare condition that can occur when babies share a placenta that means one can stop growing.

Although Charliann had some symptoms of the condition following the gender scan at 20 weeks, the trio were not affected and the pregnancy continued perfectly normally until 29 weeks.

Charliann then began contracting but knew she had to do everything she could to avoid going into early labour to give the tots the best chance.

After a fortnight in hospital, Charliann was let out - but her next scan revealed devastating news.

'I hadn't been scanned for two weeks and I felt something was wrong,' she said. I was being scanned and within seconds the sonographer said "I need to get you an emergency Caesarean now - your babies have stopped growing."

The mother went straight in for surgery at Nottingham City Hospital at 33 weeks - and Ryan almost missed the delivery.

'I actually thought Ryan was going to miss it,' she admitted. 'There are two hospitals in Nottingham and he was in a rush to get there and went to the wrong one.

'I'd had my epidural and was lying on the table crying "Where is Ryan?". He was on loudspeaker in the theatre and all the surgeons were directing him to the hospital. But he made it in time.'

The triplets were born at 12.31pm on May 31, 2019. 

Little girl Ryana was born first at 4lb 4oz, then Carter, who weighed 3lbs 7oz and last was Cayon at 3lbs 8oz. All were born within the same minute and Cayon and Carter are identical twin boys.

All three had an infection and needed antibiotics. They were taken to NICU and Cayon was transferred to Kettering Hospital - spending 24 hours there alone before the other babies and then Charliann joined him a week later.

She then spent an additional week in Kettering before being discharged.

Charliann spent eight hours a day breastfeeding for the first month and now gets up at 4am to put on two loads of washing and make her six children breakfast. 

She says mealtimes and bath times are a 'military operation.'

'That time between the elder kids coming home from school and bathtime is a military routine,' she explained. 

'And when I say military routine I mean a conveyor belt. It's like "Change nappy 1-2-3". 'It's so hectic. I wouldn't even invite someone in for a cuppa at that time.

'I like to keep things clean too and that's another thing that stresses me out. My life is cleaning, cooking, washing, doing errands, having to get their stuff for school.'

But she added: 'The elder children have been lovely. They are my little helpers. I could not have done it without them. Their dad is good, I can't fault him, but my girls are amazing too.

'They have become little mummies overnight. They keep the triplets occupied, they run around the front room and all the triplets are just watching them. They love it.'

Now Charliann says she just needs to get the next year or two out of the way before she looks into doing some volunteering - and says she might even marry Ryan now they have six kids.

'But I think I'll be too busy for a while,' she joked.

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Woman 'pours vodka' into baby girl's mouth - but dad insists it was 'joke

A sickening video has surfaced online reportedly showing a woman pouring vodka into a baby's mouth.

The child appears to be given a taste of Long White, a pre-mixed vodka drink, as it lays in just a nappy surrounded by cushions.

A man, thought to be the tot's dad, just sits and watches.

The clip is believed to have been filmed in New Zealand with authorities being left "appalled" by the footage.

However, the child's father has spoken out after claiming he has been threatened online, and said 'only an idiot would feed a baby vodka'.

He told the New Zealand Herald:"Me and my wife and a couple of my mates were there and we [were] just joking around [with] her.

"I'm a father and my kids [are] my heart."

But a photo later emerged of the same man, holding a pint of lager up to the baby's lips, with the caption: "Her first Xmas eve and beer #bestdadever."

The video, which was circulated on Snapchat, appears to have been held at the One Love music festival held in Tauranga, which was held this weekend.

New Zealand Police say they have not received any reports in relation to the clip.

And the country's Ministry of Children said: "We are aware of a video that has been circulating on social media, and will work with police as necessary."

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