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Did you see this incredible gesture from Liverpool's Van Dijk after Netherlands draw?

LIVERPOOL star Virgil van Dijk certainly made headlines last night after his last-minute equaliser but then went one step further with a kind gesture towards the referee.

Netherlands found themselves two goals down to Germany in their final UEFA Nations League match last night when Timo Werner and Leroy Sane put the hosts ahead.

Ronald Koeman’s side looked set to miss out on a place at next summer’s finals before Quincy Promes sparked a late comeback with five minutes remaining.

Liverpool defender Van Dijk then scored an impressive volley in injury time to rescue his country a point and send them through to the mini-tournament at France’s expense.

After the match Van Dijk went immediately over to referee Ovidiu Hategan to show his appreciation for refereeing.

The man in the middle was visibly upset with Romanian newspaper Gazeta Sporturilor claiming the reason for this was down his mother recently passing away.

“The man focused on the game, then, at the end, gave up and started crying, because his mother recently died,” Van Dijk said.

“I told him to be strong and congratulated him for refereeing very well but I hope I helped him."

Van Dijk found himself playing as a centre-forward in the dying minutes of yesterday’s match as they desperately went in search of an equaliser.

Referee Ovidiu Hategan was visibly upset after the UEFA Nations League match (Pic: NPO)

And Koeman has revealed a note from his assistants that he passed on to the field via full-back Kenny Tete had instructed the Liverpool defender to push forward.

“I got that note from Dwight Lodeweges and Kees van Wonderen,” Koeman said.

“When we were 2-0 down they asked me if we should change things around and I said yes. Next thing I knew I had the note. So I gave it to Kenny.

“And in the end it’s fantastic that the equaliser came from the guy who was told on the note to push up front.

Virgil van Dijk scored a late equaliser for the Netherlands (Pic: GETTY)

“The team showed character. We kept going.

“I didn’t think we played well. Maybe at this stage it’s too much for us to play two matches in such a short period of time against such high-quality opposition (Netherlands beat world champions France in Rotterdam on Friday).

“Let’s not forget, this Germany is an excellent team, maybe even better than France. But we also showed that we can recover when playing opponents of this calibre.”

Van Dijk will hope to continue his fine form when Liverpool travel to Watford on Saturday (3pm).


jmparker Posted on November 20, 2018 12:46

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Stan Lee's comments on racism and bigotry from 50 years ago resurface following his death

Stan Lee's death at the weekend prompted an outpouring of emotion and tributes to the man mostly responsible for the Marvel Universe.

Characters like the X-Men, the Avengers, Iron Man, Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk all came from his uniquely creative and fascinating mind, which entertained generations for decades and will continue to for years to come. 

Although his characters all possessed amazing powers and saved the world on a regular basis, they all had to overcome adversity or bigotry in order to triumph and live their lives without prejudice.

Take, for instance, the X-Men. A group of gifted young people, whose powers saw them become vilified by society just because they were different. 

Similarly, the Avengers are a group of people from different backgrounds, with different ways of living and beliefs, that have to learn to co-exist to defeat evil. 

Lee wasn't exactly being subtle with the messages that he was sending with these characters and stories, in that diversity and accepting other cultures is an important part of life that everyone should try to adhere by.

In 1968, Lee laid out exactly what he was trying to say in an edition of Marvel's 'Stan Soapbox' where he admonished bigots and racists. 

This brief essay was shared by Ryan Parker, of The Hollywood Reporter on Sunday and it has subsequently gone viral. 

In the piece, Lee wrote:

Let's lay it right on the line. Bigotry and racism are among the deadliest social ills plaguing the world today. But, unlike a team of costumed super-villains, they can’t be halted with a punch in the snoot, or a zap from a ray gun.

The only way to destroy them is to expose them—to reveal them for the insidious evils they really are. The bigot is an unreasoning hater—one who hates blindly, fanatically, indiscriminately.

If his hang-up is black men, he hates ALL black men. If a redhead once offended him, he hates ALL redheads. If some foreigner beat him to a job, he’s down on ALL foreigners.

He hates people he’s never seen—people he’s never known—with equal intensity—with equal venom.

Now, we’re not trying to say it’s unreasonable for one human being to bug another.

Now, we’re not trying to say it’s unreasonable for one human being to bug another.

But, although anyone has the right to dislike another individual, it’s totally irrational, patently insane to condemn an entire race—to despise an entire nation—to vilify an entire religion. Sooner or later, we must learn to judge each other on our own merits.

Sooner or later, if man is ever to be worthy of his destiny, we must fill out hearts with tolerance.

For then, and only then, will we be truly worthy of the concept that man was created in the image of God–a God who calls us ALL—His children.

Despite these being 50-years-old, there is something still worryingly relevant about Lee's words, something that was echoed in the responses to the essay on social media.

Those people aren't very bright. The avengers and X Men are LITERAL social justice warriors and always have been.

ruby Posted on November 20, 2018 12:46

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Fake doctor EXPOSED: 3,000 UK medics probed after imposter practised for 22 YEARS

FRANTIC checks are being made on up to 3,000 foreign doctors after an imposter psychiatrist practised for 22 years.

Former NHS doctor Zholia Alemi was allowed to practise for more than two decades despite having no qualifications.

The trickster claimed she had a primary medical qualification when she first registered in the UK in 1995 — but was lying.

Alemi was later jailed for fraud in October this year after she took advantage of her vulnerable patient, changing the elderly woman's will to make herself a beneficiary.

The General Medical Council (GMC) apologised for "inadequate" checks made in the 1990s and for "any risk arising to patients as a result".

The discovery has now triggered an urgent probe and checks on the licences of potentially thousands of other doctors.

While working as a consultant psychiatrist for a dementia service in West Cumbria, Alemi exploited her relationship with her vulnerable victim, applying for power of attorney in her name.

She denied charges of fraud and theft but was found guilty and sentenced to five years in prison following a trial at Carlisle Crown Court.

Alemi's contract of employment with Cumbria NHS Trust was terminated after her initial arrest in 2016 and she was interim suspended in June 2017 by the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service.

After her sentencing an officer from Cumbria Police described her crimes as "abhorrent".

In a statement, the GMC said that Alemi joined the medical register in the UK under a section of the Medical Act which has not been in force since 2003.

It allowed graduates of medical schools in certain Commonwealth countries, including New Zealand, to obtain registration on the basis of their qualification, without having to sit and pass the standard two-part assessment of their medical knowledge and skills - the Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board exam (PLAB).

These documents were not subject to the rigorous checks that exist today, the GMC has now admitted.

The records of up to 3,000 still-licensed doctors who registered via the same route are now being urgently reviewed.

Charlie Massey, chief executive of the GMC, said: "These are serious issues and we are investigating them urgently.

"It is extremely concerning that a person used a fraudulent qualification to join the register and we are working to understand how this happened.

"We have brought this to the attention of police and other agencies, including NHS England, so that they may also take any necessary action to support patients and answer any questions they may have.

"Our processes are far stronger now, with rigorous testing in place to ensure those joining the register are fit to work in the UK.

"It is clear that in this case the steps taken in the 1990s were inadequate and we apologise for any risk arising to patients as a result.

"We are confident that, 23 years on, our systems are robust and would identify any fraudulent attempt to join the medical register.

"Patients deserve good care from appropriately qualified professionals and place a great deal of trust in doctors.

"To exploit that trust and the respected name of the profession is abhorrent."

A Department of Health and Social Care spokeswoman said: "As the organisation responsible for regulating doctors, we expect the GMC to investigate how this criminal was able to register as a doctor and put measures in place to make sure it can't happen again."

jmparker Posted on November 20, 2018 12:26

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People want Ivanka Trump to be 'locked up' after she sent government emails from a personal account

On Monday, the Washington Post broke the news that Ivanka Trump had been using her own personal email to send hundreds of government business emails.

Hmm... where have we heard that one before?

Yes, this is almost the exact same thing that dogged Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign, which saw Donald Trump brand her as 'crooked Hillary' and inspired the chant "lock her up".

Although it's not be disclosed what Ivanka said in those emails, and even though it's not illegal for White House officials to use their email for such correspondence, any messages have to be forwarded to an official work account within 20 days, as per the Presidential Act and Federal Records Act.

While it is obviously a cause for concern that anyone would choose to use a private email to discuss government activity, the irony here is just too perfect to ignore and the internet has been having a field day.

Many were quick to point out the glaring hypocrisy of the administration. 

Others wondered used the timely 'lock her up' catchphrase.

Actor Ishiah Whitlock Jr, best known for playing Senator Clay Davis in The Wire, used his trademark catchphrase to perfectly sum up the situation.

Even Bette Midler wasn't holding anything back.

This GOP tweet has aged well.

View image on Twitter

ruby Posted on November 20, 2018 11:57

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Asian people asked if they serve 'fried cat' in racist videos condemned online

Videos of Asian people being asked if they serve 'fried cat' in their respective shops have gone viral online. 

The clips, which appear to take place in the American city of Baltimore, show a black man asking two Asian store owners if they serve such a type of food, clearly perpetuating the stereotype that Asian people eat household pets. 

The first video was shared on Instagram by the user zone_15_thug_x2 and sees the man in the video ask an unimpressed shop owner if they serve 'fried cat'. 

The man indicates that they do not and tells him to go next door. 

The next video sees that same man ask the same question to a woman who is shocked and bemused at the inquiry and tells him that she should phone the police about the accusation. 

In the second video, the man asking the question tries to protest his innocence by saying.

I'm not a disrespectful type of person.

If I'm lying, I'm frying like the cat I want.

Both videos have been viewed millions of times since they were posted last week and have sparked outrage at the racist caricature that it promotes.

Although it is unclear who made the videos, a watermark on both clips would indicate that they were originally posted on the Instagram account cool_ant.

Both have since been deleted, with the owner of the account then posting an apology for sharing the videos.

An alternative apology, which is no longer on Instagram, sees cool_ant, reportedly asked people to not "pass judgment" and that he waited in the store "five minutes AFTER THE VIDEO waiting for the real food that I ordered".

In some Asian countries, dog meat is reportedly considered to be a delicacy, with it being used as an example against some nations to showcase how 'primitive' they are.

An article by food writer Soleil Ho shows how this has been used against Asian people since the early 20th century, with the most recent example occurring in 2016 when an Oregon senate candidate suggested that Vietnamese refugees would be "harvesting people's dogs and cats".

Others have argued that because the man in the video is black, he cannot be racist to another person of colour.

This still doesn't excuse the nature of the videos, which attempts to embarrass the victims and spread a lie all at the attempt of going viral.

ruby Posted on November 20, 2018 11:47

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Gunman 'kills girlfriend and cop'

A GUNMAN has reportedly shot his girlfriend before storming a hospital killing two others including a police officer and a female pharmacy worker.

Armed cops responded after reports of shots being fired both outside and inside Mercy Hospital in Chicago.

Police confirmed four people are dead, including a policeman and the gunman — but didn't say if he had shot himself or been killed by a police officer's bullet.

The dead police officer has been named as Samuel Jimenez.

Chicago PD urged people to stay away from the scene as the hospital was evacuated.

Images from the scene show blood splattered across the floor inside the hospital and armed cops sweeping the area.

Witnesses reported seeing the gunman shoot a woman – reported by CBS to be his girlfriend – before running inside the hospital.

One said: "I turned around to my right and I see a man shooting someone on the ground.”

Two people were then shot inside the hospital as staff and patients ran for cover – with witnesses hearing “code silver” being shouted, which means a gunman is inside. 

Video shows police officers with their guns raised sweeping through the halls of Mercy Hospital.

POLICE: Cops arrived on the scene after the gunman opened fire (Pic: CBS)

Reports have emerged of heroic medical staff working to keep patients safe as the shooter stalked the halls.

One staff member told CBS how he locked patients in their rooms as he heard the shots being fired.

Another witness claimed to have seen the shooter open fire at someone on the ground "repeatedly".

The shooting began after the gunman had an argument with a female doctor who he was dating, in the car park outside the hospital.

One of the woman's friends came along to help, at which point the attacker revealed his weapon.

In the opening shots, the woman, named locally as Tamara O'Neal, was killed.

Police then arrived and exchanged fire with the attacker, who hit their police car with a hail of bullets before running into the hospital.

As the police shot at the gunman, one of the attacker's bullets hit a female pharmacy worker who was unlucky enough to be coming out of the lift at the time.


HOSPITAL: The gunman reportedly shot his girlfriend outside before storming the hospital (Pic: NBC)

CHICAGO PD: Local sources are reporting the gunman is dead (Pic: NBC)

She hasn't been named.

One of the nearby high schools was locked down during the incident as cops maintained a “tight perimeter”.

All pedestrians and all vehicles were told to stay away from the hospital, as reporters were moved back from the cordon. 

Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi‏ said: "Reports of multiple victims from incident at 26th and Michigan. Please avoid area.

"Officers are doing a methodical search of Mercy hospital. At least one possible offender is shot. Please avoid the area."

jmparker Posted on November 20, 2018 11:42

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Military Official Worries Terrorism Could Spill into Liberia


The acting Sergeant Major for Armed Forces Liberia says he is concerned about terrorists in neighboring countries spilling into his homeland.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with VOA, Command Sgt. Maj. Karmoh Duke Freeman said the "worrisome" terrorism developments outside Liberia must be deterred with additional forces.

"We asked our partners to get involved immediately so that we'll curtail the situation," Freeman said, "because we need more than what we have at our border points."

The Liberian army of about 2,000 was built "from scratch," Freeman explained, after the Second Liberian Civil War ended in 2003.

The U.N. peacekeeping mission that helped develop Liberia's military formally withdrew earlier this year, potentially leaving the nation vulnerable to threats.

Freeman recommended routine military patrols around the border, along with recruitment expansions for military, police and immigration officers.

FILE - U.S marines disembark upon their arrival at the Roberts International airport in Monrovia, Liberia, Oct. 9, 2014.

Liberia also receives support from the United States and African countries such as Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Ghana and Benin.

"We're there to help coach, teach, assist, advise and let them know we have their back. We're not going away. We're going to be there even in crisis," U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Michael Stone, the commanding general for the Michigan National Guard's military police, told a small group of reporters Friday at the Pentagon.

Michigan National Guard has partnered with Liberian forces since 2009, as part of the National Guard's State Partnership Program.

The state has sent over military police to conduct specialized training, as well as provided engineers for construction. National Guardsmen teach critical military skills like marksmanship, Stone said, but they also go a step further, providing Liberian forces with the knowledge of how to transport a unit to a range and run a range properly.

He added that Liberia's forces have come a long way since the Michigan-Liberia partnership began, growing from a force of a couple of hundred to a couple of thousand. Liberia's military's commander was not even a Liberian until 2014.

"They weren't professional enough, and there was such a fear because of the civil war, there was such a distrust … that they took a while to get a professional military where a Liberian officer could be vetted, trained, and have enough respect where the president was comfortable," Stone explained.

While Freeman describes the Liberian military as an "offspring" of the U.S. military, the Chinese military is spreading influence in the country via contributions in logistics support. The acting command sergeant major conceded that China was a logistics "partner" and educator, but denied the Liberian military was cooperating further.

"No, we don't work with the Chinese military," Freeman said. "We need the American military most."

Stone said the Chinese and the U.S. have very different approaches in Liberia, with the Chinese focusing on economic connections, while the Americans focus on personal connections.

"They'll [the Chinese] offer economic assistance to build something, but there's no sustainment model. There's no ongoing relationship," he said.

sarah Posted on November 20, 2018 11:37

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Domino’s launches new CHEESEBURGER pizza across UK – would YOU try it?

DOMINO’S has rolled out a bizarre new cheeseburger pizza across the UK.

The mash-up comes with the best bits of a classic cheeseburger – cheese, beef, tomato, onions and gherkins.

The cheeseburger and pizza hybrid comes on top of the pizzamaker’s vine-ripened tomato sauce and freshly handmade dough.

Ian Straughan, official cheeseburger pizza spokesman, told Daily Star Online: “Pizza is the most popular food in the world, and the cheeseburger isn’t far behind.

“This is clearly a match made in heaven.

“The Cheeseburger pizza combines the wondrous flavours of 100% mozzarella and freshly seasoned beef with the unrivalled taste of Domino’s.

“What’s not to love?”

Domino’s launched its new dish across the UK and Ireland on Monday.

A medium pizza for sharing costs £16.99 and will be included in various deals including Two for Tuesday tomorrow.

YUM: Insiders described the mash-up as a 'match made in heaven' (Pic: DOMINO'S)

Daily Star Online previously reported how the pizza giant took on an extra 3,000 staff ahead of the World Cup.

Bosses took advantage of football fever by adding “The Meatfielder” pizza to its menu.

The World Cup special consisted of pepperoni, ham, chorizo, pork meatballs, smoked bacon, and Domino's secret sauce.

Figures show pizza fans were ordering six pizzas a second across the UK during the tournament - with over 60million slices eaten.

jmparker Posted on November 20, 2018 11:33

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Stormy Daniels blames conservative opposition to sex education for abortions and STIs

Stormy Daniels, who is currently embroiled in a legal dispute with president Donald Trump relating to an alleged affair, has blasted the state of America’s sex education in a speech to the Oxford Union. Because 2018 wasn’t weird enough already.

The adult film actress—real name Stephanie Clifford— cited a lack of advice as a reason why so many young people fall pregnant accidentally or contract sexually transmitted infections.

She said that people who stand in the way of an “open and well-rounded sex education” are “fuelling the very social problems they say they are trying to prevent”.

Daniels was speaking at an event entitled “Sex, Guns and Other Fluff: How Porn Can Set You Free”.

She continued:

Don't want abortions? Then help prevent unwanted pregnancies by teaching young people about their bodies in an honest, open and shame-free way.

As a matter of fact, open, factual discussion about sex is the best way to prevent a whole bunch of social problems: STDs, assault, sexual dysfunction. Maybe [even] having Donald Trump as president.

I support freedom of religion. But I think there are ways to do it...Maybe just stick to medical facts. Like hey, if you don’t put a condom on you could make a human that you have to feed for a very long time.

The porn star also criticised society for considering sex more controversial than violence.

At a mainstream movie theatre we can watch every other aspect of life including gruesome, violent death, but sex is the one thing too taboo to even talk about?

Children know how their grandfathers were brutally killed in the war, but still think their baby sister was brought by a stork. What the f**k?

Daniels also discussed her attorney Michael Avenatti, who faces domestic violence allegations. She said if the allegations turn out to be true, she will seek alternative representation.

ruby Posted on November 20, 2018 11:33

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Police officer among 4 dead in 'horrific' Chicago hospital shooting


 CHICAGO – A Chicago police officer and two hospital workers were killed Monday by a gunman who carried out a grisly assault at a city hospital.

               Police identified the fallen officer as Samuel Jimenez, a young cop with less than two years with the department. Hospital officials said emergency room doctor Tamara O'Neal and first-year pharmacy resident Dayna Less were the other victims in the afternoon shooting at Mercy Hospital on the city's South Side. The shooter, who has not been identified, also was killed in the incident. He was previously engaged to O'Neal, according to family members who spoke with reporters.

            Mayor Rahm Emanuel called it a devastating moment for a city that for years has endured daunting levels of gun violence. It was a bleak end to a day that started with the city celebrating the graduation of the newest class of 88 police officers and the promotion of 275 newly-minted detectives, sergeants, lieutenants, evidence technicians and field training officers.

           “The city of Chicago lost a doctor, a pharmaceutical assistant, and a police officer all going about their day, all doing what they love,” Emanuel said. “This tears at the soul of our city.”The top prosecutor for the Chicago area, Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx, called the violence at the hospital senseless.

       “The violence that occurred today at Mercy Hospital is horrific,” Foxx said on Twitter. “The County mourns the victims who lost their lives, including CPD Officer Samuel Jimenez for making the ultimate sacrifice to save the lives of others. May we uplift the families of those harmed and our city.”

Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said the incident was spurred by a domestic altercation that started outside the hospital between the gunman and O'Neal.

An acquaintance of O'Neal arrived at the scene, and the gunman lifted his shirt, displaying a handgun before shooting at O'Neal, Johnson said.

Johnson said the gunman, who was armed with a lone handgun, also fired shots at officers who had arrived at the scene and struck their squad car before running into the hospital. Additional officers arrived at the scene and engaged the gunman for several minutes inside the hospital.

Less, the pharmacy resident, was shot as she walked out off an elevator, Johnson said. 

"That woman got off an elevator and was shot, why?" Johnson asked.

Patrick Connor, who is head emergency medicine at Mercy, said O'Neal, 38, who grew up in nearby Portage, Indiana, was "simply one of the most fascinating, hard working people." Less, a recent graduate from Purdue University, had been at the hospital since July, Connor said.

Johnson said it was not clear if the gunman was killed by police gunfire or a self-inflicted wound.

Steven Mixon, an emergency room clerk, told the Chicago Tribune that he was waiting outside the hospital for an Uber when he saw O'Neal “being harassed by some gentleman." He said she waved to him to come to her.

Mixon said he didn't make it to her before the gunman began shooting. 

“I guess it wasn’t my time to go because if I had made it to her, I would have been dead too,” Mixon said.

Jimenez, who was married and a father of three, had just ended his required probationary term with the department.

Another officer was hit by a bullet in his holster during the chaotic exchange but was not seriously injured, police said.

Kevin Graham, president of Chicago’s Fraternal Order of Police union, praised the fallen officer.

“Today, the Fraternal Order of Police lost a valued brother — a courageous police officer who got up this morning, went to work and wanted to protect the city of Chicago,” Graham said. “He did just that, but he did so with his life.”

Johnson said he was certain the police’s quick response saved many lives. Jimenez and his partner were not assigned to the call but responded anyway.

“There is no doubt in my mind that all those officers who responded are heroes,” Johnson said.

Steven White, a patient at the hospital who had been waiting to be discharged, said the shooting started near the emergency room entrance.

“It was, 'Pow, pow, pow,' '' said White, who was treated for dehydration at the hospital.

White said he could see through the window the woman lying on the ground.

"You see stuff like this on TV, but to see someone so coldhearted,” White said. “It was like he had no remorse.”

The gunman ran into the building, and a police officer chased him. As bystanders took cover, White said, he heard the gunman fire at least six shots.

          Pharmacist Joan Fortune said she and colleagues were talking to a patient near the emergency room entrance when the gunfire erupted.

A technician immediately pulled down security shutters and barricaded several people in their work area, Fortune said.

“We heard more gunshots and arguing,'' Fortune said. “We stayed barricaded for about 30 minutes until the police (arrived), and we ran out a back (exit).”

Monique Hubbard, a technician in the pharmacy, said she heard several gunshots before and after she and others barricaded themselves.

“At one point, we could hear him shake the security shutters,” Hubbard said.

Mercy Hospital officials said that employees went through an active shooter drill just last month. 

"A hospital should be a safe place," Connor said. "Every shooting in America is a tragedy. It is a national tragedy. It is especially senseless when a shooting occurs in the healing space of a hospital."

Chicago recorded 762 murders in 2016 and 650 in 2017. The city had recorded 488 murders for 2018 as of Nov. 11, more than any other U.S. city but an 18 percent decline from last year.

Jimenez was the second Chicago Police officer to be slain in the city in 2018, and the 48th officer shot and killed in the line of duty across the country this year,  according to the Officer Down Memorial Page, which tracks such deaths.

             In February, Cmdr. Paul Bauer, a veteran of more than three decades in the Chicago force, was fatally shot while confronting a man who had run from police officers, during an incident in downtown Chicago.

Mercy Hospital and Medical Center is a 292-bed surgical Catholic teaching hospital that was established in 1852. 

sarah Posted on November 20, 2018 11:32

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EastEnders' Kat Slater DEAD after Albert Square crash?

KAT Moon isn't have the best of times on EastEnders.

Last week on EastEndersKat (Jessie Wallace) was reunited with ex Alfie Moon (Shane Richie).

Things didn't go well for Kat though, as Alfie told her he wouldn't be letting her see their kids.

Last night, she was still reeling from the snub and downed some vodka at the Queen Vic.

It looks like that was just the start of a downward spiral, as Kat's troubles continue next week.

The fan-favourite will cause a road accident after she hits an old man on her moped and knocks herself out.

Kat is feeling the pressure trying to memorise roads and routes so she can become a black cab driver.

She goes off to her dad Charlie's old work place and meets his pal Tony, who begins thinking back to working with Charlie.

They soon move things to a local pub that Charlie used to frequent, where they meet another old friend Maurice.

But Kat's instantly on guard with him when she notices Maurice's negative attitude.

When Tony heads off, Kat confronts Maurice and he drops a major bombshell that leaves her gobsmacked.

It's not yet known what he tells her, but Kat makes a dramatic exit and speeds off back to Albert Square.

CLASH: Maurice tells Kat something she doesn't want to hear (Pic: BBC)

OUCH: Kat knocks herself out after the crash (Pic: BBC)

It's there that Kat will hit an OAP and fall from her moped – but will she survive?

The episode is set to air next Monday, and the cliffhanger will leave fans questioning Kat's fate.

EastEnders continues tonight at 7.30pm on BBC One.


jmparker Posted on November 20, 2018 11:12

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WW3: Vladimir Putin summons Russia's war chiefs amid US nuclear tensions

VLADIMIR Putin has summoned Russia’s war chiefs amid renewed nuclear tensions with the US – warning Moscow could “retaliate” to Washington.

Putin met with senior officials from the defence ministry today to discuss the US’s possible withdrawal from a key nuclear weapons treaty. Russia and the US have signed up to a number of accords since the Cold War designed to reign in their nuclear arsenals. 

Stockpiles have been being reduced by both Moscow and Russia but there are now fears of a new arms race.

US officials are reportedly ready to withdraw from the 1987 Intermediate -Range Nuclear Forces treaty signed during the Cold War.

It guarantees Europe will be free of land-based nuclear missiles – with the US accusing Russia of breaking the pact.

Putin discussed possible Russian retaliation to the US withdrawal from the key agreement.

It is designed to keep missiles out of Europe in a bid to curb the threat of World War 3.

"Naturally, the United States’ decision to withdraw from this treaty can not be left unanswered on our part,” Putin said.

Tensions between Russia and the West have reignited amid the poisoning of Sergei Skripal, Moscow’s ongoing intervention in Syria, and rumbling military build-up on its frontier with NATO. 

Donald Trump’s administration has accused Russia of not complying with the 31-year-old treaty. 

White House officials warned they could pull out of the deal, which critics have warned could trigger than arms race.

Russia denies violating the pact, and have denied any aggressive intent to the West. 

European leaders worry any collapse of the INF treaty could lead to a new Cold War. 

RUSSIA: Vladimir Putin met with his defence chiefs at the Kremlin (Pic: GETTY)

NATO and Russian envoy addressed the dispute during rare talks on October 31.

Secretary general Jens Stoltenberg urged Moscow to make quick changes to comply in full with the treaty. 

He said Russia's development of the land-based, intermediate-range SSC-8 cruise missile posed "a serious risk to strategic stability".

The US should “treat this issue with full responsibility”, Putin warned – adding he hopes Trump treat the issue with “common sense”.

NUCLEAR WAR: Russian missiles roll through Moscow (Pic: GETTY)

Russia and the US have been at each other’s throats of the ongoing row over allegations of election interference.

Putin denies attempting to sway the election in favour of Trump, and the White House deny an “collusion” with the Kremlin.

Fears of a military clash between NATO and the Kremlin have loomed amid near misses in Syria and eastern Europe.

Royal Navy warship HMS St Albans intercepted a Russian vessel in the English Channel. 

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Britain's Got Talent's Connie Talbot

CONNIE Talbot won over the nation when she appeared on Britain's Got Talent in 2007.

The little superstar stunned Amanda Holden, 47, Piers Morgan, 53, and Simon Cowell, 59, with her rendition of Over The Rainbow. At just six-years-old, Connie Talbot reached the final of Britain's Got Talent, going on to release five albums in the later years.Today, the singer is celebrating her 18th birthday, making an appearance on ITV's Lorraine to share an update on her life now.The songstress unveiled her child star-to-adult transformation, wowing viewers with her grown-up appearance.

Connie looked stylish in a knitted jumper dress and high heels, with her long, brunette locks styled poker-straight.

Looking back on her now-infamous BGT audition, the recording artist admitted: "It doesn't feel like me, it feels like a little girl."

Talbot also told Lorraine Kelly, 58, she was "in love" with head judge Simon as a youngster, revealing they still see each other at charity events.

And although it's been a few years since Connie released an album, she is planning on making a comeback next year.

Revealing her musical influences, the 18-year-old told Lorraine: "I've been writing a lot of soul/pop. Adele, Sam Smith and Alicia Keys type of things.

Needless to say, it wasn't long before viewers took to Twitter to comment on Connie's appearance on the show.

One fan quipped: "Nothing has made me feel older than finding out that little six-year-old Connie Talbot who was on Britain's Got Talent in 2007 is now 18 years old."

They continued: "I am ancient. Where is my carer?"

ALL GROWN UP: The starlet is planning on releasing new music next year (Pic: ITV)

Addressing Connie's official Twitter account, another wrote: "Great to see you on Lorraine today.

"I remember thinking eleven years ago that you would be a success when you reached your adult years.

"Keep up the hard work and I look forward to your album."

Never one to let an occasion go by unnoticed, Lorraine ended Connie's interview by gifting her a bouquet of flowers for her birthday.


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A plaque 'in loving memory of Saddam Hussein' has appeared on a bench and people are outraged

In 'news-you-definitely-didn't-think-you'd-read-today', a plaque dedicated to Saddam Hussein has appeared on a bench in the middle of a busy high street in east London. 

The bronze plaque, which reads 'In loving memory of... Saddam Hussein, 1937 - 2006', was noticed by residents of Wanstead, and has caused considerable outrage. 

One journalist, Victoria Richards, took to Twitter to post a picture of the plaque with the caption: 

So this has just appeared on a bench on my local high street.

So this has just appeared on a bench on my local high street.

The plaque has also been fixed in place with anti-theft screws meaning it is difficult to remove, and that the eulogy to one of the world's most brutal oppressors will stay in place for the foreseeable future. 

The dates included for the birth and death of Hussein, who brutally oppressed Iraq with violence and fear for 30 years, before he was hanged in 2006, are correct. 

Melissa Munday-Chanin, 38, who lives in the area, told The Independent

I was horrified. My mum was over visiting and pointed it out to me and was utterly shocked - so I checked it immediately.

I thought she surely must’ve been mistaken but to my horror she was right. I think someone celebrating the life of a man who’s caused such terror is outrageous. And if it’s a joke, it’s not remotely funny.

A picture of the bench plaque was also posted onto the Facebook page 'S*** London' with the caption: 

Wanstead High Street. Commemorating a thoroughly decent chap.

One Facebook user, reports The Sun, hoped it was a coincidence: 

Same years of life too, coincidence? I hope so. Unfortunate one though if it is and of it isn't it shouldn't be allowed but I hope it is and that it's a decent chap being remembered and not the dictator.

Another thought it was a very high level of trolling: 

Someone either screwed up royally or this the most epic level of trolling I’ve seen so far. 

Many people on Twitter were also quick to share their amazement at the bizarre plaque, and to say they assume it's a prank. 

Kind of a low benchmark to set...

Hoax, surely?

Secured with non returning screws. Professional.

 inclined to think "weird sick joke"!

That’s a tad inappropriate

A Redbridge council spokesman told The Sun

We didn’t give permission for this to be put up and it has been removed.

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Texas schools finally make slavery a 'central' fact of the Civil War

Students in Texas will learn that slavery played a “central role” in the American Civil War in what will be a refocusing of the conflict.

The Texas Board of Education voted Friday, and beginning in the 2019-2020 school year, teenagers will be taught the new curriculum.

Previously, the state’s social studies standards claimed there were three causes for the Civil War in order of importance: sectionalism, states’ rights and finally slavery, npr reports.

However Democratic board member Marisa Perez-Diaz pointed out that the main issue that caused the civil war, slavery, wasn’t being given enough focus.

She said: “What the use of ‘states’ rights’ is doing is essentially blanketing, or skirting, the real foundational issue, which is slavery.”

Many universities’ curriculum teaches that slave-owning states like Alabama and the Carolinas went to war with the North over the right to own slaves, given that much of their industry relied on slave labour.

Republican board member David Bradley argued against this.

“Each state had differences and made individual decisions as to whether or not to join into the conflict, correct?” he said.

“I mean, that’s the definition of states’ rights,” he added.

The board member decided on a compromise, which is that students will be taught:

The central role of the expansion of slavery in causing sectionalism, disagreements over states' rights and the Civil War.

The board’s only African-American member, Democrat Lawrence Allen Jr, helped create the new wording:

I don't think we really have that as a consensus in our state. And so if we can't drive it to a consensus in our state, we need to let our students look at it from all points of view.

Additionally, the board has restored Hillary Clinton and Hellen Keller to the state’s history curriculum.

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Spain is a destination close to many British holidaymakers’ hearts, thanks to the sunny climate, vibrant lifestyle and beautiful stretches of beach.

Yet the country still has hidden gems to offer visitors in search of something different, including a host of wine-producing regions – the best-known of which is La Rioja.

Synonymous with Spanish wine production, La Rioja borders the Basque region in the sun-drenched north of Spain, with its regional capital, Logroño, housing Campo Viejo, the UK’s number one red wine brand.

Less than two hours inland from Bilbao, the winding, cobbled streets of Logroño have provided the inspiration behind every bottle of Campo Viejo, with the town’s rich history and vibrant culture offering the perfect backdrop for holidaymakers to explore authentic Spanish life.

Thousands of tourists visit the area each year, with more than 11,000 taking a trip to Bodegas Campo Viejo to taste the produce and see the workings of the environmentally sustainable winery. August to October is the optimum time to visit the area as guests can experience local harvest celebrations and enjoy the best of the weather.

Elena Adell, Campo Viejo’s chief winemaker, and wine ambassador Maria Huete have compiled their top tips for a trip to the region, ensuring a voyage of discovery to some of the area’s lesser-known highlights.

From Elena’s ultimate tapas tour (below), taking in mouth-watering Basque cuisine, to Maria’s tips for sightseeing off the typical tourist trail (above), it’s the perfect inspiration for your next trip.

For a real taste of Rioja, why not share a bottle of Campo Viejo with friends? For more inspiration, visit and follow on Facebook and Instagram @campoviejouk.

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People have been sharing what they had in 1998 and don't have in 2018 and it's hilarious

1998 was a simpler time. Camera phones weren’t a thing, Trump was just an obnoxious hotel owner and social media? No chance.

Given that we now live in such, shall we say, stressful times, a nostalgic tweet has been gaining attention on social media.

The tweet, from @EricVBailey, asks other users to say one thing that they had in 1998 that they no longer have two decades later.
What did you have in 1998 that you no longer have in 2018?

Needless to say, some of the responses have been hilarious, starting with politics.

The belief that America was a democracy.

A waistline

A sane president

Single friends.

Whereas some were straight up joyous nostalgia.

A Walkman with a digital AM/FM tuner. I loved that thing and my sister's mix tapes were the shit

I LOVED my Sony Walkman! No charging (AA batteries), it played music/NPR/books-on-tapes with no distractions.
Mine got stolen (!) in 2011, found a new one on ebay.
Pried it from my cold hands in 2015 (when I gave up my flip phone for a soul-sucking smartphone)
Now I love podcasts.


A pager, hotter body, a lot of hair, Pitas at @Wendys, 49¢ tacos at Taco Bell, JNCO jeans, portable CD player, an actual stereo at home, Greyhound buses nationwide was $68 or less, McDonald's burgers were around $2 and less, idealism, optimism, Clinton presidency, better music

Finally, some responses were nothing short of inspirational.

An abusive husband, big student loan debt, and a thoracic aortic aneurysm.

Now I have a loving husband, a PhD (debt paid off), and a small scar.

My future daughter was born in Romania 1/21/98. She’s now a college junior studying Civil Engineering.

The weight of being in a dysfunctional relationship. The emotional weight was lost in 2002.


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Teenagers in Indonesia are reportedly getting high by drinking boiled tampon juices

Here is something that you definitely didn't expect to read today, tomorrow or ever: teenagers are getting high by drinking boiled tampons and sanitary pads. 

Yes, this is a trend that is reportedly popular amongst the teenage population of Asia who has been drinking the juices extracted from used and unused tampons and pads in a bid to get a cheap and legal high.

Local newspapers in the East Asian country, including the Jakarta Post, Jawa Pos and Pos Belitung have all reported on the phenomenon in recent weeks.

According to the Indonesia National Drug Agency (BNN), drinking this bizarre 'sanitary pad formula' gives the consumer a feeling of flying and hallucinations, mostly thanks to the chlorine in the product.  

Senior Commander Suprinarto, the head of the BNN, is quoted by Vice as saying:

The materials they're using are legal, but they're not being used in a way that's intended, so it ends up being used like a drug.

We need to take steps to educate people that there are materials that aren’t classified as drugs or psychotropics in the eyes of the law, but can still be misused.

The report states that several teenagers have already been arrested on the island of Java, which is home to the capital, Jakarta, who had gotten drunk on the sanitary pads.

A 14-year-old boy from Belitung Island told a local paper that the drink is created by removing the pad from its wrapper and boiling it for about an hour, then the liquid is squeezed into a container.

It is said to taste bitter but is consumed at all times of day by local teens and reportedly happened before, back in 2016, with nappies also said to have been used in a similar method.

Jimy Ginting an advocate for safe drinking in Indonesia is quoted by Straits Times as saying:

 I don't know who started it all, but I knew it started around two years ago.

There is no law against it so far. There is no law against these kids using a mixture of mosquito repellent and (cold syrup) to get drunk.

Vice adds that sadly most of the children who are engaging in this activity are from impoverished areas and in some cases live on the streets. 

Previously sniffing glue was said to be their drug of choice but they have since moved on to more creative and unusual substances, which they have apparently learnt about on the internet.

Sitty Hikmawatty, a commissioner for drugs and health with the Indonesian Committee on Child Protection (KPAI), is quoted as saying:

A lot of these kids are smart, and with the internet they can make new variants and concoctions.

This is where the risk factor goes up because they’re only concerned with one substance in a mixture, ignoring the other substances, leaving open the possibility of fatal side effects.

More than a billion tampons are reportedly thrown away in Indonesia every month, mostly due to a belief in the country that a woman who uses a tampon is no longer a virgin. 

Regardless, Indonesian's Ministry of Health has vowed to investigate what chemicals are in the tampons and pads which would result in such vivid highs.

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The child who won everyone's hearts as 'Batkid' is now cancer free

You might have noticed that the world is a bit of a mess at the moment. 

The British government is in absolute chaosDonald Trump's presidency continues to be a farce and the actual planet is in dire straits

If we've ever needed a feel-good story it's right now and who better to provide that story than a superhero?

Cast your mind back to 2013 and you might remember 5-year-old Miles Scott, a leukaemia patient who won the world's heart when he got to be Batman for a day.

The youngster was treated to a very special day by the Make-A-Wish Foundation, who turned San Francisco into Gotham City and allowed Miles to rescue citizens and defeat villains like the Riddler and the Penguin. 

It was a huge story and even Barack Obama thanked Miles for his heroic actions. 

If that story wasn't great enough there is an even better sequel.

Miles is now 10 and Make-A-Wish has confirmed that his leukaemia is now in remission and he no longer has cancer.

Since his crime-fighting day five years ago, Miles has returned to being a typical kid—playing little league, going to school, helping his family farm, and even selling his first market goat in the local fair! Now 10 years old and in fifth grade, Miles loves science and robotics.

After fighting his own heroic battle with leukaemia since he was a year old, Miles visits his oncologist once a year and has been in remission from leukaemia for the past five years.

This piece of good news has understandably touched a lot of people's hearts and there was an outpouring of emotion and goodwill for Miles and his recovery.

Not only was Miles incredible story turned into a documentary, appropriately named Batkid Begins,  he also managed to put a huge spotlight on the foundation who saw donations and volunteers increase.

We saw an increase in offers of help across all areas, including donations, volunteers, referrals and other services.

In fact, the volume of traffic on our servers caused our system-wide websites to go down for several hours on the day of his wish.

Great job Miles! If we are ever kidnapped by the Joker we'll know who to call.


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If this man's letter to a woman he followed to her car doesn't give you chills, nothing will

Feeling like you’re being followed on the street is horrible. But sadly it’s one that many people, particularly women, have to put up with far too often.

The cliché of the television show featuring a vulnerable young woman alone on a street almost always ends badly. Women spend more money on transport like cabs to make it home safe, with some even packing different clothing to walk home in.

Some women even carry pepper spray, a whistle or rape alarms – it’s just not good enough. Sadly, constantly questioning men walking behind them is an everyday reality.

Because of this, a Reddit post written by a man about a woman he followed has been sending goose bumps through everyone who reads it – for an unexpected reason.

Read the post in its entirety here, but prepare to be amazed:

We were walking in opposite directions near the new student accommodations, you briefly looked at me and kept walking and a couple of seconds later I turned around and started following you, I notice the moment you realised that I was following you by how your pace changed, your shoulders squared and you grabbed your phone. That didn't stopped me, you just kept walking and I maintained the distance (some 50 feet behind you) pretending to talk on my phone, I thought a couple of times on closing the distance and introduce myself, talk to you, but I didn't, so you kept walking, throwing glances to check where I was. I could also tell you that once you turned around the corner to the dead end street next to the motorway (the only one near the city centre were parking is not measured) were your car (and mine) was parked that if you had being wearing tennis shoes you would probably have started to run, but wisely you kept you pace in your high heel boots. I stopped by my car, yours was further down the street, and used my phone again, and I saw you taking a picture or video of my when you passed by my side in your car.

What you probably never noticed was the other two guys, the ones in the other sidewalk, the ones that pointed at you and started to follow you before we crossed the first time, you didn't notice how they looked at you or the fact that they seemed to be on drugs, or a bit drunk, or maybe both. You also didn't notice when you passed me in your car that they were in the corner of the dead end street, looking at you in your car passing by and then at me. You also missed the next ten minutes while I waited in my car for the police to arrive (that I called while you were getting into your car), the 15 minutes of questions that followed and me showing them the picture of the two guys that I took while I was following you.

I really sorry that I scared you, but to be completely honest, I was really scared myself, I'm no hero by any means and my instinct was telling me to get the f*** out of there, but you could have been my wife (she parks in the same street) or my daughter and I wouldn't forgive myself I something happened and I did nothing to stopped it.

He later edited the post for clarity:

1 I shared this because the situation scared me, and if a similar situation happened somewhere else I wish that the situation is not ignored or shrugged off. Do I have any advice? Dunno, probably just this: if you think that you are being followed or that something is wrong, don’t wait to see what happens, call the police, call a friend, a family member, knock on a door or get into a shop, worst case scenario you’ll look a bit paranoid.

2 She was carrying some sort of briefcase alongside her purse and was well dressed, I think that the briefcase was what called those guys attention.


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Rogue turkey appointed mayor of Wisconsin village it was terrorising

For months a village in the US state of Wisconsin, a wild turkey has terrorised residents and motorists with a string of mischievous antics.

The bird, which is reportedly called Smoke, has a habit of standing in front of traffic and chasing school children in the village of Ashwaubenon, near Green Bay.

To date though, the rogue fowl has avoided all attempts to capture him by the authorities, who were hoping to put him in a local wildlife sanctuary.

So, rather than continue to fight him, the residents of the town have sought to appoint Smoke as their mayor, or at least an honourary one.

A popular Facebook group called Smoked Turkey - Mayor of Ashwaubenon has seen locals flood the group with pictures and videos of the bird. 

It's all done in an ironic but affectionate way, with people displaying genuine care for Smoke and his well being as well as making him a local celebrity.

A report from The Washington Post on Smoke shows how much joy and community spirit he has brought to the town, despite being a terror.

Andrew Nowakowski, a local resident told The Post:

Life is hard and people are just trying to get by and go to work and pay their bills. To have something like this that you encounter on a daily basis that just brightens your day, it’s nice.

It’s something you can find commonality around, regardless of your political affiliation or what you do for a living. Everyone gets a kick out of the turkey.

Whilst the group is just a bit of fun in tribute to Smoke, Ashwaubenon Public Safety have been prompted to put out a notice on Facebook telling people not to feed the bird or face a fine for doing so.

Speaking to The Post, Randy Tews, a local Public Safety Commander said that although Smoke has been hard to capture they will be sad to see him go.

Our animal control officers are pretty good, but he has some ninja-like moves. They have a hard time getting him.

I think some folks will be sad to see him go. He’s brought a lot of smiles to people’s faces here.

We’re a divided country, and here this turkey is directing traffic for folks on their way to work, and it gives them something to cheer about.

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Support pours in for Stacey Abrams as she refuses to concede but admits she has lost

Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams has refused to give a concession speech after acknowledging that her rival, Republican Brian Kemp, will be Georgia’s next governor.

Abrams, the Democratic challenger, said this was not a "concession" but an acknowledgement she had not won. She also announced that she would file a federal suit against the state for "gross mismanagement" of the vote.

This is not a speech of concession, because concession means to acknowledge an action as right, true or proper. 

In the coming days, we will be filing a major federal lawsuit against the state of Georgia for the gross mismanagement of this election and to protect future elections.

Georgia’s contentious gubernatorial race was seen as the epicentre of voter suppression, after civil rights groups accused Kemp of removing thousands from voting rolls. On election day, several polling stations in areas with high black populations had malfunctioning voting booths and were not given enough ballots.

Stacey Abrams: "To watch an elected official who claims to represent the people in this state baldly pin his hopes for election on the suppression of the people’s democratic right to vote has been truly appalling. So let’s be clear: This is not a speech of concession." (via ABC)

Responding to Abrams’s speech, Kemp said:

We can no longer dwell on the divisive politics of the past but must focus on Georgia's bright and promising future.

Following Abrams’s non-concession, she has received wide praise for her handling of the situation and advocating for civil rights.

I’m watching Stacey Abrams deliver her non-concession speech and have decided that I want her to give all the speeches from now on.


This brilliantly smart women ran the most inspiring campaign.

This is only the beginning. You can’t suppress true leadership. It will ALWAYS find a way to guide us through the darkness.

Thank you for continuing to give us something to believe in, 

Thank you, @StaceyAbrams, for fighting for Georgia and for the integrity of our elections. Everyone should be able to exercise their right to vote. Every vote should be counted.

Shoutout to @staceyabrams & @AndrewGillum for their courageous campaigns for change in the south. They are both forces that cannot be erased by voter suppression & corruption. They are the future, & no matter how much REPs cheat, they can’t change what you evoke from the people.

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BBC 100 Women has revealed its list of 100 influential women from around the world for 2018.

From #MeToo to Northern Ireland’s abortion vote and the unprecedented number of female candidates in the US midterms, the last 12 months have seen women achieve great things against the odds.

To honour this, the BBC has launched its annual #100Women season today, which aims to inspire people by sharing the stories of trailblazing women across the globe “who are using passion, indignation and anger to spark real change”.

This year, the list includes a diverse range of female figures from leaders in politics, arts and business to everyday heroes fighting for what they believe in.

Spanning more than 60 countries in total, the women chosen for 2018’s offering range in age from 15 to 94 and will use the next three weeks to share their inspiring stories.

Among those who made the cut this year are Jameela Jamil, who launched the social media platform @i_weigh; Svetlana Alekseeva, a Russian model who, after surviving a fire that burned almost half her body, is helping people with scars feel positive about their bodies; and Shaparak Shajarizadeh, an activist who publicly removed her headscarf to oppose the compulsory hijab rule for women in Iran.

Alina Anisimova, a 19-year-old student who leads the Kyrgyz Girls' Space School also features on the list alongside Chidera Eggerue, the best-selling author and activist behind the social media movement #saggyboobsmatter.

The list also features authors, photographers, lawyers, mothers and teachers who are all standing up and speaking out.

Here are the first 20 women to be named on the BBC 100 Women list for 2018: 

(Ordered, in alphabetical order, by name, age, profession, country of birth, biography)

  • Judith Balcazar, 65 - Retired fashion designer, UK - Judith ran several fashion companies before going on to co-found the company Giggle Knickers, which makes special underwear for women who suffer from urinary incontinence. 
  • Cindy Arlette Contreras Bautista, 28 - Lawyer, Peru - Arlette became the face of the NiUnaMenos (Not One [woman] Less) movement against domestic violence in Peru after a video of her being attacked by her boyfriend went viral. 
  • Leyla Belyalova, 61 - University lecturer, Uzbekistan - Leyla is a university lecturer working to preserve Uzbekistan's mountain ecosystems and protect bird species, including raptors.
  • Analia Bortz, 51 - Doctor, rabbi and bioethicist, Argentina - Analia is a doctor and bioethicist dedicated to the holistic treatment of women struggling with infertility.
  • Fealofani Bruun, 35 - Yachtmaster, Samoa - Fealofani is the first Samoan and the first Pacific woman to hold the position of yachtmaster, and looks after a traditional voyaging canoe.
  • Raneen Bukhari, 31 - Curator and social media manager, Saudi Arabia - Raneen is a curator and art consultant, who also works for her family's design business.
  • Joy Buolamwini, 28 - AI artist/researcher, Canada - Joy is a 'poet of code', using art and research to illuminate the social implications of artificial intelligence.
  • Barbara Burton, 62 - CEO of BehindBras, UK - Barbara set up BehindBras, giving women prison leavers skills to start careers in the fashion industry, after finding herself behind bars in her late 50s.  
  • Tamara Cheremnova, 62 - Author, Russia - Tamara lives with cerebral palsy, and writes fairy tales, earning her the nickname of “Storyteller of Siberia”. 
  • Chelsea Clinton, 38 - Vice-chair of the Clinton Foundation, US - Chelsea is the author of numerous books and the vice-chair of the Clinton Foundation, where she works on many initiatives, including those that help empower the next generation of leaders.

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Chipotle reconsider firing manager for telling black customers to pay before having food over 'dine and dash' fears

Chipotle is considering re-hiring a manager who told black customers to pay before they ate after tweets emerged in which they boast about dining and dashing. 

Masaud Ali, 21, claimed he'd been the victim of racism after he was refused service at a Chipotle restaurant in St Paul, Minnesota, unless he paid for his meal first. 

He recorded the altercation and posted the video to Twitter, where it's had more than six million views, and gone viral. In a tweet accompanying the footage, he wrote: 

Can a group of young well established African American get a bite to eat after a long workout session. @ChipotleTweets ??

In the video, which is followed up with a series of others documenting the altercation, the manager of the restaurant can be heard saying: 

You've got to pay because you never have money when you come in here. 

Another empolyee adds:

We're not going to make you food unless you guys actually have money. 

As the video continues, Ali and his friends complain about 'stereotypes' as the employees in the chain are seen serving a white customer without asking them to pay first, as well as claiming that the group have come in and had food without paying on two previous occasions. The manager then calls the police, reports Fox News

The videos sparked furious backlash against the manager, and the restaurant Chipotle, who fired the employee the following day, reports The Daily Mail

Speaking to Minnesota's Star Tribune, Ali argued that the way the manager had dealt with them sounded 'really racist'. Speaking to the paper, he said:

It sounded really racist — the way she said it was racist

She asked for proof of income as if I’m getting a loan.

However, since the manager was fired, old tweets reportedly from Ali's personal account have come to light, in which he boasted about 'dining and dashing' and stealing from a number of restaurants, and Chipotle has decided to re-consider its decision to fire the manager. 

Fox News reports that the now deleted tweets, from 2015 and 2016, said: 

Dine and dash is forever interesting. 

When other Twitter users criticised the actions, he reportedly responded:  

Not a dine and dash we're just borrowing the food for a couple of hours that's all. 

A third reportedly referenced Chipotle 'catching up' with them: 

Aye man I think Chipotle catchin up to us fam. 

Should we change locations and yooooo what should we do about the other thang. 

Fox News reports that another now deleted post read: 

Guys we’re borrowing food... that’s it. And if the lady tries to stop you at the door don’t hesitate to truck the sh-- out of that bi---.

On Sunday, Chipotle admitted that they might have been too hasty in firing their branch manager and issued a statement regards the termination of her contract. Speaking to Fox News, Chipotle's chief communications manager Laurie Scharlow said: 

Our actions were based on the facts known to us immediately after the incident, including video footage, social media posts and conversations with the customer, manager, and our employees.

We now have additional information which needs to be investigated further. We want to do the right thing, so after further investigation we will re-train and re-hire if the facts warrant it.

The manager of the restaurant who was fired has now posted a partition onto her Instagram account under the handle d0mmarie titled 'Help Chipotle Manager Get Her Job Back', which at the time of writing has 1,433 signatures of its 1,500 target. 

Despite reports on Twitter that the manager had got her job back, Scharlow confirmed to Fox News that nothing had changed: 

Nothing has changed from this morning. We are still investigating a few things.

In a previous statement regards the firing of the employee, Chipotle told Fox News on Saturday: 

We are committed to treating all of our customers fairly and with respect. ... Regarding what happened at the St. Paul restaurant, the manager thought these gentlemen were the same customers from Tuesday night who weren’t able to pay for their meal.

Regardless, this is not how we treat our customers and as a result, the manager has been terminated and the restaurant is being re-trained to ensure something like this doesn’t happen again.

The altercation follows a number of high profile racially charged incidents in America where the police has been called on African American customers despite the fact they haven't committed a felony. Examples include the police being called on a black man in a branch of Starbucks because he hadn't bought anything; police being called on an African American family for having a barbecue; and on a student attempting to study in a library. 

Ali, whose records show he is on probation for theft, did not respond to Fox News or the Miami Herald's requests for comment.

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UK weather colder than ICELAND

BRITAIN is braced for snow and sub-zero temperatures colder than Iceland this week as freezing winds mark a “big contrast” in the weather.A plume of bitter polar air dubbed the “Beast from the East” is forecast to send temperatures tumbling below freezing and unleash snow in parts of the UK in the coming days.

Forecasters say Britain’s winter will effectively start today as harsh conditions including snow, frosts and colder-than-normal temperatures are forecast to last until at least Christmas.

The Met Office said snow could fall over higher ground in the north, the Midlands and possibly southern areas, with sleet showers and ice a risk at lower levels by Wednesday.

Highs are forecast to fall from 18C last Thursday to 6-8C from today as windchill makes temperatures feel like 0-3C for parts of eastern England and Scotland.

Parts of the UK will be colder than Akureyri, an Icelandic city bordering the Arctic Circle, where 9C is due today, according to forecasters. Nightime temperatures are expected to fall to -3C, but feel like -5C with windchill.

Met Office forecaster Craig Snell said: “It will certainly feel cold, with a big contrast to the past week as easterly winds arrive on Monday from Scandinavia and eastern Europe.

“Snow may fall by Wednesday on the Downs, Chilterns, Peak District and Wolds, with sleet possibly to low levels and the risk of icy patches.

“Thermometers will say 7C or 8C, but easterly winds will make it feel like 4C to 6C, and colder in the east.

“-1C to -3C lows at night are possible in the West, with other parts just above freezing.”

BEATS FROM THE EAST: Freezing air from the east is set to send temperatures plunging (Pic: WX CHARTS)

The Met Office said easterly continental winds and snow risks are “most likely” to continue after midweek for the rest of November, with December 1-15 also mainly colder than normal.

Dramatic weather prediction models show frigid easterly winds surging towards the UK via the Baltics and Scandinavia.

Forecasters are drawing parallels with the weather in 2010, when a spell of freezing conditions started at the end of November and lasted until New Year.

BITTER: Snow is set to fall over higher ground in some areas of the UK (Pic: WEATHER OUTLOOK)

Steven Keates, meteorologist at the Met Office, said: "It's going to be colder than what we've been used to, obviously, considering it's been balmy and mild as a whole.

"There's going to be a day by day cooling off, with each day getting cooler than the previous.

"There will be some cloud and showers, but the biting wind will make it feel even colder than it is, particularly in the east.
"West is best in terms of the weather this week. There could be some snowfall in the more mountainous areas, the peaks, but we shouldn't expect too much disruption."

BIG CONTRAST: Conditions will feel much colder this week (Pic: WEATHER OUTLOOK)

White Christmas were cut by bookmakers Coral – down to 7/4 in Glasgow, 2/1 in Newcastle, 11/4 in Manchester and 3/1 in London. Spokesman Harry Aitkenhead said: “Odds are plunging as fast as the mercury.”

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Pensioner who robbed bank to escape wife sentenced to house arrest

A Kansas man who robbed a bank to get away from his wife has been sentenced to six months house arrest as his punishment due to his mental health. 

Lawrence John Ripple, 70, walked into the Bank of Labor just down the street from police headquarters in Kansas City with a note demanding money and that he had a gun.

He had written the note at home in front of his wife after telling her he would "rather be in jail than at home," the Kansas City Star reported. 

After the teller handed him nearly $3,000 in cash, Mr Ripple waited in the lobby for police to arrive. 

Mr Ripple had multiple bypass heart surgery in 2015 and suffered from depression that, according to lawyers, went undiagnosed. 

Prior to the robbery, he lived a normal, law-abiding life as a husband and stepfather to four children. His public defender called the robbery a "cry for help". 

At the sentencing trial Mr Ripple said he had sought medical help for his mental health and said he "feel[s] like his old self". 

The vice president of the bank and the teller both supported a request for leniency for Mr Ripple given his mental health state. It is incredibly rare for someone who commits a bank robbery not to be sentenced to prison and Mr Ripple's sentence could have faced up to 37 months per local law. 

He will also serve three years of supervised probation and must do 50 hours of community service. Mr Ripple was ordered to pay $227.27 to the bank, which represents the billable hours for bank employees sent home on the day of robbery. He is also required to give $100 to a crime victims fund.

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MH370 travelled 'for hours on fire

FLIGHT MH370 could have travelled for hours after being engulfed by flames, according to a retired United Airlines pilot.

Captain Ross Aimer told Daily Star Online his "gut feeling" is the Boeing 777-200 caught fire before crashing into the ocean. Aimer, an airline pilot for 40 years, theorises the 221kg of lithium-ion batteries in the cargo of MH370ignited shortly after take-off.

But he told us the Malaysia Airlines plane could have continued to fly for hours on fire, even after everyone on board was killed. Aimer told Daily Star Online: "The fire may have started during or shortly after take off, since things started to happen as soon as they levelled off.

"It is possible the fire killed everyone onboard then continued burning the aircraft until it crashed.

"Since the flaperon was discovered in the ocean, it most probably crashed into the ocean."The Aero Consulting Experts CEO said the jet's auto-pilot system could have continued its flight despite the jet being on fire, all the way up to the point it ran out of fuel.

He centres his theory on the analysis of the plane's flaps.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) said the flaps were likely in a "retracted position at the time they separated from the aircraft making a controlled ditching scenario very unlikely".

And Aimer said he believes this likely means the plane, which went missing on March 8, 2014, crashed in auto-pilot mode.

Aimer told this website: "In the case of Sully, when he knew he was going into the water, you immediately extend the flaps to slow down the aircraft.

"The flaps basically proved that whatever happened to the airplane, it did hit the water with the flaps up, meaning no one was in control of it in that moment."

He added: "The fire damage probably would not have reached out to the wings and the flaperon.

"It's a huge aircraft, and a fire would have been inside the hall of the aircraft so no, most probably it would not have reached out there.

"It's a good possibility that if the fire consumed some of the aircraft but it was still flyable – because it's a huge airplane – the pilots and passengers were incapacitated and it flew until it ran out of fuel and just crashed into the ocean somewhere.

"Most probably these guys were on auto pilot, and the auto pilot just continued flying it."

However, he said his theory was only his opinion and that nobody is ever likely to know until a significant part of the plane is found.

He continued: "If you were watching the sky, these guys were at 35,000 feet, it's pretty hard to see so they were basically in an area that was pretty remote when possibly this happened.

"But I'm only speculating, no one will really know until we find a substantial piece of this aircraft."

The Malaysian Transport Ministry and ATSB ruled in final reports the plane likely crashed into the Indian Ocean west of Australia, after running out of fuel.

This zone was determined using Inmarsat data, which mapped out its possible destination with a series of "handshakes", communications between the jet and a satellite.

But a search for the plane failed to find the jet in the years after the disappearance, leading the mystery to continue rumbling on.

Aimer said he believes a fire could have downed the jet because he thinks there are eerie similarities between MH370 and historic blazes.

In particular, he points to the UPS 747-400 freighter tragedy in Dubai when the plane caught fire and crashed nine miles from Dubai International Airport.

It killed two crew members on board in 2010, with the UAE's General Civil Authority (GCAA) saying the "investigation concludes with reasonable certainty that the location of the fire was an element of the cargo that contained, among other items, lithium batteries". Commenting on MH370, Aimer previously told us: "From the very beginning my gut feeling was a possible onboard fire.

"Looking at a few catastrophic crashes caused by onboard fires, l see some similarities.

"For example, the fiery crash of a UPS 747-400 freighter in Dubai that was destroyed as a result of runaway Lithium batteries, and a few other crashes because of fire." Daily Star Online has approached Boeing for comment.

jmparker Posted on November 19, 2018 10:13

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Celia Barquin Arozamena: 22-year-old female golf star found 'assaulted and murdered' on course in Iowa

A man has been charged with murder after the body of a 22-year-old female golf star ranked among the top players in the US was found on a course in Iowa.

Police were called to Coldwater Golf Links in Ames after players coming round the course found an abandoned bag lying apparently discarded on the ground.

The body of Celia Barquin Arozamena was then discovered “some distance” from the bag, detectives later said in a statement.

After carrying out examinations they concluded Ms Barquin Arozamena was assaulted before she died.

Twenty-two-year-old Collin Daniel Richards, of no fixed abode, has been charged with first-degree murder. 

Iowa State University said Ms Barquin Arozamena had been due to finish her civil engineering degree this term. 

Originally from Puente San Miguel in Spain, she became the 2018 Big 12 champion and Iowa State Female Athlete of the Year, and was hailed by the university as one of the most accomplished players in its history.

Ranked at 69 nationally by Golfweek, she was only the third ISU women's golfer to compete in the US Women's Open Championship. 

She ended her university golfing career with a fourth-straight NCAA Regional appearance and earned All-Big 12 Team honours for the third time — only the second player in ISU history to do so. 

In a statement, Iowa state president Wendy Wintersteen said she was "deeply saddened to learn of the tragic death" of Ms Arozamena and described her as an "acclaimed golfer with a bright future". 

Head women's golf coach Christie Martens said that Ms Arozamena was "loved by all her teammates and friends" and was an "outstanding representative of our school." 

"We will never forget her competitive drive to be the best and her passion for life," Ms Martens said. 

Agencies contributed to this report.

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The Rock is spotted working out at a gym in Doncaster

The owners of a gym in Doncaster came in for quite a surprise when actor The Rock dropped in for a workout in-between shoots for his new film.

The Hollywood star, real name Dwayne Johnson, had been filming Fast and Furious spin-off Hobbs and Shaw with Idris Elba nearby but found time to pump some iron in Global Fitness Gym in the South Yorkshire town.

Craie Carrera, a professional bodybuilder, owns the gym with his wife Alicia, and told the Press Association:

He seemed to have done some work finding out who me and my partner were, about the gym.

He was very talkative, a nice guy, really genuine, just like an everyday person.

Mr Carrera, who had just returned from a competition in Birmingham when the actor arrived on Sunday morning, said he had received a visit from one of the former wrestler’s staff members shortly before. He said:

A guy came in and asked if he could take a few pictures because someone famous was coming into the area.

He just wanted some pictures of the gym so his client could see if it was up to par and wanted to see what the weight stacks were like and the dumbbells if they were heavy enough.

We thought it was a bit strange but left him to it. I said as long as he puts his weights away, then it doesn’t matter who it is.

Asked what he thought about the 46-year-old’s physique, Mr Carrera, 44, said:

He towers over you. He’s about 6ft 6in. He’s got fairly big arms – as a bodybuilder you’re eyeing up this sort of stuff all the time.

Earlier in the week, film crews with helicopters were spotted at Eggborough power station near Selby in North Yorkshire, capturing a car chase for the movie, which is due for release next year.

I’m in England now and honouring their Remembrance Day — while my heart is back home honouring our own men and women warriors of our U.S. military on Veteran’s Day.

Me and my fellow crew members puttin’ in the hard work today on this blessed Sunday and enjoying the freedom that our countries’ veterans forged for us to have.

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Zayn Malik says he is no longer Muslim

Zayn Malik has revealed he no longer identifies as Muslim in a brand new interview.

The former One Direction star confirmed the news to British Vogue, stating he doesn’t believe in “any” of the religion’s doctrines.

“I’m not professed to be a Muslim,” he said. “I believe whatever people’s religious beliefs are is between them and whoever or whatever they’re practising.”

Malik went on to say he no longer carries out religion’s practices, including daily prayer.

“I don’t believe you need to eat a certain meat that’s been prayed over a certain way, I don’t believe you need to read a prayer in a certain language five times a day. I don’t believe any of it,” he said. “I just believe if you’re a good person everything is going to go right for you.

In the interview, Malik – who was raised by Muslim parents in West Yorkshire – expressed hesitancy at discussing his faith as it “becomes a religious f***ing debacle of philosophers.”

He added: “I just want to keep it between me and whatever I believe,” he said. “I feel like that makes me move through life in a nice way.” 

His comments prompted some abuse from fans on Twitter, with others were more accepting of the singer’s choice.

“You should be ashamed,” one Twitter user wrote while another praised the interview, but criticised Malik for “mocking” Muslim practices.

Another expressed disappointment in the comments as they believed Malik’s beliefs had once “helped change some people’s idea about Islam.”

However, others commended Malik’s “bravery” with one user writing: “This is a powerful step forward for freedom of religion among young Muslims.”

The singer is currently working on his second studio album.

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This is what Facebook is doing for small businesses in the UK

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the heart of the UK’s economy and create the majority of new jobs in the UK — and Facebook is empowering many of them to grow their business. The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) says that last year alone, SMEs accounted for more than 99 per cent of all private sector businesses in Britain, 60 per cent of private sector employment, and 51 per cent of all private sector turnover.

Millions of SMEs are already using Facebook and its family of apps to get started, grow, trade and recruit. Facebook has a responsibility towards these businesses, says Ciaran Quilty, its vice-president for small businesses in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, to support their growth further, because when local businesses grow, they hire more people and strengthen communities. “Discovering and connecting consumers with businesses that they care about is a fundamental part of the Facebook experience,” Quilty says.

Facebook knows that it’s not just enough to support business growth, however: when local businesses expand, the people with digital skills are in the highest demand.

Facebook Community Boost

That’s why this year, through its global Community Boost programme, Facebook has committed to training a million people in Europe in digital skills by 2020.

More than 1,000 entrepreneurs are expected to attend a Community Boost event in London on Tuesday 13 and Wednesday 14 November. Quilty says: “We recognise we have a bigger responsibility to society and the communities we work in. That’s why we invest in programmes such as Community Boost, designed to help people get together, connect and invest in building the digital skills essential to the economy’s future.”

Connecting women is a priority. More than 1,000 businesses are created in Britain annually, but last year just 19 per cent of SMEs were led by women. This spurred Facebook to create #SheMeansBusiness — an initiative aimed at helping more women take their business ideas forward. Facebook research found women entrepreneurs who are in business communities are twice as likely to expect growth than those who are not, yet half are not in any networks.

A network to share experiences

Since 2016, about 13,000 women have been supported by Facebook and its partners — FSB, Enterprise Nation and AllBright — in starting or growing a business. Quilty says: “#SheMeansBusiness is a thriving network where women connect, share experiences, skills training and tools through a combination of in-person meet-ups and online communities.”

Acquiring knowledge and skills are not the only challenges. SMEs’ biggest problems are winning new customers, making the most of limited time and generating cashflow quickly, according to Facebook research. Quilty says Facebook helps firms overcome these through its advertising, training and other services, used by more than 80 million SMEs globally. When surveyed, roughly 55 per cent of SMEs who used Facebook said they had increased sales because of the platform, and that it had helped them sell products in other cities and countries. Half said they had hired more employees as a result of joining the platform.

“Today there are around 375 million people outside of the UK connected to businesses in the UK via Facebook,” adds Quilty. “The ability to export and reach these people across borders, is really powerful. It’s a massive driver of jobs and therefore it can support Britain’s economic growth.”

Facebook Community Boost is coming to London on a mission to enhance your digital skills, expand your network and grow your business with a two-day event on 13 and 14 November. To find out more, visit


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Children in Need all-time total hits £1bn after record-breaking £50.6m is donated for 2018 fundraiser

Children in Need has now raised over £1bn since it began the annual fundraiser in 1980, it has been announced.

The news comes after a record-breaking £50.6m was donated during Friday's programme, which featured the EastEnders cast performing Disney songs, and Jodie Whittaker paying a special visit to a Doctor Who fan.

The total raised surpassed 2017's previous on-the-night record of £50.1m, which featured stars of film, music and TV encouraging viewers to donate.

Ronan Keating said it was “totally out of our comfort zone” after the four members of Boyzone performed routines on Strictly Come Dancing, while judge Bruno Tonioli praised band member Shane Lynch for “starting like a true leading man”.

Elsewhere, Doctor Who actor Whittaker surprised a young fan who was on a trip to the set of the sci-fi show. 

Anna, who suffers from cystic fibrosis, was whisked away to the set courtesy of the new Doctor. She got her own Time Lord makeover before getting to meet the rest of the cast. 

She even had a heart-to-heart with Whittaker about the importance of having a female Doctor to look up to: “I think it's good to show the boys that we can do just as much as they can,” Anna said. Viewers were also treated to an exclusive preview of this Sunday's new episode. 

In another clip, Eddie Redmayne and Zoe Kravitz played a prank on The One Show presenter Alex Jones, with the help of some children who secretly gave them instructions such as making sheep noises and gargling water.

The pair then admitted to the joke, with Jones saying: “I was thinking what is wrong with these two. They are being so weird.”

Children in Need is the BBC's official UK charity and raised a total of £60.7m for disadvantaged children across the country last year.

The charity is currently supporting 2,400 projects helping children facing a range of disadvantages, such as poverty, abuse or physical disability.

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Man moans about 'deadbeat' ex for not taking care of their baby and gets destroyed online

This dad refused to let the woman he got pregnant have an abortion, but then got seriously irate when she refused to get involved in the rearing of the baby. 

Go figure. 


In an angry tirade posted to the 'legaladvice' thread on Reddit, a single dad overwhelmed by child rearing responsibilities complains about the mother of his child being a 'deadbeat' mum, after she's refused to be involved in the 18-month-old son's life. However, there's a twist to the tale. 

In the post, he explains how when she got pregnant they weren't in a serious relationship, and that she wanted to have an abortion, but he refused to allow her to do so. He also goes says that the mother provides the childcare money that's required, and also how she's now working at a gym, has had a tummy tuck, and is looking seriously sizzling. 

Finishing his tirade, he writes: 

She is a deadbeat mom and the court won't do anything and is forcing me to struggle as a single parent. Do I have any legal remedies here?

Basically, he's salty as about the whole situation. 

[NM] I got a girl pregnant and she wanted to get an abortion but I didn't want that. She ended up not getting one but now she is not involved at all

We weren't in a serious relationship when she got pregnant. She has never met our son. Even after the birth she had no desire to see him. We went to court to figure custody and support could be figured out and I have 100% full legal and physical custody. Her name is on the birth certificate but she has no custody and no right to visitation or to make things like medical or education decisions. She didn't want any of that. Every month she pays 125% of the court ordered child support. She says that if I ever marry someone who wants to adopt him she will agree but until then she'll pay support. It's been this way since our son was born.

I'm raising our son all on my own. He is 18 months old now and he has never met her and I don't even have any photos of her even. I am burned out and hate being a single parent. I love my son but I resent him. My family tries to help when they can but I do it most of the time. I would never hurt or neglect him but I am exhausted all the time. I tried to go to court to give her split custody but because she wanted an abortion and I didn't and she made it clear she would never be involved after the birth, and because we went to court when he was 6 months old but because we already went after he was born and agreed on things and now she pays more support than is court ordered the judge said he can't force her to look after him. I haven't seen her in almost a year and the last I heard she has a tummy tuck and laser stretch marks treatment and is working at a gym. She also told her friends and family she is an egg donor and not a mother. She is a deadbeat mom and the court won't do anything and is forcing me to struggle as a single parent. Do I have any legal remedies here?

Can you guess what happened next? 

Many people responded to his query, but not in the way he would have hoped - they all basically took the side of the mum. 

Which, when you think about it, is the only logical side to take. This man is the epitome of 'made your bed, sleep in it'.

One argued that far from 'deadbeat', the woman sounds like a good mum. 

Another took issue with his statement that he 'resented' the child. 

Others called him out for his 'abusive mentality'

One pointed out that he now knows what it feels like for all the single mums out there. 

Essentially, the moral of the tale is that in this instance, a man has had to take responsibility for a woman getting pregnant, deal with the fallout, and ultimately understand how difficult it can be to be a single parent. He set the terms and conditions by telling the woman not to have an abortion, so he's in no position to complain about them once he has to live them. 

There are some excellent 'clap backs' out there online, but a man getting owned for moaning about his own decisions has to be one of the best. 

Sorry, dude! It's 'take-responsibility-for-your-decisions-and-grow-up' time.


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French army trolls Trump for not visiting First World War cemetery in Paris because of rain

A little rain never hurt anyone. Well, apart from the president of the United States’s reputation that is.

By now the entire world has had ample opportunity to mock president Trump endlessly after he reportedly skipped a visit to a US war cemetery because of some rain. In reality, the thin-skinned president reportedly skipped the trip because he was in a hissy fit with French president Emmanuel Macron, but the excuse has led to endless mockery online.

Images of other world leaders — like Macron and German chancellor Angela Merkel — attending Armistice events, despite the poor weather, made Trump’s absence stand out further. As did a widely circulated 2017 speech by Justin Trudeau and pictures of Barack Obama speaking in the pouring rain.

But France's army couldn't resist sticking the knife in to the president, tweeting a hilarious photograph to mock Trump’s absence. Two days after the president’s no-show, the French army tweeted a photo of a soldier crawling on a rainy pavement, with the caption: "There's rain, but it's not serious. We're staying motivated".

 Il y a de la pluie, mais c'est pas grave  On reste motivé

People on social media were quick to show their appreciation for the joke. 

Perhaps the American president needs some ice for that burn?


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University professor calls police on student for putting her feet on chair

A video of an African American student being escorted from a classroom by police for putting her feet on a chair has gone viral.

The incident reportedly happened at the University of Texas at San Antonio in a biology class where the professor allegedly reported the student for acting in an uncivil manner.

Footage showing the police removing the woman from the class was shared on Twitter by UTSA student Apurva Rawal on Monday and has since been viewed over 650,000 times.

So this happened today in class, a girl had her feet up and the professor called the police after calling our class uncivil

In follow-up tweets, he claimed that the professor, who has been identified as Anita Moss, called the police on the student despite her not interrupting the class whatsoever and had apparently made a point of how uncivil students were behaving in the previous class.

This professor stopped class entirely and stepped out to call the police just because one student had her feet up on a seat in front of her. Mind you she wasn't talking or interrupting lecture

The class before this professor went on a whole tirade about how uncivil we all were because a few students were on their phone or not paying attention, cutting lecture time for the rest of us because her ego was bruised.

As upset as I am that my professor decided to throw a temper tantrum the lecture before an exam and cancel class, I'm even more outraged that she would decide to single out and humiliate a student just to flex her authority in a destructive manner.


I chose to attend this university because of it's welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, and today's events genuinely make me concerned for not only my fellow students, but any future roadrunners that may choose to attend this institution in the future.

@UTSA you need to answer for this, because I know we as a university are better than this

A Twitter user going by the name of @FavouritePaigeee has since identified herself as the woman in the video and was told that she needed to leave upon entering the room or be removed by the police.


This is me in Anita Moss’ 2053 Bio classroom. Upon entering class I was told I needed to leave or would be escorted out by officers, I never disobeyed the student code of conduct. Not once. A police report is being filed atm, this is just the beginning. Thanks for your support!

Other Twitter users have angrily voiced their concerns about the incident and directly criticised UTSA for how they have handled it. 

Some have also suggested that it may have been racial aggravated.


The fact that a professor would have a student removed from class when she clearly isn’t being a disruption to the learning environment or her (lack of) lecturing is COMPLETELY unjustified. @UTSA y’all need to do better. This professor needs to be handled accordingly.

Lmfao I didn’t know being comfortable prevented a student from learning.

The students need to write a petition with the aforesaid event addressed letter to department heads, student affairs & also, the chancellor of the school. I did one for a college student last year & it was for more serious issues. The school rectified the situation.

Without even looking at the video I assumed that the prof was white and the student a PoC. I assumed correctly.


The fact that the police came & validated her reasoning for calling them by removing the student from the classroom is what REALLY gets me. When did putting your feet on a seat become grounds to call the cops? When will cops start holding people accountable for false reporting?


Kimberly Andrews Espy, who is the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at UTSA has since confirmed that she and COS Interim Dean Howard Grimes are aware of what happened and are conducting an investigation.

COS Interim Dean Howard Grimes and I both are aware of the video that was taken in a biology classroom earlier today. Creating a classroom environment that is conducive to learning is our priority, so we too are concerned and will respond accordingly when we learn more. 

In addition, the UTSA President, Taylor Eighmy said that more needs to be done "around issues of inclusivity and supporting our students of colour."

The statement, as per News4SA, reads: 

Dear Roadrunners,

Today we had an incident where one of our African American students was escorted from a biology class by members of UTSA’s police department at the request of a faculty member.

While the facts aren’t fully known regarding today’s incident, our Office of Equal Opportunity Services is already conducting an investigation into possible discrimination.

In addition, an inquiry regarding the academic management of the classroom is being conducted by Interim Dean of the College of Sciences Howard Grimes.

Beyond this particular incident, I am very much aware that the circumstance represents another example of the work we need to do as an institution around issues of inclusivity and supporting our students of colour.

This concerns me greatly, and it’s incumbent upon us as an institution to face this head-on. It’s something that we need to address immediately as a university community.

I look forward to the arrival of Dr. Myron Anderson, our new Vice President for Inclusive Excellence, to assist us with developing a strategy to address these systemic issues.

I welcome your concerns being shared directly with me and my office by emailing

I promise to begin this process immediately – it will take time, but has my full commitment.

With appreciation,

Taylor Eighmy

Moss, who according to the school's website is a senior lecturer on the human anatomy and human physiology, is yet to release a comment. 


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School pupil stands up to teacher's 'no toilet breaks' rule in the most iconic way

Being a teacher is one of life’s most important and underappreciated occupations.

A good teacher can change a child’s life and set them on an entirely new direction. But for every fantastic teacher, there’s a Miss Trunchbull-inspired tyrant. Some even go to extraordinary lengths to keep an orderly classroom.

We all know the feeling of a tyrant teacher who desperately needs to be toppled, so it's very satisfying to hear about children making like Theresa May and taking back control from teachers who have become too big for their own good.

When the Reddit user EmeraldEmesis shared a fantastic story about a child who stood up to a bully teacher who berated him for needing to use the toilet, well, it was pure poetry to read.

Read the full post:

"I originally posted this as a comment on another post, but my SO thought it was worth sharing as a standalone. I'm adding a bit more detail and correcting some spelling and grammar. Also, posting from mobile, so apologies for formatting. Context: This happened in the early 90's and at the time the teacher had been teaching for 30 plus years. It was a rural area, so many of my friends parents had also suffered through at least one year of primary school with this awful woman. I've seen a grown woman cry recounting memories of her experiences --she was really that bad."

"My second grade teacher took pride in being a mean old cunt to her students. Wielding control over our tiny little bladders was something that gave her a particular satisfaction. One day during cursive lessons this kid named Joseph asked to use the bathroom. She told him he should've used the bathroom during morning recess and would have to wait until lunch. A little while later he started squirming in his seat and again asked to use the bathroom, this time with more urgency."

"At this point our teacher starts berating the kid by telling him he is a little baby for not holding his bladder like a big boy and suggesting that he should wear diapers. Joseph gets tired of her shit, stands up from his seat, stares her directly in the eye and proceeds to unleash the most epic man-sized piss he could muster. "

“As fate would have it he was wearing those mesh material basketball shorts so the piss just flowed unobstructed down his legs and pooled on the carpet beneath him. A wave of giggling quickly spread through the classroom, which was basically the second grade equivalent of a slow clap."

"Our teacher just stood there dumbfounded for a moment before grabbing Joseph by the arm and dragging him off to the principal's office. As they exited the room Joseph glanced over his shoulder with a big grin on his face. A legend was born that day and we all enjoyed our newfound bathroom privileges for the remainder of the school year. Teacher retired the following year."

The word “iconic” gets thrown around a lot these days, but Joseph, wherever you are, you deserve it.

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The incredible moment an 11-year-old girl stopped a possible kidnapping with one question

An 11-year-old girl may have prevented her own kidnapping when she asked a stranger who asked her to get into a white van for the “code word".

The unnamed girl and her friend were walking near a park in North Pecan Creek, Arizona, when a man, driving a white SUV pulled up beside them, Pinal County Police revealed in a statement.

In a Facebook post, the police warn parents and children in the area to be vigilant after a report of a an attempted luring.

The man told the girl that her brothers were in a serious accident and she needed to go with him. The child asked the man what the “code word” was, but he did not know it and drove off.

Brenda James, the young girl’s mother, told Fox10 that they had come up with a code word for just such occurrences.

We came up with a code word, and this one time, it saved my daughter's life. She told me that a guy tried to take her.

I never thought it would be used, but I'm proud of her for remembering that and knowing to use that.

Sheriff Mark Lamb praised James for putting things in place to ensure her child was as safe as possible.


Pinal County Sheriff's Office

about a week ago


On Wednesday, November 7th, a Pinal County deputy responded to a home in the North Pecan Creek neighborhood near Gantzel and Ocotillo Roads for a report of an attempted luring.

At 3:45 p.m., an 11-year-old girl was walking with a friend near a park in the neighborhood when a man, driving a white SUV, pulled up next to them. The man told the girl that her brothers were in a serious accident and she needed to go with him. The child asked the man what the “code word” wa...

See More

“Kudos to the parents of this child for having a code word and talking about to their children about stranger danger,” he said.

 We hope by putting this out, it will encourage parents to have that conversation and create a plan with their children, so they know what to do if they are in that situation.

Children in the neighbourhood have seen the SUV in the neighbourhood, circling the park several times a day. The girl says the man covered his face with his hand when talking to her, and has been described as a white male, possibly in his 40s, with a short beard.

The police are urging people to look out for the SUV, which has been described as long like Ford Explorer.

We are asking people to be on alert and call PCSO at 520-866-5111 with any information.



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Women are using #ThisIsNotConsent to tweet pictures of their underwear after rape trial controversy

Women around the world are posting pictures of their underwear on Twitter to protest a decision by an Irish court to acquit a 27-year-old man of rape after a trial in which a teenager’s thong was used as evidence.

A Cork jury took an hour and a half deliberating on 6 November before finding the defendant not guilty of raping a 17-year-old girl.

Defence barrister Elizabeth O’Connell asked jurors to take into account the underwear the 17-year-old girl was wearing.

"Does the evidence out-rule the possibility that she was attracted to the defendant and was open to meeting someone and being with someone?” the Irish Examiner reports O’Connell stating.

You have to look at the way she was dressed. She was wearing a thong with a lace front.

Women took to social media to protest this, arguing that the barrister had engaged in victim-blaming. It doesn’t matter what a woman is wearing, they argue, clothes have nothing to do with consent.

Using the hashtag #ThisIsNotConsent, women shared pictures of their underwear.


Most of my underwear has lace on it. This doesn’t mean I want to be raped. No matter what I wear, no means no!! 

To use a pair of a 17 year olds underwear, against her, at her own rape trial is disgusting.

Counsel for man acquitted of rape suggested jurors should reflect on underwear worn by the 17yo complainant. Following this wholly unacceptable comment, we are calling on our followers to post a picture of their thongs/knickers to support her with the hashtag.

Jurors in Cork were asked to consider the underwear a SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD GIRL was wearing when she was raped by a 27-year-old man.

Join the cause in solidarity, can’t believe this girl was subjected to these comments after such a traumatic event.I hear cameras cut away from me when I displayed this underwear in #Dáil. In courts victims can have their underwear passed around as evidence and it's within the rules, hence need to display in Dáil. Join protests tomorrow. In Dublin it's at Spire, 1pm.

Lacy but full or thong but not lacy,
need someone to tell me which is less rapey.

Just beacuse my panties are cute doesn't mean i'm saying yes #ThisIsNotConsent

Susan Dillon, one of the women who started the hashtag, and member of the campaign group I Believe Her, told BuzzFeed News:

Simply put, clothing is not consent. This kind of victim blaming is archaic and had no place in our court system.

We wanted something impactful that would draw attention to the issue hence the use of underwear.

Crowds of people turned up on the streets of Ireland to protest, chanting “clothes are not consent".

Crowd is chanting that 'clothes are not #consent': the sense of solidarity, belief and conviction for change is palpable. 

Protest in Dublin against victim blaming in the courts. Huge crowd for a lunchtime last minute protest.

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A bride who found out her fiancé was cheating the night before their wedding read his texts instead of her vows

The moment a bride decided to reveal her fiancé’s unfaithfulness has gone viral – because she unveiled his cheating ways during their wedding.

One woman claims she found out the man she was about to marry was cheating on her the night before their big day.

Casey, as she calls herself, told her story on Whimm. She had been enjoying a glass of wine with her friends the night before her wedding to the man she had been in a relationship with for six years, when she received a text message from an unknown number.

"I wouldn't marry him. Will you?" the message read, followed by screenshots and pictures of Casey’s husband, ‘Alex’ and conversations between him and a dark-haired woman.

“The texts were dated from months to only days before,” the bride wrote.

My brain simply could not compute WTF was going on. There was no questioning the legitimacy of these messages. I just knew.

She posted some of the messages between them:

This weekend. You and I. It is on, hot stuff. Bring your A game.

Your body is f***ing incredible. And shit do you know how to use it. I wish my GF had half the skills you do.

“I miss you so much. I can’t stop thinking about L, S, F’ing you. I’ve never had this kind of connection before.”

Casey burst into tears upon reading the incriminating messages, and her friends encouraged her to call the wedding off.

She had a better idea.

I walked down the aisle with leaden feet, my dream dress now just a costume. As he saw my face he knew this was not an ecstatic woman on her big day, but he had no idea what was coming. I arrived at the front of the room, took a big breath and I faced our friends, our parents and I told them the truth about Alex.

'There will be no wedding today,' I announced.

'It seems Alex is not who I thought he was.'

Friends and family were shocked by the admission and Alex attempted to “grab” her hands and prevent her from talking. It was too late, though, and hidden in between her flowers was her phone.

I read every single message she sent me. With each word, more colour left Alex’s face.

I let my weeping eyes rise and meet his, and he had not one thing to say.

He stalked out of the church with his best man trailing behind him. His family looked on, horrified.

Adam hightailed it out of the church.


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Marvel: Avengers 4 director appears to confirm popular fan theory

Ever since the shocking conclusion of Infinity War, we've heard plenty of theories about what might transpire in Avengers 4. 

We've heard theories about Nick Fury and Thanos, but we are yet to really get any insight into how 'Earth's Mightiest Heroes' might defeat 'The Mad Titan' in the final instalment of the saga.

One theory that has been doing the rounds on fan sites and social media for a few months revolve around Doctor Strange and the Time Stone.

As you will have seen in Infinity War, Thanos needed to collect all of the Infinity Stones in order to complete his goal of wiping out half of life in the universe.

He was partially able to achieve this by taking the Time Stones from Doctor Strange. And when we say 'take', we actually mean Strange just straight up surrendered the stone to the villain. 

Or did he surrender the stone? After all, Strange only gave the stone over to Thanos after he saw that there was only one possible way to defeat him.

Did Strange manage to do something with the stone before giving it over? 

Something that has been suggested is that Strange managed to go into the past or future to set off a chain of events that would help the Avengers triumph. 

This is all just hearsay but Joe Russo, the co-director of Avengers 4, has subtly hinted that this theory might not be too far from the truth.

According to the Express, in the new illustrated companion book Marvel's Avengers Infinity - The Art of the Movie, Russo said:

The problem is, as you can imagine, as you gain control over these things, your story just goes haywire because why are there any stakes for the man who can control time, space, reality, your mind, your soul and power?

He can reset as many times as it'll take.

So you have to build in a lot of bumps in the road or maybe keep one stone away from him for long enough in order for the thing to have any dramatic structure at all.

Russo's words aren't exactly clear but it would suggest that one stone is the key to defeating Thanos.

Whether this turns out to be the case or not remains to be seen but it's certainly intriguing. 


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Brexit: BBC sign language interpreter goes viral after perfectly summing up the chaos

You don't really need me to tell you but Brexit is a real mess at the moment and it doesn't look like it's going to solve itself anytime soon. 

Just trying to explain Theresa May's draft agreement to someone who might not have been following the news is hard enough but imagine trying to explain it in sign language?

That's the prospect one sign language interpreter on BBC News was faced with yesterday when she was trying to say exactly what went down in the Commons yesterday.

Footage of the woman was captured by actor and writer Ell Potter and shared on Twitter yesterday and subsequently went viral as a perfect physical interpretation of the chaos.

British Sign Language does require grammar to be expressed through head and hand movements while facial expressions and body posture can also be added to further illustrate emotion and tone.

It's fair to say that she absolutely nailed the state of the UK in just 12 seconds and people are loving it as maybe the most accurate analysis of Brexit ever.

British Sign Language does require grammar to be expressed through head and hand movements while facial expressions and body posture can also be added to further illustrate emotion and tone.

It's fair to say that she absolutely nailed the state of the UK in just 12 seconds and people are loving it as maybe the most accurate analysis of Brexit ever.



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Tyler, the Creator responds to Jaden Smith calling him his boyfriend

Tyler, the Creator has responded to Jaden Smith's claims that they are dating.

During a performance at a festival in California, the 20-year-old son of actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith addressed the crowd at Camp Flog Naw during his set.

"I just wanna say Tyler, the Creator is the best friend in the world and I love him so f***ing much, and I wanna tell you guys something," Smith said, in a moment that was filmed by someone at the front of the stage.

"Tyler doesn't wanna say, but Tyler is my motherf***ing boyfriend, and he's been my motherf***ing boyfriend my whole motherf***ing life. It's true! Tyler is my boyfriend."

He later tweeted: "Yup @tylerthecreator I told everyone you can't deny it now."

It is currently not clear whether the pair are actually dating or whether Smith was poking fun at speculation surrounding Tyler's sexuality. In his back catalogue, he was heavily criticised for his use of the word "faggot". However, on his last album Flower Boyhe discussed his sexuality in what appeared to be a breakthrough moment, and has since been more open about his refusal to accept labels. 

Smith, who recently released a new collaboration with Harry Hudson titled "Just Slide", has also been relatively open in discussions of sexuality and is known for his androgynous fashion style. 


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I’m a Celebrity 2018 promo shows Holly Willoughby in action alongside Dec

The latest series of I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here is almost upon us, and a brand new promo shows Holly Willoughby alongside Declan Donnelly for the first time.

Donnelly is returning to host the 18th series alongside This Morning host Willoughby. It'll be the first series without Ant McPartlin who has taken a hiatus from presenting to battle a number of personal problems. 

 Earlier this week, the full lineup was confirmed with football manager Harry Redknapp, Torchwood star John Barrowman and X Factor favourite Fleur East leading this year’s contestants. 

James McVey, who found fame as part of boy band The Vamps, will also appear with soap stars Sair Khan (Coronation Street), Rita Simons (EastEnders) and Malique Thompson-Dwyer (Hollyoaks) all primed for Bushtucker Trials.

Unverified reports claim that Deal or No Deal presenter Noel Edmonds will be this year's secret campmate, reportedly signing up for £500,000 - the most money the ITV show has ever paid for a celebrity.

Who else will feature? You can see all ten of this year’s jungle-ready celebrities – including a few renowned British TV personalities – in their camping gear below.

Speaking about his decision to sign up to the long-running reality series, former Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham manager Redknapp, 71, said: “My wife thinks I am mad. She has seen the show and she has told me I should watch it before I do it.”

Previous winners include Christopher Biggins, Westlife singer Kian Egan and Made In Chelsea’s Georgia “Toff” Toffolo.   

You can find everything we know about this year’s series here.

I’m A Celebrity 2018 begins on 18 November at 9pm on ITV.

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Dark matter hurricane to hit Earth with speeds of up to 310 miles per SECOND

A DARK matter hurricane is barrelling towards Earth and it could help scientists uncover the mystery of the elusive substance. What dark matter actually is remains a mystery but it was first conceptualised in 1977 by scientists who suggested that the substance, which is thought to make up 85 percent of all matter in the universe, is responsible for all of the unseen matter in space. Its existence would go towards explaining why galaxies rotate and why they stick together, rather than stars flying off in all directions. Now, a group of scientists believe that a dark matter ‘hurricane’ is approaching Earth, blowing at speeds of 310 miles per SECOND.

However, it is not going to have an effect on our planet, and it will pass by without us even noticing.

The supposed hurricane was detected by scientists at the University of Zaragoza in Spain using data from the European Space Agency's Gaia satellite.  

The team noticed a group of nearby stars all moving ion the same directions as the S1 stream – which is a group of stars all circling through the Milky Way.

The S1 stream, made up of around 30,000 stars, is believed to be the leftovers of a dwarf galaxy swallowed by the Milky Way about a billion years ago.  

S1 is now moving towards Earth, and as it does a huge ripple of dark matter should theoretically circle our planet, giving scientists a great chance of confirming its existence.

Dark matter hurricane to hit Earth with speeds of up to 310 metres per SECOND (Image: GETTY)

Ciaran O’Hare, an astroparticle physicist at the University of Zaragoza in Spain, said: “We call it a dark matter 'halo' because it surrounds the entire galaxy.

"We are inside the halo, so in a sense we are swimming around in a sea of dark matter all the time.

"What is remarkable about S1 is that its direction is the opposite one to which we are moving in the galaxy.

"So it's like we are moving into the current and the dark matter is hitting us smack in the face.”

Dark matter is thought to make up 85 percent of all matter in the universe (Image: GETTY)

The researchers will use detectors to try and pick up axions – particles which are about 500 million times lighter than electrons.

Axions, along with the much more undetectable weakly-interacting massive particles (WIMPs), are thought to be a key component of dark matter.

The researchers wrote in their paper published in Physical Review D: “Axion haloscopes possess by far the greatest potential sensitivity to the S1 stream if its dark matter component is sufficiently cold.

“'Once the axion mass has been discovered, the distinctive velocity distribution of S1 can easily be extracted from the axion power spectrum.”

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega

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Bitcon's 15 November 2018 Price Crash

Bitcoin (BTC) has had near stablity between $6,200 and $6,700 for the most part of the year. Starting from yesterday 14 November 2018, BTC has seen a sharp decline in price (10% loss today). This has been attributed to today's pending Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hardfork, and investors in the United States cashing out to pay capital gain taxes.


BCH hark fork

BCH will effectively split into two sometime today to create a brand new cryptocurrency. This is surely stirring up uncertainty among crypto investors. This uncertainty breeds market actions such as investors selling BCH and other cryptocurrencies to store value in fiat, and selling other cryptocurrencies including BTC to buy more BCH in order to benefit from the hard fork.


Capital Gain Taxes

The United States (US) Internal Revenue Service (IRS) made an announcement in 2014 that cryptocurrencies are defined as property and not currency. In the US, airdrops and Bitcoin mining are being taxed as ordinary income; which depends on the Individual’s tax bracket. However, when a person holds on to Bitcoin for more than a year before selling, it will only be liable to long-term capital gains. It is assumed that some investors are cashing out to enable them pay the said tax in April 2019.

According to Rohit Kulkarni, Managing Director of Private Investment Research at SharePost, there are three likely catalysts that could result in a crypto market turnaround in the next six months. These are:

  • a greater clarity from regulators which could embolden the market;
  • a select group of blockchain startups that have completed token offerings in the past year finally announcing innovative commercial products; and 
  • the piling up of institutional capital triggering investors to call the bottom of the market. 

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Elton John stars in the new John Lewis Christmas advert and it is giving people a lot of feelings

It's that time of year again when it's still more than a month until Christmas and adverts for major department stores are dominating our airwaves. 

That's right, it's John Lewis advert day everyone - and, cynicism aside, this year's effort is actually pretty good. Remember that bizarre dog-trampoline one?

Featuring Elton John, the two-minute ad, soundtracked by his classic tune 'Your Song', charts the lauded singer-songwriter's career in reverse, to the point where he receives his first ever piano on Christmas Day.

We can only presume that his mum brought it from John Lewis, otherwise, this advert would be pretty redundant (and yes, you can buy pianos from John Lewis).

Even if you aren't a fan Elton John, there is no denying that this is quite lovely and, although it's unlikely to prompt too many people to buy a piano, people have a lot of feelings for it.

Unsurprisingly, not everyone is a fan, with many citing that it just doesn't make them feel 'Christmassy'. 

People then began to debate if you could buy a piano from John Lewis, which you definitely can.

Of course, there were some great jokes.

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Woman sends marriage into flames after blowing up her wedding dress at her ‘divorce party’

A woman from Texas settled her divorce with a bang, after blowing up her wedding dress in an explosion that could be felt from 15 miles away.

Kimberly Santleben-Stiteler used $200 worth of rifle targets, called tannerite, to destroy her dress during a “divorce party” she held on her father’s farm in La Coste, Texas, over the weekend.

Her sister, Carla Santleben-Newport, shared a video on Facebook showing the recent divorcee loading up her dress with explosives, before shooting at it with a rifle from 200 miles away, with the hashtags #TheLoserIsGone, #OurFamilyAndFriendsAreAwesome and #YourGirlfriendSucks.

The 43-year-old had just settled her divorce a day prior and, after 14 years of marriage, wanted to commemorate the event.

“I wanted to remove all things from our marriage from the house,” the newly-liberated woman told McClatchy.

Photos in the attic, ring in the safe (but probably going to sell it) and the dress I wanted to burn. I had a lot of advice and suggestions from friends and family, like donating it for premature babied and baptism gowns. To me, the dress represented a lie. I wanted to have a divorce party to burn the dress

Complete with “I’m Not with Stupid Anymore” fascinators, the woman invited more than 40 family and friends to be part of the unconventional party.

“It wasn’t done for him or about him,” her sister told Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “It was just our family having a fun-filled celebration.”

Before the big event, the family made sure to consult a friend who was also a bomb tech to make sure the explosion was safe.

“On the one hand, it was like being on a set of some action movie. The explosion was huge. It was liberating pulling that trigger. It was closure for all of us.”

It seems that this marriage has, quite literally, gone up in flames.

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The best episodes of Sabrina The Teenage Witch

Alamy Stock Photo

To coincide with the show’s revival on Netflix, revisit the gloriously nostalgic series’ most spellbinding and fun episodes.

We list them below...

Pancake madness

It turns out that the Spellmans all have a familial addiction to pancakes, and when Sabrina eats some against her aunts’ wishes she gets hooked, quickly descending into an

absurd nightmare of irresistible syrupy treats.

It’s during an encounter with her arch nemesis, Libby, that Sabrina first unleashes her new magical powers, accidentally turning the school bully into a pineapple.

After moving to Paris with her dad, Sabrina begins to miss home, so her father magics Britney Spears to perform. 

The Spellman family pet, Salem Saberhagen — a former witch turned into a cat — has many hilarious moments, but him dressed as Frank Sinatra is one of the funniest.

When Sabrina’s zany Aunt Vesta visits from the Other Realm, she decides to accompany her to the Pleasure Dome — a place of luxury where the fun just doesn’t stop.

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Idris Elba doll mocked for looking nothing like him - despite selling for £850

A handcrafted Idris Elba doll worth £850 is being dragged by fans – because it looks nothing like him.

British doll maker Emperis created the doll, dressed in a light brown suit-and-waistcoat combo. The doll wears jeans and camel-coloured high-tops and it looks like the model of a very suave man.

It was supposed to be a model of the actor, who was recently named the Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine.

Instead, it’s been compared to Jafar from Aladdin… and others

People are in agreement: that’s not Idris Elba.

With its arched eyebrows, pointy nose and absolutely no resemblance to the actor, fans are struggling to see the Idris Elba element

You mean 2 tell me that this doll is supposed 2 be Idris Elba? Either I need glasses or somebody done fu*ked up:

Man when doll making goes wrong !! This is a british manufacturers @idriselba doll ! someone needs to clock out!!!

This Idris Elba doll is giving me tales from the hood nightmares all over again!

In fact, people are pointing out the doll’s likeness to Think Like a Man actor Romany Malco.?

“Who made this doll???!!!” One person wrote on Facebook. “They got their Black actors mixed up! LMAO This is Romany Malco, not Idris Elba. #lies #LOL."

He kind of does, actually…

Idris Elba doll?! More like Romany Malco.Why Idris Elba doll look like the dude from 40 year old virgin

Others are saying the doll resembles Charlamagne. 

Others are saying the doll resembles Charlamagne. 

Others are saying the doll resembles Charlamagne. 

Others are saying the doll resembles Charlamagne. 

Others are saying the doll resembles Charlamagne. 

Man why does that Idris Elba doll look just like charlamagne.How many people had to approve this? Did none of them know what #Idriselba looks like.

Still, something must be working. According to the Mail Online, sales of the doll are booming, and it is on longer available on the Emperis website.

This isn’t first time a famous person’s likeness was questionably rendered in art. Last year a bust of Cristiano Ronald at the Aeroporta da Madeira was roasted for looking nothing like the footballer.


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When this man offered to help his elderly cab driver with his phone, things escalated quickly

If there's one thing that growing up, reading fairy stories teaches us, it's don't trust strangers. 

Now, this kind-hearted Reddit user had this message hammered home, when he offered to help his elderly cab driver with his phone. 

Taking to the Reddit thread 'today I f***** up', he wrote: 

Let me start with my personal rule when riding taxis: when the taxi driver tries to strike up a conversation with you, always reply and try to maintain the dialogue, especially late at night.

Like a lot of you, I’m introverted and little socially awkward but I do this because they might be working a long shift and the conversation helps them stay alert.

He then launched into his story. 

Opening up, he described how the whole thing started out pretty innocently, as his elderly Chinese driver said he was having issues with the SD card in his Samsung mobile phone. Seeing as they both had the same phone, the Reddit user agreed to take a look. 

About half an hour past midnight, I took a cab home, a 15-minute ride at most.

The taxi driver was an elderly Chinese man, and he started asking me the usual questions like what I do for a living and where I’m from.

He eventually mentioned that he bought this new Samsung phone recently.

I told him that I had the same phone and he immediately asked if I could help him with a problem he’s been having.

Specifically, he installed his old SD card to his new phone, but some of the videos in the card can’t be played anymore and some can only be played until a certain point and then stop.

I immediately thought that it was probably caused by a corrupt or damaged SD card (he did mention that it was a very old card) and told him to replace it when he gets a chance.

He asked if I could have a look at it anyway, and I agreed, thinking that I’m being helpful to an old man who’s struggling with new technology.

Then, things began to take a turn for the worse. 

He stopped the taxi on the driveway of my apartment, right in front of the entrance and handed me his phone.

The first thing I noticed was that the touchscreen was not very responsive.

I immediately showed him how to increase the sensitivity setting of the touchscreen to accommodate for having a screen protector and he was so thankful and it made me feel good that I helped improve this old man’s life to some small extent.

That feeling didn’t last long, though.

Queue lots of photographs of a much younger woman...

He then started to show me where the broken videos are by opening his google photos app.

I tried my best not to pry on this old man’s private life, but as he scrolled through the app, I started to get this sinking feeling.

I noticed that he had a lot of photos of this young woman, who I assumed was his daughter at first… until I realised that a lot of them are racy pictures.

It's 'wrinkly butt' time...

I tried to remain positive by thinking that it’s good that he’s still able to enjoy camgirls at that age.

He eventually got to the videos he mentioned earlier and handed me his phone.

I tried to open the videos and indeed, they seem to be broken as the phone just goes greyscreen when I try to open them.

He then told me to check the video that seemed okay when it starts playing but stops at some point.

He opened the first video from that day and moved the time slider to about halfway through the video to a shot of him walking past the camera… butt-naked.

The shot started with his butt right in front of the camera, so close that I could see the wrinkles on them.

And to top it off, after his butt left the frame, I saw that behind him was a bed, with the woman in the pictures earlier lying on top of it.

The Reddit user then quickly handed the phone back to the old dude. 

After the shock of seeing his wrinkly old manbutt faded, I realised that I was trying to help him recover his sex video with this girl and that I probably shouldn’t touch that phone anymore.

I immediately handed his phone back to him like it was a hot potato while at the same time repeating my earlier recommendation that he should probably change his SD card.

Now, just to top it off, there's one more twist to add insult to injury. 

He did genuinely sound thankful for my advice, and I was about to leave when he asked if I could take his business card, as he was looking for tenants for his apartment and maybe I could refer his place to some of my friends.

Desperate to end this very awkward situation I just agreed and took his card.

Glad that this whole situation was finally over, I was about to leave once again when he asked if he could also get my number in case he was in the area we could grab a coffee outside.


I was going to give him a fake number, but he then told me to just call his phone since I already had his card.

Not knowing what else to do, I begrudgingly dialed his number. After another round of goodbyes, I got inside the building as fast as I could and washed my hands immediately.

(Edit for additional context: I'm a guy living in one of the safest countries in the world so I didn't feel threatened all. It was just an incredibly awkward and weird experience.)

Needless to say, many other Reddit users were pretty shocked by the story, but took the opportunity to point out that it really could have gone a lot worse than it did. 

One suggested that the whole thing was obviously an evil plan concocted by the cab driver.

ruby Posted on November 14, 2018 15:29

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