Coin Decrypt: Setting up your Paxex Masternode! How to earn a passive daily crypto income!

Decentralized social media platforms like are the future of the internet and you can get in on the action by investing into the project, now, as an early adopter.

If we buy the right stocks we have dividends, if we buy the right crypto-coins, we have rewards. 

There are different ways to earn rewards like mining and staking but there is also a way to own a stake in a coin and it is called owning a masternode.

By owning a masternode you are able to bring features of the blockchain to the users of the coin by running an open, full copy of the blockchain 24/7.

Please watch our video on Coin Decrypt about how to set up your masternode for Paxex so that you can start earning daily deposits to your wallet.

As of right now it takes 5000 coins collateral to start your own masternode. 

You can break up your masternode and get sell your collateral at any time but as long as your coins are locked into the masternode and it is running then you will be getting block rewards, as of today that means 64 paxex per block (about 25 cents worth of crypto per day, per masternode).


Watch the video, here:

***This guide  takes place AFTER we have sent ourselves a transaction to our wallet of EXACTLY 5000 Paxex, not a satoshi more or a satoshi less.

If you are sending yourself your first Paxex from an exchange then you need to remember to include the fee in your transaction of 5000 Paxex coins. 

For example, if we were sending the coins from, then we would send exactly 5000.002 Paxex to your wallet before you begin in order to cover the transaction fee.***

This means you need to send yourself EXACTLY 5000 Paxex coins. 

Not a satoshi more or a satoshi less.

Download the Paxex wallet, here:

Get your free $100 VPS credit, here. you can host your masternode here:

(If you are having trouble getting your wallet to sync, please open wallet config file and add:








Save the wallet config file then restart your wallet.)

Follow these steps EXACTLY in order to set up your masternode. 

Please, copy and paste these lines into your VPS console, 1 by 1:

1. prepare your VPS - Ubuntu 16.04 - 64 Bit


2. Login to your vps


3. Type these commands, one line at a time:



chmod +x 2PW8Dxw




4. Choose  Y for first installation for installing dependencies package

      nb : you can choose N if you already install it before

5. Choose Y for install daemon .

6. Insert your masternode genkey and enter

"paxchange server started"

7. Type this command. 

paxchange-cli getinfo

Wait for 5 mins for vps wallet to sync.

Type command again and crosscheck with main explorer for current block

8. Go To your windows wallet , Tool  Open Masternode configuration and add this format line

(there should be an example in your config file, already):


MN1 : alias name

yourvps ip : you should know it

port : 4134

genkey : from masternode genkey

outputs and index : from 

masternode outputs

 after you send collateral


9. restart wallet after do config , wait 16 confirmation and type 

startmasternode alias false MN1


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