Cyrus has a life threatening heart condition, so his family are moving from England to Wales to escape toxic levels of pollution

Little Cyrus Wardle has aortic stenosis, a serious valve disease, which means he will need heart surgery to survive into adulthood.

A schoolboy with a heart condition that leaves him gasping for breath is moving from England to Wales to escape toxic air pollution.

Little Cyrus Wardle has aortic stenosis, a serious valve disease, which means he will need heart surgery to survive into adulthood.

His mum and dad now say they have no choice but to move eight-year-old Cyrus away from the polluted city to the coast.

Steph, 47, and Richard, 55, are concerned about the effects of Bristol's dangerously high nitrogen dioxide levels might have on Cyrus.

So they’re moving to Porthcawl, 70 miles down the M4, in mid-September.

The debate around what we are doing to address climate change was thrust into the limelight this weekend,

Cyrus also suffers with asthma and Steph - who has lived in Bristol for 20 years - says she must act now.

She says: “I do feel as though the dirty air has contributed to his breathing problems.

“We want to give him the best chance we can whilst he's still young.

“The pollution is only going to get worse and it's quite possible it has already contributed to the deterioration of his health.

“We don't feel like we can stay in Bristol. It's not best for our son.

“Wales has some of the cleanest air you can find so we thought let's go for it and have a fresh start.

“Wherever we go in Bristol we are exposed to filthy air. It's reasonable to worry his health may be connected to it.”

Steph is one of more than 400 people to sign an open letter to Bristol mayor Marvin Rees demanding drastic action to tackle the city’s illegal levels of air pollution.

The council says it is committed to improving air quality as quickly as possible and intends to implement a clean air zone (CAZ) by March 2021.

It sent out two proposals to public consultation earlier this summer, which received more than 5,000 responses.

One would see diesel cars banned from the city centre for eight hours a day and the other option would introduce a range of traffic-calming measures.

Steph plans to move from her St Paul's home to the coast in Wales next month.

She fears long-term exposure to main roads like the nearby M32, have contributed to Cyrus' breathing problems,

“We are moving to Porthcawl in South Wales for my son’s health to give him a chance to breathe clean, fresh air,” she says.

“Whenever we go on holiday, like when we went to Devon recently, he stops coughing.

"But when we are in Bristol he seems to struggle more."

Cyrus was diagnosed with his heart condition aged two and will need heart surgery to extend his life.

Steph said: “At the moment he can function fine, as long as he does not exert himself, but it is going to put too much pressure on his heart, so he won’t survive into adulthood without an operation.

“A little balloon needs to be inserted in the aorta but they want to wait until he has physically grown as much as possible because it will not grow along with him and his heart.”

Steph has been so desperate to leave Bristol that she is moving to Wales before she finds herself a new job.

Whilst the family are looking forward to their fresh start, Steph says they will leave Bristol with a “heavy heart”.

stella Posted on September 02, 2019 11:04

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