How the incredible rescue of a toddler trapped down a well captivated the world

It has been 30 years since 18-month old Jessica McClure was rescued after tumbling down a 22-foot well in the backyard of her parents' Texas home, and she is now opening up about her life, three decades later, in a new interview with People

Jessica is now 30, married with two children, and still living near her childhood home in Midland.

Gone however is the $1.2million trust that had been waiting for her after the ordeal, lost she explains as a result of the 2008 stock market crash. 

The money means little however to Jessica after all that she went through at such a young age, and her ability to defy the odds and survive after a fall that would have killed most. 

'I had God on my side that day,' she explains.

'My life is a miracle.'  

It was 11 years ago that Jessica married Danny Morales, a 43-year-old foreman at a pipe-supply company, and the two have a 9-year-old son Simon and 7-year-old daughter Sheyenne. 

Jessica describes the family as 'normal down-to-Earth people,' but her children are slowly starting to grow curious about why so many people are interested in their mother.

'I'm hoping my children learn from [my rescue] to always be humble,' says Jessica.

'And to remember that is you look hard enough, there are so many good people in this world.' 

In 1987, Jessica became the most famous person in the world for 58 hours, with millions tuning in and praying for her safety as dozens of rescuers battled night and day to save her from inside an abandoned well.

During the ordeal, kind-hearted viewers also donated money to help the little girl recover.

Jessica has said in the past that she has little memory of being wedged in the pipe or of the 15 operations that followed her ordeal.

A scar from her hairline to the bridge of her nose is still visible however where her head rubbed against the wall of the well. 

Jessica also lost a toe to gangrene because one leg was pinned above her head in the underground shaft. 

In October 1987, Jessica's parents were poor teenagers struggling to make ends meet during the depths of the oil bust.

While visiting her sister, Jessica's mother left her in the yard while she went to answer the phone. Moments later, Jessica came upon the 8-inch well opening and fell inside.

Her plight captivated an immense television audience. Alone and 22 feet below ground, Baby Jessica sang about Winnie the Pooh.

It was ‘a nightmare that got worse and worse,’ recalled her father in a 2011 interview.

When rescuers finally brought her to the surface, she was covered with dirt and bruises, and her right palm was stuck to her face. 

Jessica reveals in her People interview that her daughter was recently asked to share something with her class that no one knew about her, and the young girl decided to share: 'Nobody knows about me that my mom is Baby Jessica.'

Her first major interview came 20 years after the incident in 2007 when she sat down and spoke with Matt Lauer on Today.

In that interview she described her experience before and after the rescue as 'weird.' 

She also spoke about her fame as a result of the incident, recounting one amusing incident that had happened when she was a teenager after stumbling off a curb.

'A little old man said that to me, he said, "You are the baby that fell in the well, right?'' recalled Jessica.

'I said, "Yes, sir." He said, "Well, I thought you’d learned how to watch your step when you were two years old."'

It was not all fun nd laughs however, with Jessica saying at the time that during he formative years one boy referred to her as 'well dweller.'

In the wake of her rescue Jessica even got a chance to meet then-vice president George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara. 

Jessica also spoke about how protective she is of her son Simon in that 2007 interview.

'I kind of get a little excited every time he gets a bump or a bruise. I have learned that he’s going to get many, and there’s nothing I can really do about it,' she said. 

'He’s going to fall down, and he’s going to bust his face open, and he’s going to do it several different times.'

Jessica dded: 'I’ve got to let him grow up. He’s a good boy.'

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