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895 trafficked Ghanaians rescued

The Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection (MOGCSP), Mrs Cynthia Morrison has revealed that about 895 victims of human trafficking have been rescued since 2017 by the ministry in collaboration with the Ghana Police Service, Ghana Immigration Service and the Economic and Organised Crime Organization (EOCO) 

Addressing a programme in Accra covered by, she described the figures as encouraging compared to those of previous years but added that her outfit would intensify efforts to combat human trafficking across the country.
She explained that the efforts were necessary since perpetrators were now using all strategies to maintain their grip on the trade through various means.

The event on the theme: “Together we end human trafficking now”, was held in collaboration with the Coalition of NGOs Against Child Trafficking (CNACT) and supported by the British High Commission. 

Mrs Cynthia Morrison explained that the ministry, under its Human Trafficking Secretariat, had rehabilitated 29 victims at its female adult shelter since February 1, 2019, adding, “We would also like to revive the entire Anti Human Trafficking Unit of our law enforcement agencies, especially the Ghana Police Service and the Ghana Immigration service, to equip them to fight the menace.”

She added that they were also increasing awareness of human trafficking particularly in the communities and focusing on implementing policies on human trafficking.

Touching on some challenges, the Minister mentioned inadequate funding, inadequate shelter in the regions and the unwillingness on the part of the people to change their mindset about migration.

According to her, young people were eager to travel outside the country due to lack of jobs but was quick to add that the government was doing all it could to provide enough jobs for the youth.

In the light of this, she called on the public to actively support the fight against human trafficking and cautioned young people of the dangers out there, commending the Ghana Immigration Service and the Police for intercepting 66 ladies who were about traveling to Lebanon and other gulf countries.

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South African Pastor Invited ‘Jesus Christ’ To Preach To His Congregation Today

In a weird news report, a South African pastor claims he invited Jesus Christ from heaven to preach to his congregation today.

This South African pastor even backed his claim with photos of his ‘Jesus Christ’.

According to reports, his main purpose of coming is to educate people that he isn’t Jesus of the Bible and that he simply acted like Jesus in those movies we’ve been watching since childhood.

A Twitter user shared this on his timeline which sees Jesus preaching to a congregation. The user wrote:

“A pastor from South Africa invited Jesus from heaven to preach in his church today. Local man have seen enough”

It was then that another Twitter user also disclosed that;

“A Kenyan pastor claims he has found Jesus Christ walking on the streets of Kenya. Took the whiteman to his church, gave him a warm welcome and now his church followers are happy that Jesus has finally come back!

And lucky for them, he landed in Kenya first.

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Vitiligo sufferer, 25, whose face and entire body was covered by light patches claims turning VEGAN has reversed her condition

A woman whose skin was left covered in lighter patches from vitiligo claims going vegan has reversed her condition. 

Jamila Davis, 25, from Florida, was diagnosed with the skin condition, caused by a lack of melanin a pigment of the skin - when she was eight. 

The patches slowly spread across her whole body, meaning strangers would often stare at her because of her unique appearance. 

Miss Davis decided to go vegan after her father died from a stroke in 2017, after the pair had plans to go plant-based together.  

A year into her meat-free diet, the college student was stunned to see her colour returning on parts of her body. Now, her original colour has fully returned on most of her face.

Scientists have yet to prove any diet will treat vitiligo, while experts also say there are none which will make the condition worse either.  

Miss Davis claims she does not use any other standard treatments for her condition and hasn't seen a dermatologist since she went vegan.

Miss Davis said: 'Growing up with it, it never really bothered me. I actually loved the fact I was unique from everyone. 

'But there would be times where kids would stare and point their fingers at me, and others laughing or even saying small hurtful things would get to me.

'Now that I'm reversing it and going through the same process when I lost my pigmentation, I get the stares, points, and even the little ones saying, "mummy what's on her face?" kind of questions. 

'My friends and family say things like it's amazing to watch me change back into my original colour and how I'm so strong and beautiful while embracing myself.'

As a child in 2001, Miss Davis noticed a small white patch on her eye, which initially did not worry her or her parents. 

But patches slowly started appearing elsewhere, prompting her parents to take her to see a doctor. 

Miss Davis said: 'At first my parents and I didn't think anything of it. I did a lot of karate, so we thought it was a small simple cut on my eye, until we noticed it spreading in different places.

'The spreading wasn't like an overnight thing it took weeks, months, even years. But when we saw another spot, we knew something wasn't normal.

'With my mum being a nurse, she rushed me straight to the dermatologist. That's where I learned what I was diagnosed with.' 

People with vitiligo, which varies in severity, don't have melanin, which is produced by skin cells called melanocytes and gives the skin its colour. 

The condition affects no more than one per cent of the world population, according to the US National Library of Medicine. 

In most cases, it is an autoimmune condition, in which the immune system destroys the melanocyte skin cells. 

There are a vast number of treatment options to either camouflage the patches, restore colour, or prevent the patches from spreading further, which include topical creams, phototherapy and even skin grafts.

Miss Davis said: 'People would generally stare, ask questions about what I had. In all honesty some people would be a little scared and especially when I was young and around kids.

'Even now at this age kids are scared to come up to me at times which is okay. I do look a little different. But when I turned all white, they didn't really bother me too much.

'At times it would make me sad because a lot of kids would stare at me at times, but I never let that get to me. 

'I always found a way to explain to others the issue I had, and I was always accepted. So, it didn't bother me too much after I found out I had it.'

Miss Davis decided to go plant-based when her father passed away because they had plans to do it together to take better care of their health.  

She said: 'The biggest reason I decided to research into reversing this condition was my father's passing two years ago.

'My father and I had huge plans to go plant-based together and just take care of ourselves in a better way. But I never thought it would truly bring my colour back.

But I know deep down he's proud of me for the chance I've taken. He is truly one of the main reasons I decided to look into it the way I did.'

Before she went vegan, Miss Davis would consume mostly chicken, fish and a little bit of red meat, as well as indulging in junk food such as crisps, ice cream and meals out.

Now that she has gone vegan, she still eats one of her favourite meals like pizza as long as she substitutes the ingredients for plant-based toppings.

Some complementary therapies claim to relieve or prevent vitiligo. However, there's no evidence to support their effectiveness, the NHS states. 

While there is no scientific evidence that this diet can prevent or treat vitiligo, Miss Davis says that it has done her skin a world of good.

She said: 'It's helping because I'm feeding my body the true nutrients needed which helps reverse the issues within the body. 

'In my opinion it is simple; if you just give your body what it deserves, simple things can be fixed. I feel more than amazing. I truly feel if I can put my story out there more.'

Miss Davis has never felt happier about herself and has decided to share her story with others to encourage more people to embrace their appearance no matter what they looked like.

She said: 'I can show others with or without health conditions how to truly love themselves, be a strong person within their minds, and just think amazing things about themselves.

'I embrace it to the fullest extent every day; I will forever love this condition. It doesn't completely build my life and it's not the main fact about me. But it has helped me grow and learn to truly love myself.

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Doctors find $66K jewelry in woman's stomach as she began throwing up after every meal

A mom in India noticed ornaments started disappearing from their home in Margram village. She didn’t know how the objects just disappeared out of nowhere. Finally, one day, the thief was identified after her daughter was rushed to hospital due to abdominal pain and nausea.

The daughter, Runi Khatun, 26, was so weak and emaciated that she began vomiting after every meal. It was so serious that on July 16, she was admitted to Rampurhat Government Medical College and Hospital in West Bengal state.

“Her condition was so critical that she required at least five bottles of blood,” Dr. Siddhartha Biswas, head of the surgery department, said, MailOnlinereported. “She could not even intake food physically so we had to administer Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) to artificially inject food through her mouth.”

Doctors conducted scans on her belly and realized there was some metal hiding inside. After a week’s time when Khatun’s condition was gradually stabilized, surgeons operated on her stomach.

“Her albumin and hemoglobin count were so low that we could not perform an operation soon,” explained Dr. Biswas.

The surgeons opened her up. They were left baffled by what they found inside her belly.

To anyone’s horror, from her stomach, surgeons removed a whopping 3.5 pounds (approx 1.6 kg) and 53,000 pounds’ worth (approx. US$66,000) of ornaments. There were 69 chains, 80 earrings, 90 coins in the denomination of Rs 5 and Rs 10, 11 nose rings, 8 lockets, 2 silver coins, 5 anklets, 4 keys, and a watch dial.

The huge pile of objects was mostly made of copper and brass, but some of the items were gold. Khatun had swallowed the coins from her brother’s costume jewelry shop while she was alone, her family members said.

“My daughter is mentally unsound,” said Khatun’s mother, as per Hindustan Times.

Khatun’s mother had not the slightest idea that her daughter was swallowing the ornaments that she noticed had gone missing. The mom said whenever she questioned Khatun about the missing items, she cried.

The surgeons took out the endless chunk of jewelry, metals, and coins from her stomach during the operation that lasted for almost 1 hour 15 minutes.

Thankfully, Khatun was in a stable condition following the operation.

One of the doctors in the operating team said: “She swallowed jewelry and coin whenever she felt hungry.”

It’s likely Khatun suffers from pica, an eating disorder that involves eating of inedible materials and substances, such as stones, dirt, paint, plastic, paper, or wood, that have no nutritional value persistently.

As stated on National University Hospital (NUH) website, pica is common in people with developmental disabilities, such as intellectual disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Pica may occur in pregnant women during their pregnancy. It can also affect individuals with other mental health conditions, such as obsessive-compulsive disorder and schizophrenia.



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Social Media users blast Badu Kobi over his tribal comments about Ghanaian women

The head pastor of Glorious Wave International Church, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, has come under fire from social media users after his bizarre comments about the temperaments of Ghanaian women in marriage.

The Pastor in what appears to be a sermon revealed the personalities and attitudes of women from three Ghanaian tribes which he claimed to have gathered after years of research.

He shockingly, claimed that women from the Ashanti tribe are selfish and troublesome, Fanti women are foolish and Ewe women are too docile in marriage.

"When you marry an Ashanti lady eh, you have imported problems... I am telling you the truth.

"I have done research over the years, Ashanti woman! Though, Fanti ladies sometimes are foolish but Ashanti no.

"Ayigbe (Ewe) women are too much of doormats but Ashanti's their eyes red. Looking for the property, looking for things to carry back. Their mother is at the corner influencing everything".

Social media users have not taken kindly to what they describe as "tribalistic comments".

An Instagram user with the name montclair_kollections went the biblical route posting: "We will know them by their words ????" while marianyass prayed for his forgiveness: "Ooooh May God forgive this pastor".

Others believed there was an element of truth to his comments although they questioned its relevance to his sermon.

"Though, I am not in support of where he preached it at. He said the truth," an Instagram user with the name thodeedreydrey posted.

Another user with the name yaw_guy10, said the Pastor made the comments just to trend on social media.

He posted: The same foolish Fante women and eye red ashante women in his church pay tithes, sow seeds and give u offerings...... Does he rejects their monies?? I'm sure he just wants to trend keke".

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7 young Nigeria Igbo Men died when recurring Hausa man inside a

A terrible accident happened earlier this morning at Enugu, Ezike, Enugu state.

As posted by Davidston King on Facebook, an Hausa man was hired to take out the unnecessary water from a soakaway but the Hausa man ignorantly took the generator and the pipe in the pit to draw off the unnecessary water.

When the smoke from the generator became too much, there was no way for him to get out of the pit. The smoke got the attention of people and they summon some young men to rescue the Hausa man.

When the first person entered he was unable to get out too, the second person entered to rescue the first but he could not come out too and that was how all of them followed each other in rescue if the other person which led to their death.

May their soul rest in peace.



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Angry medical doctor stabs fellow doctor with knife at accident scene

Sometimes, when people get angry, they throw professionalism to the dogs.

A paramedic reportedly stabbed a colleague from another health center at an accident scene on the R55 in South Africa on Monday.

According to, the two health workers had an argument at the accident scene, and out of anger, one of them walked to the emergency van and pulled out a knife with which he stabbed his colleague.

Twitter user HlogiVester who posted an aftermath video of the incident said: "I'm not really surprised. That paramedic must be charged with attempted murder and the HPCSA must strike his name off the register, he's a danger to our society."


It is not clear what exactly triggered the argument between the two paramedics.

The matter has gotten to the attention of the Johannesburg Emergency Management Services, and it expressed worry over the incident, describing it as criminal.

Robert Mulaudzi, spokesperson for the Johannesburg Emergency Management Services is quoted as saying: "I don't belong to the organisation but I believe that I have a responsibility to apologise. This is a criminal act and we cannot work like that."

It is reported that following over 30 attacks on paramedics across South Africa, the country’s Emergency Personnel Union called on health workers to start carrying firearms to protect both themselves and their patients.

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'Lonely' autistic student, 17, filmed a goodbye video for his family explaining why he was going to kill himself before standing in front of a train

An 'exceedingly intelligent' child genius made a five minute 'suicide' video for his family before standing in front of a train, an inquest heard today.  

Joel Langford scored top grades in his GCSE exams but was worried about what the future held for him after leaving Great Marlow School, Buckinghamshire.

The 17-year-old, who was 'lonely' after being called names by his fellow pupils, was also upset when he was turned down for a job at Costa Coffee. 

Pupils at school called Joel 'weird', 'loser' and a 'retard', his mother revealed. 

On March 18 Joel recorded a video on his mobile phone, explaining to his family why he was committing suicide before standing in front of a train.

Joel's mother Susan Langford told an inquest into his death in Beaconsfield how her son was a 'challenging child' obsessed with personal hygiene and felt lonely after classmates moved to different countries or new schools.  

The youngster had achieved the top grades for his GCSE's in science and maths, despite being diagnosed with severe dyslexia from a young age. But he 'started to feel the pressure' after starting A-levels in maths, physics and chemistry.

Ms Langford said her high-functioning autistic son's condition 'worsened' after he started A-levels as 'it dawned on him that he had an uncertain future.'

She told the inquest: 'He has faced a lot of rejection in his life, namely at Costa which let him go after a trial shift, for not multi-tasking and a local explorer group - where the most of his social interaction came from - forcing him out for his behaviour, which I challenged. 

'He did not like change and he had some worries about what was coming after sixth form. He had become obsessed about hygiene, unable to wear certain clothes if he felt they would get dirty. 

'Ironically, on the day of his death we thought that problem was over as he wore a jumper he had refused to wear before. However, we later found out that he had taken it off and left it on a nearby gate before the accident.'

Senior mental health practitioner Dr Anoushka Bheekha told the hearing Joel's issues with contamination made him feel 'unpleasant, dry and clammy.'

She added: 'He appeared angry and frustrated when talking about warts and verrucas. He said he had caught warts off his mother who walked around the house barefoot.

'He avoided sitting on the sofa and refrained from touching anyone after he had had his shower and his mother had found him sleeping on the floor of his bedroom because he said his bed did not feel clean.' 

Around 8.25am on the morning he died, Joel rang a friend telling her 'he did not want to continue living and he wanted her to live a happy life'.

The only witness to his death was train driver Richard Woodley, who had only qualified six months earlier. He was working the early morning shift on the single track journey from Marlow to Bourne End when he spotted Joel.

He told the inquest: 'At around 9.10am we were travelling at 40mph. As the crossing came into sight I saw a male run out from the left hand side from the trees. I did not see anyone else with him.

'I thought he was just running across the crossing as many people do, but I put on the emergency brake which cannot be undone until the train has completely stopped. I looked away as the train ran over the male. This was clearly an intentional act.'

Senior coroner Mr Butler, recording a conclusion of suicide, said: 'The medical cause of death was a single trauma injury by train collision.

'Joel has explained that it was what he wanted to do and all the evidence corroborates that. He died instantly and there was never any life-saving opportunity. There is a significant amount of evidence that confirms Joel's intentions.'

Senior coroner Mr Butler, recording a conclusion of suicide, said: 'The medical cause of death was a single trauma injury by train collision.

'Joel has explained that it was what he wanted to do and all the evidence corroborates that. He died instantly and there was never any life saving opportunity. There is a significant amount of evidence that confirms Joel's intentions.

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Woman smashes boyfriend’s head with laptop for staring at another woman on a plane

A furious woman left passengers on a flight in shock as she smashed a laptop over her boyfriend’s head, after accusing him of ‘looking at another woman’.

A video posted to social media which has since gone viral shows the argument escalating, with the woman shouting at her boyfriend, known as Memo.

The dispute culminates in the angry woman chasing her boyfriend down the aisle of the American Airlines flight from Miami to Los Angeles with a laptop, smashing him over the head with it.

She became enraged after accusing her boyfriend of looking at other women.

‘You wanna fucking try to look at other women?’ She threatens, while also yelling at him. to ‘shut up’.

As the furious row begins to deteriorate, a cabin crew member intervenes to attempt to calm the situation, pointing out there is a small child in the woman’s vicinity.

‘Just take her off the plane,’ one passenger said.

The flight attendant then asks her to bring her bags to the front of the plane, at which point she threatens boyfriend Memo if he doesn’t come with her he’ll never see her again before appearing to slap him, as other passengers gasp.

The flight attendants decide at this point to ask the boyfriend to come to the front of the plane to get away from her.

But the woman does not let him get away, and runs after him down the aisle, smashing him over the head with a Dell laptop, and continuing to shove and slap him.

The woman grabs her hand luggage as she is booted off the plane, at which point the pilot informs her that she is going to be charged with assault.

Seemingly not phased by this, she replies, ‘Fine, whatever.’

The video has been retweeted almost 30,000 times since it was posted yesterday.

The woman has since been arrested.

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Menzgold clients encircle circuit court as NAM1 trial begins

All round the circuit court in Accra, desperate customers of Menzgold patrol the premises with harrowing life stories of their investments gone bad.

They are here because CEO of erstwhile gold dealership company Menzgold, Nana Appiah Mensah has their money and they want it back badly.   

The CEO and socialite popularly called NAM1 also wants badly, his freedom from the state’s punitive institutions such as the court. This one is hearing a criminal case of allegedly defrauding 16,000 people of more than GH¢1.6 billion.

It is arguably the biggest defrauding case since the 1995 when Managing Director of the Pyram Business Consultancies, Tanko Rahman Shadow defrauded several hundreds.

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30-year-old woman born with no arms and knees Jlissa Austin set to marry .

- A woman born with no arms and knees set to walk down the aisle

- The 30-year-old woman who is three feet four inches tall is a businesswoman owns a weave company

- Jlissa Austin was born with no arms or knees and she had only seven toes

An American woman from Houston, Texas, who was born without arms and knees, is set to say her vows to her dream man. The parents of 30-year-old woman were told that she would not make it to her 18th birthday.

The 30-year-old identified a Jlissa Austin stands at three feet four inches tall. She is a businesswoman running a weave company.

Austin, who is now ready to walk down the aisle, said that she always thought she was destined to be alone. She said she had believed that she would not marry until she met Johnathon Shorter, her husband-to-be.

However, she has defied all odds, by living past her 18th birthday and now she is ready to tie the knot.

Her husband-to-be is six inch tall and they both live together in Houston. The two are planning their wedding for the summer season.

In an interview with DailyMail, she said: "Me and Johnathan are very good together. We're so in tune. I didn't think it would ever happen to me – meeting someone like this. It feels so good to know that Johnathan is by my side.

"When people see us walking around together, some of them shake Johnathan's hand and say "I salute you, you're doing a good job". But we don't experience issues with people judging our relationship too much thankfully. We're both really looking forward to our wedding, now."

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Lady Caught While Trying To Throw Away Her Baby In Lagos

A yet to be identified lady has been apprehended while trying to throw away her own baby in Lagos.

Her action caused a pandemonium as people were wondering what could have caused this inhuman action.

According to Wale Ilebiyi who posted the news online, the incidence took place at Iyan Ipaja area of Lagos before she was arrested by the police.
He said:

“The baby here was about to be thrown inside a gully by her own mother (swipe to see the mother) in front of my office at Ile epo bus stop, after Iyana Ipaja, along the expressway, this Morning at exactly 10:30, before she was apprehended and taken to Ile epo police station.”


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Why S.D.A believers have quit going to churches

According to my fellow Adventists I have engaged over the development at our Church, almost all of them are scared with the constant fundraising(s), promotions, several weeks of prayer that comes at a cost, registration and insurance fee for music competition and transport for such events yet no devolve funds back to local Churches…a number are saying, that today if you go to any local SDA Church you will be scared by the high money demand.

That they have even devised a method of coercing parents to call their working sons and daughters to send them camp meeting fee(pesa ya makambi/mich kiche) and other Church bills. I remember how Church pastor somewhere kept threatening members to give tithes and offerings failure to which he would promise them bad things. Many of our members are not attending Church services today on this account.

By the way, those monies raised in Church through harambees, promotions such as the camp meeting goal(fee) for every Church should be devolved back to those churches to spur development but they carry everything.

How about the sprouting of churches like mushrooms? Today you find churches constructed in less than 200-300metres radius.

The war at Nairobi Central SDA(Maxwell) is beyond Church register. It’s about leadership wrangles that boils down to financial control. Those at the centre of this war are old people who should be more concerned with eternal life, writing their wills, other than engaging in these embarrassing and petty wars.

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BBNaija 2019: Frodd Gets A Kiss From Housemate Who Previously Turned Him Down

Esther, big brother Naija housemate shared a kiss with Frodd, a fellow housemate, which occurred in the house during a truth and dare game.

Frodd had dared Esther to kiss him on Monday night,  22nd July 2019.

GCFRNG recalls that Frodd who is known to be emotional in nature had earlier asked Esther to be in a relationship with him but unfortunately for him, he was turned down.

The fact that she turned Frodd down did not make her reject the dare instead she went ahead to kiss him which caused uproar from other housemates in the room.

The kiss, however, prompted different comments, responses, and reactions from fans and viewers.

“Frodd oh? your hustle paid off. He kissed Esther via truth or dare.”@Henroczy

“Frodd you win tonight ooo! First Esther agrees to kiss you, now she’s giving you a lap dance! Congratulations bro.” @Poshchi

“Frodd leave Esther matter I no this love thing can be painful but dnt be a sucker for love bro.Move on.” @Tunde_ashekum

“She kissed him and gave him a lap dance when she had the option to drink. Esther likes Frodd, don’t get it twisted.” @Pronce_Chrissther

“You can’t blame Esther. Frodd isn’t in a relationship with Esther and he’s already acting possessive. Very irritating. #bbnaija.” 

“Like I swear what do Esther see in this Nelson guy, I prefer Esther be with Frodd.” 

“The most interesting thing this year is Frodd and Esther’s problematic relationship, Tacha’s dramatics, Mercy and Ike ghetto love. The rest are boring and should go home.” 

“Frodd really, you are obsessed and possessive.” 

“To Think this Frodd is an Igbo guy and comes from Anambra baffles me, we don’t behave like this. We came for the money not love, If Esther doesn’t like you leave her and move on.” 

“Esther is confused and guilty as charged by Frodd.”
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Reporter killed as toll in Nigeria rallies over Shia leader rises

A journalist covering clashes between Nigerian security forces and supporters of a Shia group in Abuja has been confirmed dead amid reports the death toll from the confrontation has risen to at least eight people.

Members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) rallied on Monday in the capital demanding the release of their leader Ibrahim el-Zakzaky - in detention since 2015 - following reports of worsening health conditions of both he and his wife, who is also being held.

A senior police officer deployed to coordinate security operations during the protest was shot dead, police said.

IMN said they had retrieved six bodies of their members shot dead during the clashes, but put the death toll higher.

"I can confirm that 11 of our members were shot dead during yesterday's protest," Abdulhamid Bello, an IMN leader, told Al Jazeera on Tuesday. "We are still counting the death toll," Bello said.

Precious Owolabi,  who worked for local broadcaster Channels Television, also succumbed to bullet wounds after he was shot while covering the protests. The 23-year-old was reportedly shot in the stomach.

"The management and staff of Channels Television are greatly saddened by the untimely and unfortunate death of such a promising journalist," the media organisation said in a statement.

Tributes have poured in for the slain journalist on social media, while The Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) condemned his killing.

"The death of Precious Owolabi signifies how brutish and short life has become in Nigeria and signposts the danger faced by journalists daily in carrying out the constitutional mandate of holding government and its officials accountable to Nigerians," Emmanuel Ogbeche, NUJ chairman in Abuja, said in a statement.

Meanwhile, police said 54 Shia members who were arrested on Monday would soon be prosecuted.

"The suspects are undergoing interrogation and will be arraigned in court as soon as possible," a police statement read.

The Shia movement condemned the arrest of some of its members from hospital beds while receiving treatment for bullet wounds sustained during the bloody clash.

"Some seriously injured persons that were taken to Abuja University Teaching Hospital in Gwagwalada; the police went there and took away about 11 people they shot during the protest," a spokesman for the group Ibrahim Musa said.

The latest protest was a continuation of a series of demonstrations launched by the Shia group that resulted in bloody clashes with Nigerian police.

Several people were killed and more than 40 IMN members were arrested last week after the National Assembly building in Abuja was closed and gunshots fired during a demonstration.

Each side blamed the other for the gunfire


Cheta Nwanze, a security analyst, called for caution to prevent the clashes escalating.

"We have consistently warned that the Nigerian state appears bent on radicalising the Shia, and the death of a policeman appears to confirm our worst fears," Nwanze said.

"A group that has maintained discipline for [a] long [period] is one to be treated with caution, especially as they showed with simultaneous protests in Abuja, Kaduna and Lagos two weeks ago," he added.

The group, which represents Nigeria's minority Shia Muslims, says it will continue protesting until they secure the release of el-Zakzaky, an Islamic scholar who founded the IMN in the late 1970s.

El-Zakzaky was incarcerated by successive military governments. A number of court orders instructing the current government to release him and his wife have gone unheeded.

A presidential spokesman has told local media the IMN leader was being kept in custody "for his own safety".

For more than three decades, the IMN has had regular run-ins with security forces in Nigeria while demonstrating against perceived religious persecution.

Nearly 400 members of the IMN have been killed by police in response to largely peaceful protests since 2015, according to Amnesty International.

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Big Brother Naija Housemates Caught On Camera Having Sekz

The fun-filled Big Brother Naija just got better when two of the housemates, Gedoni and Khafi, who are so much into each other lately, were caught on tape having sex.

Although they know this is a reality show that has cameras littered everywhere and watched by millions of people worldwide, their lust and passion rather consumed them as they bonked each other under the sheet and cared less about what viewers might think.

Apparently, this not the first time they have tasted their ‘forbidden fruits’ as they first had sex in the house on Saturday July 20th.

The duo have been all over each other in the past few days and they have been captured on numerous occasions making out,any time they feel comfortable to do so.

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21-Year-Old Ghanaian Lady Commits Suicide After Boyfriend Leaked Her S3X Videos

A trending report we have obtained from indicate that a young Ghanaian woman has killed herself because her boyfriend decided to blackmail her by leaking her nude photos when they broke up.

Here’s the full report from the online portal;

Reports circulating on social media have it that a 21-year-old pretty Ghanaian lady, Milton Whamper has committed suicide over the leaked of her naked photos masterminded by her ex-boyfriend.

According to reports, pretty and calm Milton Whamper who was in a relationship in a fraud boy (sakawa) decided to dump him and move on with her life since she wasn’t comfortable with his fraudulent activities.

All efforts by this fraud boy to convince Milton to rescind her decision proved futile and to pay her back for jilting him, started sharing her naked photos and videos through Milton’s own Facebook inbox since he had her password.

Milton after realising what her ex-boyfriend had done, posted on Facebook stating clearly that she is not the one sending her own nude photos and videos but as usual, social media never gave a hoot about her and kept trolling her.

Unable to stand the embarrassment, Milton sadly took her own life on Monday dawn, January 28, 2019.

It’s time youngsters learn to have sex without recording or send nudes to their boyfriends in the name of love.

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Ghanaian man threatens suicide after his wife whom he brought to London betrayed him

A Ghanaian man based in London has threatened to commit suicide after his wife he brought from Ghana betrayed him.

According to the man, initially, his family was against his marriage to his wife but he went against the orders of his family.

The 40-year old man explained that since his wife arrived in London, her attitude towards him has changed and has become very disrespectful.

He added that he suspects his wife is having extra-marital affairs because she hardly stays at home.

The man who was in tears stated that he is in dilemma as in what to do as he is currently contemplating suicide.

He added that his family warned him against this marriage but their advice fell on deaf ears and is now getting his comeuppance.

He further explained that his wife has associated herself with bad friends who are influencing her negatively.

He revealed that he has a two-year-old child with his wife and at the moment feels betrayed over his partner’s recent attitude.

He made this revelation in a phone-in discussion on Sankofa Radio, London and pleaded with the host to help solve his marital issues.


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Nigeria Ghana to stop attacking its citizens

The Nigerian government has warned that there could be dire consequences if its citizens in Ghana are ill-treated. 

The Chairman, Nigerians in Diaspora Commission, Mrs. Abike Dabiri-Erewa, said Nigerians in other African states deserve to be respected. 

She warned that the continent would suffer should Nigeria also decide to treat other nationals in the same manner. 

She also lamented the generalization of criminal issues when it involves Nigerian nationals.


"If a Nigerian commits a crime, you should deal with that particular person rather than generalize issues by punishing those who are innocent of the crime,” Mrs Dabiri-Erewa said. 

According to her, 994 Nigerians have been deported from Ghana through the land borders in the last 18 months. She made the revelation when she met Nigerian professor, Augustine Nwagbara, who was recently sacked by the University of Education, Winneba, for inciting other Nigerian nationals. Ghanaians and Nigerians have peacefully coexisted for the better part of the last three decades, but that understanding appears to be under threat. 

In June, some Ghanaians forcefully ordered the closure of shops operated by Nigerian traders at Suame Magazine. 

This followed a spate of crimes and kidnappings in which the suspects have been identified as being Nigerians.


The biggest case remains the kidnapping of three teenage girls in Takoradi in November 2018. 

All three are yet to be found, although the prime suspect, identified as a Nigerian national Samuel Wilson Udoetuk, has been apprehended by the police. 

In a separate case, six suspects were arrested by the police in connection with the kidnapping of two Canadian girls in Kumasi.

Although the girls have since been rescued, three of the suspects – Sampson Aghalor Romeo, Elvis Ojiyorwe and Jeff Omarsar – have been identified as Nigerians. 

There was also the case of five Nigerian nationals who were arrested in Tema for allegedly raping a woman in the presence of her husband. 

The above and other happenings involving Nigerians led to a series of clashes between citizens of both countries. 

However, calm has recently been restored.

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Nigeria pastor rape accusers 'lives under threat'

A Nigerian couple at the heart of a rape accusation against a leading pastor in the country, say their lives are at risk.

Photographer Busola Dakolo and her husband Timi Dakolo held a press conference in Nigeria's commercial hub Lagos on Sunday. Mr Dakolo is quoted by online newspaper Premium Times as saying: “We have been followed, our home has been watched."

In a widely-shared video last month, Ms Dakolo alleged that Biodun Fatoyinbo of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (Coza) raped her as a teenager, prompting protests at branches of the church. The pastor has denied the accusation, and has since "taken a leave of absence from the pulpit of the church".

On Saturday, Mr Dakolo posted on his Instagram page that some police officers forced their way into his home, and attempted to take him and his wife away.

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