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Giggs' brother claims his Mum stopped talking to him after Man Utd icon's affair

Rhodri Giggs has opened up on his heartbreak after his own mother stopped talking to him following his famous brother Ryan's eight-year affair with his ex-wife.

In 2011, Ryan and Rhodri's relationship ceased to exist when it was revealed the Manchester United legend had been secretly involved with Rhodri's wife Natasha for eight years.

Natasha was the one to expose their affair, reportedly deciding to come clean after confronting Ryan about his relationship with Imogen Thomas – an affair he tried to hide behind an ill-fated injunction.

Rhodri has previously revealed how he has had little contact with his side of the family following the shocking revelation more than eight years ago.

And now he has explained the devastating impact it has had on him, revealing that he hasn't spoken to his own mother, Lynne, since 2011.

Speaking on the  Almost Famous podcast, he said: "It's like I've done the affair.

"I've got three children, one whose five who she's never met and one who's 13 who she hasn't seen for seven or eight years, what have they done? They live a mile away.

"Ryan's got a son who's exactly the same age, these people should be mixing with each other and looking out for each other but instead they don't even know each other, that's the sad thing.

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Law graduate whose contraceptive injection caused her to balloon to 280lbs loses 100lbs after having a gastric sleeve fitted

A law graduate has undergone gastric sleeve surgery in a bid to lose weight after claiming her contraceptive injection caused to balloon to 280lbs (20 stone).

Brittany Nicholson, 25, from Indiana - who suffers from polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) - decided to start having a contraceptive injection every three months, because it was proven to help stop her painful periods and ovarian cysts.

Brittany, who weighed 154lbs (11 stone) at the age of 16, began to gain weight soon after starting the injections, despite dieting and frequently visiting the gym - and by the age of 23, she had put on a total of 126lbs (11 stone).

As a last resort, Brittany, opted to have a gastric sleeve - where part of the stomach is removed -  in September 2018, and has since lost 100lbs (seven stone) and feels happier than ever with her 182lb (13 stone) frame.

Brittany, who is now working as a law intern, said: 'At the age of 16 I had started to experience symptoms of polycystic ovaries.

'I went to the doctors due to the stomach pain and an ultrasound found cysts on my ovaries and from there I was diagnosed.

'The cysts had taken over and I was put on birth control to stop the cysts growing any further.

'But the weight piled on, I was 154lbs (11 stone) when I was 16 and then 280lbs (20 stone) by the time I was 23.

'Everyone is different, and some people may not have gained weight on this medication whilst others might have but were able to control it by dieting and exercising.

'I was working out four times a week from the age of 16 and I had a personal trainer, but I was still overweight.

'I didn't binge eat, I didn't over indulge, I didn't have a problem with dieting, I just couldn't stop gaining weight.

'I was continuously researching PCOS and the type of birth control I was on to see if there had been any developments as I was desperate to get off the medication.'

Brittany put a lot of pressure on herself to lose weight as she was worried people would assume she was lazy.

She added: 'As I got into my twenties, I realised I can't do this alone, despite having a husband Matt, 28, who was so supportive and loved me no matter my weight, I knew something had to be done.

'When I was 23, an ultrasound confirmed that the medication stopped the cysts from forming on my ovaries. 

'I took that opportunity to get off of the treatment and see if that impacted my ability to lose the weight I gained while on it.

'I was able to lose a bit of weight on my own, but it wasn't long before the cysts returned and my doctor recommend I get back on the treatment.

'I went back to the hospital and signed up for six-month program - medically supervised weight loss - the last option was to get a gastric sleeve.'

According to her doctors, the weight loss surgery was a 'medical necessity' therefore Brittany only had to pay $800 (£600) and Matt's insurance covered the remanding $53,000 (£40,000).

She adds: 'Since having surgery, I have lost 100lbs and not only am I so much happier, but I am also motivated to continue my healthy lifestyle as the weight is finally coming off.

'Some days I do have difficulties with my weight loss. When I was obese, I didn't even see it. Now I have to remind myself that I am no longer a size 20 by looking in the mirror. If I don't remind myself I will walk around feeling trapped in a much larger body.'

'I love that I can now go into any shop and buy clothes as nowhere used to stock fashionable size 20 clothing, so I would often leave the store in tears.

'People will open the door for me or help me with my bags to the car whereas before I was invisible.'

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Mum's 'scary' diagnosis after blaming tiredness on panic attacks

A single mum of three has urged panic attack sufferers to “fully investigate” their symptoms after hers were revealed to be caused by a brain tumour. 

Catherine Wilcockson dismissed her general tiredness for a year until she had a panic attack that felt like a terrifying out-of-body experience at her daughter's nativity play in December last year.

“It was as if I was watching the play from a location outside my body. It was really scary but I managed to pull myself together and focus,” she said.

“I had to reassure myself - 'Catherine, you're sat here, you're watching Shani's play.’ I didn't feel real.”

The hairdresser’s doctor initially believed the 36 year old was suffering from derealisation - a mental disorder that creates a sense of disconnection from the world - and prescribed her antidepressants.

But the pills didn't work and Catherine, from Sheffield, South Yorks, had repeat attacks daily until she suffered a huge seizure, falling and hitting her head in front of her daughters Shani, nine, and Christie, 16, in May.

An ambulance rushed her to Northern General Hospital where a CT scan revealed a brain tumour the size of an apple.

On June 18, Ms Wilcockson went under the knife and surgeons were able to remove 80 percent of the tumour - but she is still at risk of it growing back.

Most shockingly,  Ms Wilcockson says she suspected she had a brain tumour in her early 20s and has since learned it could have began growing when she was just six years old.

“I had a feeling I had a brain tumour for many years. I started telling my parents in about my early 20s,” she said.

“Nothing major happened to me but I can remember when I was a child getting up at night and I'd just go the toilet and be sick and then I'd get back in bed. That happened quite a few times to me a few months apart. I was about ten.”

Ms Wilcockson said her symptoms worsened in the last two years.

“I'd been down - the tumour must have affected my speech and my emotions. My mum said to my sister 'there's something not right with Catherine’,” she said. 

The mum is now calling on patients and doctors “to be more aware” after she realised that her symptoms matched those of common mental illnesses.

“I watched videos about how people [with mental illnesses such as derealisation and panic attacks] felt and it totally matched how I felt,” she said.

“After what I've been through with [the misdiagnosis], I'd advise others to get somebody to obviously fully investigate into how they're feeling because you only get one brain.”

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Alcoholic dad stopped drinking after finding shocking selfie

A former alcoholic says one selfie was all it took for him to finally commit to giving up drinking. Gene Davies, 47, struggled with alcoholism for decades, with his addiction costing him numerous jobs and relationships. The pot washer – who used to drink a bottle and a half of whiskey a day – says his addiction even led to the breakdown of his marriage. However, a picture he took after a dangerous incident spurred him to reach out for help and he has now been sober for 18 months. Gene says his drink problem started when he was a teenager playing drums in a band called Silent Runner with Kelly Jones from Stereophonics who is his cousin. He said: ‘I’m not blaming rock and roll – I was a willing participant. ‘But it was definitely where my drink problem started.

We were only about 14 or 15 at the time and already playing pubs and workingmen’s clubs. ‘And this was the Valleys in the ’80s, by the way. ‘It was easy to get served if you were underage back then – lots of blind eyes were turned if we wanted to grab a crafty flagon of lager.’ After joining the band, the teenager spent most of his time ‘being the showman, trying to make people laugh’ during which time his ‘boozing increased exponentially’. After being thrown out of university in Bath for non-attendance, Gene made his way through a series of odd jobs, including dish washing and catering. However, he was fired from most of them after ‘sneaking in cans and disappearing down the pub during my breaks to throw more pints down my neck’. After moving back to Wales in 2003, he attempted to hide his drinking problem from his parents by stashing bottles in the house and going for long ‘walks’.

At his lowest point, he found himself sucking up the remnants of a spilled beer with a straw from a pub floor. He said: ‘While we were in there someone spilled their beer and I decided to take a straw, get down on my knees and suck the remnants of it from the dirtiest, mankiest pub carpet you’ve every seen. ‘And this was despite already having a full pint waiting for me on the bar. ‘Isn’t that the most disgusting thing you’ve ever heard?’ After meeting his wife Vicky at a party in 2010, they had a son called Joe in 2015. It was at this point that Gene cut down on drinking – but he couldn’t give it up altogether. He said: ‘I became a nasty drunk – not in the physical sense, just a sharp tongue – and that contributed to my marriage eventually breaking down.’

After being kicked out of his family home, the pot washer got the wake-up call he needed. He was staying round a friend’s house in a bunk bed while he awoke needing the toilet. However, he ended up covered in blood when he forgot where he was and fell from the top bunk. He said: ‘When I awoke in the night needing a pee I quite forgot I was six foot up and dropped like a stone to the floor, taking out a chest of drawers with my head on the way down. ‘I wasn’t knocked out – the drawers were totalled, mind – and staggered to the bathroom to see the mess I’d made of myself and whether or not I could get away with just wrapping it in a tea towel and going back to bed. ‘But, when I saw the blood, lifted up my hair and a big flap of skin came with it, I realised I’d partially scalped myself and could actually see my skull. ‘I remember thinking, ‘Nope, it’s the hospital for you, pal’.’

The next morning, the former alcoholic was looking at a selfie of his injuries from the night before. It was this picture that spurred him to shake his addiction. He said: ‘I’ve not touched a drop since – that was 18 months ago. ‘I now work washing pots and preparing veg in a local Indian restaurant – basic stuff but there’s no stress, just the way I like it. ‘Now Joe is my rock and my number one fan and he helps me keep it together. ‘As for all those lost years? I’m a bit ‘Edith Piaf’ about it all – ‘I regret nothing’ and all that – because, had I not gone down that route I wouldn’t have ended up meeting Vick, with whom I’m still friends, and I wouldn’t have had my boy. ‘Now it’s all about focusing on him and being a good dad. ‘It’s been a long time since I felt like myself again, and I’m loving it.’

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Nine-year-old twin with albinism says people refuse to believe she and her brother are related because they have different skin tones - and will ask her why she is 'lighter' than her sibling

Twins are often born identical or looking similar in appearance, but in the case of a Florida brother and sister, the two couldn't look more different.

Nine-year-old She'riq Elliott from Pembroke Pines was born with albinism but her twin brother, Te'riq Elliott, was born without the condition, leaving many strangers refusing to believe that the pair are actually related - particularly because they are so different in personality.  

'People sometimes don't believe we are twins,' She'riq said. 'We're totally different. He's funnier than me and I'm just kind of calm.' 

'Everybody comes up to me and they're like, "Why are you lighter than your brother?" So I tell them,' she continued. 

Te'riq added: 'I help my sister because my friends always tell me, "Hey Te'riq why is your sister a different type of color?" and then I just explain it and they're like, "Oh that's cool."'

One in 18,000 to 20,000 people in the United States are born with albinism, which causes pale skin, sensitivity to the sun, and eyesight issues.

This wasn't the first experience of albinism for parents Sherria and Terry Elliott Sr., who had welcomed a daughter with the same condition 10 years before the twins.

Now 20, older sister Sheterria has been a mentor and support for She'riq, having navigated the negativity that can come when living with a misunderstood condition. 

'I think that I've helped my sister cope with having albinism because I've gone through all the hard times so I was able to educate her, let her know that it's not a disease, you're okay, we're going to be fine,' Sheterria said. 

'I would tell her how to respond to certain remarks, be nice, but let them know what it is that you have.'

She recalled when the twins were first born: 'I was in elementary school and I was so excited because I wanted one to come out looking like me.'

'My brother picked me up from school and we went to the hospital and everybody was quiet,' she continued. 'They took me to the NICU because they said one of the babies was in there.

'I go to the window and when they opened the window, my sister was there and she had a head full of blonde hair like me. She looked just like me. I started crying. That was the best moment ever.'

Older brother, Terry Jr. said: 'It was just a reincarnation of me and Sheterria. I'm the oldest and she's under me so when I found out that Te'riq came out like me and She'riq had albinism it was like a whole me and Sheterria born again.'

While there's no history of Albinism in Sherria or Terry Sr.'s family, the combination of their genes appears to have a significantly increased chance of resulting in a child with the disorder.

Dad Terry Sr., said: 'We didn't know one of the twins had albinism until She'riq was born. Looking at the doctors' facial expressions was just amazing. It was shocking to all of them.'

Now nine, the twins are an inseparable team, with the calm and centered She'riq balancing out her more animated brother.

'The twins have a wonderful relationship, I love their relationship and it kind of makes me wish I had a twin growing up,' Mom Sherria said. 

'My daughter, She'riq, she's very caring, very nurturing, kind of like me. And my son Te'riq is very outgoing, very funny like his dad.'

And while She'riq was potentially facing a much tougher upbringing than her brother, older sister Sheterria made sure her younger sister was prepared for what lay ahead.

The older Elliott sister had experienced her share of obstacles due to her condition and was keen to ensure her sister didn't go through the same thing.

She recalled a particularly tough time as a young girl: 'In pre-Kindergarten, we had to go to the high school that was across the street.

'So we would walk to the high school to eat lunch and during that time, that's where the kids were throwing food at me.

'I was the lightest person in the school because it was an African American school. I was crying, bawling. I was like "mommy, I don't understand why these kids are treating me like this."'

Experiences like this allowed Sheterria to understand how people reacted to Albinism out in the world, so she ensured her younger sister met any questions or judgement head-on. 

'My sister helped me with my albinism because she comforts me,' She'riq said. 'She helped me with talking to more people, because I used to be kind of shy. But now I just like to make friends.'

Meanwhile, Sheterria has now learned to overcome the negativity and embrace herself – modelling and launching her own eyelash extension company.

'When I look in the mirror, I see somebody who has come a long way,' she said. 'Looking in the mirror now is totally different from how I used to look in the mirror because when I wake up, I don't have my makeup done and everything is blonde.

'My eyebrows are blonde, my eyelashes are blonde, everything is blonde, and I used to hate that. I used to not be proud of who I used to see when I looked at the mirror. But now I look in the mirror and I'm like "yes, you cute."'

Recently the twins and Sheterria were chosen to be part of an uplifting photo series called the 'Skin I'm In' project, which was exhibited in Houston, Texas.

Photographer Ferrell Phelps shot with numerous individuals with skin conditions in an attempt to, in his own words, 'make a difference.'

Phelps, speaking at a gala event for the photo series in Houston, said: 'I was looking for people of all different skin types, variations, ethnicities, and so forth, to be a part of a project.

'I want everybody to be accepted for their uniqueness. I want them to be accepted for who they are. I want the modelling industry to change. I want the commercial industry to change. And I'd love to see more people with uniquely beautiful skin.'

After seeing their photos in the exhibition, the twins were clearly proud of sharing their unique look with others.

'I never thought I'd be a part of something like this,' She'riq said. 'I think it's really cool that Ferrell is doing this for people that have different kinds of skin.

'I really like it because it can tell people that they're beautiful the way they are.'

Sherria said: 'I'm very proud of my girls. I'm very proud of where they are, accepting who they are, that's what I'm most proud of.

'Just to see where they came from to now, not being able to look people in the eye because they want to look away because they don't know what the person is saying to them or the person is pointing, wondering why their skin is different than ours.

'Every kid wants to look like mom and dad so we just had to teach them that this is how God made you. We love you regardless, unconditionally, but until they learn to love themselves that was the key. And once they did that, I mean, it was like magic, like a blessing.'

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Last Words Man Told Wife in Argument Before Plunging at Likoni

The family of John Mutinda, 46, whose body was retrieved from the Indian Ocean at Likoni Channel spoke out after his death, following reports that he had an argument with his wife in the wee hours of Saturday morning, December 7, 2019.

The deceased drowned at 4:20 am after speeding into the Indian Ocean despite efforts by Kenya Ferry Services officials to stop him.

KTN was first to report that Mutinda hastily left the house, without wearing a shirt, and drove to the channel. 

"We received the news in the morning that the body had been retrieved. We have not seen it yet, therefore, we cannot release a full statement.

"The wife can't also speak at the moment until we view the body. However, before he left, he informed his wife that he had been called. She followed him only to find out that he had left.

"I was informed of his death in the morning by Reverend Paul Rugut, our pastor. It was then that I rushed to the scene," Bernard Sila, the family spokesperson, stated as the deceased's wife stood alongside him.

His wife, Ruth Mueni, informed K24 TV that Mutinda told her that he dreamt receiving a phone call from his late father who instructed him to drive to Mombasa CBD, where they would meet. Mueni added that she hid the car keys and asked him to pray along with her, to which declined and search for the keys, found them and drove off. 

She denied claims that the two had any wrangles, stating that she never had a fight with her husband that could push him to his death.

Mutinda hailed from Kitui but resided with his wife and twin sons in Likoni. 

Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho swiftly responded after the tragedy, stating that he had deployed a team from the county to collaborate with the multi-agency rescue team in conducting the operation.

The incident happened barely three months after the tragic September 29, Likoni incident which saw Mariam Kighenda and her 4-year-old daughter Amanda Mutheu plunge to their death.

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Nurse helps save her OWN life after her arm was sliced off by a boat propeller while she was swimming on holiday in Texas

A nurse who had her arm sliced off in a horror boating accident while on vacation said her training as a critical care nurse 'saved her life'.

Kristina Dejesus, 32, from New Jersey, lost her right arm at the shoulder after being hit by a boat's propeller on a weekend away with her childhood pals in October 2017.

Kristina said that after being hauled out of the water she instructed her rescuers to put pressure on the wound and elevate her feet to stop the blood loss.

Fortunately the boat's crew included two ex-servicemen who kept calm as they raced back to the dock where an ambulance was waiting.

From there, Kristina was airlifted to hospital where she was taken for emergency surgery to close the wound.   

Kristina said: 'I was involved in a boating accident when my body came into contact with the propeller while I was on vacation with my friends.

'My arm was amputated immediately, but I couldn't feel anything.

'I was kicking and screaming when I realized my friends were panicking, the current was pulling us away from the boat we were on.

Luckily there was another boat nearby and they came towards us with a jet ski.

'I was pulled up onto a speed boat where luckily there were two guys who had been in the military.

'I'm an ICU nurse and I knew I had to lie flat with my legs up and put pressure on my wound.

'It was at this point I realized I didn't have an arm. I couldn't believe it. I was lucky because my wound was not bleeding heavily.

'My artery had been kinked and it was a clean cut. I wasn't bleeding out, but there was obviously a huge risk that I could at any moment.

'They brought me to the dock where an ambulance met us. I was then brought to a local playground where there was a helicopter.

'I tried my best to stay calm because I knew if I got stressed, it would be problematic.

'I went into surgery and when I woke up I was intubated, sedated and on life support.'

Kristina has now been fitted with myoelectric-controlled prosthetic arm, which uses the signals from the muscles in her shoulder to move. 

She returned to work in the CCU of Overlook Hospital in May, and said the support of her husband Blas Barquin, 35, has helped her accept her new life as an amputee.

Kristina said: 'I made a choice and that was to be optimistic. The support I had made this easier.

'I felt like I didn't have a reason to be sad. I'm alive and for that I am grateful. I think there have been moments that have been frustrating but my husband and family have been so supportive.

'Your body image is something you have to adapt to. I don't have a problem with my body right now. I wear bikinis on the beach and it doesn't bother me.

'But I am lucky to have a husband like mine. He's been my cheerleader every step of the way.'

Kristina said it was difficult to come to terms with her new life as an amputee, but her experience with critical medical situations has made it easier to accept.

Being an ICU nurse definitely saved my life and has given me a perspective on life.

'Things could have been much worse and I could have lost my life in that lake.

'The hardest part is dealing with people looking at you or asking you questions about the accident.

'I learned to keep my head up high and be proud, because I have survived a lot.

Kristina and her friend Rita Santora, 32, returned to Lake Travis on the anniversary of the accident, which gave the childhood friends closure after a traumatic year.

Kristina said: 'We returned to Texas a year after my accident and I felt that helped me a lot.

'We had a barbecue on the lake and we were able to help some of the people who saved my life.

'My friend Rita came too and it was also closure for her. It was traumatic for her because she was in the water with me.

'It was good for us both and allowed us to close that chapter of our lives.'

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Chilling video shows toddler playing on escalator moments before it killed him

Harrowing footage captured the moments just before a three-year-old boy fell to his death while playing with his siblings - while his mother was nowhere to be seen.

Jaiden Cowart had been playing with his two siblings, two and four, at an escalator near baggage claim at Charlotte Douglas International Airport, North Carolina, when his clothing got caught and he was pulled to the top then dropped.

Police say his mother, Jiterria Lightner, could not be seen for the entire hour of surveillance footage. 

She was arrested and charged with three counts of child neglect after the incident on September 25 just before 9pm. 

Lightner claims she was sitting 15 feet away from the escalator while arranging a ride to take the family back to their North Carolina home.  

Footage shows Jaiden's sister grab on to the hand rail of the escalator. As she ascends, she picks Jaiden up and the two continue to travel upwards. 

A painting contractor saw the children, rushed over to try and help and was able to catch Jaiden's sister, according to an airport report. 

The contractor didn't reach Jaiden in time and he fell 20 feet to the ground. 

One airport worker reportedly saw the child suffer a 'major trauma to the head' and called for a medic while passengers swarmed round and asked him to 'do something', according to ABC News.  

Police said Jaiden was lying in a 'large pool of blood' and was taken to Atrium Health Hospital but died three days later. 

Mr Lightner had been travelling back from Florida with her children when the accident happened. 

'They were between the stairs and the escalators when he was carried up on his arm up the escalator,' attorney Michael Greene said.

'It appears that he was trying to reach over to grab the stair railing and when he tried to grab the railing, that's when he took the unfortunate fall.'

'(They) went from saying this is an accident, now saying that you've committed a crime,' Greene told Channel 9 News. 'She was caring for a 4-, 3- and 2-year-old and trying to arrange a ride from the airport. I'm here saying she's not guilty of misdemeanor child abuse.

'This is one of those incidents that could've happened to any one of the members of this community, and, unfortunately, the decision came down to charge her with a crime.'

Police said Lightner 'allowed a substantial risk of physical injury by allowed the child to play, unsupervised, on an airport escalator.'

Lightner said she was  on a chair 15 feet away from the escalator and trying to book a ride home for the family. 

She was arrested two weeks ago and was charged with three counts of misdemeanor child abuse, according to records from the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office. She was released from jail the same evening.

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Wow ,When She Got Cancer, She Gave Her Boyfriend An 'Out.' Then He Proposed.

Two years ago, Jillian Hanson, then a 25-year-old from New Jersey, was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer.

Her thoughts quickly shifted to her boyfriend, Max Allegretti. Knowing how rough the road ahead would be, Hanson offered Allegretti, whom she had started dating in college three years prior, an “out” before things got too intense.

Allegretti wasn’t much interested in that.

“Jillian told me that it was going to be hard and that she did not know what to expect with everything and if I couldn’t handle it, she wanted to know now,” he told HuffPost. “I completely disregarded everything she said.”

Allegretti stayed by Hanson’s side during two years of intensive treatment. On her last day of chemo, Feb. 28, 2018, Allegretti knew exactly what he wanted to do to celebrate: Ask Hanson for her hand in marriage.

“I talked with Jill’s friends and family, and we decided how we could make her last day of chemo even better,” he said. “And then we planned everything out for the proposal with Memorial Sloan Kettering, the hospital where she was receiving treatment.”

The video of the proposal is nothing short of heartwarming.

“Jillian Hanson, will you marry me?” Allegretti asks, surrounded by his girlfriend’s family, friends and nurses.

“What? Wait no, really?!” a shaken-up Hanson replies, before eventually giving her answer: “Yes!”

The shock was genuine, Hanson said. Though they had talked about getting married before her diagnosis, the plans were put aside to focus on her treatment.

“I was so surprised that he decided to propose on a day that was already so special,” she told HuffPost. “It was such an exciting bonus that we were now celebrating two amazing milestones!”

It was a sweet ending to an arduous journey. Throughout the process, Allegretti tried to keep things as normal as possible.

“I would still remind her how beautiful she was regardless of her appearance changes. I would also surprise her with presents to cheer her up, like ‘Love Your Melon’ hats to keep her head warm in the winter,” he said. “We would still hang on the couch and watch movies together; the only difference was that we went out less.”

While they looked forward to their big day, the couple also felt a little overwhelmed by the prospect of planning ? and paying for ? a wedding. After all, Hanson still faced additional treatments, tests and therapy.

Later in the year, though, some wedding planners and vendors stepped in to help. In October 2018, Hanson’s friend Bianca met Lauren Grech of LLG Events and shared Hanson and Allegretti’s story with her. The New York City-based wedding planner was so touched, she decided to lend her services to the couple free of charge.

Hanson was shocked when she heard the news.

“I thought, ‘Wow, there are still good people in this world,’” she said. “The fact that they then wanted to plan the wedding pro-bono was amazing. They are such beautiful people and make dreams come true.”

Grech and her team called upon other wedding vendors to donate their services, including the Sterling Ballroom, which hosted the ceremony, Susan Shek Photography and designer Kenneth Winston, who gave Jillian her dream wedding dress.

“When we told Jillian that Kenneth Winston gifted her dream wedding dress, I cried alongside her,” Grech admitted. “I knew it was the one thing she wanted as she felt the most beautiful in that gown.”

Two years after Hanson’s diagnosis, the college sweethearts married on Oct. 18 in Tinton Falls, New Jersey, surrounded by friends and family. Looking back on the ceremony a month later, the couple said it couldn’t have been more perfect.

“The one word I would use to describe it is magical,” Hanson said.

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Teenager who lost his leg due to a deadly form of bone cancer has a new knee formed from his backwards FOOT

A teenager who lost his leg to a rare form of bone cancer has had a new knee created out of his foot. 

Jacob Bredenhof, 14, of Abbotsford, Canada, was discovered to have osteosarcoma in his leg, a type of cancer that affects growing bones.  

Doctors previously believed Jacob was battling a sports injury and growing pains when his knee began to ache last year.

But his pain increased as a solid lump on his thigh grew, which was later revealed to be giant cancerous tumours which were putting so much pressure on the bone that it could have 'snapped at any moment'.  

Jacob, an avid sports player, was unsure whether to go ahead with an unusual surgery called rotationplasty in fear of judgement.

It involved removing cancer-ridden bone and turning his lower leg 180 degrees and positioning his foot where his knee used to be. 

But realising he would never be able to run or play basketball again through other options, he had the surgery and will soon get a prosthetic leg.

He is on his 14th round of chemotherapy for his cancer and can now walk around on crutches.

Despite its appearance and stares from strangers, Jacob proudly shows off his new knee, flaunting it in eye-catching socks and sharing his recovery with others. 

Proud mother Tracey, 34, who is her son's full-time carer, said: 'His femur was almost entirely full of cancer and the bone inside was so brittle that any pressure could have caused it to break.

Jacob's first reaction to rotationplasty was "not a chance" because of the unusual appearance, which I totally understood.'

Developing a hard lump on the lower thigh led doctors to re-examine their initial beliefs that Jacob was suffering with a sports injury.

This would lead to him being diagnosed with osteosarcomas, which are cancerous tumours that grew inside the bone, most commonly affecting children and teenagers.

Each year, about 800 to 900 new cases of osteosarcoma are diagnosed in the US - of which a bout half of these are in children and teens - and in the UK, osteosarcoma accounts for just over half of childhood bone tumours, with approximately 30 new cases each year. 

Ms Bredenhof said: 'We noticed a swelling above his knee, when I touched it I was surprised because it was solid, I expected it to be soft and squishy like inflammation.

'I thought it was very strange and didn't know what it was, we took him to our family doctor and from his eyes I could see his grave concern.

'Hours after they sent us for blood work and X-rays, they called to say we needed to come in. At that point I knew Jacob had cancer.

'The doctor told is it was "the worst of the worst".'

Later, an MRI would reveal the tumours were so severely engulfing his femur that any pressure could cause the bone to break.

Prior to the removal of the cancer infected bone, he underwent chemotherapy rounds that left him so weak he stayed in hospital for more than 150 days.

Ms Bredenhof said: 'Before the surgery I told him people would stare and look at him, and that he would forever bear the mark of bone cancer.

'I also warned him that people could say rude things that could hurt him and may not understand. But he told me, "I don't care I want to play sports and be active".'

Jacob had been offered other options, but these would stop him from every being able to run, play sports or trampoline again. 

'He's very mature and his decision to have the rotationplasty showed a lot of foresight after getting over the social implications,' Ms Bredenhof said. 

After the nine-hour surgery in October, Jacob spent three weeks unable to get out of bed without assistance and in agonising pain.

But fortunately, the operation was a success. The operation involves removing cancerous bone, as well as some healthy bone, to ensure a 'clear margin'. 

Jacob has since undergone more chemotherapy, in the hope of blasting away any remaining cancerous cells.

Ms Bredenhof said: 'Right off the bat he decided he wasn't going to hide the surgery from anyone.

'He explained, "This is me and I won't hide it" and since then has continued to exemplify that attitude, even when people stare at us.

'He often chooses socks to add a little to it, like a Superman one, pink flamingos, pineapples, palm trees, and other designs that are a bit more out there.

'He is not in pain anymore. He uses his crutches to get around the house and if we go outside he uses a wheelchair if he doesn't feel well enough.

'He doesn't let it stop him at all, recently he was even playing in the snow.' 

In spite of his challenging situation, the teenager remains positive and is determined to continue fighting, knowing that by next year he will be fully rehabilitated and using his prosthetic leg.

The family hope to normalise rotationplasty, after initially struggling to deal with the stares and comments of strangers.

Ms Bredenhof said: 'The beauty of rotationplasty is that there are no limitations for what he could do after.

'The amazing part is that they preserve the good part of your legs and ankle, which become your new knee and is naturally functional.

'I have no doubt that he will play basketball and other sports again, his drive matches his character and he has never shown any signs of self-pity. 

'We try very hard to find humour in it, in spite of it all, Jacob remains incredibly confident and isn't trying to hide it away.

'One Halloween he was even asked, "How did you get such a real looking prop?" we told them that it wasn't, and they seemed pretty embarrassed.'

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Polygamous woman with 4 husbands falls pregnant, wants all partners to raise baby as family

A 20-year-old American woman who is an open polyamorous relationship with four husbands will soon become a mother in two months time. Tory Ojeda who hails from Florida lives with three of her partners but suspects to have conceived during the period the quadruplets went on a vacation together. 

Tory with her four partners, Marc (top left), Travis (bottom left), Christopher (top right) and Ethan (bottom right). Photo: Daily Mail on Thursday, December 5, identified the four partners as Marc 18, Travis 23, Ethan and Christopher both who are 22-years old. Tory first met Marc in high school and three months later, she fell in love with Travis who she got engaged to in July 2019. The Jacksonville-born woman discovered she was pregnant around May in the same year. 

Tory and her partner and father of her unborn child Christopher. Photo: Daily Mail. Source: UGC "Christopher is the biological father. We just know that because of timing and when the approximate conception date was. Based on the approximate conception day, we had been on vacation. So it was only us," she said. Of interest is the fact that Ethan and Christopher were formerly her mutual friend.Despite the weird union, the lovers continue to live together and even go on romantic dates. Photo: Daily Mail. Source: UGC Despite polyamory being uncommon, the proud lovers live together and even go on romantic dates and according to Tory, they should raise their unborn baby girl as a family. "But as far as I guess, socially goes, we're all raising the baby together, so everyone's dad. We are all very, very excited to be raising a baby together. With there being five adults in the household, we should probably have more than one kid," she added.

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Driver, 87, jailed for killing woman when he mistook accelerator for brake

An elderly driver who killed a woman when he mistook his car’s accelerator for the brake has been jailed. Jeanette Newman, 64, smacked her head on the pavement when William Heagren, 87, reversed his Ford Fusion into her and her friend minutes after he bumped his car on a bollard. The pensioner’s actions on May 26 also left Sarah Taylor, 53, with life-changing injuries. CCTV footage shows Heagren, who was 86 at the time of the fatal collision, looking angry when he crashed into a bollard after attempting to move the vehicle in a Sainsbury’s car park in South Ruislip. He got back into the automatic car and reversed it at maximum reverse speed, narrowly missing a dad who had to pull his children out of harm’s way.

Heagren continued until his car hit Ms Newman and Ms Taylor, carrying them towards a bollard which stopped the Ford after it had travelled 100ft. Ms Newman was left unconscious and suffered skull, facial and rib fractures, as well as a punctured lung and a blood clot on the brain.

An elderly driver who killed a woman when he mistook his car’s accelerator for the brake has been jailed. Jeanette Newman, 64, smacked her head on the pavement when William Heagren, 87, reversed his Ford Fusion into her and her friend minutes after he bumped his car on a bollard. The pensioner’s actions on May 26 also left Sarah Taylor, 53, with life-changing injuries. CCTV footage shows Heagren, who was 86 at the time of the fatal collision, looking angry when he crashed into a bollard after attempting to move the vehicle in a Sainsbury’s car park in South Ruislip. He got back into the automatic car and reversed it at maximum reverse speed, narrowly missing a dad who had to pull his children out of harm’s way. Heagren continued until his car hit Ms Newman and Ms Taylor, carrying them towards a bollard which stopped the Ford after it had travelled 100ft. Ms Newman was left unconscious and suffered skull, facial and rib fractures, as well as a punctured lung and a blood clot on the brain.

Ms Newman’s partner of 25 years Andrew Roberts, 58, said he was ‘a broken man since Jeanette was so violently and suddenly taken away’. Barrister David Wood, in mitigation, described Heagren – who has never apologised to the victims’ families – as a ‘thoroughly decent man’ who has been ‘crushed’ by what happened. He said: ‘The stigma of a criminal conviction after a blameless life working hard paying taxes and looking after his family is in itself a significant punishment.’ Mr Wood attempted to secure a suspended sentence for his client, saying the ‘frail’ driver needed surgery for a broken hip and was ‘at a stage in his life when even a minor fall could kill him’. But Judge Lana Wood jailed him for 27 months for death by dangerous driving and 13 months for serious injury by dangerous driving. She also refused him bail while he appealed, saying he must go straight to prison. The sentences – which were reduced after guilty pleas – will be served concurrently.

Judge Wood said the driver ‘didn’t deliberately do it’ but the fact that he attempted further manoeuvres before recovering from the first incident increased the seriousness of the offence. She said: ‘This was a case that has caused me anxiety I have spent a considerable amount of time considering the sentence. ‘It is not a sentence that I give lightly or that I would voluntarily wish to impose. However, in my judgement it is the shortest sentence I can impose.’ Ms Newman’s partner, Mr Roberts, has called on Boris Johnson to introduce compulsory driving tests for motorists when they turn 70. Currently, when drivers turn 70, the DVLA sends them a form in which they have to declare their fitness to drive. They then have to renew their licence every three years.

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Young child tells court how they woke up to hear man in 'mean mood' attacking his estranged wife on night he is accused of stamping her to death

A young child told how they woke up to hear a man in a 'mean mood' hitting his estranged wife on the night he is accused of stamping her to death. 

Shaun Dyson, 28, is accused of the murder of Lucy-Anne Rushton in the early hours of June 23 by repeatedly jumping or stamping on her at the family house in Andover, Hampshire, while children were at the property.

The witness, who cannot be identified because of their age, said in a video interview shown to Winchester Crown Court that they woke up at 4am and heard Dyson shouting at Ms Rushton and 'slapping' her.

The child said: 'I woke up to loud noises and hitting. I did hear shouting.

'He was in a mean mood because I know what he is like when he is mean, so I know he was mean.'

They added Ms Rushton, 30, was speaking in her 'sad voice'.

The child said they were also woken up at 3am by 'shouting' which was 'scaring' them and then they heard Dyson order Ms Rushton to swallow her wedding ring.

They said Dyson said: 'Swallow the ring because we are not together,' and added: 'When I woke up I saw the ring on the stairs.'

The witness said they later heard Dyson say Ms Rushton was not breathing and had thrown a jug of water in her face to try to wake her up.

They said: 'I heard splashing noises.'

The witness said they saw Ms Rushton in her bedroom and said: 'She was lying on her bed, she wasn't wearing any clothes.

'She was looking up with her eyes closed and she wasn't breathing.'

They said Dyson called for an ambulance and then saw him performing CPR on Ms Rushton.

The witness added they 'felt sad' because Ms Rushton had died.

The child said that on the previous evening, Ms Rushton had got drunk and added: 'We had fun, we were having a little dance party with roller skates.'

The witness added Ms Rushton 'had disco lights in the kitchen and we were all having fun, then she got drunk by drinking something.'

The child said when they had gone to Asda that evening, Dyson had punched Ms Rushton after she had slapped him in the car, causing her to bleed.

They added: 'She didn't really slap him very hard but he hit her in the head, he hit her with his fist. They were saying mean things. She kept shouting and crying.'

Simon Jones, prosecuting, has told the jury there was a 'history of domestic violence' between the couple, who married by eloping to Gretna Green in 2010.

Dyson, of Andover, Hampshire, denies murder and the trial continues.

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Mum's agony as drug-crazed aristocrat who killed son with candelabra to go free

The mum of a British man brutally beaten to death by a drug-crazed Swiss aristocrat has hit out at judges who are freeing the killer after just three years.

Graduate Alex Morgan, 23, was on an Alpine ski holiday in Switzerland with his mum when Bennet von Vertes, the playboy son of a millionaire art dealer, killed him with a candelabra and shards of glass.

Von Vertes, now 34, claims he was so high on cocaine and ketamine at his parents' chalet at the time in December 2014 that he thought Mr Morgan was a green and red alien from outer space.

Mr Morgan's grief-stricken mum, Katja Faber, 56, was left outraged by the appeal court judges' decision, telling the Daily Record that she is fighting for a changes to Swiss law to keep killers like von Vertes behind bars.

Von Vertes was initially jailed for 12 years for the crime, but three judges downgraded his voluntary manslaughter conviction on appeal to the lesser charge of negligent killing last week.

They accepted his claim he was suffering from "self-inflicted insanity" and didn't know what he was doing after taking a cocktail of booze and mind-altering drugs.

It means he will be freed after treatment for drug addiction because he has already served three years.

Speaking after the case, Ms Faber, a former criminal barrister who is separated from her son's Scottish financier father, said: “To have society acknowledge that a wrong was done and my child’s life was worth something to then being told ‘no his killer is actually only guilty of getting high’ – that’s difficult.

“Clearly there is something wrong with that law that needs to be changed and I’m considering being the one who attempts to change it.”

Mr Morgan was killed at the von Vertes' villa on the Gold Coast of Lake Zurich after von Vertes downed alcohol and took ketamine, cocaine and sleeping pills.

It sent him into a psychotic state with paranoid delusions, and he claims he thought his friend was an alien, with green eyes and red ears, who was trying to kill him.

Von Vertes, whose family runs an art gallery in Zurich, stabbed Mr Morgan with shards of glass from a coffee table and bludgeoned him with a metre-long candlestick and a golden sculpture.

The killer then rammed the candlestick down Mr Morgan's throat, choking him to death.

Mr Morgan attended Gordonstoun, the Moray boarding school, and met von Vertes while both were studying business administration at Regent's College, now Regent's University, in London.

Following the deadly attack, von Vertes was originally convicted of voluntary manslaughter in 2017.

Prosecutors asked for a tougher sentence at last week's appeal in Zurich, but the judges cleared him and gave him the maximum sentence - three years - for negligent killing.

Ms Faber, who has retrained as a bereavement counsellor, said: “The court said he’s not responsible for killing Alex but they found him guilty of getting himself in such a state that he didn’t know what he’s doing.

"It’s essentially a misdemeanour.

“They are telling me, ‘No one is responsible for killing your son’.

"It’s almost as if he is collateral damage. He knew what he was doing and willingly took those drugs. I don’t think that’s an excuse.

“I think our society needs to take stock. If you can drink and take drugs, there should be an equal responsibility which says, if you commit a crime which is so dangerous that somebody is hurt or killed, then you also have to take responsibility.

“You can’t just say, ‘Oh I was off my head’ and walk away.”

Last week, she revealed that von Vertes' family had offered her 20,000 Swiss francs (£15,500) as "emotional compensation" to pay for her son's death plus burial expenses.

She told the Times: "I was horrified and so, so hurt.

"Perhaps they hope that their penny-pinching, interest-free bank transfer will bring them momentary relief from guilt?"

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Toddler dies on birthday from playground fall

A little girl died on her first birthday after tragically falling from play equipment and suffering massive head injuries.

Savanah May Halcrow, 1, was playing on the equipment just days before her birthday party was due to be held at the Glenmark Playcentre in Waipara, New Zealand, when she fatally fell.

Her mother Sandra Laurie was nearby preparing the area for the party, when the accident happened on January 14, 2018.  

As a co-op play centre parents, carers and family are required to maintain the centre and Mrs Laurie had gone there a few days before the event to prepare. 

While mowing the lawn outside, Mrs Laurie allowed Savanah to play on a fort which had three connective bridges including a hanging swing bridge.

Mrs Laurie supervised her daughter and saw she was having no trouble on the large play set, the New Zealand Herald reported. 

However when she went to put the lawn mower away and Savanah was 'out of her sight momentarily' she returned to find her screaming on the ground. 

Coroner Sue Johnson explained in her findings Savanah died after falling from the hanging swing bridge onto the bark chips below, causing severe brain injuries. 

She went to pick her up and Savanah started shaking, becoming floppy and unresponsive,' Coroner Johnson said.

Mrs Laurie rushed across the road to the nearest house where the resident happened to be a nurse. 

The nurse drove the mother and daughter to the Amberley Medical Centre where it was discovered Savanah had suffered a brain bleed which was creating pressure in her skull. 

Emergency surgery was performed on the toddler but when her condition failed to improve she was transferred to the Starship Children's Hospital in Auckland on January 15. 

Coroner Johnson said Savanah showed no signs of regaining consciousness and her pupils were 'fixed and dilated'. 

Her condition did not improve over the following four days and she wasn't responding to treatment.  

A decision was made by doctors and Savanah's mother to focus care on her comfort and her artificial ventilation was switched off at 4.20pm.

Savanah died that same day, her first birthday, at 10.26pm. 

After the tragic death the Ministry of Education conducted a licencing assessment of the play centre with damning results. 

They concluded the bark chip depth was not safe or sufficient enough for a play area and the swing bridge was dangerous. 

'The hanging swing bridge including the set up with the horizontal guard rails was assessed as not safe and not suitable for its intended use,' Coroner Johnson said. 

The play centre's license was immediately suspended until it was brought up to regulation. 

Coroner Johnson said bringing the centre up to regulation was needed but by no means a guarantee of a child's safety. 

She also concluded the fall could have been avoided. 

'In this case the bark might not have provided the required impact absorbing protection to cushion Savanah's fall. But Savanah's fall would have been more likely not to have occurred in the first place if her mother had been watching her children,' she said. 

She described the death as a 'heart rending and absolutely tragic' incident for the entire family.

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Paramedic tells how mother texted her teenage son about dinner not realising he had died just moments before

A paramedic has described how a teenage boy died in front of her from a single stab wound - with his unknowing mother tragically texting him about dinner moments later. 

Joanne Hedges, a senior paramedic with the North West Ambulance Service, was first on the scene when the teenager was stabbed. 

In the video, tweeted by Cheshire Police, she said she'd 'never seen so much blood' from a single stab wound and said that the boy kept looking at her 'the whole time'.

A doctor had to get into the back of the ambulance to treat the boy as quickly as possible and, as they cut his clothes off, Joanne put his phone down in front of her.

With the doctor opening the boy's chest, the phone lit up with a text from his mother, which said: 'I've just come out the supermarket, I've got our food, I'll cook tea when we get home - shall I pick you up on the way? Love Mum.'

Joanne said: 'One thing that sticks with me is getting his mobile phone and putting it on the side right in front of me and just as we did that and the doctor opened his chest to try and see where the exit wound had gone in his heart, a text lit up on his phone from his mum. 

We've got her son who's dead in front of us and we're trying to restart his heart while she's coming out the supermarket totally unaware of the terror that she was about to face.'

The ambulance finally arrived at the hospital where the teenager was passed to doctors and nurses.

However, just as Joanne and her team left, they saw a woman, the teenager's mother, being brought into the hospital and told about her son's death. 

Joanne said: 'As we were walking back towards the doors I could hear a scream. It wasn't just a high-pitched scream, it was a gutterish scream.

'I looked through the doors and I could see his mum being told exactly what had happened.

'She was screaming and crying and throwing herself on the floor with sheer, absolute devastation.   

'I can't imagine what she must have been going through.'

The paramedic went into the room that the boy was being treated in and helped his mother off the floor, holding her hand. 

The devastated mother implored the doctors to save her son but, sadly, nothing could be done.  

Joanne added: 'I just said to her, because I couldn't think of anything else to say, he wasn't on his own when he died - we were with him.'

Speaking about the boy's death, she said: 'That's all from one single, very thin, long stab wound. It's completely destroyed a whole family, all his friends - it's affected the police officer I work with, it affected the ambulance crew, it affected absolutely everyone and no one should have to ever go through that.'

Sharing the video on their social media account, Cheshire Police said: 'Joanne Hedges is a Senior Paramedic with @NWAmbulance and was first on the scene after a teenager had been stabbed.

'Although small, the single wound proved to be fatal.'

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Fisherman shipwrecked 19 years ago is found via Facebook

A fisherman who disappeared 19 years ago has been found by family members after they spotted a picture of him on Facebook.

Angel Ramirez Lopez, 56, was believed to have died at sea in 2000 after the ship he was working on sank off the shore of Talara, a city in the Piura Region in northwestern Peru.

But almost 20 years later, Mr Lopez has been reunited with his family after his cousin Milena Ramirez found him living on the streets of Chimbote in northwestern Peru

Milena reportedly recognised Mr Lopez, who suffers from memory loss and is easily disorientated, in Facebook pictures that people had taken of him and posted online to ask for help because he was homeless.

“They went fishing and never came back, it has brought joy to the family and friends, it is a miracle of God, it surprised us, it was totally unexpected,” Milena said.

“He doesn't remember many things, he remembers that he saved his life during the shipwreck by swimming, and a foreign ship took him and exploited him. They mistreated him, then he doesn't remember anything else, nor how he got here,” she said.

Reports state the fisherman was taken to a police station with his cousin and officers took his fingerprints, but he ran away shortly after.

The family are now trying to locate him again with the hopes of taking him to therapy while they await for DNA results to confirm the man is their relative.

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Musician has jaw wired shut and left unable to feel girlfriend's kisses after brutal pub attack

A man who had his jaw wired shut after a brutal pub attack has been left unable to feel his girlfriend's kisses.

Adam Lewis, 31, was attacked outside the Hope and Anchor in Liverpool City Centre by thug Anthony Hart, 33 - now serving 27 months in jail for inflicting GBH.

Adam, a University of Liverpool music lecturer, explained how since the attack in December last year, he has had to endure months of "medieval torture" after surgeons wired his jaw shut - forcing him to eat his Christmas dinner through a straw.

But the University of Liverpool music lecturer was left reeling when he realised nerve damage to his bottom lip meant kissing his girlfriend no longer felt the same.

Adam has since been dealing with the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) since Hart's attack.

Bass player Adam, who moved to Liverpool from his home in Essex 12 years ago, told the Liverpool Echo the assault has left him with a loss of sensation and sometimes he finds himself in tears at his ordeal.

He said: "It really upset me. When we first got together that was one of the things [my partner] said; 'you're a really good kisser'. It was one of those things, you feel great, you walk with a swagger, you know?

But even now, on a personal level, it just doesn't feel the same because of the nerve damage on my bottom lip. I also drool when I eat, I drool when I drink.

"They are my two vices, I like to eat and go out for meals, and I like to have a drink. I will save up and go out for a nice meal, but now I am self conscious about it."Even having a pint in the Philarmonic, I will be thinking oh have I spilled something, have I got Guinness in my beard, are people looking."

The recovery process was long and traumatic, and Adam even had to carry around a pair of wire cutters at all times in case he vomited, meaning he would have to cut the wires in his jaw to avoid choking to death.

Adam told the newspaper he was not ashamed to admit he had found himself in tears for no reason.

He said: "The day after I got the wires cut, me and [my partner] were sitting in Cafe Tabac on Bold Street. I started smiling and she started crying.

"She said 'you have not smiled in seven weeks', and it was because every time I tried to smile for a split second there was a sharp piece of metal sticking into my lip.

"That got me, and I was like f****** hell. That was the onset of the psychological effects really. I can't really explain it, I would break down in tears for no reason.

"It is only in the last couple of weeks that I have got a grip on it, although I cried when I got the phone call about the sentence.

"I would be walking around the Park Road Tesco with a basket full of shopping and just break down in tears, I would have to drop the basket and just run out."

Since the wires in his jaw were removed with pliers - a painful and bloody process - he has been on a lengthy waiting list to see a psychiatrist and has been prescribed medication which he said did not help.

Adam's memories of the incident are patchy thanks to the concussion he suffered, but he says he had only had around two pints and did not feel intoxicated at all.

He said he was enjoying a night in the Hope and Anchor with his partner, and another couple they were friends with.

Earlier in the night he said Hart and his friend Carl Murray, both joiners who had been working on a building site near the pub, had been mocking his Essex accent, although he had just laughed it off.

However later on the pair began insulting Adam and his friends again, which escalated when one of the assailants made a vile, sexual comment towards his friend's partner.

He says his friend and the two thugs squared up to each other and Murray threw a punch, but CCTV played in court showed Adam moving in to act as the peacemaker.

He said: "I told the other lad to take his friend and go home, and the next thing I know I was punched in the back of the head.

"From what I have been told by the police officers and others he's punched me and as I am on my hands and knees he's volleyed me in the jaw like [rugby player] Jonny Wilkinson.

"The bone was snapped on both sides."

Adam says he was taken to Aintree Hospital A&E where he had to wait five hours for stronger pain relief than paracetamol, because he had been drinking.

He said: "I am not afraid to say I was crying from the pain for about three or four days constantly. The worst part was when I got the news my jaw had been wired shut."

Adam says initially surgeons had hoped to repair the injury in theatre, but the unusual nature of the break to the right side of his jaw meant it was necessary to wire it shut.

He says his attacker was wearing work-gear, and surgeons said due to the nature of the injury he was most likely wearing a steel-toe cap boot or similar.

He said: "My mum came up and took me back to Essex. I have a lot of friends up here but there's nothing quite like being around your mum and dad when something like this happens.

"I was on a liquid diet and I lost two stone. I couldn't eat anything with any lumps in, I couldn't even drink smoothies, it had to be pure liquid."

Adam, who plays in several bands and is well known in the city centre pub scene for gigs and quiz nights he hosts, says he was nervous about the court process.

He said: "I am not a violent person, I am a lover not a hater. I have a squeaky clean criminal record and I am a bass player, I am not going to risk damaging my hands by going around fighting.

"I can hand on heart say I have never instigated a fight in my life.

"I didn't want to go through the court process, and I think if they had turned around after a couple of weeks and said it was out of character, I am sorry, here's some money for your lost earnings I wouldn't have minded dropping the charges.

"But they pleaded not guilty initially and I am not a hard man to find, you start to worry about reprisals and things and I am not that way inclined."

Yesterday at Liverpool Crown Court, Hart, from Newmorn Court in Aigburth, was jailed for 27 months after pleading guilty to inflicting grievous bodily harm.

Jailing him, Judge Robert Warnock said the consequences for Adam were "truly horrifying."

He added that Adam, who described himself as “an emotional wreck”, may suffer permanent long term consequences.

The court heard how 18 inches of wire had been woven around his teeth, which his gums had grown around - meaning they were torn open when the wires were removed without anaesthetic.

Murray, also a 33-year-old joiner from Aigburth, admitted affray after the prosecution agree to drop a GBH charge.

He was sentenced to 12 months in prison, suspended for two years, and ordered to carry out 20 days rehabilitation activities and 150 hours unpaid work.

Julian Nutter, defending Hart, said his client was a hard working man with two children, has shown remorse and has taken steps to address his behaviour.

"He has made a big mistake once in his life,” he added.

Gerald Baxter, representing Murray said his client was also a hard working family man who had pleaded guilty.

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Woman reveals her husband left her the day after her mother died

A woman has revealed how her love rat husband was cheating with another woman as she was nursing her terminally ill mother - and left her just one day after she died from pancreatic cancer. 

Nicola Funnell, 44, from Horam, East Sussex, told how she met her husband Ian online in 2011 and fell for him instantly. 

The pair married in July 2013, which Nicola describes as the 'happiest day of her life'.

However, four years on, in February 2017, her world collapsed when when her mum Marian, 73, was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer and given just a few months to live. 

Speaking exclusively to FEMAIL, Nicola, whose broken heart led her to lose nine stone, said: 'Mum and I were incredibly close and I couldn't bear the idea of life without her. 

'For the next six months, I spent almost every day at my mum's bedside in hospital and when she died in July 2017, I was devastated. 

'Ian had been my rock throughout Mum's illness but when I called him to break the tragic news, he was cold and uninterested.'

But Nicola's gut told her something was wrong, and the next day, she discovered she was right.

'The day after my mum's death, Ian suddenly packed his things and left without so much as a word,' she explained. 

'I'd needed Ian then more than ever, instead, he saw my being in hospital with Mum as an opportunity to cheat. 

'Ian explained his mistress was an old flame from 20 years ago, and that she'd left her husband for him too. 

'I wasn't interested in his explanations though, as far as I'm concerned, they were welcome to each other.

Now, Nicola says she's moving on, is currently saving for a divorce and has even lost a staggering nine stone after a gastric sleeve operation. 

'I'm happier and healthier than ever,' she explained. 'But I can never forget the moment I discovered that while my beloved mum was dying, my cheating hubby was lying'.

Describing how they met, Nicola said: 'I was scrolling through my phone while watching a programme on television when a notification popped up on my screen. It was from Ian Roberts, who had sent me a friend request.' 

'I clicked on his dating profile, quickly scanned through his pictures and messaged to ask if I knew him. 

'"No, but I'd like to get to know you,"' came the cheeky reply.'

Nicola told how Ian, 46, seemed nice enough, so she accepted his friend request and carried on messaging him.   

The pair quickly realised they had 'lots in common' and when he suggested meeting in person, Nicola agreed.  

'In June 2011, we went for a drink and I was thrilled when I realised Ian was even better looking in the flesh,' she said. 

As we chatted away, it felt like I'd known him for years.'

'He was so laid back and friendly. He seemed keen to get to know everything about me.

'In return, he was incredibly honest about his past.'

She continued: 'He admitted he cheated on his ex-wife but added that he really wasn't happy and that marked the end of the marriage.'

'He said he regretted it and would never do it again - and reassured me he'd learned his lesson.'

While Nicola says it was refreshing to see a man talk so openly about his past, it did raise a red flag. 

'I'd had my fair share of horrible relationships, and I couldn't risk getting hurt again,' she explained. 'So I distanced myself for a few months.'

'But Ian was persistent. He didn't give up messaging me and asked me to see him again. So eventually I agreed to meet him for a second date. 

'When we met up, the spark was undeniable. Soon enough, Ian and I were inseparable.

'Charming, hilarious and incredibly kind-natured, Ian seemed the perfect package. He treated me like a princess and was always spoiling me with fancy meals and thoughtful gifts.

'Then within a few weeks of us being together, he told me that he loved me. It was fast - but it felt completely right.' 

The couple moved in together after a few months and in July 2013, they tied the knot.

Speaking about her wedding day, Nicola added: 'It was the happiest day of my life and it was made all the better by sharing it with my lovely mum, Marian.

'Although her age and various illnesses meant she was in a wheelchair, she beamed all day and looked thrilled to be there.' 

Ian and Nicola had four years of married bliss, but in February 2017, her life was thrown into turmoil.

'Mum called me out of the blue and told me some devastating news,' she explained.  She'd been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and it was terminal.' 

'Doctors told her she had just months to live. Her words hit like heavy punches and I struggled to comprehend my life without my mum. We were so close.'

Trying to hold back the tears, Nicola reassured her mother she would look after her and that she wasn't alone.

After hanging up the phone, Ian came rushing into the room to console her.

'I told him my mum was dying and there's nothing I can do about it,' explained Nicola. 'Ian said nothing, he just held me for hours as I sobbed.'

For the next six months, Nicola spent almost every day at her mum's bedside in hospital.

Praising her husband for his initial support, Nicola added: 'Ian was my rock throughout Mum's illness, and I was so grateful for his support.'

'It meant that between work and my hospital visits, we hardly saw each other. But I knew he understood.

When Nicola's mum sadly died in July 2017, she was devastated. 

'I was by her side as she passed away, and naturally, Ian was the first person I called to break the tragic news,' she said. 'But to my surprise, instead of being sympathetic, he seemed cold and uninterested.'

'My gut told me something was wrong, and when I went home to him that night, he was distant.'

Nicola reasoned with herself that everybody grieves in different ways, and that maybe he was in shock. But then next day, she discovered her gut instinct was right.

'The very next day after my mum's death, Ian suddenly packed his things and announced he was leaving,' she explained. 'When I clocked his overnight bag, I stared at him with confusion.'

'I asked where he was going and he told me he wasn't happy anymore and had had enough. He added he'd had enough of the marriage and was leaving me.'  

For the next few weeks, Nicola says she was inconsolable.

'I begged Ian to tell me what was going on, but he refused,' she said. 'He couldn't have picked a worse time. I'd just lost Mum, now my husband had walked out on me too.'

'I was left to pick up the pieces of my broken marriage and plan Mum's funeral, at the same time. It felt like my world was caving in.

Swinging between grieving for my mother and my failed marriage, it was almost too much to bear, and it was made worse by Ian's stone-cold silence.

'I had no idea why he left, there had been no signs that he was unhappy. I knew I hadn't been able to give Ian much attention while I was with Mum all the time, but I thought he understood.

After a few weeks, Ian finally agreed to meet up with Nicola at a pub to discuss things - which is when he admitted the real reason he'd left. He'd met someone else.

'I was stunned when he revealed he'd met this other woman through Facebook, and that he'd been seeing her for six months behind my back,' said Nicola. 'Six months - the whole time I was nursing my dying mother. Rat.'

'It was the hardest six months of my life, and I'd needed Ian then more than ever. But instead, he saw my being in hospital with Mum as an opportunity to cheat on me. 

'Ian explained his mistress was an old flame from 20 years ago, and that she'd left her husband for him too.'

But Nicola wasn't interested in his explanations, as far as she was concerned, they were welcome to each other - and are still together now. 

Since then, Nicola has gone on to lose a staggering nine stone, and revealed that she feels more confident than ever. 

'Ian's betrayal made me feel worthless, but now, my confidence is through the roof,' she said. 

'I'm happier and healthier than ever, I can flaunt my new body in figure-hugging outfits, and I feel like a completely new woman.

'Ian betrayed me just as I needed him the most, and for that, I will never forgive him.

Speaking about his marriage, Ian said: 'Yes, I left a very horrible, controlling marriage. I knew this person (the other woman) anyway from 20 odd years before. 

'We'd been together then, and it hadn't worked. We just met, she was unhappy, we both were. 

'No, I don't regret a thing. I'd had enough of being screamed and shouted at. 

'The reason I walked when I did was that I said I didn't want to go to the funeral, and she was screaming vile stuff down the phone to me. 

'That was my final cue to leave. The affair means I got my life back

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Faithful Mom of 6 Has 'Angels' Looking After Her When Husband Abandons Them

Words of Wisdom aims to highlight important morals, which we feel our readers will benefit from reading. We hope you enjoy this fable.

We may not be absolutely sure if those around us would lend a helping hand when we most need one, but there are in fact good people everywhere. There is a story that has been circulating on the internet about a single mom of six and the difficult life she leads. When her situation seemed so arduous, she still kept her composure, showed reverence to the Lord, and taught her children by good example. One day, a few strangers saw her plight and decided to help her out.

The story goes like this. In September 1960, one woman in Indiana woke up to discover that her husband had left her for good, and she was left with the burden of raising their six children by herself. She only had 75 cents with her, so she dressed her children and herself up before she drove them all in a rusty old Chevy pickup to find a job.

“The seven of us went to every factory, store and restaurant in our small town. No luck,” she wrote of her experience in a diary. “The kids stayed crammed in the car and tried to be quiet while I tried to convince whomever would listen that I was willing to learn or do anything. I had to have a job.”

But finding a job wasn’t easy.

Finally, she arrived at “an Old Root Beer Barrel drive-in that had been converted to a truck stop,” named Big Wheel.

The place was owned by an old lady nicknamed Granny, who “needed someone on the graveyard shift,” starting from “11 at night until 7 in the morning,” and pays 65 cents an hour.

The woman drove home quickly to get someone to babysit her children for a dollar a night.

“That night when the little ones and I knelt to say our prayers, we all thanked God for finding Mommy a job,” she recalled. “And so I started at the Big Wheel.”

Though she now has a job, the “heating bills added a strain to my meager wage.” In addition, her car’s tires seemed to be leaking air, and she had to “fill them with air on the way to work, and again every morning on my way home.”

Little did she know that some “angels” were looking out for her.

“One bleak fall morning, I dragged myself to the car to go home and found four tires in the back seat. New tires! There was no note, no nothing, just those beautiful brand new tires. Had angels taken up residence in Indiana?” she wondered.

Many weeks passed and Christmas was approaching. She didn’t have enough money to buy new toys or clothes for her children.

But on the morning of Christmas Day, she was amazed to see her car “filled full to the top with boxes of all shapes and sizes” when she got off her shift

Inside the boxes were clothes, candies, groceries, laundry supplies, and new toys!

“As I drove back through empty streets as the sun slowly rose on the most amazing Christmas Day of my life, I was sobbing with gratitude,” she wrote.

She knew who had given her those presents—four regular customers of Big Wheel: three truckers named Les, Frank, and Jim, and a state trooper named Joe.

And of course, her children were over the moon to see the presents that she brought home.

Though we may not know if this is a true story, kindhearted people definitely exist and would be more than willing to lend us a helping hand when we need it!

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