Woman dating her DAD and planning to marry him says world's opinion doesn't matter

All relationships have their obstacles to overcome.

But a 31–year age gap would be a bigger stumbling block than most.

That’s exactly the set up for extraordinary couple, Geiziane Mahely Da Silva and Martin Brenner.

At 57, the twenty-seven-year-old woman’s boyfriend is older than her dad and strangers call him a “sugar daddy.”

Almost every relationship faces challenges from time to time, but Geiziane Mahely Da Silva and Martin Brenner have had to overcome more obstacles than most.

Martin – who is the managing executive of a Swiss bank – has been accused of being Geiziane’s sugar daddy, as he is older than her dad. Martin’s ex-wife has also tried to split the pair up. Geiziane’s mother disapproved of their relationship. Oh, and they have had to make it work long-distance, with Martin based in Zurich, Switzerland, and Geiziane a student in Leicester, UK.

Despite all of this, the couple are still going strong and plan on getting a place together.

Geiziane’s mum was initially unhappy with her 27-year-old daughter’s choice of partner, because at 57 years of age, Martin is older than her dad. Perhaps surprisingly, Geiziane’s dad was actually fine with the relationship from the off – which Geiziane admits is more than she can say for herself.

She said: “We have almost 31 years between us. I don’t feel like it’s really bothered Martin, but at first it was difficult for me to accept being in love with a man who is older than my own father.

“My mother didn’t like it in the beginning. Surprisingly, my father accepted it fine as he could feel that I was happy. I have two brothers and they were really shocked, and they bullied me for a while but now after meeting several times with Martin and singing in a karaoke bar, everything is fine.”

But while Geiziane’s family might have accepted Martin, it seems his ex-wife hasn’t accepted her.

Geiziane said: “The most difficult part has been with his ex-wife. It seems to me that she does not seem to have accepted the end of their relationship, or his relationship with me, even though their relationship finished many years ago. So when she sees me, she tries to put me down. She said he is with me only for sex and I’m with him because of his money.

“This makes myself very uncomfortable and hurts me because people outside would think that I’m the wrong one, even though I know I shouldn’t be worrying about other people’s opinion.”

Martin has not been concerned by the views of others though, and said being in a relationship with Geiziane is ‘effortless’.

He said: “I was first attracted to her looks, charisma, personality and ability to listen to others.

“I was a bit worried the age gap might be too large, and we wouldn’t have much common ground. I was wrong. The fact is that we have never had a dull moment in the last four years.

“When we are together, all we realise is how we always bring out the best in each other and how effortlessly and easily things flow.

Things aren’t going as smoothly for a couple with a 53-year age gap in Serbia though, who have been having a bit of a bumpy ride on a Serbian reality TV show… So perhaps Geiziane and Martin are best off avoiding any potential offers to appear on reality shows in the future

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