Gatecrasher, 26, is jailed for two years after he tried to storm his way inside an exclusive New Year's Eve party in Mayfair where a bouncer was stabbed to death

A gatecrasher who tried to storm his way inside an exclusive New Year’s Eve party where a bouncer was stabbed to death has been jailed for more than two years.

Tudor Simionov, 33, was killed while other hired security staff were wounded when Ossama Hamed, 26, allegedly went on a knife rampage outside a £12.5million townhouse in Mayfair, west London.

Ahmed Munajed, 26, joined the fray on Park Lane by trying to kick down the door of the venue and throwing a vase into the lobby, the Old Bailey heard.

Hamed and Munajed, along with Adam Khalil, 21, Haroon Akram, 26, and Nor Hamada, 23, were filmed by shocked bystanders brawling with security guards and trying to kick their way inside the venue. 

Jurors were told girls were the ‘ticket in’ and were escorted inside free of charge where they enjoyed bottles of champagne on the house while male punters were forced to queue up outside before handing over hundreds of pounds each in exchange for entry.

Tables, priced at £2,000-a-pop, where laden with ‘plates of cocaine’ which witnesses described was openly being snorted by punters as the private bouncers patrolled the three floors.

Prosecutor Philip Evans, QC, told the court: ‘The overall incident, which the violent disorder was part of, was part of a violent altercation in the early hours of 1 January.

‘Tudor Simionov was killed by a single fatal stab wound to the chest. During that incident, five others who were also working at the scene recieved stab wounds.’

Trouble started outside when one of the doormen, Atu Ngoy, threw another alleged gatecrashers Adham El Shalakany, 24, over the bonnet of a Lamborghini when he tried to buy his was inside with two female friends.

The others came to his aid and a wider fight broke out between them and the bouncers resulting in the fatal blow being struck to Mr Simionov’s chest with five other security workers being stabbed.

Mr Simionov went outside to quell the violence and had only been on the street for less than a minute before he was killed.

Mr Evans explained: ‘At about 5.30am there was an argument with a group, who were trying to gain entry to that party, with the door staff.

‘Ossama Hamed was the person who actually inflicted the fatal stab wound which killed Mr Simionov.

Turning to Munajed, the prosecutor said: ‘He was recorded walking towards Park Lane with another unknown male. He joined the group and deliberately embroiled himself in the violence.

‘There was continuing violence within the doorway at Park Lane and he can be seen throwing a white vase into the lobby area, this was despite being hit in the face with an object shortly before.

‘The emergency services were called and arrived as the defendant was leaving.

‘He was arrested on the 22 January 2019, he said he had been acting in self defence.’

Body worn police footage later showed Mr Simionov being tended to by El Shalakany and another man as he lay dying in one of the venue’s red-lit en suite bathrooms.

Hamed is still wanted for murder after fleeing the country the day after the killing while Khalil and Akram admitted manslaughter shortly after the trial started earlier this year.  

After they pleaded guilty to manslaughter, Mr Simionov's girlfriend, Madalina Anghel, issued a desperate appeal for information on Ossama Hamed, who remains wanted by police.

'I am pleased those involved have been convicted but we must now keep working to find Ossama Hamed who remains on the run from police,' she said.

'Nothing can change the past and we cannot bring Tudor back, but finding Ossama Hamed and bringing him to justice will help me find closure after all that has happened.'

Hamada denied murder along with wounding five other security staff and violent disorder.

He was convicted of violent disorder and cleared of four of the wounding charges but jurors were unable to agree verdicts in relation to the murder and a fifth wounding allegation.

Hamada will face a murder retrial in March next year.

Munajed, of Hammersmith, west London, had admitted violent disorder before the trial began.

Sean Minihan, defending, said: ‘The prosecution in their sentencing note have been kind enough and fair enough to accept that Mr Munajed’s involvement in this activity was very limited in time.

‘He did breach to the threshold of the door to the venue and he picked up a vase and, at that point, he was struck in the face with another vase.

‘He accepted throwing the vase. He retaliated as a result of being struck in the face.

‘He can be seen wiping the blood from his face while walking away from the incident.’

Judge Anthony Leonard, QC, told Munajed: ‘I take into account that you arrived on the scene after Mr Simionov had been stabbed.

‘As soon as you arrived and without really a moment’s hesitation you played a prominent role in trying to get into the unlicensed party, together with others who you knew well. I accept this was not a call to arms.’

Munajed admitted violent disorder and breaching a suspended sentence.

He was jailed for a total of two years and 21 weeks.

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