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Rolls-Royce Draws a Line: No Hybrids Ever

This week, Rolls-Royce unleashed its $325,000 Cullinan on the back roads and double-diamond ski runs of Wyoming’s Grand Teton mountain range.

The press launch was the first time the 6,000-pound SUV had been driven publicly in North America, timed to get out word of the vehicle’s off-road skills right before November’s chill—and January’s first deliveries.


Torsten Müller-Otvös was there, too. Rolls-Royce’s longtime chief executive officer has shepherded the brand to a 13.5 percent sales increase this year to date, and this month the company announced it added 200 jobs in an effort to meet Cullinan demand. (That gain means Rolls-Royce will expand its workforce to more than 2,000 people for the first time, a sixfold increase since the British automaker’s headquarters and manufacturing facility in Goodwood, West Sussex, opened in 2003.)

Müller-Otvös, an accomplished fly fisherman who prefers the Cullinan in magma red, sat down with Bloomberg to discuss why it’s so important for it to go off-road, its prospects for getting an electric drivetrain, and what he says to the Cullinan’s critics.

Here’s our conversation.

The Rolls-Royce Cullinan in Jackson, Wyo.

Photographer: James Lipman

Hannah Elliott: The emphasis for this launch has seemed to emphasize the off-road capability of Cullinan above all else. Is that true? Did you feel the need to make a statement in this way with this launch?

Torsten Müller-Otvös: It is. First of all, you don’t need to be convinced that our cars drive perfect on roads, flat on land. That’s given. That’s the Rolls-Royce brand promise. And Cullinan delivers that in perfection. But of course we wanted to showcase to you what the car is capable of. We sent all the test cars all over the world, into the desert, into the mountains, just to showcase what the car is capable of and what it can deliver, so that customers also understand the car is a true SUV.

But it’s also a Rolls-Royce SUV: You can drive up in style in front of the opera building, you can go out for dinner with all your friends. This car brings you up to your chalet. It can carry lots of loads, it can carry the whole family, load your dogs into the car, go down to the harbor. So it is for all purposes in life.

After Bentley’s Bentayga and Lamborghini’s Urus, this is just about the last of the large and very expensive luxury SUVs to hit the market.

We took our time. After we announced that we would bring such a type of car into the market, we took our time to make it—we know that. But we wanted to engineer it in a way that it would deliver practicality and functionality. When people are asking for that type of car, of course it still needs to have that type of serenity when you go up into the mountains. That’s the importance of the 4x4.

The V-12 SUV comes with six off-road drive modes and, for the first time from Rolls-Royce, all-wheel drive.

Photographer: James Lipman

Rolls-Royce is so closely associated with cosmopolitan refinement. What percentage of your buyers do you believe will actually use it off-road on any regular basis?

It’s early days now, and for that reason I would not be able to tell you the truth [about the specific percentage]. So far, I think that’s the whole psychological expectation embedded in the SUV proposition—that you can go wherever you want to go, even if you don’t do it very often in life.

But almost all of our clients, be it in the Middle East or Asia or North America, want to use the cars off-road going to certain remote parts in the road. Going to their chalet in the Swiss Alps, to their weekend retreat in the desert in the Middle East. And so for that reason, the car needs to deliver the capability to do so.

Our clients enjoy these kind of freedoms to use their cars in these situations, particularly on weekends.

The Cullinan comes with an extensive theater environment in the rear of the car, complete with 12.5-inch touchscreens, picnic-style wooden foldout tables, and a wood-covered command center that can control climate, audio, and other functions from the back seat.

Photographer: James Lipman

That has certainly been what I’ve seen in my reporting—that modern luxury is heavily related to the idea of freedom. To the wealthiest people in the world, freedom is very important.

Very much.

This car weighs more than 6,000 pounds and gets less than 20 miles per gallon. It looks like an elegant tank, if I can put it like that. Call it unapologetic. Polarizing, even. In an era of hybrids and electric cars, and as environmental concerns continue to rise, will you have trouble selling it?

No. Rolls-Royce needs presence. Our customers love that. It’s the same when very impressive people enter a room. Suddenly, silence. That’s exactly what happens when a Rolls-Royce turns up.

Yes, you might see people who are saying, “The car is too big, I don’t like it, it carries too much presence.” But I think if you want to please everybody, you don’t please anybody.

What percentage of Cullinan buyers will be new to the Rolls-Royce brand?

[There will be] quite some conquest [buyers crossing over from other brands]. We see that already today in our order books. And I’m also positively surprised by our loyal clients who are adding Cullinan into their existing garage today just for the pure sake that this car is convincing, size-wise.

Dealerships will start taking deliveries of the Cullinan before the 2018 holiday season.

Photographer: James Lipman

We’ve talked about the surprisingly young average age of Rolls-Royce owners. Where will Cullinan buyers fit into the mix, age-wise?  

Cullinan [buyers] will be younger customers, that’s for sure. Our youngest car in the portfolio is Wraith, particularly in the Black Badge edition, followed by Dawn. I think Cullinan will sit in that league of average age, around 40.

We also foresee still the ongoing trend that ultrahigh net worth individuals are getting younger. That will stay on for a number of years.

Where are most of the preorders for Cullinan coming from?

North America is the No. 1 market by far. It’s really quite impressive to see that. Followed by Asia. Quite strong is also Europe. And then the Middle East, of course, following behind.

Talk to me about electric. Is there an electric future for Cullinan?

There is an electric future for Rolls-Royce. We have not made our plan about what comes first, and what comes when, but we know that we will go full electric. We will not do hybrids or whatever. Our proposition is full electric. It will come in the next decade, step by step by step.

But I can also tell you we will stick with our beloved 12-cylinder as long as we can.

The rear of the Cullinan comes with optional tailgate-style seats and a beverage platform. 

Photographer: James Lipman

How closely do you watch what [parent company] BMW as a group does and announces? For instance, the news surrounding the BMW Vision iNext SUV that just debuted.

It’s a great advantage to be part of the BMW Group. We are a small manufacturer—we are selling 4,000 cars and some more with Cullinan—so for that reason I am superglad we are part of the BMW Group.

BMW Group is educated and well-understanding enough to say Rolls-Royce needs to sit on a different architecture. They understand we are super-exclusive and able to give our customers true luxury, which is not an X7 camouflaged as a Rolls-Royce. We wouldn’t do that.

No. 2, it’s great that BMW Group is so forward-looking and -thinking on iNext and so on. I’m glad that I’m part of the bigger group, because we profit from that. Our engineers are embedded enough in the overall organization to grab into the shelf and say, “That’s great, we’ll use that for Rolls-Royce.”

And the BMW Group is more than happy to help. Otherwise we would not be capable to get our brand electrified. If we would need to do that on our own, completely alone, that’s quite a task.

The Cullinan has a V-12 563-horsepower engine and can wade in water up to 21 inches high.

Photographer: James Lipman

Will we ever see a V-8 engine in a Cullinan?


That is for the pure sake of volume, Hannah, and that is what we are not doing. We are not launching lower engines with lower price points. This is volume-chasing. That’s not the game of Rolls-Royce. We stay highly exclusive.

It must be so refreshing to be able to be so clear-minded and focused in that way.

I think you need to be clear-minded. When you do real luxury, you need to be clear-minded. If you mess this around, you can be dead in the water within moments. And for that reason, Hannah, I think you need to have a really sharp mind on that.

Customers will tell you the same thing that I am telling you, that they expect from us limitation. Limitation in volume. They don’t want to see their own cars all over the place. And they are more than happy to pay our prices, make no error. They are clear: “Don’t go volume, please.”

And I tell them, “We aren’t going to, ever.”

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McLaren’s $2.3 Million Attempt to Compete With Lamborghini, Ferrari

Speedtail, the F1 successor, has three seats and gold badging to nudge into ultra-luxury supercar territory.

On Friday, McLaren debuted the £1.75 million ($2.3 million) Speedtail, previously known by its BP23 codename.

The all-new, three-seat “hyper-GT” is the next model in McLaren’s Ultimate Series, the most expensive and exclusive line the automaker sells. The P1 and Senna also belong to the Ultimate Series, while others you actually have a chance of seeing on the road, such as the 720S and the 570S, belong to the Super Series and Sport Series, respectively.

??The Speedtail is an homage to the iconic McLaren F1, which held the production car speed record of 240mph from 1998 to 2004.

Source: McLaren

In addition to its major price tag and odd seating arrangement (more on that later), the Speedtail is an homage to the iconic McLaren F1, which held the production car speed record of 240mph from 1998 to 2004. McLaren will make only 106 of them—a number that matches the F1’s production run—and they’re already sold out, according to a McLaren spokeswoman. 

That response is similar to when McLaren debuted the $1 million Senna, which sold out before it was formally announced, according to McLaren. For a company that sells fewer than 3,500 cars annually, the margins for such extreme cars remain considerable. (So does the wait-time: Speedtail owners won’t see delivery until 2020.)

McLaren will make only 106 of them—a number that matches the F1’s production run—and they’re already sold out.

Source: McLaren

Which is to say the strategy is working: The Speedtail is the first of 18 new cars or derivatives to be announced under McLaren’s “Track25” business plan—the company’s grab at an additional £200 million per year, financed from deposits taken from customers willing to buy such expensive, extreme cars.

It’s also the latest move by the Woking, England-based company to enhance its stature in the luxury and lifestyle market. Although McLaren first gained prominence for its Formula 1 racing success—famed Brazilian driver Ayrton Senna competed under its marque—and then earned respect for the laboratory-precise driving characteristics and video-game styling of its production cars, McLaren has yet to achieve the level of interior comfort and entertainment and exterior fit and finish of the higher-end cars from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes-AMG, Bentley, and Aston Martin.

The Speedtail hybrid-electric powertrain can reach 1,035bhp and a top speed of 250mph. It can get from zero-186mph in 12.8 seconds.

Source: McLaren

Hypercar Performance

Buyers are in for a treat. The Speedtail is ultra-light (3,153 pounds) for its size, with an active suspension and lightweight carbon ceramic brakes that enhance its nimbleness and handling. It’s more powerful than the Senna and its F1 forebear, with a hybrid-electric powertrain that can reach 1,035bhp and a top speed of 250mph. It can get from zero-186mph in 12.8 seconds—four seconds faster than the P1.

That’s enough to indicate that McLaren might possibly break the current production car land-speed record of 277.87mph, which Koenigsegg set last year—though McLaren boss Mike Flewitt has said jumping into the fastest-car fray with Koenigsegg, Bugatti, and Hennessey isn’t an explicit goal. “These days, we prefer to let our customers set the records,” affirms the company.

The Speedtail is faster than McLaren’s F1 and P1 supercars. 

Source: McLaren

Officially, at least, McLaren says the Speedtail is all about the joy of the open road. Its exterior style looks softer than those of previous McLarens, with a teardrop-shaped cockpit and an aerodynamic, all-carbon-fiber body. It’s both longer and narrower than the P1, with easy-to-open dihedral doors and retractable digital rear-view cameras in lieu of mirrors. The front splitter, diffuser, and side skirts are all finished in a special “titanium deposition” carbon fiber that is lighter and stronger than that of previous cars. The “Velocity Active Chassis Control” can lower the Speedtail by 1.4 inches, leaving its highest point just 3.7 feet from the road. Raising the car high enough to navigate steep driveways and speed bumps will be rather more difficult.

Hypercar Comfort Is Now a Thing

The interior has seats for three adults. 

Source: McLaren

Inside, the Speedtail is clearly the most luxury-oriented model McLaren has made.

It features such creature comforts as electrochromic glass that darkens the top of the windshield at the touch of a button—removing the need for sun visors—and there’s actual luggage space in both nose and tail. Engine controls shine in polished aluminum and are set in panels above the driver’s head. That overhead control panel, as well as the gearshift paddles and steering wheel clasp, also uses a separate kind of highly refined carbon fiber made in partnership with watchmaker Richard Mille

The optional white-gold detailing and other accoutrements make this the most luxury-oriented McLaren ever. 

Source: McLaren

For further luxury, the McLaren Special Operations team can oblige with optional platinum or 18-carat white gold-and-carbon fiber badging and inlays, instead of the standard gloss-black on aluminum. (MSO exists to make special customized McLarens for the company’s most valued, wealthiest clients, such as the hunter-green Senna for mattress tycoon Michael Fuchs.) The badges, which come in a set of three, are cut in the U.K. by Vaughtons—the same 100-year-old company that makes the U.K.’s Olympic medals—and dramatically increase the cost of the car by at least £50,000. For those worried about the additional weight of a golden or platinum badge, a special, lacquered-on golden badge is available, too.

Production on the McLaren Speedtail begins by the end of next year. 

Source: McLaren

The three-seat layout is meant to enhance the overall driving enjoyment and feeling of splendor: The driver sits in the center of the cabin, achieving the most commanding view of the road possible, while a passenger sits on either side. The unconventional design emulates the seating position of a Formula 1 race car, seen previously in such sports cars as Ferrari’s ultra-rare 365P and items from more obscure automakers Aeon and Matra-Simca.

While extravagant, this isn’t the first time McLaren has put three-seats—or gold—into its cars: The F1 had three seats as well, and it famously used gold foil as a heat shield in the engine compartment. Production will begin by the end of next year. 

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How America Became a Nation of Yoga Pants

It took a few decades, but a shift toward casual wear and fitness, as well as a company called Lululemon, is changing what everyone wears.

The first pairs of yoga pants Lululemon sold in 1998 were a simple item for women to wear at the studio. They were a mix of nylon and Lycra—synthetic elastic fibers that provided the stretch and softness needed to manage all those sweat-inducing contortions during a lengthy session on the mat.

Yoga, first as an exercise and later as a cultural phenomenon (or cliché, depending on your cynicism), had yet to take hold. At the turn of the century, the pants filled a niche for yogis who were simply looking for a higher-end alternative to plain cotton leggings.

Two decades later, they’ve conquered the closet, even for people who never see the inside of a yoga studio. In 2014, teenagers began to prefer leggings over jeans. Then people started wearing athletic clothing (or athleisure, but it’s mostly just yoga pants) to run errands. Now they’re wearing yoga pants to the office. U.S. imports of women’s elastic knit pants last year surpassed those of jeans for the first time ever, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Fashion trends seesaw constantly, but rarely does an entire category shift. Over four decades, rubber-soled sneakers gave way to basketball shoes, which in turn fell to trainers. Boxer briefs didn’t exist 25 years ago—drawers were still filled with plain old briefs. But now the hybrid is America’s most popular men’s underwear. Yoga pants have similarly managed to plunge denim into an existential crisis, threatening Levi Strauss & Co. so deeply that it had to scramble to adapt. The company added stretch and contouring to its jeans while hoping to retain some of their rugged essence.

The popularity of yoga pants has, predictably, led to a flood of competitors as brands fill every market segment, from Old Navy’s $20 pants to Lucas Hugh’s $230 versions. Lululemon Athletica Inc., largely credited with bringing stretchy pants to the masses, has poured money into developing new fabrics to fend off rivals—a pack that now includes the world’s biggest athletics companies.

“Consumers expect a lot more,” said Sun Choe, chief product officer at Lululemon. “They’re washing their garments more and more, and from a quality standpoint, it needs to stand up. They’re expecting some versatility in their product. They expect to be able to wear that pant or tight to Whole Foods or brunch.”

Speed Tight, ABC Pant, and Groove Pant by Lululemon.

Source: Lululemon

Lululemon’s original fabric, Luon, with a high proportion of nylon microfiber as opposed to a more typical polyester blend, was trademarked in the U.S. in 2005. Many of its newer fabrics are branded and geared toward specific uses. Luxtreme is a moisture-wicking, four-way stretch fabric that’s meant to fit like a second skin. Nulux is a compression fabric meant for sweatier workouts. Silverescent is sold as Lululemon’s “stink-conquering technology,” using silver bonded to the surface of fibers to stop bacteria from reproducing. A T-shirt made from the material costs $68.

Leggings from market competitors use a similar strategy, promoting the versatile pants through branded fabric combinations. For Adidas, pants boast fabrics like its sweat-wicking Climalite material or the thermal-regulating Climacool and Climawarm to accommodate training conditions. Likewise, Nike’s Dri-Fit material keeps sweat at bay and trainers dry. Even Target’s C9-branded fitness collection flexes high-functioning fabrics: Freedom Fabric is a soft blend of polyester and spandex for lifestyle or fitness, while its Embrace Fabric hugs tight to the body for a cozy feel.

What was once a simple stretchy legging, it seems, has become an engineering marvel. Not too surprising, though, when you realize that about $48 billion is being spent on activewear in the U.S. every year.

Lululemon yoga pants.

Source: Lululemon

The story of a breakthrough product made by an upstart company that gets swallowed or crushed by America’s corporate behemoths is an old one. Lululemon is dead set on not letting that happen this time.

Tucked away in the basement of its Vancouver headquarters is a lab called Whitespace, the retailer’s research and development skunkworks. Here a team of about 50 employees works to come up with the brand’s next big idea. It’s developed lightweight seamless bras and made yoga pants with repurposed yarn combinations normally used in lingerie. The staff isn’t made up of just textile workers tasked with making new fabrics. It includes scientists as well as physiologists, mechanical engineers, neuroscientists and biomechanists.

Dr. Tom Waller, a sports technology Ph.D. whose work has been tested in everything from Olympic swimming to soccer’s World Cup, runs Whitespace. When it first opened six years ago, the R&D center was intended to explore what the company calls the “science of feel” and to better understand sensory experiences. “The mission at the time was to take some of our talent a little further into the future to explore human behavior and the macro trends shifting around us,” he said.

Yoga pants are tangible, but Waller aspires to the ethereal. He speaks of sweat as currency and using technology to unlock human potential. He talks about the “spectrum of sensory experience and desires” when describing the different kinds of fabrics Lululemon sells. “We unpack the physical, emotional and mental components of what it is to be human,” said Waller, “and then we drive the difference experiences of the sensory.”

“You have to be doing something pretty wrong to not have success in this type of product.”

Alexandra Plante, director of innovation management at Whitespace, is responsible for taking what she calls “duct tape prototypes” and turning them into actual products. With a background in materials engineering, she delves into fabrics, yarns and polymers. Years ago, research was limited to focus groups and feedback from store associates who would query their shoppers. Now there are fabric labs, especially in the athletic-wear space. Lululemon’s research arm does motion-capture testing and uses pressure sensors that allow researchers to test how garments work as they move. The team can even test “hand feel” to help it figure out how to “engineer sensations” for that critical commercial moment when you feel the fabric for the first time, said Plante.

Back when Lululemon sold nothing but Luon, the company saw customers using the pants for all sorts of workouts, including high-intensity training the fabric was never meant for. So after R&D identified how consumers wore them, and for what, Lululemon developed material specific to each activity—hence the creation of pants for runners or dancers. Even Luon itself, the company’s original fabric, is different from what it was 20 years ago after years of tweaks and integration of new tech.

This watch-and-learn strategy became a virtuous circle, one that helped the craze turn into a full-on commercial earthquake.

Mistakes have been made, including one that was inherently—and spectacularly—calamitous. In 2013, Lululemon recalled pants for being too sheer, attributing the see-through problem to a manufacturing error. The subsequent destruction of the pants resulted in a loss of $67 million in sales. Choe said that problem has since been solved.

Now that it has a spectrum of products suited for most every movement, Lululemon has opened a pair of stores for those customers interested in still-experimental items. One of them, located in downtown Manhattan (the other is in Vancouver), looks more like a fashion boutique than a place to buy gear for the gym or yoga studio.

A Lululemon store.

Source: Lululemon

Yoga, as you might know, had been doing just fine for thousands of years without a stretchy uniform. The rise of yoga pants owes a lot to simple timing. Lululemon appeared on the scene at the tail end of the (perhaps unfortunate) leggings revolution, right about the time longer-term trends were leaning toward more casual dress.

The practice of yoga, a trifecta of physical, mental and spiritual disciplines involving specific postures and movements with origins in ancient India, was first popularized as an exercise system in the West in the 1980s. It dropped off for a while, only to return more commercialized than ever in the early 2000s. A 2016 study from Yoga Journal found that more than 36 million people in the U.S. practice yoga, up from about 16 million eight years ago. Boutique fitness followed, as women (and more than a few men) flocked to sparkling new studios to work out in groups for SoulCycle spin classes, sweat at Barry’s Bootcamp or sculpt their cores at Pure Barre. None of these expensive fads has anything to do with yoga in practice, but yoga clearly blazed a trail for them—and the clothing their adherents wear.

The biggest businesses now in the athletic wear space have invested heavily in growing their womenswear lines—especially in developing new fabrics and features for the once-simple yoga pant. In 2014, Nike Inc. began working toward a $7 billion sales target for its women’s business, reporting almost $5 billion in revenue. Executives realized women were “driving a larger global movement of health and fitness.” A year later, the company reported that the global growth for women’s business was outpacing that of men. That same year, Adidas AG began directing its youth brand, Neo, toward younger women. The German sports giant even brought on former Lululemon Chief Executive Officer Christine Day as a strategic adviser.


Adidas quickly became a formidable threat to Lululemon’s dominance. Early steps turned into exclusive designs for women through the PureBoost X line, leading to an even larger emphasis on active tops and bottoms, using technology called Climachill and Techfit, both focused on women’s training. Last year, women’s sales for Adidas grew by 28 percent, making it one of the company’s strongest segments.

Active bottoms and leggings are now a $1 billion industry, according to NPD Group analyst Marshal Cohen. Their appeal to consumers has yielded rapid sales growth that shows no sign of going away, he said. Where Lululemon found success with female consumers by providing a niche product that could satisfy casual and active uses, major brands such as Adidas and Nike completed the picture, confirming just how strong the athleisure trend could be.

These days, there are more than 11,000 kinds of yoga-specific pants available at retailers worldwide, according to data from retail research firm Edited, across both men’s and women’s apparel.

“Now that this easy-to-fit, easy-to-find, easy-to-wear, easy-to-care-for product has emerged as a fashionable product at the same time, you’ve got the perfect storm,” Cohen said. “You have to be doing something pretty wrong to not have success in this type of product.”

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A selection of the best photos from across Africa and of Africans elsewhere in the world this week.

Image copyrightEPA

Image captionRich diamond fields in northern Angola, on the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo, are pictured from a helicopter on Saturday….

Image copyrightEPA

Image captionOver the last month, the authorities have forced more than 300,000 Congolese, including this woman on Saturday, to return home saying they have been digging for diamonds illegally.

Image copyrightREUTERS

Image captionOn Wednesday, a vendor in Senegal's capital, Dakar, takes a break by perching on a fisherman's pirogue.

Image copyrightREUTERS

Image captionOn the same day, Senegal's President Macky Sall chats with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman at a conference in Riyadh that went ahead despite the allegations that the country was behind Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi's killing.

Image copyrightEPA

Image captionBedouin men play music during a wedding in Egypt's Sinai region on Friday…

Image copyrightEPA

Image captionThree days later, tourists take photos as sunlight illuminates the face of a statue of Ramses II at a temple south of Aswan. It is a phenomenon that only happens twice a year.

Image copyrightREUTERS

Image captionNice Nailantei Leng'ete, a Kenyan activist who fights against female genital mutilation, stands on Friday to receive a top Spanish award - the Princess of Asturias 2018 for International Cooperation.

Image copyrightAFP

Image captionThe next day, a Rwandan model is pictured during an "Afro-futuristic" fashion show at the US University of New Hampshire…

Image copyrightAFP

Image captionIt was an opportunity for designers to showcase African outfits and styles that may be worn 1,000 years from now...

Image copyrightEPA

Image captionA show at South African Fashion Week in Johannesburg on Wednesday also has a futurist look…

Image copyrightAFP

Image captionBut in Mali's capital, Bamako, it was a throwback to flares at the We Wax the World fashion show on Saturday...

Image copyrightREUTERS

Image captionAnd not to be outdone on the fashion front, Ethiopia's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed turns up in parliament looking dapper on Thursday.

Image copyrightEPA

Image captionCameroonians in material showing the face of President Paul Biya celebrate his election victory in the capital, Yaounde, on Monday.

Image copyrightREUTERS

Image captionSouth Sudanese prisoners of war walk out of jail in the capital, Juba, on Thursday - as part of a peace deal signed last month.

Image copyrightAFP

Image captionOn Tuesday, men in Tunisia's capital, Tunis, look at a film poster for Papa Hedi, dedicated to the famous singer Hedi Jouini and directed by his granddaughter Claire.

Image copyrightEPA

Image captionA young surfer rides a wave at sunrise near Cape Town in South Africa on Thursday.

Image captionAnd fans of the winner of Sierra Leone's Big Sister reality TV show cheer her on as she takes part in a victory parade in the capital, Freetown, on Thursday.

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Three-time Olympic gold medalist forced to apologise for 'insensitive' Halloween costume

Olympic gold medal-winning snowboarder Shaun White has offered an apology after he was criticised for dressing up as the maligned character 'Simple Jack' for Halloween. 

The 32-year-old, who has won three gold medals at the Winter Olympics, posted a picture of himself on Instagram as the intellectually disabled character, who was originally portrayed by Ben Stiller in the 2008 movie Tropic Thunder.

Although the character was supposed to mock attempts by actors and filmmakers who win awards with so-called Oscar-bait, many at the time felt that it missed the mark and was nothing more than insensitive. 

White, who has since deleted the image, was condemned by his followers on Instagram for the outfit. Furthermore, he faced criticism from the representatives from the Special Olympics.

Speaking to HuffPost, Soeren Palumbo, the senior director of global youth engagement at Special Olympics, said that they were "disappointed" with White.

We are truly disappointed that Shaun White, an acclaimed Olympian, would choose this costume which is so offensive and causes so much pain.

Disability is not a joke nor should it be a punchline. We hope that Shaun White and others learn that this just continues stigma, stereotypes and discrimination.

In response to the story, Stiller, who also directed the movie, also apologised, which is something he did when Tropic Thunder was first released, but clarified he stood by White and the Special Olympics.

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Eddie Hall weight loss: This is how the World’s Strongest Man champion shed 5st

EDDIE HALL weighed 30.9st before vowing to live a healthier life. Here is how the former World’s Strongest Man lost 5st. Eddie Hall, 30, walked away with the World’s Strongest Man title in 2017. However, after becoming a champion he vowed to go on a strict weight loss diet because he “wanted to live a healthier life” for his family. At his heaviest he tipped the scales at 30.9st, but described it as “torture”. To maintain his beefy physique Eddie had to eat 12,500 calories a day, which included two full English breakfasts with five sausages in the morning. But he recently revealed his dramatic weight loss on Instagram, comparing his 30.9st body to his 25.8st body.

So how did The Beast manage to trim down?

The strongman kept up with his traditional weight-lifting sessions.

However, he managed to shed 5st by following a strict weight-loss plan coupled with lots of cardio.

In September Eddie said: “Been training really hard recently and I’m mega fired and hungry for success.”

Eddie Hall shares incredible workout routine after weight loss

Eddie Hall weight loss: He has lost 5st in total (Pic: INSTAGRAM / Eddie Hall)

He is doing five cardio sessions a week including “boxing, cycling, swimming and HIIT training”. This is in addition to his four weight-training sessions. Speaking about his weight loss, he said: “I’m sitting around 26 stone and think this is my stable weight now, il carry on loosing fat and keep gaining muscle at this weight all being well. “ Eddie also credits his weight loss to a product called Oblivion, which he dubs “the best product I’ve ever come across in the industry thus far”. Oblivion is a protein product with zero carbs, sugar and fat.

In May, Eddie revealed he wouldn’t be competing in anymore World’s Strongest Man competitions, as he felt the “sun was setting” on his life.

He wrote on Instagram: “For the people that keep asking why I don’t compete at the World’s Strongest Man anymore… Simple: I choose to live a healthier life now and enjoy the fruits of my labour.

“I felt as though the sun was beginning to set on my life and I needed to start swimming back from dark waters to start to see sunlight again.”

Eddie Hall weight loss: At his heaviest he weighed 30.9st (Pic: INSTAGRAM / Eddie Hall)

Appearing on This Morning in 2017, he revealed the key to his weight loss. Eddie said: “Cardio training for big guys is unique, you have to adapt it so that you don’t lose muscle and you don’t tire out. “Using methods to not only improve your cardiovascular system but also help your body to recover after weight sessions by shifting lactic acid, helping the tendons, ligaments and muscles to repair.”

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Gordon Ramsay's father-in-law jailed for six months for hacking chef's computer

Gordon Ramsay's father-in-law has started a six-month prison sentence for computer hacking as part of a bitter feud with the firebrand celebrity chef which has lasted the best part of a decade.

The spat between the outspoken and profane restaurateur and former business partner Chris Hutcheson has been played out in very public settings, including courtrooms and the news pages.

In the latest twist Hutcheson, 69, was jailed on Wednesday for conspiring with sons Adam Hutcheson, 47, and Chris Hutcheson Junior, 37, to access the F-Word star and other Gordon Ramsay Holdings Limited staff emails hundreds of times over the space of five months in 2010 and 2011.

As well as his prison term, the almost decade-long legal fall-out from the men's feud has cost Hutcheson Senior, the father of Ramsay's wife Tana, more than £2 million in damages and legal costs, the Old Bailey heard.

The hack included accessing information regarding Ramsay's intellectual property rights and other material which might give them the upper hand in their legal spat and embarrass the star.

Stories about a "hair transplant" and a "fishing trip" later appeared in the newspapers, the court heard - something Hutcheson Senior denied responsibility for, via his lawyer.

Jailing him on Wednesday, Judge John Bevan QC said: "The whole episode of five months amounts to an unattractive and unedifying example of dirty linen being washed in public."

On one day alone in February 2011, the court heard, Hutcheson Senior accessed the system 600 times and Adam Hutcheson 282 times, the court heard.

After their actions were discovered, Hutcheson Senior told his son Chris in an email: "Guess we have been rumbled. Bit late though."

Both Ramsay and his father-in-law dipped into their own pockets in a bid to keep it afloat, with accounts at the time showing the celebrity chef put £3.5 million into the business, while Hutcheson gave £1.5 million.

Hutcheson was sacked in October 2010 after 12 years at Ramsay's side, with the Scot telling Daily Mail weeks later his mother-in-law had told Tana to "get rid of Gordon", something that "tipped me over the edge".

In an open letter to the Standard he accused Hutcheson Senior of running the business as "a dictator", with the older man's friends counter-claiming the rift had been caused by the fiery Scot choosing "to lock him out of the office without notice".

In 2011, Ramsay's lawyers won a High Court ruling allowing Hutcheson Senior's computer to be searched over the hack.

Later that year, details of Hutcheson Senior's private life emerged in a separate hearing at the High Court, which rejected his bid for privacy over allegations published in tabloid newspapers that he had fathered two children by a mistress.

Prosecutor Julian Christopher QC told the Old Bailey on Wednesday that after the civil case ended in 2012 there had been something of a reconciliation and as a result Mr and Mrs Ramsay had withdrawn their support for the the criminal prosecution earlier this year.

Hutcheson Senior, of Earlsfield, Hutcheson Junior, from Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, and Adam Hutcheson, from Sevenoaks, in Kent, admitted conspiring to cause a computer to access programmes and data without authority at a hearing in April.

Mr Christopher told the court what had been taken was items including photos "provided to the press which led to considerable intrusion into the privacy of the family".

The hack also saw Hutcheson Junior use Mr Ramsay's own email account to send out a photograph which he had earlier given a legal undertaking not to disseminate on privacy grounds, an illegal move Judge Bevan said was "close to an attempt to pervert the course of justice".

Hutcheson Senior's lawyer Michael Borrelli said the older man had already paid Mr Ramsay more than £1 million in damages and legal costs relating to the civil case, plus his own legal fees of around £1 million and other costs of more than £100,000.

He claimed his client had carried out the hack partly to obtain information about his financial interest in the company.

Mr Borrelli said Mr Ramsay had made a police statement against his client as recently as February 2016 and described the chef's contact with the Crown Prosecution Service shortly before the trio's guilty plea in April as a "publicity stunt to appear to be wanting to disengage".


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Hillary Clinton mocks host for confusing two black people: 'I know, they all look alike'

In a new interview, Hillary Clinton ribbed a moderator for confusing two black politicians by deadpanning: “I know, they all look alike.” 

Kara Swisher, host of the show Recode Decode, had asked Hillary Clinton how she had felt about the comment “when [Republicans] go low, we kick them,” which Swisher accidentally attributed to Senator Cory Booker. 

Mrs Clinton corrected Swisher, pointing out that it was actually Eric Holder, a former Obama administration official, who had said that. Both Mr Booker and Mr Holder are African American men, and Mrs Clinton quipped, “Yeah, I know they all look alike.” The audience responded with laughter and applause. 

Swisher responded quickly, saying: "No, they don't." Hillary then said: "I was paid by Mark Zuckerberg to do that," an apparent reference to a recent awkward interview between the Facebook founder and Swisher.

Holder is an active member of the youth mentoring organisation Concerned Black Men and was the first African American to hold the position of Deputy Attorney General of the United States. This year, Cory Booker and Kamala Harris became the first black members of the Senate Judiciary Committee since the 1990’s. 

The comment about “kicking” republicans that caused the confusion was in reference to the common phrase “when they go low, we go high.” Holder had explained that he meant that the democratic party had to start being more tough on republicans, instead of always taking the high road. He also clarified that he didn’t mean that democrats should do anything illegal or illicit. 

Similarly, Mrs Clinton had said in an interview earlier this month that “you cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for.” 

During the Recode interview, Mrs Clinton also discussed the pipe bombs found in the mail recently, China’s artificial intelligence technology, and the fact that Mrs Clinton does not plan to run for president in the 2020 election, but she does want to be president.

Neither Mr Booker, Mr Holder, or Mrs Clinton have tweeted a statement about the mix-up. Mrs Swisher retweeted a clip of the incident.

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Rita Ora turns Marilyn Monroe for risqué lingerie snap

RITA Ora has channeled her inner Marilyn Monroe. One woman who never fails to turn heads is Rita Ora, particularly with the contents of her latest selfie. As the Lonely Together singer celebrated winning a VMA, she shared one of her raunchier selfies. Posing in silk lingerie, Rita channeled her inner Marilyn Monroe as she posed in a similar fashion to the '50s icon. While the silk bodice hugged at her curves and allowed her assets to fill out the chest, the blonde beauty flashed a hint of her thighs.

Taking it back to the '50s, Rita debuted a side curl style as she looked like the ultimate pin-up doll. Opting for a brown hue on her eyes filled out with a speck of glitter and cat-eye flick, the babe looked fifty shades of sexy. Finishing the glam look with a subtle gloss, Rita's fans flooded in over the sexy snap. In a celebratory post, Rita wrote: "Look what arrived today… My VMA for Best Dance Video for Lonely Together!

UNDERWEAR: Rita's lingerie snap was before she put on her jaw-dropping outfit (Pic: WENN)

"Thank you to everyone at MTV and all involved on the making of the video and the song and of course our incredibly talented friend Avicii. This is for you."

Fans flooded in to gush over the snap, with the award-winning singer hitting 286k likes at the time of publication.

As thousands of commenters filled up her snap, one user wrote: "This is seriously the sexiest picture ever."

While another added: "Perfect in every way."

DUET: Rita and Liam performed For You together (Pic: WENN)

A third fan chirped: "Beautiful woman. You deserve this and so many more, congratulations." The snap came just before Rita did a show in Westfield, London, for its 10th birthday celebration. Rocking a white two-piece, the lingerie was part of the under garments for the glittered outfit. The babe owned the stage before rushing off to her second show, ready to wow the crowd for the second time that evening.

jmparker Posted on October 31, 2018 12:44

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Home Office blocks US resident from entering UK to see daughter suffering from advanced ovarian cancer

A mother has been blocked from seeing her seriously ill daughter after immigration officials refused to grant her a visa to enter the UK because they were “not satisfied” her intentions are genuine.

Fateha Begum, a 61-year-old Bangladeshi national who has residency in the US, was told she could not come to Britain to see Tunazzina Nizu, who has recurrent ovarian cancer, on the grounds that she may not leave the UK at the end of her visit.

Lawyers branded the case an illustration of “the unlawful refusal culture” within the Home Office and accused officials of “systematically undermining” immigration rules as part of an extension of the hostile environment.

In her visa application, Ms Begum, who spends half her time living in the US and the other living in Bangladesh, included financial evidence that she would be accommodated during her six-week visit and that her flight costs would be covered.

She also included a letter from her daughter’s NHS oncologist who confirmed the cancer diagnosis, describing Ms Nizu’s condition as “very serious”.

But the decision letter from the Home Office, which provided no right to appeal, cast doubt over her reason for wanting to enter the UK, and said it was not satisfied that she was a “genuine visitor”.

Ms Nizu, who lives in Dagenham with her husband and two young children and is currently in Queen’s hospital, has undergone two unsuccessful rounds of chemotherapy. She is due to begin radiotherapy, but because of a failed kidney this has been delayed.

She said: “I just want to see my mum. I speak to her on the phone every day and she’s just crying. It’s not the same on the phone. My mum won’t stay in the UK, she has a house in Bangladesh. She’s settled there. She only wants to come for a few weeks. I just want to see her.”

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Ms Begum’s lawyer Jan Doerfel, who is threatening judicial review over the refusal, said the case illustrated how the Home Office “systematically fails” to apply immigration rules as part of a “quest to keep numbers low at all costs including human tragedy and sacrificing the rule of law.”

He added: “The refusal of the visa to my client is not only unlawful and inhumane, but it once again illustrates the unlawful refusal culture within the Home Office which systematically undermine and fail to apply the immigration rules as part of an extension of the hostile environment.”

The Home Office said Ms Begum’s application was refused because it did not meet requirements, but that the decision was being reviewed on compassionate grounds.

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Demi Lovato to stay in rehab for rest of 2018 with ‘long road ahead of her’

DEMI Lovato is taking sobriety extremely seriously and will remain in rehab for the rest of 2018, according to US reports. It is no secret that Demi Lovato has struggled with addiction since she was a teenager, entering a treatment facility in 2010 for ‘physical and emotional issues’. Pulling out of the Jonas Brothers' live tour at the time, it was reported that she sort treatment after allegedly punching female dancer Alex Welch – a claim Demi later confirmed. Since then,  the 26-year-old has been on a rollercoaster, fighting to keep her addictions and eating disorder at bay, recording her battles in a book Staying Strong: 365 Days a Year and in a YouTube documentary Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated. Sadly things took a turn for the worse earlier this year when she suffered an overdose and was rushed to Cedars-Sinai hospital in LA.

At the time, it was widely reported that Demi had taken heroin. However, it was later revealed her overdose was triggered by oxycodone laced with fentanyl. Fentanyl – an opioid used as pain medication – is currently under the media spotlight for its use as a recreational drug and the rise in deaths across the globe, including Prince, Lil Peep and Tom Petty. Earlier this month, the Sorry Not Sorry singer’s mother Dianna De La Garza revealed on the Sirius XM show that Demi has celebrated 90 days sober. Opening up she said: “Yes, she has 90 days and I couldn’t be more thankful or more proud of her because addiction, being a disease, is work. It’s very hard, it’s not easy and there are no short cuts.”

DOING WELL: Demi Lovato is reportedly to be dong well and will stay in rehab until 2019 (Pic: DEMI LOVATO/INSTAGRAM)

HEARTFELT: Demi Lovato left a intimate statement shortly after her overdose (Pic: DEMI LOVATO/INSTAGRAM)

Taking her recovery very seriously, the brunette is standing strong and has decided to stay in rehab at least until the end of 2018, according to an Entertainment Tonight source. The insider said: “Demi is taking her sobriety extremely serious and knows she has a long road ahead of her.“Demi is thankful she’s still alive and is doing whatever she can to never get to that point again.”Her fans couldn’t be more proud, pouring their hearts out once more on Twitter.


OPEN: Demi Lovato has always been very open about her struggles. sharing all in her book (Pic: DEMI LOVATO/INSTAGRAM)

One sent their heartfelt wishes: “I want to say I’m proud of Demi for fighting and taking her sobriety seriously. I’m glad she’s focusing on her health. She should take all the time she needs. She is going to come back stronger.”Another gushed: “I miss Demi Lovato so much. I hope she is doing good and feeling stronger than ever. Can’t wait for you to come back to use.”A third simply said: “Demi Lovato is a goddess, that is all.”

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Jeremy Corbyn sets out plans to 'end government control' of BBC

Jeremy Corbyn will set out proposals to “end government control” over the BBCand allow the public to elect the corporation’s board members.

His plans would also see tech giants taxed to supplement the current income the BBC gets from TV licences and to pay for local “public interest journalism”.

The Labour leader will outline the plans in a speech looking at how he could reshape the country’s media, which he will claim is dominated by a “few tech giants and unaccountable billionaires”.

Other measures will include funding local public interest journalism and even giving charitable status to some groups undertaking it.

It comes after Mr Corbyn’s latest spat with the British media over stories about him attending a wreath laying ceremony in Tunisia where controversial Palestinian militants are buried.

The Labour leader will pledge to put the BBC on a permanent footing, meaning ministers in the government of the day would no longer be able to use charter renewal negotiations as leverage over the BBC’s actions.

Mr Corbyn said: “If we want an independent BBC, we should consider setting it free by placing it on a permanent statutory footing, with a new independent body setting the licence fee.

“The licence fee itself is another potential area for modernisation. In the digital age, we should consider whether a digital licence fee could be a fairer and more effective way to fund the BBC.”

He explained that the digital fee would be collected from “tech giants and internet service providers, who extract huge wealth” from the internet.

Another proposal would see some places on the national BBC board directly elected by licence fee payers.

Mr Corbyn will add: “To help decentralise the BBC, national and regional boards could be expanded, with election by BBC staff and local licence fee payers.

He is to say: “We should look at granting charitable status for some local, investigative and public interest journalism.

“That status would greatly help pioneering not-for-profit organisations, like the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, to fund their vital work through tax exemptions, grants and donations.”

Mr Corbyn also said he is ready to look at “a windfall tax on the digital monopolies” to give money to groups undertaking local journalism.

These groups – be they local co-ops, regional press or some not-for-profit organisations – could also apply for charitable status in order to save money on tax and attract grants.

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Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo: Neymar says one is his IDOL but the other is a MONSTER

LIONEL MESSI is Neymar’s idol, the Paris St-Germain star has revealed. The duo formed part of the infamous ‘MSN’ strike force at Barcelona alongside Luis Suarez. Neymar departed the Nou Camp for Lique 1 in the summer of 2017 but his admiration for Messi remains enormous. The Argentine star has been involved in a running battle for supremacy with Cristiano Ronaldo for years. Ronaldo also left La Liga behind when he quit Real Madrid for Juventus in a shock transfer last summer.

Neymar says he relates to both stars and he believes the Portuguese legend’s hunger drives him to be one of the best.“I played with Messi, who is, for me, one of the greatest footballers of all time, and he is my idol in football,” he said.“With Messi, I learned every day, whether during our practice, or playing with him, or just watching him play.“That made me stronger and it increased my capacity on the field because I kept learning a lot from him.


Lionel Messi and Neymar in their Nou Camp spell together (Pic: GETTY)

”As for Cristiano, he is a monster. Facing him is a pleasure and an honour, but we have to be more prepared.

“He is one of the greatest in football, so you get smarter, you get alert, but at the same time you learn a lot, too.

”So, they are two of the big guys that I can relate to, because I want to learn,

“I want more, I want to win, I want more trophies, score more goals. So, I keep learning from them every day.”

Messi missed Sunday’s El Clasico 5-1 demolition of Real Madrid with a fractured arm.

Suarez scored a hat-trick as Barca ran riot at the Nou Camp, with the game proving to be Julen Lopetegui’s last game in charge. Santiago Solari has been named caretaker Real Madrid boss while the hunt for a permanent replacement continues. Man Utd manager Jose Mourinho and former Chelsea head coach Antonio Conte are reportedly in the frame for the role.

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WWE star shares brave photo of ‘head-to-toe skin disease’

A STUNNING former WWE star has bravely shared a photo of her “head-to-toe” skin condition.Tenille Dashwood competed on NXT and the main roster as Emma for five years. In NXT, she became massively popular for her bubbly character and solid wrestling skills. However, the blonde Australian struggled after being called up to the main roster, and was eventually released last year. Since leaving WWE, she has flourished on the independent circuit, wrestling under her own name. But the beauty recently revealed she was scaling back on her bookings due to a number of serious health issues. One of these was psoriasis, an autoimmune disease covering her skin a nasty rash. As she awaits her return to the ring, she bravely shared a picture of her condition on Instagram. She wrote: “I’ve contemplated whether I should share these pictures.

BRAVE: Tenille Dashwood shared pictures of her skin condition (Pic: INSTAGRAM/TENILLE-DASHWOOD)

“Vulnerability is terrifying. Growing up, I never pictured myself suffering from an auto immune disease and being covered from head to toe with a skin condition.”She added: “My entire body was covered, in these photo the red spots had started to calm.“The white spots were the result of red marks resolving and causing loss of pigmentation.“The even more extreme photos I have are reminders of how far I’ve come and that things could be worse.”

IMPROVING: Tenille Dashwood said she was on the mend from the condition (Pic: INSTAGTAM/TENILLE-DASHWOOD)

WORST: Tenille shared photos of the disease at its worst (Pic: INSTAGRAM/TENILLE-DASHWOOD)

COMEBACK: Tenille Dashwood vowed to return to the ring (Pic: INSTAGRAM/TENILLE-DASHWOOD)

Tenille’s fans were quick to praise her bravery and wished her a speedy recovery. Big Chris LFC wrote: “You showed bravery and strength in sharing this.“I have nothing but love and respect for you.”Thomas Macarthur added: “Wish you the best, you’re still beautiful to me.”Martin FNS also wrote: “So brave of you to share and these photos are amazing.”

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You found a 100L Bag and found a genie and he tells you he'll fill the bag with whatever item you wish and you can keep it, so long as you can carry it for one mile. What would you fill the bag with?

You found a 100L Bag and found a genie that lives in it and he tells you he'll fill the bag with whatever item you wish and you can keep it, so long as you can carry it for two kilometres. What would you fill the bag with and have $100,000 at the end of the day?

Best answers wins PAXEXcode.

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Manchester City edges out Tottenham Hotspur on awful Wembley pitch

CNN)Manchester City moved back to the top of the Premier League on goal difference after edging out Tottenham Hotspur in a match played on an awful Wembley pitch.

Riyad Mahrez scored the only goal of the game but Monday's match will be remembered as much for the almost comical playing surface.


Tottenham was supposed to be in their new stadium for this fixture but delays in the building process meant the club was forced to use a tired-looking Wembley pitch instead.

England's national stadium had hosted an NFL match between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday and ground staff had a little over 30 hours between the two kick-offs.

Despite their efforts, both flanks were visibly cut up and the large NFL logo in the center circle served as a constant reminder as to why the pitch made life harder than usual for the 22 players on Monday.

Wembley hosted an NFL match on Sunday.

Read: Julen Lopetegui sacked by Real Madrid

Read: Leicester City Football Club confirms owner's death in helicopter crash

Mahrez in Leicester tribute

Mauricio Pochettino had joked that the pitch might help his side against their in-form opponents but Spurs' luck was out as the visitors made a blistering start.

Mahrez's goal arrived after some uncharacteristic direct build-up play from Pep Guardiola's side -- perhaps due to the pitch.

Goalkeeper Ederson, usually happy to pass the ball out from the back, pumped the ball long down the field. Kieran Trippier misread his header, allowing Raheem Sterling to dart through on goal. The winger had time and space to square the ball to the Algerian for a simple tap-in.

Mahrez pointed to the sky during the celebrations, a tribute to his former club Leicester City who are mourning the death of owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha following a tragic helicopter accident on Saturday.

"It's been very difficult for me," Mahrez told Sky Sports after the game. "The boss was very special to me," he added, referring to Srivaddhanaprabha.

"I have many memories of him. He was such a good person, such a good human and that's why I put my hands up in the air. He did a lot for me and for Leicester. He was like a Dad to me. He was very, very special."

Had it been a better pitch, Erik Lamela might have found a late equalizer. Dele Alli sprung free from the midfield and seemingly set up the winger perfectly but the Argentine saw his effort clear the crossbar.

On a closer look, the ball did appear to take a bobble before Lamela made contact.

Manchester City celebrate after Mahrez's goal.

An awful pitch

The court of social media ridiculed the playing conditions for one of the biggest Premier League games of the season.


On many occasions the ball bounced awkwardly and conditions were clearly far from the standard expected in the English Premier League.

Despite this, some failed to see what all the fuss was about.


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Both teams decided to rest star players from their starting line-ups. Tottenham began without Christian Eriksen and Manchester City without Kevin de Bruyne -- although both were second-half substitutes.

Both have struggled with injuries this season and their managers may have erred on the side of caution with such an uneven playing surface.

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. should face Khabib Nurmagomedov in 'real' UFC fight, says Dana White

CNN)UFC president Dana White has fueled speculation of fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Khabib Nurmagomedov, but wants it to happen in the octagon.

The Russian, who recently beat Conor McGregor on his long-awaited return to mixed martial arts, triggered rumors of a mega-fight with Mayweather after calling out the former boxer.


The 41-year-old Mayweather, who came out of retirement for in 2017 to beat UFC's McGregor in a money-spinning bout, has also teased the possibility of fighting for Nurmagomedov.

The boxing great has fought 50 professional fights without defeat; the younger Russian has a 27-0 record.

But White is not keen for another of his star fighters to make the switch to boxing again.

"If Mayweather wants to fight, come fight in the UFC," White said to TMZ.

"We're not boxing again. We did that once, it's over. You wanna fight? You come fight, a real fight."

UFC president Dana White is not keen for another of his fighters to make the switch to boxing.

Photos: Mayweather finishes McGregor in 10th round

McGregor started running out of steam later in the fight, and Mayweather capitalized in the 10th round.

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Photos: Mayweather finishes McGregor in 10th round

Referee Robert Byrd stopped the fight in the 10th after a wobbly McGregor took several hard shots and wasn't throwing punches.

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Photos: Mayweather finishes McGregor in 10th round

Mayweather and his father celebrate the victory.

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Photos: Mayweather finishes McGregor in 10th round

The two combatants embrace after the fight.

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Photos: Mayweather finishes McGregor in 10th round

Demi Lovato sang the national anthem before the fight.

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Photos: Mayweather finishes McGregor in 10th round

McGregor entered the arena first, draped in the Irish flag.

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Photos: Mayweather finishes McGregor in 10th round

Mayweather came out in all black and wore a mask.

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Photos: Mayweather finishes McGregor in 10th round

There were many celebrities on hand to watch the fight, including basketball star LeBron James. Behind James is boxing legend Mike Tyson.

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Photos: Mayweather finishes McGregor in 10th round

Actress Jennifer Lopez and her boyfriend, former baseball star Alex Rodriguez, take in the fight.

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Photos: Mayweather finishes McGregor in 10th round

Actress Charlize Theron sits close to ringside.

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Photos: Mayweather finishes McGregor in 10th round

A fan waves an Irish flag before the start of the fight.

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Photos: Mayweather finishes McGregor in 10th round

Floyd Mayweather Jr. lands a right hand against Conor McGregor during their boxing match in Las Vegas on Saturday, August 26. Mayweather stopped McGregor in the 10th round, collecting his 50th victory in what he said will be the last fight of his undefeated pro career. It was the first pro boxing match for McGregor, a mixed martial artist who is the UFC's lightweight champion.

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Photos: Mayweather finishes McGregor in 10th round

McGregor lands an uppercut early in the bout. He came out aggressive and took the fight to Mayweather in the first few rounds.

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Photos: Mayweather finishes McGregor in 10th round

McGregor sticks his tongue out at Mayweather during an early exchange.

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Photos: Mayweather finishes McGregor in 10th round

McGregor swarms Mayweather at the start of the fight.

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Photos: Mayweather finishes McGregor in 10th round

The much-anticipated fight was held at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

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Photos: Mayweather finishes McGregor in 10th round

After a typically slow start, Mayweather started to force the action more in the middle rounds.

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Photos: Mayweather finishes McGregor in 10th round

McGregor might have lacked in experience, but he had a clear size advantage.

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Photos: Mayweather finishes McGregor in 10th round

There were several awkward exchanges when McGregor would end up behind Mayweather.

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Photos: Mayweather finishes McGregor in 10th round

The two fighters trade punches in the middle of the fight.

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Photos: Mayweather finishes McGregor in 10th round

Mayweather landed more punches than McGregor -- 130-60 -- in rounds six through 10. McGregor had a 51-40 edge in the first five rounds.

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Photos: Mayweather finishes McGregor in 10th round

McGregor started running out of steam later in the fight, and Mayweather capitalized in the 10th round.

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Photos: Mayweather finishes McGregor in 10th round

Referee Robert Byrd stopped the fight in the 10th after a wobbly McGregor took several hard shots and wasn't throwing punches.

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Photos: Mayweather finishes McGregor in 10th round

Mayweather and his father celebrate the victory.

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Photos: Mayweather finishes McGregor in 10th round

The two combatants embrace after the fight.

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Photos: Mayweather finishes McGregor in 10th round

Demi Lovato sang the national anthem before the fight.

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Photos: Mayweather finishes McGregor in 10th round

McGregor entered the arena first, draped in the Irish flag.

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Photos: Mayweather finishes McGregor in 10th round

Mayweather came out in all black and wore a mask.

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Photos: Mayweather finishes McGregor in 10th round

There were many celebrities on hand to watch the fight, including basketball star LeBron James. Behind James is boxing legend Mike Tyson.

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Photos: Mayweather finishes McGregor in 10th round

Actress Jennifer Lopez and her boyfriend, former baseball star Alex Rodriguez, take in the fight.

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Photos: Mayweather finishes McGregor in 10th round

Actress Charlize Theron sits close to ringside.

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Photos: Mayweather finishes McGregor in 10th round

A fan waves an Irish flag before the start of the fight.

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Photos: Mayweather finishes McGregor in 10th round

Floyd Mayweather Jr. lands a right hand against Conor McGregor during their boxing match in Las Vegas on Saturday, August 26. Mayweather stopped McGregor in the 10th round, collecting his 50th victory in what he said will be the last fight of his undefeated pro career. It was the first pro boxing match for McGregor, a mixed martial artist who is the UFC's lightweight champion.

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Photos: Mayweather finishes McGregor in 10th round

McGregor lands an uppercut early in the bout. He came out aggressive and took the fight to Mayweather in the first few rounds.

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Photos: Mayweather finishes McGregor in 10th round

McGregor sticks his tongue out at Mayweather during an early exchange.

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Photos: Mayweather finishes McGregor in 10th round

McGregor swarms Mayweather at the start of the fight.

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Photos: Mayweather finishes McGregor in 10th round

The much-anticipated fight was held at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

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Photos: Mayweather finishes McGregor in 10th round

After a typically slow start, Mayweather started to force the action more in the middle rounds.

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Photos: Mayweather finishes McGregor in 10th round

McGregor might have lacked in experience, but he had a clear size advantage.

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Photos: Mayweather finishes McGregor in 10th round

There were several awkward exchanges when McGregor would end up behind Mayweather.

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Photos: Mayweather finishes McGregor in 10th round

The two fighters trade punches in the middle of the fight.

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Photos: Mayweather finishes McGregor in 10th round

Mayweather landed more punches than McGregor -- 130-60 -- in rounds six through 10. McGregor had a 51-40 edge in the first five rounds.

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Photos: Mayweather finishes McGregor in 10th round

McGregor started running out of steam later in the fight, and Mayweather capitalized in the 10th round.

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READ: UFC's Khabib Nurmagomedov targets Mayweather bout

READ: Dana White suggests UFC 'never going to change' after trash talk fuels ugly brawl

Lingering suspension

Nurmagomedov is currently suspended from fighting in the UFC after the ugly scenes that followed his fight with "Notorious" last month.

After forcing the Irishman to tap out, Nurmagomedov and his team launched an assault on McGregor and his team.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission, which governs the sport, unanimously ruled to uphold the fighters' suspensions last week until the end of its investigation.

Khabib Nurmagomedov is suspended from the UFC after the ugly scenes that followed last fight.

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Despite the suspension, White has already suggested the Russian should face American lightweight Tony Ferguson before thinking of a fight with Mayweather.

"Tony Ferguson is the right fight," he said. "It's the fight to make. It obviously depends on the suspension and what happens, we'll see."

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Leicester City: Healing a broken city after 'horrific time for everybody'

By Aimee Lewis, CNN


Updated 1128 GMT (1928 HKT) October 30, 2018


Leicester, England (CNN)No words can soothe heartbreak, which is why Leicester has fallen silent. It is a city stunned, a city grieving.

On an October day cold enough to freeze breath, little was said as players and staff of Leicester City gathered, heads bowed, outside the King Power Stadium to observe the ever-increasing field of flowers, shirts and scarves now serving as a memorial to the club's owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha.


Amid the hushed tones and the rustling of cellophane wrappers containing countless flowers, the former England international Jamie Vardy placed a consoling arm around Srivaddhanaprabha's son, Aiyawatt, as the pair gazed at the messages written in tribute to the beloved billionaire killed in a helicopter crash on Saturday.

With emotions still raw, it was a warm, instinctive gesture from the club's leading striker, comforting a young man who, in tragic circumstances, is expected to continue his father's legacy.

READ: Fans mourn a 'great human being'

Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha, son of the late Leicester City owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, stands with Jamie Vardy

"I hope Aiyawatt takes encouragement from the fact that we're broken as a club, broken as a city, but we've come together before," journalist and Leicester city fan Geoff Peters told CNN Sport. "We came together when we won the Premier League and we'll come together again."

Kasper Schmeichel, one of the English Premier League club's longest-serving players, a goalkeeper signed under Srivaddhanaprabha's ownership, had led the players as they lined up around the periphery of the tributes. The Dane had apparently seen the fallen helicopter in flames on the perimeter of the stadium in the hours after the league match with West Ham.

First, he sunk his face into his coat and, as the 31-year-old allowed himself to read some of the messages of condolences which had spread around a large picture of the man Schmeichel himself has said "gave hope to everyone that the impossible was possible," he covered his mouth with his hand, overwhelmed with grief. It will take time for these wounds to heal.

A portrait of Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha surrounded by a sea of tributes

There was none of the boisterousness associated with a crowd of this size which usually ambles outside this East Midlands ground. Those who spoke did so at a whisper. Though hundreds encircled the players, there were no barriers separating dazed fans from the soccer stars who were given space to silently pay their respects before applause briefly rippled around the congregation.

The sense of loss palpable, this is a family tragedy which has affected a city, affected sport.

Before morning had turned into the bitterest of afternoons, the 12 boys trapped for 18 days in a flooded cave in Thailand had come to pay their respects, laying a wreath on the concourse and bowing their heads in unison. Their gesture generating tears on a day when it was difficult not to weep.


Srivaddhanaprabha death has touched many. Among the impromptu shrine of flowers and candles were not only garments in the Leicester blue, but Liverpool and Juventus shirts, a Celtic flag placed on the railings, a message from the city's rugby team. Nottingham Forest and Aston Villa fans, regional rivals united in grief, had left messages too, while a Wolverhampton Wanderers fan had taken the day off to travel an hour and to pay his respects to a billionaire who had transformed not only a football club but a city.

Scribbled on hundreds of scarves and shirts were the words "thank you," simple yet emotive, evoking memories of Leicester's against-all-odds Premier League triumph in 2016, made possible by the largesse of the now much missed 60-year-old who bought the club in 2010 for $49 million when Leicester was in English football's second tier.

READ: Mahrez's tribute to Leicester owner after scoring

Leicester's League Cup match has been cancelled

Srivaddhanaprabha, who made his fortune in duty-free shops, oversaw the most glorious period of Leicester's history -- a Premier League title, a Champions League quarterfinal, success few fans would have dared imagined when he took over and cleared the club's debts. "You brought happiness to the club," wrote one fan on a shirt. "You made us fearless."

A private man who stayed out of the limelight, Srivaddhanaprabha will be remembered for more than football. He donated millions to the city's hospital and university and was generous to the fans, giving 60 free season tickets to fans to mark his 60th birthday. Foxes supporters have plenty of acts of benevolence to look back on.

"No match at Leicester City will ever be the same again," said local Member of Parliament Keith Vaz on hearing that his friend was one of five killed as the Thai's helicopter bearing the team's colors spiraled to earth and burst into flames outside the stadium.

Leicester's cup match against Southampton on Tuesday has been canceled and question marks remain over whether Saturday's league tie against Cardiff will go ahead. But expect Leicester City to pull through. As Schmeichel posted on Twitter: "We now have a responsibility as a club, as players and fans to honor you."

The son and wife ofVichai Srivaddhanaprabha pray after laying wreathes outside the stadium

Should the pain not engulf him, the heir to the King Power empire is Srivaddhanaprabha's son, affectionately known as "Top." Father and son would normally attend home matches together and had he not been in Thailand on business, Aiyawatt would likely have been in the helicopter that fateful Saturday evening.

With tears filling his eyes, lifelong Foxes fan Nigel Manning scrambled to find solace. "I know it's a sad thing to say but at least his son wasn't on the plane," he said. "He's not the sort of person who will walk away and that's the only thing we can be thankful for today."

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As Vardy's supportive gesture showed, Aiyawatt and his family are much loved in these parts.

"Aiyawatt is massively involved in the club," added Peters.

"Some people said there was a good cop, bad cop routine between them and Vichai was the bad cop. Nigel Pearson had been sacked by Vichai but we're led to believe that the son asked whether that was the right decision and he listened to his son and kept him on as manager.

"With nine games to go they were seven points from safety, won seven of the last nine games and it was the great escape. From being nailed on relegation to being 5000-1 outsiders to win the Premier League. Would that have happened if the vice chairman had not talked his dad around?

"He knows the club, he knows the inner workings of it, he's deeply embedded in it. He's very much an integral part of the family working at this football club. It's a grim, horrific time for everybody. It will never get back to normal, but it will get back to some normality."

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Yemen crisis: Three stats that reveal the scale of world's worst humanitarian crisis

Children are "so malnourished they don’t even have the energy to cry."

A child suffering from malnutrition is weighed at a hospital in Yemen's Hajjah province on Sept. 28.Essa Ahmed / AFP - Getty Images

Oct. 28, 2018 / 8:38 AM GMT

By Yuliya Talmazan

The U.N.'s humanitarian chief warned last week that 14 million people in Yemen — or half of the country's population — need aid to survive amid fears of an "imminent and great big famine."

Mark Lowcock told the Security Council that this potential famine would be "much bigger than anything any professional in this field has seen during their working lives."

Only two famines have been declared in the past two decades — the one that took the lives of a quarter of a million Somalis in 2011 and another one last year in South Sudan.

Here are three statistics that shed light on the situation on the ground in one of the Arab world's poorest countries.

130: The number of children under 5 who die each day from hunger and disease

A total of almost 50,000 kids are believed to have perished from such causes during 2017, with a similar number expected this year, according to Save the Children and the U.N.

Save the Children spokesman Bhanu Bhatnagar called the situation in Yemen "a stain on the world’s conscience."

UNICEF's operation in Yemen estimates there are 1.8 million children currently facing malnutrition, including 400,000 who are severely malnourished and at risk of death if not urgently treated. More than 8 million children are cut off from regular access to basic water, sanitation and hygiene services.

A woman holds a malnourished boy at a hospital in Sanaa, Yemen, on Oct. 6.Khaled Abdullah / Reuters

Bhatnagar says the fighting that is raging in Yemen is killing an "entire generation of children," who are bearing the brunt of the violence.

"Thousands are so malnourished they don’t even have the energy to cry," he said.

U.N. is assessing whether the crisis in Yemen can officially be declared a famine, with initial results expected next month.

"An official famine declaration would only confirm what we already know: Children are already dying from starvation," said Frank McManus, the International Rescue Committee's country director in Yemen. "Famine, by definition, means it’s too late.”

Mother reveals anguish after disease kills two of her kids

Oct. 25, 201801:10

The conflict in Yemen began with the 2014 takeover of the capital, Sanaa, by Iran-backed Houthi rebels, who toppled the internationally recognized government. A Saudi-led coalition allied with the government has been fighting the Houthis since 2015.

The fighting has left 6,800 civilians dead and more than 10,000 injured, sparking the world's worst humanitarian crisis. Yemen's gross domestic product has been cut in half since 2015, with more than 600,000 jobs lost and a least 80 percent of the population living below the poverty line, according to U.N. numbers.

"It’s astounding that today, the international community can sit on its hands and, in fact, allow and facilitate this famine," said Oxfam's Richard Stanforth.

1 million: The number of cholera cases

Against the backdrop of the conflict, Yemen has suffered from the largest cholera outbreaks in recent history.

The World Health Organization says there have been 1.2 million cases of suspected or confirmed cholera in Yemen since April 2017, including over 154,000 cases this year.

A father gives water to his malnourished daughter at a feeding center in a hospital in Hodeida, Yemen on Sept. 27, 2018.Hani Mohammed / AP

More than 2,500 people are reported to have died from the preventable disease.



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Pentagon will send 5,200 troops to border to stop migrant caravan

An entire country and its health infrastructure has been brought to its knees, according to Dr. Ahmed Al Mandhari, WHO's regional director for the Eastern Mediterranean.

While medical care is free in public health facilities, many Yemenis can barely afford the cost of public transport to get to these facilities, Al Mandhari said, and families are forced to sell all their belongings to buy medicines.

"People in Yemen are dying today not just because of the bullets and bombs, but because they are unable to receive the medical care they need to stay alive," he added.

18,000: The number of air raids a 3-year-old child in Yemen has lived through

The independent Yemen Data Project has tracked the number of air raids since the start of the war — more than 18,000 since spring of 2015.

Save the Children says that means a child in Yemen who was born as the conflict broke out has lived through an average of about 14 air raids per day.

“Yemen is one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a child today,” said Bhatnagar. “The ongoing brutality means children are being consistently exposed to extreme violence, further heightening the risk of psychological damage.”

In August, dozens of Yemeni children were killed in a Saudi-led coalition airstrike on a bus in northern Yemen, one of the deadliest attacks on civilians in the three-year-old war.

An airstrike in Yemen struck a school bus, killing children

Aug. 10, 201801:14

The U.N. has said that all parties in the conflict have been responsible for attacks on civilians, underscoring how targets have included homes, medical facilities, schools, farms and weddings.

The people of Yemen "live under fear of continuous bombardment," said McManus, of the International Rescue Committee. "Despite almost four years of airstrikes and use of heavy weapons, neither side is any closer to achieving their strategic objectives."

Associated Press contributed.

Luke Posted on October 30, 2018 16:36

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Lion Air passengers recall 'roller coaster' ride on doomed jet

"I felt like the plane was losing power and unable to rise," one person aboard the aircraft's penultimate flight said.

Distraught relatives hold out hope as divers search for crashed Lion Air jet

Oct. 30, 201801:06

Oct. 30, 2018 / 9:34 AM GMT / Updated 1:12 PM GMT

By Alastair Jamieson

Passengers on what became the penultimate flight of the Lion Air Boeing 737 MAX 8 that crashed off Indonesia have described technical problems and a “roller coaster” ride that caused some to panic and vomit.

The three-month old jet plunged into the Java Sea early Monday just 13 minutes after taking off from Jakarta on a short internal flight. All 189 on board are presumed dead.

The pilot of Flight JT610 had requested clearance to return to the airport moments after takeoff, although it is unclear why.

It emerged that the doomed aircraft encountered problems on its previous flight — a Sunday evening trip from Denpasar, Bali, to Jakarta, as Flight JT43 — when pilots struggled with unreliable airspeed indications.

Debris from the crashed Lion Air plane off the coast of Indonesia.EPA

Alon Soetanto told TVOne that the plane dropped suddenly several times in the first few minutes.

"About three to eight minutes after it took off, I felt like the plane was losing power and unable to rise. That happened several times," he said. "We felt like in a roller coaster. Some passengers began to panic and vomit."

His account is consistent with data from flight-tracking sites that show erratic speed, altitude and direction in the minutes after the Boeing 737 MAX 8 jet took off. A similar pattern is also seen in data pinged from Monday's fatal flight.

Indonesia National Transport Safety Committee (NTSC) deputy chief Haryo Satmiko confirmed to reporters on Tuesday that unreliable airspeed readings were reported during Sunday's flight.

Relatives wait for news at a crisis center in Jakarta.Ulet Ifansasti / Getty Images

In 2009, Air France flight 447 crashed into the Atlantic Ocean after icing that blocked the pitot tubes caused unreliable airspeed data and the confused pilots entered a high-altitude stall and ignored cockpit alarms. All 228 people on board died.

However, Lion Air president Edward Sirait said Sunday's technical problems were resolved in accordance with Boeing procedures and the plane was cleared to fly again on Monday.

The NTSB said it will send five investigators to Indonesia.

Another passenger on Sunday evening’s flight, Indonesian TV anchor and sportscaster Conchita Caroline, said the plane returned to the gate at Denpasar with a technical problem before takeoff.

She said passengers sat in the cabin without air conditioning for at least 30 minutes listening to an "unusual" engine roar, while some children vomited from the heat, until staff faced with rising anger let them disembark. After a further 30 minutes of waiting, they were told to board again while an engine was checked.


Extended interview: 'Wicked' star on going from finance to Broadway

Sarah Sanders defends Trump tone amid bomb scares, Pittsburgh shooting

Caroline said she questioned a staff member but was met with a defensive response. "He just showed me the flight permit that he had signed and he said the problem had been settled," she said. "He treated me like a passenger full of disturbing dramas even though what I was asking represented friends and confused tourists who didn't understand Indonesian."

Divers on Tuesday continued their search for victims while the airline flew dozens of grieving relatives to Jakarta.

"This is a very difficult time for our family," said Leo Sihombing, outside a crisis center at Jakarta's Soekarno-Hatta airport.

Authorities are confident they will locate the wreckage.Edgar Su / Reuters

"We know that it is very unlikely that my cousin is still alive, but no one can provide any certainty or explanation," he said as other family members wept and hugged each other.

"What we hope now is rescuers can find his body, so we can bury him properly, and authorities can reveal what caused the plane crash," Sihombing said.

Indonesia's National Search and Rescue Agency said that 10 intact bodies as well as body parts have been recovered. Aircraft debris and personal belongings from ID cards to clothing and bags found scattered in seas northeast of Jakarta are being spread out on tarps onshore.

The agency's chief, Muhammad Syaugi, expressed confidence in locating the hull of the aircraft and its flight recorders due to the relatively shallow 115 foot depth of the waters where it crashed. In total, 812 personnel are involved in the recovery effort.

The disaster is the first crash of a Boeing 737 MAX 8 — an updated version of the twin-engined workhorse — and has reignited concerns about safety in Indonesia's fast-growing aviation industry, which was recently removed from European Union and U.S. blacklists.

Indonesia plane crash search finds victims' remains

Oct. 30, 201802:26

Lion Air, a budget carrier, is one Indonesia's youngest and biggest airlines, flying to dozens of domestic and international destinations. Earlier this year it confirmed a deal to buy 50 new Boeing narrow-body aircraft worth an estimated $6.2 billion. It has been expanding aggressively in Southeast Asia, a fast-growing region of more than 600 million people.

The 737 MAX 8 is flown widely in the U.S. by carriers including Southwest Airlines, which has at least 23 of the aircraft in its fleet.

"We are in touch with Boeing and will closely monitor the situation and any findings from this tragic event," a spokesman for Southwest Airlines. "Currently, our MAX fleet remains fully operational with no adjustments to our schedule."

Alastair Jamieson

Alastair Jamieson is a London-based reporter, editor and homepage producer for NBC News.

Luke Posted on October 30, 2018 16:29

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Missing teen Jayme Closs' home burglarized the same day as funeral for parents

Kyle Jaenke-Annis, 32, told deputies that he took items of her clothing because he was "curious about what size Jayme was," according to a criminal complaint.

Parents of missing Wisconsin teen laid to rest

Oct. 29, 201801:34

Oct. 30, 2018 / 1:39 PM GMT

By Minyvonne Burke

A Wisconsin man was arrested for allegedly burglarizing the home of missing teenager Jayme Closs the same day a funeral service was held for her parents, police said.

Kyle Jaenke-Annis, 32, was charged Monday with burglary and bail jumping after Barron County Sheriff deputies caught him inside the Closs' home with several items of clothing belonging to Jayme, the 13-year-old girl who vanished from her home on Oct. 15 after her parents were found dead.

Jaenke-Annis was spotted Saturday just before 2:30 a.m. CT (3:30 a.m. ET) on motion-activated surveillance cameras set up around the property entering the home through a patio door, according to a criminal complaint.

Kylie Jaenke-Annis.Barron County Jail

The Department of Criminal Investigation alerted deputies, who immediately responded to the home and ordered Jaenke-Annis to come out of the house.

Deputies said Jaenke-Annis allegedly admitted to taking items from the home, and a search found he had stuffed two tank tops, a girl's dress and two pairs of girl's underwear in his coat pocket.

Jaenke-Annis told deputies that he took the items because he was "curious about what size Jayme was" and they were items no one would miss, the criminal complaint states.

Jaenke-Annis also said he does not know the Closs family, although he works at the same Jennie-O Turkey Store the teen's parents were employed at.

Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald said in a statement on Monday that Jaenke-Annis has been cleared of any involvement in the disappearance of Jayme, but was charged in Barron County Court for the burglary.

Jayme Closs, 13, in an undated photo.Wisconsin attorney general's office / Reuters

Hours after Jaenke-Annis' arrest, a funeral service was held for Denise and James Closs at St. Peter's Catholic Church in Cameron. Denise and James were found shot to death at their home after deputies received a mysterious 911 call from someone crying and asking for help.

The couple's daughter was not at the home when deputies arrived and has been missing for nearly two weeks. Deputies are still investigating the deaths, as well as searching for Jayme.

Over the weekend, Fitzgerald raised the reward to $50,000 for information on the case. In a Facebook post on Monday, he said more than 2,000 tips have poured in.

"There is a tip out there that will break this case, keep them coming in. Thank you again for the community support behind the law enforcement effort on this case," Fitzgerald said.

Minyvonne Burke

Minyvonne Burke is a breaking news reporter for NBC News.

by Taboola


Taco Bell brings back its World Series' 'Steal a Base, Steal a Taco' promotionUSA Today

Great Ghost Duel: How to play the Google Doodle multiplayer Halloween gameUSA Today


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Holocaust survivors shaken by Pittsburgh synagogue attack “These people were murdered, they were killed, because they were Jews,” one survivor said. “This happened because one man had so much hate in him, but also because anti-Semitism is rising in A

Oct. 30, 2018 / 4:00 PM GMT

By Phil McCausland

PITTSBURGH — For the survivors of the Holocaust, the massacre at a synagogue here reminded them of some of the darkest memories a person could ever recall.

Shulamit Bastacky is one of the hidden Jewish children who escaped the terrors of the Holocaust, and her neighbor, Melvin Wax, 86, is among the 11 people who were shot and killed at the Tree of Life Synagogue by a man with anti-Semitic views.

Bastacky will celebrate her 55th anniversary in the United States next week, more than seven decades after she spent three years living in a Catholic nuns basement in Lithuania, in an attempt to hide from the Nazis. That violence and anti-Semitism like this could occur in this country is unthinkable to Bastacky.

“I never ever expected this in America: the country of liberty, of freedom of speech, of freedom of religion,” Bastacky said. “When we came to this moment, it was absolutely horrific — beyond description. It almost made me sick. When a person goes to a place of worship, whether it’s a synagogue or a church or a mosque, you come in peace and leave respectfully.”

Pittsburgh synagogue massacre the latest in rise of anti-semitic incidents across the U.S.

Oct. 29, 201801:30

There are many Holocaust survivors who chose to settle here in Pittsburgh. The neighborhood Squirrel Hill, where Tree of Life Synagogue is located, is considered the backbone of the Jewish community in the city.

Survivors here speak regularly to the community about hate speech and their experiences during the Holocaust.

“These people were murdered, they were killed, because they were Jews,” Bastacky said. “This happened because one man had so much hate in him, but also because anti-Semitism is rising in America.”

Judah Samet, 80, another Holocaust survivor who is a member of Tree of Life Synagogue, told the Washington Post that he showed up to Saturday's ceremony late, missing the tragic shooting by four minutes. He connected that man's anti-Semitism to his experience during the Holocaust.

“I survived the second time yesterday,” he told the newspaper on Sunday, saying that it had renewed his commitment to telling his story.

After Saturday’s attack, Bastacky said she is also committed to educating as many young people as she can about the Holocaust and its causes. Forgetting the past is not an option, she said.

Holocaust survivor Shulamit Bastacky in the lobby of her apartment building in Pittsburgh on Oct. 29, 2018.Allen G. Breed / AP

That’s why she and many other survivors work with the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh to speak to schools and civic groups throughout western Pennsylvania about the horrors of the Holocaust. People need to learn to not be a victim, victimizer or just a bystander, she Bastacky said.

“There’s an incredible value of having a survivor here who could tell us about how he or she felt knowing what happened on Saturday, to encourage us to stay positive and fight against hate,” said Dr. Lauren Bairnsfather, the director of the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh.

On Saturday, the center brought a guest speaker and Holocaust survivor to speak across the street from the Tree of Life Synagogue.


White woman harasses two black women: 'Is your baby daddy here?'

Venice flooded as stormy weather raises water levels 5 feet

The center had made plans in January with Magda Brown, 91, a survivor, to speak at Chatham University. Brown found out when she boarded the plane from her home in Chicago that 11 Jews were killed while practicing their religion.

It’s an anti-Semitism that is all too familiar to Brown. That is why she refused to cancel the event, she said, quoting the founding principle of the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center: “Remember the past, transform the future.



Synagogue shooting

Some Pittsburgh residents want Donald Trump to stay away from their city

Brown and her family were removed from their home in Hungary and pushed into crowded train cars headed for Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp in 1944. When they arrived, Brown’s parents, aunts, uncles and cousins were immediately taken to the gas chambers.

The Nazis who ran the camp shaved her head, took her belongings and tortured her for months at Auschwitz before sending her to a work camp where she handled dangerous chemicals to build German munitions.

“It is all coming back — coming back like a flood,” Brown said. “I’ve been living in this country since 1946. I’ve been so appreciative of considering myself a proud, conscientious, voting American. I raised my children the proper American way, and I lead that kind of life. Unfortunately this kind of situation shakes you up because of my experiences. If I were to say I’m not worried, I would by lying.”

Hungarian Jews arrive by train at the Auschwitz death camp, circa 1942.UniversalImagesGroup / Getty Images

Brown escaped a death march to Buchenwald, another concentration camp, in March 1945. Two American soldiers later found her and several other prisoners hiding in a barn.

This history, she said, is more important than ever.

“Genocide does not happen from one minute to the next,” Brown said. “It builds gradually.”

Brown said that this attack is not random and anti-Semitism has not disappeared. That is why Holocaust survivors, like her, emphasize their mantra of “never again.”

“I experienced discrimination, I experienced Nazi terror in concentration camps, so needless to say I am talking to the reality,” Brown added. “It is very, very painful. I just kept hoping that something like this would never happen again.”

Phil McCausland

Phil McCausland is an NBC News reporter focused on the rural-urban divide.

Luke Posted on October 30, 2018 16:14

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Garvagh shooting: Girl offers gunmen piggy bank to save dad

A gang of masked men shot a man and also threatened to shoot his teenage daughter who had offered them her piggy bank money to leave her family alone.

The man, who is in a stable condition in hospital, has "potentially life-changing injuries" after the attack in Garvagh, County Londonderry.

He was shot in the arms and legs and beaten with a bat in what the police said was a paramilitary-style attack.

The gang also chased the girl and tried to set fire to items in the house.


Police said the man is being treated for gunshot wounds and head injuries and his daughter has been left "severely traumatised".

The teenager's phone was stolen to prevent her calling for help.

She was upstairs when the gang broke into the property on Kurin Lane shortly before 22:30 BST on Saturday.

The intruders chased the girl in the house and threatened her when she hid from them, according to the PSNI Limavady Facebook page.

"She came out petrified with her Piggy Bank, HER PIGGY BANK! hoping that the men would take it and leave her dad alone," one outraged officer wrote.

"Instead they stole her phone and shot her dad. My heart is broken for this girl.

"It makes me feel physically sick and enraged to my core," the PSNI post added.


In a statement, Det Ch Insp White said: "This a sickeningly vicious shooting and beating which has left this man with serious and potentially life-changing injuries, and a young girl severely traumatised,

"What sort of men would think it is acceptable to subject a young girl to this level of brutality and violence?

"Every child has the right to feel safe and protected in their own home - how is this poor child going to sleep tonight or in coming nights? What are the long term effects on her going to be?"

"It's quite obvious the hypocrites who carried out this dreadful attack don't care at all about the children in their community. I wonder how they would feel if their own child witnessed such a level of violence?

"There is absolutely no justification for an attack like this in our communities and we must all work together to bring those responsible to justice and to stop this from happening to another child."

DUP councillor Sam Cole said the girl was awoken by the "commotion" downstairs.

Mr Cole told BBC News NI: "She came down and saw the masked men. She pleaded with them and offered them her piggy bank with money in it to just leave her daddy alone.

"But it wasn't enough and they went ahead and shot the middle-aged man in the knees and arms and bludgeoned him as well.

"It's left the young girl traumatised.

"They took her phone because they thought she might alert the police so she ran to a neighbour in a really distressed, traumatic state."

Earlier this month, the Department of Justice launched a hard-hitting advertisement campaign aimed at changing public attitudes to paramilitary attacks.

At that point they said there had been 87 such attacks over the past year.

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Stacey Abrams: The Deep South woman vying to make history

A battle for the governor's mansion in the US state of Georgia features a woman vying to become the first black American female to run a state.

Knots of people clustered outside Hendershots coffeehouse wait for a black SUV to arrive from Atlanta 70 miles away.

The crowd untangles into a line of supporters wrapped around the exposed brick building, as evening sets upon the college town of Athens, Georgia, on an October autumn day.

A blend of parents, professors and older residents, adorned in campaign buttons and clutching signs, interrupt groups of eager students standing outside the trendy live music venue.

"Remember to vote!" they say.

It's a scene reserved for national politicians or pop stars breezing through town, but the whirring sounds of chatter and intermittent chants are for Stacey Abrams, a 44-year-old lawyer and former state legislator, who is deadlocked in a contentious race with Georgia's secretary of state, Republican Brian Kemp.

The race is emblematic of two narratives reverberating throughout the US in the wake of the election of President Donald Trump.

Mr Kemp, a self-described "politically incorrect conservative", echoes the brand of Trump Republicanism that focuses on tax cuts, protecting gun rights and "rounding up criminal illegals" in his truck - as noted in one of his early political ads.

The competing narrative is that of Ms Abrams, a progressive female candidate of colour who has appealed to minority voters, a group on which she has focused much of her campaign.

In fact, of the nearly 945,000 Georgia residents who have already cast an early vote, about 30% are black, a markedly higher rate than the 2014 mid-term figures.

Experts point out that North Carolina and South Carolina have not yet seen a similar increase among black voters, which could underscore just how energised Ms Abrams' base may be.

And more Georgians are registered to vote than ever before - 6.9 million out of the state's 10.4 million residents.

Jaylen Black, a 21-year-old senior at University of Georgia, has been volunteering for the Abrams campaign for a year and three months.

"Her campaign means everything to me," she says, donning a navy blue Abrams T-shirt as she walks to the candidate's next appearance at a bar down the street.

"I care about policies but truly I always felt like there was no one of either party that represented issues that were pertinent to my community, as an African American," Ms Black continues.

"And when Stacey was running, it wasn't just that she was a black woman but she just felt so real as a candidate. For the first time I felt like I was talking to somebody who was on my level like we were just people."

That authenticity appears to have resonated with Ms Abrams' most ardent supporters, many of whom affectionately refer to her as Stacey.

"I think this also starts a legacy for black women. I'm not necessarily voting for her because she's a black woman but because she's a black woman she understands in a different perspective," says 25-year-old Yanill Sanchez, an African-American graduate student at University of Georgia.

She says relieving college debt and expanding access to financial aid has struck a chord with young voters.

"She's trailblazing a movement for us", adds Andrea Glaze, a 25-year-old black graduate student standing outside Hendershots after Ms Abrams' first appearance.

A short walk from the cafe, the woman they've all come to see again see takes to the stage.

"Are you guys lost?" she asks.

"No! We're found!" a student supporter shouts as the crowd erupts into cheers beneath the festoon lights.

Born into poverty in rural Mississippi, Ms Abrams arrived in Georgia during high school with her parents, who moved to attend Emory University's theology school to become ministers.

She graduated magna cum laude from Spelman, a historically black women's college in Atlanta, before earning a law degree from Yale and a degree in public policy from the University of Texas in Austin.

Kenja McCray, a history professor based in Atlanta who also went to Spelman, recalls Ms Abrams at university.

"She was very motivated, very serious, very focused and always running for something in SGA [Student Government Association]," she recalls.

Ms McCray began volunteering at a phone bank for Ms Abrams to show support as a fellow Spelman alumna, and to demonstrate to her two daughters, ages 18 and 20, how important it is to vote.

But the difficulty her daughters endured in trying to register shed light on how high the stakes were in this year's mid-term, Ms McCray says.

"I thought, 'how many other kids - other people - out there are going through that?' And I realised we have a lot of work to do," she says.

Ms Abrams' critics point out that she has attracted funding from outside donors while she's regularly featured in national headlines, appearing on the cover of Time magazine.

But her rise from poverty to power is a more familiar theme than some of her opponents may think, says LaDawn "LBJ" Jones, a solicitor in South Fulton.

"What her candidacy says to me is she can speak to the common man," she says. "It follows a narrative that Kemp supporters would like to put out, which is 'pull yourself up by your own bootstraps.'"

"Because of that background, because of that history and what she had to do to get there - I hope that is encouraging to other African Americans and people in general - that there are no limits and nothing to stop you from at least reaching your goals."

A flashpoint in voter rights

The race for the governor's mansion culminates a longstanding saga between Ms Abrams and Mr Kemp over a systemic issue at the heart of US elections - voting rights.

As secretary of state, Mr Kemp's office oversaw the cancellation of 1.5m voter registration applications between 2012-16 - 750,000 more than it did in the previous period, according to a report by New York University's Brennan Center, a public-policy think tank.

A recent report by American Public Media found that more than half a million voters were purged last year, and of those 107,000 were removed because of the so-called "use it or lose it policy", which cuts people from polls if they chose not to vote in previous elections.

Earlier this month, the Associated Press found that Mr Kemp's office had held up more than 53,000 voter registration applications, of which nearly 70% were filed by African Americans, over the state's so-called exact match law. African Americans make up just 32% of the state's population.

That policy, which requires applications to exactly match information on file with the Georgia Department of Driver Services or the Social Security Administrations, has delayed applications for infractions as minor as a missing hyphen in a name.

Mr Kemp has denied any wrongdoing, arguing that he has made it easier to vote and that it was the failure to properly register residents by the New Georgia Project, a voter-registration initiative he investigated in 2014 that was founded by Ms Abrams.

His campaign spokesman has said Mr Kemp is "fighting to protect the integrity of our elections and ensure that only legal citizens cast a ballot", but critics argue that it undermines eligible voters.

Tensions are high with just a week left before election night.

Mr Kemp has attacked Ms Abrams for being "too extreme" for Georgia, pointing to her plan to expand the Medicaid health programme for the poor to stem a rural hospital shortage.

She wants "higher taxes, bigger government and a single-payer radical government takeover of healthcare", he said during a recent debate.

Ms Abrams was also forced to address an uncomfortable episode in which a New York Times report revealed she burned the Georgia state flag on the steps of the State Capitol in 1992 as a college freshman.

The design included the Confederate battle-flag symbol, a defiant nod to desegregation when it was adopted in 1956. She apologised for the "peaceful protest", pointing out that the flag has since changed and Mr Kemp voted to remove the symbol 10 years later.

Power of the (black female) vote

The Peach State has not seen a Democratic governor since 2003, when Sonny Perdue became the first Republican elected since Reconstruction in the late 19th Century.

But the state has seen an influx of Latinos and African Americans, who tend to lean Democratic, in recent years.

Some attribute this change to a "great reverse migration" of African Americans from northern to southern states, a reference to the six million black Americans who left the rural south during the early to mid-20th century.

Ms Abrams has focused on these voters - she has visited every one of Georgia's 159 counties, including some previously ignored by Democratic candidates.

Mrs Jones, the solicitor, admits she supported Ms Abrams' opponent in the Democratic primary, Stacy Evans, a white woman.

"What we found out in the end is Stacey Abrams worked her tail off," Mrs Jones says. "She touched on the doors of people who had not had their doors knocked on by a candidate in years."

While turning out the vote has been a major component of the Abrams campaign, black women in Georgia have been a consistent voting bloc in recent years.

Mrs McCray feels like black female voters sometimes "fall through the cracks" when it comes to political representation.

"One of the pitfalls of being a faithful voter is that you can be taken for granted and that is a narrative that is a concern about the Democratic Party," she says.

"We face a lot more obstacles in terms of getting those leadership positions so it's important to see somebody win who represents us."

hanging of the guard

Women of colour, who currently hold just eight (2.6%) statewide elected executive offices, represent 10% of all nominees and 30% of female nominees for statewide elected executive office this year, according to Kelly Dittmar of the Center for American Women in Politics.

Female state legislative candidates have won nominations in record numbers this year, she adds. It's a trend analysts are seeing on a national stage, too.

Michigan's Rashida Tlaib and Minnesota's Ilhan Omar, both Democrats, are poised to become the first Muslim-American women in Congress. Two more Democratic black women, Jahana Hayes and Ayanna Pressley, are also set to be the first women of colour in their states' congressional delegations.

That enthusiasm for change is felt in a corner of Georgia considered to be the most diverse county in the state, if not the entire US southeast.

And this year the interest has increased. Turnout among black female voters in this year's Democratic state primary jumped 32% on 2014, according to data from the secretary of state's office.

Marlene Taylor-Crawford moved to Georgia nearly 20 years ago, trading in the dense, pockmarked streets of New York City for the sweeping highways that loop the outskirts of Atlanta, leading to Gwinnett County.

"It was like stepping into a time warp," the single mother of three, who is African American, recalls of the mostly white community after arriving in 1999. "I had to find my way to be around people who shared my interests."

The former farming community, home to about 920,000 residents and 16 municipalities, has transformed into a majority-non-white county.

That new makeup - about 28% African American, 21% Latinos and 12% Asians - has not always been reflected in government, says Ms Taylor-Crawford, president of the community's United Ebony Society.

"If you went to a Gwinnett County commission meeting and knew nothing about Gwinnett County you would think this community is 99% white," she says.

But change is afoot both in Gwinnett County and elsewhere in Georgia.

In fact, the county elected its first African-American judge - a woman - in September and two cities recently voted for Gwinnett's first-ever black mayors.

Ms Taylor-Crawford is confident that voters are more engaged because of candidates like Ms Abrams. She's seeing new faces at local government meetings, she says, and receiving more calls about United Ebony Society events.

"We are a strong voting bloc, we vote consistently and we encourage others to vote so our voices are very strong," she contends of black female voters in Gwinnett.

Much like Gwinnett, the US is expected to become majority-non-white by 2044, according to the US Census Bureau.

And what happens in Gwinnett County could be a harbinger for whether Georgia will see the country's first black governor.

"She represents strength, perseverance and faith. She is showing Georgia that we are still rising, we can still accomplish and we will accomplish," she says of Ms Abrams.

Will Georgia make history?

Will the enthusiasm for Ms Abrams change Georgia from red (Republican) to blue (Democratic)?

President Trump, who has endorsed Mr Kemp for governor, won Georgia easily against Hillary Clinton.

But Ms Jones thinks that Mr Trump hasn't "moved the needle" with the African-American community, despite the president's penchant for touting a record-low black unemployment rate.

She says Mr Trump may have "lowered the bar" on civility, but that the black community is more energised to turn out because of the names on the ballot.

"People are excited because they're mad at Trump, but they're excited because for the first time a candidate has put in the energy to come and ask them to vote and explain why their vote matters."

Ms Abrams has been a tax attorney, a romance novelist and Atlanta's deputy city attorney before she became the first woman to lead a caucus in Georgia's state legislature as House minority leader.

Whether she again will etch her name in Georgia's history books is up to the voters, but her candidacy marks a change in political winds for African-American women.

"I work with people running for elected office and prior to Stacey Abrams I had a whole session on how to dress, what to wear and what you should and shouldn't do," Mrs Jones recalls.

"I have changed that. It no longer means straightening your hair to please the people whose door you're knocking on, or wearing a face full of makeup because you're a woman.

"Stacey being authentically herself has opened the door to many people, but particularly African-American women who identify with her who can say, 'I can run for office and I'm not prohibited because I have dreadlocks.'"


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Halloween WARNING: Cops order punters ‘LEAVE plastic meat cleavers at home’

HALLOWEEN revellers have been warned by police: "Leave your meat cleavers at home."It was issued after a partygoer in fancy dress with a plastic cleaver sparked a swoop by armed officers. A man was seen brandishing what appeared to be a large blade. It turned out to be a fake and the man was just celebrating Halloween early with his mates. But police said he caused distress among the local community during the incident in Ellesmere Port on the Wirral. Cheshire and North Wales Police Armed Policing Alliance tweeted a picture of the offending item and gave some stern advice to anyone heading out trick or treating. They posted: "Armed Officers where deployed to Ellesmere Port following reports of a male swinging this around!!"Public clearly concerned and frightened. Turns out to be a plastic prop, please use common sense and think about your actions!"

Forces across the UK have also urged revellers to avoid terrorising children with killer clown outfits.

The craze - often linked to the child-killing alien clown Pennywise from Stephen King's horror IT - has swept the UK since 2016. Some clowns were spotted wielding knives, chainsaws and other weapons in an attempt to scare the public. Sunday's meat cleaver incident comes after Essex armed police swooped on a coffee shop in Chelmsford after reports a man dressed in SAS clothing was carrying a rifle and a sword. But when cops detained the suspect they realised his weapons were toys and he was in fancy dress for a Comic Con event. Doctors have been warned not to sell real skeletons as Halloween props online as it goes against strict rules on disposing human remains.

Meanwhile, engineer Ashley Field transformed a pumpkin into a vomiting Guy Fawkes to warn youths about binge-drinking. He believes people drink too much around Halloween and Bonfire Night and decided to create his own twist on the "penny for the Guy" tradition. The dad of one's Guy Fawkes sits alongside two cans of budget cider and Ashley used his carving skills to give the appearance that the pumpkin is being sick on itself. Ashley, 23, from Wisbech, Cambs, claims it has made a few dog walkers giggle and admits his family have CCTV around the house to check if any sneaky teens try to steal the cider.

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Holly Willoughby faces backlash over Pride of Britain dress display

HOLLY Willoughby sparked debate with her style siren update.This Morning's Holly Willoughby, who is gearing up to make her debut as co-host of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!, attended the Pride of Britain Awards last night. As fans of the annual event will know, the ceremony honours British people who have showed exceptional bravery and determination while faced with challenging situations. Much like every awards show, the televised spectacular kicks off with a red carpet, where celebs are dressed to impress. Holly, 37, showed off her fashionista status in an off-white, plunging Jenny Packham gown, which featured a bejewelled bodice and a sheer tulle skirt. As well as posing up a storm in front of the photographers, the mum-of-three also shared another look at her ensemble on Instagram.

The starlet posted a short but captivating video of herself twirling in her dress amid a dull white backdrop. Captioning the moment for her 4.2 million followers, she wrote: "One of my favourite nights of the year. Pride of Britain."Never one to miss out on an opportunity to thank her glam team, Holly made sure to tag the profiles of all those who had helped create her look. Needless to say, it wasn't long before fans reacted to the video update. Praising the starlet's appearance, one admirer wrote: "You shall go to the ball, stunning."

Taking a similar approach, a viewer marvelled: "This reminds me of Cinderella."

However, others did not take too kindly to Holly's dress display. One disapproving follower commented: "Pride of Britain not Celeb of Britain. Humility. The nominees are the stars tonight."Leaping to the presenter's defence, a supporter argued: "Wearing a beautiful dress doesn't detract from that."Pride of Britain is one of the most powerful, inspiring nights there is. The real pride all of us humans have in these wonderful people.

STRIKE A POSE: Holly was snapped alongside her This Morning co-presenter Phillip Schofield, 56 (Pic: Getty)

"I am sure Holly and all the celebs in attendance feel exactly the same as we do in the non-celebrity life."However, the backlash didn't stop there, as another fan told Holly: "Isn't it about those amazing people, not your frock and slap?"Sharing their own story, a female follower revealed: "My niece is there tonight, so proud of her for all the fundraising she as done to bring awareness to sudden cardiac deaths in teenager..."And of all the defibrillators she as placed in the community."Once again making reference to Holly's glamorous appearance, a fan responded to the woman: "She [your niece] should be wearing the dress tonight and not Holly, in my opinion."

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Mahrez Carries City to the top

Manchester City returned to the top of the Premier League as Riyad Mahrez's early goal gave them victory over Tottenham in a scrappy encounter on a Wembley surface scarred by Sunday's NFL game.

Former Leicester City forward Mahrez, who swept home Raheem Sterling's sixth-minute cross, dedicated his goal to Foxes owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, who was killed in a helicopter crash at the King Power Stadium after Saturday's game with West Ham.

It settled a match made more difficult by a pitch still bearing the markings and after-effects of the NFL encounter between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

City deserved the win and could have avoided an anxious finale had David Silva and Sterling taken second-half opportunities, while Spurs keeper Hugo Lloris saved twice from Sergio Aguero.

Tottenham were restricted to limited opportunities but could have rescued a point late on, only for Erik Lamela to waste a golden opportunity in front of an open goal from substitute Dele Alli's pass.

City go ahead of Liverpool on goal difference with both teams on 26 points from 10 games.


'A win on which title campaigns are built'

City sent out another message to those wishing to take their Premier League crown with a win of real significance.

Manager Pep Guardiola prides himself and his team on their purist approach but this was a night for doing some of the dirty work on a poor playing surface against opponents wishing to make a statement of their own after the latest disappointment in their Champions League campaign.

City came out of the blocks fast to score the early goal through Mahrez and set the platform for a deserved win.

If there was a flaw in City's performance it was a lack of ruthlessness that should have seen the three points secured before an anxious finale, especially in a second-half spell when they over-elaborated.

They showed they have steel in among the artistry as defenders John Stones and Aymeric Laporte, both more than happy to be uncompromising, complemented the silkier approach of David Silva and Bernardo Silva.

City's win was the sort on which title-winning campaigns are built and they are on top of the Premier League after an opening 10 games that have included visits to Arsenal, Liverpool and Spurs.

Spurs struggle for inspiration

Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino said in the build-up to this game: "My feeling is the worst feeling I have had in my five years I have been here."

His dark mood may be the result of delays in the move to Spurs' new stadium, no summer signings and a Champions League campaign that has started with two defeats and a draw.

And he will hardly be in better humour after this.

This was a night of frustration for Spurs as they struggled to make any serious inroads into City's defence until that late spell and the miss from Lamela.

Wembley was nowhere near full, with thousands of empty seats, especially around the top tier, while Spurs fans are still coming to terms with the news that one of their icons, Glenn Hoddle, is recovering from a heart attack.

The players came out to an almost eerie silence after a difficult few days for the football community and the atmosphere was subdued throughout.

Spurs missed the invention of Christian Eriksen and Alli, only fit enough to be on the bench, although there was a lively contribution from the other substitute Harry Winks.

They could have snatched a point in the closing phases as they were left to rue Lamela's wayward finish - but the brutal truth is Spurs have now lost to both Liverpool and Manchester City at home and look nowhere near title challengers.

Wembley surface spoils the spectacle

The sight of the battle-scarred Wembley surface - complete with NFL pitch markings - did not bode well for an eagerly awaited spectacle.

It had an ugly appearance, with both flanks looking bare and the pitch an open invitation for a series of wisecracks about NFL, but there was nothing funny about the impact on this game.

Players from both sides occasionally looked like they did not trust the surface and there was no question there was an understandable element of safety first about some of the defending.

NFL may help pay the bills and draw the crowds but it did nothing to assist two teams renowned for their fluent, passing football.

Man of the match - David Silva (Manchester City)

'It was not conditions to play football' - what they said

Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino on Erik Lamela's missed chance:"When the ball was going to Erik I said 'goal' but no, watching the replay, the ball just bounced before his boot and that is why he missed.

"I think it was a great game in difficult circumstances. I feel very proud. The effort was fantastic and we competed really, really well. It is a shame we conceded after five minutes but the team was good. I am happy with the performance."

On the goal: "Very poor. It is clear it is our mistake. We conceded a very cheap goal. In the big games, this type of action, you can not concede a goal like we conceded today. We lost the game but I think playing Man City, they suffered the most (they have this season)."

Man City manager Pep Guardiola, speaking to BBC Sport: "It was a great victory in special conditions, against one of the most physical teams in Europe. We had many chances. We have to score and we didn't. That is why hopefully we will improve in the future.

"It was not football conditions to play. We reacted well. For our players and the players of Tottenham, hopefully they will sort the problem for the future."

City's hot streak in the capital - the stats

  • Manchester City became the first non-London side to win five consecutive Premier League games in the capital, with all wins coming in 2018 (against Arsenal twice, Spurs twice and West Ham).
  • Two of Tottenham Hotspur's four Premier League defeats at Wembley have been at the hands of Manchester City.
  • Manchester City have conceded just three goals in their first 10 Premier League games this season - in top-flight history, only one team has conceded fewer in their first 10 games of a season (Chelsea in 2004-05, two conceded).
  • Spurs have lost two home Premier League matches in a calendar year against a single opponent for the first time since 2005, when they lost twice against Chelsea at White Hart Lane.
  • Man City winger Riyad Mahrez has been involved in five goals in his past three Premier League appearances against Tottenham Hotspur (three goals, two assists).
  • Raheem Sterling made his 200th Premier League appearance, aged 23 years and 325 days - only four players have reached the figure at a younger age (Wayne Rooney, James Milner, Cesc Fabregas and Gareth Barry).
  • Since the start of last season, only Liverpool's Mohamed Salah (50) and Spurs striker Harry Kane (38) have been involved in more Premier League goals than Sterling (36 - 22 goals, 14 assists).
  • Manchester City remain unbeaten in the Premier League when Aymeric Laporte has featured (P19 W17 D2 L0) - the Spaniard has played more Premier League games without losing than any other player in the history of the competition.

What's next?

Tottenham travel to West Ham on Wednesday (19:45 GMT) in their Carabao Cup fourth-round tie before heading to Molineux to face Wolves in the Premier League on Saturday (19:45).

Manchester City host Fulham in the Carabao Cup fourth round on Thursday (19:45 GMT) and return to Premier League action on Sunday when they welcome Southampton to the Etihad (15:00)


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Kylie Jenner undergoes image overhaul in tighter-than-skin latex

KYLIE Jenner is always changing her looks.The youngest of the Kardashian clan opted for the ultimate Halloween costume this year. As her first mother-daughter Halloween celebration, Kylie Jenner went overboard in Kardashian-like fashion. Ditching her blonde locks and opting for a silky brunette bob, the 21-year-old opted for an image overhaul as she dressed as a butterfly. As she continued flaunting her love for latex, Kylie posed in a pink one-piece. As the figure-hugging ensemble highlighted all of Kylie's curves, she flaunted her infamous figure.

The one-piece cut off at her hips, allowing Kylie to flash her lengthy pins for her butterfly outfit. While she flashed a whole lotta leg as she posed for the snap, Kylie finished the outfit with a pair of lace up pink heels, to match her lingerie and wings alike. Covering herself in a pink hue, Kylie flaunted her impeccable makeup skills as she debuted her mother-daughter outfit. Adding a butterfly to her heels, the creature fluttered through both Kylie and her daughter Stormi.

MOTHER-DAUGHTER: Kylie and Stormi teamed up for their outfits (Pic: INSTAGRAM)

The nine-month-old matched her mother's outfit, dressed in a pink tracksuit with the butterfly wings and a bow in her hair. Kylie and Stormi posed together for their Halloween celebrations snap, with the little Kardashian sporting an excited smile. In Kylie's solo snap, user's flew in to comment on the mother-of-one's looks. One fan wrote: "Wow, it's perfection."

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Mum of prime murder suspect has garden dug up 32 years after victim Suzy Lamplugh vanished

THE prime suspect in a murder mystery is having his mum’s garden dug up, 32 years after the victim went missing. Estate agent Suzy Lamplugh, 25, disappeared after leaving her offices in west London to meet a client named as Mr Kipper. Eight years after her death, Miss Lamplugh was officially declared dead, presumed murdered. No-one was convicted over her death at the time. But in 2002, the Met Police named John Cannan as the prime suspect in the case after the CPS could not find enough evidence to bring a case against him.

Canan, 64, is currently serving a minimum term of 35 years for murdering Shirley Banks a year later. 32 years after Miss Lamplugh went missing, cops are searching an address in Sutton Coldfield, formerly belonging to the prime suspect’s mum. Cops believed after potentially killing Miss Lamplugh, Cannan could have driven her body to his mum’s house, and dumped it in a pit. The owner of the house at the centre of the probe confirmed he bought it from Cannan’s mum.

PRIME SUSPECT: CPS could not bring a case against John Cannan (Pic: PA)

Phillip Carey, 52, said he bought the house from Sheila Cannan 26 years ago, as officials investigated the garden. He said: “From our point of view, we bought the house 26 years ago from the suspect person’s mother, Sheila.“We knew who she was, we became aware who she was as we went through the relationship, and obviously it was high profile at the time.”A statement from the Suzy Lamplugh Trust said the latest development is a reminder of the “continuing tragedy”.

ARGUMENT: Suzy Lamplugh was confronted by a man before her death in 1986 (Pic: PA)

It continued: “The thoughts of everyone at Suzy Lamplugh Trust are with Suzy’s family today.“Today we continue the work of [her parents] Paul and Diana to reduce violence and aggression in society, supporting workplaces to help their lone and frontline workers be safer and feel safer.“Today’s news reminds us once again of the continuing tragedy of Suzy’s story and the importance of employers taking responsibility for the personal safety of their staff.”Miss Lamplugh was seen arguing with a man at a property in Fulham, west London, on the day of her disappearance. Her car was later found near the property.

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Lewis Hamilton net worth and girlfriend: How much does F1 star earn and who is he dating?

LEWIS Hamilton has won his fifth F1 World Championship and is one of the highest paid stars in the world – but what is his net worth and who is he dating? He shares the spot with Juan Manuel Fangio, just two away from Michael Schumacher’s record. The 33-year-old is now the third person in history to win an impressive five world titles. His obsession with Formula One and fast-driving cars started when he was only six years old. The motorsport star is one of the highest paid athletes in the world, which his massive fortune is a testament to.

How much is Lewis Hamilton worth?

Celebrity Net Worth estimates Hamilton’s net worth to be a massive £285million. Meanwhile, Forbes states the number is a more conservative $51million (£39million).,A big chunk of this wealth, around $42million (£32million), is from F1 earnings.

Lewis Hamilton net worth: He became the third person in history to win five world titles (Pic: GETTY)

Another $9million (£7million), comes from endorsements. Meanwhile Celebrity Net Worth estimates he earns £35million per year through endorsements and prize money. Brands are lining up to be endorsed by the motorsport champion. The brands he works with includes IWC, Monster Energy, L’Oreal, Bose, Puma, MV Augusta Motorcycles and Bombardier Recreational Products.

Lewis Hamilton net worth: He is one of the highest paid athletes in the world (Pic: GETTY)

The F1 legend is reportedly on a £100million three-year contract with the German manufacturer Mercedes. The deal, which includes Hamilton having control of his own image rights, will run until the end of 2018. About extending his contract, he said: “It is quite an easy process for us.“We already have something in place and it’s really just about extending it and enhancing it, working on what more I can do for them, for the sponsors, the brand and vice versa.”

Rumoured girlfriend: Lewis and Nicki Minaj at New York Fashion Week (Pic: GETTY)

Who is Lewis Hamilton’s girlfriend?

Hamilton is believed to be dating US rapper Nicki Minaj, although this hasn’t been confirmed by either. They recently posted pictures on social media together from a trip away to Dubai. He also recently commented on a heart emoji on a picture of the rapper. Fans started speculating the two were romantically involved, with one commenting: “Lewis Hamilton is the best choice she ever did! Finally Nic, for the first time I agree with your taste. Plus they look amaaazing together.”Rumours also started swirling when they appeared to look close at New York Fashion Week.

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This Cheap Drone Is The Best Selling Product In Ghana, Here's Why It's Gone Viral.

       This drone is the top selling drone in Ghana right now, because it's such a good deal for a high quality drone… DroneX Pro has finally made it affordable to buy a high quality drone with a built in HD camera. Usually a high quality drone with a HD camera like this would cost anywhere between $400-$900. This one is currently being sold for a much lower price (it will suprize you).

   This drone takes amazing videos, photos and selfies. Thousands of people in Ghana have been uploading incredible selfies from insane angles with this drone. When they started uploading them to social media EVERYONE started to want to do the same!

     Unlike muost of the expensive and bulky ones that first came out, this one is the same size as a smartphone. It's easy to use, and much more affordable (only $99 for a limited time). It's finally a price thats affordable to everyone.

What is DroneX Pro?

It's brand new type of drone, made so that anyone can fly it. It's easy to use and perfect for taking amaizng videos, photos and selfies!

It was designed by 2 genius engineers, who love drones and wanted to make them affordable to everyone. They found that the drones they had were very bulky, heavy and difficult to travel with, which is why they designed this ultra compact drone, without sacrificing the main features of the drones.

It's durable, it's easy to use, and it can Livestream and record video clips on your phone!

People are using them to take 'the ultimate selfies' - the results are incredible...

How does it work?

Yes! We were surprised how easy it was to set it up. First, you will need to install an app (just scan the QR code from the manual).

Once you've done that, just plug in the battery, start the app, and connect your drone. In less than 10 seconds, you will be ready to go!

Flying the drone is very easy. The controls are very intuitive. Flying this drone just feels natural. The controls are very simple, anyone could use this drone. It doesn't matter your age, it's so simple!

Once you're in the air, you can use the built-in camera. You can take the most amazing photos and videos. Create videos from almost impossible angles and impress your friends with the coolest selfies!


This is the first high quality drone thats available at a low-price. When I first saw this high qualigh drone with an HD Camera I was expecting to see it priced between $400-$900, but I was wrong. They sell it for $99(limited time offer), which feels like a steal for a drone of this quality!

How to buy a DroneX Pro

That’s super easy. You can buy it from the official website.


This drone is perfect because...

What makes this drone so special?

The main benefits of the DroneX Pro are it's portability, ease of use, HD camera and price.

This drone is hardly bigger than a smartphone. Combined with it's foldable rotors, you got the world's most portable drone. It will fit into every pocket or a backpack!

Super tiny and foldable, you can carry it everywhere easily

Plus anyone can fly this drone! It's controls were designed to the perfection. It also has incredible hovering capabilities. You do not have to focus on height, just steer and enjoy your flight!

This drone's high quality camera is just perfect for taking amazing pictures and videos.

Take amazing photos with it's HD camera

When flying is so easy, you can fully concentrate on taking stunning shots. Film nature, friends and even yourself in amazing quality!

The flying is so easy that all you need to do is have fun

This drone is also made with some onf the highest qualight ABS plastic avaliable, which makes the drone much lighter and stronger.

It's tiny but very strong

Last but not least, the price makes this drone such a good deal. Less than $100 for a high quality drone with a built in HD camera. This has to be the best price-quality drone avaliable!

Conclusion: Is it worth it?

This high-quality drone for this low price is a clear YES! You'll have countless hours of fun flying and taking amazing pictures and videos you with the DroneX Pro.

It makes the perfect gift for yourself or your friends and family!

PS: Do not miss the offer while it still stands!

How To Get A DroneX Pro?

Now that you are aware of this amazing new drone, and if it’s still in stock, here is how to get one:

1) Order the DroneX Pro from the official website.

2) Download the Drone app(Android & iOS) and connect to the drone.

3) Have fun flying your new drown and start taking amazing videos, photos and selfies!




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Political vigilantism threatens stability in Ghana

For over 25 years, Ghana has progressively entrenched democracy while maintaining relative peace and stability. It has gone through seven consecutive elections without large-scale violence and three peaceful changes of power between its two main parties – the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC). 

A highly disputed presidential election in 2012, which produced an NDC victory, was peacefully resolved through the law courts. Four years earlier, the country avoided large-scale political violence despite an extremely narrow NDC electoral victory.

Yet both the NDC and the NPP, whether in opposition or in government, increasingly rely on vigilante groups to provide security for their campaigns and ensure electoral victory. These groups, made up of largely unemployed youth, mobilise party supporters; serve as polling or monitoring agents during voter registration, voting, and results tabulation; and “protect” polling centres and electoral materials.

Ahead of the 2016 elections, more than 5,000 electoral precincts were considered flashpoints by the Ghana Police Service, although not all of these were due to vigilante activities. Other factors were land and chieftaincy disputes and the proliferation of illicit arms in the country, the police said. Even so, the 2008 and 2012 contests also featured violent vigilantism and the phenomenon, according to security expert Kwesi Aning, has worsened.

The Azorka Boys, loyal to and named after Chief Awudu Sofo Azorka, the NDC’s northern regional chairman, and the Aluta Boys, are known to be affiliated with the NDC. The Delta Force and the Invincible Forces are among the groups affiliated with the NPP. 

Related: News in pictures (provided by photo services)

Full Screen

Recently Joseph Yamin, former deputy minister for the Asante Region, set up the Hawks ostensibly to “protect the NDC” ahead of the 2020 elections. With support from known party figures, these groups threaten, intimidate and assault opponents, seize or destroy electoral materials, assault electoral officials, and vandalise registration centres.

Groups affiliated with the winning party often forcibly take over government offices and properties, and in some cases violently resist new government appointments they disagree with.

In 2017, the Delta Force was so infuriated by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s appointment of George Agyei as regional security coordinator for the Asante Region that its members barged into his office, and assaulted and forcibly ejected him. To the group, Agyei didn’t contribute to the NPP’s victory and thus didn’t deserve the position. 


Ghana's President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo addresses the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly

Full Screen

When the Delta Force accused were put on trial, fellow members entered the court, freed their comrades, and threatened the judge.


These groups also tend to attack their own party figures in government when they feel promises made to them aren’t fulfilled. On 7 October, Delta Force members reportedly attacked NPP member of parliament and Minister for Monitoring and Evaluation Anthony Akoto Osei during a party meeting in his constituency. Their complaint was his failure to recruit them into the security services as promised.

A change of government has been punctuated by seizures of toll booths, public toilets, lorry parks, tourist sites and public health facilities, among others, all deemed to be business opportunities. Under both the NPP and the NDC, the losing party complains about harassment and seizure of property often by vigilante groups. In some cases, staff in government offices and facilities are either assaulted or forcibly ejected.

The zero-sum dynamics that have become entrenched in Ghanaian politics has made competitive politics a do-or-die affair. Wealth accumulation is determined by access to political power and state resources.

Political elites have near-complete control of key economic sectors – oil and gas, mining, cocoa, and public utilities. They have the power to grant licences for mining and oil and gas exploration, and to dispense revenues derived from these.

The private sector is dependent on government contracts and largesse. Both the NPP and the NDC have often accused each other of collapsing ‘opponent’ businesses and dishing out huge contracts to their party folks and allied businesses. Politicians are influential in determining who receives business permits, loans and public sector employment.


Street scene on the market in Agbogbloshie, a district in Ghana's capital

Full Screen

The executive is particularly strong as the president has the power to make over 4,000 direct appointments, including of municipal and district chief executives. An electoral victory thus suddenly improves one’s socio-economic status.


Opposition parties have little trust and confidence in the police, particularly during election periods. Entrusting the safety and security of their presidential candidates, running mates and campaign contingents to a police service over which they have no control is, in their view, too much of a risk.

A classic example is the 2016 elections when three former South African police officers contracted to train bodyguards of the NPP’s presidential candidate and running mate were arrested and deported. Sammy Awuku, NPP youth organiser at the time, said the party was “taking steps to give maximum protection to our presidential candidate and his running mate… whether the South Africans have been sent home or not”.

The apparent lack of police independence is reinforced by the change of officers in the police and other security institutions, including the Bureau of National Investigations, that normally accompanies a change of government.

Ghana’s democratic progress and long-term stability are seriously undermined by ever-entrenching political vigilantism that is often supported by the NPP and NDC. To prevent this, the rule of law and state institutions must be strengthened.

The goal should be to inspire trust and confidence in the independence of law enforcement, and to limit wealth accumulation through the control of political power and state resources. DM

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Secret 'passage to the underworld' tunnel discovered beneath Mexican pyramid

Archaeologists in Mexico have discovered a mysterious tunnel and chamber beneath the Pyramid of the Moon in the ancient city of Teotihuacán.

Researchers from Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) and the Institute of Geophysics at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) located the hidden spaces at the famous site near Mexico City.

With a diameter of 49 feet, the chamber may be a ritual space that was used for funerals, according to experts. The hidden room and its tunnel could be linked to the ancient culture’s concept of the underworld, they say, in a statement.


The chamber and tunnel were discovered using electrical resistance technology in Summer 2017. The results of the archaeologists’ study have just been announced.

The chamber and tunnel were discovered beneath the Pyramid of the Moon. (Photo Mauricio Marat INAH)

Human skeletons have been found in other tunnels excavated at the Pyramid of the Moon, prompting speculation that similar remains may be inside the newly-discovered tunnel.

The tunnel, which runs to the southern part of Teotihuacán’s Plaza of the Moon, is the latest fascinating find to shed new light on Mexico’s ancient history. An ancient mask depicting a 7th-century Maya king, for example, was recently discovered in southern Mexico.


A vast array of skulls buried beneath the streets of modern Mexico City are also revealing the grisly details of Aztec human sacrifice.

Models generated by studying of electrical resistance in the subsoil of the Pyramid of the Moon. (Courtesy Institute of Geophysics of the UNAM)

The area was once the epicenter of the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan - a gruesome site where human sacrifices were performed to honor the gods.

Follow James Rogers on Twitter @jamesjrogers

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Japan's Princess Ayako surrenders her royal status as she marries for love

Tokyo (CNN)Under crisp blue skies, about 1,000 well-wishers turned out at the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo Monday to catch a glimpse of Japan's Princess Ayako and her groom Kei Moriya on their wedding day.

As the smiling couple entered the shrine, the crowd shouted their congratulations with the Japanese word "Banzai" -- meaning an auspicious wish for long life. Close family members and friends welcomed the bride and groom as they made their way to the ceremony hall.

Princess Ayako was dressed in a light yellow-colored uchiki kimono embroidered with pink flowers and green leaves and a deep purple hakama -- wide-legged pleated trousers that fall to the ankles. She also carried a fan made of Japanese cypress, called a hiougi. Moriya wore a western-style black morning coat, gray pin-striped trousers and a silk hat that belonged to Ayako's late father, Prince Takamodo.

Ayako's kimono is similar in style and design to that worn by her sister Princess Noriko when she married Kunimaro Senge in 2014.

The Meiji Shrine: A wedding venue fit for a princess

The 28-year-old Princess Ayako is the youngest child of Princess Hisako and the late Prince Takamodo, cousin of Emperor Akihito. According to Japan's imperial law, female members of the royal family forfeit their titles, status and allowance if they choose to marry someone who does not have royal or aristocratic family ties. The same rule does not apply to male members of the royal family.

On marrying 32-year-old Moriya -- an employee of shipping company Nippon Yusen KK -- the princess will renounce her royal status and take a lump sum of $950,000 from the Japanese government for living expenses.

Japanese Princess Ayako, dressed in traditional ceremonial gown, and Japanese businessman Kei Moriya, arrive at Meiji Shrine for their wedding ceremony in Tokyo, Oct. 29, 2018.

Before the ceremony began, Ayako changed her kimono into a more formal Shinto-style robe. She wore a red kouchiki, a "small cloak" with long, wide sleeves, and a long divided brown skirt called a naga-bakama.

The ceremony itself was a private affair, attended only by close family members. Inside, the couple would have performed several rituals that mark a Shinto-style wedding, including exchanging nuptial sake cups and presenting a sacred Tamagushi branch as an offering. The newlyweds would have also exchanged marriage vows and rings.

What will Princess Ayako wear to her wedding?

After final prayers, the couple emerged from the shrine as husband and wife. Moriya said he thought his new wife looked "beautiful," as they took questions from reporters. "I would like to support her firmly and, hand in hand, build a happy family with lots of laughter," he said.

"I am awed by how blessed I am," Ayako said. From a young age, Ayako said she was taught that being born into the imperial family meant her duty was to support the emperor and empress. "I will leave the imperial family today, but I will remain unchanged in my support for his majesty and her majesty," she said.

Princess Ayako on her way to her wedding ceremony in Tokyo, Oct. 29, 2018.

The shrine where the ceremony took place is of huge symbolic importance. Opened in 1920, the Meiji Shrine is dedicated to the deified souls of Ayako's great-great grandfather Emperor Meiji and his wife, Empress Shoken.

"I am very happy that we held the wedding at this Meiji Shrine where my great grandfather Meiji Emperor is worshiped," Ayako said. "I feel so happy."

Ayoko's marriage and resignation from royal duties comes at a trying time for the world's oldest monarchy. The country's much-loved Emperor Akihitio announced that he will abdicate on April 30, 2019, passing the Chrysanthemum Throne to his son Crown Prince Naruhito. Imperial law states that the throne must be passed to male heirs, and as Naruhito has only one son, the 12-year-old Prince Hisahito could be left with the sole responsibility of carrying on the royal line.

Akihitio's abdication and the forthcoming marriage of his granddaughter Princess Mako reignited debate about the role women play in Japan's monarchy and whether imperial law should change to allow women to inherit the throne.

Newlyweds Princess Ayako and Kei Moriya speak to the reporters after their marriage ceremony at Meiji Shrine in Tokyo, Oct. 29, 2018.

"It is a sensible option and necessary in terms of managing risk but the elite conservatives that govern have resisted strongly despite robust public support for female succession," said Jeff Kingston, Director of Asian Studies at Temple University Japan and author of upcoming book Japan.

Unlike in the United Kingdom, where Queen Elizabeth approved changes to the royal line of succession and gave equal rights to sons and daughters of British monarchs to inherit the throne, officials in Japan have ruled out a similar move.

An abdication law that allows Akihitio to resign was passed without a proposed resolution that potentially questions whether women who marry outside the family have to rescind their royal rights.

"Apparently they take no inspiration from Queen Elizabeth ... and instead take refuge behind fatuous patriarchal justifications for not doing so," Kingston said. "The law will change only if it absolutely must."

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Lion Air Boeing 737 crashes on flight from Jakarta to Sumatra

The aircraft reported a "problem" moments after taking off. Across all models, the 737 is the best-selling commercial jetliner in history.

Debris found in water after Lion Air plane crash in Indonesia

Oct. 29, 201801:07

Oct. 29, 2018 / 2:56 AM GMT / Updated 11:38 AM GMT

By Alex Johnson and Alastair Jamieson

A brand new Lion Air Boeing 737 MAX 8 carrying 189 passengers and crew crashed into the sea shortly after takeoff from Jakarta, Indonesian authorities said Monday.

Search and rescue officials said they did not expect to find any survivors. The plane entered service on August 15.

Flight JT610 hit the water 13 minutes after departing at 6:20 a.m. (7:20 p.m. ET Sunday) bound for Pangkal Pinang, the capital of the Sumatran island of Bangka-Belitung.

Some personal items belonging to people on board were recovered from the water, along with small pieces of debris, rescue officials said. The aircraft's "black box" data recorder was located but had not been retrieved, according to authorities.

Rescuers search the waters for wreckage off the northern coast of Indonesia's Java island on Monday.BASARNAS / AFP - Getty Images

It was carrying 189 people — 178 adult passengers, three infants, six crew members and two pilots.

The pilot asked controllers to return to Jakarta three minutes after taking off.

"We're still trying to figure out the reason," said Soerjanto Tjahjono, head of Indonesia's transport safety committee. The pilot was cleared to land back at Jakarta but plunged into the sea about 10 minutes later.

Edward Sirait, president of the budget airline, told reporters that the plane had also encountered a technical problem on its previous flight that was subsequently resolved by engineers.

"This aircraft last flew from Denpasar [Bali] to Cengkareng [Jakarta airport] and it was released to fly," he said. "There was a report about a technical problem but we have worked on the technical issue based on the procedure from the aircraft manufacturer."

Bambang Suryo Aji, the director of the national rescue agency, said the search effort was focused on finding bodies.

Family members of passengers aboard a crashed Lion Air jet mourn at Pangkal Pinang airport on Monday.Hadi Sutrisno / AFP - Getty Images

It is the world's first crash involving a Boeing 737 MAX 8, which is a significantly revamped version of the single-aisle workhorse. Across all models, the 737 is the best-selling commercial jetliner in history and has a strong safety record.

A spokeswoman for CFM International, the manufacturer of the plane's two LEAP-1B engines, confirmed to NBC News that the company had been notified that the plane was missing. She said the company had no further information.


Parents of missing Wisconsin teen laid to rest

Restaurant owner and employee convicted in British teen's deadly allergic reaction to takeout

Boeing said in a statement that it is ready to provide technical assistance to the accident investigation.

"The Boeing Company is deeply saddened by the loss of Flight JT610," the statement reads. "We express our concern for those on board, and extend heartfelt sympathies to their families and loved ones."

Items found in the sea that are believed to be from the wreckage of the Lion Air flight.AFP - Getty Images

Relatives of those on board gathered in Jakarta.

Feni, who uses a single name, said her soon-to-be-married sister was on the flight, planning to meet relatives in Pangkal Pinang.

"We are here to find any information about my younger sister, her fiance, her in-law to be and a friend of them," Feni said. "We don't have any information. We're confused. We hope that our family is still alive."

Data from flight tracking service FlightRadar24 shows the first sign that something was amiss came about two minutes into the flight when the plane had reached 2,000 feet. At that point, it descended more than 500 feet and veered to the left before climbing again to 5,000 feet, where it stayed during most of the rest of the flight. It began gaining speed in the final moments and reached 345 knots (397 mph) before data was lost.

Lion Air, which is privately owned, had a fatal accident in 2004 when an MD-82 crashed upon landing at Solo City, killing 25 of the 163 people on board, according to Aviation Safety Network.


It has also had at least six other non-fatal accidents, including one in which a jet crash-landed in water short of the runway in Bali in 2013.

The U.S. imposed a decade-long ban on Indonesian airlines in 2006 over the country's patchy safety record.

Ryan Ruggiero, Jay Blackman, Reuters and Associated Press contributed.

by Taboola


Costume making doesn't save money: A ninja turtle PSAUSA Today

Detroit Denim owner Eric Yelsma wants to bring romance back to U.S.-made jeansUSA Today


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New suspicious package addressed to CNN discovered at Atlanta post office Law enforcement officials told NBC News the latest package is similar in appearance to the ones allegedly sent by Cesar Sayoc, who is accused of mailing more than a dozen pipe

ct. 29, 2018 / 8:57 AM GMT

By Dartunorro Clark

SOUTH FULTON, Ga.— Inside the municipal courtroom here in this Atlanta suburb, a black man in his early 20s is begging the judge for a second chance.

He's facing his third shoplifting conviction and, under Georgia state law, must serve a jail sentence.

Defendants plead for a second (or third) chance in courtrooms across the country on a daily basis, but here in this majority African-American town, where the population is just over 100,000, the criminal justice system is unique: Black women are in charge, and they say they run things differently.

LaDawn Blackett Jones is the city's solicitor, or prosecutor, Viveca Powell serves as public defender and Tiffany Carter Sellers is the chief judge. The court clerks and staff are also black women.

"As people from around the country are looking at what is going on here, we are trying to set the example for the way true law and justice should work," Blackett Jones said.

Power of Black Women in the Trump Era

April 29, 201807:50

South Fulton only became incorporated as a city two years ago and has been up and running for about year. It has received praise for its approach to criminal justice, which includes balancing enforcing the law with compassion.

The young man here pleading for mercy is the latest case testing that philosophy.

As a black woman and a judge, Carter Sellers told NBC News she can be tough on crime while at the same time give a fairer shake to defendants, depending on the circumstances.

Judge Tiffany Carter SellersReginald Duncan /

"From a practical standpoint, I think I bring that fact that I'm a wife to an African-American man, and we have African-American children, and so empathy and sympathy — I bring that to the table every day," she said, adding that she cringes when she hears people talk about racial bias and corruption in the justice system.

"I know we can do better. In 2018, we just can do better."

'We’re not sprinkling magic dust'

In South Fulton, there's a focus on honing a community-oriented court. Pamphlets are distributed to residents informing them of their rights. And Carter Sellers takes care to ensure that everyone who comes before her understands the plea process and courtroom procedures during each session, even if they've heard it before.

A big part of their court system is its pre-trial diversion program, which offers a clean record to low-level offenders who successfully complete community work or counseling. Under the program, a resident could be sentenced to community service, write an essay, attend a city council meeting or parenting/anger management classes in lieu of jail time or costly fines.

To date, 46 people have successfully completed the program and dozens more are currently participating. There's also the town's "green team," which allows residents who can't pay fines to clean up city parks for $15 an hour.

Blackett Jones, the city's prosecutor, created the program, visiting courts across the country, including in California and New York, to learn the "best practices" to form their own program in South Fulton.

"We're not sprinkling magic dust anywhere to make magic happen, but we are cognizant of where we are in America today, so that means that there's still police brutality,” said Blackett Jones. "And even if that's not going on in South Fulton, we recognize that the people that come in our courtroom know that it's out there."

LaDawn Blackett Jones, the city solicitor.Reginald Duncan /

Carter Sellers, the judge, said that she hopes their policies will teach residents to respect the community, understand the law and trust the criminal justice process.

"The court does have a role in repairing relationships that have been broken in the community," she said.

South Fulton, which was a previously unincorporated part of Fulton County, gained cityhood in November 2016 after a decade-long push in the state legislature. Many of the women were hired or appointed to their positions by the mayor or the city council, and it was by chance, not intention, that each was a black woman.

The town is 89 percent black and experts believe it to be the only town of its size with black women overwhelmingly running the criminal justice system. Bill Edwards, the mayor, is black, as are Keith Meadows, the police chief, and the seven city council members — and five of them are women.

Andra Gillespie, an associate professor of political science at Emory University in Atlanta, said that having black women lead the town's court system is significant in two ways.

"African-American women usually play critical roles, and they haven't always been acknowledged," Gillespie said. "What's unique about his moment is that black women are getting that recognition."


Debris found in water after Lion Air plane crash in Indonesia

New details emerge about accused gunman in Pittsburgh synagogue mass shooting

Gillespie added that having African-Americans in top government roles in a majority African-American city "can legitimize institutions in the mind of citizens."

Blackett Jones, a native of the unincorporated area of South Fulton, said the city has torn down barriers not only for African-Americans, but for women as well.

"Think about how many cities in America that are predominantly any one group, but are still run at all the top levels by heterosexual white Christian males," she said. "This is an American story. This is not just a black story, this is a woman's story. We have broken the mold for women as much as we have broken the mold for African-Americans."

Powell, the public defender, said having black women at the wheel is helpful because "it eliminates the cultural gap" when dealing with African-American defendants.

"I look at people as people and I expect fairness from everybody," said Powell, who has served as a criminal defense lawyer for 35 years. "But we clearly understand the dynamic of what goes on in the community —nobody has to explain it to us."

Viveca Famber Powell, public defender. Reginald Duncan /

However, Powell said she is not celebrating just yet.

"What's here today can be gone tomorrow," she said. "We need to do the work, we need to do the job and leave a legacy of a job well done."

Carter Sellers said she was "extremely proud" of the black women running the justice systems, but that was not her goal when she built her court from scratch.

"I'm amazed that it's 2018 and it's never happened before," she said. "But I just think that African-American women have this history of taking care of everybody else, right? And so often our own success is put to the wayside to take care of everybody else, so I'm obviously just very, very proud.

"The fact that we're all African-American women doing it is great, but my goal was always to embody a court of best practices and hope that we serve as a model for other courts, because I think if we do that then that's how you change the criminal justice system," Carter Sellers continued. "People think that when African-Americans are in charge of the criminal justice system we somehow are light on crime. I think that the people in South Fulton know that we are not light on crime."

Back in the courtroom, Carter Sellers administers justice in the best way she can to the young, black man facing jail time for shoplifting.

He asks for another chance, explaining that he stole food because he was hungry at the time but now has a job.

But Carter Sellers says that her hands are tied, then reads the Georgia statute on shoplifting and explains she has to give him 30 days in jail.

"I don't want you to think I'm not sympathetic," she said. "I want to help you, but I can't."

The judge, however, does what little she can by knocking a day off his sentence for the time he spent sitting in court and orders him to turn himself in the next day.

"If you don't show up, it will be 60 days," Carter Sellers said. "And if I have to issue a warrant, it'll be more."

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What Leicester helicopter crash pilot said before death is just so tragic

THE hero pilot who saved hundreds of lives when he steered Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha’s helicopter away from crowds of fans was obsessed by safety procedures.

By Jack Wilson

PUBLISHED: 15:27, Mon, Oct 29, 2018 | UPDATED: 16:14, Mon, Oct 29, 2018



Leicester crash: Pilot guided helicopter away from crowds of fans



Current Time 0:06


Duration 1:24




Thai billionaire Vichai was among five people killed when his helicopter crashed shortly after taking off from the King Power Stadium on Saturday evening.

Leicestershire Police said the other four people to be two of Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha's staff, Nursara Suknamai and Kaveporn Punpare, pilot Eric Swaffer and passenger Izabela Roza Lechowicz, his partner.

Mr Swaffer is described as a private jet and helicopter pilot with ‘over 20 years of flying experience’ by



And in an interview with the very same site, Mr Swaffer revealed all on life as a helicopter pilot before his tragic death.

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Asked the car he drove, Mr Swaffer said: “Audi A4 - in driving as in flying, safety and reliability is everything to me.”

And in another tragic revelation, Mr Swaffer explained how he would always ensure adequate medical kit was on board whenever he flew.


He said: “I always carry my Macbook Pro and my Blackberry. If the flight is involves an oceanic crossing or when you are expected to be several hours from a diversion airfield, I like to check the aircraft has a medical kit and defibrillator as well as the mandatory first aid kit.”

As for his top flying tip, Mr Swaffer said: “Use all available assets, including people, to help you, flying is all about teamwork.”

Eric Swaffer and Izabela Lechowicz are among the dead (Image: FACEBOOK)

Leicester helicopter crash: Players paid tribute at the crash scene (Image: GETTY)

Leicester helicopter crash: Players paid tribute at the crash scene (Image: GETTY)

Leicester helicopter crash: Players paid tribute at the crash scene (Image: GETTY)

Leicester City squad pay respect at King Power Stadium




While he added he loved his job because ‘the travel is incredible, as well as the fantastic people you meet along the way’,

Leicester vice chairman Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha visited the King Power Stadium to pay tribute to his father and club owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha following his tragic death this morning.

The emotional Leicester squad also paid their respects to the 60-year-old at the ground on Monday.

Thai billionaire Vichai was among five people killed when his helicopter crashed shortly after taking off from the King Power Stadium on Saturday evening.

Manager Claude Puel joined his players while vice chairman Aiyawatt returned to see the tributes after arriving earlier in the morning while around 200 fans broke into spontaneous applause.

Aiyawatt had been joined by his mother and Vichai's wife Aimon at the ground and they laid a floral tribute.

Club officials, including director of football Jon Rudkin and chief executive Susan Whelan, also attended as they viewed the floral tributes and the family laid their own.

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Leicester helicopter crash: Players paid tribute at the crash scene (Image: GETTY)

The president of the Thai FA, Somyot Poompanmoung and his wife, Potjaman Poompamoung, were also among the group, while various personalities from sport and showbiz - including Kasabian singer Tom Meighan - also arrived.

The Air Accidents Investigation Branch has recovered the helicopter's black boxes, voice and data, and are working on them at their Farnborough base.

Goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel was visibly upset at the scene, having earlier paid an emotional tribute to the man who "changed football forever."

Denmark international goalkeeper Schmeichel, who was reported to have witnessed the accident, thanked Srivaddhanaprabha for making his football dreams come true in an emotional post on his Instagram account.

"Dear Mr Chairman. I cannot believe this is happening. I am so totally devastated and heartbroken. I just cannot believe what I saw last night. It just doesn't seem real," he wrote.

"It is difficult to put into words how much you meant to this football club and to the city of Leicester. Never have I ever come across a man like you. So hard working, so passionate, so kind and so generous in the extreme.

Leicester helicopter crash: Players paid tribute at the crash scene (Image: GETTY)

Leicester helicopter crash: Players paid tribute at the crash scene (Image: GETTY)

"You changed football. Forever! You gave hope to everyone that the impossible was possible. You literally made my dreams come true.

"We now have a responsibility as a club, as players and fans to honour you. From knowing you we do this by being the family you created."

Schmeichel's powerful words were echoed by his team-mates, who arrived at the stadium later on Monday.

"Words can't describe how I feel. A truly great, kind, loving man who will be missed so much by everyone. I will never forget the Chairman's support, not only during my time @LCFC but also during the World Cup," England defender Harry Maguire wrote on Twitter.

Fellow City defender and England left-back Ben Chilwell hailed "one of the best people you could wish to meet".

Writing on Twitter, he said: "I can't believe it. I am heartbroken to hear that no-one survived the crash yesterday."

Jamie Vardy - whose meteoric rise through the leagues was matched step-by-step by the club as they came from nowhere to win the Premier League in 2016 - called Srivaddhanaprabha a "legend".

He said on Instagram: "Struggling to find the right words, but to me you are a legend, an incredible man who had the biggest heart, the soul of Leicester City Football Club. Thank you for everything you did for me, my family and our club. I will truly miss you, may you rest in peace."

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Leicester helicopter crash: Intended destination of flight REVEALED before fireball crash

Leicester helicopter crash: Vardy, Maguire and co arrive in emotional King Power scenes

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Monday, 29th October 2018

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The History of Cleanliness in Singapore

About 200 volunteers scoured the housing estate looking for rubbish in Khatib, a neighbourhood in northern Singapore. There were families with young children and volunteers from a local hospital. And a few, mostly senior, volunteers in matching shirts from the “North West Brisk Walking Club” were there too.

Some edged into the bushes to pick up a couple of cigarette butts. Others found the odd tissue abandoned on a tabletop. To be honest, this clean-up day seemed like something of a misnomer. It was clean already. None of the volunteers returned with bulging sacks of refuse. 

The aim wasn’t just to make the city more pleasant. A cleaner city, Lee Kuan Yew reasoned, would create a stronger economy

But that’s to be expected in Singapore. The country has long had an obsession with hygiene and cleanliness. And this month marks a big milestone: Founding father and first Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew kicked off the Keep Singapore Clean campaign 50 years ago this month.

Cleanliness campaigns were already well-established by that time, but this one was different. It was the first time the government used fines as a method of social control. But Singapore’s economic advance seemed to short-circuit its initial success. By any measure, Singapore is clean. But not for the reasons you might think.

Clean and Green

If you’ve ever walked in the same direction as a rubbish truck as it idles up the street on its daily collection here in Singapore, you immediately understand why the city is cleaned so relentlessly. The dumpster perfume really slaps you in the face.

In cities with a cooler climate, it’s probably okay to go a little longer between household collections. But in the hot, humid tropics, it’s an urgent task. Lingering household and commercial waste can be downright dangerous



Click or pinch to zoom on mobile.

“If you have littering like you see in other countries, it can breed rodents, flies, cockroaches. They are all carriers of bacteria and germs,” said Edward D’Silva, chairman of the Public Hygiene Council. Mosquitoes are an even bigger worry. You won’t get malaria here, but in a bad year, there’ll be tens of thousands of cases of dengue.  

Clean and Green

When he introduced the Clean and Green policy, Lee Kuan Yew had loftier goals in mind. It was part of a larger push that included changes to public health laws, the relocation of street vendors into hawker centres, the development of proper sewage systems and disease control measures. At the same time, the population moved from Kampongs (Malay-style villages with wooden huts) into housing estates with better infrastructure.

“We have built, we have progressed. But no other hallmark of success will be more distinctive than that of achieving our position as the cleanest and greenest city in South Asia,” he said in 1968.

In addition to adverts, there were public education activities, lectures by health officials and spot checks by the government. There were also competitions which highlighted both the cleanest and the dirtiest offices, shops, factories, government buildings, schools and public vehicles.

Lee Bee Wah is the local MP for Nee Soon joins the clean-up day in Khatib at least once a month. She encourages her constituents to get involved (Credit: Tim McDonald)


The campaign was followed by a plethora of others. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, there were campaigns that urged Singaporeans to keep toilets, factories and bus stops clean. The 1976 Use Your Hands campaign had students, parents, teachers, principals and civil servants cleaning up schools at the weekend. There were also numerous tree planting initiatives.

The aim wasn’t just to make the city more pleasant. A cleaner city, Lee Kuan Yew reasoned, would create a stronger economy.  

“These standards will keep morale high, sickness rate low, and so create the necessary social conditions for higher economic growth in industry and in tourism. This will contribute to the public good, and in the end to everyone’s personal benefit,” he said. 

On all of these counts, Singapore has done well. Life expectancy has grown from 66 to 83 (which is third best globally). In 1967, tourist arrivals were a little over 200,000compared to a just shy of 10 million for the first three quarters of 2018. Inward foreign direct investment ballooned from US$93m in 1970 to US$39bn in 2010. It’s now the fifth largest recipient of foreign direct investment, receiving $66bn in 2017. 


Driving change

First Prime Minister of Singapore - governing from 1959 to 1990 - Lee Kuan Yew was the architect of the clean up campaign (Credit:Getty Images)


Nobody claims it’s all down to a single anti-littering campaign. But the health benefits are understood. It makes sense that tourists would return to a clean destination. And clean streets send a signal to foreign executives that a city is capable and adheres to the rule of law. It’s difficult to say how much, but in some way, shape or form, this campaign mattered.

As a rule, campaigns are not huge line items for departments or government budgets. Between 2010 and 2014, for example, Singapore’s National Environment Agency spent an average of $3m per year on anti-litter campaigns and outreach activities.

A Fine City

Discount and souvenir stores in Singapore often carry T-shirts that read: “Singapore: A fine city” followed by a multitude of things for which you can get fined. As jokes go, it’s tired - Singaporeans are more likely to roll their eyes than laugh.

But it’s not wrong. Singapore has a habit of banning what it sees as undesirable behaviour and enforcing each ban with financial penalties. The 1968 Keep Singapore Clean campaign was the first to attempt to moderate citizens’ behaviour through fines. Since then, Singapore has adopted fines with gusto. Typically, the authorities issue tens of thousands of fines a year for littering. The minimum fine is SG$300 (US$217).

The push to make Singapore spotless started during Lee Kuan Yew’s time. He would intervene personally, sending notes to his ministers or bureaucrats when he saw something out of place.  He believed that little things mattered, and worried that people would “take advantage of a slackening of the administrative grip on the situation" if smaller infractions were ignored.


Singapore's sparkling business district, founding father Lee Kuan Yew kicked off the Keep Singapore Clean campaign fifty years ago in October 2018 (Credit: Getty Images)


There are laws on the books that have always seemed weirdly strict to foreigners. Singapore famously banned the import of chewing gum (it’s not illegal to merely possess it). There are fines for bringing durian (a pungent smelling tropical fruit) on the train and for not flushing a public toilet (mostly a moot point, given that most toilets flush automatically now).

There are also fines for spitting or for using someone else’s wifi without permission. In 2009, a taxi driver was fined for being naked in public view in his own home. Vaping e-cigarettes has already been banned.

Perhaps it shouldn’t seem so unusual. It’s true that the West certainly differs when it comes to civil and political rights, and penalties here can be extremely tough, including the death penalty for drug offences. But Singapore is hardly the only jurisdiction to show enthusiasm for fines to discourage petty offences. New South Wales in Australia collected over $172m(US$121m) in parking fines in the last financial year, while councils in the UK collected £820m in a similar period. (Parking is actually a far smaller administrative challenge in Singapore because of deliberate policies to reduce car ownership rates).

Even the broader approach has analogues in the West. George Kelling and James Q Wilson wrote the famous essay Broken Windows in 1982, which argued that a broken window “is a signal that no one cares, and so breaking more windows costs nothing”.  So the prescription was to address small infractions aggressively before they became major problems. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani claimed to have reduced crime in New York with this approach.  It sounds a little familiar in Singapore. 


Do fines work?

At first, the policy worked, according to Liak Teng Lit, chairman of the National Environment Agency. A combination of public awareness campaigning and punitive measures made a difference. More people picked up after themselves. The city became cleaner.

“Singapore is a not a clean city. It’s a cleaned city - Liak 

In 1961, Singapore had a “broom brigade” of 7,000 day labourers who were directly employed by the department of health. By 1989, there were only 2,100.

But things changed. The city became wealthier, and it became easier to use low-cost labour to clean up. Nowadays, says Liak, Singapore isn’t clean because locals fear fines. It’s clean because there’s an army of workers scrubbing it. They do the heavy lifting. More than anyone else, they keep Singapore clean.  

“Singapore is a not a clean city. It’s a cleaned city,” Liak declares. 

There are 56,000 cleaners registered with the National Environment Agency. There are likely thousands of independent contractors who aren’t registered. Mostly they’re low-paid foreign workers or elderly workers. Taipei, by contrast, has maybe 5,000 cleaners, Liak adds.

Edward D’Silva is frustrated about the way the rise of this army of cleaners has changed the culture in Singapore. With so many cleaners, Singaporeans came to regard cleaning up as someone else’s job. Today, Singaporeans often leave their tray on the table at hawker centres after eating a meal, because they don’t consider it littering, or they think it’s the cleaners’ job to clean up after them. (In fairness, tray return facilities were only installed in 2013.) 

D’Silva says students don’t pick up after themselves either, because they’ve always had a cleaner to do it for them. It’s something the Public Hygiene Council is trying to address at local schools. Simply put, he thinks Singaporeans have had it too easy for too long, and they need to change. Liak agrees.

“The government cleans the apartment [building], right up to your corridor, typically twice a day. When you have a very efficient cleaning service, and your neighbour messes up the place, you don’t blame the neighbour, you blame the cleaner for not picking it up,” he says.


Volunteers at the Khatib clean up day although there are already 56,000 registered cleaners in Singapore (Credit: Tim McDonald)


Changing behaviour

In Japan, Australia or the UK, there isn’t the same availability of very low-cost labour to take on the cleaning jobs. In Singapore, cleaners are mostly drawn from a pool of roughly a million foreign workers as well as local aged workers. But as Singapore’s population grows and labour becomes more expensive, it simply won’t be affordable to employ so many cleaners.

Edward D’Silva says part of the original push for a cleaner Singapore was economic. Cleaning public spaces is expensive and it takes money away from more valuable pursuits. He says that’s still the case, and Singapore needs to change its behaviour fast. Singapore spends at least SGD$120m (US$87m) a year on cleaning public spaces.

“If you are able to instill and cultivate a habit whereby people don’t throw their litter anywhere and anyhow, then the money you would have otherwise spent to employ those cleaners, well, millions of dollars could have been better spent on health and education,” he said.


Singapore spends at least SGD$120m (US$87m) a year on cleaning public spaces (Credit: Getty Images)


Cleaning up

Lee Bee Wah is the local MP for Nee Soon. She’s at the clean-up day in Khatib. In fact, she attends at least one a month in her constituency. She’s passionate about cleaning up. She not only encourages her constituents to pick up litter when they see it, but also to speak up when they see someone littering and to report offenders to the authorities. 

She says public education is every bit as important as fines. In fact, it’s quite difficult to impose fines, because it often requires an official or at least a citizen to witness the offence.

“It is better to convince them, to get them to buy in, rather than just to depend on fines,” she says.

Once a year, there’s a constituency-wide “no-cleaners day”, when every cleaner in the district puts down their broom and local citizens clean up instead. She says it’s a good example of how a community can change for the better. At the first event in 2013, volunteers picked up 1,430kg of rubbish. This year, it was just 292kg.

If there are too many cleaners and Singaporeans are too lax about picking up after themselves, she says her constituency is proof that progress is possible.

majsdesaint Posted on October 29, 2018 12:56

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In pictures: Mexico City's Day of the Dead parade

A parade was held in Mexico City on Saturday evening to honour the start of the annual Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebrations. It is only the third time a parade like this has been held in Mexico's capital. It was launched in 2016, inspired by a similar scene set in the city in the James Bond film Spectre. Organisers hoped the parade would serve as a tourist attraction for visitors looking to witness local celebrations.

Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES

This year the parade was themed around migration.

The city's government dedicated the parade to migrants who have lost their lives in transit, at a time when thousands from across Central America are currently travelling in a caravan through the country.

One part of the parade had people carrying parts of a border wall, which said (in Spanish): "On this side there is also a dream."

Image copyrightAFP

Image copyrightAFP

Día de Muertos is usually held on 2 November and is a time when families honour deceased loved ones in the belief their souls return to earth to be with them.

People celebrate it in different ways across Mexico's regions, and customs can vary from family to family. Some honour their loved ones with candles, their favourite foods and floral tributes in cemeteries, while others build shrines in their own homes.

Image copyrightAFP

Image copyrightAFP

Skull imagery, costumes and body paint may also play a part - and these have become the iconic Day of the Dead images that have been exported around the world at Halloween time. Catrina figures, which have a skeleton appearance and formal dress, featured prominently in Saturday's parade.

Despite the drizzly conditions, thousands attended the Mexico City event, which was also broadcast on television.

Image copyrightAFP

Image copyrightAFP

Local media report that 1,200 volunteers took part in the spectacle of colour, costume and music.The parade acknowledged the region's past, including Aztec traditions like human sacrifice, and the migration routes of the early inhabitants of Central America. Significant Mexican cultural figures, including singer Chavela Vargas and artist Frida Kahlo, were also honoured at the event.

Image copyrightAFP

Image copyrightAFP

A similar parade was also held in the city of Guadalajara, in western Mexico. Organisers were expecting thousands of spectators at the event, which also had live music, artists and jugglers taking part.

Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES

Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES

Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES

In Los Angeles, California, people also dressed up in Day of the Dead-inspired costumes for the 19th annual event held in the famous Hollywood Forever cemetery.

Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES

Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES

All images copyright.

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The Invincible Military Inspired SmartWatch Every Guy in GH is Talking About...

Worried about damaging that fragile smartwatch you paid so much for? Hesistant to even buy a pricy smartwatch because they can so easily get damaged? This breakthrough in smartwatch tech may be what you're looking for...
Track your steps and heart rate, make a purchase, get social media notifications, call an uber, and even function as a hotel room key! There are just some of the amazing features of smartwatches these days. It's no surprise that smartwatches are so popular nowadays—everyone seems to be getting one!  There's just one big problem: smartwatches are unprotected and can easily get damaged.Since you're wearing it on your wrist there's no room to put a shatterproof protective case on your smartwatch like you would on your mobile phone.

In the course of living your life and wearing a smartwatch it's only matter of time before it gets: bumped, cracked, or smashed. That means paying a hefty fee to get your smartwatch repaired or worse replaced! Thanks to new breakthrough military technology, there's a new type of smartwatch that's super robust (nearly shatterproof) and yet very stylish! What is it? A Small group of elite former military engineers wanted a watch so tought that a soilder could wear it in the heat of war. A smartwatch that can take a beating and keep on ticking! They used recently declassified military tech to come up with the ultimate smartwatch. Both stlyish and super tough!

After lots of frustration and failed attempts, the elite engineers finally cracked it...The T1 Tact Watch is born. They proclaimed: "this is only watch you'll ever need!" This "James Bond" watch is stunning, and super cool. It's tough as a kevlar vest, more stylish than an iWatch, and very easy to use.

Why is This Watch So Tough?

Cutting edge Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) coating protects the Tact Watch, making it SUPER TOUGH...

The T1 Tact Watch comes ready for the "combat" of daily life. Demanding physical job? Extreme workouts and outdoor sports? No problem, this smartwatch can get through without so much as a nick or stratch.

What's more, this smartwatch is also dust and waterproof. It can withstand the toughest situations with no problems at all...

Your T1 Tact SmartWatch will leave the expensive 'weakling' smartwatches in the dust. Once you experience the strength and versatility of this robust military grade smartwatch, you'll never look back!

What is the T1 Tact-Watch Capable of?

Did we mention the T1 Tact SmartWatch also syncs to your smartphone? You don't need a ugly expensive smartwatch to get cutting edge tech features anymore!

The Tact SmartWatch is for Men Who Want the Most Out of Life.

Whether it's a Apple, Sony, or Samsung, the days of wearing boring fragile smartwatches that look like mini-computer screens are over.

T1 Tact Watch is the 'Alpha Male' of the smartwatch world. It's designed to thrive in a world of danger, adventure, and action. All while sporting a stylish and slick design! Wait...Can I Sync My Tact Watch with My Smartphone?

Tact Watch instantly connects and pairs to your mobile phone. Works with Apple and Andriod phones.

How Much is It?

When we first researched this watch, we were sure it would go for at least $300, or even $400.You be suprised to find that you can get it right now for just $89 (versus $179.99 in speciality stores!) It's an amazing deal, considering most people won't think twice forking over $300-$500 for a conventional ulgy fragile smartwatch.

Is T-1 Tact Watch Live Up to its Promises?Here's some impressive feedback we got on the Tact Watch from our internal staff testing...

There are so many tactical watches on the market but this one is the BEST. It’s so strong and easy to use, and i love the battery lifetime as well. It looks great on my wrist.

Mark Jance

Conclusion: Is the Tact SmartWatch really worth it?

After putting this watch through a battary of testing and punishment, it passed with flying colors. Our entire staff were blown away by the T1. Even the ladies loved it. Here our internal assessment of the Pros and Cons:


  • Extreme Durability
  • Intuitive and Very Easy to Use
  • Stylish and Professional Design


  • No fragile touchscreen. It's completely unnecessary!

Bottomline: Whether you sit at a computer all day, or work a heavy duty physical job, the T1 Tact SmartWatch is the 'smart' choice versus the conventional weak, ugly and hideously expensive smartwatches on the market! 

jmparker Posted on October 29, 2018 11:48

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Smart Technology for Your Indoor Plants and Garden

Should city dwellers be denied the pleasure of growing their own vegetables or fostering teeming flora simply because of their metropolitan lifestyle? Certainly not—and modern technology agrees.

Below are a number of intelligent devices that will allow anyone to cultivate to their heart’s desire within the confines of their own home.

Nthing Planty

If "keep it alive" is your No. 1 priority when it comes to houseplants, then you’ll want to get the Planty by nthing. This well-designed, WiFi-connected plant pot will constantly monitor your plants and automatically water them whenever they need, cutting the dual dangers of absent or excessive care—and allowing you to leave your home for weeks at a time without handing out house keys. With the accompanying Planty smartphone app, users can receive real-time push notifications about their plant’s soil moisture, temperature and light exposure, and can override the automatic watering feature to water their plants on-demand with the tap of a button. Planty is also building a social community where users can share updates about their plant's health and receive tips from experienced growers—all available within the app.

The Smart Garden

Those looking for edible growth options should look to the Smart Garden from Click and Grow. Featuring "NASA-inspired smart soil," the clever cultivation system is a set-it-and-forget-it indoor garden, complete with built-in water tank and grow lamp, that can provide users with a wide-range of salad greens, vegetables, herbs and flowers. The Smart Garden is also a smart solution for homeowners for whom size is a consideration. The countertop device can consistently deliver plant-based delectables without monopolizing a lot of precious kitchen space.

The Smart Garden is available for $99 or $199, depending on model size.

If you want to grow more substantial and varied fare, consider the Niwa, an indoor garden system that eschews the need for soil altogether. The entirely hydroponic device features a climate-controlled growing chamber, automated irrigation and energy-efficient lighting, and is capable of growing fruits and vegetables including strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, leafy greens and more. Users can control and keep tabs on their garden with the rich Niwa companion app that allows users to simply pick the plant they want to grow before the intelligent incubator sets about building the perfect environment for their selection. Throughout the cultivation process, users will be able to track the progress of their fruits and vegetables through an in-depth app experience.

The Niwa is available for $499 to $599, depending on model size and features.

Vincross Hexa

Water, sun, the right temperature—there are a lot of elements that go into making sure our house plants have healthy lives. Yet our floor and furniture-bound flora is entirely—and unfortunately—impassive and incapable of communicating or achieving its own needs. At least that’s what Chinese roboticist and entrepreneur Sun Tianqi, CEO of robotics firm Vincross, was thinking when he modded his own robot, the Hexa, to become a succulent-transporting, mobile plant pot. Like a playful spider with a haircut of desert flora, the hacked Hexa is capable of seeking out the sun, finding shade when it gets too hot and doing a little dance when it needs water. The cute conveyance device will even take a tongue-in-cheek swipe at any humans who get too close.

While Vincross has not announced any plans to release the modded Hexa, enterprising amateur roboticists can buy the original automaton for $949.

ruby Posted on October 29, 2018 11:33

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La Liga threatens to take Fifa to court over plans for Barcelona vs Girona to be played in Miami

La Liga has threatened to take Fifa to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (Cas) should world football’s governing officially oppose its plans for a Spanish league match to be played in Miami.

In August La Liga announced a controversial 15-year deal with US company Relevent Sports which included a stipulation to play one match per season in America, and scheduled a game between Girona and Barcelona in Florida at the end of January.

Fifa joined the Spanish FA on Friday in publicly opposing the move, with president Gianni Infantino telling the Fifa council that league matches should be played in their home country.

“The Fifa council of course discussed this matter and this proposal to host an official game of La Liga outside of Spain, in Miami in particular,” Infantino said after the meeting in Rwanda.

“The council emphasised the sporting principle that official match leagues must be played within the territory of the respective member association. So the council has clear views on that.”

© Reuters File: La Liga President Javier Tebas poses

La Liga president Javier Tebas last month said he was 90 per cent sure the game would take place in the US and the league has now threatened to turn to Cas, should Fifa attempt to officially block the proposal.

A La Liga spokesman said: “Should we receive official notification from Fifa that they prohibit the match, we will take the case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport urgently.”

Related Gallery: Ranked! Every Premier League club by how ‘big’ they are (Provided by FourFourTwo)

khojho Posted on October 29, 2018 11:08

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'Our king is dead' Stunned Leicester mourns as City owner and beauty queen among 5 killed

OWNER of Leicester City Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha was among five people who were killed in a tragic helicopter crash outside the King Power Stadium, the club confirmed on Sunday night. Thai billionaire businessman Srivaddhanaprabha, 61, and five other people were on board the eight-seater helicopter when it went down and exploded into a fireball outside the stadium on Saturday night. All the passengers on board were killed after the helicopter plummeted to the ground in a car park 45 minutes after Leicester City’s 1-1 draw with West Ham in the Premier League. The club announced their deaths in a statement posted to Twitter more than 24 hours after the disaster caused reeling players and supporters to broke down in tears as flames engulfed the aircraft at around 8:30pm last night. 

In a heartfelt statement, the club "the world had lost a great man" in Srivaddhanaprabha, who was chairman during the team's famous against-all-odds Premier League title winning season of 2015-16.  Hundreds have laid floral tributes at King Power Stadium, with one fan saying "it feels like our king is dead". Leicestershire Police said the others who died in the helicopter crash were Nursara Suknamai and Kaveporn Punpare, who were members of Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha's staff, as well as pilot Eric Swaffer and passenger Izabela Roza Lechowicz. No one else is believed to have been injured in the crash, which has sent shockwaves through the footballing world.

In a statement, the football club said: "It is with the deepest regret and a collective broken heart that we confirm our chairman, Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, was among those to have tragically lost their lives on Saturday evening when a helicopter carrying him and four other people crashed outside King Power Stadium. None of the five people on-board survived.

"The primary thoughts of everyone at the club are with the Srivaddhanaprabha family and the families of all those on-board at this time of unspeakable loss."In Khun Vichai, the world has lost a great man. A man of kindness, of generosity and a man whose life was defined by the love he devoted to his family and those he so successfully led."City was a family under his leadership. It is as a family that we will grieve his passing and maintain the pursuit of a vision for the club that is now his legacy."A book of condolence, which will be shared with the Srivaddhanaprabha family, will be opened at King Power Stadium from 8am on Tuesday 30 October for supporters wishing to pay their respects."


HERO: Pilot Eric Swaffer, who steered the helicopter away from fans as it crashed to the ground (Pic: FACEBOOK/ERIC SWAFFER)

FAN: Eric was a regular attendee of Leicester City games, and took this picture (Pic: FACEBOOK/ERIC SWAFFER)

VICTIM: Also among the dead is chairman to Leicester's assistant Kaveporn Punpare (Pic: FACEBOOK/KAVEPORN PUNPARE)

The club said Tuesday's first team fixture against Southampton in the EFL Cup and the development squad fixture against Feyenoord in the Premier League International Cup had been postponed.

Pilots Eric Swaffer, 53, and Izabela Roza Lechowicz, 46, were confirmed to be among the dead, Leicestershire Police said. Also among the victims are Thai beauty queen Nursara Suknamai and Vichai's assistant Kaveporn Punpare. Superintendent Steve Potter said: “This is an incredibly tragic incident in which five people are understood have lost their lives. “Emergency services were immediately on scene when the crash happened, working to put out the fire and gain access to the helicopter in attempts to reach those inside. Despite those efforts, there were no survivors." 

DISTRESSING: Supporters and players were left shellshocked by the crash (Pic: SKY NEWS)

PARTNER: Flight instructor Izabela Lechowicz, left, was also onboard (Pic: FACEBOOK/IZABELA LECHOWICZ)

The pilot of the doomed "out of control" helicopter has been hailed a "hero" for appearing to steer it towards a safer landing place. Had the helicopter landed elsewhere near crowds leaving the stadium, on the road or on a house, there could have been mass casualties. Sky Sports cameraman Dan Cox, who saw the helicopter take off, said the pilot appeared to guide the aircraft to a place where there would be minimal threat to life. Ariel pictures show the helicopter, which took off around 8:30pm, crash landed in a largely empty part of the stadium’s grounds, potentially saving hundreds of lives. Cox said: "To my mind the pilot was heroic and the two police officers in front of me, who also tried to help, they are heroes too."It could have been so much worse if the pilot hadn't done that.”

The air accident watchdog has launched an investigation into why the aircraft fell to earth in a car park near the stadium. 

Witnesses said the helicopter seemed to spiral out of control moments after it set off from Leicester's stadium at about 8.30pm on Saturday and plummeted into the car park.

Mr Srivaddhanaprabha, who became chairman of the club in 2011, is known for arriving and leaving the stadium in his helicopter at home games.

The aircraft's manufacturers said it was the first accident involving one of its Agusta Westland AW169 helicopters.

CHARRED REMAINS: Police are yet to reveal if anyone on board the helicopter survived (Pic: SKY NEWS)

The tragedy is being described as the "darkest day" in the club's history, and mourners began laying wreaths near the stadium on Sunday morning. Bouquets, flags and football shirts have been left outside the ground by members of the public on Sunday morning alongside a large image of the Hindu god Ganesh which was also propped up amidst the flowers. A small candle was placed in front of the flowers as more people gradually gathered to pray for anybody who may have been on the helicopter. Messages from fans on the flowers included "In our thoughts!!" and "Thank you xx". One fan left a card of a fox with their flowers which read: "Thinking of you all."

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BREAKING: Angela Merkel QUITS – German leader standing down from CDU

ANGELA Merkel has dramatically announced she is standing down from her role as head of the CDU.The German leader told leaders of her Christian Democrats (CDU) Party that she will not seek re-election as party chairwoman in December – something that would spell the end of her time as Chancellor. Merkel has been CDU chairwoman since 2000 and her favoured successor is CDU party secretary-general Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. She and her party are still reeling from catastrophic election losses, with her coalition partner, the centre-left SPD party, warning it might quit the government after another hammering in a regional election. The SPD got just 19.8% of the vote in the region of Hesse on Sunday compared to 30.7% five years ago.

Merkel's own party, the centre-right CDU party also did badly with 27.2% compared to 38.3% last time around. She has faced intense criticisms from German voters over her migrant policy that saw over a million people flood into the country in just 12 months. Support for the far-right AfD party has surged, with them gaining 13.2% of the vote – meaning they are now entering regional parliaments in all 16 German states. "The message to the parties ruling in Berlin is: People want fewer disputes and more focus on the important issues," the CDU's Hesse state premier Volker Bouffier said.

THRASHED: Angela Merkel this morning after taking a battering at the polls (Pic: GETTY)

"The election was a success on all fronts," the AfD's Hesse leader, Joerg Meuthen, said. But the Greens, who also did well in Bavaria, said the regional votes had shown that the CDU and its Bavarian sister party, the CSU, had been punished for trying to copy AfD rhetoric in a bid to poach far-right votes. "People thought elections can only be won on the far right," Green party co-leader Robert Habeck said. "Passion, optimism and pro-European politics can apparently also mobilise support," he added. Merkel's weakness at home may limit her capacity to lead in the European Union at a time when the bloc is dealing with Brexit, a budget crisis in Italy and the prospect of populist parties making gains at European Parliament elections next May.



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Leicester City helicopter crash: Owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha ‘among those on board’

Leicester City chairman and owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha was among five people who were on board a helicopter which crashed next to the club’s stadium on Saturday, a source close to the investigation has told The Independent.

Witnesses said the helicopter seemed to spiral out of control moments after it set off from Leicester's King Power Stadium at about 8.30pm on Saturday and plummeted into an adjacent car park.

Another witness said he saw Leicester player Kasper Schmeichel run out of the stadium towards the scene of the crash.

Flowers and scarves outside the stadium.

A spokesman from Leicestershire Police said: “The aircraft came down in a car park near the stadium shortly after 8.30pm, with Leicestershire Police, East Midlands Ambulance Service and Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service all responding to the incident.”

East Midlands Ambulance Service said the alarm was raised at 8.38pm and it sent a doctor, ambulance and team of paramedics alongside a hazardous area response team to the car park outside the stadium.

The club's owner is known for arriving and leaving the stadium in his helicopter at home games.

The website Planefinder said that Mr Srivaddhanaprabha's Agusta Westland AW169 helicopter set off from near Fairoaks Airport in Surrey at about 2.45pm on Saturday, and travelled into Fulham, west London, before turning north and proceeding to the King Power Stadium in Leicester.

Mr Srivaddhanaprabha, who owns the King Power company, bought Leicester in 2010 and became chairman the following February, leading the club as they became Premier League champions in 2015-16.

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Ozil criticised for lack of courage and passion by Souness

The 30-year-old midfielder was underwhelming as Arsenal drew with Crystal Palace on Sunday, drawing some sharp words from the ex-Liverpool star

Mesut Ozil has been called out for his failure to have an impact in Arsenal's 2-2 draw with Crystal Palace on Sunday.

Granit Xhaka and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang struck as Arsenal recovered from an early Luka Milivojevic penalty to take the lead at Selhurst Park, but the Serbian midfielder converted again in the closing stages to share the spoils.

Ozil was substituted after 68 minutes having made just one key pass for his side, and Souness joked that he showed more emotion as walked off than he ever has on the field before.

Related Slideshow: Mesut Özil- His career in pictures (provided by Deutsche Welle)

"To be fair, Ozil showed a great deal of passion when he was subbed today," he said on Sky Sports. "That's the most I've ever seen him show in a game of football.

"You're the captain, when you're on the pitch show courage to get on the ball when you're not dominating. Show real passion, maybe you're not built for it but certainly make an attempt to make a few challenges and win the ball back for your team.

"He doesn't do that. I'm sorry to harp on about him a bit but a man with that much talent should influence games like that."

Souness has called out the attacking midfielder already this season, prompting Ozil to say this week that he merely laughs off the former Liverpool star and manager's critiques.

"I don't listen to these people - I just listen to my coach and my people who say things straight to my face," he said. "So of course, if I play bad, I know that just as I know when I play well.

"The most important thing is that the coach can help me - if I make mistakes he can tell me, we can speak and I can improve for the future.

"But if people just say bad things about me because they want to be in the newspaper - I know that and I don't care about them."

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Frustration for Mesut Ozil and Arsenal as Crystal Palace end Gunners' winning run

Luka Milivojevic achieved redemption by scoring a brace of penalties as Crystal Palace ended Arsenal's winning run with a deserved draw at Selhurst Park.

Arsenal had looked on course to record a 12th consecutive win in all competitions after a superb Granit Xhaka free-kick and a controversial Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang strike had cancelled out Milivojevic's penalty on the stroke of half-time.

But the Palace captain, who missed from 12 yards in the defeat at Everton last weekend, made no mistake in securing a 2-2 draw when referee Martin Atkinson awarded the hosts a second penalty of the afternoon.

The goals were the first scored at home in the league by the Eagles this season and earned them a share of the spoils against an in-form Arsenal side who had again started the game slowly.

Arsenal winning run comes to an end

© Provided by Independent Digital News & Media Limited cpfcars281018r.jpg Start slowly, finish strongly: this was becoming the template for Unai Emery’s Arsenal. They were’t quite able to pull off the trick here, however, being held to a 2-2 draw which ends their remarkable winning sequence at 11 games.

In recent weeks they have not been fully punished for starting slowly but Luka Milivojevic’s first-half penalty gave Crystal Palace a lead they deserved on balance.


The Gunners needed to improve and they duly did so with Granit Xhaka’s stunning 51st minute free-kick quickly restoring parity.

There was an element of fortune to Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s 56th minute goal as it appeared Alexandre Lacazette handled the ball as it would its way to the back post but just as the Gunners threatened victory, Milivojevic struck again.

Palace finally break their duck

© Provided by Local News RSS EN-GB cpfcars281018y.jpg Palace would have equalled the top-flight record of five consecutive home matches without scoring had they failed to find the net here and it appeared their frustration was set to continue in the opening 45 minutes.

Andros Townsend and Wilfried Zaha went close – the latter hitting the post – before Shkodran Mustafi’s clumsy tackle on Cheikhou Kouyate gave Milivojevic a chance from 12 yards in first-half stoppage time.

The Serbian international missed a penalty in last weekend’s defeat to Everton but made no mistake this time.

The relief around Selhurst Park was palpable. Milivojevic repeated the trick when Xhaka fouled Zaha seven minutes from time for only their second home point of the campaign.

The ever-changing fortunes of Ozil

© Provided by Independent Digital News & Media Limited cpfcars281018i.jpg It is less than a week since Mesut Ozil produced a sublime performance against Leicester City, prompting widespread praise hailing his world-class talent and justification of his £350,000-a-week salary.

Six days later – after sitting out the match at Sporting Lisbon despite making the trip to Portugal – the 29-year-old endured one of his quieter afternoons and was substituted with 22 minutes left.

Ozil threw his gloves to the ground in a show of dissent which Emery will not welcome and the two contrasting displays only underline why he is such a polarising figure for so many players.

Leno is Arsenal’s No1

© Provided by Independent Digital News & Media Limited cpfcars281018o.jpg Petr Cech has been fit for Arsenal’s last two matches and started neither. The 36-year-old declared himself available for the trip to Sporting Lisbon following a hamstring injury but was left back in London, it initially appeared with a view to playing at Selhurst Park.

However, Leno retained his place and therefore now appears to be Emery’s preferred option. Wednesday’s EFL Cup clash with Blackpool affords another chance for rotation but with Liverpool visiting Emirates Stadium on Saturday evening, Cech now faces an uphill struggle to earn a recall despite starting their first seven League games of the season.

© Provided by Independent Digital News & Media Limited

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Antonio Conte set to replace Julen Lopetegui TODAY as Real Madrid run out of patience

Real Madrid will reportedly appoint Antonio Conte as their new manager today.


Julen Lopetegui will pay the price for the club's dreadful start to the season that sees them languishing in ninth place in La Liga.

Real were humbled 5-1 by rivals Barcelona on Sunday with Luis Suarez scoring a hat-trick.

And former Chelsea boss Conte will take over after coming to a settlement agreement with his former club.

Real have lost five of their last seven matches in all competitions, winning just once.

© Credits: Toni Albir/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock It took Barca just 11 minutes to take the lead through Philippe Coutinho and his former Liverpool team-mate Suarez made it 2-0 in the 30th minute from a penalty that was awarded following consultation with VAR. 

Marcelo pulled a goal back as Real improved at the start of the second half but Barca struck three times in the final 15 minutes - Suarez completing his hat-trick and Arturo Vidal wrapping things up - to clinch a win that leaves them a point clear at LaLiga's summit.

Related: Antonio Conte's best 8 moments in the premier league as Chelsea manager

Lopetegui was defiant at full-time but will be given the boot just months after taking over.

The Spaniard was sacked by his national team on the eve of the World Cup after news was leaked that he would take over from Zinedine Zidane at the Bernabeu.

He said: "I'm sad and it's a tough one, but it's only October and I have the strength to think that we can turn this around and I have confidence in the group.

© AFP Out of work Antonio Conte could be set for a new job in football

"Little by little the players are finding form and we've had a lot of injuries. I can continue to lead this group without a doubt.

"A defeat is always hard and against Barcelona even more so. We had the opportunity to turn it around, creating clear chances to draw and win the game in the second half. In the first they were superior and in the second we changed things and were better.

"The result doesn't reflect the game, but it's like that. In the first half we had chances, but the penalty set us back. In the second half we hit the woodwork and had a lot of chances. It wasn't to be.

"We can only blame ourselves for not having had the ball and not making them run more. With the score at 3-1 the match was effectively over."

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Bullet-ridden Bible 'saved First World War soldier's life'

The daughter of a man who was injured in the First World War says a Bible containing two gunshot scars from a German machine gun saved her father's life.

Private Leslie Friston, who served as a nurse with the Royal Army Medical Corps, was blinded and had respiratory problems after a gas attack in 1917.

As the 23-year-old was recovering in a makeshift hospital bed, a German plane passed overhead and machine-gunned the building's tin roof.

Two of the bullets struck his soldier's Bible, which was on his bedside table.

"He said the Bible saved his life as it took the brunt of the attack," his daughter, Ena Thompson, said.

WWI in colour

In what he calls a passion project, Peter Jackson sharpens and steadies 100-year-old film, bringing soldiers' 'faces to life'

Mrs Thompson, 87, added: "If the bullets had landed just a few inches further towards him, he would not have survived - and I wouldn't be here today."

After surviving the war, Private Friston, from Surbiton in Surrey, brought the Bible home with him. He passed away in 1958.

"He was incredibly lucky and I think he knew this as he kept the Bible with him for the rest of his life," Mrs Thompson said.

He did not want to talk about his experiences, however.

Mrs Thompson explained: "I used to ask him 'Would you tell me about the war...?' and he would say 'No, I don't want to talk about it.'"

Private Friston's younger brother, Edward, died during the war at the age of 19 while his elder brother Tom survived.

His sight returned and he ran a grocery store in Hampton, southwest London.

Mrs Thompson said her father's Bible was "such as special thing", adding: "It still has his name and his service number in it which he wrote.

"When I hold the Bible I just get a special feeling. It might sound a bit strange but it makes me feel comfortable and happy.

"It's a nice feeling that it saved his life. It makes me feel close to him."

Mrs Thompson was speaking as part of the Royal British Legion's 2018 Poppy Appeal.

"I am extremely thankful to the WWI generation for all they did for us," she said.

"It's hard to imagine what the world would be like if things had gone differently all those years ago.

"We owe it to that generation to remember their sacrifices."

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Brazil presidential election: Jair Bolsonaro, dubbed country's Donald Trump, wins contest

Far-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro has won Brazil's presidential election following a divisive campaign.

Official results show he won 56% of the vote with 94% of ballots counted, in Sunday's run-off against Fernando Haddad of the left-wing Workers Party.

In a victory speech broadcast live on Facebook, the president-elect vowed to "change Brazil's destiny together" and pledged to follow "the bible and the constitution".

Dubbed Brazil's Donald Trump, his policies include loosening gun ownership laws and allowing police to use more force.

His numbers jumped by around 15% in September after he was stabbed in the stomach during a campaign event.

Supporters celebrated in the streets after the win

His campaign also pledged a crackdown on crime and he plans to ease restrictions on the development of indigenous lands, privatise many state enterprises and reform pensions.


Supporters celebrated in the streets, setting off fireworks at Rio de Janeiro's Copacabana beach, and in Sao Paulo they gathered on the central avenue with banners and flags.

Donald Trump also phoned the president elect to congratulate him, and both leaders expressed a commitment to work together.

Casting himself as a political outsider, Mr Bolsonaro ran a campaign characterised by violent talk and far-right positions, including praise for Brazil's 1964-1985 military dictatorship, support for torture, and outright racism, misogyny and homophobia.


Two years ago he commented that the dictatorship's mistake was "to torture and not kill" leftist dissidents, and during his campaign he vowed to send opponents "into exile or into prison".

The former army captain has commented that he would rather his sons die than come out as gay, and told a female politician that she "wasn't worth raping".

His opponent Mr Haddad had warned on Sunday that democracy and freedom were "at risk" in the election, echoing widespread fears that a Bolsonaro win would spell disaster for human rights and civil liberties.

But for a majority of Brazilian voters that did not eclipse the appeal of a man seen as promising radical change, in a country mired by years of political corruption, violence and an economic recession.

Mr Bolsonaro made a speech on Facebook livestream. Pic: Jair Messias Bolsonaro / Facebook

Many in the country are furious with the Workers Party over its involvement in a graft scheme known as the carwash, and Mr Bolsonaro has pledged to crack down on corruption and reduce the number of state ministries.

Mr Bolsonaro was a clear front runner for much of the campaign, winning 46% to Mr Haddad's 29% in the first round of elections on 7 October.

But the race narrowed after last-minute criticism over the weekend - including from a supreme court justice who tweeted he was "scared" by a Bolsonaro presidency, and a prominent YouTuber.

In a highly unusual move supreme court justice Jose Dias Toffoli read parts of the constitution to reporters after he voted, stressing that "the future president must respect institutions, must respect democracy, the rule of law".

Following news of his defeat Mr Haddad, with around 44% of the vote, vowed to "defend the freedoms of the 45 million" people who backed him in the election.

The left-winger had promised to bring back the boom years Brazil experienced under left-winger Lula da Silva, who led initial polls by a wide margin but was banned from running in the election due to a corruption conviction.

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