Former McDonald's worker reveals the real reason why ice cream machines are often 'broken'

A former McDonald's worker has revealed that the ice-cream machines always appear broken because staff cannot be bothered to clean them.

Will Doyle claimed that the soft-serve machines take hours to clean and this makes staff reluctant to serve ice-cream, on October 21.

He wrote on Twitter: 'Btw, I used to work in McDonalds. The ice cream machine was never broke, it just takes 3 hours to clean so we used to say it was broke so we didn't have to serve you lot. Cheers x' 

Another former worker said it was 'always working' but just 'took too long to clean' so they told people it was broken, in the Tweet which has been shared more than 10,000 times.

People 'don't understand' that the machine cannot be used at all during a cleaning cycle and it is more complicated than just 'wiping it down'. This means it is 'easier' to say it is broken, says Eleanor in the Twitter thread. 

She added: 'Unless you work for the company you don’t understand. It seems dumb but it’s genuinely easier to lie to avoid having the same conversation 10000 times a day.' 

Former employee Megan Wojcik said: 'Or someone would accidentally press the weird heat button which spoiled the ice cream/shakes so it had to be cleaned.'

Twitter user TheGrizzlyBanjo said: 'I’m copying this information so the next time McDonalds does that I will show them this tweet.' 

Andizzle asked: 'I don't understand why you couldn't say it's being cleaned or maintenanced.'

Kat wrote: 'Bf recently worked there... can confirm the absolute truth in this! And that barely anyone knows how to actually clean it.'

Megan Pears added: 'Will take all McDonald’s secrets to the grave.' 

Rhys Thomas wrote: 'Question is, why are they making machines for fast food chains that take 3 hours to clean.' 

McDonald's told the Mirror that machines are cleaned every 24 hours and apologised for any inconvenience.

They claimed the shake and soft-serve machines 'undergo heat treatment cycles' which involve them being 'disassembled sanitized and cleaned every 14 days'.

stella Posted on October 28, 2019 10:51

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