Fortune cookie's numbers help man win $1m jackpot

A US man has won $1m (£767,500) in a lottery using numbers from a fortune cookie he opened years ago.


Ronnie Martin, from Long Pond in Pennsylvania, is a regular lottery player but bought the lucky ticket for the New Jersey Lottery's draw on 24 July.


Instead of choosing birthdays or other important dates, as many players do, he placed his trust in the numbers from the fortune cookie: 1, 2, 4, 19 and 29.


Even though he had opened the cookie years ago, he had liked the numbers and stuck with them, hoping they would indeed bring him a fortune.


The day after the draw, Mr Martin stopped at the gas station where he had bought the ticket on his way to work in New Jersey.


When he placed the ticket under the scanner, it instructed him to go to the counter, where he was told that he had the million dollar ticket.


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The store worker had to scan the ticket again to prove to a disbelieving Mr Martin that he had won the million dollars (£767,500).


Mr Martin and his wife Shirley plan to use the money to pay off their house and bills before saving the remainder.

Albert Ulebe Posted on September 30, 2018 18:14

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