People have been sharing what they had in 1998 and don't have in 2018 and it's hilarious

1998 was a simpler time. Camera phones weren’t a thing, Trump was just an obnoxious hotel owner and social media? No chance.

Given that we now live in such, shall we say, stressful times, a nostalgic tweet has been gaining attention on social media.

The tweet, from @EricVBailey, asks other users to say one thing that they had in 1998 that they no longer have two decades later.
What did you have in 1998 that you no longer have in 2018?

Needless to say, some of the responses have been hilarious, starting with politics.

The belief that America was a democracy.

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A waistline

A sane president

Single friends.

Whereas some were straight up joyous nostalgia.

A Walkman with a digital AM/FM tuner. I loved that thing and my sister's mix tapes were the shit

I LOVED my Sony Walkman! No charging (AA batteries), it played music/NPR/books-on-tapes with no distractions.
Mine got stolen (!) in 2011, found a new one on ebay.
Pried it from my cold hands in 2015 (when I gave up my flip phone for a soul-sucking smartphone)
Now I love podcasts.

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A pager, hotter body, a lot of hair, Pitas at @Wendys, 49¢ tacos at Taco Bell, JNCO jeans, portable CD player, an actual stereo at home, Greyhound buses nationwide was $68 or less, McDonald's burgers were around $2 and less, idealism, optimism, Clinton presidency, better music

Finally, some responses were nothing short of inspirational.

An abusive husband, big student loan debt, and a thoracic aortic aneurysm.

Now I have a loving husband, a PhD (debt paid off), and a small scar.

My future daughter was born in Romania 1/21/98. She’s now a college junior studying Civil Engineering.

The weight of being in a dysfunctional relationship. The emotional weight was lost in 2002.????


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