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Gigi Hadid couldn't look happier as she walks arm in arm with Zayn Malik after reuniting with on/off boyfriend on his birthday

Gigi Hadid has officially rekindled her romance with ex-boyfriend Zayn Malik after breaking up a year ago.

The couple sparked rumors that they were back together when they were spotted out together Saturday, when he joined the celebrations for her mother's birthday.

And Gigi couldn't have looked happier as the two walked arm in arm while celebrating Zayn's 27th birthday the next evening in New York City.

Grinning, she held tight to her boyfriend, who she has dated on and off since 2015.

Looking every inch the model, Hadid sported an avant-garde look in black and carried a slouchy iridescent sparkling handbag as she joined Zayn for dinner at Eleven Madison Park in the Flatiron District. 

Following his love as they walked, birthday boy Zayn posted a proprietary hand on her behind. 

The former One Direction star cut a cool look in a retro crimson shirt with vertical cream stripes, open over a black t-shirt. 

The couple were spotted out the night before for Gigi's mom Yolanda's 56th birthday, sparking rumors they'd got back together.

A source told E! News: 'Gigi and Zayn got back together right before the holidays in December. Zayn has been reaching out to Gigi for the last month and she is giving him another chance.'

They added: 'She has always loved him and the break between the two was needed. Zayn has been working on his past music and focusing on his health and is in a really good place currently.'

Gigi and Zayn began dating in late 2015 before splitting up in March 2018 and getting back together in June, just to announce another split in January 2019.

She appeared in his sensual video for his debut solo single Pillowtalk, which dropped in January of 2016.

They later appeared together on the cover of Vogue for the August 2017 issue, which sparked controversy for incorrectly referring to them as gender fluid. 

Since their split, Gigi was briefly romantically linked to The Bachelorette alum Tyler Cameron over the summer.

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Cosmetic surgery leaves teen brain damaged, mother 'just wants daughter back'

THORNTON, CO -- A Thornton family has filed a lawsuit against a prominent doctor and a nurse anesthetist saying after their daughter suffered two cardiac arrests and brain damage during cosmetic surgery, the medical professionals overseeing her care did not call 911 for more than five hours.

“We just really want to know what happened, what was the truth, what happened back there”, said Lynn Fam, during an interview with CBS4.

Last summer, her daughter, Emmalyn Nguyen, 18, decided to have breast augmentation performed by Greenwood Village Doctor Geoffrey Kim.


“I was fine with it,” said Fam.” We didn’t think anything like that was going to happen to our daughter. I was a teenage girl once before.”

She said her daughter, a graduate of Mountain Range high school, was healthy and had saved up for the $6,000 procedure, which many of her friends and family had undergone before.

“To us it felt safe,” said Fam.

But in the family’s lawsuit, filed Wednesday by attorney David Woodruff, the lawyer contends Nguyen was left unattended and unobserved for 15 minutes after being given anesthesia Aug. 1 at 2 p.m. by certified nurse anesthetist Rex Meeker.

The procedure took place at Kim’s Greenwood Village office, Colorado Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery. The lawsuit alleges negligence and contends that during that initial timeframe, Nguyen went into cardiac arrest and was revived when Dr. Kim performed CPR.

But Woodruff says medical records show Nguyen went into cardiac arrest a second time, just a few minutes later, and was again stabilized, but 911 was still not called, even though she was “neurologically unresponsive.”

Lynn Fam says what was supposed to be a two hour procedure stretched late into the afternoon and she kept asking what was happening.

“I just had kind of a weird feeling,” said Fam.

She said at various points, staff members misled her about what had occurred. She told CBS4 that at one point Dr. Kim told her ”Everything went fine, the only thing is we didn’t proceed with the procedure because her heart rate dropped but she is fine. He said everything is fine, Emmalyn is fine, everything is good. She’s young, she’s healthy, she’ll be okay, it’s just taking her long to wake up.”

Fam says at one point an office staff member even approached her and gave her a reminder card setting up a follow up appointment.

Kim did not respond to multiple messages left by CBS4, but his attorney, Kari Hershey, told CBS4 “As a physician, Dr. Kim is not at liberty to comment about any specific patient

State medical records show Kim has had no previous disciplinary actions against his medical license.

Finally, at 7:35 p.m., the lawsuit says Meeker, the nurse anesthetist, called 911. An ambulance was sent and Nguyen was transported to Littleton Adventist Hospital.

After 22 days, she was transported to a rehabilitation hospital where she receives around the clock medical care. Nguyen is now in what is known as a “minimally conscious state” — unable to speak, walk, eat or take care of herself. Her family says she has suffered severe brain damage and will likely remain in this condition for the rest of her life.

Lynn Fam said a lawsuit won’t bring her daughter back but might provide some answers as to what happened.

“That’s a really long time,” Fam said, referring to the gap between the cardiac arrest and the 911 call.

“To me it’s a miracle she pulled through all that and she is still fighting this. I don’t know how they can sleep at night knowing they did this to her. They ruined Emmalyn’s life, not just hers but all of ours.”

Sonny Nguyen, the teen’s father, told CBS4 “I’m a little speechless about how they can wait that long. I’m a little shocked they wait that long for help.”

Woodruff, their attorney, calls the delay in summoning help “unbelievable. When an entire team of healthcare professionals realizes shes in cardiac arrest, they perform CPR then they don’t call 911 for five and a half hours. That’s unconscionable.”

He said there is no such thing as a risk-free procedure.

“If you’re in the wrong hands and health care providers are not paying attention or not doing their job, it carries a risk of significant permanent injury or death and I think everyone should be aware of that.”

Meeker, the nurse anesthetist, was involved in a similar situation in 2007.

He served as the nurse anesthetist for Paula Harty, of Silverthorne, who was also undergoing a breast augmentation.

According to a 2009 lawsuit filed in that case, Harty suffered low blood pressure and a slow heart rate during the procedure which were unrecognized and led to cardiac arrest and severe brain damage.

One month after the procedure, Paula Harty died. Her husband filed suit and named Meeker in the legal action saying he had been negligent, failing to properly administer anesthesia and failing to properly monitor Harty’s condition during the procedure. The suit was eventually settled out of court and the terms are confidential

But Paula Harty’s daughter, Brandy Swenson, told CBS4 she did not think Meeker should have been allowed to continue practicing after her mother’s death.

“They killed my mom, 100%,” said Swenson. “She would be alive today if they had done their jobs right.”

State records show that case did not lead to any state disciplinary action against Meeker. Meeker did not respond to multiple calls and text messages from CBS4 seeking comment. A call and email to an attorney believed to be representing Meeker were also not returned.

Now, every day, Lynn Fam visits her daughter’s bedside, brushing her daughter’s hair, adjusting her pillow and maintaining hope.

“It’s really hard, it’s not easy,” said Fam. But we all try to stay strong in case she can hear us.”

The mother leans in, just inches from her daughter’s face.

“We’re all right here for you. We love you so much. Stay strong,” whispers Fam. “We just want you to go home, we’re all waiting for you, ok?”

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Woman ‘pretended to be pregnant, then killed close pal who vanished with newborn a week ago’

A woman pretended to be pregnant, then murdered a close friend who vanished with her newborn baby a week ago, police believe. Magen Fieramusca, 33, is set to be charged with the murder of Heidi Broussard, 33, whose remains are believed to have been found in the trunk of a car in Houston, Texas, on Friday morning. Broussard’s one month-old daughter Margot Carey was found safe nearby and is unharmed. The Austin-American Statesman reported that Fieramusca now suspected of killing Heidi ‘pretended to have been pregnant simultaneously as Broussard.’ Fieramusca is due in court Friday morning. Neighbors told KHOU journalist Michelle Choi that the woman and her partner had been ‘trying for a baby.’

Choi added: ‘They’ve spoken with the man, described as nice a couple of times, but they’ve never spoke w/ his g/f – say they thought she was just shy.’ Heidi’s mom Tammy Broussard told CBS Austin that the body belonged to Heidi, and that the woman being questioned was a close friend of her late daughter’s. She added that Margot is now in social services custody. That suspect, who is believed to have killed Broussard and abducted Margot, has so far been charged with kidnapping and tampering, with her bond set at $600,000. Police say her car was in Broussard’s home city of Austin, around 170 miles from Houston, at the time the young mother disappeared.

Law enforcement sources have refused to comment further on whether Broussard knew her alleged killer, or if the murder was set-up in a bid to snatch her daughter. Broussard, from Austin, is believed to have been found dead eight days after she and Margot dropped another child off at an Austin’s Cowan Elementary School Investigators believe mother and daughter returned to their apartment complex after, then vanished. Broussard’s fiance Shane Carey issued a tearful appeal for her return. He said that all of Broussard and Margot’s belongings were still in the apartment, and that there had been no signs of a struggle.

Police immediately suspected foul play because Broussard had vanished with Margot, but left her other, older child behind. Officials said Friday they do not believe Carey to have been involved in his partner’s disappearance. He and Broussard were together for 10 years prior to her vanishing last week.

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52-year age gap: 22-year-old marries his best mate’s 74-year-old mum

David Dobrik, 22, and Jason Nash, 46, are best friends, and unsurprisingly their relationship involves lots of good-natured teasing.

In May, that teasing may have gone too far when Jason told David he’d never have an ex-wife because no-one would want to marry him in the first place.

Instead of getting mad, David decided to get even.

He flew straight to Boston and proposed to Jason’s mum Lorraine, 74 – 52 years his senior!

‘Lorraine Charlotte Nash, will you marry me?’ David said while on bended knee.

‘Are you out of your mind?’ Lorraine asked, shocked.

When David explained he wanted to become Jason’s stepdad to teach him a lesson, Lorraine was instantly on board.

‘That would be hysterical!’ she laughed.

The pair flew to Las Vegas for a quickie wedding before honeymooning in Hawaii, documenting the trip on video

The faux-mance was short-lived however, with David announcing his divorce from Lorraine a month later.

We will continue to love and support one another while being great friends and parents to our children, his tongue-in-cheek Instagram post read.

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A Fully Tattooed Doctor Proves That Looks Can’t Stop Anyone From Becoming a Good Doctor

Sarah Gray is a doctor and a future orthopedic surgeon. She graduated from the University of Adelaide, Australia, and is considered one of the most tattooed women who practice medicine. She has become popular all over the world not only for the number of tattoos on her skin but because she has broken some prejudices perpetuated by society. So, while achieving her dream of becoming a doctor, she also teaches society that having tattoos doesn’t damage one’s potential or professionalism at all.

Bright Side arranged an exclusive interview with Sarah to tell you more about what she thinks regarding taboos, tattoos, and job inclusion.

Sarah told us that her colleagues welcomed her with open arms and that everything has been pleasing thus far. She was accepted for who she was, which is “colorful,” as she creatively calls herself. In fact, she recently had an interview with her superiors and managed to get her first preferential surgical job. She added, “They obviously didn’t let my appearance compromise my potential.”

Thanks to her artistic body, Sarah has more positive than negative experiences to share. But even so, she has faced awkward situations here and there. For example, once she was at an event that took place in an Australian restaurant, and both she and her husband were asked to leave. This is additional proof that there are still taboos against looks that fall too far from the standards set by society.

But not everything is bad or uncomfortable for the doctor. Thanks to her great talent, Sarah succeeded at opening her own art studio where she tattoos other people. She also won the “Miss Ink Australia” contest in 2017 and, of course, has received unconditional support from all the people she lives with on a daily basis.

As Sarah said, “If you want something and work hard for it, you can get it. The more people help to eliminate the limits set by stereotypes, the more they’ll be able to change the way people think in the future.” And she’s right! To change others’ opinions, people have to keep contributing, working, and demonstrating that what’s different isn’t bad.

Art has always been part of this world and in many forms. However, it’s not always accepted openly, either because it’s too subjective, strange, or because it differs too much from everyday life. For artists like Sarah, creativity is a form of self-expression that should be exhibited to the fullest and not be judged or rejected since this demonstrates the true character of a person.

In the past, tattoos were seen as signs of crime or as a way to prove social status. Often, this made it hard for people to get a job or to be taken seriously. However, according to one study, the stigma surrounding tattoos still exists, even though we live in a more modern era that’s open to change.

Have you suffered from discrimination because of your tattoos, hairstyle, or overall looks? Let it all out in the comments!

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Meet Queen Nanny, the Ashanti woman from Ghana who ended up as a hero in Jamaica •

Queen Nanny lived during the late 17th centuries, she was born into the Ashanti people in the present-day Ghana and escaped from slavery after being transported.

She and her relatives were sold as slaves and got transported to Jamaica and ended up being the Maroon leader in the early 18th centuries.

The Maroons are descendants of West Africans. They were known as Coromantie or Koromantee, and were considered ferocious fighters. A minority of slaves originated from other regions of Africa, including the Congo and Madagascar.

After being brought to Jamaica in the course of the Transatlantic slave trade, many slaves revolted against their oppressors and formed their own communities in the hilly interior of Jamaica.

During a period of 30 years, she contributed towards the escape of more than 1,000 slaves and helped them resettle in the Maroon community called Nanny Town.

Nanny Town, placed as it was in the mountains away from European settlements and difficult to assault.

Nanny limited her attacks on plantations and European settlements and preferred instead to farm and trade peacefully with her neighbors.

She did however make numerous successful raids to free slaves held on plantations and it has been widely accepted that her efforts contributed to the escape of almost 1,000 slaves over her lifetime.
She was feared and revered as a guerilla warrior who could use powers that ascended into the realm of the supernatural to confuse the enemies of the Maroons. She was said to be an Obeah woman as well.

Captain William Cuffee, known as Captain Sambo, is credited as having killed Nanny in 1733 during one of the many and bloody engagements of Thjppe war.

During one of the bloody battles, Nanny was killed. The war still went on until Cudjoe, a maroon leader and brother of Nanny, signed a peace treaty with the British.

She was declared a national heroine in 1975 by the Jamaican government and awarded the title of “Right Excellent” due to her enormous accomplishments.

Her portrait is on the 500 Jamaican dollar bill. She is also on the logo for the Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, and Abolition.

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Zayn Malik's 17-year-old sister Safaa gives birth to baby daughter Zaneyah

Zayn Malik's 17-year-old sister has given birth to a baby girl named Zaneyah.

Safaa has welcomed the new arrival with her husband Martin Tiser, 18, just four months after the couple tied the knot in September last year.

A picture has been shared on social media of the newborn wearing a baby grow and hat with the her name and weight - 8lb 3oz - written over the image.

Safaa, who tied the knot in a traditional Nikkah ceremony, celebrated her pregnancy with a pink-themed baby shower among her friends and family last November. 

She appeared in a series of social media images, and wore a sash around her neck which read: 'It's a baby girl' as she celebrated with her nearest and dearest in front of a flower wall.

Safaa debuted her bump in a pink form-fitting dress and slippers at her pink-themed baby shower as she happily posed for pictures.

Days after the celebration, Zayn shared pictures as he jetted back to the UK to see his family and no doubt congratulate Safaa on her pregnancy. 

It is not known if Zayn, 26, attended the special day and he was not thought to have been present at her wedding. 

Proud mum Trisha previously shared a number of snaps of the newlyweds on Instagram alongside the caption, 'My baby girls big day' (sic)'.  

The bride and groom - who is of Slovakian descent - posed for pictures on their special day, flanked by their delighted mothers on either side.

Zayn’s dad Yaser, sisters Doniya, 28, and Waliyha, 21, attended the ceremony but the ex One Direction star – seemed to still be in the U.S.  

Zayn's ex-girlfriend Gigi Hadid, 24, showed her support for Safaa at the time, by liking the post.

The teen's new husband Martin took to his Instagram account to thank their supporters in the wake of some people telling them they were too young to wed.

He wrote: 'Thanks to all of you who support us. We so appreciate that.'

The Pillowtalk singer's family still live in Bradford and he supports his parents and sisters financially.

Two years ago, Trisha launched a beauty salon with the help of her daughters Waliyha and Doniya, but it has since closed.   

Safaa is the youngest member of the family and is still at school.

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British man forks out £75,000 on surgery to look like his Korean boy band idol

A British man has spent over £75,000 on surgeries to look like his Korean boy band idol.

Oli London, who lives in the capital, became infatuated with lead vocalist Jimin when he broke onto the scene in 2013 and has spent the last five years modelling himself on his favourite musician.

His procedures so far include a nose job, jawline surgery, and even a silicone chin implant in a bid to emulate the 'doll-like' look of his idol. 

Oli, 28, first discovered K-pop boy band BTS when he was living in Korea in 2013 and was immediately 'amazed by all of them'.

He said: 'I want my entire lifestyle to revolve around K-pop and I want my entire look to look like Jimin the lead singer of BTS because for me he is perfection, his jaw shape, his lips his voice, everything.' 

Oli's K-pop transformation began when he got his first nose job in South Korea shortly after discovering the boyband. 

He explained: 'I love that kind of perfect image, they all look like dolls. They all look incredibly perfect and when I actually watch their videos I cry just because they are so beautiful.' 

Since then, Oli has had numerous procedures to achieve his perfect look and has plans for even more - including changing the shape of his eyes.

He said: 'I have had four rhinoplasties, I have also had blepharoplasty which was work on my eye lids. It was basically using the excess skin to make my eyelids slightly bigger, that is what I did in Korea.

'I also had madinbular angle reduction which is basically a jaw line surgery. They made incisions inside my mouth and shaved the bones down to give it more structure.

'I also have a silicone chin implant and then I also had fat transferred to my cheeks and I also topped that up with filler. 

'I also do filler in my lips and I do a lot of Botox everywhere. I also had all of the fatty tissues removed from my chest.'

All of Oli's work has added up to over £75,000, and the Personal Shopper and blogger is looking to get more in the future. 

He said: 'When I do have a consultation with the doctor or when I have the surgery I will show him a picture of Jimin. 

'I also want to get a lateral canthoplasty, which is cutting incisions in the skin around the side of the eyes and then moving it across just to make the eyes more of an almond shape. Which would look a lot more like Jimin.' 

Oli believes his insecurities about his appearance stem from when he was a teenager. 

He said: 'I was always insecure because I had very bad acne when I was at school and I had a very big nose.

'That was really the moment when I actually decided now is my chance I can actually change myself now and I'll be a lot happier.

Oli's procedures come with controversy, but he is quick to ensure people that he is not trying to change his race. 

He said: 'Well I am not exactly changing my race, I'm not saying I want to be Asian as such, however I want to look like a K-pop star and they happen to be Korean.

'I just find them incredibly beautiful. I know I am always going to be caucasian, I'm always going be British but I would like to look as close as possible to Korean pop stars and Jimin'.

One of the most recent procedures Oli had was filler injections in his eyelids, a procedure which could have turned him blind. 

His cosmetic surgeon Dr. Faramarz Didar said: 'There are some customers that you can't satisfy. They are shoppers. 

'They go from doctor to doctor, from cosmetic company to others. We say no to them because we can't reach that realistic achievement.

'So in Oli's case, if we did notice that this exists, body dysmorphic syndrome, we would have say no. But Oli is a nice boy and he wants to achieve something unlike other ordinary people. I am quite happy to serve him.' 

Despite negative feedback from his friends, Oli is determined to continue his journey to look like his idol, saying: 'Even though I'm only 28 I know people will tell me that you are too young to do being any of this.

'I don't want to look like a normal person, I want to look like a K-pop doll, just like Jimin.'

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Mum says dressing like her daughter, six, makes her 'feel young'

A mother has revealed how she dresses herself and her daughter in identical clothes when they go out together - because she says it makes her feel young again.

Mother-of-one Melissa Hardy, from Southport, Merseyside, explains that she grew envious of her daughter Elizabeth's colourful wardrobe a couple of years ago and decided to try and emulate the youngster's style. 

What began as buying a few outfits that were similar to ones her daughter owned has now escalated into the duo going 'matchy matchy' whenever they can.  

The business owner said that while she never imagined it would turn into a regular thing, little Elizabeth loved it so much that the mum-and-daughter duo rarely step out with differenc now 'twin' together all the time.

Melissa added their outfits always turn heads and even attract a few remarks from strangers in the street while out in public - but said the comments have always been positive.

She said: 'We started more thing the same when she was about three or four, and she really loves it.

'I've always liked bright colours and bold prints ever since I was a child, but as you get older the clothes become more boring. They're all black or navy.

'I was dressing her in some colourful clothes a few years back and realised how much I liked her outfits. I had a look online and saw some companies that did matching outfits for kids and adults, which was great. So, I ordered some nice clothes online.

'Her clothes really appealed to me, so it's good to join in on the fun.

'From the first time we tried it, she absolutely loved it.

'She usually requests for us to wear 'matchy matchy' and will come up with some ideas for what we should try.

The pair try and co-ordinate their looks at least three or four times a week, and it has a parenting upside too. 

Melissa says: 'I always joke that if I lose her, and the police ask what she was wearing, at least I can just show them my outfit and they'll know.'

The proud mum said that dressing up in the same outfits as her daughter helps her connect to her inner child and makes her feel young again.

Melissa added that she and Elizabeth always turn heads while out in public in their matching clothes - but said the comments from strangers have always been kind.

She said: 'Your children are part of your identity, and I wouldn't dress Elizabeth up in something that I didn't like.

'The clothes are ethical and organic, which is good for us and good for the plan

'I can not only express my personality but I feel good knowing I'm supporting a positive working environment and sustainability for farmers and factory workers.

'It helps me feel connected to her, and when we're out in public it's like everyone knows we are together. It's always so dreary here in winter, so I feel like we bring our own sunshine.

'When I'm wearing the same outfit as my child, and she is beaming with brightness and personality, I feel like I'm exuding that as well. 

We both really love it. It makes us feel special together. We always attract a lot of stares when we're out and about. People always say nice things when we're out in public and that they love what we're wearing.

Other parents say they wish they'd done the same with their own offspring when they were younger.

Melissa adds: 'I'd recommend for any parents to give it a try, even just it a go with pyjamas or something and see your child's reaction. It's all a bit of good fun and we really enjoy it.'

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Ex-soldier and actor will be UK's first trans parents after both transitioning

Ex-army captain Hannah Graf and her actor husband Jake are set to become the UK's first transgender parents. 

The couple have proudly announced they are expecting a little girl in April through a surrogate - whom they are keeping anonymous.

They announced the start of their journey to parenthood on ITV's Lorraine back in January .

And now nearly a year later they have announced their happy news, with Hannah saying the 22-week-old foetus is "about the size of a papaya and the weight of five tangerines."

Hannah said Jake asked her within a week of their first date if she wanted children - and it was unlikely their relationship would have gone any further if she had said 'no'.

"I did want children but I never thought I’d end up having them. I thought I’d never have a boyfriend, let alone get married. But here we are: I’m going to be a mum," she said.\

Hannah, 32, and Jake, 41, met three years ago and married at the beginning of 2018 - making headlines around the country as the UK's first transgender husband and wife.

Hannah, now in a civilian job in finance, was — until she left the military last year to prepare for her new life as a wife and mum — the highest-ranking transgender officer in the British Army.

She served with the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, and came out as trans in 2013.

Husband Jake - an actor who recently performed alongside Keira Knightley in the film Colette - came out as trans when he was 28 years old.

After facing a huge amount of hateful comments when they came out as trans the couple say they are expecting some criticism over their latest announcement - and have already experienced some backlash.

Jake said: "We’ve even heard people say we want to raise a trans baby. Why on earth would we choose that for our child? We know how incredibly hard it is to be transgender and we want the exact opposite for our daughter."

Hannah added: "Some people see it as an ideology we’re trying to force on others. But nothing could be farther from the truth. We’re just being the happiest version of ourselves we can be. And we also want to support other trans people."

The couple found out the assigned gender of the baby when they paid for tests to check for chromosomal abnormalities.

The tests came back clear and at the same time learned they are expecting a girl - but they say they would not have minded either way.

The Grafs’ little girl is genetically linked to Jake by eggs he had harvested when he temporarily stopped taking testosterone for six months several years ago - before he met Hannah.

His mum, who raised him and his younger sister in West London while their father ran the family’s theatrical costume business, paid the £17,000 for the procedure.

He was told by the clinic that his eggs would have a lot stronger chance of becoming pregnancies if they were fertilised - so he chose someone the couple both agree happened to be very similar to his future wife.

Jake said: "I’m quite short and artistic, rubbish at science and logic, and I wanted a sperm donor to balance that. So I chose a tall, sporty, brown-eyed engineer - I picked someone just like Hannah."

The eggs were duly fertilised, resulting in five embryos which the clinic froze and stored.

One of which was then implanted into the womb of their surrogate a few months ago and within 10 days they got the news they had been waiting for - that their surrogate was pregnant.

The law dictates that the surrogate will be named as ‘mother’ on the baby’s birth certificate but Jake and Hannah will apply for a parental order which will mean they are both listed as ‘parents’ on the certificate and be granted parental rights.

They say they are now bracing themselves for the vilification they know is sure to follow their public announcement  -and know that people have strong opinions on surrogacy.

They said an old friend of Jake's has already got in touch to tell them they think surrogacy was "utterly wrong."

They say they have a "brilliant" relationship with their surrogate and say she jokes that their baby is a “little lodger”.

They say she loves being pregnant and  felt strongly that she wanted to help a couple who’d had to overcome prejudices.

When the baby arrives in April Hannah is planning to take her statutory maternity leave, then return to her job in finance.

Jake works from home, writing for much of the time, so he says he is the ‘natural’ choice to be the stay-at-home parent and rely on grandparents - who are incredibly supportive of their children - for extra support.

Thinking to the future the couple say they are aware their daughter could face a lot of prejudice.

Hannah said: "I know there is hatred levelled at people like Jake and me and I want to protect our daughter from that. But I am also hopeful - Younger generations are more inclusive."

Jake added: "We will always be honest with her, too, and tell her, in an age-appropriate way, about how she came into the world.

"We just want our little girl to be happy. That’s all we wish for her."

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Woman dating her DAD and planning to marry him says world's opinion doesn't matter

All relationships have their obstacles to overcome.

But a 31–year age gap would be a bigger stumbling block than most.

That’s exactly the set up for extraordinary couple, Geiziane Mahely Da Silva and Martin Brenner.

At 57, the twenty-seven-year-old woman’s boyfriend is older than her dad and strangers call him a “sugar daddy.”

Almost every relationship faces challenges from time to time, but Geiziane Mahely Da Silva and Martin Brenner have had to overcome more obstacles than most.

Martin – who is the managing executive of a Swiss bank – has been accused of being Geiziane’s sugar daddy, as he is older than her dad. Martin’s ex-wife has also tried to split the pair up. Geiziane’s mother disapproved of their relationship. Oh, and they have had to make it work long-distance, with Martin based in Zurich, Switzerland, and Geiziane a student in Leicester, UK.

Despite all of this, the couple are still going strong and plan on getting a place together.

Geiziane’s mum was initially unhappy with her 27-year-old daughter’s choice of partner, because at 57 years of age, Martin is older than her dad. Perhaps surprisingly, Geiziane’s dad was actually fine with the relationship from the off – which Geiziane admits is more than she can say for herself.

She said: “We have almost 31 years between us. I don’t feel like it’s really bothered Martin, but at first it was difficult for me to accept being in love with a man who is older than my own father.

“My mother didn’t like it in the beginning. Surprisingly, my father accepted it fine as he could feel that I was happy. I have two brothers and they were really shocked, and they bullied me for a while but now after meeting several times with Martin and singing in a karaoke bar, everything is fine.”

But while Geiziane’s family might have accepted Martin, it seems his ex-wife hasn’t accepted her.

Geiziane said: “The most difficult part has been with his ex-wife. It seems to me that she does not seem to have accepted the end of their relationship, or his relationship with me, even though their relationship finished many years ago. So when she sees me, she tries to put me down. She said he is with me only for sex and I’m with him because of his money.

“This makes myself very uncomfortable and hurts me because people outside would think that I’m the wrong one, even though I know I shouldn’t be worrying about other people’s opinion.”

Martin has not been concerned by the views of others though, and said being in a relationship with Geiziane is ‘effortless’.

He said: “I was first attracted to her looks, charisma, personality and ability to listen to others.

“I was a bit worried the age gap might be too large, and we wouldn’t have much common ground. I was wrong. The fact is that we have never had a dull moment in the last four years.

“When we are together, all we realise is how we always bring out the best in each other and how effortlessly and easily things flow.

Things aren’t going as smoothly for a couple with a 53-year age gap in Serbia though, who have been having a bit of a bumpy ride on a Serbian reality TV show… So perhaps Geiziane and Martin are best off avoiding any potential offers to appear on reality shows in the future

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My soulmate killed himself after his family said he needed to be 'cured' of being gay'

It was a night out like any other when Matt Ogston's life changed forever.

A man with a soft voice asked to sit beside him in a nightclub in November 2001 - and so began a 13-year love story which ended in the most tragic fashion.

The voice belonged to Dr Nazim Mahmood, an up-and-coming doctor who would go on to run three London clinics.

The couple quickly fell in love and set up home in Moseley but one thing clouded their happiness. Nazim feared his family would not accept their relationship.

Wanting freedom and the anonymity of a new life in a big city, they moved to London, quickly formed a circle of friends and, in time, became engaged.

But still Nazim, known as Naz, kept his sexuality a secret from his relatives back home until the truth emerged during a trip back to Birmingham for Eid celebrations in July 2014.

Within days, he had taken his own life. He was just 34.

Now Matt runs the Naz and Matt Foundation in his fiance's memory to help families learn to accept their children and see that being gay is not a choice.

He said some were still being pressed into forced marriages with members of the opposite sex, with families hoping it would "cure" their kids of being gay.

Matt recalled: "I first met Naz on a night out in Birmingham. I was sitting there and I heard this soft voice say: 'Excuse me, can I sit here please?"

"In that moment my life changed because he'd arrived. He was the one I was looking for.

"We got quickly got talking and we fell in love.

We just wanted to be together but to live our lives and be ourselves we had to move to London because living in Birmingham was just too scary.

"We couldn't walk down the street together, we couldn't even have our blinds open in the living room.

"Naz would say that if his parents drove past and saw us holding hands or doing something any other couple might do, they would be on the doorstep demanding we broke up because it wasn't acceptable in their family to have a gay son."

Nazim was raised by a strict Muslim family and he knew they would not accept his sexuality, Matt said.

He was questioned by relatives about when he was going to find a wife and pretended Matt was just a friend at family events, his partner said.

Matt said: "We had to do everything in our power to protect our relationship which is why running away to London was the only way forward for us.

"We didn't know anyone there but we wanted to find freedom in the bright lights, the big city with adventure ahead where we could be ourselves.

"When we were in London we could be ourselves but every so many weeks we'd travel back to Birmingham and he would see his family.

"That was where he would have to pretend to be the perfect Muslim son they wanted him to be.

"Then, when we got back to London, he would be grumpy because he'd been through a lot emotionally as he was having to hide his identity."

On their tenth anniversary, the pair decided they would throw a party to thank friends for their support - and Matt decided he was going to propose.

He continued: "I got down on one knee in the DJ booth and asked him to marry me and he said yes.

"But, if we were to get married he would have to come out because he wanted his mum at the wedding.

"We knew that might never happen because he feared what his family would do if they found out."

Despite knowing they may never marry, Matt didn't mind.

Just being engaged to the love of his life and getting to share that moment with all of their friends was enough.

However, in July 2014, Naz's family discovered his sexuality when he was visiting them during Eid celebrations.

Matt said: "His sexuality was brought up and challenged, which made him break down in tears.

"They told him he needed to see a psychiatrist to be cured because they saw being gay as a disease but it's not.

"Just as somebody is born straight, we were born gay. The only choice we have is to accept ourselves for how we are born and the way that God made us.

"This is a journey we all have to go on, hoping one day our parents accept us too.

"Quite often when we come out, many of us in the community face rejection, particularly when there is a strong, conservative, religious interpretation.

"That confrontation left Naz deeply upset and in the days following we talked about what happened and tried to make sense of it all."

Matt tried desperately to console his distraught partner but just two days later, their love story came to a tragic end.

On July 30, 2014, Matt received phone calls begging him to leave work and go home with no explanation of what was happening. 

He said: "I got home and I saw police cars and blue flashing lights.

"I was bundled into one of the cars when I tried to get into our home and that's when I saw a red blanket on the floor.

"That's when I realised that my fiancé and soul mate was gone, and when the police said the words I desperately didn't want them to say. I broke down.

"My reason for living was no longer here. In the weeks afterwards, it didn't get any easier."

Matt later changed his legal name to Matt Mahmood-Ogston even though they were not married.

He said: "Naz once asked me to promise him that, if anything happened to him, I would never forget him.

"When Naz passed away I wanted to make sure that I, and the rest of the world, would never forget.

"I changed my name to include Naz’s name so, whenever I write my name in full, his name will always be there next to mine."

“I hear from men and women who fear their parents will disown or emotionally or physically abuse them if they find out they’re gay.

"In some cases they force them to marry a member of the opposite sex in a belief it will somehow ‘cure’ them of being gay.

"It's made me realise that this was never an isolated incident.

"This is a wider issue that needs to be tackled in communities from all around the UK.

"There is a very strong religious interpretation that some families from any faith have that tells them that they can't accept someone from being gay, this is what happens.

"It leads to suicides and it's not acceptable. That's why we need to challenge these views because 

"I don't want anything to happen to their children. We just want acceptance for their children for how they were born.

"There's no one to blame, there's nothing wrong with them. 

"The true beauty of a relationship with your child is loving them unconditionally and that's all we ask."

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A Boy, 2, wears an adorable blue DRESS for his parents' wedding day

A mother has revealed how she decided to let her two-year-old son wear a dress to her wedding  - after he refused to sport a suit or kilt.

Joanna Minuzzo, 39, originally from Scotland but now living in Cairns, Australia, married her husband Najee, 31, on May 11.

Ahead of her big day, the mother-of-three gave her son, who she doesn't wish to name, three outfit choices - including a kilt from her home country - but he quickly became enamoured with his two older sisters' dresses.

Joanna's son first divulged his love for frocks in January this year, after asking his mother if he could wear his sibling's dress which has a Minnie Mouse face on it. 

At first she told him no, as she felt it wasn't socially acceptable for boys to wear the garments, but she soon questioned her response.

The baby and toddler sleep consultant explained that she wanted her children to be 'free to be who they want to be' and that she is 'guided' by her son. 

A week before her wedding, Joanna borrowed a beautiful, billowing, blue dress from a friend for her son to wear during the day.

Heartwarming photographs show Najee helping his son get into his outfit and the toddler's delighted face as he frolics in the ensemble.  

When Joanna first saw her wedding pictures of the men getting ready, she was overcome with emotion and was humbled with how her husband embraced their son's outfit choice.

However, Joanna has had people constantly questioned as to why she lets her son wear 'girls' clothing.

Cruel critics have told her that in doing so she is 'making him gay' - which Joanna says is completely ridiculous.  

'I am raising children who feel secure enough in themselves to be true to who they really are,' she insisted. 

'To be kind and inclusive to others too. We have a generation of adults who are too afraid of being themselves because of the fear of being judged. 

'I want my children to know that the only person's opinion of them that matters is their own,' said Joanna.

'My children trust me, they can come to me when they have problems and they know I won't judge them. My seven-year-old has amazing emotional literacy and I'm so, so proud of that.'

She recalled: 'The first time my son wanted to wear a dress, part of me wanted to tell him he couldn't wear it, but I stopped and asked myself why. 

'There's no reason why he can't. He is just a normal little boy who likes pretty clothes. It started as a like for Minnie Mouse but it's extended from there.

'To start with I told him no because boys don't wear dresses. Then I thought why not? Why can't he wear it? Who makes these rules? Who is he hurting? He is happy, why am I fighting it? Don't sweat the small stuff.

'From there I've held onto that. In the grand scheme of things, it's only a toddler in a dress, a happy toddler at that! He looks so cute in a dress too! Why am I fighting him and insisting he dress in bland clothing?'

Speaking about her son's wedding outfit, Joanna explained: 'He had three outfits for our wedding. I ordered a kilt months before from Scotland and had this vision of him wearing his kilt and waiting with his dad at the altar. 

'He took one look at it and wouldn't even try it on. I tried to put it on him over the course of a few weeks but he didn't want to wear it. He was getting upset every time I brought it out.

'Then his dad bought a suit that matched his. Again, we took it out and tried to get him to wear it and he wasn't happy about it. I couldn't even force him to try it on, nor would I want to.'

The mother-of-three admitted that once her daughters' dresses arrived, she suspected that she would have to get a similar one for her son. 

'I waited until about the week before the wedding and my friend loaned me her daughter's blue dress,' Joanna said. 'We showed it to him and he was so happy. He loved it! There was no going back. 

'We brought the suit to the island and took it out for him to wear but he didn't want to wear it. We kept the dress hidden from him and only brought it out when we knew he wouldn't wear his suit.'

Talking about the wedding, she added: 'It was the most beautiful day, a really small wedding and I would not have had it any other way. 

'It gave me chills to see the photographs of my husband helping our son get ready and cemented exactly why I fell in love with him. Not many men would do that. 

'He put the happiness of his son above everything else, he is an amazing dad, step dad and role model. The photo reflected a truly beautiful moment between father and son.' 

Joanna hopes that by allowing her children to be their true selves, they will grow up to be more socially aware. 

'I don't want my children thinking they have to conform to stereotypes that don't serve them', she explained. 'I can't stand it when people tell my girls to be lady like. What the hell is that anyway? Who makes these rules and why are there different to rules for men?

'Equally I can't stand it if I hear, "boys don't cry". That really grinds my gears. We end up with men that can't express how they feel and an unequal society, it's just toxic.

'My son likes to wear them [dresses]. He is two, he doesn't even know he is a boy yet or that there is a difference between him and his sisters. It's not complicated, I don't have to dress him in traditional boys' clothes just because that's the norm and acceptable.

'There may come a time soon when he doesn't want to wear a dress or girls' clothes. I will be guided by him.'

The self-employed parent said that society still has a long way to go when people see this as something inspiration. 

She added: 'I don't really see it as a big deal or anything inspirational. I am just letting my son choose what he wants to wear and I'm being respectful of that. Obviously, he has boundaries in terms of practicality but that's it.

'I'm not doing anything revolutionary or new, I am being respectful of my children's choices. It's not harming anyone, it's not that big a deal to allow your children that little bit of autonomy.

'He may grow out of it, he may not. Either way it doesn't really matter, what matters is he is happy, he is healthy and he is kind. The fact that we are having this discussion shows us that as a society, we have a long way to go in terms of accepting people's individuality.'

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Corrie's Mikey North and wife introduce new baby and describe ‘bizarre’ labour

Coronation Street actor Mikey North and his wife Rachael, 34, have introduced their new baby daughter Eliza and opened up about her bizarre arrival.

Mikey, 33 - who plays Gary Windass in the ITV soap - and Rachael, 34, are already parents to a two-year-old son Archie, and they welcomed their little girl in September.

Speaking in OK! Magazine , the couple revealed Rachael was 16 days overdue and had to go into hospital to be induced.

Former fitness instructor Rachel explained: "I ended up being 16 days overdue, which was ridiculous.

"They decided to finally induce me but we had to wait a few days for a bed to become free.

"It was so bizarre going into hospital knowing I was going to have a baby as opposed to going into labour naturally.

"It was like having a casual appointment and then leaving with a baby!”

Rachel had hoped to have a water birth, but it wasn't allowed and Mickey revealed his wife was so high on painkillers during labour she "tried it on" with him.

He laughed: "She was on another planet and tried it on with me!

"I was like, “Rach, you’re in labour, it’s probably not the right time and that’s how we got in this mess in the first place!”

Mikey added: "I’m the worst birthing partner in the world.

"I was just nervously pacing around the whole time and Rach shouted at me to sit down.”

During the previous birth of their son, Rachael lost 1.5 litres of blood when a vein was accidentally severed during an episiotomy.

After confirming her next pregnancy, Rachael admitted she was feeling wary after the the trauma she experienced in the delivery room first time round.

[I feel] a little bit apprehensive, to be honest. But I feel more prepared because I know what contractions feel like and how bad it can be.

“I’m not as naïve this time, I guess. What will be will be."


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Gordon Ramsay and wife Tana enjoy night on the town with two of their offspring days after throwing daughter Tilly a lavish 18th birthday bash

They treated their brood to a celebration to remember over the weekend, when they threw daughter Tilly a lavish 18th birthday party in the heart of London.

And Gordon Ramsay, 53, and his wife Tana, 45, appeared keen to keep the celebratory mood going on Monday, when they stepped out in the English capital with two of their five children.

The lovebirds were joined by daughters Holly, 19, and Megan, 21, as they attended the Shop Wear Care Gala fundraiser, held in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity at Mayfair's upscale Claridge's hotel.

Celebrity chef Gordon looked casually cool in an all-black ensemble as he walked through the city's bustling streets with his spouse of 23 years on his arm.

Author and TV personality Tana matched her husband's look, sporting a plunging lace-lined top with skintight trousers and red suede lace-up booties.

Meanwhile, their daughters stepped out in glam style, each wearing stylish grey and black-themed ensembles as they enjoyed a family night out for a good cause. 

Their outing comes hot on the heels of Tilly celebrated her milestone birthday in lavish style on Saturday night, at a bash which came complete with a star-studded guest list and an A-list performance. 

Tilly - whose also goes by Matilda - dazzled for her big night as she donned a shimmering gold dress fit for a birthday girl as she partied the night away with her nearest and dearest.

Holly opted for maximum glamour for the evening, as she styled her blonde tresses in bouncy ringlets and wore a full face of make-up including a subtle grey smokey-eye and a slick of lip gloss.

Offering a glimpse into their transformation, Holly and her dad Gordon shared a playful video on TikTok, which showed them wearing their casual clothes before switching into party gear with the click of a finger.

There were some very recognisable faces at the event, including the Ramsay's longtime family friends the Beckhams, who arrived in their tuxedo clad best to the very glamorous affair.

The eldest son of Victoria and David Beckham, Brooklyn, 20, looked handsome as he donned a tweed blazer and T-shirt as he put on a friendly display with Tilly's older sister Holly, 19, while posing for a snap together.

Holly pulled out all the stops for the event, wowing in a semi-sheer gown with slashes up each side of the dress, she teamed the glitzy number with a pair of black stilettos. 

She styled her raven tresses in a loose, sleek style while highlighting her striking features with soft touches of make-up and accessorising with a selection of gold chain pendant necklaces.

The Ramsay girls all looked sensational for the evening as they posed together with their mum Tana, who looked incredible in a black midi dress, after having their make-up expertly applied for the occasion. 

One of the brood who sadly missed the party was 7-month-old Oscar as it started past his bedtime, however before he was put down to sleep his sister Megan made sure he had a snap taken in his tiny black tuxedo with her. 

As the bash got into full swing the party guests were treated to a performance by pop superstar Ed Sheeran, who took to the stage to perform a selection of his biggest tracks for the special occasion.

It is no surprise that Tilly's family and pals were treated to some delicious catering at the party, as one of the guests shared a snap of what appeared to be mouth-watering miniature beef wellington.

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A 17-year-old crowned homecoming queen after surviving being shot in the head

While the crowning of a homecoming king or queen is an honor to be proud of bestowed as a high school student, the crowning of 17-year-old Deserae Turner, of Logan, Utah, was something extra special.

At the age of 14, Deserae was lured by two older high school students, one of whom was her friend, into a ditch, where she was shot in the back of the head and left for dead.

Against all odds, she not only survived the attempted murder but has since embarked on an ambitious rehabilitation that led to being crowned homecoming queen.

Before her shooting, Deserae Turner was a competition equestrianist who could often be found riding her horse whenever the weather was nice. She wanted to become a nurse after finishing high school; after her brush with death, she was left fighting for her life.

Rehabilitation was slow and painful. Learning how to walk again has taken a long time, as has regaining the use of the right side of her body. At the sentencing of her one-time friend and would-be murderer Colter Peterson, she said, “There are times I wish I could give the gun back to Colter and tell him to try again and put me out of my misery,” per CBS News.

As her mother, April Turner, told the Salt Lake Tribune, “She had to relearn everything.” Despite searing headaches that can completely immobilize her with pain, Deserae has made it through nearly a dozen surgeries and has even gone back to school. She can only concentrate for limited periods of time and returns home for a nap and time in an oxygen chamber every day.

Despite all this, Turner has focused on completing her high school studies so she can start the next chapter of her life. “I am not a complainer. I don’t like complaining,” she told KTSU in Salt Lake City. Her mother said that “she is determined to graduate on time” despite all the setbacks caused by the shooting and rehab.

Turner told the Salt Lake Tribune that she does miss her old life but has had to let it go. “There are times when I just want to go out and ride (horses),” she explained. “I just want to be normal again. I just want to be me. But this is me now, and I just have to embrace it.”

While Turner had no idea that she was even in the running for homecoming queen, she ended up garnering 1,400 votes. Deserae and her mother happened to be with the physical therapist when they got the call about her nomination. She was shocked, but thrilled.

“I was bouncing around, and I was like, ‘I am going to be in the homecoming parade!’” she told KTSU. Of course, the logistics of figuring out how to make everything work were going to be complicated, but for just one moment, she got to be a high schooler dreaming of homecoming.

“That week we cancelled some appointments, some therapies, we just skipped them for the week,” her mom, April Turner, told Good Morning America. “We just let her do normal teenage, fun things. It was great.”

As for doing her hair, makeup, and picking out the dress, donations flooded in from the community to help pay for it all, and people volunteered to help out in various ways. “I feel honored, overjoyed and blessed that the student body would give me this honor,” Deserae said to GMA. “I’ve had a hard couple of years, but this week being homecoming queen, I was really happy.”

When the big event finally came, Deserae was dressed up to perfection and accompanied by her date, Logan Matz, as well as her father. The belle of the ball even lost track of one of her shoes at one point, echoing the Cinderella story that she felt herself to be living through. “The homecoming king got down and put my shoe on and I totally felt like Cinderella,” she said to KTSU. “It was a beautiful moment.”

While showing up for all the public events left her a bit exhausted, she wouldn’t trade the experience for anything in the world. As she told the Salt Lake Tribune, “It was a lot, but it was so worth it.” Turner wishes that each and every high school girl will be able to experience “such a magical night.”

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Famous stray puppy with 'human eyebrows' finds home after being abandoned

A stray puppy who became famous because of her human-like eyebrows has found a home after being rejected by her first owners for being 'weird'.

Betty, five months old, was found wandering the streets of a Siberian city.

A local animal shelter staff gave her a "good wash" thinking the markings were painted on her as a "cruel joke".

But they turned out to be real, winning the dog a new home and fame.

Keeper Olesya Novopoltseva said: "I’ve been working here at the shelter for a very long while but never saw anything like this."

She cared for the stray when she was brought in from the street.

Nadezhda Grozetskaya, a vet in Bratsk city, confirmed the eyebrows were not fake.

The unusual pigmentation was ‘nature’s joke’, she said.

"This is the case of hair pigmentation which doesn’t depend on a (particular) breed.

"Like a birthmark it might become a bit lighter with years but it will never disappear."

New owner Oksana Maymsina has set up a social media account for Betty, and the dog is to be featured on Russia’s top TV chat show after going viral.

"I actually cried when I saw a post about her," said Oksana.

"She had to become my dog."

Shelter staff had initially named her Frida in a tribute to Mexican painter Frida Kahlo with her dark “unibrow”.

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Victoria's Secret model marries in sheer lace wedding dress

Devon Windsor has arrived in St. Barts ahead of her wedding to long-term partner Johnny 'Dex' Barbara this weekend. 

The Victoria's Secret Angel, 25, and her husband-to-be obtained their marriage licence one week ago and will now tie the knot on the Caribbean island over the next few days. 

According to the New York Post newspaper's Page Six column, guests at the couple's nuptials will include Devon's fellow model Shanina Shaik, 28.   

The catwalk queen has been sharing a countdown to her wedding via her Instagram page, alongside a series of images of the couple relaxing with their family and friends on the paradise island ahead of the big day. 

The pair have also come up with a clever hashtag amalgamating their two names; #DEVotedtoDex.

Last week, Devon shared a sweet video of the moment she and Dex obtained their marriage licence. 

Grinning from ear-to-ear as the couple emerged from the courthouse, the model looked incredible in a plunging white blazer, matching mini-skirt and elaborate headband. 

Alongside the clip, she wrote: 'First comes love then comes... marriage license!!! Step one, done! Next up...', followed by bride and groom emojis. 

Dex looked dapper in a sky blue double-breasted suit, and responded: 'I adore you, my queen! 

'Today is no different than yesterday! Always knew you were going to be mine!'  

The couple got engaged on a private beach in the Bahamas in June 2018 after two years of dating. 

The former Model Squad star shared details of her partner's romantic proposal via her Instagram page after she was taken on a plane ride over the beach where she saw the words 'Marry Me?' written in the sand.  

She wrote on Instagram at the time: 'When you think you're flying into a photoshoot and then you look down and see this...

'This was the best day of my life and I cannot wait to marry the best person in the whole universe! 

'I'm the luckiest woman in the world!'

Devon also showed off her impressive diamond engagement ring - which took over a month to handcraft - in an Instagram story post.

She wrote: 'I'll never finish falling in love with you...... ladies and gents, my fiancé!!!!'

Devon previously admitted she'd be wearing Victoria's Secret underwear on her wedding day.

She said: 'I guess Victoria's Secret obviously! They have an amazing line for that. I guess all white. Is that what you're supposed to wear? 

'Something wedding-like and something that makes you feel confident and sexy for your honeymoon... because hopefully you will only have one honeymoon!'

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'People weren't sure it was even legal': Parents give their newborn daughter a 'mashed up' surname by mixing parts of both their monikers

Unusual baby names have been popular for years, but now parents are taking things one step further by giving their newborns 'blended' surnames. 

Sydney couple Courtney Cassar, 31, and Laura Sheldon, 29, welcomed daughter Lyla Jill last month, but rather than using a hyphen between their family names, they bestowed the 'mashed-up' moniker 'Casseldon' on their baby girl instead.

Mr Cassar, a teacher and theatre director, told Daily Mail Australia that while reactions to the name were mixed, it represents both sides of their daughter's family.

'We were excited to give Lyla a blended name because it means it comes from both of our families instead of one, and now her last name tells a story,' he said.

'We thought about it for a long time, even before we found out we were pregnant, and we used it in different situations to make sure we liked it.

'I like the idea of our daughter having a part of both of us.'

Those close to the couple were surprised by how easily they could create a unique last name for Lyla.

'At first people we told didn't think you could even do it without some sort of laborious process, but it turns out it's just whatever you write down on the registration with Births, Deaths and Marriages,' Mr Cassar said.

Baby 'Casseldon' is certainly not the only young Australian given a 'blended' last name in 2019.

New statistics from the New South Wales Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages reveal the number of children who share the same surname as both parents has dropped from 88.4 percent to 38.2 percent between 1980 and today.

The proportion of kids with last names that belong to neither parent has increased from 3.8 percent to 9.4 percent over the same period. 

The use of hyphenated names is growing at much slower rate, with double-barrelled titles used by just 0.7 percent of children in 1980 and three percent today.

The traditional practice of giving a child their father's surname remains the most popular across the nation, with 85.5 percent of children using their dad's name Down Under.

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A Bride-to-be who claims she's NEVER looked nice in anything despite losing 8st

A bride-to-be's entourage dismisses her potential dream gown as being 'like a big tablecloth' in Say Yes To The Dress Lancashire.

Tonight's episode of the TLC show focuses on Nikki, from Lancashire, who used to be a size 30 but has shed an incredible eight stone.

However, despite her dramatic weight loss, the nervous bride-to-be is still struggling with her body confidence and has been put off dress shopping.

'I still look in the mirror and I still see that big girl,' she explains. 'I'm really worried that nothing is going to fit me. Even with the weight loss, it's still not quite had the effect that I thought it'd have.' 

Revealing the news to super stylist and presenter Gok Wan, Nikki admits that her weight loss was triggered by an incident on a night out. 

'I was in a bar and someone said: "Is Nikki the fat funny one?'" she explains. 'That cut me quite deep.' 

Nikki's body confidence was so low that she went as far as removing all of the mirrors from her house. 

'I didn't want to see my body,' she explains. 'I didn't have them in the bathroom or anything.'

Wanting to give the soon-to-be bride her feel-good factor back and help her embrace her new body, Gok presents Nikki with her first dress - a gorgeous lace, princess-style gown with elegant sleeves. 

Opening her eyes and looking at herself in the frock for the first time, Nikki is pleasantly surprised. 

'I don't think I've ever worn anything and gone: "I look nice," Nikki says. 

But Gok's plan to help her find her body confidence hits a wall when Nikki shows the dress to her entourage - made up of her mother Karen, maid-of-honour Ella, and friends Emma and Michelle. 

'My mum can be quite outspoken; she does always tell me her brutal honest truth,' Nikki says. 

And Nikki's mum has no trouble telling her daughter just how she feels. 

'I think for me the thing is the lace across the top. As I'm looking at it, it looks wishy washy. It's not the one for her,' she says as Gok looks on. 

Michelle also takes issue with the lace and explains: 'It's too big. It's all down the sleeves. It's like a big tablecloth!' 

With her confidence at an all-time low, Gok has work to do to get Nikki feeling like the beautiful bride she deserves to be. For Nikki, it's made her think twice about wanting a lace dress. 

'In my head I've always had lace and we've got three people saying no to lace,' she says. 

But sticking to his guns, Gok eventually finds a stunning lace gown with a plunging neckline that'll help Nikki show off her new body - and for the bride-to-be, it's love at first sight. 

'I'm starting to think I look like a bride,' Nikki says gleefully. 'I don't need to hideaway anymore. I love everything about it and I feel really confident.'

Looking radiant – and most importantly confident – she walks out to her entourage, and this time, there's not a dry eye in the house.

'Nailed it! You can see in her face that she had found what she was looking for,' Karen says tearfully. 

Overcome with emotion and finally feeling confident, Nikki can't hold back her tears. 

When asked the question, a once anxious and body shy Nikki sassily replies: 'I'm saying hell yes the dress!' as her mum runs up and hugs her.

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