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Does Stellar’s New DEX Have the X Factor? Check out

Among many decentralized exchanges in the crypto industry, Stellar Lumens DEX stands out because of its unique features. The exchange offers XLM as a base currency to trade against on its platform. One can trade multiple currencies directly from the wallet on Stellar DEX.

"On Stellarx, you can go US Dollars to Bitcoin to Chinese Yuan to Mobius from a single wallet. That’s not possible anywhere else."

Stellar DEX Cross Payment

The cross-payment feature of Stellar DEX enables the user to look for the best path (pathfinding) that offers the best rate of conversion for his or her assets. This involves the user scrolling the orders on the current order book to find meaningful conversations that provide the best rate.

Stellar DEX Fees

The Stellar platform has a detailed fee structure mentioned on its website. Because of the transparency of the fee structure, traders prefer this exchange to others.


Overall, Stellar DEX is a good platform. Stellar’s XLM cryptocurrency is one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies in the world. The platform offers various features for the users, still, there is still plenty of work to be done on improving the platform, adding more assets, and bringing more users to build sufficient liquidity.

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Homeless parents forced to live in tent with six kids after being refused help

A homeless couple with a child as young as three have been raising their kids in a tent for a month. Joanne and Daniel Foster resorted to desperate measures after the pair fell ill and could no longer afford to rent. They appealed to their local council for help in March but were classed as ‘intentionally homeless’ – meaning they would not be prioritised for emergency accommodation. They pitched up tent in Daniel’s mum’s back garden in Kent, but fear their kids could catch pneumonia after waking up ‘absolutely freezing’ each morning. Joanne said: ‘The mornings at the moment are absolutely freezing – the kids wake up and you can hear the sniffles.

We don’t know how cold it’s going to get. Pneumonia, it can kill a child. ‘It’s horrible knowing that instead of going into their beds, they have got to go into a tent. ‘Putting them to bed in a tent – there are just no words at all. ‘Getting them ready for school out of a tent has been an absolute nightmare because they used to take so long anyway. ‘So trying to get them up and getting them ready with breakfast – waking up and it’s cold as well – it’s not nice at all. ‘It’s disgusting. Their human rights have been taken away from them and they haven’t done anything wrong.’

Before being made homeless Daniel worked as a French polisher at the houses of A-list celebs such as George Michael, while Joanne worked as a part-time barmaid. However, things quickly spiralled when they both contracted arthritis, forcing them to quit their jobs and switch over to benefits. Joanne said: ‘My husband was working, he had a brilliant job. ‘We were both really happy just plodding along, we didn’t have any worries. ‘Everything just got so behind that we just couldn’t get out of that situation, as much as we tried we just couldn’t.’ Thanet District Council are searching for emergency accommodation for the Fosters’ and their kids, who are between 3 and 14.

Joanne said she would take even a one bedroom property to give them a roof over their head -but claim the council have refused this option. She claims the local authority won’t give her a one or two bed because they say her eldest daughter needs her own room. Joanne said: ‘They say because my eldest daughter is 14 she’s got to have her own room. ‘But she hates sleeping on her own anyway so I’d happily take a three-bedroom house. ‘I’ve got three girls and three boys and they’ve all shared rooms. ‘I’d even take a two-bedroom and sleep in the front room – anything will do just to put a roof over my kids especially when it’s getting colder. ‘Even a one-bedroom – just anything that I can put my kids into.

Kent County Council, which runs social services for the area, was unable to comment on the case. A Thanet District Council spokesperson said they couldn’t comment on individual cases. The issue has now been brought to the attention of Anne Longfield, Children’s Commissioner for England. She said: ‘Regardless of the specifics of a case, for children, there should be a general and vital principle is that it cannot, in this country, at this time, be right that six of them live in a tent in a garden as their home. ‘Children need stable, safe and permanent homes within which not only to live, but to thrive and get the best start in life. A tent does not fulfil that. ‘Once families reach a crisis point, there are often a number of things that they and the authority could and should have done earlier to resolve the issue, but at this point this cannot be the end, or even a short term, solution’.

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Seattle struggles with unusually heavy snow

Parts of the US Pacific Northwest are being covered with unusually high levels of snow.

The region, more used to rain than icy conditions, has been hit by a series of wintry storm systems.

The National Weather Service says parts of Seattle have received more than 10.6in (27cm) of snow so far this February - the highest amount in 70 years.

Forecasters have warned of more to come on Sunday and Monday.

Gas Works Park

In the city's Gas Works Park, it was not just sledges being ridden.

A group of people fly down a hill, overlooking city skyline, on a unicorn float

A giant inflatable unicorn pool floor carried several people down the steep hill

Hundreds of flights have been cancelled at Washington's Seattle-Tacoma and Portland International airports in recent days.

A boy tries to jump up a mound while sleddingA boy is photographed sledding in the city's Phinney Ridge neighbourhood

People sledge down a road

The neighbourhood's snow-covered roads were transformed by some residents into a wintry playground

Washington's Governor, Jay Inslee, declared an emergency across the state on Friday.

He has encouraged residents to stay off the roads. Seattle police have been trying to house the city's homeless in shelters.

A postman, wrapped up, walks through snow in one communityDespite conditions, notoriously resilient US postal service workers remained out in Seattle on Friday

About 50,000 residents are said to have lost power across the state, US media report.

More central areas of Washington state have been inundated with snow drifts of up to 3-4ft (1m-1.2m) in places, the Associated Press reports.

A sign says a shop is sold out of salt, snow shovels and sleds

More used to rain, residents have been scrambling for winter materials

An almost-empty grocery shelfSeattle's grocery stores have been photographed scarce in essentials

Recent cold weather and snow has been affecting other states too.

More than 120 people were rescued on Thursday from a Sierra Nevada, California, resort after being trapped by snow for five days. Sprinklings of snowfall have even been reported in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Because of how unprepared Seattle was for recent weather, some have jokingly labelled the recent storms as Seattle's "Snowpocalypse" or "Snowmageddon" on social media.

Residents from elsewhere in the state, and further afield in the US, have been mocking them for not being able to cope with conditions.

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China buys US soybeans for first time since trade war

China has bought US soybeans for the first time since the trade war between the two countries started in July - a move hailed as a "great step" by US officials.

One of the biggest casualties of the US-China trade war has been the US soybean sector.

China is by far the world's biggest importer of soybeans.

And Beijing's high tariffs placed on US soybeans this year has been severely hurting US farmers.

A trade truce between China and the US was reached earlier this month however, and there had been much anticipation that China would soon return to the US soybean market.

But while China's purchase of 1.13 million tonnes of US soybeans on Thursday was met with much applause from some, others said the purchase was too small, and not a sign that the trade war was cooling.

  • "Having a million, million-and-a-half tonnes is great, it's wonderful, it's a great step," said Steve Censky deputy secretary of the US Department of Agriculture.

"But there needs to be a lot more as well, especially if you consider it in a normal, typical year, we'll be selling 30 to 35 million metric tonnes to China."

The sale also failed to excite traders, who said the numbers fell short of estimates, which saw a sell-off in soybean futures.

"It's a start, but it's not nearly enough to fix our problems in regards to soybeans and a soybean oversupply in this country," said Joe Vaclavik, president of Standard Grain, a Tennessee-based brokerage.

Why do soybeans matter?

In 2017, soybeans were the single biggest US agricultural export to China, which accounts for some 60% of the global trade in the commodity.

And soybeans are vitally important to China because they use the product to feed livestock.

The key supplier globally is Brazil, but China has also relied heavily on the US for soybeans supplies - in part due to seasonality.

Bar chart for major soybean exporters

Chief economist Robert Carnell from ING Bank told the BBC that China's purchase on Thursday was more about convenience than anything else.

"The simple fact is China needs a lot of soybeans and it's been buying them from Brazil, not the US," he said.

"But Brazil could never supply all the soybeans China needed, so ultimately [China has] been driven back to US soybeans. And I think it's just convenient for them to do that right now."

Mr Carnell said that the recent arrest of Meng Wanzhou, Huawei's chief financial officer and deputy chair, was far more indicative of where the trade war between the US and China was really up to.

"[It's] a battle for technology, a battle for 5G," he said. "In particular, Huawei has become one of the world's biggest suppliers of telecoms technology - and the US doesn't really like that.

"[So that arrest] is giving you a much better, a much clearer message on where the trade war lines in the sand are really being drawn."

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Cryptocurrency exchange without KYC, multiple daily faucets, Paxex/BTC gateways and 2FA!

Crex24 Crypto Exchange

Our privacy is important and so is staying anonymous. With increasing cryptocurrency regulations, this is getting increasingly difficult. Let me turn you on to a little exchange known as Crex24. This is a cryptocurrency exchange that you can use to buy and sell your Paxex for Bitcoin!

This exchange does NOT require KYC verification which means that you do not have to wait to deposit and withdraw funds. This is very handy for those who are interested in maintaining anonymity and keeping transactions private.

The interesting and unique thing about this exchange is that there are many faucets that you can get free crypto from. A faucet is a crypto-sink, if you will, that deposits funds into your wallet. It is very handy to have a faucet built into the exchange because you don't lose your funds to fees trying to transfer them to an exchange in order to trade with or cash out. Some faucets, such as Bitcoin (BTC) allow you to get paid out every 24 hours. And others allow you to claim funds up to every 10 minutes as long as you are actually online to claim it. Click "Get" and do the captcha. These faucets are not going to make you rich but as of today, I have managed to claim more from my faucets in one day on Crex24 than I've made from mining Monero (XMR) on my Rx Vega Frontier edition. 

The exchange offers a referral program so please use my link to sign up if this the first time you are hearing about it and then let me know in the comments so that I can be sure to thank you and give you a shout out.

Also, who is planning on running a paxex masternode? If you are then this is the exchange that I bought my 5k paxex on and am in the process of setting it up right now so if all goes well then my next post will be a guide on how to do that.

Sign up using my link at Crex24 and then comment to let me know that you did so that I can give your paxex blog a shout out!

Sign up for Crex24, here:


Thank you for supporting my cryptocurrency blog. My expertise is in hacking, crypto, cybersecurity, deep dark interwebs and anonymity/privacy. If you want more content like this then please follow me and give me an upvote!

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OKEx Clarifies Alleged Arrest of CEO: No Connection With Crypto WFEE

On September 11, photographs of Star Xu, the founder and CEO of OK Group, the parent company of crypto exchange OKEx, being investigated by Shanghai police circulated around online cryptocurrency communities.

CNLedger, a trusted news source in the Chinese cryptocurrency community, reported that Xu was investigated by police officers in Shanghai after investors submitted complaints regarding a local cryptocurrency called WFEE. Investors claimed that Xu was a shareholder of WFEE and involved in the process of releasing the WFEE coin to the market.

“Sina News: Star Xu, founder of OKCoin/OKEX, is being investigated by Shanghai police. According to Lu Jun, officer at the local PD, Xu was suspected of fraud accused by investors. SH police has accepted the case. Preliminary investigation by Shanghai police shows that Xu’s company in Shanghai is not related to digital currency. The alleged fraud was not conducted in Shanghai but in Beijing, therefore documents will be handed to Beijing police,” CNLedger reported.

OKEx Responds

On September 13, OKEx, the world’s second largest cryptocurrency exchange behind Binance, publicly shared the official statement of OK Blockchain Capital, a strategic partner of OKEx and a subsidiary of OK Group, which directly addressed the alleged connection between Xu and WFEE.

The OK Blockchain Capital team stated that it invested in WFEE as an institutional investor when WFEE was a partner of WeShare WiFi, a global leading WiFi sharing company. Eventually, as WFEE grew, it acquired the investments of OKBC and other investment firms.

As such, OK Blockchain Capital stated that it has no authority over the operations of WFEE and that Xu has never been a shareholder of WFEE, refuting reports that Xu was allegedly involved in the token distribution of WFEE.

“The rumor that OK Group founder Star Xu being a shareholder of WFEE is fake. Mr. Xu has no equity relationship with WFEE and its company. We notice that the OKEx exchange has warned it users of the potential risk of WFEE last month and disclosed WFEE in their first OKEx Token Delisting / Hiding Guideline,” the OK Blockchain Capital team said.

If Xu had been involved as a shareholder at any point in the company’s history, the Chinese police could have detained Xu for participating in the illicit distribution of securities and for being involved in an initial coin offering (ICO), which is strictly prohibited in China, given that OKEx had listed WFEE in March.

However, given that Xu was not involved directly in the business of WFEE and a subsidiary of OK Group invested in WFEE as an institution, it is unlikely that Xu nor OKEx will face any consequence from the complaints filed by local investors.

Token Delisting

As OK Blockchain Capital said, OKEx also delisted WFEE and warned users against the cryptocurrency on August 10.

“To maintain a healthy trading environment and pleasant trading experience on OKEx, our auditing team has carried out comprehensive monitoring on the market and projects,” the OKEx team said at the time, after delisting WFEE on its platform.

Still, it remains unclear whether the decision of the exchange to list WFEE in march could be an issue for the Chinese government, even though OKEx is based in Hong Kong, outside of the mainland.

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'Rip off' airport currency exchange rates hit new lows against the euro and dollar

Airport currency exchange rates are usually unfavourable

Airport currency exchange rates are usually unfavourable ( Bloomberg )


'Rip off' airport currency exchange rates hit new lows against the euro and dollar


The exchange rate is as low as £1 to €0.87 at some airport bureaux de change


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The Independent Travel

Airport exchange rates have hit new lows, with the worst offender offering just €0.87 and $0.97 to the pound.

Average airport rates are 14 per cent less than market rate, while some are up to 24 per cent lower, according to data compiled by travel money provider FairFX.

This means that if travellers exchanged £500 at the airport, they could lose up to £108 compared to the current market rate of £1 to €1.109, and £122 compared to the market rate of £1 to $1.283.


Brits losing hundreds of millions in rip-off currency conversion fees


Moneycorp at Stansted airport is currently offering the lowest rates on both euros and dollars – its rate is £1 to €0.87 and $0.97.

Southampton Moneycorp, Southend Moneycorp, Manchester Travelex and Heathrow T2 Travelex also fare badly for buying euros, offering rates of £1 to €0.89, €0.91, €0.92 and €0.92 respectively.

When it comes to dollars, London City Airport Travelex, Manchester Travelex and Southend Moneycorp are best avoided, with respective rates of £1 to $1.056, $1.057 and $1.057.


 “Time and time again we’re finding that airport exchange rates are ripping holidaymakers off with scandalous rates which mean they end up with a lot less holiday money than they could get elsewhere,” says Ian Strafford-Taylor, CEO of FairFX. 

Full Size

“Exchange rates will always fluctuate and it’s no secret the pound has been on a bit of a rollercoaster in recent months, but it seems regardless of whether the market rate is good or bad, airport currency exchange desks continue to offer significantly lower rates to holidaymakers. 

“The margins airport exchange desks are putting on the market rate aren’t consistent, either. We’ve investigated rates across all bank holidays this year and the margin is always different.”

The story comes after The Independent revealed that “dynamic currency conversion” is ripping off unsuspecting British holidaymakers.

The scheme increases the cost of using credit cards abroad at the expense of the traveller.

Hotels, restaurants and shops are incentivised to persuade UK visitors to settle credit card bills abroad in sterling. While travellers may be attracted by the certainty of knowing the cost in pounds, the option is usually offered at a derisory exchange rate.

At a time when sterling is trading at very low rates, a handsome profit margin is shared between the trader and the financial intermediary.

More about: | currency exchange | exchange rate | Foreign Exchange | holiday money






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FREE  0.002 BTC by Bintech exchange                    

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Digitex uses its own cryptocurrency, called the DGTX token, as the native currency of the Digitex Futures Exchange.

Your account balance on the Digitex Futures Exchange is denominated in DGTX tokens and all your trading profits and losses are in DGTX tokens.

Digitex eliminates transaction fees on trades and covers operational costs by creating and selling a small number of new DGTX tokens each year.

All new token issuance events must be approved by DGTX owners through a democratic system of Decentralized Governance by Blockchain.

The demand from thousands of traders who must own DGTX tokens to participate will easily absorb the small number of new tokens that are created to cover costs.

Zero transaction fees on trades encourages high volume trading strategies that are not viable on other exchanges due to commissions, creating liquid markets that attract more traders, further enhancing liquidity and increasing demand for DGTX tokens.

You can skip ahead in the waitlist queue by referring your friends. The more friends you refer, the further ahead in the queue you will move. Keep referring friends until you see your position in the queue is in the first 5000. 

When the exchange is first launched to our early access group, 5 million DGTX will be airdropped into the trading accounts of the first 5000 people in our waitlist queue as follows:

  • The top 10 referrers will share 1 million DGTX tokens equally, each receiving 100,000 DGTX.
  • The top 5,000 referrers in the waitlist queue will share 5 million DGTX equally, each receiving 1,000 DGTX in their Digitex trading account when the exchange launches.
  • The top 5,000 referrers also get exclusive early access to the exchange when it launches.
  • We're giving away a total of 6 Million DGTX tokens when the exchange launches at the end of the year.

Airdrop Terms & Conditions

  • The first 5000 people on our waitlist will each receive 1000 DGTX into their trading account. 
  • You can use your 1000 DGTX to place trades on the futures exchange.
  • You cannot withdraw your free tokens from your trading account but you can withdraw all trading profits.
  • If you missed out the opportunity of airdrops given by KUCOIN,BINANCE,COSS HUOBI exchanges then this your time to take advantage of this one and sign up


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Quantax is giving out free $25 when they launch their exchange and you are paid $5 for each person you sign up (the maximum people you can refer is 10)

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Refer more people and get 10 ethx per referral.You can earn as high as 10000 ethx coin by doing  activities on the badge page to multiply your earnings 
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bitmart exchange 20 bmx=$15
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