Romantic marriage proposal up US mountain goes badly wrong

A man's dream proposal turned into more of a nightmare after he and his girlfriend got lost on a mountain.


Joshua Mason and Katie Davis, both from Texas, hiked up Jasper Peak in Colorado on Saturday.


They walked about eight miles - more than 3,000ft up the 13,000ft summit.


Mr Mason had been seeking a scenic and isolated spot for the couple's special moment and Ms Davis happily accepted his surprise proposal, according to CBS.


But it was late, getting dark and, with no clear track to follow, the couple lost their way.


They had no cold weather gear and only a little water, according to Boulder County Sheriff's Office.


When they were found by a man camping nearby, Mr Mason, 27, and Ms Davis, 28, were showing signs of altitude sickness and dehydration.


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The man and his friends gave them water, food and allowed them to warm up in their tent.


One of the women in the group, concerned about the couple's health, hiked back down from Diamond Lake to her vehicle and then drove far enough to get mobile phone reception before calling for help in the early hours of Sunday.


Rescuers found the campers at about 4.30am.


The sheriff's office said the couple were immediately moved to a lower altitude, adding: "By that point they had recovered enough that they were both able to walk down to the trail head, assisted by Rocky Mountain Rescue Group personnel.


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"Mason acknowledged that he did not allow enough time to complete the hike before dark, and they did not carry enough water or food.


"Deputies determined that the couple's engagement was still on, despite the memorable ordeal."

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