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Cyntoia Brown, sentenced to life for killing a man when she was a teen, is released from prison

In 2006, Brown was convicted of first-degree murder and aggravated robbery and sentenced to life in prison.

The life sentence meant she would not have been eligible for parole until she was in her late 60s, which Haslam previously said was “too harsh, especially in light of the extraordinary steps Ms. Brown has taken to rebuild her life.”

“Transformation should be accompanied by hope,” Haslam said.

[Cyntoia Brown, sentenced to life for murder as teen, is granted clemency]

In a statement read by her attorneys at a news conference after Haslam commuted her sentence, Brown thanked the governor for his “act of mercy in giving me a second chance.”

“I am thankful for all the support, prayers and encouragement I have received,” Brown said. “We truly serve a God of second chances and new beginnings.” Placed for adoption by a mother who abused alcohol, Brown had run away from her adoptive parents’ home in the months before the murder, according to court documents.

The conditions of Brown’s release require her, among other things, to participate in regular counseling sessions and maintain a regular commitment to community service, according to the Tennessee Department of Corrections.

Brown’s story spread widely in the fall of 2017 amid the #MeToo movement. Supporters rallied around her case with the hashtag #FreeCyntoiaBrown, calling it an example of unjust incarceration of children and victims of sex trafficking, particularly young women of color. Kardashian highlighted the case to President Trump in a meeting in May.

Attorneys working on behalf of Brown also petitioned the state’s parole board to commute her sentence, citing her experiences as a sex trafficking victim and adversities during her childhood. Experts had testified in court proceedings that Brown may have suffered from fetal alcohol syndrome in utero, affecting her mental state at the time of the crime.

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Woman Sneaks Into Old Abandoned House, Only To Find A Lonely Man Standing In The Living Room

Urban exploration (UE) is the exploration of man-made structures, places usually abandoned or hidden from the general public. Like many urban explorers, the man behind UE-based blog Freaktography is always fascinated by one particular idea…

…What if it’s not abandoned?

That’s exactly what the following story is all about. “The Tourist,” a.k.a Leslie, is a popular Ontario-based urban explorer and photographer who posts beautiful photos of abandoned structures on Instagram. Freaktography became a fan of her work, saying, “My Instagram feed is always full of great photos from all of the talented explorers whom I follow and I was always pleasantly surprised with how The Tourist made something as simple as a photo of an empty chair in a barn seem interesting with a curious caption and perfectly lit with natural light through a window.”

In June of 2015, The Tourist began posting a new series of photos that changed the game of urban exploration — and Freaktography is helping turn her incredible story into a viral sensation.

On her birthday, The Tourist was heading home after a long day of exploration. On a whim, she decided to stop at a house that had caught her attention for some time. Little did she know that behind those doors was something — or someone — who would change her life forever.

Leslie, a.k.a “The Tourist” is an urban explorer who explores and photographs abandoned buildings in Ontario.

On her birthday in 2015, she made one last stop at a house that had always intrigued her.

She had no idea that stepping inside that house would change her life forever.

“This is Lawrence. He lives in a house I had believed to be abandoned. The driveway is overgrown, the roof is caving in and the interior would lead anyone to believe this land had been deserted. I found him in the living room. He has a hard time getting around so he spends most of his time in there. Alone.

He is missing his right eye and has cataracts infecting the left. Even after noticing a stranger essentially helping themselves to his life he was nothing but sweet and kind to me. He was even nice enough to let me take his picture which I will always treasure.

He is a beautiful soul and I plan on visiting him a lot. I’m posting this picture in hopes that it will inspire at least one person to reach out to someone they may have lost contact with or perhaps just forgot about. These old souls are still full of life and I feel blessed to have met this one.” 

“The house that stole my heart – this is the exterior of my new friends home. Tonight we sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful evening. He explained to me how his injuries started in 2000 when a bull fractured his hip. He told me of his brothers illness and how they have lost touch.

He said I was a blessing to him. I told him I couldn’t put into words what he means to me.”

“Tonight was the first of what will be many dinner dates with my new friend. Over the course of 3 hours we ate and drank and laughed. I was fortunate enough to hear about his life.. His struggles and his triumphs.

This truly was one of the best experiences of my life & I can’t wait to share another meal with such a gentle soul.”

“Dinner dates done right. Keep your promises.”

“An update on my friend – he is in good spirits and is very happy to have some room in his home. I’ve managed to remove his old fridge, stove, and chest freezer, along with numerous bags of garbage and other content. This was all made possible by a very generous company and a few awesome boys with big hearts and strong lower backs. I can’t thank everyone enough for their support and generosity during this period in my life – and in his. He is beyond grateful, not just to me. He knows you are all following his story ????

After a few recent visits to the doctors, it’s apparent that his health is declining, rapidly. These may be the last few months I have with my friend and I plan to make them as comfortable and enjoyable for him as possible. He’s informed me of his funeral arrangements and has asked me to be there. I told him I wouldn’t have it any other way.

He shared something with me that will stay with me forever. He said the day I showed up was the best day of his life. As self righteous as I feel writing that, I understand how he feels. The best day of my life was when I met him. He gave me the chance to really do something for someone – an act of kindness with no expectation of reward. It’s a rare opportunity and I’m glad I was able to accept the challenge.”

“A few weeks ago my friend asked if I would go to a church BBQ with him … Our first outing!!! I was so happy he had asked me and couldn’t wait to go. Tonight was our dinner date … The food was amazing .. Provided by the local farmers in the neighbourhood and way too much pie baked by all their lovely wives. It was great to see him out of the house and around the people he’s known his whole life.

Driving home tonight I couldn’t help but think to myself how lucky I am to have this opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful persons life. My friend is truly a blessing.”

“Well it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything about this handsome fella so I figured I’d give everyone following his story an update. After a prolonged stay at two different hospitals after his last stroke, Lawrence is now living at a local retirement home and doing much better. He’s safe and warm and seems to be fairly happy to be around some new people, although I know he misses home.

I bring my dog Violet with me when I go for my visits, and she has now become a favorite around the home and she seems to enjoy herself thoroughly (indulging in yet another cookie as seen above). His birthday is coming up shortly (Valentines day) and we can’t wait to celebrate with him, properly…”

“Happy birthday To this young fella.”

This is such an incredible story; it must’ve been fate that led Leslie to Lawrence’s home.

stella Posted on August 07, 2019 14:07

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I Was Framed By The Police And Sentenced To 50 Years To Life. Here’s How I Got Free.

When California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) announced that he would not execute anyone during his term as governor, he said he worried that an innocent person could be executed. For me, this is not academic or hypothetical. Although I was not sentenced to death, I was sentenced to death by incarceration ? 50 years to life.


Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard.

I was exonerated because of a series of incredibly lucky breaks, fateful meetings and chance encounters with multiple lawyers devoted to proving my innocence. If I had been in a different county, I could have been sentenced to death. If one lucky break had fallen the other way, I could still be imprisoned, almost certain to die in prison.

I was unlucky for seven years. Then I got lucky.

I was unlucky when the police assigned to the case decided that doing actual investigative work was difficult. I was unlucky when they showed a purported eyewitness my photo, pointed to it and told her: “Isn’t it Trulove? Are you sure it wasn’t Trulove?” She said no, it wasn’t.

I was lucky because a kid was sitting in the police station, handcuffed to a bench. This kid saw this happening, right in front of him. He didn’t care then. But he remembered. Especially that name. Trulove.

I was unlucky because the police decided not to record or take notes of many of the interviews with this woman, including the interview where she said it wasn’t me.

Later, at trial, the police said the tape recorder had malfunctioned or that the tapes were lost, or maybe both. I was unlucky when, days later, after unrecorded promises, the woman eventually gave the police more or less what they wanted. She said I “looked” like the person who could have been the shooter.

I was unlucky when the district attorney decided that in order to get this woman to testify against me, authorities would move her and give her $63,000 for all housing and food costs for years. This was more than she had ever made in her life. They also moved her sister, too, just to sweeten the pot. I was unlucky because after she received this compensation, the woman became certain that I was the shooter.

I was unlucky that the deputy district attorney who was assigned to prosecute me committed prosecutorial misconduct. I was unlucky when I was convicted on this flimsy testimony and a closing argument that, as the appellate court later said, “was a yarn made out of whole cloth.”

I was lucky one day when I was waiting to be sent to state prison. In my 12-man bunk, this kid came in and sat on his top bunk. I walked past. I had a neck tattoo with my mother’s name on it: “Cheryl Trulove.”

This kid said, “Hey, I heard that name before. Trulove. That’s the name the cops were saying when they pointed at their clipboard with a photograph and asked this woman, ‘Isn’t it Trulove?  Are you sure it wasn’t Trulove?’”

I was lucky when this young man agreed to testify. He was a stranger to me, and he was testifying about what the cops did. He was accused of lying. I was unlucky when the prosecutor hid the police report from my lawyer and the judge ? the report that showed that, yep, this young man was in the police station that night all those years ago, exactly when and where he said he was.

I was unlucky when I was sentenced to 50 years to life in prison. I was unlucky because this was a time when California’s prisons were dangerously overcrowded. I was unlucky when I saw people getting killed in prison. I was unlucky when I was sliced because I did not know to give up my bunk to a gang member. I was unlucky when I missed my children’s birthdays, and Christmases, and Halloween, and their first days of school.

I was unlucky when I was in prison and received a letter from a court-appointed appellate attorney who had a different client’s name on the form letter he sent to me. I was lucky that my family then found an appellate attorney, Marc Zilversmit, who not only attacked the strength of the prosecution’s case but reopened the investigation.

Marc, through luck and hard work, found true eyewitnesses who knew I hadn’t been the shooter but had never been called to testify. I was lucky to have my case assigned to an appellate division in a court that took a hard look at my case and overturned my conviction.

I was lucky when Alex Reisman and Kate Chatfield were appointed to represent me. I was lucky that they pored over the autopsy report and ballistics evidence and gathered evidence that revealed that the eyewitness’s story was physically and scientifically impossible.

I was lucky that they traveled to state prison to meet the kid who had seen what the police did.  I was lucky when they got that previously hidden police report.

Police hid evidence. Their stories contradicted each other. They wrote notes in police files in pencil so that exculpatory notes could be erased.

I was lucky when Kate and Alex teamed up with Nick Brustin and Anna Benvenutti Hoffman at Neufeld Scheck & Brustin to sue the police officers. Then, even more evidence of the police wrongdoing came out in discovery.

Police hid evidence. Their stories contradicted each other. They wrote notes in police files in pencil so that exculpatory notes could be erased. But I was lucky that the master file was brought to court and the pages could be held up to the light. The jury could then see what the erased notes said.

I was lucky when I was awarded $13.1 million for my wrongful conviction. I was unlucky because I will never get those years back. I will never get my children’s childhood back.

Our justice system should not come down to luck. One should not get to live or die based on luck.  But it happens. Every day in this country, it happens.

Now, we Californians are all lucky that we have a governor who won’t let it happen on his watch.

Jamal Trulove was born and raised in the Sunnydale Housing Projects in San Francisco. He was an aspiring hip-hop star and actor when, in 2008, he was arrested and subsequently convicted of a murder he did not commit. His conviction was overturned in 2014 for prosecutorial misconduct. In 2015, he was retried and acquitted. He filed a lawsuit for his wrongful conviction, and in 2018, a federal jury found that San Francisco police officers fabricated evidence against him and withheld exculpatory evidence. The jury awarded him $10 million. San Francisco later settled his case for $13.1 million. Jamal plays Kofi in the movie “The Last Black Man in San Francisco.”

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‘Blood soaked killer told police he’d stomped girlfriend to death with his bare feet’ Read more: Twitter:

A blood-soaked man told police that he stomped his girlfriend to death with his bare feet, it is claimed. James Warren Thomas Jr, 54. reportedly strangled, stomped, and beat 61-year-old Cythia Waldroup to death on Sunday – then immediately admitted it to responding officers.

Police said they found Thomas ‘covered in blood’ inside a home in Marbury, Alabama. He then confessed to killing Waldroup with his ‘bare feet,’ according to court records. Authorities said Thomas and Waldroup had an on-off romantic relationship. Police found Wouldroup’s body in the home with Thomas. Thomas made his first court appearance on Monday in Autauga District Court, wearing an orange jumpsuit while restrained by handcuffs.

Judge Joy Booth asked Thomas a series of questions to which he only replied ‘yes ma’am’ and ‘no ma’am.’ He was being held at the Autaugua Metro Jail on a $150,000 cash bond, but prosecutors asked the judge to raise the bond amount, according to the Montgomery Advertiser.

Assistant District Attorney Sarah Speakes said: ‘We ask for a substantial increase in bond, while retaining the cash only stipulation. ‘The nature of the crime judge, the level of violence, we certainly feel that Mr Thomas is a threat to the community.’ Thomas had previously been convicted for domestic violence against Waldroup in 2018. He spent 90 days in prison for that offense. Judge Booth asked Thomas about his finance after she was asked to raise his bond.

He told the judge that he was declared disabled five years ago because of blackouts and seizures. Thomas said he used to be a bricklayer, but now receives a monthly disability check.

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Man, 33, can't go abroad as his surname is 'too rude' for passport

A man has been stopped from going abroad - as his surname has been deemed too rude to be written on a passport.

Kenny Kennard changed his surname by deed poll to 'Fu-Kennard' for a laugh a few years ago, but now the joke has backfired.


Despite the 33-year-old former squaddie getting a driving license under his new moniker he has been told he cannot have it on a passport.

When it expired earlier this year and he applied for a new one, his application was denied because his name "may cause offence".

The supermarket worker from Bude, Cornwall, has contested HM Passport Office's verdict three times- but the Home Office has refused to budge.

Keen traveller Kenny said he doesn't want to change his name again - so faces a life of UK holidays instead.

He said: "I'd decided to change my name to Fu-Kennard a few years back.

"When I had to apply for a driving licence, it was accepted fine, so I figured it wouldn't make much difference in applying for a passport.

"How wrong I was.

"I got refused on grounds that my name could cause offence or was vulgar.

"So I complained, but they upheld their decision so I complained again. I was then told they'd keep the fee for administration costs.

"If I wanted to take the matter further, they said I'd need to contact my MP.

"So I wrote to MP Scott Mann, and he replied saying they're within their remit to refuse.

"Now I'm skint with no passport, like a prisoner in my own country.

"On the one hand, I find the whole thing funny - as do all of my friends.

"But I'm also finding it hard to believe the name could be construed as anything but funny and slightly ridiculous. It's just a joke.

"I agree with Home Office policy that not all names are acceptable, such as racial hate words or anything that invokes hatred.

"'Fu-Kennard' is not offensive, and I object to them denying my chosen name."

Kenny first changed his name to 'Coco Kenny' when he was 16, but after he joined the Army aged 19 he said he was told to change it back because it was "immature".

After eight years serving his country, Kenny decided to "change it to something with a bit of 'fun' about it".

Knowing that he'd be applying for 'normal' jobs, he knew to "play it a bit safe" - and settled for 'Fu-Kennard' because "not everyone gets the joke".

"Life's too short to be boring," he said.

Kenny successfully applied for a driving licence in 2016, so had no reason to suspect that it would be any different applying for a passport.

But the Home Office dismissed his application on three occasions in May, June and July this year, citing Section 2 on its longstanding policy on changing names.

The official guidelines list a series of "names that may cause outrage or offence" that could be classed as "unacceptable" and not fit for a passport.

They include "the use of swear words; sexually explicit references; inappropriate religious connotation; is vulgar, offensive, or libellous to an individual; makes use of a name of a person living or dead which may cause public concern".

The guidance also states: "This applies to phonetic, as well as actual use of words comprising of part or the entire name."

In a letter dated June 25, the office even advised that it would even retain Kenny's £94.75 application fee "to cover the costs of administration".

Bemused and bewildered, Kenny wrote to local Tory MP Scott Mann, whose office also supported HM Passport Office's decision.

The July 29 letter from Mr Mann's office stated - under Section 2 of Home Office policy, concerning 'unacceptable names' - HM Passport Office was "within its remit to refuse your request for a passport under the name you have chosen".

Kenny said the Home Office has told him it will only proceed with an application for a passport if he either changed his name to one that was acceptable - or uses his previous name.

Their letter dated July 11 stated: "Your application is deemed to contain a name, which may cause offence to individuals and the wider public.

"The passport is not an appropriate vehicle to carry names which may be considered as distasteful or vulgar. The application will be failed and the fee retained, in line with HM Passport Office procedure, to cover the costs of administration."

But the wacky retailer is shocked by the Home Office decision, and said he's been left "stumped at what I can do - live without a passport?"

Kenny, who loves to travel and last went on holiday to Sri Lanka months before his passport expired, now can't holiday abroad.

He said: "Without a passport, I can't go on holiday abroad.

"I live in a seaside town, but have always enjoyed travelling.

"My last holiday - to Sri Lanka - was about three years ago. But there are so many countries I'd still like to visit, such as Cambodia.

"I went camping down Sennen Beach last month for my week off. For my next leave, I have no plans as my options are limited.

"I have a stag do in three weeks, for instance. When the best man was deciding what to do for it, he knew I couldn't travel - so he settled on Cardiff instead.

"I don't know what else I can do to escalate the situation with HM Passport Office, because no one has advised me how else I can challenge the verdict.

"I only have one red line, though - I'm keeping my surname.

"I don't want to change it again, especially because they're restricting my freedom.

"I like Fu-Kennard."

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U.S Woman Reveals Drinking Her Own Pee and Applying It On Her Face Has Given Her A Glowing Skin

You hear something new every day – and by new I mean batsh*t insane.

I can’t even imagine applying your own pee to your body, not to talk about drinking it, but that’s exactly what a U.S lady claims she’s been doing for the past 10 years.

30-year-old Ruby Karyo from Maryland claims drinking and applying her urine to her face has given her a glowing skin.

According to her, her father gave her the tip when she was younger, and she’s been applying it ever since, calling it urine therapy.

“My dad told me about urine therapy when I was 19-years-old. He said ‘if you want to be a beauty queen use it on your face and your body.”‘

She took the advice and now drinks five ounces of urine twice weekly, whilst also applying it to her face because she claims it’s a skincare product.

“When I wake up I rub my morning pee onto my face and use it like a moisturizer. You can leave it on for a couple of hours, or leave it on all day,” she explained, via MailOnline

“Every night when you go to sleep you can put it on your face. For the first few days your face might look a bit raw because all the impurities will come out, but then it will become clear.”

She went on to list numerous alleged benefits to drinking urine.

“It’s good for healing scars and pimples. I pee into a travel spray bottle and then spray it into my hands and then rub it onto my face.

“I also drink about five ounces of morning pee about twice a week. It can lower blood sugar and cholesterol and help diabetes.

“My skin glows when I use it, I took a break from it a while back and my skin began to look dull. I feel younger and I look younger when I use it.”

She added: “People don’t want to talk about it, they think it’s disgusting, but then they go and eat things like hot dogs, and they have no idea what is in hot dogs.

“We know what urine contains and everything that is in urine is essential for the body

“I want to bring light to the fact that it can change your life without using all the chemicals that are in store-bought products.”

Karo also claims she convinced her 56-year-old boyfriend to start drinking his own pee for his baldness and now he’s growing back his hair.

How wild are you willing to go for a glowing skin? For this kooky lady apparently, waste materials are the answer.


stella Posted on August 07, 2019 05:45

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Man Uses His Wife As Bet, Then Allows His Friends To Do This Horrible Thing To Her

Reports said Arun, a friend to the woman’s husband and Anil, her husband’s relation, often used to visit their house to drink and gamble.

The man, said to be a gambling and alcohol addict, let the two gang-rape his wife after he lost to them.

After the incident, the woman went to her maternal uncle’s house. Her husband followed her there and asked to be forgiven, saying he had made a mistake.

After he apologised, the woman went back with her husband in his car. On their way back, her husband stopped the car and allowed his friends to gang-rape her once again, she has alleged.

According to, the police initially refused to file a case based on the woman’s complaint, and only registered a First Information Report after she approached a court.

NDTV did not identify the woman and her husband.

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Kidnapping suspect 'kept teenager under bed for nearly three months' after shooting her parents

FOR NEARLY THREE months, 13-year-old Jayme Closs was forced to hide in a 2½-foot space beneath her kidnapper’s bed, going without food, water or a bathroom for hours, too terrified to flee from a man she knew had fatally shot both of her parents.

But when Jake Thomas Patterson left the remote cabin on the 88th day of her captivity, she finally made a break for freedom, authorities said. She put on Patterson’s runners so hastily that they ended up on the wrong feet. After a neighbour called 911, Patterson was captured as he drove around the rural area searching for her.

“She’s 13 years old, and if you read the criminal complaint, you can see the amount of control that he was exerting over her,” Barron County District Attorney Brian Wright said.

And at some point, she found it within herself at 13 years old to say, ‘I’m going to get myself out of this situation.’ I think it’s incredible.

The complaint filed yesterday offered the most detailed account yet of the attack on the Closs couple and the cruel conditions under which their daughter was held.

Patterson, 21, was charged yesterday with two counts of intentional homicide, one count of kidnapping and one count of armed burglary. A judge set his bail at $5 million cash. Prosecutors say more charges could come later.

His defence attorneys, Charles Glynn and Richard Jones, have said they might seek a change of venue.

“It’s been an emotional time for this community and a difficult time for this community. We don’t take that lightly. But we have a job to do in protecting our client,” Jones said.


Patterson’s relatives, including his father, Patrick, declined to comment after his initial court hearing.

The suspect grew up an hour north of Barron, which is about 144 kilometres northeast of Minneapolis. He graduated from high school in May 2015 and joined the Marines. He lasted a month before he washed out after failing to meet “expectations and standards,” a Marine spokeswoman said. She did not elaborate.

According to the complaint: Patterson was working at a cheese factory west of Barron when he stopped behind a school bus on his way to work and saw Jayme getting on. He decided then that she “was the girl he was going to take”.

He made two trips to her home meaning to kidnap her but broke off both attempts because he thought too many people were at the house. He returned to the home a third time on 15 October.

Dressed almost entirely in black and wearing a face mask and gloves, he armed himself with a shotgun. He told detectives he attached stolen licence plates to his car so police would not be able to track him. He disabled the dome light, removed a cord that allowed the trunk to be opened from inside and coasted down the Closs driveway with his lights off just before 1am.

Jayme told police that her dog began to bark. She woke her parents. Her father went to the front door while she and her mother hid in the bathroom, hugging each other in the bathtub with the shower curtain pulled closed.

Hearing a shotgun blast, Jayme said she knew her father was dead. Patterson told investigators he shot James Closs through the front door, then blew the lock apart with a second blast.

He battered down the door to the bathroom, then pulled out a roll of black duct tape and demanded Denise Closs tape her daughter’s mouth shut. When Denise struggled to do it, he took the tape from her and did it himself. He taped the girl’s hands behind her back and taped her ankles together, pulled her out of the bathroom and then shot her mother in the head, the complaint said.


The entire attack took four minutes, he said, according to the complaint.

Patterson dragged Jayme outside, nearly slipping in the blood on the floor. He pulled her across the yard and threw her in his trunk. Squad cars racing to the Closs residence passed him on the highway. Jayme told police she could hear the sirens. He told detectives he would have opened fire if officers had tried to stop him.

He took her to his cabin in Gordon, a township of 645 people in thickly forested Douglas County. He told police he ordered a weeping Jayme to strip and dress in his sister’s pajamas, saying he had to get rid of the evidence. He then threw her clothes into a fireplace in the cabin’s basement.

It’s unclear what Patterson may have done to her over the months she spent in the cabin. Prosecutors have not charged him with sexual assault, and the charging documents do not say he ever attempted that.

He told investigators that whenever he left the cabin or people visited him, he forced Jayme to crawl into the narrow space under his twin bed. He slid tote boxes and weights against the side of the bed so she could not see out and to make it harder for her to wriggle free.

He said Jayme tried to get out twice. The first time he screamed and banged the wall and made her so scared that he thought she would never try it again. Whenever he left the house, he told her “bad things would happen” if she tried to leave. During the Christmas holidays he left, forcing Jayme to endure 12 hours under the bed without a bathroom break, according to the complaint.

On Thursday he left again. He returned to find Jayme gone. He found her tracks and was out looking for her when police stopped him .

Patterson is due back in court on 6 February.


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Woman’s finger swelled and turned black after getting a salon manicure

The woman, whose name hasn’t been shared, went to a salon in Tuggerah, Australia that she had been to before with no issue. After getting infills done, the woman noticed that her finger tip was painful and swollen. The next day she took herself to A&E, where she was sent home with antibiotics and a referral for the fracture clinic. The next day the woman took her antibiotics, but noticed the swelling and pain was getting worse. The day after, the swelling had spread. When she went to the hospital, the woman was told she had such a severe infection that she would need surgery to cut it away. By this point her finger had turned black.

‘By Friday morning the pressure of the infection had gotten so much that the finger had literally popped and the ooze was leaking all over the place,’ wrote the woman on Facebook. Thankfully surgery went well and the infection was cleared, but the woman shared her story on Facebook to raise awareness of the risks of salon manicures.

She believes that the infection was a result of technicians using tools without sterilising them between clients, and warns people to always check that the tools used to trim their cuticles are fresh from the package or have been sterilised right before use. ‘The whole purpose of this post is to warn others what can happen after getting their nails done at nail salons,’ she wrote. ‘Looking back I don’t recall their hygiene practices being overly great. ‘The tools are taken with each nail technician from client to client, with no evidence of sterilisation in between clients. ‘I hadn’t really worried about it thinking nothing bad would ever happen….until now!!!’

The woman isn’t the first person to face serious infection thanks to dirty manicure tools. Earlier this year Brittany Guyatt, from Swindon, claims she was cut by a ‘rough’ technician while getting acrylic nails fitted. What started as a bruise developed into a blood blister then grew rapidly. Soon Brittany was in unbearable pain.

The growth extended off her finger by more than a centimetre and ‘filled with smelly pus’. When the growth, called a granuloma, turned black, Brittany was told she needed surgery or would face losing part of her finger. Let this be a lesson to us all to take caution when going to a salon for any treatment. Read reviews carefully, take hygiene practices and ratings seriously, and keep a close eye on any tools to ensure they’re being sterilised and cleaned before use.





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A mum murdered her newborn shortly giving birth by poisoning her with drain cleaner then hurling her from a third floor balcony,  police say.

The 18-year-old mum allegedly told detectives she didn't know she was pregnant and "panicked" after giving birth unexpectedly because she wanted to hide the infant from her boyfriend.


After being doused with drain cleaner, the tragic child was wrapped in black bags and thrown into a communal rubbish bin outside the block of flats, according to police.

Officers checked CCTV footage from the building and it showed a black package being hurled from a third floor ledge.

The horrifying incident happened in Nonthaburi, central Thailand, on July 23.

The baby was rushed to hospital but died of severe internal injuries a few days later.

Police arrested the mother, named only as, Aom, 18, and her boyfriend, named as, Jay, 23, last Tuesday after they allegedly fled to a nearby property. 

Aom admitted murdering the infant by pouring drain cleaner in her mouth, the force said.

She allegedly told police she did not know she was pregnant and "panicked" after giving birth unexpectedly - and wanted to hide it from her boyfriend.

He was not the child's biological father.

The mum allegedly said: "I went into the toilet after I felt a squeeze around my lower abdomen area.

"The baby arrived after that and I was panicking.

"I did not want my boyfriend to know about it.

"I decided to pour the drain cleaner all over the baby's face and into its mouth then throw it away.

"I then cleaned the blood in the toilet after that."

Aom's boyfriend denied any involvement but was also remanded in custody by police who did not believe his version of events.

The boyfriend reportedly said: "She just ordered me to buy her a sanitary napkins then leave her alone on that day.

"After I came back the room has been cleaned but I did not notice anything suspicious but my girlfriend's fatigue."

Police said the suspects were arrested after checking CCTV and searching the property.

Blood stains in the bathroom matched the mother's DNA, according to police.

The mother initially denied killing her baby but later confessed after being presented with DNA evidence and CCTV, the force said.

Police Colonel Pongjak Preechakarunpong said: "Sadly the baby girl died and the charges were made more serious, from attempting to kill her baby to murder.

"Both of the suspects have been denied bail.

"The mother admitted all charges but her boyfriend denies helping her.

"However, we will also charge him as from the evidence, we believe he was involved."

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Brother kills Sister because wifi password

Kevon Watkins, a Georgia teen strangled his sister over the family wifi password, Kevon Watkins, 
who was 16-years-old at that time of the fatal attack in February 2018, had reportedly been playing 
an Xbox game before he changed the family’s Wi-Fi password because the internet was slow due to 
the number of people using it. At one point, Kevon’s mother tried to take his Xbox from his room 
when his sister Alexus Watkins,19, confronted him, according to testimony at the teen's trial and 
911 calls from the incident.

Alexus was pronounced dead of asphyxiation early the next morning at a local hospital. On Friday, 
August 2, 2019, Kevon was found guilty of felony murder and aggravated assault.
During the hearing, Bibb County Superior Court Judge Verda Colvin explained she found Kevon guilty 
of murder instead of voluntary manslaughter because his 13-year-old brother tried to get him to stop choking their sister.


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Kevin-Prince Boateng bids Sassuolo emotional farewell after Fiorentina switch

Ghana forward Kevin-Prince Boateng has bid an emotional farewell to US Sassuolo after completing a move to AC Fiorentina in the ongoing transfer window.

The 32-year-old enjoyed a stellar six months at Sassuolo last term after joining as a free-agent from German side Eintracht Frankfurt.

Boateng left the Neroverdi to join FC Barcelona on loan during the January transfer window but failed to glitter.

The Ghana international returned to the Mapei Stadium after the loan spell but was told to look for a new club after coach Roberto De Zerbi made it clear to him that he is not in his plans ahead of the upcoming campaign.

Boateng left the club to join AC Fiorentina on a two-year deal worth €1 million.

The former AC Milan and Tottenham attacker took to his Instagram page to bid farewell to Sassuolo after completing the move in Wednesday.

"It ends today with a wonderful experience. I want to thank all my friends and companions, all the people who work every day to make this company really special. I thank Giorgio Squinzi and his wife Adriana, the CEO Giovanni Carnevali and the DS Giovanni Rossi for their availability and professionalism.”

“Thanks to Mister De Zerbi, it was a privilege to work together with a great coach like him, with whom I created an indelible relationship that goes beyond football.”

“Finally I want to thank all the fans #neroverdi for the affection received, I will take you forever with me! Sassuolo Calcio.”

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Domestic Worker Kept On Watching Television While 11-Month-Old Baby Choked To Death

A family in Nakuru is appealing for help from Kenyans that may lead to the arrest and prosecution of their former house-help.

In an interview with a local media house, Mr Steve Opar and his wife Wendy Audrey claim that their 11-month-old son choked to death as their house-help watched TV in their living room.

The bereaved father of one and a lawyer by profession claims that he was called from Nyahururu on the evening of Friday, December 14 with the news that his son was choking to death.

He asked his neighbor to rush his son to the nearest hospital – – the War Memorial Hospital – – in Nakuru and also called his wife to head to the facility.

Unfortunately, his son, who would have turned one this January, was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.  He was the couple’s only child.

The boy’s mother who was first to receive the devastating news says that she had been looking forward to celebrating her son’s first birthday.

Naomi Wambui, the couple’s neighbor who had first called the boy’s dad, claims that she had rushed into their house and found their house-help watching television in their living room.

When she asked where the baby was, the help gestured towards the bedroom where unbeknownst to her, the hapless boy lay on his back, fighting for his life.

The couple was in the process of getting a new house-help when the tragedy struck and are now appealing to the public to volunteer any help that may lead to the arrest and prosecution of their former house-help.

Officers from the Teacher’s Police Post in Nakuru where the matter was first reported have began investigations.

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Wife who felt ill every time husband made her a coffee discovers shocking truth

A suspicious wife caught her husband spiking her coffee after she fell ill every time he made her one of the hot drinks.

Therese Kozlowski recorded her husband Brian putting antihistamine medication in her drink after setting up cameras in her home.

The mum, from Michigan in the US, had noticed she felt sick and bleary-eyed every time she had her morning coffee.

But it wasn't until last July, she caught her husband of 22 years - and dad to her three kids - in the act.

Brian Kozlowski was handed just 60 days in prison for the poisoning and will only have to serve time on the weekends.

He avoided trial after making a plea deal avoiding a potential term of up to 15 years.

It is alleged that the poisoning carried on for about two months after Therese filed for divorce in May, say reports.

Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith called the 60-day sentence "a slap in the face of the victim".

He told "The court seemed more focused on ensuring the defendant’s freedom and ability to continue to work than the victim and her safety.

"It is troubling to think that someone who commits such a reckless crime, putting his wife and so many other people at risk, is able to walk away with such a light sentence."

Prosecutors said the last coffee the defendant made his wife was analysed and found to have 127 milliliters of Diphenhydramine, 

According to  Therese Kozlowski had made an impassioned plea to the court.

She said: “Brian’s continuous, methodical, and calculated plot to poison me included a complete disregard for human life, including his own daughter, along with hundreds of other drivers who he put at risk every day for weeks.

“I believe this was attempted murder. Once Brian realised he lost me and there was no getting me to stay in this unhealthy marriage, his goal was to eliminate me.”

But Judge Antonio Viviano in Macomb County Circuit Court claimed that the ex-husband “does have a sense of remorse" before handing him the two-month sentence.

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Suspect ‘admits’ kidnapping Takoradi girls

Details are emerging about how the missing three Takoradi girls were kidnapped by their Nigerian captors.

The court in Takoradi heard how Samuel Udoetuk Wills, the 28-year-old Nigerian, suspected to have kidnapped the three girls, admitted that he conspired with John Oji, 29, to escape with the girls who are yet to be found.

According to a Chief State Attorney, Patience Klinogo, Udoetuk Wills admitted in the presence of an independent witness that he conspired with Oji to kidnap the victims – Priscilla Blessing Bentum, Ruth Love Quayson and Priscilla Mantebea Korankye.

Udoetuk and Oji were in court yesterday for the continuation of their trial. 

Giving the amended facts of the case in court yesterday, the Chief State Attorney said contrary to the denials by Udoetuk in his previous statements on the allegations against him, he, on June 7, 2019, in the presence of an independent witness, admitted being part of kidnapping the victims. 

She told the packed court that after kidnapping the victims, Udoetuk went to his fiancée called Emily Alimo at Atekyem, a suburb of Koforidua in the Eastern Region and spent three weeks there before returning to Takoradi. 

She indicated that when Emily Alimo was contacted in August 2018, she initially denied knowing Udoetuk until later in December 2018 when she admitted she knew Udoetuk Wills and that he was her boyfriend. 

According to the Chief State Attorney, the girlfriend subsequently gave the particulars of the Facebook account of Samuel Wills. She mentioned that on December 21, 2018, Prinscilla Korankye was also kidnapped at Nkroful junction near Takoradi

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Man loses wife and two kids in fatal accident; appeals for burial funds

A man whose wife and two children were killed in a car accident Wednesday, July 24th, 2019 around 4:17pm about 6 miles north of Palestine in Anderson County is appealing for funds for the burial ceremony of his family.

The appeal was made by one Mr Charles Boadu on Sunday, 28th July 2019, on GoFundMe.

His request comes after the car in which Mr Richard Agbemetsi’s wife and kids were in went off the road and hit a tree.

“Please let’s help Mr Agbemetsi Richard with the funeral expenses.” The post said.

Agbemetsi’s wife Ruby Kwame, 34-years-old, was pronounced dead at the scene and his 4-year-old girl and 2-year-old boy were taken to Palestine Regional Medical Center, where they were later pronounced dead.

The 8-month-old daughter also was transported to PRMC where she remains in stable condition.

Report indicated that until Ruby's death, she was an employee of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (Gurney Unit) and the husband Richard Agbemetsi still works for the agency at Powledge Unit.

The ‘Go Fund Me’ target has been set to an amount of $50,000 and this is said, would help Mr Richard Agbemetsi with the funeral expenses as well as cater for the 8-months-old baby left behind by the late wife.

Below is the statement :

Mr Agbemetsi Richard’s (AG) Wife and two of his children were killed and his 8 months old baby girl was injured when the car his wife and kids were in went off the road and hit a tree on Wednesday July 24th, 2019 around 4:17pm about 6 miles north of Palestine in Anderson County. AG’s Wife Ruby Kwame 34 years old was pronounced dead at the scene and his 4 year old girl and 2 year old boy were taken to Palestine Regional Medical Center, where they were later pronounced dead. His 8-month-old girl also was transported to PRMC; she remains in stable condition. Please let’s help Mr Agbemetsi Richard with the funeral expenses. Until Ruby's death, she was an employee of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (Gurney Unit). The husband Richard Agbemetsi still works for the agency at Powledge Unit.

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X Factor judge Simon Cowell dropped 20lbs by swapping diets.

The X Factor judge made a commitment to changing his lifestyle after a health scare in 2017.

Simon fell down the stairs at his London home after suffering low blood pressure.

In a dramatic diet change, Simon has converted to veganism and cut out several foods.

Speaking to Extra TV, he revealed he has cut out red meat, dairy, sugar, bread and gluten after being advised to do so by a specialist.

Simon Cowell weight loss: How X Factor judge dropped 20lbs by swapping diets.

He was also advised to reduce his alcohol consumption, which had been his biggest worry to begin with.

Simon explained the doctor had said to not drink “quite as much as you had before”.

Simon, who is worth around £494million, continued “I did it and I stuck to it and it’s easy”.

He went on to explain how he is on the “Eric Cowell diet.”

Eric, who is his five-year-old son, likes ice cream, water, and “eats all his raw vegetables”.

In the interview, he also said: “I went to see this guy who’s very well-known.

“And he said to me, after doing some blood work, ‘You can’t have red meat, dairy, sugar, bread or gluten.”

Simon decided to cut out the stuff he “shouldn’t have been eating”.

The music mogul used to binge on sausage rolls, hamburgers and his favourite jam tarts, according to The Sun.

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HEARTLESS Mother Found GUILTY Of Suffocating & Strangling Her Two Young Daughters

A part-time model and mother has been convicted of killing her two young children because they got in the way of her sex work. 

The 23 year old mother identified as Louise Porton suffocated Lexi Draper, 3, three, and strangled 16-month-old Scarlett Vaughan, just 18 days later.

The single mother, who earned a living sleeping with men she met online and sending them explicit pictures and videos, was today found guilty of two counts of murder and faces life in jail.

Jurors heard Porton had accepted 41 friend requests on a dating app just a day after the first child Lexi died, and was described by prosecutors as being 'calm and emotionless' following Scarlett's death.

The 23-year-old suffocated Lexi in the early hours of January 15 last year and was then heard 'laughing' at a funeral parlour two days before killing Scarlett just over two weeks later, on February 1.

Both children had symptoms consistent with deliberate airway obstruction and Scarlett had signs of recent bleeding in her neck tissue, suggestive of neck compression, jurors heard.

It was in the days after Lexi was discharged on January 4, the prosecution alleged the mother looked online for 'can you actually die if you have a blocked nose and cover your mouth with tape'.

Porton also searched 'how long after drowning can someone be resuscitated?' and accessed an article called 'Toddler brought back to life after nearly drowning', jurors heard.

Porton had denied wrong-doing throughout, telling police in a prepared statement: 'My children were never an inconvenience to me and I accommodated my lifestyle and personal life around them. 'I still don't know how my daughters died, or what caused it.'

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British Man Charged With Poisoning Ugandans With 'Miracle Cure'

Cape Town — A British former clairvoyant and three Ugandans have been charged with distributing a liquid called Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) to villagers in poor areas, which they claimed cured HIV, malaria and cancer, The Guardian reports.

Sam Little, from Arlesey in Bedfordshire, Tim Tom, a pastor at Fort portal Christian fellowship, and herbalists Samuel Albert and Samula Tadeo were arrested after it was reported in May that their network, led by American pastor Robert Baldwin and part-funded by Little, was giving the 'miracle cure' to up to 50,000 Ugandans.

Poor Ugandans, including infants as young as 14 months old, were being given chlorine dioxide, an oxidizing agent used in water treatment and in bleaching that has no known health benefit and can be extremely dangerous.

The three Ugandans that were operating in Kabarole and Fort portal in western Uganda, were also charged with two more counts of being in unlawful possession of a narcotic drug and also smoking a narcotic drug.

The Ugandan police have revealed that samples of the solution were found "to contain a dangerous toxin that is harmful for human consumption" , encouraging those who still have the mixture to hand it over to the police or visit a registered medical facility for review of their cases.

The United States Food and Drug Administration is said to have issued a public warning that advises anyone with MMS to stop using it.

The agency said several people have reported sickness after ingesting the chemical, suffering nausea, diarrhea and potentially life-threatening low blood pressure caused by dehydration.

The men face up to 10 years in jail and a fine if found guilty of distributing impure drugs and another 10-year jail term if convicted of unlawful possession of narcotics.

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American singer Tamar Braxton Travels to Nigeria to Visit Lover's Family.

Cape Town — You know it's real when he takes you home and introduces you to everyone...

It's no longer a secret that U.S. singer Tamar Braxton's love interest David Adefeso is from Nigeria. Adefeso has taken the singer to visit his motherland. And looking at the photos that Tamar is posting, she is having a ball!

The lovebirds started dating late last year.

The singer received a warm welcome, accompanied by lots of songs, and traditional dances. Nigerian style!

The Nigerian vibe is getting to her and she's surely embracing - with photos of her getting ready for a wedding rocking a gele - a traditional head tie - and she looked stunning.  She's having the time of her life and soaking up every aspect of the culture!

The couple even visited the Royal Palace of Blessings and took part in a traditional ceremony, which left some fans having a lot of questions about the "blessings" and what it means for the couple.

During their stay, the lovebirds were spotted in several places in Lagos, including Nike Art Gallery owned by Nike Okundaye, where they were given a royal welcome.

Rumours of Tamar and David of being engaged have started circulating. This is because they were wearing stunning, traditional Nigerian wedding necklace and beads around her neck.

According to Essence, "Braxton and her ex-husband Vince Herbert are officially divorced, and she can officially (and legally) move on and live her best life."

This is Tamar's first trip to the continent and one she will surely never forget. She was accompanied by her son, Logan, and sister Towanda Braxton.

We think we hear wedding bells...

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Washington Cathedral clergy rally Americans against Trump

The Right Rev. Mariann Edgar Budde, joins 2 other spiritual leaders to slam Trump on his racialized rhetorics

The clergy of Washington Cathedral, have excoriated President Donald Trump for his incessant racialised rhetorics and urged Americans not to be indifferent any more.

”Make no mistake about it, words matter. And, Mr. Trump’s words are dangerous”, the clergy said in a press statement on Tuesday.

The clergy, spiritual leaders of the US national place of worship, who issued the statement are: The Right Rev. Mariann Edgar Budde, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington, The Very Rev. Randolph Marshall Hollerith, Dean of Washington National Cathedral and The Rev. Canon Kelly Brown Douglas, Canon Theologian of Washington National Cathedral.

Rev. Randolph Marshall Hollerith

They were roused to speak out against Trump following his latest racist blabber against the City of Baltimore, dominated by African Americans and their representative in Congress, Elijah Cummings.


“This week, President Trump crossed another threshold. Not only did he insult a leader in the fight for racial justice and equality for all persons; not only did he savage the nations from which immigrants to this country have come; but now he has condemned the residents of an entire American city. Where will he go from here?”, the clergymen said.

Read their full statement:

The escalation of racialized rhetoric from the President of the United States has evoked responses from all sides of the political spectrum. On one side, African American leaders have led the way in rightfully expressing outrage. On the other, those aligned with the President seek to downplay the racial overtones of his attacks, or remain silent.

As faith leaders who serve at Washington National Cathedral ¬– the sacred space where America gathers at moments of national significance – we feel compelled to ask: After two years of President Trump’s words and actions, when will Americans have enough?

As Americans, we have had such moments before, and as a people we have acted. Events of the last week call to mind a similarly dark period in our history:

“Until this moment, Senator, I think I never really gauged your cruelty or your recklessness. … You have done enough. Have you no sense of decency?”

That was U.S. Army attorney Joseph Welch on June 9, 1954, when he confronted Senator Joseph McCarthy before a live television audience, effectively ending McCarthy’s notorious hold on the nation. Until then, under the guise of ridding the country of Communist infiltration, McCarthy had free rein to say and do whatever he wished. With unbridled speech, he stoked the fears of an anxious nation with lies; destroyed the careers of countless Americans; and bullied into submissive silence anyone who dared criticize him.

In retrospect, it’s clear that Welch’s question was directed less toward McCarthy and more to the nation as a whole. Had Americans had enough? Where was our sense of decency?

As leaders of faith who believe in the sacredness of every single human being, the time for silence is over. We must boldly stand witness against the bigotry, hatred, intolerance, and xenophobia that is hurled at us, especially when it comes from the highest offices of this nation. We must say that this will not be tolerated. To stay silent in the face of such rhetoric is for us to tacitly condone the violence of these words. We are compelled to take every opportunity to oppose the indecency and dehumanization that is racism, whether it comes to us through words or actions.

We have come to accept a level of insult and abuse in political discourse that violates each person’s sacred identity as a child of God. We have come to accept as normal a steady stream of language and accusations coming from the highest office in the land that plays to racist elements in society.

This week, President Trump crossed another threshold. Not only did he insult a leader in the fight for racial justice and equality for all persons; not only did he savage the nations from which immigrants to this country have come; but now he has condemned the residents of an entire American city. Where will he go from here?

Make no mistake about it, words matter. And, Mr. Trump’s words are dangerous.

These words are more than a “dog-whistle.” When such violent dehumanizing words come from the President of the United States, they are a clarion call, and give cover, to white supremacists who consider people of color a sub-human “infestation” in America. They serve as a call to action from those people to keep America great by ridding it of such infestation. Violent words lead to violent actions.

When does silence become complicity? What will it take for us all to say, with one voice, that we have had enough? The question is less about the president’s sense of decency, but of ours.

As leaders of faith who believe in the sacredness of every single human being, the time for silence is over. We must boldly stand witness against the bigotry, hatred, intolerance, and xenophobia that is hurled at us, especially when it comes from the highest offices of this nation. We must say that this will not be tolerated. To stay silent in the face of such rhetoric is for us to tacitly condone the violence of these words. We are compelled to take every opportunity to oppose the indecency and dehumanization that is racism, whether it comes to us through words or actions.

There is another moment in our history worth recalling. On January 21, 2017, Washington National Cathedral hosted an interfaith national prayer service, a sacred tradition to honor the peaceful transfer of political power. We prayed for the President and his young Administration to have “wisdom and grace in the exercise of their duties that they may serve all people of this nation, and promote the dignity and freedom of every person.”

That remains our prayer today for us all.

*The Right Rev. Mariann Edgar Budde, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington
*The Very Rev. Randolph Marshall Hollerith, Dean of Washington National Cathedral
*The Rev. Canon Kelly Brown Douglas, Canon Theologian of Washington National Cathedral

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3-year-old boy in China falls from 6th floor, saved by blanket

This is the moment a 3-year-old boy in China plunged from the sixth floor of an apartment building – and was miraculously saved by a group below who used a blanket to break his fall.

Video captured the child dangling off a balcony in the city of Chongqing in southwestern China on Monday and desperately struggling to climb back up before he couldn’t hold on anymore and fell.

Moments before the boy fell, a pack of bystanders rushed to the ground below him holding an outstretched white blanket.

The footage showed the neighbors safely catching the boy with the blanket as he tumbled six stories.

“I looked up and saw a little child was dangling up there,” Zhu Yanhuni, one of the people who helped save the boy, reportedly told state broadcaster China Central Television.

“My first reaction was to find something to catch him. I thought about rushing over there and catch him with my bare hands, but that would not have worked.”

Zhu said that he “held out the blanket along with others, all the while keeping my eyes on the child.”

“I looked at the blanket wondering whether we could catch him safely. My only thought was to keep him safe,” he said.

Zhou Xiaobo said that he was also among those to save the boy “and helped hold out the blanket.”


“Ten seconds later, the boy fell. It all happened so fast,” Xiaobo said.

China Central Television reported that the child fell while home alone as his grandmother went grocery shopping.

The boy was hospitalized after the incident but did not suffer any injuries.

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Florida trooper had sex with 14-year-old girl in the back of his car.

A Florida state trooper has been arrested for having sex with a girl starting from when she was just 14 — at least once in the back of his car parked in a public gas station, according to authorities.

Highway Patrol trooper Riley Marcus Schwarz, 23, was busted after the girl’s parents found her journal detailing the numerous times the officer had sex with the youngster, according to the Tampa Bay Reporter.

“The contents of the journal indicate that the relationship was sexual in nature and that they had been talking to each other since Sept. 23, 2018,” the arrest affidavit says, according to the paper.

They started having sex in October 2018 when the girl was just 14, the affidavit states.

Schwarz admitted to the having intercourse with the girl “six to eight times,” according to the affidavit, including once “in the back seat of his vehicle” at a Mobil gas station.

Schwarz has been charged with two felony counts of lewd and lascivious battery involving sexual activity of a victim 12-15 years of age, according to records, and is being held in Land O Lakes jail on $10,000 bond.

He was immediately fired by the Florida Highway Patrol.

“The alleged actions are reprehensible, and the department continues to cooperate fully with the investigation,” Captain Thomas E. Pikul said, according to the Reporter.

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Road rager attacks driver with machete for allegedly driving too slow.

Georgia — where driving too carefully can get you a machete to the face.

Cellphone video posted online Tuesday shows a road rager from the Peach State attacking another driver with a machete after they reportedly turned too slowly into a gas station.

The person who was attacked spoke to Channel 2 Action News about the Saturday night incident — and how he managed to escape with just minor cuts on his finger, wrist and back.

“It could’ve been half of my face,” said the victim, who asked toonly be identified as Chris.  “I could’ve lost my life over that.”

The alleged road rager, Anthony Williams, 33, of Marietta, had gotten upset with Chris because he was driving too carefully and slowly, the vic said.

Chris told Channel 2 that he pulled into a Texaco — with Williams honking behind him — after waiting briefly at a red light. The two men encountered each other moments later in the parking lot.

“It didn’t look like he wanted to kill him,” said the person who filmed the attack video. “But it did look like he wanted to hurt him bad.”

Chris managed to get Williams’ license plate number and reported him to police, according to Channel 2.

Cops booked him into the Cobb jail on aggravated assault and battery charges. He was reportedly still behind bars Tuesday without bond.

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Mom of twins left to die in hot car speaks out, defends husband

The mom of the 1-year-old twins left to die in their dad’s hot car as he went to work called the tragedy “my absolute worst nightmare” — but said that she’s standing by her husband.

“I will never get over this loss and I know he will never forgive himself for this mistake,” said Marissa Rodriguez in a statement to NBC New York of her husband, Juan. “This was a horrific accident, and I need him by my side to go through this together.”

Juan Rodriguez forgot his twin son and daughter, Phoenix and Luna, inside his hot Honda Accord for nearly eight hours as he worked a shift at a Bronx Veterans Affairs hospital on Friday.

“I killed my babies!” Rodriguez, 39, shrieked to copsupon learning of their deaths, for which he’s been charged with manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide.

But Marissa Rodriguez insisted Sunday that she needs her husband — a disabled Iraq war veteran whom friends and neighbors described as a doting dad — as they process the shared trauma.

“Though I am hurting more than I ever imagined possible, I still love my husband,” said the Rockland County mom in her statement. “He is a good person and great father and I know he would’ve never done anything to hurt our children intentionally.”

Juan is facing two counts each of manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide. After he posted $100,000 bail Saturday afternoon at Bronx criminal court, video showed him rushing into an embrace with his waiting wife.

To cheers and applause from emotional family and friends, Rodriguez then jumped into the back seat of a black SUV, which sped off past a throng of media.

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Father of seven drowns trying to save two of his children who were swept away by wave while walking along a jetty at a North Carolina beach

A dad of seven from North Carolina drowned as he tried to rescue two of his children who were pulled off a jetty by a wave at a state beach.  

Two of Johnny Lee Vann Jr.'s children were on a jetty wall on Sunday afternoon when they were swept away by the wave at Wrightsville Beach near Wilmington. 

At first, Vann, 35, was able to rescue one of his children but then found himself unable to stay above the water after he went back in for the second, Capt. Jason Bishop of the Wrightsville Beach Police Department told ABC News.

Johnny Lee Vann Jr. died while trying to rescue his children who had been swept into the water by a wave while walking along a jetty on Sunday

Two of Van''s children were walking along this narrow jetty when a wave pulled them in

Vann was underwater for around 30 seconds before he and the other child were rescued. 

CPR was performed but Vann could not be resuscitated. 

'We came from church and we went to the beach to have fun. We wound up having a tragedy. You couldn't ask for a better person,' Johnny's wife Dawn Vann told WWAY. 

'You could have took anybody else,' she said. 'I would've preferred to take me than him.'

'He never hesitated,' she said, speaking of her husband's heroics. 'He threw everything down – phone keys and ran out there.' 

Others at the beach ran toward him when they saw he was in trouble, but Johnny's only concern was for his children.

Vann was a dad to seven children, four of whom can be seen in this family photograph.

The family, at home in North Carolina, are devastated by the loss they have suffered

The waves regularly top the jetty making it unstable. Eyewitnesses told how Vann was attempting to rescue several of his children from the water before he went under himself

'They could've easily saved him. He said, "Forget about me. Get my kids!" He didn't care about nothing else,' she recalled.  

There were a number of people who witnessed the tragedy, including Andre Nel, a fishing captain. 

'I saw an African American gentleman sprinting towards the beach. And he dove into the water and went straight for the kid that was in the water. There needs to be a lifeguard station right here,' Nel said. 

'If there was a lifeguard station right here yesterday, this would not have happened.' 

Nel said that the jetty, along which the children were walking is particularly dangerous during high tide, and there are not enough warning signs.

Johnny Lee Vann Jr. is pictured with his wife Dawn. 'He never hesitated,' she said. 'He threw everything down – phone keys and ran out there.'

Vann went under the water for 30 seconds before he was rescued, but it was too late

'It was horrible,' Nel told WECT. 'It was a horrible scene going on here. We had this gentleman lying on the ground and people screaming and this young child that he went to go and save was screaming the whole time, "That's my daddy!" We had my little daughter and a nephew of hers and I've got the chills right now just thinking of it.' 

'My dad always tells us, "You all are going to be together forever,"' said Vann's daughter Kierstyn. 

'His spirit is still alive and we're all going to remember him as a hero,' she added.

The family has now started a GoFundMe to help raise money for the funeral.

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Brazil's Altamira jail where 57 were killed 'was understaffed'

Conditions at a prison in Brazil where 57 inmates were killed in fighting on Monday have been described as "terrible" in an official report.

The National Justice Council said that Altamira jail in north-eastern Pará state contained more than double the number of inmates it was built for.

It also said that there were not enough guards to guarantee inmates' safety.

Deadly fights are not uncommon in Brazil, which has the world's third-largest prison population.

The violence broke out at 07:00 local time (10:00 GMT) on Monday when members of a criminal gang housed in Block A of the jail, invaded an annex where members of a rival gang were locked up.

Sixteen inmates were decapitated in the fight which followed. Many more died from smoke asphyxiation after the fighting prisoners set a cell on fire.

Video taken from outside the prison showed smoke billowing from the building and inmates walking around on rooftops.

The inmates also took two prison officers hostage but released them after negotiations with civil and military police.

The fighting lasted for about five hours.

The report published by the National Justice Council on Monday - the day the deadly fight occurred - was damning, describing conditions at Altamira as "terrible".

It said that the prison, which has a capacity of 163, held 343 male inmates.

It also pointed out that Altamira had only 33 guards, too low to guarantee safety inside the prison, and called for their number to be increased

The report concluded that there was "an urgent need for a new prison unit" as Altamira prison was old and had to rely on containers to house the inmates.

Brazilian media say that a new prison which was started to be built in 2013 and meant to be completed in 2016 still has not been finished, putting additional strain on Altamira.

After Monday's deadly incident, prison officials in Pará said the new jail, which will be able to house 600 people, would be finished by the end of 2019.

Pará state officials said that the inmates who started the deadly fight belonged to a criminal gang known as Comando Classe A (CCA), which they say is one of the more than a dozen gangs affiliated with First Capital Command (PCC), believed to be Brazil's largest and most powerful drug gang.

Their target were members of the Comando Vermelho (Red Command).

The Rio de Janeiro-based Comando Vermelho and the São Paulo-based PCC have been at war since 2016 when they ended an uneasy working relationship after the PCC moved to infiltrate drug smuggling routes controlled by Comando Vermelho.

The feud has spread to prisons across the country where members of the rival gangs are held.

The justice ministry said that ringleaders of the violence would be transferred to more secure units in federal jails. It said 46 of those who took part in the violence would be moved to other states and a further 36 would be transferred to other prisons within Pará.

Justice Minister Sergio Moro tweeted that in his opinion, those responsible "should be held forever in federal prisons".

Meanwhile, relatives of inmates held at Altamira have been waiting outside the prison for news of their loved ones.

"We only want to know if our relatives are alive," the mother of one prisoner told daily O Globo. She said the prison authorities were being "inhumane" by not telling relatives who had died.

"It is very sad to not have news of one's child. In my head, I keep going through all the possibilities [of what may have happened to him. I am not prepared for what may come," she said.

The prison authorities said they had not been able to access all the cells yet due to the heat caused by the fire.

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11 dead, around 6,000 hospitalized as heatwave continues to scorch Japan

TOKYO, July 30 (Xinhua) -- Eleven people were killed and nearly 6,000 people were hospitalized in Japan with heat-related illnesses last week as the mercury rocketed following the end of rainy season across the majority of the country, the government said here Tuesday.

The heatwave saw 5,664 people taken to hospitals, 1,199 of whom displayed severe symptoms requiring being admitted for at least three weeks of treatment, and 1,792 requiring shorter treatment for less serious symptoms.

The total number, however, has spiked from the almost 2,000 people hospitalized across Japan a week earlier due to the heat.

In the week to last Sunday, the Fire and Disaster Management Agency said that 52.6 percent of the total people sent to hospital were seniors aged 65 and older.

Aichi Prefecture saw the most people rushed to hospital with 393 cases, followed by Osaka Prefecture with 388 cases. Tokyo, meanwhile, saw 299 people rushed to hospital suffering from heat-related medical conditions.

On Tuesday, temperatures continued to soar, with the agency and weather officials warning people to take preventative measures against heatstroke and other heat-related illnesses.

Tajimi in Gifu Prefecture, central Japan, saw the mercury rise to 37.1 degrees Celsius, while Kumagaya in Tokyo's neighboring prefecture of Saitama and Kyoto saw temperatures rocket to 36.8 degrees Celsius.

In the capital city of Tokyo, the daytime high was logged at 35.4 degrees Celsius, with temperatures across Japan expected to stay above 25 degrees Celsius overnight.

Across wide swathes of Japan from north to south, temperatures are forecast to remain upwards of 36 degrees Celsius through Wednesday, weather officials said.

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A lady on Twitter by name Weinaa has advised men to fear women.

The added that the advised needed to be heeded to though she is also a woman - It is unclear why a lady would give such caution against her fellow women A female twitter user has caused confusion on the internet with her advice to men that they should fear women. The lady, who has the username SUNG, says though she is a woman, she would still advise men to fear women.

We also cannot say if perhaps her own friends or even herself are cheating on their boyfriends for which reason she saw the advice as needful. Whatever SUNG’s reason may be, some other twitter users have reacted to her comment with some of them praising her, and others criticising her. Andre, for instance agreed with SUNG, saying he started women way back when Eve gave Adam an apple to eat.

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British prime minister appoints Nigerian as minister .

British-Nigerian lady Olukemi Olufunto Badenoch has been appointed by British prime minister Boris Johnson as a junior minister - The 39-year-old Badenoch was born in London but grew up in Lagos Nigeria but left the country back to UK at 16 - The mother of two is a British Conservative politician and Member of Parliament for Saffron Walden Prime minister Boris Johnson has appointed Nigerian Olukemi Olufunto Badenoch as Children and Families' minister, as part of his government reshuffle. The 39-year-old Badenoch is a British Conservative politician and Member of Parliament (MP) for Saffron Walden. Badenoch announced her new appointment on Monday, July 29. She tweeted:


The junior minister’s responsibilities include early years policy, including inspection and regulation. Her portfolio includes delivery of 30 hours free childcare offer, special educational needs including high needs funding, safeguarding in schools and disadvantaged pupils – including pupil premium and pupil premium plus.  Boris Johnson: New British prime minister appoints his brother a minister Badenoch who spent her childhood Lagos, Nigeria, and the United States of America was born in Wimbledon, London to Nigerian parents who are medical doctor and a physiology professor. She later relocated to the United Kingdom at 16. She has been the MP for Saffron Walden since 2017 after replacing Nadhim Zawahi. She is software and IT engineer. She studied systems engineering at Sussex University and also has a law degree. She has worked in the banking sector for Coutts and RBS. The mother of two once shared with MPs on the floor of the parliament her own experiences of poverty and how she used to do her homework by candlelight. reported that the girlfriend of newly appointed British prime minister, Boris Johnson, has an intimidating profile. Carrie Symonds, 31, was a former Tory spin doctor. She was the communications and PR executive and once worked with Conservative Campaign Headquarters in 2018. She is said to be the brains behind his visual rebrand in months preceding the election.

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Barcelona Superstar Lionel Messi 'Attacked' in Night Club

There was pandemonium at a night club in Ibiza as Barcelona and Argentine superstar, Lionel Messi was reportedly attacked by an unknown person during a party. The incident occurred in the late hours of Sunday, July 28, 2019. 


The footballer has been holidaying in Ibiza with his wife Antonela Roccuzzo, 31, and their three children;Thiago, 6, Mateo, 3, and Ciro, 1, as well as some of his teammates. 

In viral videos online, the striker was seen as he was being escorted away from the attacker as people gathered around the scene. It is unclear what prompted the incident, and there is no suggestion if Messi did anything wrong to spark the drama during his night out on the Spanish island.

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Former Ohio judge dragged from courtroom after jail sentence.

A US courtroom descended into chaos as a former judge was sentenced to jail.

Tracie Hunter, a former Hamilton County Juvenile Court Judge, was given a six month sentence after using her position to help her brother keep his job back in 2014.

Hunter, elected in 2010, was the first African-American in the role. She had appealed the sentence but the judge ordered her to be taken into custody.

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Kidnapped Turkish nationals freed in Nigeria's Kwara state

Four Turkish nationals have been rescued a week after being kidnapped by gunmen in Nigeria's western state of Kwara, police say.

The four, who are construction workers, were taken from a bar last week.

The abductors had demanded a $1m (£800,000) ransom but police say no money was paid and that they were released "unconditionally".

Kidnapping for ransom is common in Nigeria, with foreigners and high-profile Nigerians frequently targeted.

Two weeks ago pirates attacked a cargo ship off the coast of Nigeria and kidnapped 10 Turkish sailors. Their fate remains unknown.

The Turkish constructors were found in a bush on Friday, Kayode Egbetokun, Kwara sate's commissioner of police, told the BBC.

The rescue operation was carried out by the state police, local vigilantes and a team of officers sent from the capital, Abuja.

Mr Egbetoku said the arrest of three other kidnappers, before the rescue operation, had helped.

"These arrests put pressure on the remaining gang members to release the Turkish hostages unconditionally," he said, adding that police were looking for the rest of the gang.

The four Turkish nationals underwent medical examinations after their release.

Turkish Ambassador to Nigeria Melih Ulueren said he was glad the ordeal was over and thanked those involved in the operation,

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Simon Cowell was in floods of tears as he was reunited with Britain’s Got Talent hero Julia Carlile two years after paying for her life-changing £175,000 surgery.

Julia shot straight to the BGT semi-finals with dance troupe MerseyGirls after telling judges Simon, David Walliams, Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon she was hoping to use the £250,000 prize money to pay for an operation to correct her spine, and subsequently save her career. After the group lost out, Simon flew Julia out to the USA so she could get the procedure she needed.

Two years later, the 17-year-old was back on stage for Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions, back flipping across the stage at London’s Wembley Arena, prompting the music mogul to sob. According to The Sun, Amanda pushed her co-star to say some words before he choked up. ‘All I want to talk about is one person’s strength and, beyond that, the friendship and support you all have, which we saw the first time we met you,’ he began, before his voice cracked.

‘To see you able to come back tonight… it just means everything.’ Alesha gave MerseyGirls her Golden Buzzer back in 2017 so was just as moved by their epic comeback. She added: ‘That just made my heart soar. Simon, I love you, I love what you’ve done for her.’ ‘I thought that now I would be at home not dancing for the rest of my life,’ Julia enthused. ‘But here I am back flipping with my best friends. ‘I couldn’t walk two years ago and now I am here.

‘Simon, thank you so much. I don’t think I have ever been so happy as I am right now.’ confirmed MerseyGirls would be joining the first ever all-star series of Britain’s Got Talent, where they will battle it out with the likes of Colin Thackery, Ashley and Sully, Stavros Flatley and magician Richard Jones. Susan Boyle, however, has been forced to withdraw from the competition over scheduling conflicts.


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TV and Radio personality Masechaba Ndlovu was robbed in her home at gun point yesterday. 

The former Metro FM drive time presenter shared the terrible news on her social media pages and her fans know that she was left unharmed and says that this reminded her of how many people go through what she went through.


"My family and I experienced what many South Africans go through on a daily basis. Many don’t make it out alive. Sending a prayer to anyone out there who has had a similar experience. My heart goes out to you." she said. 

Masechaba added that the thieves fled with her car which was later recovered with the items they had stolen.

" My car was recovered in Alex, after a police chase, approximately 30 minutes after the call out, with most of the contents still inside. The assailants fled on foot and are still at large."


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Revealed! What Caused Actor Muna’s Death

Its been four years after we lost actor Muna Obiekwe to the hands of death, we where told he lost the battle to kidney failure unlike what we heard, his colleague has come out to state the real cause of this talented actors death.

Jibola Dabo is a veteran actor that will always be remembered for his controversial role in Tonto Dikeh’s ‘Dirty Secret’ movie which also featured late Muna Obiekwe.

The bearded Thespian confirmed the reports that the late actor, Muna, carelessly contributed hugely to his untimely death which threw the Entertainment industry off-balance.

“I acted alongside late Muna Obiekwe in the movie Dirty Secrets. I felt sad about it.

“But the young man had been sad for a while because he had been careless about his health. He drank too much alcohol and he didn’t remember that he had a liver.

“He was also a chain smoker, but of course, there are also people that do it and live longer.

“I was saddened that we  lost him because he was a great actor,” he said.

The talented actor also revealed that he regrets the role he played in same movie, which portrayed him as a sex maniac.

“I hate to advertise for any movie and I believe every movie I have been a part of has been challenging in several ways

“However, the movie that I had to put extra effort is also the movie I hate the most, ‘Dirty Secrets.’ I played a role that is totally different from who I am in reality. I hate the character I played and for me to do it well, I had to become the character.

“I had to hate myself while doing so. It was bad. After the movie, I had to keep telling myself that the character I portrayed was not who I am. I haven’t watched the movie.

“I don’t want to see it. I have been asked if I could play such a role again and I told them ‘yes’ but only if I have access to the post-production stage. There are some things that should have been edited in the movie that were not removed.

“There are some things an actor would do to make his acting real that should be edited but they released the movie like that. It was so raw and it was terrible for them to put everything out there.” Jibola concluded.


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Bridget Achieng says she bleached after a TV station rejected her for being dark .

About two years ago, Bridget Achieng revealed that she had shelled out approximately Shs 3 Million on her skin lightening procedure.

The busty socialite disclosed that she coughed up the lump sum so that she could build her confidence.

“I didn’t change my skin colour because of a man, I changed it to feel good about myself. Because at that time I felt that if I complied to society’s standards of beauty, I would look better and get anything I want,” she revealed on the Wicked Edition.

She then went on to say, “I once went to an interview for a TV station. I won’t mention the name. I was the first runners up but walinikataa juu mimi ni mweusi wakachukua msichana mwingine hapo zero-zero juu ni light skin. So kutoka hapo nilijam. Nikasema ni juu ya kupaka mafuta? Nikaamua kupaka mafuta nikuwe mweupe. It has worked in my favour. I don’t regret doing it anyway that’s why I say it boldly.”

Cindy Ogana

Bridget’s story is one of the many stories that demonstrate that colourism in the media industry is prevalent.

TV personality Cindy Ogana once revealed that a station rejected her for being ‘too dark’.

“I was in a reality show on TV where they were looking for a presenter and it did not help that one of the criteria, why I wasn’t selected, was my skin colour and hair. My hair was a topic the judges mentioned but then again remember it was a different time where you could not be a broadcaster when you had dreadlocks. It was seen as unkempt and it was seen as unruly. You had to have a weave and you had to have the skin tone,” Cindy disclosed on Ebru TV’s Let’s Talk Show.

She also revealed that her skin colour and dreadlocks were not the only things that were keeping her from the job as she was also not big on using makeup, something which is required of a news anchor. “I am dark-skinned, I have my dreads and I have my big mouth and then I’m also not very keen on the makeup and everything,” she revealed.

While many people would have been crushed by this rejection, Cindy disclosed that this rejection only further cemented her steadfastness in being her natural self and embracing her melanin.

“Leaving that show further cemented my resolve to always be natural, to never bleach myself. Whatever season my womanhood takes me through whether it's my menses, my pregnancy I will always be natural and will always keep my natural hair,” Cindy Ogana said.

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South African Pastor Invited ‘Jesus Christ’ To Preach To His Congregation Today

In a weird news report, a South African pastor claims he invited Jesus Christ from heaven to preach to his congregation today.

This South African pastor even backed his claim with photos of his ‘Jesus Christ’.

According to reports, his main purpose of coming is to educate people that he isn’t Jesus of the Bible and that he simply acted like Jesus in those movies we’ve been watching since childhood.

A Twitter user shared this on his timeline which sees Jesus preaching to a congregation. The user wrote:

“A pastor from South Africa invited Jesus from heaven to preach in his church today. Local man have seen enough”

It was then that another Twitter user also disclosed that;

“A Kenyan pastor claims he has found Jesus Christ walking on the streets of Kenya. Took the whiteman to his church, gave him a warm welcome and now his church followers are happy that Jesus has finally come back!

And lucky for them, he landed in Kenya first.

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Vitiligo sufferer, 25, whose face and entire body was covered by light patches claims turning VEGAN has reversed her condition

A woman whose skin was left covered in lighter patches from vitiligo claims going vegan has reversed her condition. 

Jamila Davis, 25, from Florida, was diagnosed with the skin condition, caused by a lack of melanin a pigment of the skin - when she was eight. 

The patches slowly spread across her whole body, meaning strangers would often stare at her because of her unique appearance. 

Miss Davis decided to go vegan after her father died from a stroke in 2017, after the pair had plans to go plant-based together.  

A year into her meat-free diet, the college student was stunned to see her colour returning on parts of her body. Now, her original colour has fully returned on most of her face.

Scientists have yet to prove any diet will treat vitiligo, while experts also say there are none which will make the condition worse either.  

Miss Davis claims she does not use any other standard treatments for her condition and hasn't seen a dermatologist since she went vegan.

Miss Davis said: 'Growing up with it, it never really bothered me. I actually loved the fact I was unique from everyone. 

'But there would be times where kids would stare and point their fingers at me, and others laughing or even saying small hurtful things would get to me.

'Now that I'm reversing it and going through the same process when I lost my pigmentation, I get the stares, points, and even the little ones saying, "mummy what's on her face?" kind of questions. 

'My friends and family say things like it's amazing to watch me change back into my original colour and how I'm so strong and beautiful while embracing myself.'

As a child in 2001, Miss Davis noticed a small white patch on her eye, which initially did not worry her or her parents. 

But patches slowly started appearing elsewhere, prompting her parents to take her to see a doctor. 

Miss Davis said: 'At first my parents and I didn't think anything of it. I did a lot of karate, so we thought it was a small simple cut on my eye, until we noticed it spreading in different places.

'The spreading wasn't like an overnight thing it took weeks, months, even years. But when we saw another spot, we knew something wasn't normal.

'With my mum being a nurse, she rushed me straight to the dermatologist. That's where I learned what I was diagnosed with.' 

People with vitiligo, which varies in severity, don't have melanin, which is produced by skin cells called melanocytes and gives the skin its colour. 

The condition affects no more than one per cent of the world population, according to the US National Library of Medicine. 

In most cases, it is an autoimmune condition, in which the immune system destroys the melanocyte skin cells. 

There are a vast number of treatment options to either camouflage the patches, restore colour, or prevent the patches from spreading further, which include topical creams, phototherapy and even skin grafts.

Miss Davis said: 'People would generally stare, ask questions about what I had. In all honesty some people would be a little scared and especially when I was young and around kids.

'Even now at this age kids are scared to come up to me at times which is okay. I do look a little different. But when I turned all white, they didn't really bother me too much.

'At times it would make me sad because a lot of kids would stare at me at times, but I never let that get to me. 

'I always found a way to explain to others the issue I had, and I was always accepted. So, it didn't bother me too much after I found out I had it.'

Miss Davis decided to go plant-based when her father passed away because they had plans to do it together to take better care of their health.  

She said: 'The biggest reason I decided to research into reversing this condition was my father's passing two years ago.

'My father and I had huge plans to go plant-based together and just take care of ourselves in a better way. But I never thought it would truly bring my colour back.

But I know deep down he's proud of me for the chance I've taken. He is truly one of the main reasons I decided to look into it the way I did.'

Before she went vegan, Miss Davis would consume mostly chicken, fish and a little bit of red meat, as well as indulging in junk food such as crisps, ice cream and meals out.

Now that she has gone vegan, she still eats one of her favourite meals like pizza as long as she substitutes the ingredients for plant-based toppings.

Some complementary therapies claim to relieve or prevent vitiligo. However, there's no evidence to support their effectiveness, the NHS states. 

While there is no scientific evidence that this diet can prevent or treat vitiligo, Miss Davis says that it has done her skin a world of good.

She said: 'It's helping because I'm feeding my body the true nutrients needed which helps reverse the issues within the body. 

'In my opinion it is simple; if you just give your body what it deserves, simple things can be fixed. I feel more than amazing. I truly feel if I can put my story out there more.'

Miss Davis has never felt happier about herself and has decided to share her story with others to encourage more people to embrace their appearance no matter what they looked like.

She said: 'I can show others with or without health conditions how to truly love themselves, be a strong person within their minds, and just think amazing things about themselves.

'I embrace it to the fullest extent every day; I will forever love this condition. It doesn't completely build my life and it's not the main fact about me. But it has helped me grow and learn to truly love myself.

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Doctors find $66K jewelry in woman's stomach as she began throwing up after every meal

A mom in India noticed ornaments started disappearing from their home in Margram village. She didn’t know how the objects just disappeared out of nowhere. Finally, one day, the thief was identified after her daughter was rushed to hospital due to abdominal pain and nausea.

The daughter, Runi Khatun, 26, was so weak and emaciated that she began vomiting after every meal. It was so serious that on July 16, she was admitted to Rampurhat Government Medical College and Hospital in West Bengal state.

“Her condition was so critical that she required at least five bottles of blood,” Dr. Siddhartha Biswas, head of the surgery department, said, MailOnlinereported. “She could not even intake food physically so we had to administer Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) to artificially inject food through her mouth.”

Doctors conducted scans on her belly and realized there was some metal hiding inside. After a week’s time when Khatun’s condition was gradually stabilized, surgeons operated on her stomach.

“Her albumin and hemoglobin count were so low that we could not perform an operation soon,” explained Dr. Biswas.

The surgeons opened her up. They were left baffled by what they found inside her belly.

To anyone’s horror, from her stomach, surgeons removed a whopping 3.5 pounds (approx 1.6 kg) and 53,000 pounds’ worth (approx. US$66,000) of ornaments. There were 69 chains, 80 earrings, 90 coins in the denomination of Rs 5 and Rs 10, 11 nose rings, 8 lockets, 2 silver coins, 5 anklets, 4 keys, and a watch dial.

The huge pile of objects was mostly made of copper and brass, but some of the items were gold. Khatun had swallowed the coins from her brother’s costume jewelry shop while she was alone, her family members said.

“My daughter is mentally unsound,” said Khatun’s mother, as per Hindustan Times.

Khatun’s mother had not the slightest idea that her daughter was swallowing the ornaments that she noticed had gone missing. The mom said whenever she questioned Khatun about the missing items, she cried.

The surgeons took out the endless chunk of jewelry, metals, and coins from her stomach during the operation that lasted for almost 1 hour 15 minutes.

Thankfully, Khatun was in a stable condition following the operation.

One of the doctors in the operating team said: “She swallowed jewelry and coin whenever she felt hungry.”

It’s likely Khatun suffers from pica, an eating disorder that involves eating of inedible materials and substances, such as stones, dirt, paint, plastic, paper, or wood, that have no nutritional value persistently.

As stated on National University Hospital (NUH) website, pica is common in people with developmental disabilities, such as intellectual disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Pica may occur in pregnant women during their pregnancy. It can also affect individuals with other mental health conditions, such as obsessive-compulsive disorder and schizophrenia.



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Bride-to-be has first haircut in years, see how stylist transforms her for wedding

For years, Holly Garrido refused to cut her long her. Her father had once told her that women must have long hair in order to be pretty, and Holly was hooked; her long locks became her self-assurance.

That is until she got engaged.

Holly’s partner, Vashon Ridgeway, had proposed. Holly said yes, but she knew in her heart that she wouldn’t feel beautiful on her wedding day. There was one huge problem looming over Holly’s special day; she was (almost literally) consumed by her hair.

Holly, a gate guard at a plantation in Destin, Florida, decided it was high time she relinquished her hip-length hair to the hands of the experts. She went to see the talented hairstylists at Avant Garde Salon.

When Holly arrived, the stylists could barely contain their shock. Their client’s heap of hair hung low around her hips and was ruined by the remnants of hair-dyeing experiments. The stylists told Holly, in no uncertain terms, that this makeover would be epic.

Stylist and hair colorist Sara Helfand-Pestella told Modern Salon that Holly had a hard time letting go. “She always felt like she needed to keep her hair long because of what her dad said,” Helfand-Pestella shared.

Years of rough treatment and no trimming had left Holly’s hair significantly damaged, “out of control, and extremely dry,” said Kiwi Report. It was senior stylist Jeremy Hartfield’s job to deliver the salon’s verdict; Holly had to bid farewell to at least 2 feet of hair.

Hartfield, to his delight, brandished the scissors. After the dramatic hair-culling, Helfand-Pestella dyed Holly’s hair a beautiful bright blonde and added some dimension in a darker brown at the roots.

After drying, the stylist then gave Holly’s hair some eye-catching, beachy waves for volume, and the salon’s mission was accomplished. Holly had been totally transformed!

The makeover, from start to finish, took a jaw-dropping seven hours. “No kidding, this transformation was indeed overnight,” Helfand-Pestella told Allure, having worked with Holly from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m. the next morning. But it was worth every second. “Holly feels beautiful in her own skin [now],” the stylist said, triumphantly.

Hartfield shared Holly’s epic hair journey on Instagram, and the amazing “before” and “after” photos quickly went viral.

In April of 2019, Helfand-Pestella shared an update with Modern Salon. “After this change, [Holly] quit her job as a gate guard and ended up working with us as a receptionist at the salon,” she said. “Another co-worker colored her hair purple over the blonde.”

“She still has purple hair,” Helfand-Pestella continued. “[She] ended up quitting the salon job and going back to her old job as a gate guard […] but she is happy and that is what matters!”

According to the Kiwi Report, the Avant Garde Salon was nominated for the 2017 OneShot Hair Awards, and how did they respond? By inviting their biggest success story, Holly, onto the award show catwalk to debut her new look! For her epic handiwork, Helfand-Pestella even won the “Transformation Shot of the Year” award.

Holly took the plunge, changed the habit of a lifetime, and changed her life for the better. What do you think of her gasp-inducing makeover?

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'Lonely' autistic student, 17, filmed a goodbye video for his family explaining why he was going to kill himself before standing in front of a train

An 'exceedingly intelligent' child genius made a five minute 'suicide' video for his family before standing in front of a train, an inquest heard today.  

Joel Langford scored top grades in his GCSE exams but was worried about what the future held for him after leaving Great Marlow School, Buckinghamshire.

The 17-year-old, who was 'lonely' after being called names by his fellow pupils, was also upset when he was turned down for a job at Costa Coffee. 

Pupils at school called Joel 'weird', 'loser' and a 'retard', his mother revealed. 

On March 18 Joel recorded a video on his mobile phone, explaining to his family why he was committing suicide before standing in front of a train.

Joel's mother Susan Langford told an inquest into his death in Beaconsfield how her son was a 'challenging child' obsessed with personal hygiene and felt lonely after classmates moved to different countries or new schools.  

The youngster had achieved the top grades for his GCSE's in science and maths, despite being diagnosed with severe dyslexia from a young age. But he 'started to feel the pressure' after starting A-levels in maths, physics and chemistry.

Ms Langford said her high-functioning autistic son's condition 'worsened' after he started A-levels as 'it dawned on him that he had an uncertain future.'

She told the inquest: 'He has faced a lot of rejection in his life, namely at Costa which let him go after a trial shift, for not multi-tasking and a local explorer group - where the most of his social interaction came from - forcing him out for his behaviour, which I challenged. 

'He did not like change and he had some worries about what was coming after sixth form. He had become obsessed about hygiene, unable to wear certain clothes if he felt they would get dirty. 

'Ironically, on the day of his death we thought that problem was over as he wore a jumper he had refused to wear before. However, we later found out that he had taken it off and left it on a nearby gate before the accident.'

Senior mental health practitioner Dr Anoushka Bheekha told the hearing Joel's issues with contamination made him feel 'unpleasant, dry and clammy.'

She added: 'He appeared angry and frustrated when talking about warts and verrucas. He said he had caught warts off his mother who walked around the house barefoot.

'He avoided sitting on the sofa and refrained from touching anyone after he had had his shower and his mother had found him sleeping on the floor of his bedroom because he said his bed did not feel clean.' 

Around 8.25am on the morning he died, Joel rang a friend telling her 'he did not want to continue living and he wanted her to live a happy life'.

The only witness to his death was train driver Richard Woodley, who had only qualified six months earlier. He was working the early morning shift on the single track journey from Marlow to Bourne End when he spotted Joel.

He told the inquest: 'At around 9.10am we were travelling at 40mph. As the crossing came into sight I saw a male run out from the left hand side from the trees. I did not see anyone else with him.

'I thought he was just running across the crossing as many people do, but I put on the emergency brake which cannot be undone until the train has completely stopped. I looked away as the train ran over the male. This was clearly an intentional act.'

Senior coroner Mr Butler, recording a conclusion of suicide, said: 'The medical cause of death was a single trauma injury by train collision.

'Joel has explained that it was what he wanted to do and all the evidence corroborates that. He died instantly and there was never any life-saving opportunity. There is a significant amount of evidence that confirms Joel's intentions.'

Senior coroner Mr Butler, recording a conclusion of suicide, said: 'The medical cause of death was a single trauma injury by train collision.

'Joel has explained that it was what he wanted to do and all the evidence corroborates that. He died instantly and there was never any life saving opportunity. There is a significant amount of evidence that confirms Joel's intentions.

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Woman smashes boyfriend’s head with laptop for staring at another woman on a plane

A furious woman left passengers on a flight in shock as she smashed a laptop over her boyfriend’s head, after accusing him of ‘looking at another woman’.

A video posted to social media which has since gone viral shows the argument escalating, with the woman shouting at her boyfriend, known as Memo.

The dispute culminates in the angry woman chasing her boyfriend down the aisle of the American Airlines flight from Miami to Los Angeles with a laptop, smashing him over the head with it.

She became enraged after accusing her boyfriend of looking at other women.

‘You wanna fucking try to look at other women?’ She threatens, while also yelling at him. to ‘shut up’.

As the furious row begins to deteriorate, a cabin crew member intervenes to attempt to calm the situation, pointing out there is a small child in the woman’s vicinity.

‘Just take her off the plane,’ one passenger said.

The flight attendant then asks her to bring her bags to the front of the plane, at which point she threatens boyfriend Memo if he doesn’t come with her he’ll never see her again before appearing to slap him, as other passengers gasp.

The flight attendants decide at this point to ask the boyfriend to come to the front of the plane to get away from her.

But the woman does not let him get away, and runs after him down the aisle, smashing him over the head with a Dell laptop, and continuing to shove and slap him.

The woman grabs her hand luggage as she is booted off the plane, at which point the pilot informs her that she is going to be charged with assault.

Seemingly not phased by this, she replies, ‘Fine, whatever.’

The video has been retweeted almost 30,000 times since it was posted yesterday.

The woman has since been arrested.

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Menzgold clients encircle circuit court as NAM1 trial begins

All round the circuit court in Accra, desperate customers of Menzgold patrol the premises with harrowing life stories of their investments gone bad.

They are here because CEO of erstwhile gold dealership company Menzgold, Nana Appiah Mensah has their money and they want it back badly.   

The CEO and socialite popularly called NAM1 also wants badly, his freedom from the state’s punitive institutions such as the court. This one is hearing a criminal case of allegedly defrauding 16,000 people of more than GH¢1.6 billion.

It is arguably the biggest defrauding case since the 1995 when Managing Director of the Pyram Business Consultancies, Tanko Rahman Shadow defrauded several hundreds.

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30-year-old woman born with no arms and knees Jlissa Austin set to marry .

- A woman born with no arms and knees set to walk down the aisle

- The 30-year-old woman who is three feet four inches tall is a businesswoman owns a weave company

- Jlissa Austin was born with no arms or knees and she had only seven toes

An American woman from Houston, Texas, who was born without arms and knees, is set to say her vows to her dream man. The parents of 30-year-old woman were told that she would not make it to her 18th birthday.

The 30-year-old identified a Jlissa Austin stands at three feet four inches tall. She is a businesswoman running a weave company.

Austin, who is now ready to walk down the aisle, said that she always thought she was destined to be alone. She said she had believed that she would not marry until she met Johnathon Shorter, her husband-to-be.

However, she has defied all odds, by living past her 18th birthday and now she is ready to tie the knot.

Her husband-to-be is six inch tall and they both live together in Houston. The two are planning their wedding for the summer season.

In an interview with DailyMail, she said: "Me and Johnathan are very good together. We're so in tune. I didn't think it would ever happen to me – meeting someone like this. It feels so good to know that Johnathan is by my side.

"When people see us walking around together, some of them shake Johnathan's hand and say "I salute you, you're doing a good job". But we don't experience issues with people judging our relationship too much thankfully. We're both really looking forward to our wedding, now."

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Rihanna Freaks Out When She Sees A Young Girl That Looks Exactly Like Her

Rihanna Freaks Out When She Sees A Young Girl That Looks Exactly Like Her. How would you react if you ever saw a person that looks exactly like you?

How would you react if you ever saw a person that looks exactly like you? You would freak out or maybe you would be happy that there’s another you roaming around in the streets. Well, Rihanna chose to freak out when she saw a little girl that looks like her. It looks as if she did a FaceApp trick on her fans but she didn’t. The singer posted the photo of the little girl on her social media account. The photo was of a kids model, the photo was shared by her mother on Instagram.

Rihanna says, “almost drop my phone. How?” She was totally shocked when she saw the picture of her identical lookalike. Some of her fans were also shocked by the resemblance between the two. One tweep thought Rihanna used the baby filter to look like that. The tweep says, “so this [isn’t] you with the baby filter?” One tweep says, “So this is why the album is taking so long you literally had a child.” One tweep says, “What??? She looks like Rihanna more than Rihanna looks like Rihanna.” One tweep hilariously referenced the Mzansi Magic show ‘Uthathako’ with a picture of Nimrod Nkosi.

The tweep says, “Hey Riri, this man here is very good at solving such puzzles, just pass by South Africa with the kid when [you] have a chance?” One tweep says, “Is there something you ain’t telling us sis??” Other celebs were also shocked at the similarity between the two, they replied on her Instagram account. Music producer MikeWill says, “Yoooo, That’s Wild!” Hip hop artist Steflon Don says, “Your twin for real…” Gotham and Shamelss actor Cameron Monaghan says, “…I think they cloned you. You do 23 and Me? Maybe they stole your spit swab and ran. S***s wild.”

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Tunisia’s 92-year-old president Essebsi has died

Tunisia’s 92-year-old president, Beji Caid Essebsi, has died, the presidency said in a statement published on their official Facebook account on Thursday.

The post read:


God is great God is great

To God he has taken and everything has been given.

He passed away this morning Thursday, 25 July 2019, at 2019 hours and 25 minutes late, with the permission of the president of the Republic, Mohamed Baji, the commander of essebsi at the military hospital in Tunisia

The burial ceremony will be announced in time

We belong to God and to him we shall return.

Tunisia's president was readmitted to the hospital after suffering a second health scare in a month, his son has said.

Essebsi, was reportedly suffering from the effects of his previous health scare, which saw him spend a week in hospital in late June over a "severe health crisis".

He has only appeared in public twice since leaving the hospital for the first time at the beginning of July.

Essebsi has been a prominent figure in Tunisia since the overthrow of veteran autocrat Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali in 2011, which was followed by uprisings against authoritarian leaders across the Middle East, including in nearby Libya and Egypt.

Parliamentary elections are expected to be held on October 6, with a presidential vote following on November 17.

They will be the third set of polls in which Tunisians can vote freely following the 2011 revolution.

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r.ape charges against C-Ronaldo can’t be proven

The 10-year old r.ape allegation against Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo in Las Vegas cannot be proven beyond reasonable doubt, prosecutors said on Monday.

Ronaldo, who is widely regarded as one of the greatest soccer players of all time and plays for the Italian club Juventus, has maintained he is innocent.

Kathryn Mayorga filed a civil lawsuit in September 2018 in state court in Nevada accusing the athlete of r.aping her in a Las Vegas hotel penthouse suite in 2009, then paying her $375,000 in hush money.

A woman called Las Vegas police on June 13, 2009 to report that she had been s.exually assaulted and police took her to the hospital for an examination, the Clark County District Attorney’s Office said in a statement on Monday. She declined to identify the person who she said assaulted her.

The statement did not identify the woman, but Mayorga’s civil lawsuit mirrors the allegation outlined by prosecutors.

Mayorga and Ronaldo reached a civil settlement in 2010 and law enforcement did not hear again from her until Aug. 28, 2018, when she asked police to reopen the investigation. She said Ronaldo was the person who s.exually assaulted her, prosecutors said.

Las Vegas police on July 8 asked the Clark County District Attorney’s Office to prosecute the case.

“Based upon a review of the information presented at this time, the allegations of S.exual assault against Cristiano Ronaldo cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt,” the District Attorney’s Office said in a statement on Monday.

Ronaldo’s attorney, Peter Christiansen, did not return calls. Attorneys for Mayorga could not be reached for comment.

Las Vegas police said in January they had formally asked Italian authorities to obtain a DNA sample from Ronaldo.

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A boxer who kissed a female reporter

Kubrat Pulev, a Bulgarian heavyweight boxer who kissed a female reporter on the lips while she was interviewing him in the ring last March, was unanimously cleared to fight again by members of the California State Athletic Commission, which warned that another offense would bring a lifetime ban from North American competition.

Jennifer Ravalo, a Vegas Sports Daily contributor who uses the byline Jenny SuShe, was conducting a video interview after Pulev’s heavyweight victory over Bogdan Dinu in Costa Mesa when he reached for her face and planted a kiss on her lips. She also alleged that he groped her. Although she smiled as she wrapped up the interview, Ravalo called for his suspension, saying at the time that she was “immediately shocked and embarrassed and I did not know how to respond.”

Video of the incident was widely quickly shared and Pulev apologized during Monday’s hearing in San Diego.

“I’m very sorry for this kiss,” the 38-year-old fighter said (via Reuters). “And I must to say to Ms. Ravalo, please, excuse me and sorry for the kiss, because it was my mistake, 100 percent.”

Pulev, who was suspended in May for six months for conduct considered a “discredit to boxing,” also was fined $2,500 and ordered to attend a sexual harassment awareness course. In lifting the punishment, one commissioner told Pulev to “continue to learn from this please, sir, and talk about it to others. We could use your help on that.” Pulev can now reapply for his license, but further offenses will bring a lifetime ban from fighting in North America, the commission said.

“It’s disappointing he didn’t do the full six months,” Ravalo told the New York Daily News. “I don’t know if he’s really sorry. I won’t know until I see how he acts.”

To fulfill the training requirement, Pulev and his managers, based in Las Vegas, contacted UNLV and he participated in a Women in Journalism panel July 3 at the school’s UNLV Greenspun College of Urban Affairs. “I knew before the incident,” Pulev said (via the Las Vegas Sun). “I knew this is a mistake. I know this. But I did it because I was happy and very excited. But this is not an excuse for what I did. I do it, and now I understand that while I am happy and I do something happy, for the other side this is maybe not happy, not so funny.”

The fighter whose nickname is The Cobra had just improved to 27-1 with the biggest victory of his career when the incident occurred. In May, he called Ravalo a friend and tweeted about what he said was “the most commented kiss in the world.” “The reporter, Jenny, is actually a friend of mine and after the interview, I was so elated, I gave her a kiss,” he tweeted. “Later that night, she joined me and my other friends at my post-fight celebration. On the video, after our kiss, we both laughed about it and thanked each other. There really is nothing more to this.”

Ravalo denied that friendship during a news conference with attorney Gloria Allred in May. “I was immediately shocked and embarrassed, and didn’t know how to respond. Next, I walked to the table to put my items in my backpack. He grabbed both of my buttocks and squeezed with both of his hands,” she said in a statement at the time. “Then he walked away without saying anything to me and laughed.

“It made me feel uncomfortable and frustrated that Kubrat Pulev would treat me in such an unprofessional manner. I did not encourage or consent to Mr. Pulev grabbing my face, kissing me, or grabbing my backside. I was there at the event covering the boxing match as a professional member of the press. Kissing a woman on her lips without her consent and grabbing her is not acceptable.”

Ravalo, whose bio on the Vegas Sports Daily website describes her as “web host, contributor, writer and sushi chef,” said she had not met Pulev before the weigh-in on the eve of the fight, but said she did attend the post-fight party because it gave her “an opportunity to interview more fighters” and interacted with Pulev.

“He acted like nothing happened but later at the party he asked me to remove the kiss from the interview [video],” Ravalo said. “I did not remove it and instead posted it because I wanted people to see what he had done to me. I wanted him to be accountable. I didn’t want him to get away with it.

“What he did to me was disgusting. I felt humiliated. No woman should be treated this way. Mr. Pulev and I were not friends and we were not in a romantic relationship. He had no right to kiss me.”

In a statement to CNN in March, the CSAC said that Pulev had been “notified that, before he will be licensed to fight in California again, he must appear in front of the commission and demonstrate that he conforms to this principle of respect.” By a 6-0 vote, the commissioners determined he had done so. “This was a good learning experience,” Pulev said during the seminar. “I think my mistake can help people learn not to do this. This is a big mistake. Now people can speak about it.”

Since the incident, Ravalo, who attended the hearing, said she has been bullied online and falsely accused by Pulev’s agent, Top Rank promoter Bob Arum. In an iFL TV clip posted in June on YouTube, he claimed she had been “fooling around” with Pulev during training and “acting as his semi-girlfriend.” He also claimed that video showed Ravalo giving a lapdance to a member of Pulev’s group during the post-fight party. Allred called that “blatantly false” and noted that both the fighter and Ravalo told the commission that they met the day before the Dinu fight. Arum, who noted in the interview that he has daughters and granddaughters and is “sensitive to real sexual harassment,” has not commented since Monday’s decision by the CSAC.

“Mr. Arum cares little about sexual harassment at all,” Ravalo told the commission before the vote, citing his recent comment that he did not believe “that a 6-foot-4, 250-pound boxer grabbing the face of a 5-foot-2 reporter and forcibly kissing her with his bloody mouth was sexual harassment. I would like to see if he would think differently if a large, bloody man did the same to him without his consent.”

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Russian boxer Maxim Dadashev dies after sustaining injuries during fight

Maxim Dadashev receives attention after his corner threw in the towel at his July 19 fight in Maryland.

(CNN)Russian boxer Maxim Dadashev has died in a US hospital after his fight with Puerto Rico's Subriel Matias.

The fight was on Friday in Maryland. Dadashev was 28 years old.

"Top Rank is devastated to report that Maxim Dadashev passed away earlier this morning due to injuries sustained during last Friday's bout," Dadashev's promoter, Top Rank, said in a statement. "Maxim was a talented fighter inside the ring and a loving husband and father outside the ropes. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends."

"Maxim was a terrific young man," added Top Rank founder and CEO Bob Arum. "We are all saddened and affected by his untimely death."

Dadashev and Matias fought at MGM National Harbor in Oxon Hill, Maryland on Friday night. The winner of the fight would've been the mandatory challenger to Josh Taylor for his title belt.

Dadashev's trainer Buddy McGirt stopped the fight after the 11th round.

Matias was dominating Dadashev and was ahead 109-100, 108-101 and 107-102 on the scorecards at the time of stoppage, according to ESPN's Dan Rafael. In reviewing footage from the fight, McGirt could be seen and heard pleading with Dadashev to stop the fight, noting he had taken a lot of hits.

Dadashev had to be helped out of the ring, and he started to vomit and lost consciousness before making it to the dressing room, ESPN reported. He was taken to UM Prince George's Hospital Center in Cheverly, Maryland where he underwent emergency brain surgery for a subdural hematoma, which is bleeding in the brain, the network said.

It added that Dadashev had to be placed into a medically induced coma after the operation in order to allow the brain swelling to subside.

"As you can imagine the news this morning has devastated us all," McGirt wrote in a message to CNN. "Out of respect for his family I will refrain from making any comment at this time other than to say Maxim was and always will be a phenomenal young man and boxer."

Dadashev originally hails from St. Petersburg, Russia but was based out of Oxnard, California. He had a professional boxing record of 13 wins and one loss, with 10 of his wins coming by knockout, according to Top Rank.

The Russian Boxing Federation has announced that they have opened an investigation into the matter.

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