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'It was the right thing to do': Why 4 sisters fought their brothers in court over unequal inheritance

When Amar Litt and her sisters took their brothers to court to contest their parents' will, she says they were not asking for a handout — just their fair share of the $9-million estate they helped to build. 

When Nahar and Nihal Litt died, they left 93 per cent of the family fortune to their two sons, splitting the remainder among their four daughters.

The daughters argued the will was discriminatory — valuing the brothers more highly because they are men, even though the sisters helped build the family's farm estate in B.C. and cared for their ailing parents before they died. 

The B.C. Supreme Court agreed. Last week, Justice Elaine Adair redistributed the Litt estate, granting 60 per cent, or about $1.35 million each, to Amar and her sisters, and splitting the remaining 40 per cent, about $1.8 million each, between the brothers.

Amar spoke to As It Happens guest host Megan Williams about why she and her sisters fought their own family in court. Here is part of their conversation. 

All of our family — my sisters, my brothers, my parents — we all worked collectively to build our parents' estate.

So for us to go to court was not that we were asking for a handout. It was not like our parents had their lives built, the estate, and then when they were gone, we asked for a part of it. We helped to build it. And we wanted fairness.

We grew up in a home where my sisters and I, we had to struggle for fairness and recognition our whole lives because my two brothers got recognition and praise because they were boys.

My parents were born and raised in India. And even though we were living in Canada, we continued to be raised in the traditional East Indian way of where the daughters don't have freedom, and boys are blessing, and daughters are — I don't want to say disappointment, but yes.

No, it's not a comfort to me because ... I don't know if that's true. And for me personally, there is no relationship any longer between me and my two brothers. 

I'm not going to totally discredit my brothers because all of us worked together. We all worked. When we were children, not one of us — not my sisters, not my brothers, not my parents — ever had a summer off.

In the spring, my father would pick us up after school, we would change our clothes and we would go to work on the farm.

There were four girls and there were two boys building that estate.

My mom was in and out of hospital in her later years, and it was the daughters that sat beside my mom's bed and spent the nights there in the hospital. And it was myself and my sisters that took care of my father who had Alzheimer's, who took turns taking care of my father.

We loved our parents. Yes, life was difficult and they were strict — but we are forever grateful and miss them. And we took good care of our parents.

I knew that it was the right thing to do. For my sister who was just a little bit older than me, we knew it was the right thing to do. And my two other sisters ... it was a very, very difficult decision for them.

It was painful to go to court and to have to open up your whole life there in front of your brothers and try to have to justify stuff. They already know. They know that every day that they were working on a farm, we were right there with them. 

We spent our whole lives justifying and trying to get fairness, but that was to parents who were born and raised in India. But my brothers were very young when we came here and we still had to justify. 

Myself and my three sisters would like to say how blessed we are to be in a country and to live in a province that afforded us the opportunity for fairness. Because the only place we were going to get fairness was in a court of law. 

That will was written in 1993. And I know in my heart — I know, and my sisters know — that had my parents rewritten their wills at some point, it would have been significantly different.

There were conversations that my parents had with my sisters to say that everything would be divided evenly — and that is why we were disheartened and in shock.

But one of the main reasons also that we went to court was so that other people — and there are many other people in our situation, many Indo-Canadian women, yes, but many other people that are in the same situation where they're not treated fairly either because of their life choices or because they're a boy or a girl  — and we wanted to go to court to try to give other people the courage to step forward and do that.

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3 Suspected Terrorists Arrested Surveying Kempinski Hotel

Three suspected terrorists are being held by the police after they were nabbed reportedly surveying Villa Rosa Kempinski Hotel, on Sunday.

According to a report by The Star, the three, Abdi Mohammed Guled, Ibrahim Mohammed Guled and Mohammed Bashi Aden were arrested taking pictures of the picturesque hotel.

They were also found in possession of several items including Kenyan IDs, mobile phones and electronic gadgets which were taken for forensic analysis.

Confirming the incident, Sergeant Joseph Mwiti, who is attached to the Anti-Terrorism Police Unit, swore an affidavit that the three were arrested on suspicion of carrying out surveillance with an aim of carrying out a terrorist attack.

“The respondents were covertly taking photographs at the hotel and when questioned, they did not give an explanation.

“I want to retrieve their digital prints for forensic examination as well as examine their social media accounts. It is important for them to be detained by the ATPU to enable detailed criminal enquires to be carried out,” swore Mwiti.

It was also revealed that, based on intelligence reports collected so far, the three suspects were a part of a large organisation and have other associates.

 “There is a need to carry out detailed interviews with the suspects and their associates to find out their co-conspirators,” continued Mwiti.

The officer, as a result, asked Milimani Law Courts not to grant the suspects bail as they pose a greater threat to national security.

He also wanted them held at a police station within Nairobi and its details concealed from the public.

If found guilty, the three are facing between 20 and 30 years in prison for conspiring to commit a terrorist act and being members of a terrorist group.


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South Florida Pastor Accused of Molesting 15-Year-Old Boy

A South Florida pastor has been arrested after police say he molested a 15-year-old boy at the teen's home.

Maurice Dave Lyn, 44, was arrested Tuesday on one count of lewd and lascivious molestation and two counts of lewd and lascivious conduct, according to a Coral Springs Police arrest report.

Lyn, originally from Jamaica, came to the U.S. in 2002 and is the senior pastor at Deerfield Beach Ministries, according to their website.

According to the arrest report, the teen said Lyn picked him up at his home on August 6, promising he would help the boy get school supplies. Lyn took the boy to get lunch and then drove him back to the boy's home, where he lives with his mother.

Lyn asked the boy if anyone else was home, and the boy told him he was home alone, the report said. That's when the boy said Lyn pinned him up against a counter and started kissing him, the report said.

The boy said he froze, and Lyn started fondling him, then stopped and said he had to leave, the report said. Lyn told the boy he'd perform a sex act on him the next time he sees him, the report said.

According to the report, the boy's mother later recorded a conversation she had with Lyn, where she confronted him about the incident. Lyn told her he was "praying and fasting for forgiveness," the report said.

Lyn was arrested and booked into jail, where he was being held on $75,000 bond Wednesday, records showed. Attorney information wasn't available.



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Ghost' spotted in window behind councillor - but can you see it?

People are claiming to have seen a "ghost" in a window behind a councillor in a picture being widely shared online.

The photo taken in Caernarfon has been a huge source of debate.

Councillor Jason Wayne Parry arranged for this photo to be taken on the Peblig Ward.

He wanted the picture snapped in a bid to highlight problems with the 'dog mess' on the streets.

But when he shared the photo to Facebook to raise awareness, the response he received wasn't what he was expecting at all.

Some people said they could see a strange 'ghostly' figure standing in the window of one of the homes in the background of the picture,

Cllr Parry, who owns Magic Clippers Gwallt Co in the town, said: “I was putting up signs warning against dog fouling in the area to bring attention to the problem we have in the estate. 

“When I do jobs like that, I like to take a photo and share it on my Facebook page to let people know what's being done.

“I was leaving work the other day and someone ran up to me and asked if I had noticed anything strange about the photo I'd put up.

“She had said it was her friend's home in the background of the photo and while they were looking at it, they noticed something unusual in the window.”

Curious, Cllr Parry decided to enlist the help of a friend who works as a TV editor to help shed some light on the mystery. 

It was only when the photos were enhanced that in Cllr Parry's own words "it became obvious there was something there."

Shocked, Cllr Parry sent it to the woman who currently lives in the at the address who then duly posted it online

The image has attracted a flurry of speculation as to what - if anything - is in the window.

Some say they see the image of a little girl or a woman.

Others however have dismissed it as a simple optical illusion.

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The man who is spending hundreds of thousands of pounds buying up old chapels

A retired church minister is spending hundreds of thousands of pounds saving old chapels from being turned into flats in an "act of faith".

Over the last few years Reverend Robert Stivey has bought 12 chapels in the South Wales valleys. His latest acquisition, Calfaria Chapel in Aberdare , cost him just £25,000.

But Rev Stivey said it was not about the money and he is reluctant to put an exact number on how much he has spent so far.

"Some of the chapels are pretty derelict but some are in pretty good order too," Rev Stivey said.

"Some are magnificent Grade II listed buildings which are architecturally worth saving as well as spiritually

The 71-year-old retired minister from Treherbert in Rhondda Cynon Taf said he wanted to spread the word of "the Lords' work".

"It's important that we conserve our heritage," he said.

"But 100 years ago, the church would have been at the heart of our communities and churches and chapels would have been packed out to the door."

Rev Stivey came to South East Wales in 2012 after he tired as a minister at Highbury Quadrant Congregational Church in North London. He had visited the Welsh valleys many years beforehand and even then had noticed how many of the chapels were being closed, turned into flats or razed to the ground.

He decided to do his utmost to save as many as he could and reopen them to be used for their original purpose.

"We hope to plant these evangelical churches in the valleys," he explained.

"It's a non-denominational project which I'm doing in my retirement and it's very rewarding to have been able to save chapels from those entrepreneurs who want to turn them into flats and homes."

He is "consumed by his work" even though he is retired, he admitted, and likes nothing more than sitting down to read at the end of the day.

The 12 chapels he has snapped up, mostly using inheritance money from his mother, are spread out in Cynon, Merthyr, Porth and Aberdare.

Rev Stivey buys the buildings as and when they come up for sale. Ironically, the better chapels go for less money because they are more likely to be listed, which can put developers off.

"It's not about the money," Rev Stivey said, who reluctantly admitted he had spent anything between £100k and £200k.

"They do go pretty cheap and the cheapest ones are those that are listed which means we can buy them and keep them as they were.

"When they aren't listed, developers see potential because they have more options with what they can do with them."

Not that he buys chapels on a whim. Rev Stivey looks for chapels in or close to a town or village to make sure there is a population to minister to.

"Then I pray to see if it's the Lords' will to carry on with it," Rev Stivey added.

He is keen to stress he advocates a free church which welcomes everybody. He said: "People do respond and you just have to be loving, kind and thoughtful.

"I won't say we are in the middle of a revival of faith because we are not. But I do believe if the Lord Jesus Christ is presented in a way that people can understand then they will start to listen to the message again.

"People need a simple message about love and how Jesus died for them."

His plan is simple: to start small and build up over the years. He might not be able to reopen all of the chapels, but they will at least be saved from demolition, he said. Others can then take over where he finishes.

"I find that very satisfying and I am very positive about the future," he added.


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Slay Queen Caught Redhanded After Stealing A Hotel's Plasma TV In Delta

The woman after she was caught A woman has been apprehended and paraded after stealing a Plasma TV belonging to Kevleyn Hotel in Delta State. It was gathered that the woman identified as Laurenta, conspired with her boyfriend to commit the said act after lodging in the hotel for one week. 

The receptionist’s guard was let down after the lady claimed her boyfriend was retaining the hotel room after being spotted leaving with a “Ghana Must Go Bag” which had the TV inside. 

It was also learnt that her boyfriend who stole the hotel’s towel, umbrella and key left 3 hours later with claim of buying something. Upon being traced to her sister’s house, the hotel’s management were told that Laurenta was subjected to mob action earlier after stealing N800k from a guy who slept with her. 

The matter was taken to court and she was almost jailed with her boyfriend. Laurenta however confessed to the crime when dragged to the hotel and she reportedly said she used the TV to get a loan of N5k. The TV has been retrieved from the men who loaned her the money.

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OH MY WORLD! 13-Year-Old Girl Found Alive Three Months After Parents Were Shot Dead; Fingers Her Kidnapper .

A 13-year-old American girl, missing for almost three months after her parents were shot dead at their home in the US Midwest, has been found alive with her hair matted and wearing oversized shoes. “Jayme Closs was located alive,” the sheriff’s office in Douglas County, Wisconsin, said in a statement late Thursday. It said she was located near the town of Gordon, close to Lake Superior and approximately 75 miles (120 kilometers) north of her home in rural Barron, Wisconsin. A suspect was in custody but police provided no other details.

The sheriff’s department in Barron County was to release more information Friday after describing the investigation as “very fluid and active” following the suspect’s arrest. Witnesses told US media that Closs had approached a neighbour of the suspect for help while the neighbour was walking her dog at approximately 4:00 pm Thursday. That woman then took Closs to a nearby home. Kristin Kasinskas told CNN, “She knocked on our door and helped Jayme into the room and said, This is Jayme Closs, call 911 right now.’”

The Minneapolis Star Tribune newspaper, citing witnesses, described Closs’s appearance as gaunt, with matted hair and shoes too big for her feet. “She was skinnier than in her photograph, but I think healthy overall,” Kasinskas said, adding that Closs identified her kidnapper. “She said to us: ‘This person killed my parents and took me,’” Kasinskas said. In the wooded area, which has few year-round residents, police blocked access to a cabin believed to be that of the 21-year-old suspect, according to the Star Tribune. The FBI had been searching nationwide for Closs and described her as “endangered.” She was believed to have witnessed the murders of her parents but was not considered a suspect based on evidence recovered at the scene, police said at the time.

Closs disappeared after police received a 911 call from a cellphone inside her home where James Closs, 56, and Denise Closs, 46, were found shot dead. Police did not know what happened or the motive for the killings and a murder weapon was not recovered, according to US media reports at the time. CBS News reported that the family’s front door had been shot open. The Star Tribune said Closs’s aunt Sue Allard sobbed upon hearing news that the teen had been found. “Praise the Lord,” she said. “It’s the news we’ve been waiting on for three months. I can’t wait to get my arms around her.”


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Former U.S. soldier turned mercenary nicknamed 'RAMBO' who arranged the contract killing of a real estate agent in the Philippines sentenced to life in prison

NEW YORK — A former U.S. soldier known as Rambo who became a mercenary for drug dealers was sentenced to life in prison Thursday by a judge who cited his “truly horrific crimes.”

Joseph Hunter, 53, a onetime Army sergeant from Owensboro, Kentucky, with a Special Forces background, was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Ronnie Abrams in Manhattan.

She said he carried out his crimes, including arranging the February 2012 murder of a real estate agent in the Philippines, for money.

The judge said she had never before seen such a "total and complete lack of respect for human life."

Abrams said Hunter had "planned and committed truly horrific crimes" and then spoke of kidnapping, torture and assassination to recruits as if "it was a business, plain and simple."

"I was struck by how matter-of-fact it was," said the judge, who recalled re-watching videos introduced at trial of Hunter instructing recruits as she prepared for the sentencing.

She said the only emotion she detected was pride as Hunter said the work would be like performing in a "James Bond" movie.

The life prison sentence announced by Abrams was mandatory. Hunter, listed with the alias "Rambo" in an indictment, was serving a 20-year prison term after another conviction.

Hunter, who served in the U.S. Army from 1983 to 2004, declined to speak before the sentence was announced. In the Army, Hunter led air-assault and airborne infantry squads, served as a sniper instructor and trained soldiers in marksmanship.

Prosecutors said after leaving the military, Hunter tortured, kidnapped and killed people for years along with other former soldiers.

But it was the killing of a Philippines real estate agent, Catherine Lee, that resulted in a conviction at trial and Thursday's sentencing.

Prosecutors said Hunter and two other ex-American soldiers agreed to become contract killers for an international crime boss who wanted to settle a score with the broker.

Two other ex-soldiers, Adam Samia, 44, and Carl David Stillwell, 51, both of Roxboro, North Carolina, arranged for Lee to show them several real estate properties and Samia then shot Lee twice in the face with a pistol that had a silencer before he and Stillwell dumped her body on a pile of garbage, prosecutors said.

Samia and Stillwell, convicted at trial along with Hunter, were already sentenced to life in prison by Abrams.

In a release, U.S. Attorney Geoffrey S. Berman said: "With zero regard for human life, Joseph Hunter callously helped to arrange the murder of a Filipino woman in exchange for money. He and his co-defendants have now been sentenced to life behind bars for their heartless crimes."

A defense lawyer, Arnold Jay Levine, had cited post-traumatic stress disorder as a mitigating factor, saying years in the military had taken a toll on Hunter.

“The country still owes something to Mr. Hunter,” he said.


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Woman Looks Out of Window to Check on Hired Plumber, What She Captured Goes Viral

Talk about going above and beyond with one’s duties, this earnest plumber from the Acton Municipal Utility District went below and under—literally submerged headfirst—into a muddy pit to fix a 1-inch broken pipe that had burst. When his photo was shared online, it made a huge splash, and the hardworking plumber became an internet sensation overnight.

When Jimmie Cox, a utility worker in his 20s from Fort Worth, Texas, was called on by Andrea Adams to fix a broken water line one day in 2016, he didn’t know he would soon become an internet star.

Upon arriving at Adams’s place, Cox found water shooting out of a 5-foot (about 1.5-meter) hole near her front driveway. It was a mess! The water was muddy, spewing all over, and Adams was running around.

Cox went under and tried to stop the leak. “The hole was about five-and-a-half foot deep,” he told WFAA.

“I wasn’t even able to get the clampers, so we had to cut it and put a valve on there when it was underwater,” he said.

So, he went above and beyond to solve this situation. He plunged himself into the pool of muddy water again—headfirst.

“You basically start holding your breath and if stuff starts going up your nose that is too bad,” Cox told Inside Edition.

When Adams saw Cox “snorkeling” in the muddy hole, submerged from the waist up, she just couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She said: “When I walked back outside, the kid was in there.”

Adams was overwhelmed at the worker’s dedication and took a photo of Cox jumping into the murky abyss.

Adams asked Cox if she could take a photo of him, because her husband surely wouldn’t believe her if she told him what happened in their front yard. Then, Adams posted the photo on Facebook, and it became a hit.

“Then, I posted the photo to Facebook, and within two hours, people in Brazil were commenting,” Adams said.

Cox couldn’t believe how much attention he was suddenly receiving. Even show host Mike Rowe, from Dirty Jobs, called him. He said: “Tell me that was a water line, because if that was a sewer line I’m going to have to buy you a whole case of beers.”

Luckily, this plumbing job didn’t involve a sewer line.

Cox told Rowe: “It feels pretty crazy that that many people are staring a picture of my butt.”

Cox’s story even got the attention of jeans company Wrangler, because in the photo, the utility worker was wearing a pair of Wrangler jeans. “Now this is an #EverydayHero. Keep up the good work, buddy, & expect to see some #WranglerJeans coming your way,” Wrangler Jeans tweeted.

To reward Cox’s dedication at work, Wrangler offered him a free year’s supply of jeans!

Later on in the year, when Wrangler hosted Jeansboro Day, the company even invited Cox to be their guest of honor. At the event commemorating the city’s denim history, Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan presented Cox the key to the city.

But that’s not the end of the surprises. Inside Edition flew him to New York, where a stylist helped him pick out new clothes, in addition, he got his hair styled, beard trimmed, and enjoyed a relaxing spa session.

It looks like going that extra mile paid off very well! But as Cox humbly put it, “you gotta do what you gotta do.”

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Ex-primary school teacher, 36, jailed for five years after affair with female student, 15

Lauren Coyle-Mitchell, 36, was sentenced after performing a sex act with a girl of 15.

The affair happened when Coyle-Mitchell and the unnamed student were at Lena Edwards Academic Charter School in the US state of New Jersey.

Prosecutors at Bergen County Superior Court said the sexual assault happened at the married teacher’s home in Lyndhurst in 2015.

Other teachers noticed there were “inappropriate” interactions between the pair on a class trip, US media reported.

Investigators believe there was “at least one” encounter at Coyle-Mitchell’s home.

At the time, she tried to clear her name with a Facebook post, where she defiantly wrote: “Tragic accusations have been brought up against me.

“They are not true and my name will be cleared.”

At her plea hearing, the disgraced former teacher admitted performing a sex act on the girl and said their affair began with explicit texts.

Her firefighter husband looked on in the courtroom as Coyle-Mitchell was sentenced.

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“Do you acknowledge that these acts were emotionally and morally damaging to this woman?” her attorney John Latoracca asked.

“Yes,” she replied.

She was arrested at the time, before being arrested again in 2016 after prosecutors said she violated a court order by contacting the victim.

In January this year, she pleaded guilty to second-degree aggravated sexual assault.

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She had originally been charged with a first-degree aggravated sexual assault and second-degree official misconduct and child endangerment.

The state Board of Examiners removed her teaching qualifications – including for teaching disabled students – in April.

She must serve 85% of her sentence before she is eligible for parole with lifetime suspension under the No Early Release Act.

Coyle-Mitchell must also register as a Megan’s Law offender, and is banned from ever again holding a teaching or government job.



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21-Year-Old American Woman Becomes The Youngest Person To Travel To Every Country

Meet Lexie Alford, a 21-year-old American woman who has achieved quite a feat by becoming the youngest person on Earth to travel to all countries in the world. On June 2, Lexi uploaded a photo on her Instagram account with a caption that read "officially traveled to every country in the world". The photo shows Alford holding a piece of paper that has "North Korea May 31, 2019, country #196" written on it, indicating that North Korea was the last milestone on her tremendous journey and a finishing step in the world record. Her website, lexielimitless, proudly displays the number of countries she has traveled, 196, in contrast to the tab with the remaining countries where the number has finally dropped down to zero.

The adventurer has documented her numerous travels across the world not only on her blog but also captured the moments in stunning photos which she uploaded on her Instagram. At the moment, her page has 67.3k followers and around 400 posts with multiple images.

Scroll down below to see photographs from many of the countries she visited and don't forget to comment and vote for your favorites.

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Trans man and trans woman marry in beautiful Indian wedding ceremony

A transgender couple celebrated their love in Bengal’s first ever trans wedding.

Tista Das, a transgender activist and actress, looked radiant in a traditional Bengali sari as she married her partner Dipan Chakraborty in a Hindu ceremony.

The couple tied the knot in Agarpara, Kolkata in front of friends, neighbours and family members, including Tista’s mother Subhra who said: “I am happy to see my daughter settle down with someone like Dipan.”

“We have been through a lot of hardship but parents should always support their children,” she told The Times of India.

Tista added: “I always believed love has no gender and Dipan and I have proved

Indian trans couple met at legal clinic

The couple met while Tista was working at a trans legal clinic.

When Dipan visited as a client, the two struck a chord and soon began dating.

According to the Times, they became engaged in April 15, India’s National Trans Day of Visibility.

Dipan, who has only recently come out as trans, faced a rush to to obtain his new identity documents so that the wedding could take place.

Fortunately everything fell into place, and the ceremony was organised with the help of friends and neighbours.

Pandit Biswajit Mukherjee, who performed the ceremony, called the wedding an “historical event.”

“I have never seen anything like this,” he told the Times.

“I am happy to be a part of it. In fact, I cancelled another appointment [to be there]

Aparajita Bose, a member of the Human Rights Law Network Kolkata, said that the wedding will “have a huge impact” on the transgender community, which she says still “fears being rejected by society.”

“I wish Dipan and Tista a happy married life,” Bose said. “They are both wonderful human beings.”

Dipan added: “I am extremely lucky to have Tista as my wife. This is the best day of my life”


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Venomous octopus bit woman's face when she tried to make it pose for 'fun' photo

A venomous octopus bit an angler’s face after she tried to make it pose for a ‘fun’ photo with her. Jamie Bisceglia was left in agonizing pain after she was savaged by the sea creature at a fishing derby in Tacoma, Washington, on August 2. The animal – believed to be a Pacific red octopus – began by attaching its suckers to Bisceglia’s face, before sinking its sharp beak in. She told KIRO: ‘It had barreled its beak into my chin and then let go a little bit and did it again. ‘It was a really intense pain when it went inside and it just bled, dripping blood for a long time.’

Bisceglia, who owns angling business South Sound Salmon Sisters, tried to ignore the pain. But she was overcome with agony two days later, and went to her local emergency room.

She said: ‘I’m still in pain. I’m on three different antibiotics. This can come and go, the swelling, for months they say.’ Bisceglia realizes that few will sympathize with her injuries, and said: ‘It was a photo contest in the derby.

So, crazy me, hindsight now and looking back, I probably made a big mistake ‘This was not a good idea. ‘I will never do it again.’ Local wildlife experts have also speculated that the octopus could have been a juvenile giant Pacific octopus. Both the giant and red varieties have a powerful beak they use to smash crab, clam and mussel shells before eating them. They also use a poisonous venom to immobilize their prey.



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Meet the vintage-obsessed couple who live with more than 200 dolls they call their 'plastic children'

A kooky couple have spent three years growing an idyllic family of over 200 “plastic children”.

Childhood sweethearts Madeline and Malachi Dressel, both aged 35, are obsessed with collecting all things vintage. Their home in South Carolina is filled with antique furniture, appliances and decorations. But the thing that stands out the most is their impressive collection of vintage dolls.

Since starting their unlikely hobby, they have acquired over 200 dolls, including 30 life-sized dolls. Some of their favourite dolls have individual names, such as “Polly-Marie” and “Sarah-Anne”. 

The couple met when they were children - their parents were friends and their mothers even shared the same midwife. Their romantic relationship began five years ago and now they are happily married.  

Madeline told Barcroft TV: “We're pretty much obsessed with anything vintage.  “The majority of our collection together, especially the large dolls, has been the last three years. “About 2016 is when we stumbled upon the first big [doll] at the thrift store. And it really grew from there.”

Madeline has loved dolls for as long as she can remember, but Malachi only discovered his passion for collecting “plastic children" after moving in with Madeline. He describes his childhood as a "quintessential male upbringing in the US" and was always encouraged to play with something “manly".

But today, his love of dolls is just a strong as his wife’s. Malachi told Barcroft TV: “She has certain ones that are just hers and then I have ones that are mine.” 

Since 2016, they have both grown their “family" of over 200 dolls and even take candid family photos together for their Instagram page ( Their account has nearly one thousand followers and is full of idyllic photos of their adorable "family". Some examples of their photos include the dolls playing in the garden, baking or having tea parties together.

The account pokes fun at friends who post staged photos of their family and ask why the couple haven’t had any real children of their own. But they say the dolls are not a replacement for children – they just love to play, restore and create scenes with dolls, claiming it gives them a creative outlet to have fun with.

Madeline and Malachi have a number of friends who are equally enthusiastic about doll collecting, however some people in their circle don’t understand the her and her husband’s hobby.  They convinced Malachi’s friend Michael to come to one of their dolls’ tea parties, in celebration of Madeline’s birthday.

Michael is not a doll collector and had not been introduced to all of their “children”. Talking about his best friend, Malachi said: "He's seen a few [of the dolls]… He has not seen the quantity, of which we have a mass at this point.”

Michael admitted he found the collection slightly creepy and overwhelming, however ultimately he thinks their hobby is “amazing".  Michael told Barcroft TV: “I think it’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in my entire life. The fact that they are so candid and really don’t care what other people think. That’s one of the reasons why I love both of them. They are some of the weirdest, most upfront people.” 

Madeline and Malachi aren’t embarrassed or ashamed of their collection. In fact, they love to show it off.  Madeline said: “I'm not shy about showing people the Instagram. “When I get that dreaded question, “What do you do for fun?” - well, let me show you what I do for fun and we'll find out if we're going to be friends or not.”

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Cambridge University biology student, 19, 'fought off friend's desperate attempts to save her as she forced open light aircraft door and jumped' 5,000ft to her death during trip to Madagascar

A University of Cambridge student broke open an airplane door and jumped to her death from 5000ft in Madagascar after a friend and the pilot clung on to her legs for several minutes to stop her, police revealed today.

Alana Cutland, 19, a second-year Biological Natural Sciences student from Milton Keynes, died after plunging 5,000ft from the plane while on a study trip to the Indian Ocean island.

Her friend and fellow British tourist Ruth Johnson and the pilot wrestled with her for several minutes by grabbing her by the legs, Madagascar police chief Sinola Nomenjahary has said.

But after several minutes Alana broke free from their 'exhausted' grip and jumped to her death on Thursday July 25.

Alana was around ten minutes into the flight back from a research trip to a remote lodge in Anjajavy, northern Madagascar, where she was studying a rare species of crabs.


Police have released an extraordinary image of officers recreating the student's final moments before throwing herself from the plane after taking statements from Ms Johnson and the pilot. 

Detectives have also revealed that the student had suffered five 'paranoia attacks' while on the 'failed' research trip to see rare Madagascan crustaceans, which she had paid for herself.  

Alana and her parents had several intense and agitated discussions on the phone in the days leading up to her death, reports on the island have claimed.

Alana had been due to stay on the research trip for six weeks, but cut it short after just eight days following the conversations with her parents Alison and Neil Cutland, both 63.  

Police chief Sinola Nomenjahary say they have pieced together what happened in the minutes before Alana died  

said: 'The Cessna C168 aircraft was taking off from Anjajavy with three people aboard, including Ms Johnson, Alana and the pilot.

'After 10 minutes of flight, Alana undid her seatbelt and unlocked the right door of the plane and tried to get out.

'Ms Johnson fought for five minutes trying to hold her, but when she was exhausted and out of breath she let go.

'Alana then intentionally fell from an aircraft at 1130 meters above sea level.

'She dropped into a zone which is full of with carnivorous Fossa felines.'

Alana was travelling back from a research trip to a remote lodge in Anjajavy where she studied a rare species of crabs.   

According to the main paper on the island, the Midi-Madagasikara, the British student was heading back to the UK just eight days into the trip die to last over a month.

She is said to have had a number of troubling conversations with her parents in Buckinghamshire.

Their most recent report claims that the family considered the situation an 'emergency' and rented a small plane to take her from the north of the island to Madagascar's Ivato Antananarivo international airport where she would have flown to Paris and then on to London.

They convinced Ruth Johnson, who is understood to be 51, to accompany her on the five-seat Cessna-type aircraft but Alana then fought her way off the plane and jumped minutes after take-off. 

Teams are searching for her body but there are fears that it may not be found because she jumped into remote area of the Madagascan jungle filled with carnivorous wild animals. 

Alana's family say they 'are heartbroken at the loss of our wonderful, beautiful daughter, who lit up every room she walked in to'. 

Police have also interviewed management at the hotel, as well as Ruth and the pilot while also searching Alana's luggage.

They have also read through her documents and messages.

The police chief added: 'The victim is a student who has failed on research work and was asking for a lot of moral support.

'She had personally financed her research and had suffered a paranoia attack five times. 

'The witnesses claimed that Alana had difficulty managing her private life and her research.

'She was in regular contact by email with her parents to whom she receives moral support. She did not handle her stresses well.

'On Ms Johnson's departure day Alana's parents agreed that Alana should interrupt her research fly with Ms Johnson.'

She was in the country for a university research trip to complement her studies and one other passenger was in the aircraft with her, along with the pilot. 

The internship is understood to have been undertaken privately and was not a Cambridge University study trip. 

Alana's family have asked for privacy following her death. 

Their statement said: 'Our daughter Alana was a bright, independent young woman, who was loved and admired by all those that knew her.

'She was always so kind and supportive to her family and friends, which resulted in her having a very special connection with a wide network of people from all walks of her life, who we know will miss her dearly.





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Teenager, 19, who used a new hair dye to turn her roots blonde 'is left with bald patches and chemical burns' after skipping a patch test

A teenager who used a new hair dye to turn her roots blonde claims she was left with bald patches and chemical burns because she didn’t do a patch test. 

Summer Jackson, 19, decided to dye her roots with a product she hadn’t used before – Clairol Nice ‘n Easy 11 Ultra Light Blonde.

After applying the dye, Miss Jackson claims she had to wash off the dye 15 minutes earlier than instructed – after just 10 minutes – because it felt like her head was ‘on fire’.

As she brushed her hair, Miss Jackson claims that clumps began to fall out while her scalp was still in agony.

She rushed to the emergency room where she was given ointment cream to help the wounds heal, which she applied for a month.

Miss Jackson, from Monroe, Michigan, said her head has been left scarred and is sharing her story to raise awareness.

Summer Jackson, 19, has issued a warning for the importance of patch tests after claiming she was rushed to hospital with chemical burns and hair loss after dying her roots

Miss Jackson died her roots with a product she hadn’t used before – Nice’n Easy’s number 11 ‘ultra light blonde’ (pictured). She admits she did not do a patch test

Miss Jackson, a care worker, said: ‘I dye my hair every four to eight weeks, but I only dye my roots, never my head.

‘I went to the store and my normal dye was out of stock in my hair colour, so I picked up Nice’n Easy Ultralight Blonde.

‘When it came to actually dying my hair I always start from the back and work my way up – which now, I realise how lucky I am that I do this!’

Miss Jackson noticed some light burning, but initially ignored it and finished the job.

She was about to leave the dye on for the 20 to 25 minutes like instructed on the packet.

However, she said: ‘The burning got increasingly worse and, when it had been on for only 10 minutes, I decided I really needed to wash this out as my head was on fire.

‘I used shampoo to remove the dye from my scalp and then conditioned it.

‘After showering I went to brush my hair out and clumps of hair began to fall out and as I did this, my skin was still burning.

‘Roughly around five clumps of hair fell out whilst I was brushing it once the dye had been washed out.’

Miss Jackson said small areas of her hair have been completely ‘burned off’.

Miss Jackson was given an ointment cream which she used for a month. But said she has been left with scars (pictured)


A chemical burn is the irritation and destruction of human tissue caused by exposure to a chemical.

Many cases occur due to accidental misuse of hair, skin and nail care products.

Most chemical burns are caused by strong acids that kill cells, which can lead to scarring and disabilities. 

The extent of tissue damage depends on the strength of the chemical, the site of contact, whether it was swallowed, whether skin was intact and how long it was left on for.

In severe cases people may suffer a cardiac arrest, seizures or low blood pressure. 

Minor chemical burns that affect a small area of skin can often be treated by thoroughly washing the affected area with water. 

Major burns require hospital treatment.

Source: eMedicine Health 

She said: ‘My hair is only now starting to grow back. I still have light burns and scarring from the hair dye.

‘Even for the following few days I had to wear a headband at work to keep my hair from falling out, as I worked at a restaurant.

‘Then I lost even more hair as a hairdresser advised me to shave the back of my head to allow it to breathe and let the burns heal better.’

Miss Jackson shaved the hair at the bottom of her neck to aid healing.

She said: ‘Luckily the hair has started to grow back now, but I still have the burns and scarring on my neck but luckily they aren’t irritated anymore.’

Following what happened to her, Miss Jackson is sharing her story to advise others about the importance of doing patch tests.

She said: ‘I would recommend a patch test so you prevent something like this from happening.

‘I’ve never had an experience like this from hair dye, but I’ve always stuck to the brand I’m used to so should have tested when I was using a new product.

‘It’s definitely something that could have been avoided.’

Some components in hair dyes can cause symptoms of an allergic reaction, which is why manufacturers say a skin tolerance test must be carried out 48 hours before – for both home dye kits and those used by professionals in hair salons.

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Malia Obama pictured snuggling up to her British boyfriend in a London underground station before the couple lit matching cigarettes during her trip to Europe

Malia Obama was seen packing on the PDA with her boyfriend Rory Farquharson whilst waiting for a tube at an underground station in London last month.

Seemingly unfazed by the busy hustle and bustle of passengers around them, the couple were pictured sharing a tender moment as Malia closed her eyes, while Rory appeared to plant a kiss on her forehead.

In another photo, Malia wrapped her arms around her boyfriend’s neck, while he seemed a little more preoccupied with checking his phone.

They were later seen walking down a London street, both holding cigarettes.

In another photo, Malia wrapped her arms around her boyfriend’s neck, while he seemed a little more preoccupied with checking his phone

They were later seen walking down a London street, both puffing away on cigarettes

The 20-year-old appeared to be assimilating to British life and wore a pair of $160 Doc Martins boots, with brown pants, a grey T-shirt and an oversized denim jacket as she walked with her boyfriendThe 20-year-old appeared to have been assimilating to British life and wore a pair of $160 Doc Martins boots, with brown pants, a grey T-shirt and an oversized denim jacket.

The couple, who were pictured on July 27 taking London’s Northern line, appear to have been on their way to The Bridge Theater to see Alan Bennett’s new production Allelujah!

Once again, Malia was seen puffing away, this time on a vape, as they left the theater and went for a romantic stroll, arm-in-arm, over the capital’s Tower Bridge.

Rory wrapped his arm around Malia, to keep her warm as the couple went unnoticed by members of the public on their walk over the River Thames.

Malia, 20, puffed on an e-cigarette as they made their way out of The Bridge Theatre.

Her father, Barack, was also a regular smoker prior to entering the White House and was spotted several times chewing on nicorette gum to fight the habit

Malia appears to have inherited her father’s weakness for nicotine. Barack, was also a regular smoker prior to entering the White House and was spotted several times chewing on nicorette gum to fight the habit.

The former first daughter was also accused of smoking marijuana in 2016 after a video of her puffing on a suspicious cigarette was released. The president’s eldest daughter was seen inhaling from the cigarette during the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago.

The brief clip showed the then 18-year-old mingling with crowds as she took a drag. An eyewitness insisted she was smoking a joint.

The daughter of former president Barack Obama visited London last month with her British boyfriend who she met whilst studying at Harvard.

Farquharson wore pink Ralph Lauren shirt and a silver watch as he held his girlfriend’s hand in LondonRory first entered the media spotlight, when he was caught passionately kissing Obama ‘s eldest daughter before a Harvard-Yale football game in November.

And if these latest pictures are anything to go by, the loved-up couple are still going strong.

Rory is a former head boy of Rugby School, one of the top ‘public’ schools in the United Kingdom and just a rung below the more famous Eton and Harrow. According to insiders, he was considered ‘quite a catch’. Rugby charges more than $42,500 (£32,000) a year for tuition and board and is well-known for giving the world the game of rugby.

Malia relaxed on a stoop in the East Village with a friend before they decided to go for dinnerThe Ivy League student also has links to the royals, as his second cousin was the Queen’s Assistant Master of the Household at Buckingham Palace.

Malia started at Harvard last year, following in the footsteps of her father and mother Michelle, who both studied law at the top American university.

She is now back in the United States and was spotted in New York City last week.

The 20-year-old donned brown overalls, which revealed her lace black bra, and chunky black sandals as she stepped out in East Village to meet her pals on Thursday, before enjoying dinner at the upmarket Buddakan Asian restaurant.

A source told that the group dined in the venue’s private library room, where Malia toasted her friend’s birthday.

Malia relaxed on a stoop in the East Village with a friend before they decided to go for dinnerThe Ivy League student also has links to the royals, as his second cousin was the Queen’s Assistant Master of the Household at Buckingham Palace.

Malia started at Harvard last year, following in the footsteps of her father and mother Michelle, who both studied law at the top American university.

She is now back in the United States and was spotted in New York City last week.

The 20-year-old donned brown overalls, which revealed her lace black bra, and chunky black sandals as she stepped out in East Village to meet her pals on Thursday, before enjoying dinner at the upmarket Buddakan Asian restaurant.

A source told that the group dined in the venue’s private library room, where Malia toasted her friend’s birthday.

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22-Year-Old Woman Survives 'Freak Accident' After Seat Belt Slices Her Stomach in Half

Gina Arnold says the seat belt cut deep into her abdomen during a car crash

Gina Arnold was driving home from work in the rain when she lost control of her car and flipped over seven times in October 2017. Although the seat belt saved her life, the device sliced through Arnold’s abdomen, leaving her with injuries doctors in Michigan had never seen before.

“I was grateful that it saved my life, but it was hard to wrap my head around all the injuries the seat belt caused,” Arnold, 22, tells PEOPLE. “I just call it a freak accident. I can’t believe the seat belt did that to me.”

Arnold, of Macomb, Michigan, was in a coma for three days after the accident and suffered several broken bones and huge lacerations, she says. She had to learn to walk again, and the seat belt injury left her with no abdominal wall to protect her major organs. She was in recovery for more than a year and has undergone 21 surgeries.

“When I left the hospital … I wasn’t expecting to be in constant pain every single day,” Arnold says. “It was really frustrating being a 21-year-old and not being able to do the things a 21-year-old could do. I had the energy of a 90-year-old. I definitely had my days when I was extremely down. But I went to therapy and I kept reminding myself, ‘I’m alive, something good is going to come out of this.’ I tried to keep my spirits up.”

On Dec. 3, 2018, surgeons performed a rare, eight-hour surgery to place mesh where Arnold’s abdominal wall used to be. But she says her future remains unclear.

“There is no plan B for if my mesh does tear. If my mesh tears, they don’t know what do after that,” Arnold says of doctors at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak.

Then I’ll be left with no abdominal wall again,” she says. “It would tear the remaining muscles I have and that would be extremely painful. So I have to be extremely careful every day. This is my one mesh and I don’t have another one. This was the first time [the surgeons] have done something like this.”

Arnold says she’s only now reaching a sense of normalcy in her life. Still, she’s unable to lift over 15 lbs., she had to give up her dream of becoming a nurse because she’s no longer able to stand for long periods of time, and she has had to change the way she eats as a result of her stomach injury.

“I’m finally going back to college at [Northern Michigan University], so I’ll finally be able to live away from home without constant medical care,” she tells PEOPLE. “I’m learning what I can and cannot do. My body is using all those other muscles besides my abdominals, so my body gets worn out quicker.”

Arnold says she hopes to become a sports psychologist to help athletes prevent and deal with serious injuries.

“I was an athlete before this accident and it’s something I’ll never do again,” she tells PEOPLE. “I want to teach students that you never know the last time you’re gonna play, so take advantage of the sport that you’re in.”

She has recently started driving short distances. And Arnold says she’s sure to wear her seat belt.

“I wear it all the time. For a while I put a pillow in between the seat belt and my stomach because the seat belt just gave me a weird feeling. It made me anxious,” Arnold admits.

“It took a lot to be able to not use the pillows anymore, and get used to the seat belt,” she adds. “But I do believe that without it, I wouldn’t be here today. So despite all my injuries — yeah, it’s a freak accident — but I can’t take away the fact that it did save my life and I am here today to tell my story.”

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Guy Who Keeps His Life Savings In A Shoe Box, $23,000, Accidentally Throws It Away In The Recycyling

Have you ever accidentally thrown something away that you really didn’t mean to by accident? I think most of us probably have. Or have you ever lost your wallet? Probably less people have done that, but it certainly does happen.

Okay, one more. Have you ever thrown away your entire life savings because you kept it in a shoe box and mistakenly put the box in your recycling bin?

No? No one? I guess that would be a little odd.

In fact, it’s so odd that the story of a guy from Ashland, Oregon who did exactly that, has gone viral.

Last Thursday, this man tossed his life savings, $23,000, into the recycling bin, which was then picked up and emptied out later in the day.

Realizing his critical mistake, the man contacted Recology, the company that provides garbage service to over a million homes and businesses in Washington, Oregon and California, hoping to somehow recover his money.

Good luck with that, right?

“We take quite a bit of material every day so the odds of finding that are not much better than a needle in a haystack,” Linda Wise, the general manager of the Samoa Resource Recovery Center operated by Recology, told the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat.

The Samoa Resource Recovery Center is where this man’s recycling, and money, was delivered.

Wise said most of the bags full of recyclables from Oregon were sorted the same night the man lost his money, but a few had been left over for the morning crew.

The next morning she told workers to keep an eye out for the box, but didn’t really expect to find it, but “then the box showed up and came down the sorting line and we were all excited to see it,” she said.

Amazingly, $22,940 of the $23,000 had somehow stayed inside the shoe box.

The man, who was very excited at this news, was reportedly going to make the five-hour drive to the recovery center on Saturday to claim his dough.

So now the only questions remaining are, (1) who keeps their life savings in a shoe box? And (2), was the a regular-size shoe box or one of those bigger ones that like boots and LeBrons come in?

I really need to know these things.


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Too cute! Meet Rorrey Fenty, Rihanna's handsome brother

29-year-old Rorrey Fenty is close to his superstar big sister, Rihanna because they grew up together in Barbados.

He describes himself as a businessman and has set up a clothing brand called Orign on the Caribbean island.

Rorrey Fenty has also tried to follow in his famous sister’s footsteps by releasing his own music under the stage name Gallest.

He was accepted by the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill campus and graduated in 2013 with a degree in finance.

Rorrey nurtured his love for music. Music provided an expressive outlet where he could voice his feelings on topical issues and his life experiences through his lyrical and musical compositions.

Meet Rorrey Fenty:


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Man, 26, was given an hour to live after suffering stroke in shower


A man faced dying or potentially being paralysed for the rest of his life after suffering a stroke.

Jesse Johnson, 26, was rushed to hospital after collapsing in his bedroom on March 6 last year.

His sister Tiahana, 20, had called the ambulance after he shouted out to her at their home in Adelaide, Australia.

By the time he arrived at hospital, Mr Johnson’s neurological Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS), was revised to three, the lowest possible score which could lead to death.

He was prepped for surgery although it wasn’t certain whether he would survive, but without it he wouldn’t survive the hour.

Mr Johnson was discovered to have had a stroke caused by an arteriovenous malformation (AVM).

A decompression surgery was performed to stop his brain from bleeding and swelling, but they were unable to remove the AVM due to the excess of blood.

Mr Johnson was placed on life support and doctors warned his partner, David, 24, and his sister they thought he might have locked in syndrome, meaning he was conscious and aware, but he could not communicate because his motor function was badly damaged.

This turned out not to be the case and after 11 days he showed signs of response through hand squeezing and blinking.

Mr Johnson was eventually moved from ICU and into another ward but the stroke caused him to develop cerebellar ataxia, affecting his balance, coordination, swallowing and eye movement.

He was also only able to communicate via a board after having a tracheotomy tube fitted.

Mr Johnson has since learned how to talk and eat again after being transferred to a rehabilitation centre.

He is currently using a four-wheeled walker but is making good progress, which can be seen on his Instagram page.

Mr Johnson said: ‘I’m extremely grateful that didn’t happen, because if I had locked in syndrome, I would have rather died.’

He added: ‘I’m in the early stages of recovery, but I have already exceeded the expectations of many doctors, so I’m optimistic that I still have much recovery ahead of me.

‘I’ll always have balance and co-ordination issues, but therapists said that it will be a lifetime recovery and if I work hard, I’ll continue to improve for the rest of my life.

‘The hardest aspect is not being as independent as I once was. I’ve always found it hard to ask people for help and now there are many things that I need help with, so the sudden change has been very hard to get used to. I don’t want to feel like a burden to anyone.

Mr Johnson had the AVM removed last December in order to prevent him from having another stroke.

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Woman feeds stepdaughter menstrual blood to ‘turn her into lunatic’

A woman accused of feeding her stepdaughter on her menstrual blood has been remanded.

According to the accusations levelled against her, Annet Namata mixed her menstrual blood with food before forcing her stepdaughter to eat it.

Appearing in court on Wednesday, Namata pleaded not guilty before being remanded for two weeks at the Kauga prison in Mukono District, Central Uganda.

Forceful feeding

Namata was first apprehended to the police by her husband in June after neighbours told him she had been mixing her menstrual blood with food before forcing the teenager to eat.

According to Kampala Metropolitan deputy Police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire, soon after securing a bond, she went into hiding.


Ugandan Monitor reported that she was however tracked down and re-arrested.

Turning step-daughter into a lunatic

Namata’s plea of innocence was contradicted by her husband who told police that she had earlier pleaded guilty to the accusations before the Kitega Women council.

In a video recorded during the council meeting, Namata said that she had been angered by the preferential treatment her husband accorded the child.

Namata further revealed her friends advised her to feed the child with menstrual blood to turn her into a lunatic.

Medical research reveals that ingesting menstrual blood is potentially harmful since one can get bloodborne pathogens like HIV.

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Hollywood Ripper who 'stabbed Ashton Kutcher's ex-girlfriend to death' laughs in court as it's revealed he learned to kill by reading The Anarchist Cookbook, studied Ted Bundy and bragged about how he could outsmart the police

Accused Hollywood Ripper Michael Gargiulo is a 'cold-blooded, tortuous, remorseless' serial killer who thought he was 'smarter than the police,' the jury at Gargiulo's murder trial was told Tuesday.

And he learned his deadly knife skills by reading a book called The Anarchist Cookbook, 'which teaches how to kill people,' said assistant District Attorney Garrett Dameron in his closing arguments at the three-month-long trial at Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center in downtown Los Angeles.

'These were monstrous attacks….The killer took pleasure in plunging a knife into his victims over and over again, leaving them to die and be found by their loved ones.'

Gargiulo, 43, has pleaded not guilty to the brutal 2001 killing of TV star Ashton Kutcher's then-girlfriend Ashley Ellerin, 22 - whose head was almost severed from her body at her Hollywood home - and slashing to death LA mother-of-four Maria Bruno, 32, whose breasts were cut off in the vicious 2005 attack.

Michael Gargiulo, 43, laughed while appearing in court Tuesday with his lawyer Daniel Nardoni to face two counts of murder and one of attempted murder

Gargiulo, dubbed Hollywood Ripper, is believed to have killed up to 10 women, including Maria Bruno, 32, in 2005 and 18-year-old Tricia Pacaccio in 1993

Ashton Kutcher testified in May in the case

One of Gargiulo's alleged victims is Ashley Ellerin who was fatally stabbed aged 22 in her Hollywood home in 2001. She was meant to go on a date with Ashton Kutcher at the time of her death

The former heating and air-conditioning repairman also denies the 2008 attempted murder in Santa Monica of Michelle Murphy, 26, who, though stabbed multiple times, bravely fought off and survived the attack…and became a star witness in Gargiulo's trial.

Gargiulo learned his deadly knife skills by reading The Anarchist Cookbook, which 'teaches how to kill people', the assistant district attorney said

And police have also accused Gargiulo of viciously stabbing to death Tricia Pacaccio, 18, in Chicago in 1993 but he has yet to face trial on that charge.

It was the attempted murder of Michelle Murphy that finally brought the killer to justice, Dameron told the packed courtroom where Gargiulo - dressed in a white shirt and dark pants, with shaved head and missing the goatee he had earlier in his trial - appeared calm and unruffled.

'This 26 year-old woman had the strength and courage to fight off a killer…..She fought him and cut his right wrist, leaving a trail of blood that led back to his apartment and led to answers that had been sought for 15 years about the killer of Ashley Ellen, Maria Bruno and Tricia Pacaccio.

Dameron - who told the jury of eight men and eight women that blood found on Murphy's bedding and blood found on Pacaccio's fingernails matched Gargiulo's DNA - said that there were 20 similarities in the four crimes that pointed to the same culprit.

'These common characteristics point to one killer, Michael Gargiulo,' he said. 

At the time of the 2008 attack on Murphy, 'Gargiulo felt confident, arrogant, dare I say invincible. He bragged that he was smarter than the police. He told people he could commit murder and get away with it. He had proved that to himself over the previous 15 years.'

He was described as a 'cold-blooded, tortuous, remorseless' serial killer who thought he was 'smarter than the police'

Just before the attack on Murphy - who lived just across an alley from Gargiulo - he told a co-worker, 'She's hot - I'm going to get her,' Dameron told the court.

It was revealed Tuesday that Gargiulo studied notorious serial killer Ted Bundy

'But Michelle Murphy said ''no, you're not going to get me''. She was stronger and she was smarter.'

Gargiulo targeted and stalked his victims who were all 'young, attractive and outgoing,' the court heard. He told a co-worker that Murphy was 'hot.' He was 'fixated' on Ashley Ellerin and of Maria Bruno, he told an acquaintance, 'That's how I like them - thin with large breasts.'

Behind a backdrop of gruesome photographs showing the blood-soaked bodies of the women, Dameron said Gargiolo's MO was to live close to his victims, to set up a 'hunting ground' where he could study and watch their movements and their activities.

Gargiulo is also 'extremely strong and athletic,' the prosecutor added. 'The killer broke Tricia Pacaccio's arm. He plunged the knife into Ashley Ellen sod hard , it penetrated her skull.'

When eventually confronted by cops, 'It took four LA Police Department officers to stop him when he tried to run. He is extraordinarily strong and athletic.'

Gargiulo was roaming free until 2008 when he allegedly attacked Michelle Murphy, who fought him off and survived after she was stabbed 17 times

Gargiulo told people that he's studied forensics, said Dameron. 'He took precautions not to leave evidence behind. He never left behind any weapon of article of clothing and he disposed of that evidence.

'He researched other serial killers, like Bundy. He told people he knew how to leave no fingerprints. He knew how to avoid being seen exiting a crime scene covers in blood and with a bloody knife.'

Gargiulo had a book called The Anarchist Cookbook which he told others, 'it tells you how to kill people,' Dameron went on. 'The Anarchist Cookbook tells how to hold a knife, how to kill with one…how to cause death in a matter of seconds'.

Police who confiscated Gargiulo's computer found that he had logged on to a website called The Evidence Eliminator, which told him 'how to conceal and cover his tracks,' added Dameron.

The court also heard that after his final arrest, Gargiulo tried to escape from jail by 'unlocking his handcuffs with a piece of metal given to him by another inmate.'

And undercover cops who were placed in the cell with him, reported that Gargiulo plotted to attack jailers, 'put them down, grab their stun guns and put them in cuffs,' Dameron told the jury.

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Meet the lady making money in the forest

One of the resources that Africa is endowed with is the natural resource of which forestry is part. However, many young ones have centered their career on white-collar jobs, leaving the forestry business for the ageing group. But Yvonne, a young lady, is charting a different path. She has decided to use sustainable means to tap into the country’s forestry and agriculture to earn a living and create employment for others. Read how she is doing this as she narrates her story to the B&FT’s Inspiring Startups.

Yvonne Odame-Nti has a background in natural resource and climate change. She is a product of the Kumasi Girls Senior High School. She holds a degree in Natural Resource from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). Then she had a scholarship to do her second degree in Climate Change and Development at the University of Sussex, UK, in 2012. From there she worked in Geneva for the United Nations for some time and came back to Ghana to pursue a passion she has developed for years— protecting the environment through eco-friendly and sustainable agriculture.

But before then, she worked with the Kumasi Institute of Technology and Environment (KITE) and as a research assistant for a former Minister of Environment. In 2016, she felt the time was right for her to start her own business.

The beginning

Yvonne’s business dates back to the lecture hall in 2009 while she was still a university student. In one of their presentations in class which centered on reforestation projects being done in Ghana, she became aware that people supply seedlings to the Forestry Commission for the project. It struck her that she can also be among the people who supply such seedlings. With guidelines from her lecturer, she decided to engage in nursery of seedlings for timber. After registering her business with the name Y&M Regeneration Ltd, she got a contract from the Forestry Commission to supply seedlings under a programme dubbed ‘The National Plantation Development Programme’.

In 2010, she moved a step further by adding plantation to her business. But all these were on a very small scale as she didn’t have the time to commit fully to it. So, in 2016, she finally made the decision to leave her job and focus on her own business fulltime.

As it stands now, the company has expanded from nursing timber seedlings to planting cash crops using modern methods that do not harm the environment. Today, Y&M Regeneration Ltd owns 480 hectares of timber plantation (teak, mahogany, ofram, gmelina, etc), 20 acres of cashew, and 10 acres of maize farm, and other vegetable farms. The annual production for both the timber and cash crop nurseries is around 1 million seedlings. Again, she has provided direct employment for seven other people.

She also has implemented the Integrated Biomas Project— a sustainable means of producing and using charcoal. Then, she has initiated what she calls ‘Edu 4 SDG’ which facilitates the planting of trees in schools to promote sustainable development. Yes, that is how far a business that has its roots from the lecture hall has grown.

Working in a male-dominated field

For Yvonne, choosing a field that is largely male-dominated has rather been to her advantage. She says most men are awed to see the energy and commitment with which she does her work. Because of that, they are willing to provide her with the needed assistance.


Y&M Regeneration Ltd has big plans for the future. Yvonne says in the next five years she wants to move from planting cash crops to agro-processing. Again, she wants to use innovative technology to plant other species of timber that is rarely used.


The number one challenge she mentioned is lack of adequate capital to expand. With the vision outlined for the business, she has to invest so much into technology to achieve this. But with killer-interest rates, she dreads the idea of borrowing from the bank to finance her projects. She has to rely on the revenue she generates from the business to plough back as capital and that is not enough to drive the vision.

The role education has played

Yvonne says her educational background has been of immense benefit to her. Even though she is largely driven by passion for what she does, had it not been for her educational background, she wouldn’t be able to make that passion a reality. Remember, it was in the lecture hall she got this business idea, so the role of education cannot be downplayed at all.

How GCIC has contributed

Joining the Ghana Climate Innovation Centre (GCIC) programme, Yvonne says, has put her business on another level. She says the GCIC gave the business a grant when she provided convincing evidence that the business is profitable.

Women economic empowerment

Women economic empowerment, Yvonne maintains, is very crucial to the society as women are very influential and shows much commitment to a course than men. So, for her, women must be educated and have their capacities built to make them ready for gainfully employment.

How government can support

Yvonne thinks with government’s assistance and support, forestry and agriculture can be rebranded to attract the youth. She feels if the right policies are implemented by government, more young people will become attracted to agriculture.

Advice for young entrepreneurs

“I will say, not only gold is money; there is also money in forestry. If you have the right business idea and commitment, you can also make money in forestry and agriculture business. Forestry is very diversified; you can go into planting, processing, among others. So if you have the right idea, you can succeed in this business.”

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Fabio Paim, the player Cristiano Ronaldo said was better than him, has been arrested

"If you think I'm good, just wait until you see Fabio Paim."

They were Cristiano Ronaldo’s words upon his arrival at Manchester United in 2003.

The future five-time Ballon d’Or winner had just signed for United from Sporting but believed there was an even bigger talent at the Portuguese club.

But while Ronaldo went on to become one of the greatest players the sport has ever seen, things haven’t quite gone to plan for Paim.

He was being scouted by the likes of Barcelona, Manchester United and Real Madrid at the age of 14 and, at the age of 19, joined Chelsea on-loan under Luiz Filipe Scolari.

But he failed to break into the first-team at Stamford Bridge, making a handful of reserve appearances during his four months in west London.

And it was the start of a downward spiral for Paim.

He had unsuccessful loan spells at Rio Ave and Real Massama before he was released from Sporting in 2010.

He signed for Portuguese third division side S.C.U Torreense, making three appearances before leaving.

In the following eight years, he played in seven counties - China, Angola, Malta, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Qatar and Brazil.

But Paim just couldn’t justify Ronaldo’s comments from 2003.

Sixteen years on, the former wonderkid has now been arrested on suspicion of 'drugs trafficking', according to Portuguese paper Correio da Manha.

Police reportedly found 12 grams of cocaine, weighing scales, 900 euros and a BMW whilst searching the house searches following his arrest.

The police confirmed a man aged 31 and a woman aged 43 had been arrested on suspicion of drugs trafficking - and a number of Portuguese newspapers identified the man as Fabio Paim, who is said to have been under investigation for months.

Oh dear.

Two years ago, Paim gave an interview blaming his fall from grace on the lack of support he received.

“I often trained with the first team but I didn’t play," he said.

“I wanted to play. I felt I could do more. Jorge Mendes took me to Chelsea. I was getting good money and he had a player at the club and that was good for everyone.

“If it had been today I would have had more patience. But at the time, the more free time I had, the more stupid things I did.”

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This Man Hasn’t Bathed In 60 Years, And That’s Not Even The Most Disturbing Part!

When we’re little kids, bath time can just seem like the worst—and we’ll do anything to get out of it so we can go back to playing. Thankfully, most of us grow up to appreciate the importance of personal hygiene. We learn that keeping our bodies clean can help us make good first impressions and help us form lasting friendships.

However, not everyone ever makes that leap. Embracing personal hygiene just isn’t in the cards for some people… like this man. Amou Haji hasn’t taken a bath in more than 60 years, and he isn’t planning to change his ways anytime soon. His reason for not bathing? He says it’s good for his health and has helped him live a very long life!

Meet Amou Haji, 81. He hasn’t taken a bath in over 60 years. Haji knows that he is covered in a thick patina of dirt, but he really doesn’t mind in the slightest.To Haji, being covered in dirt means that he is guaranteed to stay healthy and live for a long time

Amou Haji is from Iran, where he spent his whole life.He used to live a normal life in his village with his family until he began to believe that keeping clean was ruining his health.That was when he made the serious decision to leave his family and his village to embrace a filthier way of living in the pursuit of living a healthier lifestyle.

Now he lives on the outskirts of town. He sleeps in a hole in the ground or sometimes in the dilapidated shack a few locals built for him. It’s a relief to know that, even though he never lives in the village, the people there still look out for him this way.In addition to refusing to bathe or to live in closer proximity to other human beings, Haji also eats a very restricted diet. When you hear the details, you might be a little bit unsettled, but Haji swears by this absolutely unique (and a little nauseating) routine.

He feasts daily on carrion—the rotting remains of animals that have been killed by cars or have died of natural causes—and he smokes cigarettes given to him by passersby. When he runs out of cigarettes, he smokes dried animal feces from his pipe.Haji says that, because he lacks physical possessions, he is happier and freer than the rest of mankind.It is easy to see how freeing yourself from the burdens of living in a materialistic and consumer-driven society could be, but this is an extreme take!

Of course, everyone is entitled to live their life in the way in which they see fit. However, there is no medical evidence to support Haji’s belief that smoking animal feces and living inside a shallow hole in the ground can make a person healthier…These aren’t the only ways in which Haji has chosen to life an unconventional life.While he might not believe in using water to clean his own body, he believes that drinking a lot of water every single day is the key to health. That’s why he drinks up to two gallons a day, albeit out of a rusty can.

According to Haji, “cleanliness brings sickness,” and he seems quite content with his unusual way of living. It hasn’t pushed away the villagers who check on him regularly, though.They point out that Haji suffered some “emotional setbacks” in his youth and that these helped him form his new philosophy.If Haji’s decision was alienating him from his friends and family, it might be a more serious situation. However, as it stands now, he is content to live on the outskirts of society.

He says he feels freer than a bird, and it is easy to believe him.To each their own! Whatever you might think of him, Amou Haji seems quite content with the life he has chosen for himself, and you can’t fault him for that.

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Brokenhearted Man Storms Ex-wife’s House To Take Back A Car He Bought For Her

Apparently, this Nigerian man is bitter over being dumped by his wife and in retaliation, he chose to take back a car he bought for her.

In a video posted on the Instagram page Instablog9ja, the brokenhearted man was seen in the house of the ex-wife doing all that he could to get the car he bought for her back.


Instablog9ja captioned the video;

“Man storms his ex-wife’s house to retrieve the car he bought her

There was drama, yesterday, in Ifako Ijaiye, Lagos, as a man stormed his ex-wife’s house to retrieve the car he bought her.

The man, identified as Adewale, bought the mother of two of his kids, Victoria, the car, 2 years ago, when the going was good.

The wife initially refused to give him the car key, saying he gave her the car as a birthday gift and that’s what she uses to feed their kids.


However, she was pummeled by Adewale in the presence of their kids, leaving her with no other choice than to let go, with the man telling her to go and meet her concubines to get her a car. .”.


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I Have Two (2) Sons - They Will Play For Ghana If They Follow In My Footsteps - Michael Essien

Michael Essien has revealed his sons will choose Ghana over any nation if they follow his career path in future. 

The 36-year-old has two sons with wife Akosua Puni Essien.
The Chelsea legend, who is in South Africa on an ambassadorial role for giants American beverage company Budweiser, has revealed his two sons will choose his native country if they decide to play football in future.

"I have two sons actually. Why not? Their father comes from Ghana. So they will play for Ghana,"  he told South Africa based

"We have to wait and see. They are very young at the moment. And I don't even know if they want to play football. We just have to wait and see."

Essien, who is currently serving as player-coach at  Azerbaijani Sabail FK, has enjoyed an illustrious career playing for top clubs in Europe including Chelsea, Real Madrid and AC Milan.

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Grandmother, 55, who gave birth to her OWN grandchild because her daughter was born without a womb reveals she's prepared to do it all AGAIN

A grandmother who gave birth to her own grandchild – because her daughter was born without a womb has said that she would do it again.

Emma Miles, 55, from Wales, appeared on Monday's This Morning with daughter Tracey Smith, 31, and the baby that she gave birth to - Evie Siân Emma Smith on January 16th this year.

Daughter Tracey feared she would never have a child of her own after being diagnosed with Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser Syndrome (MRKH).

But her mother stepped in, and despite being 53 at the time of the pregnancy, she agreed to be a surrogate for her daughter and gave birth to a healthy girl - Evie via C-section - who weighed 7lbs 7oz.

On the show host Ruth Langsford asked Emma: ‘Question is - would you do it again?’ Emma replied instantly with: ‘Yes, I would.'

Twitter fans of This Morning loved their story, with many saying how sweet it was of her mother. 

Talking on the show this morning Emma, the grandmother, said about Evie: 'I don’t see myself as her mother, I see her as my granddaughter.'

Tracey also revealed at 16 that she couldn’t have children:  'I had to see a lot of doctors and after a laparoscopy they told me I'd been born without a womb.'

Her now husband Adam and her started to look into surrogacy a few years ago: 'I thought it was never going to happen and my husband suggested looking into surrogacy, but it costs thousands. 

'When we had a consultation, they suggested using a family member – so I asked mum,' Tracy admitted.

'You'd anything for your child,' Tracey's Mum Emma said.

 Because Tracey's ovaries still worked normally, she used IVF with her husband, Adam, 40, to create an embryo which was then implanted into her mother.

Even though Emma had already been through the menopause, she was able to be a surrogate because the baby was created from her daughter's eggs. Her womb was healthy enough to carry a child, though she needed to shed six stone (38kg) to reach a healthy weight and needed hormones to ensure the pregnancy took.

Older mothers, those over 35, face a higher risk of miscarriage and pre-eclampsia - a complication that can prove deadly to both woman and baby. But desperate to help her daughter, Mrs Miles decided to go ahead with surrogacy anyway.

Fans of This Morning loved their heartwarming story, with one saying: 'What an absolutely beautiful thing this lady has done for her daughter!'

While others loved the story: 'What an amazing story,' while another said: 'What a lovely mother.' 

Grandmother Emma revealed that she had some morning sickness early on in the pregnancy but apart from that the pregnancy was 'plain sailing'.

They both described the moment that little Evie was born as: 'Scary, happy and every emotion you can think of.' 

And although Grandmother Emma said she would be a surrogacy again for her daughter Tracey said: 'I would never ask her again.' 

Emma said earlier this year: 'To find out that Tracey couldn't have children was gutting to me.

'She rarely felt able to open up but when I had the chance just after her diagnosis I remember sitting on her bed and saying: "I'm here if you need me."

'Despite my age I wasn't worried about giving birth at all. All of my focus has been about doing this special thing for my daughter.

'I don't feel anymore attachment to Evie than any other proud grandmother. Tracey is my baby and I did it all for her to be a mother.

'Now I'm glad to be back to work and getting back to normal. But I have offered to do it all again if they ever want a little brother or sister for Evie.' 

Mr and Mrs Smith got married in February, two weeks after Evie was born. And this year Mrs Smith will celebrate her first Mother's Day while thanking her own mother for her 'amazing gift'.

She said: 'Every moment of heartache was so worth it just to have our little bundle in our arms. I am so grateful to mum for her amazing gift to us.'

Tracey found out she didn't have a womb when she still hadn't started her period by the age of 15.Scans showed she had been born without a womb but she did have working ovaries and fallopian tubes.

At 16, Mrs Smith was diagnosed with MRKH – a condition which causes the vagina and uterus to be underdeveloped or absent, although external genitalia are normal.

The deformity affects around one in 5,000 women and is incurable. Doctors told a devastated Mrs Smith that she would never carry her own child.

At the time her mother, Emma, said she would do anything she could to help.But it was almost 15 years later when Tracey and her husband were considering fertility treatment and took her Mother up on the offer.

Tracey said: 'When I was diagnosed it tipped my world upside down. I was heartbroken at the idea that I wouldn't carry my own child. 

'I'd always known that I wanted to be a mum, even at 15.'

'Straight after my diagnosis mum made an offer to do what she could to help. I knew that she meant one day she'd carry my child for me.

'Over the years she mentioned it in passing but we never really made a firm plan.

'It was only after I met Adam and we got engaged in 2016 that he broached the subject of children.'

The couple considered using a surrogacy agency but were apprehensive because of the UK's 'outdated' laws. 

'The law in this country gives the surrogate – and her husband if she has one – all parental rights from birth and that felt like a huge risk,' Mrs Smith said.

Instead, she turned to her mother and asked if she had been serious when she offered to help all those years ago.

She said: 'I remembered mum's promise to me.

'So the next time we met up I asked her if she'd been serious about carrying our baby.

'I was delighted when she replied: "Of course I was". She had just been waiting for me to ask.'

Mrs Smith's father, Robert Miles, 61, offered his support, too, and made sure  it was put in writing through a solicitor that they would happily give parental rights to Mr and Mrs Smith once the baby was born.

Then his wife lost six stone and took hormone tablets to prepare her body for the pregnancy.

The IVF process involved taking an egg from Mrs Smith's still-functioning ovaries and fertilising it in a laboratory – so it could be placed into Mrs Miles's womb to grow.

Against the odds, it was successful at the first attempt.

And, on January 16 this year, Evie Siân Emma Smith was born at 7lbs 7oz by caesarean section.

Tracey said: 'Adam and I were allowed to both stay by mum's side as Evie came into the world.

'It was such an incredible emotional moment. I was so nervous that everything would go well for mum and for the safe arrival of our baby.

'Adam saw Evie come into the world because of a reflection on the lamps in surgery and I just waited to hear that cry and burst into happy tears.' 

Rokitansky Syndrome, or MRKH (Mayer Rokitansky Küster Hauser), is a congenital abnormality characterised by the absence of the vagina, womb and cervix.

Women suffering from the condition will have normally functioning ovaries, so will experience the normal signs of puberty – but will not have periods or be able to conceive.

The external genatalia are completely normal which is why MRKH isn’t usually discovered until women are in their teenage years.

Rokitansky Syndrome, or MRKH (Mayer Rokitansky Küster Hauser), is a congenital abnormality characterised by the absence of the vagina, womb and cervix.

Women suffering from the condition will have normally functioning ovaries, so will experience the normal signs of puberty – but will not have periods or be able to conceive.

The external genatalia are completely normal which is why MRKH isn’t usually discovered until women are in their teenage years.

Many women are able to create a vaginal canal using dilation treatment, which uses cylinder shaped dilators of different sizes to stretch the muscles.

However, if this is unsuccessful then surgery will be used to stretch the vaginal canal.

Following treatment women are able to have intercourse and can have their eggs removed and fertilised to be used in surrogacy. However, those without ovaries won't ever be able to have children because they don't produce any eggs.

It affects one in 5,000 live female births, according to an 1985 article in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine.


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Young boy stunned to discover huge sums of cash floating down river

A lucky boy did just that when he spotted wads of bills floating in a creek near Wollongong, Australia.

The youngster was on his way to school when he noticed excessive sums of money floating downstream.

After taking photos, he sent them to a relative who quickly came to take a look.

The police were called who soon attempted to retrieve the money.

With the help of a large fishing net and a small inflatable boat, the money was rescued and sent off for examination.

Australian news site Nine News filmed the moment cops picked up the cash as it floated in the water.

Enquiries are ongoing as officers seek to determine whether the money is real or counterfeit.

The total sum is said to be worth thousands of dollars.

Readers online were quick to praise the child for his selflessness, with one viewer saying “hopefully he will get some kind of reward”.

Others took a more light-hearted approach, joking that they “might have to take a trip to Wollongong”.

Many people were keen to tag their friends to say they had "missed out".

The police, however, were keen to warn of the dangers of coming across counterfeit money.

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Wife in tears as husband killed while sitting on the Chonburi bypass

Police and emergency services rushed to the Chonburi bypass on Sunday after a Thai man who had been sitting in the road was hit by a car. 


The rescue services performed CPR on Thanawit Sriduangjan, 26, who had a head injury and broken arm. While this was going on his wife was in floods of tears being console by friends just yards from the scene. 


Thanawit was pronounced dead at Chonburi Hospital. 

Also at the scene were two cars that were damaged - a Ford and a Toyota Vios. 


The Ford driver said that he had braked and stopped after seeing a man sitting in the road. He had shined his lights at the man and taken a picture with his phone's camera and warned him that he could be hit. 


Moments later he heard the sound of a truck horn then a Vios driven by Khomsan Khiawphairee, 32, smashed into the seated man who was not wearing a shirt. 


Daily News suggested that the deceased man had sat in the road as a gesture to get back at his wife. 


Pol Lt-Col Siwakorn Janthamenchai of the Muang Chonburi police is trying to get to the bottom of the case.

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Thieves Shoot 15-Year-Old Girl In Cold Blood Because Of Her New Phone

A 15-year-old South African school pupil identified as Sinazo Kleinbooi was reportedly shot in the head by a gang of two thieves who robbed her of her phone.

According to reports, the incident incident happened in Kwamanube Street in NU6, Motherwell, South Africa last Tuesday.

The body of the girl still dressed in school uniform was found lying in the street with a single bullet wound to her head.

According to reports, two thugs came up behind the girl and calmly shot her in the back of the head as she walked home from school. The only thing taken was her new smartphone.

The shooting happened few minutes after Sinazo had been dropped off by a taxi after school and was walking the rest of the way home.

Sinazo, who would have turned 15 on Friday August 9, attended the HH Academy in Sydenham.

While the details are still sketchy, police have not ruled out a targeted hit.

Police spokesperson Captain Andre Beetge confirmed that Sinazo’s cellphone was stolen and police were investigating whether it had been a targeted hit or a robbery gone wrong.

“The callous murder of children not only shocks our communities, but even hardened police members who serves those communities,” said Motherwell Cluster Commander, Major General Dawie Rabie.

The Provincial Commissioner of the Eastern Cape, Lt General Liziwe Ntshinga expressed her condolences to the close family and friends of the victim and added that “We (SAPS) will not leave any stone unturned in bringing this killer(s) to book.”

Sinazo’s parents, Madoda, 43, and Bongi, 41, had been called by a neighbour shortly after the shooting and urged to come home urgently.

When they arrived and heard the shattering news, they rushed to the scene in Kwa Manube Street in NU6 and were met by the heartbreaking sight of their daughter’s body, clad in her school uniform, still lying where she had been shot.

“We had just arrived at a church elder’s house in NU12 when my wife got the call [at about 5pm] to come home,” a visibly traumatised Madoda said on Wednesday.

“We were not told what had happened but just urged to come home quickly. I started the car to rush home, when we got two more phone calls saying that we must get home. Obviously, we started to panic and wanted to know what was happening.

As we arrived, the police came to meet us. That is when we heard what happened. I could not believe it. I still can’t believe this. “She is gone,” Madoda said, holding his head in his hands and crying.

“She was my innocent girl … I still can’t believe this,” said the distraught mother of grade 9 pupil.

According to residents, children playing in the street less than 20m from the site of the shooting fled in terror when the gunshot rang out.

One resident said that two men were seen running away afterwards.

Speaking from their Kwa Goco Street house, Bongi said they were battling to make sense of the killing.

“It was like a normal day. She always walks home after being dropped off by the taxi and it is usually safe. She used to walk another route home but I told her that because it was not safe, she needed to go this way. It is a busier and more visible road, not between the houses,” she said, sobbing.

“Her cellphone was taken and I think that is what they wanted. Why else would they want to kill her?”

Sinazo recently got a Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone, and was in the process of swapping it with her father.

“I told them that they have to swap phones because she would be targeted for it. I was opposed to her having such a fancy phone and we agreed that she would take his cellphone.”

Sinazo’s uncle, Bundu Mahini, 49, who was at the house, said he was too emotional to talk.

“We are all just so shocked. “It is unreal and we are all struggling to come to terms with this,” he said

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How this single father raised the world’s first surviving sextuplets

Colin Rosenkowitz was born in Mossel Bay on South Africa’s southern cape in 1934, the youngest child of a tailor, Chevel, and his wife, Rebecca. His parents had fled Europe to the African continent during Russia’s anti-Jewish rioting.

When Colin was six his mother died leaving Chevel with four children. It was the height of World War II, and the conflict was pulling men and business away from the region. 

Unable to provide for his family, Chevel sent Colin and his two sisters to the Arcadia Jewish Children’s Home in Johannesburg, more than one thousand kilometres north of their home in Mossel Bay. 

“I used to see a lot of my sisters, which was a big help,” Mr Rosenkowitz said.

“My dad would visit us every Sunday, he brought a bag of fruit and sweets that my sisters and I would divide up.

“All the other mothers and fathers were in the same predicament as what my dad was.”

Colin spent 11 years at the orphanage until he aged-out at 17. His sisters were older, so for three of those years he was alone. But he says the 350 other orphans were “like family.”

At 17 he became a printer and moved to Cape Town, where he’d lie on the beach for hours, wondering how to get a job on the cruiseliners he saw sailing by.

After passing a bottle of whisky to a dockside secretary, Colin eventually landed a job as a waiter, and found himself aboard a ship bound for Southampton. 

Within a few years, the floating waiter would become part-owner of London restaurants Milky Lane and Safari Room. The Earls Court Road venues featured live music, and it was there he met his future wife, Susan Pelly-Fry who was waiting tables.

The pair grew closer after Colin intervened when a local musician followed Susan home after work. Over the following year they would marry and have their first child, Samantha.  

The 14-hour work days at the restaurant took their toll on the young parents, so they abandoned London and moved into a three-bedroom terrace in Cape Town.

“We came back with our first baby and then we had Anthony after that. We didn’t want eight children, we already had the ideal family.”

But things didn’t go according to plan for the Rosenkowitz’s.

“After Anthony was born the doctor made a gynaecological error putting Susan on the contraceptive pill too soon, with the result being that she didn’t have her period for four years.”

“Eventually they experimented with a fertility injection and all of a sudden she was pregnant, one child became two, and two became three.”

“We decided we didn’t want that many children, but the doctor talked us around, and then the next month it became four children and it was too late for an abortion.”

Susan was in and out of hospital constantly. At seven-and-a-half months an x-ray revealed there were not four foetuses, but six.

“Inside I felt like I didn’t know how we were going to manage, six had never survived, no one could tell us what to do or how to do it.”

On January 11th, 1974 Colin and Susan’s life changed forever, with the arrival of sextuplets David, Grant, Jason, Emma, Nicolette and Elizabeth.

Two became eight and I used to wonder, why as the first set in the world, why was I chosen?”

“I thought to myself, it’s because I was in this orphanage, with 350 brothers and sisters, and I felt blessed. But, it was extremely difficult”.

The now textiles salesman would balance a household of eight kids, intense media-deal demands and his marriage, with the pressure of being the family’s sole provider.

“You learn pretty fast.”

“When I drove them to school, I had my smallest son sitting between the legs of my biggest son in the front, but all of them were continuously arguing and fighting. So, I would put the Bee Gees on and I sang along until it became less noisy, so they would listen to me.”

When the sextuplets were entering their teenage years, Colin and Susan’s marriage began to break down.

“It wasn’t a happy time, it was a bad part of our lives for everyone, including me.”

Colin took sole custody of all eight children after he and Susan divorced in 1989, rising to the challenge of raising sextuplets plus two.

“I remember when I went to their school at the end of term for parent-teacher interviews, I had to see 26 teachers that day. When it finally finished at six o’clock, I still hadn’t seen them all. It became a bit of a joke”.

Now the sextuplets are 45, and they and their two older siblings are scattered across the globe.

Eldest son Anthony and first-born sextuplet David now live in Australia, Elizabeth and Emma are in the UK, Nicolette, Grant and Samantha live in Cape Town and Jason lives in Ireland.

“So life goes on, I’m quite happy, with whatever they do, I’m happy for them,” Mr Rosenkowitz said.

The financial strain of raising eight children has left Colin in dire straits for much of his life – in fact the 85-year-old retired just two years ago.

“It’s my time now, and I started late, but I’m enjoying my life”.

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Male basketball star banned two years after drug test revealed he was pregnant

An American basketball player was suspended after an attempt to cheat at a urine drug test backfired spectacularly ­– revealing he was pregnant.

The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) banned Donell “DJ” Cooper Jr, a 28-year-old point guard who last played for AS Monaco, for two years for “fraud” after a urine sample was found to contain a hormone commonly associated with pregnancy.

Cooper, a Chicago native and former college standout, had gone undrafted in the 2013 NBA draft but developed a successful pro career in Europe.

He played in Greece and Russia before landing with AS Monaco and tallied several accolades during his European years – including being named Most Valuable Player of the French basketball league (French Pro A) in 2017.

But Cooper suddenly announced in September 2018 that he would leave AS Monaco for “family reasons”.

“I decided to take a step back from basketball and terminate my contract […] for family reasons,” he said in a farewell statement released by the club.

“At the moment, my mind and concentration are not on basketball and I don’t want to be a source of disruption for the team … this team that I love, this team that represents the extraordinary Principality of Monaco that gave me unique life experience.

“This team represents a professional organisation led by invested, passionate and rigorous people.

I wish my teammates and coaches the maximum success.”

But FIBA recently revealed what hid behind the “family reasons”.

Cooper had applied for Bosnian citizenship in 2014 and was looking to join the Bosnian national basketball team as a naturalised player, for which he had to undergo a drug test.

His urine sample revealed unusually high levels of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone (hCG), a hormone that is commonly produced by cells in the placenta during pregnancy and can be detected by blood and urine tests some two weeks after conception. 

FIBA suspended Cooper on the spot and he won’t be cleared to play again until 24 June 2020.

A FIBA spokesperson confirmed to The Independent that the sanction started in June 2018 and that Mr Cooper was suspended for “fraud”.

Slovenia’s national broadcaster RTV reported that Cooper submitted his girlfriend’s sample to the drug test, but FIBA declined to confirm or deny the claim and said it would not release any further information or make any comment about the case.


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Brave little brother of medical student, 20, 'stabbed to death by her dad' in her Mercedes pays tribute to his 'beautiful big sister'

The little brother of a medical student allegedly stabbed to death by her own father has bravely spoken about his 'beautiful big sister', who excelled at everything she did.

Mourners at the funeral of Adelaide woman Sabrina Lekaj sobbed as her 11-year-old brother Pyrrhus and mother Romina recalled 'the wonderful years' with their 'darling girl'. 

Ms Lekaj, 20, was found suffering multiple stab wounds in the front seat of her Mercedes Benz on July 22. Her father Petrit Lekaj was in the car beside her suffering self-inflicted wounds, and was later charged with her murder.

But there was no mention of the family tragedy at her funeral on Wednesday, instead just reflecting on the good times. 

'The last thing she said was 'I love you and I'll see you later',' her brother Pyrrhus said.  

'She was very smart and always influenced me to become more than what I am, to help me with my studies and become successful in life, because that's what she would want.'

My sister was very loving and caring, we always went everywhere together. We used to go to the shops, the park,' he said. 

'We used to hang out in each other's rooms and watch TV together. We used to vent a lot and talk to each other about our problems.'

The horrific circumstances of Ms Lekaj's death were not mentioned throughout the service, instead, her mother begged mourners to remember the 'good times'. 

'My darling daughter, you have not left us - you will always be here with us. You were so beautiful, so smart and you touched so many lives,' a teary Mrs Lekaj said. 

'We are all very sad to have lost Sabrina, but I want to focus on the good times.

'I want to remember the first night I took you home from the hospital.

'I want to remember the first day of child care when you turned and said: 'Don't pick me up until 3

Ms Lekaj graduated from school in 2016 with a final exam score of 99.35. She was also a talented pianist and was awarded prizes in classical piano.

'I want to remember the first time I took you to piano and at the end you said to your teacher: 'Can I come back tomorrow and the next day?,' her mother recalled.

'I want to remember your graduation, when we spent hours doing your hair.   

The funeral service began with a video of Ms Lekaj playing the piano, something she had excelled at throughout high school and university. 

A pink coffin with photos of Ms Lekaj smiling and playing the piano on the side sat at the front of the chapel. 

Several other videos of her showing off her music skills featured throughout the service.

A slide show featured many photos of her smiling with friends, taking selfies with her brother and mother, and posing next to her father in happier times. 

Ms Lekaj was found dead in the front seat of white luxury sedan just down the road from her family home in Kidman Park, Adelaide about 11.30pm on Sunday, July 21.

Daily Mail Australia has been told the young woman had a strained relationship with her parents.

Police were reportedly called to the Lekaj residence on Sunday afternoon, just hours before the shocking incident.

In the lead up to her death, Sabrina sent text messages to her close friends about life within the four walls of the home where she lived with her parents Petrit and Romina.

Ms Lekaj told friends about her often volatile relationship with her parents, how they 'had a lot of beef' and that she didn't want to live under their roof any longer.

Sabrina: 'I just cried...'

Friend: 'In laughter?'

Sabrina: 'Nah I was genuinely upset... because my mum always calls me a b***h so it hit a sensitive spot'

Friend: 'Aww well you're not a b***h babe don't listen to anyone or what they have to say'

Ms Lekaj's parents are understood to have immigrated to Australia from Albania and worked as property developers.

They had recently sold their luxury three bedroom home for $590,000.


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Mother gives birth to baby with 12 fingers and 12 toes on the road.

A mother gave birth on the road while on her way to the hospital to a miracle baby with 12 fingers and 12 toes on the 4th of this month. The emergency team at Ban Bueng Hospital received notification of a woman ready to give birth. The woman was in her car parked on road no.344 Ban Bueng in front of the Princess Chulabhorn Science School in Chonburi Province.

he emergency medical team from the hospital and the local rescue team found Sunisa 23 years old laying down in an Isuzu truck trying to push the baby out. The team worked together with the mother and the baby came out 20 minutes later. The healthy female baby was 2,500 grams, she screamed a hello to the team and to her mom as she popped out.


The team cut the newborn’s umbilical cord and cleaned her up with wet towels. During this moment, they realized that she had 6 fingers on each hand and 6 toes on each foot. The team and the people watching the event happening became very excited.

Bunghet 54 years old the truck driver reported that Sunisa’s mom had asked for her help to deliver her daughter to the hospital. She ran to call her son, but when they were on the road Sunisa couldn’t wait any longer and decided to call for help as the pain was so bad. The team worked together and the baby was delivered healthy with 12 fingers and 12 toes.

This is Sunisa’s 3rd baby, although it is no surprise for the family because Sunisa and her mother also have 6 fingers on each hand. The people-watching Sunisa give birth all plan to buy the number 24 (6+6+6+6) and the license plate number (2289) in hopes of winning the next Thai lottery.


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Confessions of a flight attendant: Hostess reveals what REALLY happens on board - from frisky first class romps and terrifying mid-air dramas to awkward celebrity encounters

A former flight attendant has shared some of the most memorable - and risque - moments from her mile-high job.

British expat Natalie Smith worked for Virgin Atlantic for three years, and during that time, she saw it all - from frisky passengers in first class to the terrifying moment a plane dropped 8,000 feet in seconds due to turbulence.

'Life as a "trolley dolly" certainly has its challenging moments,' Natalie told FEMAIL.

'It can feel glamorous working for such a prestigious airline, and you do get to travel for a living, but the lifestyle can be tiring and difficult at times.

'Badly behaved passengers and unpleasant flights are just par for the course.' 

Sharing some of her most salacious stories with Compare Travel Insurance, Natalie explained that one of her most memorable experiences came when two particularly daring passengers decided to get frisky in their first class seats.

'They were absolutely intent on doing the deed,' she said. 'At one stage we even saw a bra fly off!'

e former flight attendant said she and her colleagues 'spent ages playing "good cop, bad cop" trying to reason with them'.

'Eventually we resorted to sitting between them for the rest of the flight. Ridiculous!,' she said.

Natalie said that while joining the mile high club isn't necessarily illegal, it could result in a misdemeanour charge.

'If the airline believes you have broken the law or offended those around you, then they could call the police,' she said.

In this instance, they did not involve the authorities - but she said the passengers were given a 'very stern talking to'. 

Turbulence troubles

It's not only the passengers who can be problematic. Sometimes the conditions can make for tumultuous transit, too.

When a storm hit Natalie's flight from London Gatwick to Las Vegas, the resulting turbulence made front page news.

She said: 'During my flying years I obviously experienced a lot of turbulence, but none like this.

'With absolutely no warning, we dropped 8,000 feet in seconds. It was mayhem!

'Passengers were stuck in the toilets for an hour due to the extreme g-force, one man was smashed against the overhead lockers and the whole plane was vomiting - literally.'

She recalled that the crew had to have a 'post flight debrief to ensure they were physically and emotionally okay after the ordeal'.

'It definitely wasn't your average day at the office!' she added.

And this hasn't been the only on-flight scandal she's experienced either.

'I've experienced a crash landing, mid-air wedding proposals, passengers fighting, mile-high medical emergencies and many more that I really can't share,' she said.

'Sometimes what happens in the sky stays in the sky.'

Famous high flyers

On occasion, Natalie said she's flown with countless high flyers. And the ex-flight attendant said she has learned to 'expect the unexpected' when it comes to such passengers.

'I once flew with a very famous rapper and was surprised by how lovely he was,' she said.

'He'd just been denied boarding with another airline and I anticipated entitled behaviour and a large, rowdy entourage.'

Instead, she said he was 'incredibly gracious and happy to chat for ages'.

On the flipside, Natalie said there was another occasion when she flew with an actor who is 'famed for his British charm'.

'He spent the entire flight berating staff and snapping his fingers for attention,' she said.

She added that it's 'very interesting' to see how people act in first class as, whether they are famous or not, they sometimes 'take on a whole new demeanour'.

Accidents are par for the course wherever you are, and on a plane this is no exception.

Natalie said she has witnessed firsthand the effect of knocking back too many drinks at high altitude, but there are some instances that make her cringe more than others.

'One passenger in first class had obviously become seriously inebriated, so much so that I caught her urinating behind the bar, thinking she was in the loo,' she said.

'I literally couldn't believe what I was looking at, I was so shocked that I ended up walking away to gather myself, before returning five minutes later to deal with the "mess".'

She said not realising they've had too much is something she sees frequently with passengers.

'The high altitude certainly gets you more drunk than usual, and the lack of oxygen doesn't help matters,' Natalie explained.

'Of course, crew are meant to stop serving alcohol past a certain point, but sometimes people are sneaky and find ways to get more booze.' 

In 2017, the number of arrests of passengers suspected of being drunk at UK airports and on flights rose by 50 per cent in a year, according to a BBC Panorama investigation.

Police statistics revealed at least 273 people were held in 2017 and 2018, with cases including a drunk passenger accused of fighting with a fellow passenger on board and a man allegedly shouting and swearing at a pilot.  

A spokesman for Airlines UK, the trade association for UK airlines, said: 'The problem of disruptive behaviour has got progressively worse over a number of years, despite the best efforts of industry to tackle it.

'There is no evidence to suggest these incidents won't persist without the active involvement of Government.'




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Canadian award winning songstress, Deborah Cox has shared her horrifying flight experience while traveling back to the USA on Monday after performing in Ghana.

A video in her Insta-stories on Instagram captured a scary incident of her flight's emergency landing, back in Accra after takeoff.

Cox’s post alleged there was “fire in the cockpit.”

“South African Airlines fire in the cockpit. God Help Us. TRYING TO LAND. GOD HELP US,” she wrote on her video in her Insta-Stories.

Voices of other female passengers could be heard in the video, praying to God to intervene for the plane to land safely.

Deborah performed in Ghana over the weekend at the Ghana World Music Festival at the Fantasy Dome at Trade Fair in Accra.

The festival was part of activities marking the 2019 'Year of Return' program.

She arrived in Accra on Thursday afternoon and made appearances on different platforms before her performance on Saturday. She was also at Cape Coast where she toured some tourist sites.

She was flying back to the United States of America early Monday when she had the horrifying flight experience.

According to her, they were in the air for about 15minutes but had to return to Kotota International Airport for an emergency landing.

On Monday afternoon she used series of tweets to register her disappointment with the flight and tagged South Africa Airways as the airline she was referring to.

“So disappointed in South African airlines. After 3 hours delay on the plane to take care of a damaged door, they still insisted on flying the damaged plane which later had to turn back to Accra. Concern for our safety? None,” Deborah tweeted.

“Well… no answers as to when another plane would be coming in, or whether or not it would be a new plane. Passengers disgruntled. Kids vomiting. Scared. Shocked. Terrible way they handled the situation. @flysaa,” she also added.

As at press time on Monday; the flight had not issued any statement to what really transpired.

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Cyntoia Brown, sentenced to life for killing a man when she was a teen, is released from prison

In 2006, Brown was convicted of first-degree murder and aggravated robbery and sentenced to life in prison.

The life sentence meant she would not have been eligible for parole until she was in her late 60s, which Haslam previously said was “too harsh, especially in light of the extraordinary steps Ms. Brown has taken to rebuild her life.”

“Transformation should be accompanied by hope,” Haslam said.

[Cyntoia Brown, sentenced to life for murder as teen, is granted clemency]

In a statement read by her attorneys at a news conference after Haslam commuted her sentence, Brown thanked the governor for his “act of mercy in giving me a second chance.”

“I am thankful for all the support, prayers and encouragement I have received,” Brown said. “We truly serve a God of second chances and new beginnings.” Placed for adoption by a mother who abused alcohol, Brown had run away from her adoptive parents’ home in the months before the murder, according to court documents.

The conditions of Brown’s release require her, among other things, to participate in regular counseling sessions and maintain a regular commitment to community service, according to the Tennessee Department of Corrections.

Brown’s story spread widely in the fall of 2017 amid the #MeToo movement. Supporters rallied around her case with the hashtag #FreeCyntoiaBrown, calling it an example of unjust incarceration of children and victims of sex trafficking, particularly young women of color. Kardashian highlighted the case to President Trump in a meeting in May.

Attorneys working on behalf of Brown also petitioned the state’s parole board to commute her sentence, citing her experiences as a sex trafficking victim and adversities during her childhood. Experts had testified in court proceedings that Brown may have suffered from fetal alcohol syndrome in utero, affecting her mental state at the time of the crime.

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Woman Sneaks Into Old Abandoned House, Only To Find A Lonely Man Standing In The Living Room

Urban exploration (UE) is the exploration of man-made structures, places usually abandoned or hidden from the general public. Like many urban explorers, the man behind UE-based blog Freaktography is always fascinated by one particular idea…

…What if it’s not abandoned?

That’s exactly what the following story is all about. “The Tourist,” a.k.a Leslie, is a popular Ontario-based urban explorer and photographer who posts beautiful photos of abandoned structures on Instagram. Freaktography became a fan of her work, saying, “My Instagram feed is always full of great photos from all of the talented explorers whom I follow and I was always pleasantly surprised with how The Tourist made something as simple as a photo of an empty chair in a barn seem interesting with a curious caption and perfectly lit with natural light through a window.”

In June of 2015, The Tourist began posting a new series of photos that changed the game of urban exploration — and Freaktography is helping turn her incredible story into a viral sensation.

On her birthday, The Tourist was heading home after a long day of exploration. On a whim, she decided to stop at a house that had caught her attention for some time. Little did she know that behind those doors was something — or someone — who would change her life forever.

Leslie, a.k.a “The Tourist” is an urban explorer who explores and photographs abandoned buildings in Ontario.

On her birthday in 2015, she made one last stop at a house that had always intrigued her.

She had no idea that stepping inside that house would change her life forever.

“This is Lawrence. He lives in a house I had believed to be abandoned. The driveway is overgrown, the roof is caving in and the interior would lead anyone to believe this land had been deserted. I found him in the living room. He has a hard time getting around so he spends most of his time in there. Alone.

He is missing his right eye and has cataracts infecting the left. Even after noticing a stranger essentially helping themselves to his life he was nothing but sweet and kind to me. He was even nice enough to let me take his picture which I will always treasure.

He is a beautiful soul and I plan on visiting him a lot. I’m posting this picture in hopes that it will inspire at least one person to reach out to someone they may have lost contact with or perhaps just forgot about. These old souls are still full of life and I feel blessed to have met this one.” 

“The house that stole my heart – this is the exterior of my new friends home. Tonight we sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful evening. He explained to me how his injuries started in 2000 when a bull fractured his hip. He told me of his brothers illness and how they have lost touch.

He said I was a blessing to him. I told him I couldn’t put into words what he means to me.”

“Tonight was the first of what will be many dinner dates with my new friend. Over the course of 3 hours we ate and drank and laughed. I was fortunate enough to hear about his life.. His struggles and his triumphs.

This truly was one of the best experiences of my life & I can’t wait to share another meal with such a gentle soul.”

“Dinner dates done right. Keep your promises.”

“An update on my friend – he is in good spirits and is very happy to have some room in his home. I’ve managed to remove his old fridge, stove, and chest freezer, along with numerous bags of garbage and other content. This was all made possible by a very generous company and a few awesome boys with big hearts and strong lower backs. I can’t thank everyone enough for their support and generosity during this period in my life – and in his. He is beyond grateful, not just to me. He knows you are all following his story ????

After a few recent visits to the doctors, it’s apparent that his health is declining, rapidly. These may be the last few months I have with my friend and I plan to make them as comfortable and enjoyable for him as possible. He’s informed me of his funeral arrangements and has asked me to be there. I told him I wouldn’t have it any other way.

He shared something with me that will stay with me forever. He said the day I showed up was the best day of his life. As self righteous as I feel writing that, I understand how he feels. The best day of my life was when I met him. He gave me the chance to really do something for someone – an act of kindness with no expectation of reward. It’s a rare opportunity and I’m glad I was able to accept the challenge.”

“A few weeks ago my friend asked if I would go to a church BBQ with him … Our first outing!!! I was so happy he had asked me and couldn’t wait to go. Tonight was our dinner date … The food was amazing .. Provided by the local farmers in the neighbourhood and way too much pie baked by all their lovely wives. It was great to see him out of the house and around the people he’s known his whole life.

Driving home tonight I couldn’t help but think to myself how lucky I am to have this opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful persons life. My friend is truly a blessing.”

“Well it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything about this handsome fella so I figured I’d give everyone following his story an update. After a prolonged stay at two different hospitals after his last stroke, Lawrence is now living at a local retirement home and doing much better. He’s safe and warm and seems to be fairly happy to be around some new people, although I know he misses home.

I bring my dog Violet with me when I go for my visits, and she has now become a favorite around the home and she seems to enjoy herself thoroughly (indulging in yet another cookie as seen above). His birthday is coming up shortly (Valentines day) and we can’t wait to celebrate with him, properly…”

“Happy birthday To this young fella.”

This is such an incredible story; it must’ve been fate that led Leslie to Lawrence’s home.

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I Was Framed By The Police And Sentenced To 50 Years To Life. Here’s How I Got Free.

When California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) announced that he would not execute anyone during his term as governor, he said he worried that an innocent person could be executed. For me, this is not academic or hypothetical. Although I was not sentenced to death, I was sentenced to death by incarceration ? 50 years to life.


Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard.

I was exonerated because of a series of incredibly lucky breaks, fateful meetings and chance encounters with multiple lawyers devoted to proving my innocence. If I had been in a different county, I could have been sentenced to death. If one lucky break had fallen the other way, I could still be imprisoned, almost certain to die in prison.

I was unlucky for seven years. Then I got lucky.

I was unlucky when the police assigned to the case decided that doing actual investigative work was difficult. I was unlucky when they showed a purported eyewitness my photo, pointed to it and told her: “Isn’t it Trulove? Are you sure it wasn’t Trulove?” She said no, it wasn’t.

I was lucky because a kid was sitting in the police station, handcuffed to a bench. This kid saw this happening, right in front of him. He didn’t care then. But he remembered. Especially that name. Trulove.

I was unlucky because the police decided not to record or take notes of many of the interviews with this woman, including the interview where she said it wasn’t me.

Later, at trial, the police said the tape recorder had malfunctioned or that the tapes were lost, or maybe both. I was unlucky when, days later, after unrecorded promises, the woman eventually gave the police more or less what they wanted. She said I “looked” like the person who could have been the shooter.

I was unlucky when the district attorney decided that in order to get this woman to testify against me, authorities would move her and give her $63,000 for all housing and food costs for years. This was more than she had ever made in her life. They also moved her sister, too, just to sweeten the pot. I was unlucky because after she received this compensation, the woman became certain that I was the shooter.

I was unlucky that the deputy district attorney who was assigned to prosecute me committed prosecutorial misconduct. I was unlucky when I was convicted on this flimsy testimony and a closing argument that, as the appellate court later said, “was a yarn made out of whole cloth.”

I was lucky one day when I was waiting to be sent to state prison. In my 12-man bunk, this kid came in and sat on his top bunk. I walked past. I had a neck tattoo with my mother’s name on it: “Cheryl Trulove.”

This kid said, “Hey, I heard that name before. Trulove. That’s the name the cops were saying when they pointed at their clipboard with a photograph and asked this woman, ‘Isn’t it Trulove?  Are you sure it wasn’t Trulove?’”

I was lucky when this young man agreed to testify. He was a stranger to me, and he was testifying about what the cops did. He was accused of lying. I was unlucky when the prosecutor hid the police report from my lawyer and the judge ? the report that showed that, yep, this young man was in the police station that night all those years ago, exactly when and where he said he was.

I was unlucky when I was sentenced to 50 years to life in prison. I was unlucky because this was a time when California’s prisons were dangerously overcrowded. I was unlucky when I saw people getting killed in prison. I was unlucky when I was sliced because I did not know to give up my bunk to a gang member. I was unlucky when I missed my children’s birthdays, and Christmases, and Halloween, and their first days of school.

I was unlucky when I was in prison and received a letter from a court-appointed appellate attorney who had a different client’s name on the form letter he sent to me. I was lucky that my family then found an appellate attorney, Marc Zilversmit, who not only attacked the strength of the prosecution’s case but reopened the investigation.

Marc, through luck and hard work, found true eyewitnesses who knew I hadn’t been the shooter but had never been called to testify. I was lucky to have my case assigned to an appellate division in a court that took a hard look at my case and overturned my conviction.

I was lucky when Alex Reisman and Kate Chatfield were appointed to represent me. I was lucky that they pored over the autopsy report and ballistics evidence and gathered evidence that revealed that the eyewitness’s story was physically and scientifically impossible.

I was lucky that they traveled to state prison to meet the kid who had seen what the police did.  I was lucky when they got that previously hidden police report.

Police hid evidence. Their stories contradicted each other. They wrote notes in police files in pencil so that exculpatory notes could be erased.

I was lucky when Kate and Alex teamed up with Nick Brustin and Anna Benvenutti Hoffman at Neufeld Scheck & Brustin to sue the police officers. Then, even more evidence of the police wrongdoing came out in discovery.

Police hid evidence. Their stories contradicted each other. They wrote notes in police files in pencil so that exculpatory notes could be erased. But I was lucky that the master file was brought to court and the pages could be held up to the light. The jury could then see what the erased notes said.

I was lucky when I was awarded $13.1 million for my wrongful conviction. I was unlucky because I will never get those years back. I will never get my children’s childhood back.

Our justice system should not come down to luck. One should not get to live or die based on luck.  But it happens. Every day in this country, it happens.

Now, we Californians are all lucky that we have a governor who won’t let it happen on his watch.

Jamal Trulove was born and raised in the Sunnydale Housing Projects in San Francisco. He was an aspiring hip-hop star and actor when, in 2008, he was arrested and subsequently convicted of a murder he did not commit. His conviction was overturned in 2014 for prosecutorial misconduct. In 2015, he was retried and acquitted. He filed a lawsuit for his wrongful conviction, and in 2018, a federal jury found that San Francisco police officers fabricated evidence against him and withheld exculpatory evidence. The jury awarded him $10 million. San Francisco later settled his case for $13.1 million. Jamal plays Kofi in the movie “The Last Black Man in San Francisco.”

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‘Blood soaked killer told police he’d stomped girlfriend to death with his bare feet’ Read more: Twitter:

A blood-soaked man told police that he stomped his girlfriend to death with his bare feet, it is claimed. James Warren Thomas Jr, 54. reportedly strangled, stomped, and beat 61-year-old Cythia Waldroup to death on Sunday – then immediately admitted it to responding officers.

Police said they found Thomas ‘covered in blood’ inside a home in Marbury, Alabama. He then confessed to killing Waldroup with his ‘bare feet,’ according to court records. Authorities said Thomas and Waldroup had an on-off romantic relationship. Police found Wouldroup’s body in the home with Thomas. Thomas made his first court appearance on Monday in Autauga District Court, wearing an orange jumpsuit while restrained by handcuffs.

Judge Joy Booth asked Thomas a series of questions to which he only replied ‘yes ma’am’ and ‘no ma’am.’ He was being held at the Autaugua Metro Jail on a $150,000 cash bond, but prosecutors asked the judge to raise the bond amount, according to the Montgomery Advertiser.

Assistant District Attorney Sarah Speakes said: ‘We ask for a substantial increase in bond, while retaining the cash only stipulation. ‘The nature of the crime judge, the level of violence, we certainly feel that Mr Thomas is a threat to the community.’ Thomas had previously been convicted for domestic violence against Waldroup in 2018. He spent 90 days in prison for that offense. Judge Booth asked Thomas about his finance after she was asked to raise his bond.

He told the judge that he was declared disabled five years ago because of blackouts and seizures. Thomas said he used to be a bricklayer, but now receives a monthly disability check.

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Man, 33, can't go abroad as his surname is 'too rude' for passport

A man has been stopped from going abroad - as his surname has been deemed too rude to be written on a passport.

Kenny Kennard changed his surname by deed poll to 'Fu-Kennard' for a laugh a few years ago, but now the joke has backfired.


Despite the 33-year-old former squaddie getting a driving license under his new moniker he has been told he cannot have it on a passport.

When it expired earlier this year and he applied for a new one, his application was denied because his name "may cause offence".

The supermarket worker from Bude, Cornwall, has contested HM Passport Office's verdict three times- but the Home Office has refused to budge.

Keen traveller Kenny said he doesn't want to change his name again - so faces a life of UK holidays instead.

He said: "I'd decided to change my name to Fu-Kennard a few years back.

"When I had to apply for a driving licence, it was accepted fine, so I figured it wouldn't make much difference in applying for a passport.

"How wrong I was.

"I got refused on grounds that my name could cause offence or was vulgar.

"So I complained, but they upheld their decision so I complained again. I was then told they'd keep the fee for administration costs.

"If I wanted to take the matter further, they said I'd need to contact my MP.

"So I wrote to MP Scott Mann, and he replied saying they're within their remit to refuse.

"Now I'm skint with no passport, like a prisoner in my own country.

"On the one hand, I find the whole thing funny - as do all of my friends.

"But I'm also finding it hard to believe the name could be construed as anything but funny and slightly ridiculous. It's just a joke.

"I agree with Home Office policy that not all names are acceptable, such as racial hate words or anything that invokes hatred.

"'Fu-Kennard' is not offensive, and I object to them denying my chosen name."

Kenny first changed his name to 'Coco Kenny' when he was 16, but after he joined the Army aged 19 he said he was told to change it back because it was "immature".

After eight years serving his country, Kenny decided to "change it to something with a bit of 'fun' about it".

Knowing that he'd be applying for 'normal' jobs, he knew to "play it a bit safe" - and settled for 'Fu-Kennard' because "not everyone gets the joke".

"Life's too short to be boring," he said.

Kenny successfully applied for a driving licence in 2016, so had no reason to suspect that it would be any different applying for a passport.

But the Home Office dismissed his application on three occasions in May, June and July this year, citing Section 2 on its longstanding policy on changing names.

The official guidelines list a series of "names that may cause outrage or offence" that could be classed as "unacceptable" and not fit for a passport.

They include "the use of swear words; sexually explicit references; inappropriate religious connotation; is vulgar, offensive, or libellous to an individual; makes use of a name of a person living or dead which may cause public concern".

The guidance also states: "This applies to phonetic, as well as actual use of words comprising of part or the entire name."

In a letter dated June 25, the office even advised that it would even retain Kenny's £94.75 application fee "to cover the costs of administration".

Bemused and bewildered, Kenny wrote to local Tory MP Scott Mann, whose office also supported HM Passport Office's decision.

The July 29 letter from Mr Mann's office stated - under Section 2 of Home Office policy, concerning 'unacceptable names' - HM Passport Office was "within its remit to refuse your request for a passport under the name you have chosen".

Kenny said the Home Office has told him it will only proceed with an application for a passport if he either changed his name to one that was acceptable - or uses his previous name.

Their letter dated July 11 stated: "Your application is deemed to contain a name, which may cause offence to individuals and the wider public.

"The passport is not an appropriate vehicle to carry names which may be considered as distasteful or vulgar. The application will be failed and the fee retained, in line with HM Passport Office procedure, to cover the costs of administration."

But the wacky retailer is shocked by the Home Office decision, and said he's been left "stumped at what I can do - live without a passport?"

Kenny, who loves to travel and last went on holiday to Sri Lanka months before his passport expired, now can't holiday abroad.

He said: "Without a passport, I can't go on holiday abroad.

"I live in a seaside town, but have always enjoyed travelling.

"My last holiday - to Sri Lanka - was about three years ago. But there are so many countries I'd still like to visit, such as Cambodia.

"I went camping down Sennen Beach last month for my week off. For my next leave, I have no plans as my options are limited.

"I have a stag do in three weeks, for instance. When the best man was deciding what to do for it, he knew I couldn't travel - so he settled on Cardiff instead.

"I don't know what else I can do to escalate the situation with HM Passport Office, because no one has advised me how else I can challenge the verdict.

"I only have one red line, though - I'm keeping my surname.

"I don't want to change it again, especially because they're restricting my freedom.

"I like Fu-Kennard."

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U.S Woman Reveals Drinking Her Own Pee and Applying It On Her Face Has Given Her A Glowing Skin

You hear something new every day – and by new I mean batsh*t insane.

I can’t even imagine applying your own pee to your body, not to talk about drinking it, but that’s exactly what a U.S lady claims she’s been doing for the past 10 years.

30-year-old Ruby Karyo from Maryland claims drinking and applying her urine to her face has given her a glowing skin.

According to her, her father gave her the tip when she was younger, and she’s been applying it ever since, calling it urine therapy.

“My dad told me about urine therapy when I was 19-years-old. He said ‘if you want to be a beauty queen use it on your face and your body.”‘

She took the advice and now drinks five ounces of urine twice weekly, whilst also applying it to her face because she claims it’s a skincare product.

“When I wake up I rub my morning pee onto my face and use it like a moisturizer. You can leave it on for a couple of hours, or leave it on all day,” she explained, via MailOnline

“Every night when you go to sleep you can put it on your face. For the first few days your face might look a bit raw because all the impurities will come out, but then it will become clear.”

She went on to list numerous alleged benefits to drinking urine.

“It’s good for healing scars and pimples. I pee into a travel spray bottle and then spray it into my hands and then rub it onto my face.

“I also drink about five ounces of morning pee about twice a week. It can lower blood sugar and cholesterol and help diabetes.

“My skin glows when I use it, I took a break from it a while back and my skin began to look dull. I feel younger and I look younger when I use it.”

She added: “People don’t want to talk about it, they think it’s disgusting, but then they go and eat things like hot dogs, and they have no idea what is in hot dogs.

“We know what urine contains and everything that is in urine is essential for the body

“I want to bring light to the fact that it can change your life without using all the chemicals that are in store-bought products.”

Karo also claims she convinced her 56-year-old boyfriend to start drinking his own pee for his baldness and now he’s growing back his hair.

How wild are you willing to go for a glowing skin? For this kooky lady apparently, waste materials are the answer.


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Man Uses His Wife As Bet, Then Allows His Friends To Do This Horrible Thing To Her

Reports said Arun, a friend to the woman’s husband and Anil, her husband’s relation, often used to visit their house to drink and gamble.

The man, said to be a gambling and alcohol addict, let the two gang-rape his wife after he lost to them.

After the incident, the woman went to her maternal uncle’s house. Her husband followed her there and asked to be forgiven, saying he had made a mistake.

After he apologised, the woman went back with her husband in his car. On their way back, her husband stopped the car and allowed his friends to gang-rape her once again, she has alleged.

According to, the police initially refused to file a case based on the woman’s complaint, and only registered a First Information Report after she approached a court.

NDTV did not identify the woman and her husband.

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Kidnapping suspect 'kept teenager under bed for nearly three months' after shooting her parents

FOR NEARLY THREE months, 13-year-old Jayme Closs was forced to hide in a 2½-foot space beneath her kidnapper’s bed, going without food, water or a bathroom for hours, too terrified to flee from a man she knew had fatally shot both of her parents.

But when Jake Thomas Patterson left the remote cabin on the 88th day of her captivity, she finally made a break for freedom, authorities said. She put on Patterson’s runners so hastily that they ended up on the wrong feet. After a neighbour called 911, Patterson was captured as he drove around the rural area searching for her.

“She’s 13 years old, and if you read the criminal complaint, you can see the amount of control that he was exerting over her,” Barron County District Attorney Brian Wright said.

And at some point, she found it within herself at 13 years old to say, ‘I’m going to get myself out of this situation.’ I think it’s incredible.

The complaint filed yesterday offered the most detailed account yet of the attack on the Closs couple and the cruel conditions under which their daughter was held.

Patterson, 21, was charged yesterday with two counts of intentional homicide, one count of kidnapping and one count of armed burglary. A judge set his bail at $5 million cash. Prosecutors say more charges could come later.

His defence attorneys, Charles Glynn and Richard Jones, have said they might seek a change of venue.

“It’s been an emotional time for this community and a difficult time for this community. We don’t take that lightly. But we have a job to do in protecting our client,” Jones said.


Patterson’s relatives, including his father, Patrick, declined to comment after his initial court hearing.

The suspect grew up an hour north of Barron, which is about 144 kilometres northeast of Minneapolis. He graduated from high school in May 2015 and joined the Marines. He lasted a month before he washed out after failing to meet “expectations and standards,” a Marine spokeswoman said. She did not elaborate.

According to the complaint: Patterson was working at a cheese factory west of Barron when he stopped behind a school bus on his way to work and saw Jayme getting on. He decided then that she “was the girl he was going to take”.

He made two trips to her home meaning to kidnap her but broke off both attempts because he thought too many people were at the house. He returned to the home a third time on 15 October.

Dressed almost entirely in black and wearing a face mask and gloves, he armed himself with a shotgun. He told detectives he attached stolen licence plates to his car so police would not be able to track him. He disabled the dome light, removed a cord that allowed the trunk to be opened from inside and coasted down the Closs driveway with his lights off just before 1am.

Jayme told police that her dog began to bark. She woke her parents. Her father went to the front door while she and her mother hid in the bathroom, hugging each other in the bathtub with the shower curtain pulled closed.

Hearing a shotgun blast, Jayme said she knew her father was dead. Patterson told investigators he shot James Closs through the front door, then blew the lock apart with a second blast.

He battered down the door to the bathroom, then pulled out a roll of black duct tape and demanded Denise Closs tape her daughter’s mouth shut. When Denise struggled to do it, he took the tape from her and did it himself. He taped the girl’s hands behind her back and taped her ankles together, pulled her out of the bathroom and then shot her mother in the head, the complaint said.


The entire attack took four minutes, he said, according to the complaint.

Patterson dragged Jayme outside, nearly slipping in the blood on the floor. He pulled her across the yard and threw her in his trunk. Squad cars racing to the Closs residence passed him on the highway. Jayme told police she could hear the sirens. He told detectives he would have opened fire if officers had tried to stop him.

He took her to his cabin in Gordon, a township of 645 people in thickly forested Douglas County. He told police he ordered a weeping Jayme to strip and dress in his sister’s pajamas, saying he had to get rid of the evidence. He then threw her clothes into a fireplace in the cabin’s basement.

It’s unclear what Patterson may have done to her over the months she spent in the cabin. Prosecutors have not charged him with sexual assault, and the charging documents do not say he ever attempted that.

He told investigators that whenever he left the cabin or people visited him, he forced Jayme to crawl into the narrow space under his twin bed. He slid tote boxes and weights against the side of the bed so she could not see out and to make it harder for her to wriggle free.

He said Jayme tried to get out twice. The first time he screamed and banged the wall and made her so scared that he thought she would never try it again. Whenever he left the house, he told her “bad things would happen” if she tried to leave. During the Christmas holidays he left, forcing Jayme to endure 12 hours under the bed without a bathroom break, according to the complaint.

On Thursday he left again. He returned to find Jayme gone. He found her tracks and was out looking for her when police stopped him .

Patterson is due back in court on 6 February.


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Woman’s finger swelled and turned black after getting a salon manicure

The woman, whose name hasn’t been shared, went to a salon in Tuggerah, Australia that she had been to before with no issue. After getting infills done, the woman noticed that her finger tip was painful and swollen. The next day she took herself to A&E, where she was sent home with antibiotics and a referral for the fracture clinic. The next day the woman took her antibiotics, but noticed the swelling and pain was getting worse. The day after, the swelling had spread. When she went to the hospital, the woman was told she had such a severe infection that she would need surgery to cut it away. By this point her finger had turned black.

‘By Friday morning the pressure of the infection had gotten so much that the finger had literally popped and the ooze was leaking all over the place,’ wrote the woman on Facebook. Thankfully surgery went well and the infection was cleared, but the woman shared her story on Facebook to raise awareness of the risks of salon manicures.

She believes that the infection was a result of technicians using tools without sterilising them between clients, and warns people to always check that the tools used to trim their cuticles are fresh from the package or have been sterilised right before use. ‘The whole purpose of this post is to warn others what can happen after getting their nails done at nail salons,’ she wrote. ‘Looking back I don’t recall their hygiene practices being overly great. ‘The tools are taken with each nail technician from client to client, with no evidence of sterilisation in between clients. ‘I hadn’t really worried about it thinking nothing bad would ever happen….until now!!!’

The woman isn’t the first person to face serious infection thanks to dirty manicure tools. Earlier this year Brittany Guyatt, from Swindon, claims she was cut by a ‘rough’ technician while getting acrylic nails fitted. What started as a bruise developed into a blood blister then grew rapidly. Soon Brittany was in unbearable pain.

The growth extended off her finger by more than a centimetre and ‘filled with smelly pus’. When the growth, called a granuloma, turned black, Brittany was told she needed surgery or would face losing part of her finger. Let this be a lesson to us all to take caution when going to a salon for any treatment. Read reviews carefully, take hygiene practices and ratings seriously, and keep a close eye on any tools to ensure they’re being sterilised and cleaned before use.





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A mum murdered her newborn shortly giving birth by poisoning her with drain cleaner then hurling her from a third floor balcony,  police say.

The 18-year-old mum allegedly told detectives she didn't know she was pregnant and "panicked" after giving birth unexpectedly because she wanted to hide the infant from her boyfriend.


After being doused with drain cleaner, the tragic child was wrapped in black bags and thrown into a communal rubbish bin outside the block of flats, according to police.

Officers checked CCTV footage from the building and it showed a black package being hurled from a third floor ledge.

The horrifying incident happened in Nonthaburi, central Thailand, on July 23.

The baby was rushed to hospital but died of severe internal injuries a few days later.

Police arrested the mother, named only as, Aom, 18, and her boyfriend, named as, Jay, 23, last Tuesday after they allegedly fled to a nearby property. 

Aom admitted murdering the infant by pouring drain cleaner in her mouth, the force said.

She allegedly told police she did not know she was pregnant and "panicked" after giving birth unexpectedly - and wanted to hide it from her boyfriend.

He was not the child's biological father.

The mum allegedly said: "I went into the toilet after I felt a squeeze around my lower abdomen area.

"The baby arrived after that and I was panicking.

"I did not want my boyfriend to know about it.

"I decided to pour the drain cleaner all over the baby's face and into its mouth then throw it away.

"I then cleaned the blood in the toilet after that."

Aom's boyfriend denied any involvement but was also remanded in custody by police who did not believe his version of events.

The boyfriend reportedly said: "She just ordered me to buy her a sanitary napkins then leave her alone on that day.

"After I came back the room has been cleaned but I did not notice anything suspicious but my girlfriend's fatigue."

Police said the suspects were arrested after checking CCTV and searching the property.

Blood stains in the bathroom matched the mother's DNA, according to police.

The mother initially denied killing her baby but later confessed after being presented with DNA evidence and CCTV, the force said.

Police Colonel Pongjak Preechakarunpong said: "Sadly the baby girl died and the charges were made more serious, from attempting to kill her baby to murder.

"Both of the suspects have been denied bail.

"The mother admitted all charges but her boyfriend denies helping her.

"However, we will also charge him as from the evidence, we believe he was involved."

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Brother kills Sister because wifi password

Kevon Watkins, a Georgia teen strangled his sister over the family wifi password, Kevon Watkins, 
who was 16-years-old at that time of the fatal attack in February 2018, had reportedly been playing 
an Xbox game before he changed the family’s Wi-Fi password because the internet was slow due to 
the number of people using it. At one point, Kevon’s mother tried to take his Xbox from his room 
when his sister Alexus Watkins,19, confronted him, according to testimony at the teen's trial and 
911 calls from the incident.

Alexus was pronounced dead of asphyxiation early the next morning at a local hospital. On Friday, 
August 2, 2019, Kevon was found guilty of felony murder and aggravated assault.
During the hearing, Bibb County Superior Court Judge Verda Colvin explained she found Kevon guilty 
of murder instead of voluntary manslaughter because his 13-year-old brother tried to get him to stop choking their sister.


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Kevin-Prince Boateng bids Sassuolo emotional farewell after Fiorentina switch

Ghana forward Kevin-Prince Boateng has bid an emotional farewell to US Sassuolo after completing a move to AC Fiorentina in the ongoing transfer window.

The 32-year-old enjoyed a stellar six months at Sassuolo last term after joining as a free-agent from German side Eintracht Frankfurt.

Boateng left the Neroverdi to join FC Barcelona on loan during the January transfer window but failed to glitter.

The Ghana international returned to the Mapei Stadium after the loan spell but was told to look for a new club after coach Roberto De Zerbi made it clear to him that he is not in his plans ahead of the upcoming campaign.

Boateng left the club to join AC Fiorentina on a two-year deal worth €1 million.

The former AC Milan and Tottenham attacker took to his Instagram page to bid farewell to Sassuolo after completing the move in Wednesday.

"It ends today with a wonderful experience. I want to thank all my friends and companions, all the people who work every day to make this company really special. I thank Giorgio Squinzi and his wife Adriana, the CEO Giovanni Carnevali and the DS Giovanni Rossi for their availability and professionalism.”

“Thanks to Mister De Zerbi, it was a privilege to work together with a great coach like him, with whom I created an indelible relationship that goes beyond football.”

“Finally I want to thank all the fans #neroverdi for the affection received, I will take you forever with me! Sassuolo Calcio.”

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