Children weep at their mother's grave after she was murdered by a former boyfriend who had already been jailed for killing his wife - as shocked viewers blast parole board who released him

Viewers were left in shock after hearing the story of a woman who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend - who had strangled his former wife eighteen years earlier prior in Released to Kill Again.

In the Channel 5 show which aired last night, Amelia Karnstein, the daughter of Janet Scott, from Nottingham, and two of her siblings, opened up about the murder of their beloved mother.

Janet Scott, 51, thought she had found her happily ever after when she met Simon Mellors, 56, but he turned out to be a former convict who had strangled a previous partner in 1999.


In spite of her children's reservations and warnings, Janet dated Mellors for ten months before eventually leaving him. 

The spited lover started stalking her, before eventually attacking her at her home and running her over when she tried to escape. 

Viewers were left shocked and blasted  

Her daughters Amelia and Hannah expressed their anger and frustration that Mellors was out of 

Viewers were moved by Amy and her siblings story, with many taking to Twitter to express their shock. 

One wrote: 'I need to blank this from my mind before bed, there's so evil f******* out there.'

Another posted: 'Channel 5 putting all the murder documentaries tonight. That means no sleep for me.'

All of the stories in this programme are so shocking!' another commented.

One added: 'Shocking this! Our justice system is on its a***!! #ReleasedtoKillAgain.'  

'God this makes me so mad. Utterly avoidable killings,' another wrote.


They added: 'The probation service should be ashamed. These people should not be released. How does the parole board EVER get this so wrong? Once is bad enough. Horrendous.' 

Simon Mellors was convicted for the murder of his former partner Pearl Black, whom he strangled in 1999. 

He was released from prison in 2012 under licence and met Janet at a pub in March 2017. 

Amelia - 'Amy' - and her sister Hannah recalled that their mother, who had already been married four times, fell head over heels for Mellors, who seemed to be everything she had hoped for. 

Mellors had Janet believe he had spent the last twelve years travelling the world, but in reality, he was serving time for the murder of his former partner, Pearl Black, whom he strangled in 1999. 

However, six weeks into their relationship, his parole officer pushed the former convict to share his real past with Janet. He did so by sending her a news article about his arrest by text message. 

He put the murder on account of a mental breakdown and swore he had changed, but this was a big enough red herring for Janet's children to request a meeting with Mellors' probation officer. 

Recalling the experience, Amy said she asked the officer whether he thought Mellors would kill again

'I said, "In your professional experience is he going to do it again?"' she recalled. 'The probation officer looked at me and said... "I don't think so."' 

Mellors and Janet's relationship grew stronger after the probation meeting, spending increasing amount of time together. However her children were worried and unhappy about her choice of partner. 

Amy explained Mellors grew more and more controlling towards Janet: 'She was completely and utterly trapped,' she said. 

Feeling her relationship was going south, Janet tried to break things off, but not backing down, Mellors took to stalking and following her around on her way to work. 

Janet reported the issue to the probation service, who issued a warning, but Mellors did not stop the stalking. 

On 29 January 2018, he let himself in Janet's home and stabbed her in the chest and the abdomen. 

'She had tried to get away, there was blood smeared across the set of drawers leading out,' Amy recalled. 

Mellors dragged Janet to his car and forced her inside the vehicle. He drove towards the city centre of Nottingham. 

Spotting a traffic officer, Janet jumped out of the moving vehicle and ran for her life. The warden tried to help, but as they did, Mellors back down with his car and ran them over. 

The officer was sent 15ft in the air. Janet's body was crushed between the car and the wall Mellors had crashed against - she died instantly. 

Janet's daughter Hannah opened up about being told that her mother had died. 

'I cried for nights on end,' she said. 

In the documentary, Amy visited the street where her mother perished. She had first saw it the day following Janet's murder.  

'They'd only just removed the tent and moved mum's body from the pavement to the coroner's,' she explained. 'We were walking up the street and there was some guy there who was hosing blood off the wall into the drain,' 

'To see your mum's blood washing in into a drain as if it's graffiti or any dirt on the road.'

Hannah added: 'Just knowing that that road still exists, it's just like a burden. We don't want it to be there anymore.'

'They had to identify her by the cards left in her purse and dental records and hair DNA. She didn't have a face anymore because of what he did. Her entire torso was gone.'

Two days after the murder, Mellors was arrested and charged with murder and attempted murder on the officer's life. But he killed himself in prison while awaiting trial and before a judgement could be passed. 

This was the last blow for Janet's children, who were hoping to get justice.   

'My blood boils. We didn't get the justice we deserved,' Hannah said. 

Her sister Amy added: 'We blame the justice system and the parole board. If anyone actually understood then they'd do an awful lot more to prevent this happening.'

In 2018, the Ministry of Justice apologised to Janet's family for 'unacceptable failings' that let to her murder.   

In a statement, the MoJ said: 'This was a truly awful crime and our thoughts remain with the victim, their family and friends.

'We apologise sincerely for the unacceptable failings that have been identified.'

In the Channel 5 documentary, three of Janet's children - including Amy and Hannah, who feature at length - cry on their mother's grave. 

Amy is hoping to push for a full inquest into her mother's case.

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