Lecturer Carries Her Student’s Baby At Her Throughout A 3-Hour Lecture

A college professor has gone viral for going above and beyond her job description by carrying a student's baby during a three-hour class when the mother was unable to find a babysitter. 

Dr. Ramata Sissoko Cissé, 51, is a professor at Georgia Gwinnett College in Lawrenceville, Georgia. 

Last week, her daughter Anna Cissé shared an image of her on Twitter, showing the professor carrying a student's infant child on her back throughout the three-hour biology lecture. 

'My mom is my role model,' Anna wrote at the beginning of her tweet. 

'Her student couldn’t find a babysitter today & being the true African mother that she is, taught a THREE hour class with the baby on her back & fed him. I’m so blessed to be raised by a woman who loves the world as much as her own children.' 

The tweet, shared on Sept. 19, included an image of Dr. Cissé wearing a homemade wrap-style baby carrier with the infant positioned on her back. 

This quickly went viral with people praising the professor for her good deed to help out one of her students. 

When speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, Dr. Cissé explained how the kind gesture happened during her 8am class. 

The student had called Dr. Cissé the night before asking if it was acceptable to bring her child. 

'She asked if she could bring the baby with her to class because she had missed a class already and did not want to be behind,' the professor told the publication. 

'I know the student is very smart and ambitious. She really wanted to learn.' 

The student brought the infant, but it was clear during the lecture that she was struggling to take notes while juggling the child on her lap. 

This inspired the professor to come up with a better system so the student could concentrate.   

'I knew I could make it easy for her not only to concentrate but also to take notes with ease,' she said. 

'In my native Mali, we used sheets and other pieces of fabric to securely carry babies on our backs. My natural instinct was to find a way to secure the baby and I was standing next to a rack with a clean lab coat.' 

Her student helped secure the infant in the makeshift wrap on her back, where the baby then slept for the majority of the class.  

'Towards the end, he woke up and I took him off my back, sat in the first row and fed him with a bottle. He did not cry once,' she said.

Anna sharing the post about her mother online encouraged a number of the professor's former students to comment and express how amazing the teacher is to her class. 

'I recognize that style of hat anywhere! Dr. Cissé is BY FAR one of the best professors I ever had,' one student commented. 

Another person wrote: 'Your mother was the absolute BEST anatomy professor I ever had!!!' 

Dr. Cissé later commented on the post and expressed her gratitude towards her current and former students. 

'You guys are my role model! Love you all,' she wrote.

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