Jeffrey Epstein's ex-cop 'quadruple murderer' cellmate tells how he 'saved the billionaire pedophile's life when he found him unconscious following prison suicide attempt'

Jeffrey Epstein's cellmate says he saved the billionaire pedophile's life during his recent suicide attempt inside Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York. 

Nicholas Tartaglione - a former NYPD officer accused of killing four men over a drug deal gone wrong - claims he found Epstein unconscious on Tuesday night. 

Epstein, 66, tried to hang himself before Tartaglione, 49, quickly called for help,


Investigators were initially trying to determine whether Tartaglione had assaulted Epstein or whether the billionaire financier had attempted to end his own life when he was found in his cell.

Epstein was rushed to hospital with neck injuries, while Tartaglione was questioned about Epstein's behavior and mental state in the hours before he was found on the floor. 

However, Tartaglione's attorney Bruce Barket told on Friday that the pair had struck up a close friendship following Epstein's arrest on July 6. 

The twosome are in the same Special Housing Unit which is home to 99 inmates who pose a security risk or have violated disciplinary rules.  

Muscle-bound Tartaglione is accused of murdering four men following a botched cocaine deal in December 2016. 

Attorney General William Barr declared back in March that prosecutors would be seeking the death penalty over the callous crime. 

Tartaglione is alleged to have lured his four victims to a bar in upstate New York, before he held them their against their will and killed them.

He reportedly shot three of the men in the backs of their heads.

Police say he was aided by another former New York City officer - Joseph Biggs, 57.

The pair allegedly drove the bodies to Tartaglione's farm about 30 minutes away and buried them in a wooded area.

Meanwhile, Tartaglione's attorney told that his client had bonded with Epstein over the horrible conditions inside Metropolitan Correctional Center. 

Barket said that the MCC was an 'inherently bad place' because the lights are on all the time and the frosted glass means no direct sun gets in.

The only time inmates can spend outside is the rare occasions they are allowed on the exercise yard on the roof - but that has a cage on the top. 

He said: 'At times prisoners are kept for days in their cells because the guards are too lazy to let them out.

'The place is infested with insects and rodents and there is black mold in the shower. Most of the cells have leaks so there is standing water in many of them.

'The guards refuse to wash the bed linen so inmates have the same sheets for far too long. The food is barely edible and the vents are covered in dust.

'The medical care is virtually nonexistent. It's a small thing but even the clocks in the attorney visiting room don't have batteries because they don't replace them'

Barket said that the prison was a 'violent place' and that Tartaglione had recently been assaulted by another inmate who put his locker lock inside a sock and hit his head with it'.

The rodent infestation extends to the prison commissary where inmates can buy food and snacks - and the cells themselves


Barket said: 'A week ago Nick woke up and realized he'd accidentally smothered a rat in his sleep. It's disgusting'.  

Epstein is imprisoned at MCC after being charged with molesting girls at his homes in New York and West Palm Beach between 2002 and 2005.

He has pleaded not guilty to two charges of sex trafficking and is next due in court on Wednesday.

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